Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rags to Riches

Well, Dewey is now saved. Dewey went from living on the streets, to a warm and comfortable home this morning. From the moment I picked him up as my second to last stop, gently placed him in the carrier, placed the carrier in the car, went about to my last stop where Red and Louie are, to the time I got to my house and put him in the back bedroom and opened the carrier door, he was an ANGEL. I figured he has not felt warmth since probably August, four months ago. And I got really lucky, he is a very very very sweet cat. He nuzzles his face against you already! He didn't even try to go into hiding when I let him out. No under the bed thing, just starving and thirsty! I left the room with him drinking out of the bowl of water I placed and came back in not five minutes later to find an empty water bowl! Its amazing, how thirsty these cats must be in the winter. Their only source of water is snow, if that. Its just so important to place water down for them at least. I am so thrilled I was able to save a kitty, with the help of two other angels in my life. They will help pay for the vet bill, and one even has a foster home for him to go to. But remember, he IS available for adoption, so please keep him in mind. Check back later, I will have two GREAT shots I took of him this morning. He is a poser!! Dewey is so lucky!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Blew It!

What a major disappointment for me this morning. I am so disappointed in myself. Red has drawn interest from a couple in Sodus who are wishing to adopt him. Red has been missing for three mornings now. He was there this morning, thankfully. I brought the carrier up to the lean to on the side of the house where I feed him, Louie, Creamy and the other big red cat, and set it upright so that the door was facing the sky. I opened it up, and then began to lay down the food and water. As Red was drinking from the water bowl, I scrunched him up by the neck grabbed his legs and threw him in the carrier, but before I could get the door shut, he got out, spooked as all get out, and will probably never trust me again. My one chance, and I blew it. This couple are very particular about who they get, so its not like I can give them Louie, who is very easy, or Dewey, also easy, to 'catch'. They want Red, and I blew the chance of him having a home. I have little faith I will get him now. It took a long time for him to trust me again since this past summer when I tried to get him. And poor big red kitty, the other one, is injured on his head. I will have to try to trap him after I get Dewey. These cats are suffering with their injuries, and its just not fair. They will both have to go to a shelter, as I do not have the finances, nor a home to bring them to to heal afterward. There is a sweet girl who reads my blog that is trying desperately today to find a no-kill shelter for Dewey, but if she can't, I need to get him, as he is acting sick, and I can't let him suffer. It was not a good morning for me.

Monday, December 27, 2010


My poor Dewey. Dewey is the pretty grey tiger with the white diamond on the chest. He is an unneutered male that is very sweet, a stray for sure, as he lets me hold him. I picked up Dewey a few days ago and went to kiss him on the back of his neck, as I do with all my kitties, I love to kiss my kitties... don't you? ha!! Anyways, I went to kiss him and he stunk! I thought to myself, well he is living in this abandoned boarded up house, and maybe its very filthy in there, which is possible, but then this morning I noticed on his neck a wound. I think the wound is infected, which is causing this horrific smell. I must get Dewey off the street and to the shelter. In an ideal world, Dewey would go to my vet to be treated, and then to a nice warm home to live, but I don't have the money for the vet, nor the home for him. Sad, but I must get him, he is sick. I will grab him tomorrow, as he is easy to get - he comes right up to me. On another note, Red has not been seen in three days, but Louie is there, waiting faithfully for me each morning. Louie is the petite male that I first named Lulu as I thought it was a girl, then found out it was a boy and renamed him Loulou, now its Louie for short! He is now coming right to my door of my car and letting me pick him up and hold him. I must get him off the street before something happens to him. I pray Red returns, as there is someone very kind willing to take him into her home. I will say a prayer to St. Francis!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Thats what day it is in Australia! Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. I had a great Christmas, I especially love Christmas Eve day. I think the older I am getting, the more sentimental I am getting, and appreciative of my friends and family. I think if someone asked me my favorite day of the year, its Christmas Eve Day. I treated all the babies I feed to some extra amount of wet food, their favorite, and what they really need in this kind of cold weather. I am so thankful for the donation that the Hilda, the 96 year old woman gave to me. She asked Mary to go out and purchase the food for me and I am thankful that Mary chose to buy wet food for most of it. Thank you Mary and Hilda!! I also received a monetary donation from a very very nice girl whom I have not met yet, but can't wait to. Her name is Pat, and she is a kind kind soul. Thank you so much Pat! Talk about kindness, and giving from the heart. That kind of kindness just overwhelms me. This morning, as I went to feed at my second stop on Third Street, I heard a soft whimpering/barking and went to investigate. I found two dogs in the back yard of the next street over, the one closest to the fence being a pit bull. I am sure the other one is too but I couldn't tell in the dark. I could make out the nipples underneath her belly, and knew she was a breeder. There were a few dog houses in the back, but I didn't see food or water. Not sure of the situation - the house looked almost boarded up from the back. So I drove around to the front, and there was a car or truck parked in the driveway. I did report it to 911 but they told me nothing could be done today because animal control was closed, and of course the Humane Society has two officers that cover five counties, and my call wouldn't or couldn't be answered for days at least, if at all. I will call again tomorrow, which the operator did urge me to do. You can tell, even though they aren't allowed to show their emotions, she WANTED me to call back in the morning to re-report it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Law and Order

If any of you are television police drama fans, you should live in my world. Sometimes, there are some good episodes playing out in the morning, for real! This morning I went to all NINE of my spots. Nothing too dramatic at any of them, except when I pulled up on Bay Street and First, there were about 10 police cars, no exaggeration! Not sure what happened, but I pulled up at the tail end of it. There were some characters being put into the cars though, so glad I pulled up AFTER. Dewey was at stop #2. He is the SWEETEST boy around, he lets me pick him up, and as I scratch him and pull at his skin gently, he is purring away. He is very very desperate for a home. I need to think of something, and quick. There are also two dark, one being a calico, females there, so I need to think of something extra quick! I never got a response from Habitat for Cats about letting me get appointments for spay/neuter. Not sure about that... There are so many logistics that go into spaying a cat on your own, its just so much easier if you can trap and bring in the same morning. Without help from HFC, you have to first house the cat, then bring it to vet appt. for shots and initial exam, and then you make appt. for the neutering. Before the neuter, its already $125. The neutering part varies between $80 to $200, depending on the vet, and the sex of the cat. Last stop was where Red, Creamy, Butch (the dominant red), and Lou Lou hang. I didn't see Creamy, but Red Lou Lou and Butch were there waiting for me, always crying. I try to make it as comfortable under the lean-to as I can. I HATE leaving them behind. Please someone find it in your hearts to adopt these wonderful companions!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mary Ann

About a month after an article was published that had a little paragraph on me in the Democrat & Chronicle - the subject being Civility (and kindness) written by Mark Hare - this woman called me - turns out her name is Mary Ann and she saw the article just then because she uses newspapers for her litter, given to her by her neighbor, so my name was just about to be pooped on until she saw it, and decided she had to find my number somehow (I didn't ask) and call me. She had a squawky voice (I have listed to Howard Stern radio show on occasion, and there is a woman caller by the same name that calls in and sounds like a crow - they even use a crow sound bite when she does), and was very loud. She told me what a good person I was to do what I do but that she didn't believe in me taking a cat to the shelter and that she would take a cat in if necessary. Let me just say that Mary Ann has a beautiful heart, she cares for animals, there is no doubt, but the poor woman just didn't sound like all her crayons were sharpened, so to speak. Sometimes mine aren't too sharp, but I get them sharpened a lot when they begin to dull. ha ha. She just didn't sound right. Anyways, I thanked Mary Ann and told her how much I appreciated her call and that yes, I would consider her for homes for cats in an emergency situation. Well, she called me again Sunday and asked if I was ever in her area, to stop by and see the way her place is set up and if I ever had the need to bring a cat over. I was going into work for a few hours, and she lives near the hospital, so I did go over. At first I pulled up into a somewhat modest little home, all fenced in, normal looking. As I went through the gate I heard many many many barks. She apparently rescues dogs, and as I peered through the slats in the back yard, I saw maybe 5 to 10 dogs, all barking in various ferociousness. She came out and Mary Ann's face was all different colors! Just like a box of crayons! Not sure about that, but she is a very petite little woman, and immediately proceeded to show me a few dog houses in the front with bowls of food placed in there for the stray cats she sometimes gets. She then brought me into her house and I was bowled over by the odor. I then saw that she had about 10 small dogs in her kitchen area, all rooms blocked by doors. She herded most out into the back and brought me to the kitchen area, where I saw one cat on the stove that had drool coming out of its mouth and three legs. Her two very small back bedrooms had about 4 cats each in them. My point of this story is that there are sweet people out there that have a good heart. I am not too sure if I would ever bring an animal there, actually I know I wouldn't, but there are good people. If I felt the conditions of her home was inhumane, I would certainly report, but I do hope she has enough sharpness to continue trying to adopt out some of those dogs. They were very cute actually, but elderly most of them, you could tell. Just another day in the life of me!! ha!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Preacherman

This morning, I went to my second stop, where Dewey and Zina hang, and found that the boards I have placed there, along with towels for warmth behind them, along with the plastic water bowl and the paper bowls for food were gone. What makes this so… unusual in comparison to the normal meanness I've experienced before with punks trashing my stuff, is that this is a small church. And guess what it says over the doorstep to the church? 'Home of Acts of Kindness' I am going to stop there sometime and speak with the pastor about this. I can understand someone not wanting to make the place look bad (in this already sad neighborhood), but why just throw my stuff away? I am glad I went past there from a different angle and was able to see my stuff by the garbage at the back. I left a note with my number to call me, but I doubt they will. What kind of House of God would be so mean - they knew it was for the cats. Home of Acts of Meanness is more like it. God is watching!

On another note, Acts of Kindness were plentiful this weekend. I received two donations. One by a 96 year old woman named Hilda - straight from Germany, who has a heart of gold. She donated wet food for the kitties. Bless her heart. The other is from a kind man who was referred to me for behavior issues with his cat, which I wasn't able to help, but he in turn has helped me in donating food. We've never met, but he has left food donations for me - cat food that is… I also received a bag of towels from a sweet girl named Lauren, who went out of her way to deliver them all the way from Spencerport on a very cold and snowy evening. Also, I received five fleece blankets from a girl who works here at the hospital, her daughter having a fondness for animals too, and whose cat just delivered SEVEN kittens yesterday. I also received towels from my very own sister Ann, who, in spite of her - how do I say it --- low fondness (?) for animals, did this act of kindness for me. Thank you - there are just such good people out there.

Tomorrow, don't let me forget to tell you about Mary Ann. Now there's a story… :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I've decided that my babies deserve a name. My first stop, usually there is an orange cat that I rarely see, and it 'lives' under a porch that I feed next to. But guess who came strolling up the sidewalk, but Dewey! Now, I feed Dewey and a calico down at the next corner, a couple of blocks away. I wonder if he saw my car, or could hear me make the kissing noise to call attention to my arrival. These cats are really smart. I held Dewey, he is a pretty pretty boy, and just the sweetest. Then onto the next stop where I did my thing with the shy little calico I will name Zina. She is very shy, but is letting me get closer and closer. She used to hide in the bushes, now she comes close, waiting for me to put the wet food down. She loves the water I replace with the ice in the bowl too. The next stop the kitties hide under the porch of the abandoned house, hopefully in the bale of straw I pushed under there. They are close to feral, but at least can be seen, which makes them semi=feral. The next stop is Smokey. My poor Smokey. An old grey and white spotted long haired boy. I just can't trap him. And he has always kept a distance from me, but I am sure he is grateful for my arrival every morning. Then onto Seventh Street where Fluffy and another unnamed white with dark gray spots lives. Then onto the next spot where Benny lives, although Benny hasn't been seen since the snow started early December. I don't see any cats there, although they have a great shelter, I just go to replace the food and water. Then around the corner where I go to the back of Paul's house where I have an igloo shelter and a lean to, and replace the food and water there, then onto Bay at the lot where Wilbert lives, and replace the water and food there, these are ferals at this spot. Never see them. Then onto the last and most heartbreaking, Hayward, where there are two reds and a black kitty. I had decided to name the black kitty Lulu until I felt around the back this morning. Now the spelling will be Loulou. A boy! I was quite surprised because he is a very petite male. And then there is Red, who is such a good boy. And the other one is a creamy creamy orange I will name... Orangie! I am glad I am giving them names, it gives them a little more ... realness. They are all innocent creatures who deserve a good home. I hope you will consider!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Its Friday!!

And all seems to be well. Its not blizzarding outside, and its not frightfully freezing! I have had a few nibbles this past week on Red and Blackie, which I am hoping turns out to be a dream come true. These two babies are in desperate need to get off the streets, and I hope we've found a good home for them both! I did see Blackie this morning, but not Red. I think this might be the first time in over 6 months I have not seen him. I do worry about that, but pray he is back on schedule tomorrow morning. I was able to pick up Blackie this morning, which is a good sign. I am a bit bite shy with cats since I was bitten - albeit in my own home - by Mama Girl. I am also going to post a picture/pictures - not sure how many came out - of a new boy I've named Dewey. He is on the corner of 4th and Pennsylvania and waits for me daily. His shelter had been through bars to an open basement window in a boarded up house, but I now have a box shelter the teacher and her students made, and also have a lean-to against a tiny church on the corner, that so far has gone undisturbed. I put a few towels in there, and draped one over one end, so that the wind and snow cannot get in. Don't know how warm it is in there, but warmer than if their was no shelter. Also, I did see Smokey yesterday, and I believe he used the second shelter box on Goodman and Central. He is an old boy, and is not looking well these days. He is uncatchable though, so I just say my prayers! Keep an eye out for pictures of Dewey! He is a BEAUTY~!~

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


That means water in Spanish....

Its been a snowy few days here in Rochester! I have done a lot of digging, and used a ton of towels and throw rugs to keep my babies warm. Its really tough on these guys, and the little tiny comforts I can give them - even if it lasts only a little while - mean a lot. I have almost run out of towels as they are scattered around the city - am now down to nothing. I even have some stuffed in places where the snow can get in between the boards and other shelter I have, it helps at least keeps the snow out. I had to skip one spot this morning on Seventh Street so I could make it to two I had to skip yesterday. Seriously, its backbreaking work when you have to shovel. So I have to save my back, and sacrifice one of my spots. This spot I missed should be okay, although no drinkable water, which I find these cats savour. I see them licking the water almost as soon as I get it in the bowl. That’s how important water is to them, and it makes me wonder if its true if cats lick the snow for their water when none is about. I see people look at me shoveling at abandoned houses, in back of buildings, while they come out to brush off their cars. I always yell over to them 'I know I must look crazy! - I am just feeding the kitties!' - and they laugh and wave. Truly, I am crazy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Monday....

The Mama's and the Papa's... remember that song? WAAAAY before my time, but they still play it! :) Lots of news here today! The school teacher who's students built shelters for the cats came by on Saturday to drop off two with her husband and puppy! Very very kind people. They are neat little shelters and will make comfy places for the kitties that use them. I sure do hope they use them, and that they aren't taken from where I've placed them. I hope Smokey, the old guy on Central and Goodman, uses his. He had NOTHING. We are due a wind storm this week with lots of snow and cold. The other spot I placed one at is really iffy, but the two cats that are hanging around there REALLY needed some shelter, so I hope they both use those. By the way, the cats at this spot are friendly, and in need of a home. One is calico, the other is gray and white tabby. I filled water and food this morning at all my spots, and tried my best to place towels and such so that the snow we are getting doesn't get into their little shelters. I am grateful for the two I received this weekend, but really wish I had those at every spot, I wouldn't worry so much. Will get two more this weekend as the students built a total of four. I have 9 spots all together, so could really use five more! I also have a girl who has recently been in contact with me who reads my blog (hopefully) and wants to donate bath towels that I have been asking for. There are just so many kind folks out there. Also, "Gracie", the girl I rescued a week ago this past Friday, is doing very well at my mother's house, along with her 'son' Danny Boy. Remember, my mother lost her/my grandmother's 21 year old cat Kelly a couple of weeks ago, so Gracie has done a good job of filling that lonely void for Danny. All is well.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well... The Weather Outside is Frightful!

It’s the afternoon, and I just realized I had not posted today! Oh how I miss my blog! Its been a very busy week. Backbreaking, to say the least. I must shovel my way to my shelters. We keep getting dumped on. Tonight another foot they say. Its just miserable doing it, but rewarding when I arrive home. I know I've done my best. I am really getting low on towels for the kitties. I have a lot out there now, some being used as screens for the shelters, to keep the snow out. I did not see my Smokey, the old kitty on Central and Goodman. Its so hard for him to walk to the makeshift shelter I have for him. The snow is high. There are three kitties out there now that are sweet and loveable that need a home urgently. One is a grey tabby, I think the sweetest of all. The other is a black tiny little thing. She cries and cries when I arrive in the morning. And the other is Red, the red kitty I've been telling you about since last summer. Very hard to trap, but will let me pet him and love him, so if I do grab him, it will be by the scruff of his neck. These three are desparate to get off the street. Red's picture is in a past post. I will try to get the gray and black kitty's pictures soon. Its hard when its dark in the morning but I will do my best! They are really really sweet!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!

Well, the sun is shining, in spurts, mixed with heavy snow, but at least the sun is shining at the moment. It helps so much - we take the sun for granted at times. We see so very little of it in Rochester. The following excerpt is from a shelter building website. Its something I wish was a quote by me. Its hard to get shelters to areas I feed at as they are either someone's property or its an abandoned house.

"It never ceases to amaze me at how the cats instinctively gravitate to their shelters. Sometimes, as soon as they are finished and in place, I will see them venturing in. At other times, I have had them sit and watch while I measured and installed the shelters. Even when I find a little nook, barely big enough for one cat and manage to create a shelter, I find cat hair, leaves, etc. I have come to understand, over the years, the value the cats place on their shelters. It has been a remarkable experience for me to observe their little faces, sleepy eyes and dry coats, as they come out and stretch and go to their food. On those cold and stormy nights, when I am cozy in my bed, I can feel good, knowing I have done my very best to provide them with a loving place to rest their little heads."

I guess my point is that I WISH I had shelter for my babies out there, but I do the best I can with what I have. I continue to wish for bath towels and food donations.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Knee Deep

I won't tell you what another foot of snow does to me, or the kitties that I feed. That IS what we've had since yesterday morning though. I will share with you an e-mail I received yesterday from a girl who adopted one of the kittens I rescued a while ago. This girl gives the most descriptive and delightful updates, and get a gander at what this kitty looks like now:

Hi Janine, I used to send you pictures from my blog, but they updated our security at work so now I can't get to my blog and worse, I can't get to yours. Here is my blog so you can go look at pictures of him: It is a knitting blog, so you will have to look thru boring knitting content to get to pictures of Mickey. He is so cute. I think I told you the vet estimated his birthday at August 11th. He has probably trippled in size since we got him from you, but still looks like a little kitty. When he runs through the house it sounds like a herd of elephants! He is sooo cuddly and snuggly in the morning when I first get up. Then look out when he wakes up. He loves toys. He has stuffed mice all over the house. He still loves the dog. He chases her tail and bats her ears and the dog just sits there. He is starting to bite (hard) which is very annoying. We tell him no and won't play with him when he is like that. He gets on a chair and flys thru the air and lands in the Christmas tree. I only put red bows on it this year, no ornaments, and its undecorated in the morning when I get up. (but I really dont care!) Luckily that one is fake - the real one goes up tomorrow - we'll see how that works. Probably only soft ornaments this year. Quote from my son "I have stopped telling people the crazy things Mickey does because no one believes me. I have never seen an animal do acrobatic stuff like that". We are trying to decide if he is part raccoon! LOL My husband gets home from work before me so he starts dinner. The other day I got home and he said sorry but dinner is going to be a little late...Mickey crawled up and wanted to snuggle and that might now happen again for a week so I took advantage of it. He was digging in my two big plants so I got rid of them. Dirt all over. I was not happy. I even sprayed that "NO PET" stuff. My husband said he hopes he will not be a dirty cat. He finds someone to sleep with every night. Even when he is in a wild mood, he knows where we all are because he doesnt like to be alone. Can you see where I'm going with all of this? We are all totally in love with him, and he rules the house! thanks for checking in. I wish I could send you pictures directly. Let me know if you can get them from the blog. Take care!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it NOT Snow!

Winter is not supposed to be here this early! Here it is the first week of December, and we had over 10 inches fall upon us yesterday and over night. Last night, after shoveling my sidewalks and driveway three times, I was thinking about the chore it would be for me the next morning, to clear the feeding spots for my babies out there. I left the house at 5:39 am., and returned at 6:48 a.m. I was hustling out there! Brought the snow shovel, and lots of towels. I know towels are not ideal in this kind of weather as they are so moisture absorbant, but they are good for immediate use as in some spots, I lay a towel down on the wet ground so that the kitty can eat on a somewhat dry surface for the moment. I also use the towels as ground cover behind some of the boards I use as lean tos where I have no containment shelter. I change them daily, and I do a lot of washing/drying at home. I also am in need of thick heavy bath towels. I recently had a donation of towels, but they are very thin, and not bath size, but they do help! So, out I went this morning with my shovel, where I had to shovel all 8 locations. I didn't see all of my usual suspects at most of the locations, I don't know where they go, but some were grateful to see me, I could tell! I had my niece stay over this weekend, and we went out Sunday morning to do the feeding. At one location, as we were just about to drive away, a young man came around the corner with a gas tank. Mind you, its 6 am., its dark, its snowing hard, and I have half my family in the car with me! Call me crazy, but as this guy approached us asking for a ride to the gas station, I DID feel bad for him. I got out of the car and told him I had no money, was just there feeding the cats, had my 12 year old niece with me, told him to look at the neighborhood he was in, told him to remember how many shootings there are in that neighborhood, and told him it was hard for me to believe that that’s what he really wanted, was gas. He said he fell asleep in his car after drinking around 3 am. with the motor running, and the gas ran out. He was at a club. I told him I wanted to frisk him - I did. I watch too many cop shows - :). Good thing too! Anyways, he was clean, we let him in the back, gave him a ride to the nearest Fastrac, he offered to put gas in my car, he reeked of booze, I lectured him, he said it was a blessing he fell asleep and didn't drive because he thought he was still drunk, he was 21, and told me he attends the local community college majoring in music. He told me that me and his mom were going to heaven for what we do. He couldn't have thanked me enough. He turned out to be a very nice man, and I am glad I did it. I told him the only thing I wanted from him was his compassion to animals.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Grey Girl!

Well, today I ventured out with a slight intention of getting a kitty for my mother who just lost her/my grandmother's cat after a long and happy life - 21 years old Kelly was! Knowing I had SO many to choose from - although I have been wanting to give Benny a home, especially, but Benny hasn't been seen for the last two days so I wasn't sure. My first stop was at a location that has NO shelter, so I just place a few bowls and have a very flimsy piece of wood covering the bowls down against a small church. There is a kitty that comes right up - I believe he is the cat that I first reported was starving to death as he just gobbled up food a month or so ago like he hadn't eaten in weeks. But I have come to believe he is just plain hungry when I see him each morning. He is still eating voraciously! I was going to grab him, but I am not sure about him yet. He will let me touch him because he is impatiently waiting for me to place the food down. He is also a little older looking, and not that pretty. I know that sounds harsh, but my mother is not quite as excited about bringing in another cat so I had to find a special looking one, not just a plain one. Even though the plain one is beautiful to me. So off I went to the next location and sure enough, this pretty gray and white kitty that greets me just kept hanging around next to my car, as if to say 'take me!'. So I did. Will place my usual ad of FOUND in the paper, but I think this sweet girl needs a warm and loving home. So, fingers crossed, this kitty will join Danny Boy at my mothers house! YAY!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Wish List

I timed my 'outing' this morning. It took me exactly one hour from the time I left my driveway to the time I came back home. I made my babies as comfortable as I could, with towels and a blanket or two left behind. I need to get some hay, or is it straw, to place at a few locations. I see they are nesting in the few I have out already. My wish list would be to have some nice thick bath towels, obviously old and used ones for us human folk, but clean! I would also like some nice thick blankets. And some hay (or straw). Need to find out where I can get some straw and place it at my few shelters. Otherwise, the snow is stopped for now, and the rain, and I am thankful for that.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What a MESS!

it is out there! I won't down you with the details of what the rain does to not only my psyche, but I am sure of the kitties out there. But all is still well with the world. We have but one life, we make the best of it that we can. Put on a happy face! Some better news is that my 'informant' had animal control check on the dog last night that has been locked up in the garage. Apparently, this guy that lives there said his son left it there, and at first he didn't want it, but that he actually likes the dog now. He even invited the officers in his house to show them the basement he is fixing up for the dog. Yes, I know, its not an ideal situation to have a dog stay in the basement, but I didn't get all the details of how often the dog is cuddled, played with, walked, etc. There is also a mattress, food and water in the large garage for now also. So I did feel better after hearing this. Peace of mind, thats all we ask for when we report these things. I just wish Humane Society had different standards regarding that.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hang on to your hats!

Its going to be another windy and rainy day today. I hope my shelters keep together. There is one that is very unsecure.... for Smokey on Central and Goodman. Of course when I pulled up this morning, Blackie came a runnin! Benny was not around this morning, I do worry about him. Hopefully though, he will have a home soon! I will be contacting the teacher who's students are making me shelters to see if they are ready. I have a few spots that really need them. They will be heavy duty shelters that will have hay in them to keep the babes warm. I hope they use them. I will also be contacting the police officer who is an animal advocate to see if she can find out the information on the dog on Eighth street that is placed in a garage day and night. I hear it every morning. Its sickening. I don't beleive Humane Society has done much. I don't mean to bad mouth, but they should have the decency to report what is going on to the complainant. My hands are tied each time I report something. Yet I hear the dogs cries and barking every single morning. I know God will protect.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to Work!

Its been a nice long extended holiday weekend off, and I am back to work today. I did not however get a break from the kitties. Yesterday, I received a strange phone call in the morning from a woman who had seen my name in the article printed in the D & C and wanted to tell me that although she didn't agree with my statement, she wanted to tell me that there were others out there like me who feed cats. I think this woman meant that she feeds at her own home, they come to her house and she either takes them in or feeds them outdoors. She doesn't drive around to other neighborhoods to place food and shelter down. I think this woman had a screw or two loose, but she still has a heart. I also think this woman is somewhat of an animal hoarder, which is another situation in and of itself. She mentioned having to deal with animal control a few times, and neighbors calling on her. But again, she has a heart for these animals.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My mother had to put her kitty to sleep this past week. Kelly was my grandmother's cat, and became my mom's after my grandmother passed away. Kelly was over 21 years old. My grandmother used to dote over Kelly, and nicknamed him Tweetybird. The picture you see here was a figurine my mother gave to my grandmother, that looked identical to Kelly when he was a kitten. My mother could not find a picture of Kelly, so we used this instead!

The following poem is to honor Kelly. And of course all the other angels that have gone before him:
Rainbow Bridge:
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.
All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly, he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together...
Author Unknown
Kelly was a good boy, and gave many many years of love to my grandmother and then saved the rest for my mother. Live on Kelly, we will see you again someday!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, I loved that fiction novel and the movie. But this was my real life morning today. Its been raining (AGAIN) since yesterday. Thought about all my babies throughout the day yesterday. I dreaded going out this morning, having to remember to cover my $30 straightened hair I had done this week which I can barely afford but need to do so occasionally rather than look like Bozo the Clown and his hair. I also had to wear my rubber boots so I could trudge through the muddy areas I have to trek through to get to my 'feeding stations'. They were all waiting for me. Hebard Street is now a ghost town in the morning, and have now pretty much stopped feeding there. I still wonder where Mama went. All her babies are gone, and she was alone. I hope she found a home somewhere. Benny was waiting for me on Central Park. He is such a cutie. No sign of Blackie this morning but Smoky was waiting for me, as usual. Really nothing to report. A very kind woman made a monetary donation this past week. We've never even met. Its such a kind act to do, to donate to someone anonymously like that. She doesn't even know me, yet she took that chance, to part with precious money. I thank her so much for that, so do the kitties.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Quiet Morning

It was a very quiet morning out there, but lots of kitties waiting for me. I skipped two of the 7 spots I normally go to, as I am trying to give myself a break until it gets bad out there. Of course, if it had rained, I would have gone to all of them, two I skipped need tending to when it rains, one I change the wet towels for, the other has an igloo for shelter that stays dry. As soon as I get some shelters that are being built for me by some students at Gates Chili, I will feel better knowing there is some warmth that some of these kitties might have. Benny was waiting for me this morning. You should see him, he comes racing down this long driveway that I pull up to the end of, and gets on his tippy toes for a pat on the head and a scratch on the neck. He really is a sweet sweet grey and white striped boy and I am praying I can find him a loving home. Blackie was there too, but I sometimes wonder about Blackie, where he goes to for days. But this morning he felt dirty on his belly when I picked him up. I wonder where these kitties go during the 23 hours and 55 minutes when I am not around.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowy Friday...

We had a light coating of snow in the early morning hours today. I actually love the snow. Its better than the rain! I wrote on my car as I walked the dog at 5:15 am. UGH! ha! Yes, its just begun, and hopefully will be over before we know it! All my babies were out this morning waiting for me. I sure do hope they find warmth somewhere during the hours, I hope they are able to cuddle up somewhere and sleep for a few hours a day. Must be so hard for them, but I know God is watching them. I am going to feature memorials to our lost babies in future posts. If anyone is interested in sending me a little blurb along with a picture of their lost baby, I would love to feature it here. I believe we all would like to share in the joy you experienced with your favorite pet. The first one being my mother/grandmother's kitty named Kelly. As soon as I get his picture, I will be posting. He went to kitty heaven yesterday, at the ripe old age of 18 or 19. Thats a lot of years for a kitty! Have a great day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I went out this morning to change the very wet and cold towels from yesterday's storm, and the board at Central and Goodman for Smokey and Blacky was knocked over by the wind - on top of what was left of the dry food. They were awaiting! I must get some different type of shelter there, I know my friend the school teacher is building some with her students, I am just afraid of someone taking this. It’s the cats that suffer from stuff like that. I also have pictures to post of the guys I am trying to find homes for. There are just so many. I think I took pictures of maybe six kitties. Three reds, two blacks, a tiger and a grey stripe. I am posting pictures of the kitties that are somewhat new to me. One is of the kitty on Fourth Street where I posted a while back that a cat had been starving to death. I am hoping to find homes for these babies

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hump Day

Well, its a Wednesday, and it poured all afternoon, and all throughout the night into the early morning, and now its back to raining again. I think the one saving grace was that it stopped during my feeding hour - 5:45 am. to 6:30 am. I changed a lot of wet towels on the ground, of course they are probably soaked again because the lean tos I have against houses or building - the rain beats against them, and the water has to go somewhere, and that means down the side of the house, through the paper thin slat at the top of the lean to, and on to my towels I have under the board. Its the one dry place for those kitties for about an hour maybe! Of course they have porches to go on, or under, so I am grateful for those! We will have high winds today too, so that makes it extra tricky. I hope most of my stuff doesn't blow away! Tomorrow should be more calm, which is good. Otherwise, I must try to find homes for the three orange kitties I am feeding on Hayward. They are beauties. Sweet, and always hungry! Strays, for sure. I have also decided to stop feeding on Hebard Street. Haven't seen Mama there in ages, I know something is eating the food, but its not her. And its not eating much as there is still food there when I come the next day. So far I have stopped feeding at three spots. Behind the ballet company on University, on Niagara Street where Gina was arrested, and now on Hebard. Its sad, but you have to walk away from something when the odds are too stacked against you and law enforcement and owners of buildings are telling you not to trespass.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Humane Society

I reported a dog being mistreated last week, Wednesday I believe, and the 311 operator said - and I quote - animal control doesn't respond to this so you will have to call the Humane Society and she gave me the number - 223-6500. I called them and left a message - I called the next day to repeat that I would like a follow up call to make certain they received me initial message, because I hadn't heard back from them. Friday was a vacation day for me from work, and I did forget about it. Yesterday, Monday, I had a message waiting for me at work from Humane Society, and when I called - the woman didn't tell me squat except to say that it was an ongoing investigation. I kept asking her what she meant, and she kept repeating herself, and telling me she couldn't tell me anything. She also told me they had from 24 to 72 hours to investigate a complaint. I was astounded. Can you imagine, someone calls in a suspected animal abuse, and it could take DAYS to investigate it? The animal would have long suffered and died since then. What is wrong with this picture? I am not trying to paint a bad picture of the Humane Society, they are the only ones we have right now, and the only one I can turn to when I feel the need to, but Iwish they were a bit more lax with complainants, the good guys, the guys who are reporting the bad guys! I need answers!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rescue Animals

I want to say something about rescue animals. I have rescued many many many cats over the years, most I have found homes for, and most are or were but have passed on. I know people love a warm soft cuddly little kitten, but you have to remember this, its the adult cats that are more likely to be euthanized when they are brought into a shelter. And these adult cats, some are throwaways of society, some are lost, there are probably many stories, but when I rescue one, they are house ready. This means, they are so grateful to come in from the cold, they are the real cuddlers, because they have undying love for their rescuer. All of my cats are rescued, and they show their love for me in different ways. Boris, who is FIV positive and has kidney disease which is slowly eating away at him, is my biggest lover. He will sidle up to me and curl his arms around my neck as if to hug me. Whereever I am, he is there. When he looks into my eyes, and he does look deep into them, I can hear him tell me just how happy and grateful he is that I took him from behind a restaurant on a January morning when it was zero degrees, and gave him a warm and comfortable home to live out the rest of his life in. All my cats do, and let me tell you, I remind them when they are bad just how lucky they have it! There are at least four cats out there now who are just like Boris, but I have no homes to offer them, so this is the sad part of my daily feedings. These four are beautiful, sweet cats that are desperate to find someone to love them!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


As I drove up to the area where I feed Benny, Whitey and others on Central Park in the dark, walking towards me was a woman, and a man, but you could tell they weren't together, coming at me from different directions. I had already turned off the car and lights, but I started up the car, started driving toward them, rolled down my window and told them "hey, I am only trying to feed the cats, I have no money" to which point they turned around and started to go on their way. I did a u-turn and started to make my way back when I stopped and asked the guy, told him he was very good looking, and why is he out here doing this? I told him I could get him a job at the hospital if he wanted one, he laughed and said he just needed fifty cents to get a cab ride, or could I give him a ride to Norton Street. I told him 'look where we are, do you think I could trust anyone? I would love to trust him, and I am a kind person, but you just never know'. He was actually very nice, the few things he said to me. You can tell, the hooker, and him, they were definitely jonesing for something, their next fix. I really do care for these people. I would love to help people get their acts together. I wish I had the resources to do it. On another note, I reported a dog abuse once again, at the same location as I did early this year - a puppy pit bull tied to the back of the house, on dirt, no food or water, on a very hot morning. This time I heard a muffled dog bark where I feed on 7th Street, where a garage from 8th Street backs up to. I drove to 8th, got out and listened in the silence. I heard the dog sniffing and he was shut in this garage of this god-forsaken house. I called 311 but they told me I had to call Humane Society, so I did. Now I wait for a return call like I asked for. They need more help. What is wrong with Rochester that we can't fund for more officers for this type of work.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morality and the Single Woman

I've mentioned in the past sometimes I struggle with a title, so play along, I like to be cute. Ha. This is not a cute post though. I've come to realize that some of my 'readers' arenot happy with the article that was published in the Democrat & Chronicle, Mark Hare's column last week due to the (and this was not a direct quote) fact that I mentioned I've trapped cats recently and brought them to the shelter, Verona Street, where they DO euthanize cats after a certain amount of time they've been there, if they have not been adopted. If this article had been written a year ago with me mentioned in it, that 'quote' would not have been in there. I fully believed that 'those places' I would never go to. Back in the day, I begged a friend to bring a feral cat to Lollipop for me. She was so shaken up over this incident, I was embarassed and ashamed that I had asked her. I have had to do this twice, and the last time, I could not stop crying, either to the man there 'giving up' his two dogs because he had no place to live (the only reason we spoke to each other was that we were in the waiting area for the place to open, and we were both crying, for different reasons but similar nonetheless). It is a horrible feeling to leave an animal ANY where if you have spent over five minutes at least with it. I will never do this again. Thank God for Kings, who is able to help me do this, while I go UNpeacefully off to work. And the reasons for me doing this, when I see the need to do it, is that this animal is either desperate enough that it NEEDS to get off the street, or it is too young, and I will NOT let a baby suffer in the upcoming weather. This baby has gone past the limit of socialization. And, domestic animals do NOT automatically return to their natural instinct and cannot fend for themselves. The alternative to euthanasia for almost every stray is a violent end, or a slow, painful death. Many of these 'throwaways' die mercilessly outdoors from starvation, disease, abuse - or as a food for a predator. Thats all I can say about that. I feel for babies and the elderly and the sick in humankind, and I feel the same way about animals. If there were a place I could bring these cats to, I would, but we lack the space in this city with the few shelters we have that are no-kill. And no one will adopt them. I've tried, but yet have successfully found homes for so many of the lucky ones. And I tell you, whoever might judge me, you do what I do EVERY DAY and tell me what is best for these cats.

The Kindness of Strangers

Last Friday when I got home from work, I was sorting through the mail and saw a plain white envelope with my name on it, no return address. I opened it and inside was a copy of the article from the Mark Hare column that I had been mentioned in the day earlier cut out, a sticky note and two twenty dollar bills. The note said "I don't think you are crazy, I think you are wonderful!" That completely touched my heart. This anonymous person sent money to a totally complete stranger because of her love of animals. I was just in awe that someone could do that. Thank you to whoever you are, you have reinstilled a dwindling lack of faith in mankind. This is not to say I haven't been blessed with gifts in the past from friends, and a few people who had never met me but had read an e-mail or two I sent along asking for help with adopting a cat, or posting dogs needing homes. These people have donated food to me and I am forever grateful for them to think of me, or I should say the animals, like that. It takes a very kind person to do that. On another note, Blackie was back in the picture yesterday. I have no clue where he could have been. He is a sweet kitty and deserves to be in someone's home. Benny too. These are two homeless angels.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Day at a Time

As I sat this morning, the rarity of having a moment to do that, and watched the news, some good, some bad, and in particular a case of a man who murdered a family in Connecticut, I realized that wow, my problems seem so irrelevant in comparison to things going on around me. Maybe not irrelevant, but insignificant. And these poor cats I feed, they really do have it better in comparison to some humans when you think about it. They can come and go as they please, and they have me to feed them each morning. This opinion won't last long come snowfall. I am really trying to figure out how I am going to make these cats comfortable. I can put down a million shelters, but the snow will still cover them if I am not there each morning to dig them out. And the mean people who will destroy these shelters. I still have to figure that one out.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Update on Rescued Kitten

So nice to get these updates of kittens I've rescued! Please see the note I received from Mickey's new Mom!

Hi Janine, Here is a current picture of Mickey. She now weighs 2.5 lbs. She is sooo cute, and so naughty! Notice I said she...we think it's a girl. Vet appt is on Wed so we will find out for sure then. Her favorite thing right now (besides me) is the dog! She runs and attacks the dogs tail, and the dog lets her! When Mickey gets adult teeth, I think that may change. Take care!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guest Post: My Niece - Brenna!!

Hi, I am Brenna Lahr! I love animals!!!! In my house I have 2 Dogs. Tucker, a German shepherd and Gus, a pit bull! I love them both so much! Then, I have 2 cats Tee a little cat because he was the runt and a Maine coon Lexie AKA. Lexus or sexy Lexie :) All of these animals are rescue animals. Also I just got a baby corn snake. If you have names comment them on here please. Then I have 1 small fish tank and a big fish tank. Whenever I sleep over at my aunts house we wake up around 4-5 in the morning. Then we get ready. She has to get so much food ready for the cats. When we are going to the 7 stops for the cats you have be careful about who is up and around you. One of the stops there is a grey and brown cat around 10 months old that I named him Dusty, because his tail id like a duster. When we were filling up the food dishes Dusty came right up to me and let me pet him and started purring. I would love to find him a home for him he is a love bug. I would take him but I have to much animals my parents say :( When I get older I would like to be a vet and foster homeless cats. My aunt has taught me so much things. She is my hero!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Beaming with Pride

I was so honored to be mentioned in a newspaper columnist's column yesterday, and the topic being about kindness and civility. Civility I am good at, but I am sure some of my close friends and family would be chuckling about the kindness part, especially when I get in one of my moods with them personally. Not that I am mean, just that I can be…….. A little persnickity? Would that be a good word to use? I will defer to my friends and family on that one if they read this. As far as the actual feeding of cats, I did see Mama this morning on Hebard Street, and then I saw the male that has been hanging around there scaring her. Its not a good situation. As I got back into my car I saw a truck heading down the street towards me, and to my (fearful) surprise, Wilbert pulled up to say hello! Music blaring (its 6 am.!). He is the gentleman that lives on the corner of First Street and Bay who has kindly allowed me to feed cats on his vacant lot next door. I wish the article had included the few kindnesses that I have been shown over the years. It would also include Frank, the gentleman who lives on Second Street who is going to allow me to place a shelter or two on the porch he has rights to in his rented apartment/house. Then there would be the teacher who's students are building me shelters for the cats. How wonderful for someone to take an interest in this and actually DO something to help. These are the few things I can think of at the moment, I am sure there are a few more, but I again, I am so grateful that I am recognized in some small way. I only wish someone could financially recognize me so that we could really get these cats off the streets and into the sanctuary that the money would build! Anyways, all in all, I am proud of myself for what I do.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Today's Newspaper Column - Democrat & Chronicle

I made it! and not in the arrest column!

Civility is Essential
to Building

Mark Hare • November 4, 2010

The other day, city crews filled the Broad Street
planters with mums — deep purple, orange and
yellow. I am sure there are critics of such "frivolous
spending," especially so close to the onset of cold
weather. But I welcome the color and the civilizing
effects of flowers on our streets.

I welcome any activity that makes our community a
little more human — including kindness to animals.

Janine Wagner of Irondequoit spends $100 a week
on cat food — food she leaves for stray and feral
cats at several locations in northeast Rochester. She
knows that a lot of people think she's crazy. She
sometimes uses have-a-heart traps to capture the
cats. She tells me she has found homes for 15 or 20
strays (domesticated but abandoned) and she has
turned over feral cats to animal control. "I've come
to realize that euthanasia may be better than the
suffering they endure," she says.

Civility starts with simple acts of respect. People
scoff today at folks who worry about stray animals
when so many people are hurting.

But kindness is kindness. In my experience, people
who care for animals care for people, too.

Speaking and acting in ways — even small ways —
that improve the quality of our collective experience
has a civilizing impact on each of us. I don't know
that egotism and selfishness have reached all-time
highs, but I do know that too many people live
completely unfiltered lives — saying and doing
anything that comes to mind, no matter how hurtful.

Civility requires a concern for how our words and
actions affect others. I asked P.M. Forni, who co-
founded the Johns Hopkins University Civility
Project in 1997, why civility has declined and what
we can do about it.

Forni, a professor of romance languages and
literature, recently did presentations at both Monroe
Community College and Rochester Institute of
Technology. He has written widely on civility and
has authored two books on the subject, most
recently The Civility Solution: What to do when
people are rude.

The decline in civility, he told me, does not owe to
any single cause, but the informality of the Internet
has exacerbated the problem. "Sometimes
informality is the Trojan horse that smuggles
incivility within the walls of society," he says. Giving
people online anonymity shields them from all
repercussions from vile, uninformed and hurtful
comments and "does not exactly call out our better
angels," Forni says.

As a society, Forni says, we've instilled self-esteem
in young people, but not a sense of self-restraint.
And civility is not just a matter of saying the right
thing. "What we have to reform is how we interact,
how compassionate we are, how willing we are to
meet the needs and desires of others."

Most people are never called on to jump in a river to
rescue someone, but civility, manners and
politeness are not trivial "because they are the
everyday acts of goodness," Forni says. The kind
word, the pat on the back, the choice to let a driver
change lanes ahead of us — these are the acts that
help us be more aware of our humanity. So, too, the
planting of flowers and the feeding of animals.

These are not the best of times, but I hope we never reach a point where we cannot afford to do even simple things that "call out our better angels."

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Its been a crazy morning for me personally. I had to drop my sweet boy Boris off at the vets this morning. Now Boris has FIV, and is suffering from kidney failure - I rescued Boris maybe five or close to six years ago from East Main and Culver behind Lorraines restaurant. That was the first place I started to feed homeless cats - someone once told me she had seen cats behind the restaurant and that was the dreaded day I started to do this crazy business. I started to put food there and shelter, and fought to do it as the owners hate cats, and wound up hating me (it was mutual). I have rescued many many from there during that time, and Boris was one of the last. And I thank God I did because we had a stretch of several weeks where temps were in the single digits and below 0, and he was waiting for me every morning. He has been a wonderful pet since. He is my cuddler, and drooler, and the loudest purr on earth. Anyways, he is also very expensive! He is allergic to most cat food so has to be on a special diet of very expensive prescription dry food I have to buy at the vet. He should also be on kidney diet, but he doesn't like it, so I basically give him as much regular wet food as he wants. He is very thin due to the kidney disease. Recently, he has had a large sore under his chin and won't stop scratching at it, and is just basically uncomfortable. So he went to the vet, his favorite spot - NOT! I hope they can just give him a shot of antibiotic and he heals up fast. On another note, we found someone from work who would take Blackie, but when I went to get him this morning from Central and Goodman, he wasn't there, as he hasn't been in two days prior either. I worry about him. You worry about all the babies you see daily and then don't. I pray God is watching over him!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recent Kitten Rescue

Wanted to share the following with you. This is from new Mom of Mickey, one of the kittens that I recently rescued - I am so thrilled I was able to save these babies in time:

"Well I am so glad I snatched him away from you before he stayed another day or you
never would have let him go! He is one busy, cool dude. He goes full blast thru the house. Over the chairs under the tables, thru our legs for about an hour, then totally collapses in exhaustion. He has to know where I am at all times, and usually only terrorizes the room I am in. When he gets tired, he will crawl up next to one of us and fall sound alseep. Yesterday, he got in a little trouble because he was digging in the plants. He understands when I tell him no. He will play and then start to bite me and I say no in a firm voice and he stops. Unbelievably smart! My husband loves to cuddle him but Mickey is usually too busy to sit still long enough. He is such a little fluff ball you just want to hold him. When he gets tired he crawls up and likes to kiss my face. He does that to my daughter too. I could go on and on for hours. The dog is getting used to him. He goes for his first vet appt /shots on Nov 10th. I think he might have worms as his breath is quite awful! LOL He weighed in yesterday at 2 1/4 lbs. Our old cat (died in August at age 17) was old for a lot of years so we forgot what it was like to have a kitten. Thanks!"

Makes me proud... Be sure to check out multiple posts I've done recently. One last night, another this morning, and now this one!

Election Day

It was suggested to me that I might want to put this link in my blog due to it being election day. Wish I had known about it before 6 am. this morning before I went out to vote, and then to feed the babies out there! Everybody get out there and vote, and if you are able, check out the link to see who the Humane Society endorses!

(side note: I just checked my blog to see if the link had posted, but it doesn't look like it did - hmmm... not sure what I did? - in the meantime, here is the website:

Also sharing that this same person recently visited Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen. It's a huge farm that takes in rescued factory farm animals where they can live out their lives in peace and comfort. When you visit you are allowed to interact with the cows, goats, pigs, and fowl. It's really cool. To check out their website google farm sanctuary.

I've done multiple posts in the past 24 hours, check em out!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hear Me Meow, Hear Me Roar!

Recently I heard from a family member or friend that this blog was too SAD to read sometimes. Thats OK to tell me, and normal to FEEL! For someone who could NEVER volunteer at an animal shelter, let alone walk into one without crying a thousand tears, its a very human feeling and emotion that once you have, thank God you never get over. The purpose of this blog, my daily thoughts and feelings in what I do is to create awareness, not sadness. I've heard there are others in this town that do what I do, but I am not sure about their existence. I know there is one other, Gina, that does what I do, but she goes on a totally different time clock than mine, and she experiences totally different situations that I do. Think about it, I go BEFORE the crack of dawn, she goes in the afternoon/evenings. She experiences the PEOPLE, the MEAN folks of the city that don't understand what we do. I go in the dark, when they are still sleeping. We both connect on a semi-occasional basis to discuss whats going on out there, thats the only way I know for sure there are others there doing what I am doing. A dream would be for me to have this blog reach far and wide to people all over the country,and maybe even the world, to know that there are people devoted to doing what I do. I have to say that I have had a bit of feedback from people who thank me for what I do. I welcome feedback and advice in trying to save a cat, one day at a time. It takes a lot of courage, devotion and determination to do what I do, and I know someday there will be a day where I don't have to do what I do, because all these babies that I deal with daily, and in my short lifetime, will be housed and fed and loved and cared for in Meowsville...

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hello Blog! Its been a while! (forgot to post on Friday - had the day off from work and really took a vacation, from everything, except housework! - and wait, who am I kidding, except also from feeding my babies out there!) I have decided to try to feed every other day, or at least take a break once a weekend morning, but this weather has been fierce this past year. Last night I heard the wind howl, and the rain come down, not hard, but its just never ending, so I managed to get up and out an hour later than normal and fed at at least 5 out of the 8 or 9 spots I usually do. And sure enough, they were waiting for me. I had to clean the leaves out of the water bowls, and some spots, actually clean the water bowls due to the raccoons slobbering all over, and in some cases, find the bowls the wind had strewn around. I am trying though. Last night I went to a Halloween party and danced like I did when I was 'much younger'. At some point, I felt a rip in my hip and knew I had something. I was a mess for much of the day, pulled a muscle in my hip area. But I still managed to get out and feed the babies. Dont know what I will do when it gets much worse. On top of that, I must stay healthy!~ I pray to God I can find a home for all these babies, or that I am able to live my dream to own a sanctuary to bring all these brats to! They need warmth and love!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Thoughts

I need to get this kitty adopted. I need to get it off the street and into someone's home. I call him Blackie, but he needs a proper name. I hope someone reading this would consider it, before the harsh weather begins, and before he gets killed, as he is hanging around Central Park and Goodman Streets, a very busy intersection. Attached is his picture which I took yesterday morning around 6 am! He is a teenager, a spunky little guy, very affectionate, and clean! Its amazing how some of these animals can stay clean, it must be the type of coat they have.

I was walking my dog Thunder yesterday and up ahead, on the same side of the street, coming towards me, was someone walking their dog. I crossed the street because my dog is not the friendliest with other dogs. I hope that person doesn't think this is an anti-social move, its just avoiding a pulling, tugging, noisy situation.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I want to add that I could have Trap Neutered and Released this guy today, but I just wont' allow an animal - one as sweet as this one - back into the environment which I got him from. I guess I am adding this portion to today's blog because I just feel awful for this one. He is someone's throwaway. No one cared about him. No one cares about any of these animals in these horrible neighborhoods. Its not MY problem, its theirs! So why should I care, why DO I care???

Rocky Raccoon

As I mentioned in an earlier post this week, I have been stopping each morning to see if the cat that was starving on Fourth Street near Garson Avenue was around - I brought my trap this morning, but no bites. I took the trap over to the corners of Central and Goodman, where Blackie and Smokey reside. Blackie is the youngster that greets me daily with requests for a rub and scratch. Smokey has kept his distance from me for years now, but still keeps his distance. This feeding spot is one of my worst. Not only is it on the corner of a very busy intersection, but any shelters I have placed there have been damaged, trashed or destroyed. There is nothing sheltering these creatures there. Smokey will not fall for the trap, I have tried many times. Lately, there are at least two more cats there, one is a very very friendly, desperate sort of gray and white kitty, and very friendly. This is not a good spot for cats like this. They are desperate, and you can tell are pure strays. Someone dumped him. Well, I set the trap, drove off, came back and he was in there. I feel so terrible about this one, but I am glad I have him off this very busy and dangerous area. I pray someone has the decency to adopt him, and quick. They are put to sleep after five days at Verona Street. The pictures attached are of a frequent diner hanging around lately on my porch steps! I leave a bowl out for the neighborhood cats, and this guy has been hogging their food!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been corresponding with a columnist from the D & C for a little bit, and he was attempting to help me with contacting the City about protocol of boarding up houses and checking for animals first before its done, and possibly doing an article on this. But the City has said that it IS standard protocol to check first, but I know this isn't done. We know this isn't done due to the story I posted a few weeks, ago, and the rescuing of the trapped animal resulted in the arrest of a friend of mine for trespassing by simply putting a hole in a boarded up window to the house so the poor animal could escape after five days of it still being trapped. The columnist is going to do another story on Civility, and I wrote him about my thoughts on Civility, but I neglected to mention some things to him that I should have mentioned. Civility is many things, but one is kindness. I should have told him about the KINDNESS of acquaintences and strangers I have met along the way, in my growing love for all animals. Like Another Chance Pet Rescue. What a wonderful organization. I don't know all about it, but I do know they try to rescue as many kittens and cats as they can from the kill shelters - one being the very first post I did on this blog, where Officer Lalka rescued the newborns inside a mattress the day before demolition. ACPR apparently came and took them from Verona Street that afternoon. ACPR were also there for me this past week, when I rescued Frick and Frack (now named Mickey and Marley, due to recent adoptions). Another wonderful person I met on Saturday who came to get a cat to foster for ACPR - this girl is in a position of authority, is smart, kind and beautiful, and she actually fosters these helpless creatures! Its amazing to know that we cat people aren't all crazy! Some of us have kept up homes, happy lives, some money, happy families, full time jobs, we can be sexy and fun, and have full lives outside of animals (I consider myself all of the above, minus the money!). There are people like my friends, who have taken in rescues when I was completely desperate, telling them I would find them homes, when some were completely allergic to these animals, and yet still have these cats, and are now part of their family! I have met so many kind people in my life in this 'business'. I thank God that they were put on this earth to help me. And I them. I wish we could all do just a little bit to help strays - this world would be a happier place for me.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Here is what I received from one of the girls who took one of the babies - as soon as I received this note, I was notified by Julie that his brother, Marley, was adopted at a Petco event on Saturday - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!

Morning Janine:

Mickey is really doing wonderfully at our home. My husband weighed him 1 3/4 lbs.
He is eating and drinking a lot ! He can find his litter box on his own so now has
the run of the house. He plays hard-to-get when he's rested, and climbs on my lap
when he's tired. He follows me from room to room so he knows where I am at all times.
His purring motor is amazing! Love it!
We still keep him locked in the bathroom at night and when we're gone. My husband
and son love him. The dog is tolerating him. Our dog is a 10-year old golden retriever
who has to be touched all of the time. As long as she is still getting her attention,
she will be fine. We plan to keep Mickey and I will not be returning him unless
something drastic happens but I can see things only getting better.

I'll be taking him to my vet in a week or two, need to make sure he is 6 weeks old
before I do that.

Thanks for letting me come get him before he got into the system - I think its Karma
that you still had him on Saturday!

Have a great day. I hope his little brother finds a nice home too.

What a Weekend!

SUCH a busy weekend~SO many updates! First and foremost, Frick and Frack are now living in homes, separate homes, but new homes for them. Two very nice girls each took one, one of the girls being a foster mom for Another Chance Pet Rescue. The lighter grey and white is with her, and available for adoption very soon (HE needs all his shots, etc.). Yes, both boys! I will get an update from each of them sometime today. It was very hard letting them go, they are just SO sweet at that age (4-5 weeks old), but I am very very grateful that God allowed me to find them. On a different note, as I was driving to a feeding spot on Sunday morning, I caught a glimpse of a cat out of the corner of my eye, and naturally, pulled over, and noticed the cat run to the car, acting very skitzy (sp?). I got out, started to put some food in a bowl on the back of my car, and it was crying like crazy. I've never seen a cat literally starving. That one sure was. I pulled away knowing it would be full for a day, but that I had to do something. I went back this morning with my carrier, as I knew it would immediately go into that if there were food in it, and its a less traumatizing device than a Have a Heart Trap which is what I usually use. Anyways, it was not to be seen. I will try every day this week. Thats the kind of kitty you must get off the streets, there is no food source for it. I also have not seen Whitey on Central for over a week now, and have only seen Mama kitty on Hebard once. The other bit of news is that I have stopped feeding at another spot, too dangerous, on Niagara Street. I pray what was depending on me there finds the food Gina has on the street next to it. That boarded up house is just too much trouble, and too dangerous for me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

TGIF - Again!!

Well, its Friday, and its miserable. We had a very chilly night, with rain in Rochester, but could easily have turned into snow just a few degrees colder. It was a miserable night/morning for most kitties out there that don't have homes. I have to wonder where some of my guys find shelter, and is it warm? Do they have a snuggle place they can go to? My poor Blackie, and Smokey, and now a new cat on the corners of Central Park and Goodman. They are just pitiful there as there is no shelter for them due to the owners of the property or troublemakers coming by every so often and trashing my stuff. I try to make the best of what I can do, by putting down a towel under the thin wooden lean-to against the 'house' - it actually used to be a restaurant - Grandma's Kitchen or something like that. Its just the worst spot on my route, due to the lack of shelter. And there are three GREAT kitties there. Although Smokey is really untrappable. He just won't fall for it. And Blackie is really needing a home. And this third guy, you can tell he was once someone's kitty, because he is starving and will come right up as soon as you pour the food down. Its really tough out there right now for these guys. I've eliminated one feeding spot from my 9 now. Corner of Pennsylvania and 4th Street. Thats where I trapped a sweet tabby last week, and she was the only one waiting for me there every single morning. I miss her terribly. I have included a before and after pic of one of my rescues, Jack, who is my own now. Isn't he beautiful? He was a tiny guy when I got him, and within a year, he is over 20 pounds! A real handful!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Well, the babies spent the night in my house last night. In my bathroom, to be exact! In my tub, to be even more exact! But when I went in there this morning, they were out of the tub and wandering! They are frisky little guys. Still shy, but you can tell they will have quite their own personalities! I decided to keep them for a night or two to help out Another Chance Pet Rescue because I know their hands are full, and I wanted to bathe them before I gave them to them. So, tonight is bath time for them in my new kitchen sink! Tomorrow I will surrender them, and will really be sad to see them go. This morning it rained (what else is new?) so it was not pleasant out for all my kitties out there. And it was dark. I do hate the dark. It really messes up my day! :) But I guess its needed while I still go out at 6 am to the hood every morning to feed the strays. I have not seen Whitey on Central in over four days now. A bit worried. And have not seen Mama on Hebard in over three days at least. Again, worried. And I am thinking about stopping my feedings on Niagara Street. Not a good idea to be feeding there, at the 'arrest zone'. I pray they find the location that Gina feeds her strays behind the house, somewhere on Niagara. Its going to be a long winter.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Frick and Frack

Well, I had a success and a failure this morning. Success with these two little babies. (Pics didn't turn out very clear - but boy are they beautiful!) I rescued them from Second Street, they were huddled in the Igloo shelter I have for the kitties on that street. Failure in that I wasn't able to trap neuter and return a kitty although I did try. The Central Street cats are very smart. They go in this trap, grab the salmon, and run, all without setting off the trap. This is the location where Benny, and Whitey, and at least five others now reside. Although I haven't seen Whitey in two days. A bit worried about him, even though he did mangle my leg with his teeth and claws a few weeks ago, which just today I have finished the last of my antibiotics! The little babies I am going to name Frick and Frack for now, are snuggled in my tub at home, waiting for me to come home and I will then turn them over to a wonderful girl who works where I do, who also happens to run Another Chance Pet Rescue. I am very grateful to her, as they don't usually have openings due to the overwhelming overpopulation of kittens in Rochester. Thank you so much Julie L., you are such a kind and compassionate woman. I would also like to thank Julie D. and Kate, who responded with offers to help - even though I know the rest of you would help if you could.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Kittens!

Several things to mention this morning. I pulled up to the house on Second Street, where Paul allows me to feed behind his house, and the usual suspects began to follow me waiting for their breakfast, I had brought my flashlight with me as I sometimes do, just in case I need it. As I set my stuff down next to the large igloo shelter I have back there with straw in it, I decided to shine a light inside just to see if I needed to add more straw, and lo and behold, there were two tiny sets of eyes looking at me. There were two baby kittens, no more than 3 or 4 weeks old, looking up at me innocently. I pretended not to notice them so as not to scare them, and after I had finished putting down the food for the others, I reached in to guage the reaction of them, and out of the one came the tiniest hiss, the kind of hiss that you can barely hear because they are so tiny. If I hadn't already had another kitty that I trapped from Pennsylvania Avenue a few minutes prior, I would have scooped them up. I will be bringing my carrier tomorrow morning, to get them. I cannot leave newborns out there. No way. Speaking of the pretty kitty on my porch right now. She, or he, is very shy and scared. It’s a grey tabby, as so many of them are, and will go to the shelter. There are two others that I now need to trap there, and then I can eliminate my feedings there. There is absolutely no shelter there for them in the wintertime, nor can I put one there. Its too open. I did not see Mama on Hebard. I did see 'Spunky' which my niece has now dubbed Blackie from the corner of Central and Goodman. Unfortunately, he is not going to be adopted by my niece right now, due to some medical issues she is having. He is too sweet to be on the street, I must get him fostered somehow. Please ask around everyone. I will post a picture here.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Monday!

Things look a little brighter this morning. Not just because of the sunshine, but my attitude. Everyone seems to be well on my trail this morning. Didn't see Whitey on Central, nor did I see Mama on Hebard. I worry so much about Mama. She just won't be trapped though. She is a mess - very skittish and being chased by a male cat that has begun hanging around there. And we took her babies, so that makes me sad for her also. She is all alone there. On a brighter note, an art teacher has contacted me due to seeing my blog and would like to have her students help build a couple of shelters for the kitties. What a really wonderful person to take on a chore such as this. I met her and she is just a great person. So caring! She got to witness firsthand how crazy I am as I showed her all my spots on Saturday morning. She drove all the way in from Churchville - and met me at 7 am!, took pictures of a few places, and got some ideas for the shelters. Little Blackie on the corner of Goodman and Central came to greet me. Little does he know how lucky he is going to be when I get him tomorrow. My niece, bless her dear heart, is going to 'foster' him! YAY!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Diddle Diddle

no, there was no cat with a fiddle. But if there were, it would be Blackie, as he is the most lovable and playful of all right now. HE is on the corner of Central and Goodman, and he runs across the median each and every morning to get a pat and a rub, and weaves in and out of my legs until I put his breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is a young cat, probably a teenager by now, and just the sweetest thing in the world. He and Benny are the two I need to find homes for ASAP. Its getting cold out there, and its miserable today. Lots and lots of rain, along with the wind, and it feels like winter with this combination. My poor babies. Gimme shelter!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Road Kill

I picked up a dead cat this morning. I can't tell you how many I've picked up over the years, around three now just on Central Park. Whoever has the conscience to hit an animal and continue driving is just beyond my scope of comprehension. I dont' care if you are on your way to a fire, you don't just hit and run. Its cruel. Its inhumane. My spots this morning were the same as yesterday morning, still fighting off Whitey to keep his distance, after the bite last week. My leg is good though, antibiotics are wonderful. I didnt' see Mama on Hebard Street. There has been a male cat hanging around. At first I thought, good, she has a companion, because we took two of her kittens, and the third was killed by a car. But I saw the male fighting her yesterday morning, telling her to keep her distance from the food I provided. I saw the male this morning, but not Mama. I hope she is OK. Today, I am posting a picture of a cat now named Fifi that I rescued after a little boy saw it thrown out a car last summer when it was just a tiny kitten. My wonderful co-worker adopted him! And look at him now!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Prisoner of Love

I trapped a cat this morning as I have a standing appt. for TNR each Wednesday, but it turned out that I trapped a kitten. Well, I wasn't about to let it loose, and I am not about to get it neutered and returned, so I will be bringing this poor thing to a shelter. I wish some of my readers could take a cat or two, they would really love these little kitties that are victims of circumstance. Actually victims of humans and their carelessness and lack of compassion. I will post picture of this little guy, a black and white fluffball, in hopes it may melt someone's heart. I also have been in contact with someone from the media, in hopes of exposing some injustices of this city, any city really. I was thinking to myself, if animals had voices, what would be their concerns that they would want known? I am sure they would have a lot to say.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yesterday, All My Troubles Seem so Far Away

I try to be creative with my titles! Just wanted to fill you in that after being gone for the weekend, and not feeding anyone but deer Sunday morning, all was well at my spots yesterday, Monday morning. I am going to try to TNR - trap neuter and return at the Central Park location where Whitey bit me last week. I did not put food down there for the 8 or so cats that hang there waiting for me in the morning. My goal would be Whitey, but I am sure there are some females that need a fixing! I hate to trap. First there is never enough time for me, I don't like to leave my cage alone for too long, and I feel so bad for the cats I trap. They are so scared. But I will try as Habitat for Cats now has me down for each Wednesday to try to bring a cat in, I am actually a standby because I am never sure I can get one on Wednesdays. So, wish me luck in the morning! One less fertile male or female on the streets! As a side note, I have written a columnist at the D & C, in hopes that we can expose the boarding up of houses, and the cat situation in Rochester. We need changes, and I need more help with this!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Deer!

Attached are pictures showing who I was feeding while I was away for the weekend in the Adirondack mountains! I never stop! :)

Swept Under the Rug

My discouragement level is rising due to the last week of stuff going on. The arrest of Gina for trying to save a cat from a 5-day starvation, and the phone call I received from a Lieutenant from the police department, in response to the letter I sent to Chief Moore. He was arrogant, and had the tone of just trying to get rid of me. He mostly focused on the justification of Gina’s arrest, and the professionalism of the arrest by the cocky police officer woman. He didn’t even come close to talking about the other concerns I had. I was hoping that they would have put some time and thought into my letter, and come back to me with some options, some committees I could join, or contact, help me somehow with my plight, with the cats plight I should say. Boarding up houses, feral and stray rescue, etc. But not a word. I have to admit I felt intimidation by him. Then my boss came in and obviously, its not something I should be doing at work to begin with, so I told the Lt. that I would call him back. He left me his number. But I’ve had the day and weekend to think about it, and even if I do call him back, which I will, I am not as good speaking personally to someone as I am on paper. I am going to ask him if Chief Moore even saw my letter. I am also going to mention that I may get some media coverage from this, and tell him how I was hoping that he would have had some other suggestions for me. I would love to hear some feedback from anyone reading this?