Thursday, December 28, 2017

DEC 15!! Tracy S.! Feed A Cat For Christmas!

TRACY!!  My neighbor!!!   Thanks Tracy for all you do for me.  Tracy even fostered for me once, back in the early days...  Such a great family, I am so blessed to have them right next door.  Thank you for helping me to feed many kitties for Christmas!

5 degrees this morning.  So cold my cell phone would not work.  No pictures.

I thought I would share a quick run down of my FIRST HALF of my route today (this would be a very long post if I included the second half!). 

Leave house at 3:45 a.m – 5 degrees, light winds

Drive to Melville Street – 1st stop.  Grey kitty greets me each day, not as interested in the food I’ve poured as it is in the water I’ve poured.  Kitty begins to drink the water but its too hot.  I hope it waited a few minutes and tried again after I left. 

Melville 2nd stop – See two kitties peering out at me -  one is long haired red, the other is long haired tabby - on porch of vacant house where I have three shelters situated –- this proves to me they’ve been in the shelters – they jump off the porch and into the snow as I make my way to empty the water bowl of its ice, refill that, and the food.  I see that the wet food I left yesterday has hardened.  They were not there when I left the food yesterday.  I leave a bit more of the wet, hoping they come back quickly to gobble it up before it freezes.

Melville 3rd stop – grey kitty once again comes racing to meet me, I trip as I make my way to the back of this lot, with this little one darting in front and back of me, crying.  I make it to the shelter, see a few kitties scatter, which proves someone there is using the shelters I have placed.  Grey kitty gobbles up the food.  I leave, telling him to USE THE SHELTERS PROVIDED!

Ferndale and Webster – no sign of ML.  I check the towel I placed there (for their little pads – don’t want them to be standing on a freezing board (old Formica counter top) while they eat.  No sign of kitty prints.  Makes me sad to think they may not have been here overnight.  Add food and water.

Parsells #3 across from Baldwin – no sign of red kitties here – I believe they are Harvey and Huey’s parents, the kittens I rescued earlier this year (who were just adopted!)  I pray they are using the shelters I have here on this vacant lot tucked away in the weeds.  Leave food and water.

Parsells #2 – Kitties always scattering here and there when I pull up – at least five that I see.  One is an old red kitty with white who has been very sickly looking this past year.  I always thank God he is still around.  There are four shelters here under the bushes.  They tenants want me gone because of the raccoons, but I continue to feed and shelter because I won’t leave these cats to suffer.  Leave food and water.  I also believe the Sylvester looking kitty with the face wound resides here, but his face has healed.  I think it’s the same one.

Parsells #1 – I can see that Lisa – Crazy Lisa – has been here, moving shelters around, placing towels over shelters.  I know she thinks she is helping, but I wish she would leave things alone.  Here is where the beautiful long haired blue eyes Siamese that has finally begun to trust me greets me each morning, along with a black cat, and a calico.   I know there are others hiding, they won’t come into view while I am there.  I need to place a tarp here soon.  And add another small shelter – but have no more.  I NEED MORE SMALL SHELTERS!

Garson #1 – I feed what appears to be Gracie’s sibling – she looks exactly like Gracie, but a bit more fluffy.  And another sweet cat.  I feed under the porch of a vacant house here.  Two Styrofoam shelters under here, but not sure anyone is using.  Both sweet kitties.

Garson #2 – This is where I’ve rescued a bunch of kittens this year.  There are at least 6-8 cats here, one being George, the nice black and white that waits for me, and the other is that red cat that was missing a few months ago from down the street at Grand and Baldwin.  He’s travelled.  He’s now here.  I have named him PITA.  He is a PAIN IN THE ___.  He spills the water, and the food every single morning.  If I could hate a cat, I would hate him, but I don’t.  AT first I thought he had worms, so I treated him for them.  But his behavior – devouring the food as I pour it – continues.  I don’t know what is up with him.  Here, there are two separate feeding/shelters, right next to each other.  One has four shelters inside, the other two – one being the large beautiful wooden shelter that Jim built for me years ago. 

Grand and Baldwin – Here we have at least six kitties waiting for me each morning.  In better weather, they run to the Jeep when they see the headlights.  These days, they are hunkered down in the shelters.  Nice shelters.  Edison Tech students built two humongous two-story wooden huts – they must be 1000 pound each.  Then there is the nice wood one that Lou built, across from it is the wooden one that Sheryl built, and in between are two or three plastic tote shelters.  They are cozy here.  At the bench where the tree is, there are two shelters underneath here.  Lately, Mr. Fluffypants look-a-like has been hanging around.

Tomorrow is my day off, but I will try to post another, and describe the second half of my route.  There are………….. NINE more shelters I visit before finishing up each morning.  OK.  So that’s 19 locations I house and feed cats at.  Crazy man, crazy.

Also tomorrow, the numbers from 2017!

Have a great day!

For Stray and Homeless Animals
To all the fur-beings who are lost, 
Or homeless,
Or living as strays,
may they find a good meal to eat.
May they have shelter to keep them warm.
May they have comfort.
May they be shown kindness by strangers.
And may they return home, or find good homes.
May they rest in a place in which they can thrive.
Filled with love, with warmth, with tender caring,
with good food, with true companions
for all of their days.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DEC 14th! PAMELA P! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

PAMELA!  My Angel.  Thank you so much for helping me to feed a cat for Christmas!  Many as a matter of fact!  Pamela has been a strong force in the animal community, helping where she can. Thanks Pamela, for all you do to help the helpless!  Me too!  :)  

I have to say, 9 degrees is brutal.  As I drove down city streets this morning, my eyes darting from one side to the other, I thought about, and prayed, that all homeless creatures, even a mouse, had a warm nook to take refuge in.  My first encounter with a desperate cat was on Melville.  Melville #3 spot.  Where I had a hard time keeping shelters – someone finally gave in and allowed me to place some in the back of the lot there.  This grey striped boy is a former TNR.  I had to release him after having him neutered this summer.  I say I HAD to because there was no one around to take him in at the time.  He is a nice kitty, and I felt terrible releasing him, but it was summer, he could get along.  Well, every morning, he runs to my car, and this morning, he was sort of tip toeing, dancing around, and I wondered if he had frostbite on his little delicate pads.  He took turns following me, and then darting in front of me (and nearly tripping me!), down the path to the back of the lot, crying, hungry, waiting for me to place his precious wet food.  I placed a warm blanket on the inside of the shelter, hoping it would warm his little feet up a bit while he stood there eating.

I can’t tell you the heartache I feel as I am driving to each of my 18 or so locations, but all I can do is pour, say a few words, and try to forget as I drive away.  There are at least five more shelters I will encounter after this one, with cats that could easily be taken in off the street and be the most wonderful companions for a lucky person.  But no one wants the adults.  Everyone wants a cute cuddly kitten!  Given a loving environment, a grown cat forms bonds that are just as profound as a kitten's.

I want to thank, in particular, Todd, Bob and Stan, Lou, and Jim, for their carpentry abilities, in building me these lifesaving shelters that are placed right now.  It was heartwarming to see two kitties come out of one of them at the Central and Second location this morning, and I know there are others nestled inside for the night before I pull up at 4 am!  There are also other fabulous shelter makers, in particular, Sheryl, who has been slaving away for nearly four years putting them together whenever I get an extra plastic tote, or Styrofoam box thrown my way.  I throw them her way and she creates some wonderful little homes, some even cut out with cat faces for entrances, for these homeless babes.  I thank you all for helping to house the homeless.

I can't help posting pictures of kitties I've rescued and where they are now.  Sawyer is one beautiful cat, wouldn't you say?  I received the following from his 'Aunt Kim (who BTW adopted three kitties from me!)

 "Visiting Mom and this handsome gentleman this morning.... he was “helping” her sort through old sheets and towels and he climbed right into the garbage bag." 

SAWYER today!

And another.  Do you all remember Lulu?  She was once a kitten found in a shelter on Garson Avenue in a pile of straw with her siblings.  Today, she is a loved kitty in a warm and loving home.  This was a Christmas card I received and share it with you!  So sweet!  Be sure to click on the pic so you can see up close!


That's it in a nutshell for today.  More tomorrow.  And no, ML did not come back and rip off the tarp to the shelters.  ONE MORE CHANCE!

Have a great day!

“When life places a
Wall in our path we
Have two choices…
We can beat our head
Against it, or we can
Figure out a way to
Get around it.”

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

DEC 13TH!! GATES CHILI TEACHERS! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

DONNA SMITHTEACHERS AT GATES CHILI HIGH SCHOOL!!!  WOO HOO!!! You guys rock!  Please correct me if I am wrong.  Kristin mentioned that some of the teachers got together and pitched in and made a donation to help Feed a Cat (or two) for Christmas.  Thank you so much from the kitties!  You are all lucky.  YOU HAVE THE WEEK OFF!  I should have been a teacher!  :)  Thank you for helping to feed these poor kitty cats on the streets!

Be sure to click on pics to see up close

Central Park Christmas Eve morning

Third Street Christmas Eve morning

This morning - back to work day - could have started out a bit better.  I have not had trouble with you know who – I can’t even type her name I get so angry – ML walked over to my shelter, knowing I was just down the street after I had passed her, and pulled off the tarp covering the shelters and began to walk to her house, defiantly.  I pulled up to her street to block her from getting to her house and got out and grabbed it from her.  It was dragging, so there was enough tarp so I didn’t have to get close to her.  I told her she had gone too far, and called 911.  I got a cop that wasn’t the most sympathetic, lets put it that way.  She basically told me I had no rights to what I was doing because its not my land property – nothing would hold up in court, and that they (police) were tired of answering calls about me and ML.  We basically left it with her taking my info, saying she was going over there to talk to her, and I drove off to finish my spots in zero degree temps.  Just a sad feeling that this highly intelligent – yet shifty and cunning – with a mental illness, wins again.  She feels like she is invincible and no one can touch her, not even the law.  She won’t open the door for the police, so nothing gets done.  She can go back there any time again during any hour of the day and rip that off, and I can do nothing, but keep replacing the tarp for the family of cats that ‘live’ there, including that one black kitten.  Thank God I placed it there on Sunday, as Sunday was brutal for any living thing out there.  The winds were whipping and the snow was flying.  Welcome Old Man Winter.

(taken over summertime after surprising her throwing away cat food)
Prior to this, it was a very busy weekend.  On Friday, I again had to deal with ML after she tore apart my shelters.  I called police, who said they would go over and talk to her.  I thought that was it.  Apparently nothing will stop her.

After that, I had to drive to Batavia – about 45 minutes from Rochester via the thruway – to bring Muffin to his new home.  As of today, after I inquired about his progress, his Dad wrote:  “Little by little, Liz spent several hours in the room last night just laying on the couch and finally he's come out on his own and went up to her to get pet.  Being patient, he's coming around and think he'll do fine when he trusts us.”  The trip there was a bit tricky, with snow falling and winds whipping across the pavement, and a car or two in ditches, I was white knuckling it the whole way.  I arrived to the warm looking house to find a couple of barking dogs, and another cat leeringly peeking out from its perch, wondering who in God’s name was this new creature in a box.  After bringing him to a room, Muffin was scared and once released, hid behind a couch.  Later that day, his new Mom came home to find Muffin, as a surprise for Christmas!   So little by little, he will come around.  I will continue to inquire about him until we know all is well.  He still has to meet his new siblings! 


On Saturday, I received word that a family were very interested in Butterball, so on Sunday, Christmas Eve morning, Butterball was picked up in Caledonia, and brought to his perspective new family.  This family adopted TJ in June, and was now ready for a new sister for him.  Their older kitty Buddy had just passed away and they thought TJ was lonely.  I received a call late that night asking me to come get Butterball, because TJ was not loving it.    I don’t blame this family for their concern for TJ, but I do think that with time, it could have been a match.  I think in some cases, proper introductions should be made, whereas Butterball was let out to roam right away.  I blame myself for not insisting on this.    So back to Caledonia with Kim she went.  We need to find her a loving family.  She is very sociable, and would love a home with a sweet and loving kitty to keep her company, and be a playmate.

I had two families re neg on their meet and greets with Maize and Toebe.  That’s OK!  We will find a new family to love and enjoy them very soon.  I have one in the works for this Saturday, fingers crossed!

Maize & Toebe
Can you spot their faces?

Other than that, Saturday Sheryl and I went around and made sure the shelters were snug, and straw filled on Saturday morning.  The weather is dangerous this week for these animals, and I continue to make them as comfortable as possible, the ones that are using these shelters.  I wish some of them were smart enough to use them though.  Some of them run to me from all directions BUT the shelter.  Though it is gratifying to see them peek out FROM the shelters I’ve provided.

I strongly encourage everyone to place a shelter filled with straw outside their house, opening facing east as the storms come from the west.  Place a bowl of hot water and fill a bowl with food.  You are saving a life.  And thank you for doing it.

I've received a sweet picture of Izzy (now named Tyger), who was brought to his new home last week, reunited with his sister Stevie (now named Mary) - after some initial hesitation in seeing each other after a few weeks, here is how they roll now....  

Stevie and Izzy

Have a GREAT day.

“Love your enemies, for they tell you
your faults.”

Friday, December 22, 2017

DEC 12th!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas! BETH S.!!!!

Beth S.!!  Thank you Beth!!!  Thank you for your generosity in helping me to feed a cat for Christmas.  Beth doesn't know me from a bag of beans, but she was kind enough to see the need that few of us have that go out into the dark of morning and feed hungry stray and homeless cats.  Actually, you helped me to feed many cats this morning.  I know the dates are a little off, but I got a late start, and wanted everyone to experience their own date that they helped to fund the food that feeds all these cats.

It snowed overnight, and continues to snow - it is measureable - and it is cold out there.  I poured hot water and gave all the little shape shifters (sorry, I can't get out of my mind that ML mentioned that I am feeding shape shifting rats - she told the police this) their dry and precious wet food on my route this morning.  It was quiet.  ML did not touch my stuff yesterday, but the day before, little did I know, she actually unhinged the hinges on the shelter.  My friends came by yesterday and worked down the screws so that she can't unscrew them, and fixed the hinges.  I saw the kitten bolt out again this morning from its cozy nest in there.  If she touches it again and causes fear for those cats again, I'll ___________________________.  I'll have her arrested.  That's what I will do.  .........

Each time I pull up to one of my shelters - all 18 or so, I expect to find them by the side of the road, or gone.  There are some I am confident will be there, but I realize that nothing is permanent.  Until we live in a society where these cats matter, and we can have cat houses placed all over the city for these homeless animals to take refuge in, I will continue to fight for their lives to have some measure of comfort and security.

I leave you with Part 3 of Andrea's story.  Thank you Andrea for sharing a part of your life with us!

Part 3 – TNR and other musings

So now that we have the housing and feeding station in place and the cats on some sort of feeding schedule we decided it was time to trap them and get them fixed. I called Lollypop Farm and they were not able to get us appointments until mid-January. So I made the appointments and started plotting our strategy. One of Janine’s supporters (Diane), who happens to live not far from me, reached out and said that she had a few appointments at RCAC in December and if I wanted to try and trap the cats she would transport them for us. I did not have any traps so she generously brought one over for us and showed us how to use it. We put it out a week ahead of time with food in it to get the cats used to it. Immediately Baby Tiger went in it. Not only did he eat the food but he sat in there every day just looking around. Every day hubby would say to him “I’m gonna get you” and this is the face he would get!!

So the morning in question hubby went and put sardines in the trap. He went back in the house and watched through his binoculars as Baby Tiger inspected the trap. He sniffed and walked away. So hubby went back out and replaced the sardines with his regular Fancy Feast food and as soon as he got back inside SNAP went the cage and Baby Tiger was caught! He was a bit jumpy at first but as soon as he got in the garage hubby talked to him and he sort of calmed down.

Diane was called and off Baby Tiger went to RCAC for his TNR. So we find out Baby Tiger is a boy about 6 months old and in good physical condition. Diane brought him back to us and told us to keep him warm until the morning. She brought us this contraption that you insert into the trap that divides the trap in two and allows you to put food in the trap without getting attacked. We were a bit leery about doing this and asked her to do it for us. While she was teaching hubby I went and got the food and water ready. When we went to feed Baby Tiger we noticed that he had escaped. Since it had snowed hubby could see his paw prints in the snow. I went in for a flashlight (not that it would help) and hubby followed the paw prints into the woods and he was gone. We were all so upset worrying that something would happen to him. Then all of a sudden hubby shined the flashlight up to the shelter and there were glowing eyes coming from it. It was too dark to see if it was Baby Tiger but we kept our fingers crossed.

The next morning we found these on our back deck right up to our sliding glass door. I guess Baby Tiger was trying to tell us he was the smarter one in the bunch!!

Then hubby got his binoculars and looked up at the shelter and this is what he saw.

There was Baby TIGER in his house giving the “Evil Eye” to hubby. Hubby felt so bad that he put the food on the sun porch. This was his attempt at breakfast in bed.

When hubby used to go feed Baby Tiger he would sit there and watch now he runs and hides from hubby and waits until he gets in the house before coming out. I think Baby Tiger put the word out about his ordeal because even Baby Blackie keeps his distance too. Well, hopefully they do not have long memories because it will be Baby Blackie and the Boss’s turn in mid-January.

No matter how upset they are with you they are still creatures of habit and still come out to eat. Hubby feeds them around 7:30 AM and then at 3:00 PM. Once 2:30 PM approaches this is what we see outside our window. It’s a bit blurry but you can see the “3 Musketeers.”

I thought this would be the last part of this series but I do have a Part 4 to tell you about so stay tuned…….
Have a great day!

"Let gratitude be the pillow
upon which you kneel to say
your nightly prayer."

Thursday, December 21, 2017

DECEMBER 10th!!! KATHY L.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

KATHY!  Thank you for helping me to feed a cat for Christmas!  Kathy L. is my neighbor's mom, and has been supportive of me even though I chewed her husband out many  years ago for cutting a burley bush next to my garage, in between our houses, soon after my neighbor moved in.  Little did I know I would come to love my neighbors, and her family too.  My neighbor's dad even made me a compost bin, and most recently, a shelter.  And the bush had never looked better.  I was just cranky that day, must be.  :)  Thank you so much Kathy, I appreciate you thinking of the cats on your shopping trip.  :)

This morning was dull, and quiet.  No sign of Mary Leigh doing any damage to the shelter.  When I went to inspect it, there was a little black kitten inside, hissing, and then bolted like there was no tomorrow.  Must be about 12 weeks or so.  Feral.  I felt so bad, but good knowing it spent the night cuddled into the straw.

It was not dull yesterday morning, however.  Miss ML - I hate to even say her name - was caught by my look out - :) - with a electric screw gun, trying to unhinge the shelter.  She was told to get away from there, whereby ML shouted some obscenities,. and walked back toward her home.  Meanwhile, I called 911 to make another report.  The officer showed up, did not write a report but said he would be going over there to speak to her.  We all know she won't answer the door, but I am sure she peeked out and saw the patrol car in front of her place.  I do not know what happened, but the shelter was intact this morning.  Then again, she can't 'peek out' because her porch is barricaded with wood, plastic sheeting, cardboard and such that she could not see out her front window.

I saw Crazy Lisa on Parsells this morning.  The difference between these two women is - Lisa is a nice person with a severe mental illness.  Nice, meaning underneath all that crazy wiring going on in her mind, and the torture she puts cats through - I am not sure if she understands she is hurting them by 'cleaning' them with ammonia, etc., and with Mary Leigh, she is just plain crazy mean.  She doesn't like anyone.  Lisa said to me this morning 'good morning Jeannie' and she sounded sweet, almost song-like.   Even though she put a rug under the shelters on the porch a few houses down, which makes no sense at all to me, but does to her - oh well.  No drama.  That's all I care about.

I will be filing charges against ML for vandalism and destruction of property - I will have an warrant issued for her arrest the next time.  Guaranteed.

GREAT NEWS!  Izzy has been adopted!  :)  The same sweet woman who adopted Stevie, now named Mary, wanted to give Izzy a test run. so I brought him to her home yesterday.  Her initial note to me was very cool.  Here is what she wrote:

I'm tempted to take Izzy.  I'd name him Tyger.  Spelled with a 'y', yes.  Named after one of William Blake's, also a romantic poet, poem:  "The Tyger"

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, / In the forests of the night; / What immortal hand or eye, / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Last evening, I received the following:  "My King - Sir Tyger.  He's home."

Izzy now named Tyger

My heart melted.  I loved Izzy so much.  But I can't keep them all!

Butterball on the left

Butterball is going to a home on Saturday for a trial period.  His potential new mom and her family adopted TJ this summer.  They just lost their old guy Buddy, and TJ is feeling the loss.  Say a prayer that all goes well with Butterball!  His foster Mom, Kim, has been put through the ringer emotionally fostering, but she does it because she knows the value of fostering.  It saves another cat from certain death living on the streets.  Thank you Kim for all you do for me, and them!

Muffin is going to his new home tomorrow!  Hurray!

Now, I need to sift through the applications for Toebe and Maize and pick out the best family for them.

Have a GREAT day!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

DECEMBER 8th! LYNNE S.! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

LYNNE S!.  Sawyer's Mom!!!  Thank you for helping to feed a cat for Christmas!!!

SAWYER - Pre-Rescue!
If you will recall, I rescued Sawyer from Short Street on February 1st, 2015, who was hanging out with Sam, Mr. Whiskers, and Buttons at the time.  Sam and Mr. Whiskers are STILL there, but Sawyer is bundled up in a warm house and loved beyond words.  Lynne, I am so grateful for you, and for your compassion to take in our baby Sawyer...  He deserved a good home, and he sure did get one!  These cats all deserve a home!  Please consider a street cat.  They are most grateful of all.


I forgot to mention, I rescued the copper colored Kitty!  :)  Woo Hoo!  Thank you Hearthside Cats for offering to take this pretty girl.  One more off the streets!  My Motto:  I can't save them all, but I can save them, one at a time!  :)

Update for today.  No sign of MaryLeigh as of 5:30 am. this morning.  It did look like the kitties were waiting for their breakfast, and had used the shelters.  They came flying out of them when I walked up.  I was ready for MaryLeigh though, with the law on my side.  Today is trash day though, and I will be staking out the area for a bit if she thinks she will sneak over there and move one of the shelters to the curb.  On a good note, a young man came out of the house across the street to get his car started.  This is the house I have fed at for years, with a nice shelter in the back.  The previous owners gave me permission.  They moved out and the house remained vacant.  I've rescued SO many cats from this corner.  Anyways, he came out, I walked over to him, introduced myself, told him what I was doing across the street, and what MaryLeigh was doing, and asked him to keep an eye out.  His name is Peachy.  I think he is just peachy.  :)

Below is another excerpt in the life of Andrea and the kitties she and her husband care for in their back yard in the country.  I have left out valuable pictures she sent me to fill in at certain parts, but they are on my work email, but seeing as how I am ON VACATION today, I don't have access to those pictures.  Check back later, maybe she will send them to me and I will repost!  :)

Part Two - Andrea's Story:

Chapter 2 – the Construction of the Palace
Hubby Lou agreed to build a shelter for our growing outdoor cat family. The shelter walls are insulated, the roof is hinged for easy cleaning and it even has a small sun porch with an awning. It has plenty of straw to keep them nice and warm and hubby painted it brown, as requested, so that it would blend in with the scenery.

We put the shelter up on cinder blocks so it would be off the ground in case the snow gets too high. We have 4 acres of land so they have plenty of wooded area and trees to play.

So I put out the “For Rent” sign out and within 10 minutes our first prospective tenant showed up it was Baby Blackie. He went in to look around kind of like going to an “open house.” He said he would get back to me and off he went. A few more prospective tenants came and looked around but in the end it was Baby Blackie who signed the lease. He moved in and then about a week later I noticed that “The Boss” had moved in and Baby Blackie was evicted. So now “The Boss” and Baby Tiger have taken up residence in the shelter. Baby Tiger sits inside the house daily looking out and blocking the entrance so no intruder can get in and “The Boss” sits outside on the sun porch and occasionally goes for a stroll. So now you are thinking poor Baby Blackie is still living in the cold have no fear I am way ahead of you. Another shelter is under construction for Baby Blackie J Hubby did not have the heart to say no when he saw Baby Blackie sitting alone in the cold snow next to the shelter.

Since it has started to snow and gotten colder I was worried that the food would get wet or covered in snow. So I again nagged hubby to make a feeding station. Now he really thought I was off my rocker but when I showed him that the cats were digging in the snow for the food it pulled at his heart strings and he went and built one.

At first we put in heavy plastic dishes which I had him screw in to the wood but a few days later we found that some animal started destroying the dishes.

So we spoke with Janine and she said to get some ceramic dishes that they would withstand the cold and also a dish for water. We moved the dishes forward because the cats like to go into the feeding station and face outwards. Hubby also brings a brush with him when he feeds them and cleans off all the snow in the feeding station and the shelter. He also shovels a path from the house to the shelter not that any of them would attempt to come that close. I think it really was to make it easier for hubby to bring the food and water to the shelter.

In the next chapter I will tell you the story of our attempt at TNR. It sounds a lot easier than it is. I don’t know how Janine does this on a weekly basis!!

Thanks Andrea!  There sure are a lot of good people in this world, doing their part!

Have a great day!

"Someone else is happy with less
than what you have."

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

DECEMBER 9th! Joy C. L.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!!

Thank you Joy!  Joy - how did we meet...  I am not sure.  Did she start to read my blog?  Facebook?  Nevertheless, boy am I thankful.  Joy offered to foster for me.  Kittie’s name was Domino.  I had rescued him off the street, and he had to go back, but Joy saw something in him that said, he is a good boy, and will eventually come around from his feral habits from living on the streets too long.  She fostered him, and wound up adopting him! 


Domino passed away a year or so ago, but will be forever loved by me and Joy, and Joy’s family, who became Domino’s family!~  Joy’s mom adopted a white kitty I rescued from Second Street many years ago - Lacey. 


The family has been good to me, and I am grateful, forever, to them all.   Thank you for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!

I forgot to mention, I rescued another kitty last week!  Copper!  The pretty copper colored young cat hanging around Syd and Johnny’s on Bay Street for the last month or two.  Actually, I couldn’t have done it without a foster, or someone to step up, as I still have some kitties that need adopting and my fosters are full.  Hearthside Cats, God bless them, saw her on a post or two back on this blog, and offered to take Copper in, so Thursday morning, with one fell swoop, I got her and she didn’t make a peep.  I am still waiting to hear how she makes out at the vet appointment they have scheduled for her.

Speaking of Second Street, I received a call from a kind black man on Second Street who has allowed me to shelter cats behind his house for many many years.  He has a cat of his own.  Paul is just a kind man, that's all I can say.  He is retired from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, I believe he used to detail the patrol cars.  Paul lives in a ramshackle little house, with a ramshackle falling down garage, and holes in his roof.  He has no spare money, but has offered to pay monthly on a roof, within reason.  He's only been able to have someone patch here and there.  I've always said, if I win any money in the lottery, Paul would be the first person I would help.  

Paul called me yesterday and told me he is flat on his back, has been, and is having surgery in the near future.  Sciatica or something....   He asked if ever something happened to him, would I take his cat.  Ugggh.  I told him nothing was going to happen to him and to not talk like that.  I also offered to help him.  Shovel his steps if it snows, and I am also bringing him a bag of cat food and litter, and some groceries today.  I feel if you are good to the me/cats, I am good to you.  God bless Paul.  

Mary Leigh's Destruction Again..  121917

Well, guess what.  Mary Leigh.  She did it again.  Even after getting an official warning on Friday.  I am going to have her arrested.  Here is what I found this morning.  This huge humongous shelter was moved and the lid flipped open, all the straw inside wet, and the other shelter turned on its top, as has been the usual.  Food thrown out.  Tomorrow is trash day, I am thinking she is going to move Shelter #2 again tomorrow to the curb, with the trash collectors not knowing that they are throwing this out, again.  I will be calling the police tomorrow morning.  Today buying a lock for the lid on the huge brown shelter you see.  That is the one this nice couple brought me all the way from Marion Sunday morning.  This woman has terrorized me and those poor cats that have nothing and nowhere to go and feel safe in.  The food is gone for them.  I am so sick and tired of all this.  She is using her mental illness to her advantage in this situation.

"That best portion of a
good man's life;
His little, nameless, 
unremembered acts of
kindness and of love. "

Monday, December 18, 2017

DECEMBER 7th! LAURIE C! Feed a Cat for Christmas! 🎅

Pringles newly rescued

Pringles newly rescued

Mystic then
LAURIE C!!!!  Thank you so much for your donation to help me feed a cat, or quite a few, for Christmas!  Laurie came into my life several years ago, when she adopted a cat from me, through a mutual friend of ours, who was fostering a few kittens for me.  His name was Mystic, but changed it to Manley.   Flash forward, early this year, April 10, 2017 I rescued a kitty from Parsells and named her Pringles.  Laurie spotted Pringles on Facebook and immediately fell in love.  Her new name is Daisy.   Thank you so much Laurie for opening your heart and home to a street cat.  And helping to feed those left behind.

Pringles/Daisy (left) & Mystic/Manley (right)

This was an INSANE weekend.  I can thankfully report to you that the MaryLeigh saga has ended, for now.  I am very grateful to a friend of mine who was able to go to her house with a uniformed officer and, after no response (She won't answer the door), taped a report to her door that stated she must stop stealing my things, or be arrested.  Since Friday, she has stopped stealing my food and shelters.   Thank God.  What a nightmare that was for me.  It had gone on long enough.  I had to deal with her this entire summer EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Two very talented friends built a very very heavy duty shelter and brought that Sunday morning to this location, just in case she got it in her head to try to move it again on trash day, but this shelter takes four people to even budge it.  Its a temporary spot, for sure, as the house is vacant now, but won't be for long.  But at least the cats have a place to burrow into, and feel safe for a night.  I am so grateful to Todd and Patti for their help.  As a matter of fact, Todd would like me to put it out there, if anyone can donate scrap wood, he can make them shelters.  This one is beautiful.

Three of the five kittens were brought to their new homes!  Willow, Ziggy and Rusty!  Willow and Ziggy were adopted by a wonderful family who came to the event held at West Elm on November 26th.  I am so grateful they came through those doors and met the kittens.  Their family consists of Mom, Dad, and two beautiful children, a sweet girl and a sweet boy.  I pulled up to their house Saturday morning and the little boy was in the window, obviously anxiously awaiting the kittens arrival.  I could just imagine hearing the squeals of delight he made as I got out of the car, and held up the carrier with kittens in it.  After sitting with them for a while, making sure all was good, I left the first of the Zuber Farm babies behind, as I have done with so many other cats and kittens before.  I always have a tear in my eye as I drive away, and a prayer in my heart that all will be well for them.

Rusty was adopted by Melissa, who is my feral kitty guru.  One of her cats passed last year while on vacation, and she had waited for just the right kitty to come along so that she could spoil and love.  I have no doubt Rusty is in very good hands.

Now we have Maize and Toebe left, and we must get them adopted!  I would love to see them go together!  We also still have Izzy and Butterball!  Lets get them going into new homes!


Carmel Today

Wanted to share an update on Pierre and Carmel.  As you will recall, I rescued them earlier this year from the streets.  Here is the post on Carmel when I got her.  And above is her today!


Please Be a Responsible Adult - SPAY AND NEUTER A CAT!

Meet Carmel - barefoot and pregnant.  Carmel is being spayed this morning.  Carmel showed up at my Central location a few days ago.  I began to place a dish down for her by the side of the road, and it took two mornings for her to trust me enough to get close to me.  Keep in mind, its dark out still. She got close enough this morning for me to scruff her by the neck - gently of course - and then feel under her belly.  Milk ducts.  I carried her to the carrier I always carry in the back of the Jeep, and off she went to my bathroom.  Upon examination, she is a very young cat.  I'll bet under a year old.   It is fairly common for a cat to have its first estrus period between four and six months of age, and to give birth as early as at six or seven months. This situation is rife with potential for disaster, both to the survival of the mother cat, and to any kittens that live


Very young cats and very old cats rarely enjoy the kind of physical condition that would warrant allowing them to give birth.  Birthing and nursing a litter of kittens would easily take their last ounce of strength, and could kill them. This truth is even more evident in the case of pregnant strays, who may have already borne dozens of litters of kittens.  A female cat is capable of bearing at least three litters of kittens each year. The kindest and most compassionate action anyone could take with one of these cats is to spay/abort her.

We have an enormous cat overpopulation problem, primarily caused by cat owners' failure to spay or neuter their cats. Often the pregnant cats are thrown out on the street, where they and their surviving kittens continue to mate, and the offspring from those matings continue to mate. The reality is that a pregnant female cat and her descendants can account for the births of several hundred kittens in just a few years.

This year's kitten crop will be responsible for the deaths of last year's kittens, or older cats, at shelters. There isn't enough space to house them all, and something's gotta give. It's a matter of supply and demand. In a world that loves kittens, kittens are a dime a dozen.

Spaying a pregnant rescued cat will help prevent the deaths of living cats and kittens. Even though a pregnant female cat might be adopted by the finder, with good homes waiting for her kittens, each of those kittens will indirectly be responsible for the death of a shelter cat or kitten that might have been adopted into one of those homes.

Carmel is a beautiful young girl, and will make a very nice companion for a very nice family.  It was not my intention to rescue another cat this morning, but what choice did I really have?  There are still so many out there that have been waiting for me, I've promised them, but I had no choice.  She is too sweet to put back out on these dangerous streets.  Looking for a foster for her! 

PS, Carmel is GORGEOUS.  Reddish Autumn color w/Tabby and Bengal markings.  GORGEOUS.

On a GREAT note, one of the potential kitten adopters saw Pierre's picture, and wants to adopt him!  WOO HOO!!

Pierre Le Peu

Pierre today:

Pierre Today

So thankful to my adopters!  I love you all!

"We must let go of the life we have
planned, so as to accept the one
that is waiting for us."