Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Lucky One


Yep, I did it again.  Rescue I mean....UGGH.  It was an emotional day yesterday, as I brought Jack in one last time to the vets - my kindly Dr. Boehm (aka Dr. Hottie).   He wasn't available when I made the appointment for Jack at 4 pm., but I found him waiting for me when I came in.  He wanted to be there for Jack.  Thanks Dr. B.  It was still questionable, and still is, if I made the right decision or not, and its so hard to tell when they are not displaying the serious symptoms that lead you to treat the animal in the first place.  He was so quiet, and looking at me lovingly.  How do you say goodbye to that?  But I did, after it was reassured to me that whatever was going on was due to his lungs, or heart, and that all the money in the world might buy him more time, it wouldn't be cured.  So, I did it.  I then brought him home to bury him in my mini pet cemetery.  I must make a little cross to place on his grave, in between the rose bushes.

Well, look who we have here.  This cat, Lefty (I know, I need to come up with some better names) I've written about from at least a year ago when he appeared at Baldwin.  He is a very very nice cat, very dirty, unneutered, and now very sick.  I heard him a few days ago wheezing, and sneezing, and said I must get him seen.  So, I got him.  So, hopefully I can get him in to the clinic tomorrow, treated, neutered, and I think I may have a foster for him, through the kindness of the girl that has been accompanying me on my rounds on Sunday - the crazy girl Sheryl.  With a heart of gold I might add.  Fingers crossed.  Lefty is doing mighty fine in my bathroom - after work I will go in and try to clean him with towels, he is so very dirty, but look how very pretty he is underneath!  :)

I have not seen pregnant mama on Second since the day I should have gotten her.  I could kick myself.  Although there is another cat sneezing like mad - its so sad to know there is another sick one.  Lefty was easy to get because he is so very sweet.  He sleeps in a tote I had placed there about a month ago.  It had the tiniest opening, but that big kitty managed to crawl in and out of there.  Amazing what their bodies can do.  Speaking of, I saw the BIGGEST raccoon this morning on Sixth in the garage, and he squeezed his body through the tiniest opening when he saw me coming toward him.  BRAT.  I am sure he came back as soon as I left and gobbled most of the food that the six cats there were depending on.


OK, gotta get ready for work.  There are so many updates I want to share but never seem to have the time.  Winky may be going to her new home on Saturday, and I will be making an appointment for her spay today.  She is much better also after her trip to the vet on Monday - that was a scare.  Her limp and lethargy seem to be gone.  Thanks Tracy for taking care of Winky! 

Have a great day!
"Empty pockets never held anyone back.  Only empty heads & empty hearts can do that."

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Thank you everyone for your comments, and e-mails.  So much kindness in this world, just when you need it the most.  Thank you.

I called the vet in the morning to let them know how Jack did throughout the night and see what they recommended.  They told me to bring him in to observe him, so off he went around noon.  I had to go back to work - I don't think I have a cat lover for a boss - so I am a bit paranoid to be away from my job these days, even if one of my own 'children' is deathly sick.  Sad, isn't it, that we are forced to deal with things that we otherwise wouldn't, due to work, and money.  The two evils, but the two necessities in life.  They called me later that afternoon to report that no, he was worse that day than the day before he was brought in.  I left work in tears, not knowing what I was going to do but I had to be with him and view him for myself.  Sweet Diane - a girl from Another Chance Pet Rescue had come in the morning to my house while I was at work and administered fluids to Jack, who was very dehydrated due to not eating or drinking the past few days.  Thanks Diane, that was so kind.  When I got to the vet, they put Jack on the table and I pulled up a chair and just stroked him and talked to him, and listened to him.  He didn't seem as bad.  They had given him anti-nausea medicine, an appetite stimulant, and short of an echocardiogram, which I could not afford, I had them administer an antibiotic in hopes that it was a bronchial thing and it might help.  He also tested negative for leukemia.  So now he was on five meds, two of which I had filled in the pharmacy that morning before rushing off, late again, to work.  I decided then and there that he seemed OK, and I took him home with me.  This morning, I was awoken at 2:30 and it sounded as if he was going to die.  Hacking, wheezing, couldn't get a breath.   Half an hour later, I couldn't hear a thing, and I got up to check on him, thinking he had died.   After sitting with him this morning after my outdoor rounds, I sat with Jack, he was next to my side, and stroked him, and listened as he had a low purr.  I questioned over and over again what I needed to do.  I need to get to work on time, so I am going to call the vet and see when I can get him in there.  Today is the day, I don't want my boy with the tiny heart to suffer any longer.  They told me his heart was much smaller than the average.

Its funny - I am the most sensitive person in the world.  You can look at me cross-eyed and I will cry because I will think you don't like me, but when it comes to these animals, I've become so strong.  I will cry for a second, but then become a superhero.  My family has always leaned on me for strength when it comes to death and sickness - maybe its because I see so much out there.  I've had so many furry babies put to sleep in my life - my interior has hardened to it.  Maybe that's a good thing, not sure, but I do know that its up to us to make these decisions for them - if they could only talk and tell us whats wrong.  But they don't, we can only listen, and watch, and keep them safe and healthy, and help them cross that bridge when its time.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My boy Jack, taken this morning.

My boy Jack is not doing well.  I picked him up at the vet after work yesterday, along with little Winky, the kitten I rescued from Garson nearly two weeks ago.  Winky had a temperature of 103.7, higher than the norm of 102 apparently, and she also had a combo test performed, and she is negative for feline leukemia and FIV.  Her limp is also gone.  She appears to be fine, her appetite returned when I brought her home when she devoured the food placed in front of her, and she cuddled with me all night.  She is not your average playful kitten, she just likes to snuggle, and suckle, and I think that is going to be her personality!  Whoever adopts her is going to be a very lucky, loved mom or dad!

My Jack, however, had several x-rays performed and they cannot diagnose him either.  His Prednisone dosage was upped , and there is another drug which I need to get a prescription for this morning - going to be late for work.  His breathing was very labored this morning, he was breathing out of his mouth at a point, and he hasn't eaten or had anything to drink.  He is severely dehydrated - I am wondering if he was like that at the vet and they didn't give him any fluids.  I am a little concerned about the amount of money I spent for not much.  I will see how his new medication goes - he hates to take a pill, so he will have to endure more when I get the prescription filled, and when I get home I pray he seems a bit better.  I don't want to lose my Jack this early in his life.  I rescued him as a young teenage kitten on Hayward Avenue maybe five years ago.  I love him to pieces.

I had an offer from someone to take the pregnant cat on Second Street, and I am so upset for not getting her yesterday when she was there, because she was not there this morning, when I was totally ready to rescue her and her unborn babies from the street.  I could kick myself over and over but I have to get over it, I cannot beat myself up over the failures, I can only focus on the good I've done.  Here is an example, which someone (my friend Kristin) so kindly did some math and research, and figured it out.

"Hey Janine!  Guess what I did?  I went through your blog going back to last November and since then ( 1 year) you have rescued no less than 41 cats and spayed/neutered no less than 65!!!!!  That is 106 cats!!!

Here are the names of the 41 cats you rescued and found homes for (ready?)

fern, sally, monet, izzy, daisy, lucky1, lucky 2, cricket, redford, butters, bobby, Charlie, white cat with deformed foot, pepper, penny, winky, paddy, alexis, garth, harold, another pepper, mr. whiskers, earl, another daisy, Stanley, Sadie, grady, bully, sparkles, cheddar, talkie, howard, franklin, Sabrina, nugget, leo, big red, monkey girl, greybo, Hercules, jingles, morris and one dog - Banjo!!!!  There are no doubt MORE but those are the ones I found on your blog as best I could.  And that is just this PAST year!!  I cannot imagine how many over all the years.  Plus the ones you have homes lined up to rescue in the next couple days weeks.  Unbelievable what you have done!!!"

I guess I did do pretty good.  And that doesn't include the 10 or so that went to Lollipop Farm and were all adopted!  In the meantime, I will continue to try for pregnant mama.  Pray she is there tomorrow morning. 

Have a GREAT day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Barefoot and Pregnant

Winky on Sunday

I've had a rough weekend, cat wise.  My Jack has had a very deep cough for weeks now.  He went into the vet two weeks ago, came home with prednisone, and is now worse than he was.  His breathing is very labored, and I am worried sick over him, enough so that I barely slept last night.  Someone mentioned that cats can get pneumonia and I am wondering if that is something he might have.  Then there is Winky, who has been being fostered by my neighbor, who called me Saturday to say she was worried about Winky.  Earlier on Saturday, a co-worker of hers came by to meet Winky, and fell in love and wanted to adopt her, but I was not there and we told her we would come by her house the next day with Winky, and see if it was a true match (me checking out their house, meeting them, etc.).  I went to observe Winky Sunday morning and she was limping from her back right leg, and was very lethargic.  I brought her home telling my neighbor that I would get her to the vet, and the potential adopter will have to wait.  All day Sunday she pretty much layed around and didn't eat much.  She is a bit better today, the limp is not visible - she might have pain but is tolerating it, and she is eating a bit more.  I will be calling the vet when they open at eight and begging them to take both of my kitties in.  I am worried sick about Jack, the most.

4th & Pennsylvania - Six Cats!

A new Tortie has shown up - Central

Cedric, he might go to a barn this weekend!

At my Second Street location - a year ago I had noticed a female torty that was pregnant, and after a few attempts at trapping, even Laura tried, she disappeared.  She is back now, and pregnant.  She actually let me pet her and feel her belly this morning.  Why didn't I get her, you ask?  Because I have a situation on my hands where I have two very sick cats in my house, and is going to cost me a fortune, and I had no where to bring this girl.  The stress is too much for just one person.  If I had a sure place to bring her, I would have scooped her up.  As it is, I will not let her remain if I can get her tomorrow, after we figure out what is going on with my two cats.  The momma cat will have two choices, either be fostered by someone, or her babies will have to be aborted and she will go back to the street.  I will be making a call or two this morning to find out if someone can take her in. 

So, not a pleasant start to the week, but I am positive it will get better!  Fingers crossed, and prayers, please.  Spread the word, so many dear sweet kitties out there to be adopted!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Girls Girls Girls!

I've been keeping my eye out for a boy tabby kitty for a woman who runs Blue Moon Meadows, a dog rescue group.  She has a specific wish list as to what this kitty should be, and its been hard!  I have been invading the privacy of many kitties each morning by feeling 'back there', and not feeling what I want to be feeling - a boy!  But I will keep looking.  There are SO many sweet females out there that all need adopting, but no one wants a girl?  Whats up with that?

I  have today off - yippeeeeee!  I am thrilled, but its still the same - feeding the kitties in Rochester, coming home, getting the food ready for the next morning, and heading off to Wegmans in search of my own comfort food - I think it will be a chicken noodle soup day - and then for a few hours of cleaning my house.  I always feel SO good afterwards, until about eight hours later after the cats have puked again, or torn something apart. 

This morning was cold and damp but I made the best of it for the kitties that were out there.  The white kitty that had the limp - he was born with a deformity of his front paws, missing some digits, and a nail was growing into one of his paws, which is why we think he was limping.  I can't tell you how grateful I am that Nancy stepped up to the plate and offered to foster/adopt him.  When I picked him up from the vet after work yesterday, after he had been neutered, vaccinated and flea treated - this was one costly visit - I noticed he has one green eye and one blue eye.  He is a VERY pretty kitty.  I had him on my porch until Nancy arrived to take him home last night.  He was scared, but he let me pet him.  I can't WAIT to hear how he went last night.

My sweet and kind neighbor Tracy took little Winky to foster yesterday also.  She is the cutest little girl (Winky!) (well, Tracy too!) - and will make someone a wonderful pet.  She still likes to suckle - which they say is because she was taken away from her mother too young.  She is a real cuddler (Winky, not Tracy!).  :)  Please help to spread the word~!

I hope you take away joy and happiness from this post today.  With a little help, I can still rescue these sweet angels, one cat at a time. 

Peace and Love.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunny Side Up

Three kitties of note did not show up for their 'breakfast' this morning.  One was Neck Wound Kitty "Nicky" on Parsells, the other was the calico kitten that I want to rescue next on Baldwin, and the other was a pregnant cat I saw yesterday on Second at Paul's place.  This pregnant cat is having its at least second litter.  I first spotted it last year, pregnant, and when I went to trap it, even with Laura's help, it never showed its face again.  I believe this is the same cat again.  I've never seen the kittens it had the last time.  So sad.  I would like to try to trap it, so will put that on my urgent agenda.  At first I thought it was at my feet this morning, but realized that the cat I was taking pictures of had an ear tipped, so it couldn't have been the pregnant calico.  Although its kind of hard to tell, isn't it?  I wonder if these vets ever got it wrong, and wound up not really spaying a cat! 

I would like to comment on the comments from yesterday.  I need to defend these 'naysayers' a bit because mostof them actually do quite a bit for the cat community, and I keep in mind that we all have our own opinions, and are free to express them.  That's what I do here.  I don't question what anyone does because we are all going to do things a little differently...  They have their views, I have mine, but hopefully we can all co-exist and come together when we need each other, for the good of the cats.  That's the most important thing here.  To do what is right, as responsible, good people, for these animals who have no voice of their own.   The two babies I got from the street yesterday were upset when I got them home, but after several gentle pets inside their cage, a good meal, you would be surprised at how much they calmed down, nuzzled in the soft warm blanket that they've probably never had the luxury of doing, and were purring.  I know they will make great adoptable pets to someone as soon as they are checked over.
GARSON Grey that needs to be rescued - SWEET!

I have the chance for another barn situation thanks to Sue at SusieQ Dog Rescue out in Livonia and her great connections.  The two cats that come to mind are Prince and Cedric on Central Park.  Prince is going to be killed any day now because he runs frantically across the median on Central Park when he hears me coming.  And boy he knows my vehicle.  Cars are zooming by, and he just narrowly escapes.  These guys will do well out in Scottsville, as country cats.  Can't wait for this to happen!
Thanks again for reading my blog.  I hope you at least take a little bit of comfort knowing that I am trying to take care of these poor homeless cats in the inner city that you see out of your nice warm car if you happen to go to the public market or are driving through the Beechwood section.  These cats need all of our help, so please share this and think about fostering or adopting some of these babies out there.  
"God hears what is not spoken and understands what is not explained, for His love doesn't work in the lips or in the mind, but in the heart."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Add caption
No - opposers, yes.  I managed to get the two big cats from Ferndale and Webster in carriers this morning for their trip to Lollipop.  There are some that disagree with me doing this, but its something that I feel I need to do.  I have weighed it, and thought a lot about it, and slept on it, and its a decision that not only did a struggle with, but in the end felt I made the right decision.  I have had some major problems the past three years feeding cats in this area.  I've even dealt with police if you will recall the Devil Man from past posts.  I've moved these cats feeding spots so many times, and have just simply run out of room.  There are no abandoned houses on these two cross streets, and I've had too many people yell at me.  And you can't just relocate these cats to a different spot.  Cats are very territorial. 

The people that have opposed me in the past I have high respect for, don't get me wrong, and sometimes I've questioned my own judgment as to whether they love cats more than I do, and I know that sounds crazy, but then again, I can only say, you need to walk in my shoes 365 days a year, to know whats best for them.  There are so many other stronger and weaker characters out there, but they have safety and shelter, something the ones I take in don't have, and I will not see an animal suffer like that as I know they do on a daily basis.  I have seen too many dead cats on the road, and have picked up and buried a few frozen solid ones also.  And most of these cats were skin and bone.  So no, this was a choice I made and one that I will have to live with.

Whats to come...
My dear Laura offered to trap the injured foot white kitty on Central this morning, and Voila! she did it!  She will be bringing it to a vet to have its foot looked at, and my other dear friend Nancy has offered to adopt/foster it.  I can't thank both of you enough for that.  Its people like you making a difference in our world.  Laura is hysterical as she always has a van full of cats in cages, making their trip to a clinic here or there.  I may be doing a lot of legwork each day, but so is she in her own way, the expert trapper!

I will keep this short today as I have to tend to my charges on the porch to pamper them for their next journey AND I have to drop off the kitten that I rescued last Friday from Garson to drop off at my vet, who has kindly offered to do an ultrasound on her for free, because I fear she may be pregnant.  So, will be anxious to hear the results of that sometime this morning.  That will be another ethical dilemma I will need to face if she is.  Then the rush to work, but I wish you a good day, and please say a prayer for these guys.
"Don't make a mouse of yourself, or else you will be
eaten by cats."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tuesday!

I know, I am getting pretty lame with my titles lately.  I am dead tired in the morning - even though mornings are my best time!  By 3 pm., I am ready to hit the sack.  I heat up my morning coffee at work, and trudge through another two hours until freedom.

Under the tree on Webster and Ferndale

The shelters I secured this past weekend are still standing, which is a good thing.  There are two locations where I am feeding the cats under a tree.  This morning it was pouring, the cats were drenched and so was the ground I had to feed them on.  At both locations, the cats are nice, and need adopting.  There is a total of eight.  Two are at Ferndale and Webster, where I have made the decision to grab them tomorrow and bring them to Lollipop, I would normally not take this decision lightly, but this is a dangerous spot for me and for the cats, and I must move them out of there.  The people living there won't allow me to shelter them or the food.  They had to eat fast, faster than normal this morning due to the rain.  Then there are at least six on Central, where I haven't made any decisions because I don't have any really.  I was offered a barn situation through a friend who runs Susie Q Dog Rescue in Livonia.  A friend of hers is looking for a few.  I then thought of Cedric and Prince on Central near Second.  They are both good kitties and need a better 'home'.  Prince will be dead soon enough if he continues to run out to the road when he hears my vehicle coming around the corner, which he does every single morning.  I don't know how he has lasted this long. 

Just some of the six Central Park kitties

Neck wound kitty is still at Parsells, still hiding from me, but I can see him run to the covered porch as soon as I walk back to the car.  I don't think he will ever be trapped, so I pray every day for his welfare, and that he is not suffering.


The two kittens on Baldwin are still there, the calico is the one I need to rescue next, she is at that point where she could turn feral, but not quite yet.  She lets me hold her and she just needs a few days of home adjustment and she will be the sweetest little girl around.

Please spread the word about all these kitties that either need fostering or adoption.  I can't do it alone, but together we can do a little something.  Thanks for reading.
"Most people have the will to win, few have the will
to prepare to win."

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Monday

It was a decent weekend, one that started with the rescue of a little kitten I've named Winky.  She came from Garson Avenue, running with the big guys each morning for her share of food.  I am so glad I was able to grab her - she is about five months old, and embarrassingly, I don't have a better picture of her than the ones I posted on Friday.  I definitely was busy this weekend, so that's my excuse.  Someone donated some very nice totes on Saturday, and on Sunday, I was able to make two of them into nice shelters (cut out a hole in the side and place Styrofoam on the sides, and fill with straw) with the help of a friend, and placed one this morning on Hayward, where the wooden hut made by Kristin and her husband years ago has now become very wet inside and is no longer water repellant.  I also brought over another wooden hut to the Sixth Street location inside the garage, and placed a tarp over that, so things are looking good, but there is still so much  more to do.

I am considering moving the usual two left on Ferndale and Webster to Lollypop shelter.  They are nice kitties, and I am sure will be placed in their adoptable section.  I know some of you will disapprove of me taking cats to a kill shelter, but I hear they have some room, and these are nice kitties.  I cannot, in good conscience, allow these animals to suffer on this corner, where the people hate me and the cats, and won't allow me to place a shelter there.  In storms, they will never get their share of food before the wind blows it away, or the snow covers it too quickly.  And the temperatures that will be, no way.  And no one has stepped up to the plate to take them.  So, this is a decision I will be making in the next day or two.

Lucky went to her new home out in Brockport, to a nice young couple that have an adult female cat named Abbey.  I will post pictures they sent me soon after my sad departure there yesterday.  Apparently, all is well! 

Now to deal with Winky, and the Ferndale kitties, and just keep on keeping.  Its such a chore and hardship for me to get up each morning, and prepare myself mentally to do what I do, but when you see these cats - knowing this is their only meal of the day - you just have to suck it up and do it.  When its all done, at my Seventh Street location, I breath a sigh of relief, and head back home to begin another day.  Hopefully one homeless cat free, at least in my thoughts.  :) 

Have a great day!

Friday, October 18, 2013

OOPS! I did it again!

"Turn off that flash!"

"This isn't a very flattering picture of me!  Delete it!"

As I drove up to the Garson spot, where there are four adult cats waiting for me each morning to be fed on the porch of this boarded up house, but which is being worked on slowly, and where the owner HATES me and the cats and whenever someone is there, they trash the paper dishes I leave with food and water.  There has also been a skittish kitten coming along recently, mostly keeping her distance, but this morning she was starving, so she got close enough for me to not even think, I just grabbed her, scrunched her up and walked calmly to my car with a waiting carrier in and placed her in it.  She cried and cried and cried throughout the rest of my forty five minute journey until we got home, I brought her into the bathroom, I opened the door, and voila!  One purring, cuddly perfect female kitten, about 6 months.  She is a SWEETHEART!  She climbed right up onto my lap and began to lick my nose!  I must find her a home, and quick!  If anyone can even foster her for a little while, it would be a tremendous help.  Please pass the word!~

Of course, this doesn't mean I am not insane by sweeping up the streets lately by rescuing all these cats, and knock on wood I have found homes for them.  I see other rescue groups take in mother and six kittens almost every day, but then again they have so many foster resources.  I am just little old me.  Doing a big job.  I do have a very kind neighbor who has been fostering little Lucky, who was spayed on Wednesday, and is doing great by the way.  I am so thankful for her to offer to do that for me.  She is my first foster mama!  And hopefully she will again!  :)   Little Lucky's possible new Mom and Dad came to meet her and I am hoping fell in total love with her.  If all went well while they slept on it, this weekend she will go to her new home!

Little Luigi, who I rescued from Ferndale and Webster two weeks ago, and went to his new home in the country last weekend - is doing good too.  His new family were going to let them out of this bathroom that he was in, so that he could get to know everyone first, to explore.  I can't wait to hear how good, or how bad! he did.  :)

I thank God for how lucky I've been with taking these animals - these very desperate animals - off the streets and into homes, where they belong.  There are still so many more.  Please consider adopting one of them, or at least fostering.  These are some of them from this morning, including the white cat that I am not sure what happened to her tiny toes.  She is still limping, but running to meet me now for the food I bring.

Have a good day.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Now, most 'normal', civilized, God-fearing folks don't indulge in watching blood and gore, but I made the mistake of watching an episode of The Walking Dead, and then another and then another, and now I am hooked on this silly show.  Then again, I was always a fan of scary stuff, Halloween, scary movies, beginning back to the Vincent Price movies that were made in the 60s, I even taped an old movie the other day from the 30's called Vampyr.  I was addicted to Dark Shadows back in the day, with Barnabas Collins being my secret lover.  HA!  But, I do digress.   I thought of zombies this morning as I drove away from my spot on Second Street, where a few houses down from Paul's house is a bootleggers house.  There you see many people walk up, drive up, and knock on the side window to purchase their supplies for the morning - beer, cigarettes, and I am not sure what else they sell.  They've never bothered me - even if they are walking my way and ask for a dollar, or a cigarette, I just tell them what I do, and they then know who I am and don't bother asking.  I'm known to them as the Cat Lady, and they respect that.  I've known some really nice people years ago by meeting them this way, but I don't know where they've gone now.  Jail?  Rehab?  Not sure, but I hope they are doing well.
MILLY on Short Street

This morning was calm and bright!  The moon was as big as a beach ball.  I saw all the usual suspects, and then some.  Neck Wound Kitty, Tuffy, Milly, Red, Scratchy - the black kitty on Stout Street that gets so aroused knowing he is going to eat that he swipes at me.  I see five kittens each morning, each at different locations - well three at Baldwin, one at Garson, and one on Pennsylvania and Fourth.  I pray the Pennsylvania and Fourth kitten doesn't wind up pregnant, if she is a girl, until I am able to start trapping again.  Funds have been tight due to my own cats going into the vet.  Buster with her eye condition, Jack with his cough, and a trip to my vet with Wally's cat Larry - whom I rescued when he was very sick from Pennsylvania and Fourth, vetted and bribed Wally into caring for - he is FIV, but a sweet, mostly healthy kitty.  Yes, very expensive doctor visits for me these days.  Anyway, the other thing I wanted to mention - I do not know who went to my spot on Baldwin and Grand, got the calico kitten and had her spayed and returned her.  I can't imagine it would be the neighbors.  If any one has an inkling, let me know!  Believe me, its a blessing that someone is helping me, even secretly! 

Shelter on Pennsyl. & 4th

I need all the help I can get.  But what kind of help is something I need to contemplate on a bit further.  I have people asking me 'how can I help', and I don't have an answer because I am so narrow minded going out in the morning just making sure these cats have something to eat and shelter in a storm.  I can't see a big picture, so I need to focus on what needs to be done.  I do need help.  But what.

Have a great day!

"I'll never be perfect, but I can be better."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

I was touched by the comment someone posted yesterday, not that I am not touched by each and every comment I receive, good or bad.  It was basically stating that each and every life mattered, but put so eloquently.  Thank you to whoever wrote that.  The animals on the streets, each and every one of them, do matter!  They deserve warm and loving environments, and they deserve some respect too.  I was startled to see what I saw this morning as I pulled up to the Central and Fifth spot, where I feed very sweet cats that were raised indoors, and then put out to the street - you can tell that by their sweet and gentle personalities - and the white kitty that was so very leery of me at first, and now gets closer and closer as I place the food down that it is so desperate to devour each morning.  I noticed his paw in the air, and then the limp to where I place the food under the tree (they wait on the sidewalk and curb when they see my vehicle coming along).  It almost looked as if this white cats toes were cut off.  I got the best picture I could, but I have no idea in what shape that foot is in.  It makes me sick to think of what happened to him.  There was no sign of blood, but I have no idea really the extent of the injury, but I could see no toes there on that front paw.

To throw a little good news in, Lucky #1, the kitten I rescued from this very spot a few weeks ago, is being spayed today, and she has potential adopters coming to meet her tomorrow!  Lets pray this is a match.  I've had little Lucky since last evening so that she could be 'prepped' for her surgery this morning (no food) and brought to the clinic by me.  Tracy, my neighbor, who has been fostering her, is going to be very sad to see her go.  She really is a cutie pie.

Another kitten I've wanted to rescue has been mysteriously spayed unbeknownst to me (I have a sneaking suspicion I know who did it - :)), and I held her this morning and told her I would be getting her a home very soon too.  She is a little doll, and is the sister of one of the other kittens I rescued there three months ago.  I must get her off the street too, if anyone is willing to foster her, it would be a blessing.  Here is her picture!

Remember that you can click on the picture to enlarge.

Here is another unneutered fellow who allows me to pet him while he hungrily gobbles the food I leave on the porch on Garson, where I cannot place shelters because the owner hates me and the cats, and throws out the bowls every chance he has when he comes by to work on this boarded up house.  This little guy is ready for a home too.  The kitten that has been hanging around here will not come close to me unfortunately, so I will have to keep working on him.  He allowed me to touch him the very first time, but not since.

Well, its now a mad scramble for me to get ready for work, but I before closing, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you who has reached out to me to offer help, whether it be baking something for the people that allow me to feed on their properties, or offering gift baskets to give to them, or purchasing food for me, or monetary donations.  I just couldn't keep doing what I do without that support - its so overwhelming to me each morning, but I get through it one day at a time.  The weather that will soon arrive I have no power over, and these poor animals will suffer.  I must reinforce my shelters, and I need help.  What I need are cinder blocks, if any of you have any lying around?  I need to replace tarp on some of these spots, and place the heavy blocks on top to keep them during the windstorms that are due to arrive. 

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

"If you are always talking about your problems, don't be surprised if you live in perpetual defeat."

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rush Rush Rush!

My life seems out of control most times.  That's why I relish, and cherish obligation free weekends.  And even then I have my TO DO list for myself - organize organize organize!  But I never seem to get to my own stuff, because I have a lot of other things that take up my precious time.  I need to speak to friends, family, if not see them, and I need to run here and run there.  Its crazy.  I wish my life were simpler, but its not.  When I get home every single morning, around 6:15, from feeding all the sweet babies that are waiting for me in a two mile radius in the inner city neighborhood of Beechwood, all 50+ - there are some I don't even see for that half a minute stop I make to pour food and water down for these hungry guys - when I get home in the morning, I have to rush to get to work, like I am doing now.  But first I like to post on this blog so that others know what its like out there. 

I am thankful for the two girls who have offered to ride with me one day a week because I am going to put them to work, placing tarp on top of some others that have holes, re-strawing some of the tote shelters and just trying to make things comfortable for these innocent creatures.  We are due for rain the rest of the week, and cold.  My heart breaks for these cats out there.  Some are so very sweet, and would give anything for a warm home, if they had anything to give.  I know they have love to give, but they can't get that chance.  Here is an excerpt of the e-mail I received from Jill, who went on a run with me yesterday morning:

"Hi Janine, just thought I'd let you know again how great it was to go with you this morning to feed the cats! Thanks for letting me do that! What you are doing is such a beautiful thing for those por animals and I know they love you for it. It really strikes me as sad that in all the years you have been doing this, no one who actually lives in the neighborhood has offered to help with the feedings or take over one of the feeding stations. Unfortunately it seems like the people there just don't value the cats like we do and I'm not sure what the answer is to that problem. Maybe there are some people in that neighborhood who do have their own little feeding things set up, I would hope so! Of course, I see the same kind of apathy and ignorance with people in better neighborhoods, too. It's everywhere. But at least what you are doing is definitely making a difference to the cats you are helping! Just goes to show you what one person can do. There is the
saying that "You can't make a difference for all the animals, but you can make all the difference for one animal". How true!"

I want to reiterate something - I posted the other day how I would love for someone to call me and say 'Janine, I will take your most neediest cat, sight unseen, gender doesn't matter, and I will have plenty of patience to turn this street animal into a warm cuddly thankful, loving indoor cat.'  Well, my friend Nichol did just that when she said 'bring me a needy cat.'  So I brought to her Lucky #2, now named Luigi, who was living on the street for his short life just over one year.  He was a desperate skittish cat waiting each day to greet me and eat, and now he is in a safe, warm, loving environment, and doesn't know what hit him.  He now has unconditional love by Nichole and her family, and I am so grateful for this.

Won't you please consider?  At least help spread the word.  Thanks and have a great day!

Monday, October 14, 2013

What a Weekend!

I wish I had more time to write in the morning...  after going out for an hour - from 5 am. to 6:15 am., feeding over 50 cats at 16 different locations - changing towels for their little feet to stand on after its rained so that they have a moment of comfort under a board covering their food, if they are lucky enough, and racing home to get ready for work.  And did it rain last night.  And this morning.  There goes the hair for the week.

I had the pleasure of company this morning.  A woman who read my blog was curious and wanted to see what I do, so she drove to my house at 5 am. and came with me.  I told her she was crazy, but she's actually a brave soul, and a curious one.  I think she thought I was nuts, but that's ok.  It was rewarding enough for me to show her these very hungry and wet animals out there, and be able to fill their tummies for the day.  She mentioned she would like to go again with me, and I told her I would enjoy that!  Thank you Jill!

On Saturday morning, I took a beautiful drive out to the country - just me and Lucky #2 - who I rescued from the corner of Ferndale and Webster, where I recently rescued Fern and Little Red, and where there are two others I am desperately trying to get off that corner before the snow flies - because they all hate me and the cats there, and its pathetic where they have to eat - under a tree.  Anyways, I found a home for this little guy - the family that took him renamed him LUIGI!  Hey!  Luigi!  Mange!  :)  (I am sure I did not spell that right).  They are a great family with three kids, one pre-teen, one teen, and one under the age of six.  And one huge dog.  I am praying that the introduction with the dog goes well.  Thanks Nicole!  I can't wait to get my first picture of Luigi and an update from you!

Little Lucky, the gray kitten I rescued nearly three weeks ago, is doing great at my neighbor's house.  Its first vet appointment was this Saturday, and we found out that HE is a SHE!!!  Good Lord, when will I ever learn..   haha ha....  Anyways, little Lucky is turning into a very sweet, playful little 13 week old kitten, and waiting for adoption.  I must get her adopted quick.  Her spaying is scheduled for Wednesday, so she will be good to go! 

I was explaining to Jill this morning about the population of cats in the areas I go into - she was stating that she lived around there years ago and it was out of control.  I proudly told her that since I've been doing this, I've really changed that - I've rescued at least 50 cats in the past year from here, at least!  and I've spayed and neutered over 100.  So, its something to brag about to someone who saw it at its worst.  I thank God for being able to do this, and I must continue - there are still so many more that need to be.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

"Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead
where there is no path and leave a trail."

Friday, October 11, 2013

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Every day, when I finally get to my 16th stop, where I feed an average of three cats per stop, after a full hour of driving around a one or two mile radius, I get back in the car after feeding there on Seventh and think to myself - wouldn't it be nice if someone were to say 'Janine, I will take one of your most neediest cats, sight unseen, you choose.' - I took more pictures this morning of some of them, they are all needy of course, but there are three locations where they have nothing.  Nothing but a few bowls for food that I leave, under a tree, and then they wait for the next 24 hours before I come back to feed them.  When inclement weather exists, I either try to find something nearby where I can place the food for them to gobble before someone sees me, or I pray they eat fast under the pouring rain and then take shelter somewhere under a porch.  When it snows, that will be a whole different story.  Their freezing little pads on their feet won't do much good if they freeze on that snow.  I must get these innocents at these three locations off the street.  Here are some pictures of some of them I took this morning:


I hope and pray that people see the faces of these cats, and can see the desperateness in their eyes, and want to help. 

I also want to mention that Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue called me (we work together at the hospital! :)) yesterday.   Its so much more pleasant to go to work knowing someone else is so close to me in such a large facility cares and DOES for cats like I do.  She stated that ACPR wanted to donate $100 to me.  As I always say and feel, no, please, you guys do enough.  They have taken in many pregnant cats that I've rescued over the years, and I am unbelieveably grateful for any gift I receive.  So thanks to this group for their kind offer and generosity.  In telling you this,  I want to state that I would never want a rescue group to feel that they have to match what another does, and even a single individual!  We all have our burdens and missions that we want to accomplish, and as long as we are there for each other in real times of need, that's all I care about.  In the meantime, spread the word about these street babies that need our help.

Have a great day!
"A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you."

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toot Toot!

It was a very quiet morning out there, with all the kitties waiting for me.  I want to mention that I have not seen Neck Wound Kitty, the cat with the huge neck wound that has not healed in years, and that seems invincible when it comes to trapping him and getting him looked at and treated.  I haven't seen him since the shelter and food location was moved to the next door property on Parsells.  I had heard him that first morning, and tried to coax his haunted cries over to the new spot, and I am sure he found it, but I have not seen him since.  I am haunted by a few situations I've had over the years, another being the two cats I fed for years and years on Second Street, and had the opportunity to turn them into country cats in a barn situation at the Finger Lakes Racetrack - they were not housed like I would have done - and they escaped, never to be seen again.  Angel trusted me and went through so much - if you do a search on this blog for ANGEL, it will take you to all the posts I've written about him, and you can read his story.  He's gone through hell and back, and now I failed him.

I am not one to toot my own horn, but in the comments recently, some people have offered to match their donation with the donations I receive.  I was advised to repost this comment below.  You can take it from there.  And Walt, YOU are the Saint.  Your note to the editor of the D & C was not unproductive.  Even if it brought one new person to realize the plight of these animals on the streets of Rochester, it was so worth it!

Janine, I want to make a Challenge to all your Blog followers.I WILL MATCH the first $100.00 Dollars they donate to your site.  It is currently at $180.00.  I feel terrible the Pats on the back was so unproductive.  Thank you so much for all your tireless,devoted and heroic efforts.  You are a Saint. Walt & Karon Simoni

"The secret to happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles."

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gimme Shelter

All was fairly quiet out there this morning.  I set a tote shelter - one little itty bitty one in a spot where there are at least five cats - so with these tote shelters, you are lucky to fit two cats inside, that is if they even get along, and it would be snug.  So, as much as I want to build a cat home there, it will take a few more totes and wooden boards to house these poor animals in this dilapidated garage, that unfortunately, the open/no door faces the west, so the shelters will get the brunt of the winds and storms.  I will need a tarp and some cement blocks to keep the tarp on them, once I get these materials and place them.  I will need a few more LARGE tote shelters, with large enough holes for them to get in and out of.  And a few large boards to make a little house, kind of like this:

What you see on the right is a carrier, which I have plenty of, but those won't keep the freezing cold out, so I do need totes.  But you can kind of get my drift, the board will shelter the food, especially if its in an outdoor area, and not a garage.

At each of my spots, these cats are so hungry when I arrive.  None ever have food left, what meagher amount I leave for them they gobble, and then maybe a raccoon or three come along and finish it up.  So they don't eat I am sure for the rest of the day and night, not like our lucky babies that we have inside our warm homes, where they have a plentiful supply of food set down for whenever they feel like eating.  It breaks my heart. 

I heard on the news this morning that we would have a cold snap in November, a warmer December, and in January all hell would break loose with bitter cold and major snowstorms.  I am dreading this.  Not only for myself - which I could really care less - I love all four seasons, and love a good snowstorm, but its these poor animals that will suffer out there.  I dread dragging my shovel out after, or during a snowstorm, and shoveling out a path for them to get to their food supply, if they are not already huddled in somewhere already.

So please consider taking one of these sweet cats that sidle up to me each morning, begging for a home.  They make the most affectionate cats because they are so thankful to you for saving them.

Have a great day!
"Your not a failure until you stop trying."