Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am Whacked - Wednesday

 No one noticed my title from yesterday's post.  I've gotten my days mixed up, I was so sure today was going to be Friday!  :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I haerd from Harold's new family - if you will recall, they are the family of husband, wife, and son Brady who came to my house to pick out a new kitty - they had their choice of young Paddy and Daisy, older Earl, and newly rescued adult Harold.  They decided to give Harold a try because of difficulty in adopting out older cats, even though they had their hearts set on a young kitty.

Harold gave them a bit of trouble when they got him home, and as sure as I was that they were going to return him eventually, they were bound and determined to try to make it work.  And it has, and I am happy to report to you the latest and greatest on Harold.  I wish all my adopters could follow through with me and have the patience like these folks did.  Thank you Kim, Billy and Brady!  (and Cloe too!)

 Here you go... a picture of the handsomest boy in town! I actually just took this one tonight... he was just lounging in the doorway of the office, chilling out... he still doesn't have one "favorite" spot... he will flop down just about anyplace. He does LOVE the windowsill in our bedroom (I will send a pic of that after I send this email to you). He sits in that all the time. I am thinking we need to get him one of those 'slings' that you can attach to the ledge. He also loves laying in front of the sliding glass door on our lower level... it is shady and looks out onto a patio. There's lots of birds out there and he just hangs out there, watching the action... although I have also caught him napping down there too. He is a very sound sleeper... he will conk out just about anywhere. He does sleep on the foot of our bed at night now. He still gets up pretty early... earlier than we normally wake up... and sometimes he attacks our toes even if we are sound asleep... but that's okay. We absolutely adore him. He is so sweet and mellow and good-natured. He and Chloe get along fine now. They don't snuggle and cuddle with each other (not by a long shot) but they seek each other out and play and chase. She can be crabby and swats and hisses at him every now and then, but he doesn't care... he just tries to sneak past her and never swats back. If he ever does... whoo boy... will she learn a lesson!! He is strong and has super sharp claws... and he does NOT like having them trimmed... and he does not like being brushed or combed either. He loves his mousies... he plays with them every single day and doesn't care if they have catnip or not. I have watched him play with them for literally half an hour at a stretch... he loves it if we throw them, or he will play by himself... tossing them up in the air, rolling around on top of them... I think he purposely bats them under the couch or coffee table to he has to smush himself down to get them out. It's so funny to watch him. He also likes watching TV (see the pics). We don't have cable, we have an internet thing where you can watch stuff on demand... Billy has found several live webcams of cat rescue organizations and both he AND Harold like to watch (I admit, I do too... there is nothing better than a room full of kittens running around). Harold will either sit on the end of the bed or in the window and just be completely entertained... one time I had to tell Billy to change the channel because I thought Harold was going to jump right through the TV. I think he likes it here... as much as he loves sitting by the doors and windows, he never acts like he wants to go out. He does seem curious about the garage when we open that door (that's where he had his crawlspace adventure the first few days of living here) but he never actually tries to go out there. I think he is happy to be off the streets and live the life of a spoiled cat. He's such a good boy and we are so happy to have him... thank you for being our 'matchmaker'!!!

Hope you are well... I do check into your blog regularly now... I don't even know what to say other than you are an an absolute angel... what you do is truly a gift. I am constantly amazed and encouraged and saddened by your adventures. I wish I could take in 100 cats!!! I vow to you that if I ever win the lottery, you are one of the first people I am calling and giving a million dollars to! How is Paddy doing? I was so sad and shocked to hear about his diagnosis... I hope he will be okay.

That's it for now... rest assured that Harold is just fine... I promise I will keep you updated. I have 3 or 4 other pictures to send... they are kind of blurry because they are just taken on my old-school cell phone, but I think you will see that he is doing great.

Take care... thanks for Harold and for all you do for all the other kitties out there!!!



  1. great news! patient adopters are a blessing, and they reap the rewards, too.

  2. What a luxurious accessory Harold is to their home, he looks very exotic and lion-like in that pose, great work on all levels. Thank you for giving meaning to this life of his.

  3. What a great update! Their patience has really paid off.

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