Friday, November 30, 2012

Here We Go Again

Last evening I got home from work to find three cats on the porch, all in carriers, all frightened and out of sorts. I knew it would be a long night for them, and for me. I immediately got changed and set about getting some food into their small carriers so they could eat. They hadn’t eaten since the previous morning, so I am sure they were starving. Yet, despite that, they did not eat. I’ve noticed over time that some of them will gobble the food down, usually after you leave them alone, and some don’t. They are just too traumatized. They were successfully, and very sadly, released back to their respective homes on the streets this morning.

Drumroll please ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the white kitty that I thought was pregnant?? Turns out is a male! This was the second time I was wrong about that. I think I am losing my touch, if you know what I mean! How embarrassing! My only defense is that I have been feeding this kitty on and off for quite awhile, and as they all do eventually, its come to trust me enough to get close to me but that was only on Tuesday, when I felt its belly and it was hard and felt like it had babies in there! And TNR Thursday came around and it was only natural to want to get kitty off the street if that was the case, so she/he was trapped! I found out a few hours later that it was a male. SO embarrassing. Oh well!


After I went in to see my own brood, I noticed my baby girl Toonces was doing too well. She was very wobbly, her beautiful furry skin is hanging and her eyes have sunk. I thought she was going to go during the night, and closed her in a bedroom, but as I lay in bed thinking about her, I went and got her and brought her up with me, where she stayed by my pillow all night. My girl has been with me for nearly 16 years after having been found as a baby kitten after some truckers spotted her running around in the Wegmans warehouse parking lot on Brooks Avenue. As she got older, she was a very independent girl and never liked to be held. As she got older, she was a little more tolerant, but still feisty and independent.


I made the appointment for 3 pm. today. I still question my decision on this each and every time. I don't really see obvious signs of pain (screaming, moaning, writhing, restlessness, etc.). There is no playing, no exploring, no interaction with the other cats or dog, or people. She wants to eat, but is only licking at her wet food. She just lays, and cries occasionally. She has no energy -- she's wasting away, burning up her body fat and muscle tissue just to stay alive. Just breathing is taking all she's got. Is this enough? I know in my heart that it is, I don't want her to die a slow painful death, but it is still so hard. I feel like because she is still alert and moving around, I shouldn't have her put down. But then again I don't want to wait until she has nothing left in her. I feel she deserves better than that. She's been there for me for over 15 years and I need to be there for her too. She is at one end of the bridge right now, waiting for her turn to cross.

I end this asking for your help in saying a little extra prayer to St. Jude, and St. Francis of Assisi, for the help in finding the lost cat of my friend Donna, who recently adopted my little Puddles, now named Montego. Here is a picture of Paco, who has been missing since Friday from Slocum Road in Ontario. I can imagine the pain they are going through at this moment because I've been there.  I wish you a safe weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


This morning three kitties were successfully trapped for TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) through Lollipop.  Laura got the white kitty from Webster that I suspect is pregnant, and I got the other two boys, Mr. Whiskers on Sixth, and Sylvester on Parsells.  I will keep you updated on the results of white kitty.  Of course I will have them on my porch when I return, and stress will take hold of me again.  Its the third part of TNR that I hate - returning them.  But again, there aren't enough homes, or willing humans, to help out.

Winston/Buddy - napping on mom

Some other good stuff:  I rescued Buddy (now named Winston - above) back in December, 2011.  This past summer a couple who already had a cat named Magic wanted to adopt him.  Here is the most recent update - I am thrilled when I get these updates from my adopters!  Thank you!

"this weekend I am planning on taking the Christmas cards pictures (wish me luck!) I got them a Santa hat... yup, it will be interesting!

Winston is doing great, he waits for me by the window and when I get home it's talk, talk, talk... I think he's either complaining or telling me everything he and Magic did that day. He makes so easy for us to love him.

And yes he's also a stinker he like to knocks things off my dresser and then runs and hides behind the curtains (probably laughing), but I can't imagine our lives before him. He is finally standing up to mean ol' Magic and sometime I caught "him chasing her".... that makes me feel good that he can stand up to her. This cat is by far the sweetest and the funniest cat I have encountered."

Here is an update from Nancy, who took in Morris (now named Jack - above)!

"Jack is doing wonderful - he's coming into my room more and more.  This morning I woke up with Cutie on my chest, Rylee and Emma on my side.  I didn't even see Jack until I got out of bed - he was up near my head.  Rylee's was alittle afraid of jumping up on the bed when he was up there, but she's getting used to him and vice versa.  He's fitting in beautifully. "
Thank you to all who have adopted from me!  I couldn't do this without YOU!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come.

"They that love beyond the world cannot be separated from it. 
Death cannot kill what never dies.
Nor can spirits ever be divided, that love and live in the same divine principle,
the root and record of their friendship.  If absence be not death, neither is theirs.
Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas;
They live in one another still."

I have been watching my little boy Cinnamon and my little girl Toonces for a few weeks now, noticing changes in their eyes, and their weight.  Cinnamon's eyes are becoming more sunken, and her gait is very unsteady.  Toonces is losing weight and is becoming more 'tolerant' of me - she used to hate me holding her.  She now cuddles into me, and sleeps at my head every night.  They are both what you would consider 'geriatric.'  Toonces is 16, Cinnamon is 14.  I know it could be a number of things and that given time, and money, could be treatable.  I also look at it a different way though - making them go through treatments at the vet, where they are stressed enough, would ultimately be for my sake, not for theirs. How much more could I ask of them?  You cannot avoid death; but often it is possible to avoid suffering. I look at it from the perspective of what is right for them and what would spare them pain.   When the time comes, it will not be an easy decision still, but I cannot stand by and watch them suffer when it was within my power to prevent that.   By not acting, I would not be prolonging their lives, I would be prolonging their deaths.   So I will be keeping my eye on my oldest babies and make the decisions when the time seems right.  They are, after all, my own children.

A friend sent me a quotation shortly after my last round of kitties died this past summer. It said that a good death was not about when or how; it was about knowing love. This comforted me greatly, because, for all my mistakes, my cats did know love.

An update on Vanessa - her new name is Heidi.   Her new 'mom' said she has the colors of a hyena (to which I gasped in horror when she said this), but then I thought hyena's are God's creatures too!  And new 'mom' said that Vanessa seemed to like her new name, and that it was prettier too!   So be it, her sister Izzy Bella is getting a little better with Heidi, so its hopefully going to be a match made in heaven.  Will keep you posted this weekend!  I miss her terribly though. 

At my Webster spot, the nearly all white kitty came up to me this morning, and I could swear she is pregnant.  I felt her belly, and it is very full, but I could not feel any nipples.  I am wondering if those have to be present in order to be pregant.  If any of my cat knowledgeable friends can let me know, I would sure appreciate it!

Tomorrow is supposed to be TNR day.  As much as I dread it, I am prepared.  I didn't put down as much food at some of my spots this morning, and none at one, so that they are very hungry tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Spots

Thank you to everyone who commented yesterday. It was all good. I have done each and every suggestion in the past, and have found, there is no perfect answer, you just have to wing it the best you can! To think of how many cats I have brought into my house, and Toonces, being my oldest, at 16, has seen many many many come and go. Thank God I have had some very good adult cats that I’ve adopted from the street, because they have all tolerated each other over the years. I’ve never had any issues, besides spraying (behavioral), some stalking and bullying, but certainly never any bloody cat fights! I do believe you leave the cats alone, and they will learn to get along.

I now leave the house at 5 am., seeing as how it gets lighter earlier. My reasoning is that it WAS 6 am. before the time change, so why not! Its very cold out there now, but I have to believe that these cats will care for themselves, and use the shelters I have provided for them. If I didn’t believe this, or worried about it more than I already do, I would have gone crazy long ago – interpret ‘crazy’ as you wish – there are many ways I could go. We have yet to see snow storms, and my shelters are not complete, so I will continue to worry about them until then.

To update on some of my spots:

1. Seventh – each morning I hear the scurrying of two or three tiny kittens leaving the ‘nest’ of straw I have provided them in two shelters. One wooden hut and a plastic tote, with a board over it, and a board covering the opening that will shelter the easterly winds coming from the west that will whip up the snow. There are two adult kitties there, both have been fixed. I believe there is a tortoise cat here that is the momma, and is new to this location.

2. Central – Mr. Kitty continues to run to me each day. I hold him and tell him I will be rescuing him soon. I see another tabby, and a tuxedo with a small tail, looks like its been chopped off, all three fixed. Haven’t seen the little ones here that I used to.

3. Second – Monkey Girl, along with Red and a host of other regulars run to my car the second I pull up. I placed a carrier on a porch across the street from Paul’s house with straw in it. This porch belongs to a nice Puerto Rican man who loves cats. It will keep Monkey warm for now, until I can rescue her. I could swear I saw a large grey cat – I couldn’t confirm if it was pregnant or not, but it was either very huge, or very fluffy.

4. Third – Bully and Grady continue to run to me, while one or two black kitties, and another grey wait in the shadows. I keep telling Grady he will have a home very soon. He is wonderful.

5. Third and Central – continue to place food down on porch of boarded up house. Cat sleeps in the little stryofoam cooler there.

6. Pennsylvania and Fourth – Sparkles continues to run to me and roll on her back each morning. Limpy #1 (or 2?) – a very emaciated creamy red kitty who began to trust me has not been around in two mornings. I worry so for him. He has not been neutered.

7. Sixth – Mr. Whiskers, the tabby that is UNNEUTERED, continues to run to me each morning. I trip over him trying to get to his plastic tote shelter on the porchof this boarded up house. He gobbles his wet food like there is no tomorrow.

8. Short – Funny looking little black kitty still waiting here for me each morning. I don’t see the cat that used to sleep in the hut anymore – not for the few moments I am here. Except for those two @#$# little chihuahua’s that bark their heads off at me a few houses down. They are there EVERY morning!

9. Hayward – Bugsy and Boots run to me every single morning. Bugsy now gets on my lap before I am out of the car. He is one cute little baby. I didn’t realize how young he is. He is less than a year old. Very very sweet. I tell him his time is getting close to being adopted too. Boots is a sweetheart too, but he has been on the street for a long time. His buddy was Red. I still hesitate to take Bugsy away for worry that it will leave Boots a very lonely black with white paws kitty.

10. Webster – Still no one has disturbed the pathetic board and shelter I have here. There is a beautiful and sweet white cat here that waits for me. I see a few others most days, but Whitey is a regular. My friend Kristen and her husband Darrin are making me a shelter out of a piece of furniture that will supposedly be nearly indestructive. Can’t wait to get that there before the really bad snow comes.

11. Garson – Talkie and wounded kitty still there. Wounded kitty sounds odd when she cries, like there is something wrong with her vocal cords. Talkie always seems starved. LOVES the little bit of wet food I place down for her. Two shelters on the porch for them, not sure if they use them.

12. Stout – Little black kitty is still there, lonely I am sure for Morris/Jack who was rescued and adopted by Nancy nearly a month ago. I went there Sunday and placed some plywood over the broken windows of the garage- I cut them myself with a neighbor borrowed electric circular saw! It will at least keep the wind out from the sides of the open garage. This kitty is NOT neutered.

13. Parsells – there are at least five beautiful cats here each morning – including the grey one that I need to rescue soon. HE is being bullied by the rest of them, and doesn’t get his fair share of food or shelter. He is also getting sick. Most here are neutered, except for a beautiful long haired black with white cat that seriously looks like Sylvester from the old cartoons!

14. Parsells #2 – Lisa continues to come back here after I leave and trash the food. She is a seriously mentally disturbed woman who I despise. This morning there were two kitties waiting for me to place the food down.  She is not hurting me, she is hurting the cats, and THAT is unforgiveable.

"We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public."


Monday, November 26, 2012

The Scoop

Wow, what a weekend.  SO much to tell. 

Lisa, the lunatic, continues to take the cat food away from the spot I feed kitties at on Parsells.  I have to say, I have great animosity toward this 'woman'.  This woman, who supposedly loves cats, has tortured, maimed and killed cats before, this being known to the Rochester Police Department, and Animal Services of Rochester.  I helped to get a kitten away from her this past springtime.  The more I run into her, I believe she is not only mentally sick, but I believe she prostitutes herself for either money, ciggerettes, or drugs.  Each time I see her now she is in and out of houses/apartments on Parsells, with different men.  She is a sick woman and each and every time I go to this spot, whether I see her or not, I want to lash out at her, or even stop at her apartment and lash out, but I know that is not right and won't do that.  But God help me if I catch her in the act of taking my things again.   She is doing nothing but hurting these animals by trashing my meagher shelters I placed there, and the food.  Its cold outside, and they need something, but she believes they will get hit by a car if I place things on the opposite side of the street that she lives on.  She is a sicko, and I hope someday she gets what she deserves.

Vanessa:  Vanessa is the young mommy cat of Pumpkin and Magic, whom I had adopted out over a month ago, to a nice couple in Phelps.  This woman originally just wanted Pumpkin, the little orange, until we convinced her (Sue from Another Chance aka Susie Q Rescue in Livonia) to take his brother Magic too.  After a few days, she called Sue and said 'it wasn't working out', the four dreaded words you sometimes hear in rescue.  Sue advised that due to her being very busy that week, if she could just 'give it a chance', and then if it still was not working out, she would come pick up Magic and I would take him back.  It turned out that after a week, it WAS working out, and they have all become one happy family ever since, the couple, the kittens, and two small dogs.  Great story.

Now, Vanessa, the mommy.   She was spotted on my porch one warm fall day about three weeks ago by a woman selling coupon books.  She called me later that day and asked if she would be able to adopt her.  We agreed on a date and yesterday, I brought little Vanessa over to her 'new home'.  I was leary at first, as I always am placing kitties I have already fallen in love with.   So I brought her over in my home inspection mode, and I was pleasantly surprised.  Such a lovely, beautiful home this sweet couple had, built in the 20's, in the area of Seneca Park Zoo/North Clinton area.   Such a lovely couple.  They had a kitty already that they had adopted about two years ago and felt she needed a companion.  I would not normally recommend two females being adopted at separate times, but she seemed to really love Vanessa.  Vanessa was very curious after she got out of the carrier and was running here and there sniffing around getting used to her new surroundings.  Kitty #1 went into hiding after spotting Vanessa!  After about an hour, I left feeling good about this.  I got a call later in the evening that things were ok so far.  This morning, around 6:30 am., I got a call from this couple stating the dreaded four words "its not working out'.  I then gave them some counselling, stating that this was TOO SOON to make that decision, that you have to give kitties a chance to get to know each other.  The couple seemed to want them to interact immediately, so I didn't mention that it might be wise to put Vanessa into a separate room for a bit so that they can get to know each other 'under the door' for a bit and slowly introduce them.  I mentioned this this morning and they said they would try it.

I would appreciate any comments from folks with advise of your own for them.  It would be very helpful to me as there are some kitties I MUST rescue:

1.  Monkey on Second

2.  Bugsy on Hayward:

3.  Grady on Third:

4.  Grey on Parsells

5.  Mr. Kitty on Central

All five of these cats would make a very fine, loving companion, and will have a very hard time making it through this winter on the streets.  I must get them off the street.

Tomorrow:  Boarding up windows in a garage, another list of my spots and its happenings!  :)  Stay tuned!

"Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Lunatic Lisa

If you will recall, earlier in the summer, a woman named Lisa was abusing cats and was arrested on mental hygiene charges.  I did sort of undercover work and didn't give her real name here on this blog, to help out the police, specifically my police cat loving friend.  We got a kitten away from her as she was slowly poisoning it, just in time.  I befriended her on a false basis just to see if she had any cats, and after the kitten was removed from her house, I continued to run into her here and there on my route in the morning, and just checking in to see if she had any more cats.  Lisa loves cats, but her love is misplaced.  She believes that washing a cats mouth out with lye will cure them of ailments, etc.  She has seriously hurt cats before thinking she was doing good.

This past week or so my shelters on a porch of an abandoned house across and down the street from Lisa's rental has been vandalized, my carrier and totes serving as shelter have been removed.  I finally left a note for whoever it was to have some compassion and to call me, leaving my cell number. 

Again this morning, this rickety shelter I had set there, and the plates and bowls had been removed.  As I got in my car to write a new note on the back, calling the person a coward and to call me, I noticed a man and woman walking toward me, but turning to go into a house.  I got out of my car and yelled for them just to see if they knew who might be trashing my stuff, and sure enough, it was Lisa.

She then tells me it was her that had been taking my things and putting them across the road, because the cats "live across the street and will get hit by a car".  She then pointed to where she placed a shelter, which was under a bush.  I told her that it was not sufficient, that the huts and food needed a roof, which the porch provided, due to the weather coming.  She refused and said she would keep taking the stuff off the porch if I left it there.  Needless to say, I was furious and was yelling at her and telling her to stop it or she would be in trouble.  It got very heated until she finally went into the guy's house that she has been with, and I sat and texted my cop friend to see if there was anything that could be done to stop her.  My heart was pounding.  I will fight to the end with anyone harming the cats I feed, and their shelters. 

So I don't know how this is going to be resolved - but I hope it will be.  We have nasty weather coming tomorrow and their needs to be some protection on this porch for the few homeless cats that feed here. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Yes, its Tuesday for me, last day of work this week.  WONDERFUL.  Although I have so much planned that I am almost overwhelmed, again.  So much to do, run here, run there.  Sometimes I just want to curl up in a cocoon and not come out for days. 

Thank you to all who commented on yesterday's post.  Your comments mean the world to me because they reinforce my momentum.  Without comments here and there, I don't know how long I would or would've been writing this blog - I think we all need reinforcement in our lives in some form or another!

I am looking for some type of board - actually 30" x 50" to cover two smashed glass windows in a dilapidated garage that I am feeding a black cat in.  This is where Morris/Jack was recently rescued - There is no garage door and the windows on each side are broken out.  The door faces west, so regardless of the windows being boarded, the snow and wind will still enter the garage, but at least I can do something about the windows.  My other shelter on Webster was still intact this morning.  I use the word shelter loosely here.  Its a board on top of a skid, with paper plates underneath and a water dish.  Its pathetic.  Someone had trashed the wonderful shelter set up by my friend Kristin and me.  Since leaving a note to please leave it alone, no one has taken the board, but I am not sure how long that will last.

I did receive a call last night from Marilee, and I hate to call her crazy these days, because she sounds rather normal when I have spoken to her.  She told me about a woman on a street just down from this open lot, who offered to shelter the cats there.  The problem is, how do you move the four or so cats down the street?  I know if they have NOTHING there, and you cat call them from the street, that MAYBE they might follow the call, but how do you know they will find it?  This would be a better alternative, but then again, not sure how safe this new street would be - for me.  Its not the savoriest looking dead end street I've seen...

My spot on Seventh is now overtaken by young kitties.  As I pull up each morning the past week, I hear scurrying, one behind the other, as I walk up to the shelter.  I feel the towel underneath and it is still warm.   This used to be my one shelter that I knew all the kitties were neutered - this is where I had trouble all summer with someone taking the wood I had placed.  This is where I have rescued SO many kitties over the years, and where Teresa used to live, and where I 'rescued' Fluffy #2 now named 'Puma' just recently for a barn situation - picture of her sent to me yesterday below.   I will have to concentrate on this area for the next round of TNR.  Hopefully I can set up lots of traps here and get a few.

Below are pictures of my little Butters/Butterscotch/Thurston as he looks today.  He's getting so big!   Its amazing how quickly they grow. He was neutered last week, and is now a little man!   He loves his new sister Lovey! 

One other concern for me is the little grey neutered boy on Parsells.  He is wheezing and his eyes are watering.  He is sick.  He is a wonderful all grey cat that is just like my Smokey #2 was just before I rescued him.  He is like my Boris was just before I rescued him.  Smokey #2 has turned into one of the the sweetest, most gentlest cats I have - I can nuzzle him, and kiss him and basically just maul him as long as I want and he lets me!  He is one of those cats, and so is Boris, my little lover boy.  I am sure this grey kitty (that I have forgotten his name that I gave him a few weeks ago - shame on me - anyone have a suggestion?) will make someone very happy to have once rescued.  Any takers?

I spoke to Miss B. yesterday about her plans for Thanksgiving and was reminded that one year ago today she was in a women's shelter.  I reminded her that she has a lot to be thankful for this year.  I still make donations to these women in the form of clothes, cloth carry bags, etc. that we have extras of at work.  These women have nothing.  At this time of year, its important to give back, to something, anything.

In the meantime, please say a prayer for all these angels out on the streets that are cold and in need of a home.  And please spread the word far and wide.  Thank you and God Bless you all. 

Monday, November 19, 2012


"Death is not the extinguishing of the light…
It is the putting out of the lamp because the dawn has come."

?/2005 - 11/17/2012
My Sweet Precious Red.

Friday, I made an appointment with my vet to bring Red in on Saturday morning, first thing, if I could get him in the carrier.  Well, I did, at 5:30 am., and he didn't fight too hard.  Actually, he didn't have too much fight in him.  I didn't realize just how sick he was, although I suspected it.  I brought him in the house and placed him in a warm, quiet room.  He didn't cry too much, and when he did,  it was very faint, muted cries.  At 8:25 am., after gently petting and stroking him while he lay in the carrier, I brought him to Dr. Boehm who took one look at him and knew he was very sick.  He was extremely anemic, he weighed less than 8 pounds, and he was severely dehyrated.  He had many open wounds on his body.  My poor boy, the one I've fed on Hayward for at least three years now- every single day for three years, was very sick.   After confirming I was making the right decision, Dr. Boehm injected him with a sedative, and I held Red in my arms until his final injection.  He went in peace.   It was heartbraking.  Before that morning, I had so many doubts about doing it, like who am I to play God with an animal.  Maybe he would get better.  Red trusted me so much, and I was letting him down big time now.  But after a few days thinking about it since, I feel I did the right thing.  He would have suffered greatly, I could see he was already. 

I have done this many many many times in my life, and its never easy.  I feel a profound sense of loss each and every time.  I feel lucky and grateful for having Red for the short time I had him in my life.  I feel guilt over not taking him off the street sooner.  There's no simple answer to deal with this emotion except that animals get sick for no good reason and it has nothing to do with how well we care for them. I also know one day I will have to say goodbye again, to another...  That day unfortunately comes entirely too soon. The only thing we can do as pet owners are cherish each and everyday and take full advantage of the incredible, unconditional love an animal gives us.

RED in better days

Friday, November 16, 2012


Not that life changes much for me in regard to the cats, but at least I don't have to take care of all I do for them on top of having to get to work and stay there for eight plus hours a day!  Nice to have a break!  In fact, have a nice break next week for the holiday - yay!  Will still try to post something each day, so copy and paste my blog into your favorites if you don't get an e-mail reminding you to read me!  :)

For those that find my blog sad, you might not want to read today, and I know you are out there, and most likely aren't reading, so this is a moot point.  But there is still some good news at the end, so there is hope!  :)

I just wanted to jot down notes that were memorable from this morning from some of my spots I feed at.

1st - Parsells - John and his 'roommate' (already forgot his name) just happened to be out this morning, John was letting his German Shepard Silver out to do his thing, and his roomie was just leaving the house.  First time to meet his roomie, and he seemed very nice and stated if there was anything he or John could do for me, to let them know.  That was very nice.  Now, call your dog in that is chasing the cats please.  :)  I am forever grateful to these two guys.  GRATEFUL.  Thank you for being the only two nice people on the entire street.  My regulars are two fluffy black and white kitties, one neutered, one not, and a gray kitty (I named him but forgot his name) that I would love to find a home for.  He is very sweet, and very special, and neutered.

2nd - Stout - This is where I rescued Morris/Jack from last week.  There are two black cats here, both unneutered.  There is also a deep red sweet looking kitty that looks like Red that hides behind this gross couch and garbage that are in this doorless garage that I feed at.  He is neutered.  I have two plastic totes stuffed with straw here, and a blanket in between both.  The two windows on each side are broken, rain and snow will soon be coming in and taking any comfort there is now away.  It was so sad to leave this red cat, that looked at me this morning with the saddest eyes. 

3rd - Garson - Talkie is there each morning to greet me, hungry always.  Here there is also the neck wound kitty that is constantly licking and scratching at his neck.  I believe his wound has never healed and he has suffered each day since last springtime when he was brought in for shots and neutering by Laura.  I feel such pity for this poor animal.  The one pathetic cat carrier shelter is on the porch, with a towel and blanket.

4th - Hayward - After placing food down for Bugsy and Boots, both two very friendly homeless cats, and not seeing Red for the second day in a row, I headed back to my car and noticed Red slowly walking on the road toward me.  He hesitated to come to where the food was once I walked back to guide him.  He is very sick and I am going to call my vet soon to see if they will take him tomorrow for his final day.  I know this sounds heartless to many of you, but I know he is suffering.  He is not the same boy as he once was.  I will not knowingly allow an animal to suffer.  Not on my watch.

5th - Webster - the kitties there are missing their beautiful shelter that once was, and someone had come along yesterday and tampered with the cardboard litter box houses I placed there with the board, and stuffed with straw.  Someone is very angry.  I got a voice mail from Marilee and she believes it was an angry person who was drinking that destroyed 'our' shelter because she said she found a liquor bottle.  I fixed this up as best as I could, and then left the little ones an arms length away waiting for me to leave.

6th - Seventh - nothing much to note here, no one has destroyed or taken my board in a while

7th - Short - a new black kitty here, hopefully sleeping in the wooden hut built by Bob, and the usual nice kitty and the other kitty.  This is where the black feral kitten I rescued and allowed Miss B. to take is from.  This is where I have rescued many kitties, as I have rescued MANY from all my other locations.

8th - Sixth - Leopard kitty always waiting for me, using the plastic straw filled tote on the porch of abandoned house there.  Leopard kitty came from Short and has stayed here on Sixth.  He used to run down the road each day to greet me from Sixth to the spot on Short.  He now stays on Sixth, waiting for me.  This boy is unneutered too.  He cries incessantly.

9th - Pennsylvania - Big red kitty from Sixth has made his way down here since Leopard Boy took over his spot, so he joins Sparkles, and Limpy, the other red kitty that is very thin, but more spirited than Red, so he is not quite as sick.  Limpy is not neutered.  Laura spent many mornings trying for him.  He has since also stopped limping.

10th - Third - Grady is here, but Bully didn't show up today.  A few black kitties and another fearful grey hang here along with them.  Grady is too sweet and needs to be rescued quickly before the onset of winter.  I pray someone can give him a home. 

11th - Third & Central - nothing to note here, just the white and grey spotted siblings waiting for food on the corner.

12th - Central - Mr. Kitty waiting for his food as usual.  This is the nicest, sweetest, long legged cat every.  A sweet brown tabby.  If I don't mention that they were neutered, then they all have been.  I am only jotting down who is NOT neutered for my own records.  There are several kitties here that depend on me.

13th - Second - When I pull up here there are at least seven cats that run to me - one is Angel, who bit his foster badly last spring when he was being neutered and fostered, and was placed back on the street.  Monkey girl is here also, along with another little baby that was recently neutered.  These are all great wonderful sweet kitties that I must get off the street.  There is also a kitten here that is too young for neutering just yet, according to Lollipop - they have to be over a certain weight.

14th - last but not least - Parsells - whoever has been moving my stuff off the boarded up house porch finally took the last of my selter - the cat carrier stuffed with straw.  I left a note on to of a cardboard box house that I had brought just in case and it said "Please have a little compassion - these cats have nothing, they are homeless.  They are God's creatures.  Please leave their pathetic shelters alone."  and then I left my cell number.  I tell you, you are a coward if you don't call me.  A true coward.

The good news (this is turning into a novel again) is that Laura trapped three kitties yesterday morning - I am hoping to hear the news soon of their sex.  Love taking care of those females!!  I would love to have this area completed spayed and neutered by the time this is all done! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Croc Teeth

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This morning I had the opportunity, through Lollipop, to trap three kitties - Laura tries to trap one of the three - and then she transports to Lollipop to and from for me.  I set my two traps at certain locations, and set off to feed at the next spot after both.  I didn't get any kitties.  Mind you, I start at 5:15 am., and by 6:15 am., I've had to drive back and forth to these traps to see if there is a kitty, meanwhile driving to my other spots to feed, and then some to not feed, thinking if I don't get a kitty at one place, I will move the trap to another, so don't put food down there.  But in the meantime, I need to get to work and I still haven't placed the food or water down at half of the 13 or 14 locations that I feed at.  So after driving back and forth to different locations, that are NOT right next to each other, to the traps that have been set, and losing that time to place food down at those spots, I'm in a frenzy.  I must place food down for these cats and get home to get ready to go to work!  I can't tell you the feeling of disappointment it felt to call Laura to tell her I didn't have one cat.  Its a waste of her time, and Lollipop's.  Its a feeling of uselessness, and hopelessness, but then I must remember, that I don't have the luxury of just setting a trap and staying there to wait it out.  I have to feed on top of trapping, and its not easy!  I am either doing something wrong, and could use some guidance, or its just plain physically impossible to do what I do in an hour's span, and I can't get up any earlier than 4 am. and get out there by 5 am.!

I must stop beating myself up over this.  Its hard enough to see what I see during that hour, cats that are sick, wheezing, running up to me hoping it will be their turn to be rescued.  Its hard enough that once again, there is someone trashing one of my spots on Parsells - they took a tote shelter, and have placed a broken carrier stuffed with straw down onto the sidewalk off the porch it was on, and have placed the towels and bowls with it.  The City owns the house, so its not them.  I am not sure who it is but I face such adversity every single day.  Its NEVER easy.  This is day two of them doing this.  I will be leaving anote tomorrow begging for an ounce of compassion to leave this rickety shelter alone for the poor old cats that have nothing.

Red, on Hayward.  Red has been around far longer than Big Red has been - I've been feeding Red for a year longer I would say.  Red is younger than Big Red.  He had a chance at rescue by a woman who was interested, and when I tried to shove poor Red into a carrier for that purpose, I didnt' have a good hold on him and he got away.  He actually was so spooked I didn't see him for months.  He had trusted me up until then, and then had no trust whatsoever.  I've finally earned Red's trust again, but its too late.  Red is slowly dying from something.  I felt him yesterday, and he is losing weight rapidly, skin and bone is all he is.  He has never been fixed either.  He would never go into a trap and I've set one for him many times over the years.  He was not there this morning, but my plan is to someday soon place him in a carrier and bring him to my vet for euthanasia.  I could not bear to see him struggle through the winter like this, and I do not have room and board nor money to help him, for those that dont' agree.  My guess is he has leukemia.

So you see, not only do I beat myself up for not being successful trapping, but I deal with so much heartbreak, its so overwhelming.  I had to tell myself to stop crying on my way home this morning. I must remember I am only one person trying to save the world. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ku Ku Kachu Mrs. Robinson

Older cats rule!

You might even want to adopt a "disabled" cat, one that is blind, an amputee, or otherwise "unadoptable." These cats make wonderful companions and compensate for their "disabilities" with a wealth of love and devotion for their human savior.

Older cats make the transition to a new home easier than kittens. Older cats are much more grateful!  The sad reality for an older cat is that most of them will not find homes, because people naturally gravitate toward kittens.  During kitten season, hundreds of thousands of kittens end up in shelters, which are already overcrowded. Many of the kittens find homes, at the expense of older cats who have been waiting, but in "kill shelters," more of these kittens are either euthanized, or older cats are sacrificed to make room for the "more adoptable" kittens.

Somehow, older pets seem to know you gave them a home when no one else would. Many new owners form a close bond very quickly with their senior cat, because the pet shows them a level of attention and devotion that is unique to older adopted animals.  Ask my mother!  She has taken in many of my rescued older strays.  And they fall in love with her very quickly!

Below are pictures of kitties that I knew needed to be rescued from the city streets just before the onset of and during winter last year - mostly due to illness.  They were all adopted by Nancy, a sweet woman in Webster who I met through my blog.   She went with me one morning to see what I do, and took pity on some very sick URI kitties.  She took two at first, and then another a month later, and so on.  She most recently adopted Morris, who I rescued this past Saturday from the streets, now named Jack.   What would we do without people like Nancy in our lives?  What would senior cats do without people like Nancy in their lives?  Thank you Nancy, for being there when these cats needed you most in their life!  Especially Buster, who Nancy nurtured through his serious illness just months until his end.  He died with a roof over his head and surrounded by love.







JACK (Morris)

Jack meeting the others


 Also, take Maree and Joe, who took in Big Red (Sandy) a couple of weeks ago.  They took him to the vet, who gave him a thorough exam.  Talk about unconditional love, here is what they said: 

"We are back from the vet and he was a very good boy.  She did combo test and it showed positive for FIV, no surprise, and that is why he has the sunporch to himself. Dont let this worry you Janine, it wont change anything for him, he stays ! got his shots done, gave Drontal, ears looked good, some scar tissue inside ear that looks like a growth but isnt, teeth bad, quote to pull several teeth is $650.00 mmmm, dunno about that....he has no pain now but gum is inflamed, will have to watch it, no swollen glands, just some scar tissue thickening around ears and cheeks, left pupil dilated due to suspected injury, scratch ? with some cloudyness that is not a problem for him except that direct sunlight may be harsh on that eye. Weight is 13 lbs, everything else looked good, so I am happy! The Vet estimated Sandy at around 8-10 years old, and said "this old boy has been around the block a few times" I am thrilled that he does not have to defend his territory, he loves his space Jay, such a happy and relaxed boy, and keeps himself so clean, that dark ring on his inner eye lid was all dirt ! he looks like he's smiling sometimes. xoxoxo you are Sandys personal hero. M" 

Almost without exception, people who adopt older animals feel a special sense of pride and purpose in opening their heart to a senior kitty. Doing a good thing really does make you feel good!   Please consider!  I have so many that I need to get off the street!  Little Monkey Girl is still waiting for a home!! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Whereever Fear Exists, Courage Can be Found

I like that saying, it holds true for me each morning when I venture out in the dark, into some pretty seedy neighborhoods.  I don't know where I get the courage to do what I do - was I a brave little girl?  Was I a risk taker growing up?  I can't remember specific events that long ago, but I am sure there were some adventuresome stories that could be told by family and friends of glory days gone by.

I am sure you are all dying to know about Talkie.  Talkie was trapped in the upstairs of a house that had no windows, but the downstairs was all securely boarded, so not sure how she got into the house in the first place.  But she did, and yesterday morning, while I stood down below she made many attempts to jump out of the second floor window. I finally had to give up and get going to get ready for work, but I made a call to my cop friend and all the way from Georgia, where she had just arrived for a cop conference or something or other, she told me she would see what she could do. She wound up not being able to help much from that distance, although not without saying she would have done it herself if she were in Rochester. I then drove over when I got out of work with a ladder, but thankfully, Talkie made it out! I called for her and she did not come to the window, and was not anywhere to be seen, but I trusted she made it out and that I would hopefully see her in the morning. Before leaving, I spotted another very pretty fluffy white and red young kitty that was eating out of a garbage bag on the sidewalk. I walked slowly up to it, and she came slowly over to me. I felt her belly, and she didn’t feel pregnant, but she also felt like she had already had a litter. She is hopefully next on my list. Maybe this Thursday, when we trap again.  Forgot to tell you, Talkie was there this morning, waiting for her breakfast!  :)

At the Ferndale and Webster location, my makeshift shelter that I had to quickly concoct yesterday morning after discovering someone had disassembled the structure my friend Kristin and I built (and crazy Marilee helped with also!) was still standing, but with the windstorm we had yesterday, and the rain, the board had blown over. I fixed it up again, with a towel to lay on for some comfort, and left a note that read the following: “Please – these cats have no where to go, no where to hide. Please leave this pathetic shelter alone for the winter.” There are three or four cats waiting there each morning, so sad that their home is being trashed each day.

I leave you with pictures of Big Red, now named Sandy. My heart swells each time I see his picture, because from where he came from to where he is now, I just know that if a cat could talk, he would say ‘thank you’ to me for rescuing him off the street after all these years, and ‘I love you’ to his new mommy and daddy, Maree and Joe, who so kindly took him in and gave him a warm and loving environment to live his remaining years.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good News Bad News

OK, which do you want first?  OK, bad news first - just like I like to eat something like a chocolate dessert, or a cookie with something in it, I eat all around it and save the best for the last few bites.

I pulled up to my third spot this morning where I rescued Big Red from recently, whereTalkie, the female kitty who has been hanging around there forever, and runs to me waiting to eat each morning still hangs, was not around.  As I placed food down for the other two kitties that are there - neck wound kitty still hangs out there also, I could hear a faint constant cat crying.  I walked all around the first floor boarded up house, and as I came around to the other side, I saw her in the 2nd floor boardless, windowless window, crying and wanting to jump, but too scared.  She was constant crying.  I called for her for about 10 minutes, meanwhile looking all around to find something - anything - like a ladder, even thought of knocking on the neighbor's door asking them to move their van up a bit so maybe she might be less intimidated by jumping on top of the van, but I don't think they are cat friendly type next store, so I thought better of that.  I drove off hoping she would know I had been there and was leaving food and would jump after I left.  I went to my next stop and fed Bugsy, Red and Boots.

As I drove to my next stop, on Webster near Ferndale (pictures before above), I noticed some boards stacked up by the side of the road.  My heart sank.  Someone had removed every single piece of wood and bowls, blankets, plastic tote hut, and the feeding station my good friends Kristin and Darrin had made for me.  They took each part of that wooden station apart, piece by piece.  The plastic that crazy Marilee had placed over the shelter for protection from the rain was gone.  Her very large carrier she has set up and was used by a sweet white kitty every night was broken to bits.  My reaction is to immediately replace the shelter for the cats that are sitting there waiting, confused and hungry.  How can someone do this knowing they are hurting these animals, displacing them?  How can they conscientiously do this?  So it took me about 10 minutes but I dragged each and every single board that was there back to this spot and made a quick makeshift shelter for them.  Who ever did this and sees it knows I mean business.  These were very heavy pieces of wood I dragged myself.  So, between these two situations, I was shaken.

The good news.  I rescued Morris, the kitty on Stout, and my wonderful friend Nancy took him Saturday morning just a few hours after placing him gently into my carrier.   It turns out he is a real sweetheart, and in Nancy's own words:  "I've renamed him Jack as in Jack-O-lantern. It's easier for me to remember :) He's soooo sweet....He purrs constantly, esp. when I'm scratching him.  I really thinks he's happy you rescued him."
I am so happy too Nancy.  You have done a lot for me over the past year and half.  I am going to feature the adult kitties Nancy has taken in and given a loving home to as soon as I get their pictures.

The next bit of news:  Vanessa.  I don't normally purchase coupon books, but the woman who called me two weeks ago was pretty good at her job.  She convinced me over the phone to purchase one of these books, which is unusual!  I am pretty stingy who I give my money to!  When she stopped by yesterday to deliver, all of which time I had Miss B. and Wally over for lunch and Wally helping rake leaves, this woman, Judy, noticed Vanessa behind the screen on the porch, and Vanessa started to paw at the screen towards her.  This woman kept saying how wonderful Vanessa was, and I told her she was available for adoption after I had rescued her about a month and half ago, and I had just adopted out her two little boys weeks earlier, Pumpkin and Magic.  Judy called my house a few hours later and said she wanted to adopt her!   What luck!  I will be bringing Vanessa over next weekend to make sure that this new situation passes muster!  :)

Although I have fallen in love with Vanessa, I know I must keep them moving along so that I am able to rescue more loving cats from the streets. 

Friday, November 9, 2012


That is the total with Lollipop for the past six months!  Thats how many cats have been spayed or neutered with their program they've allowed me to be a part of.  I don't mention this to brag, but I am in awe that that many kitties won't be reproducing!  Would love to hear the numbers on that one!  :)

When I arrived home shortly after 5:30 pm. yesterday afternoon, there were three large carriers on my porch, all holding a kitty.  I had successfully trapped a male and female, and Laura got little Monkey from Second, who surprisingly to me, turned out to be a girl!   So two girls and a boy, thats pretty good!  There would have been a lot of kittens produced by both of these girls, for sure.  Keep in mind though, the entire day yesterday was filled with emotion for me.  I am not a good trapper in the sense that I want to keep each and every cat I get, I HATE to put them back into the streets, HATE it, so I dreaded going home to my porch yesterday, DREADED.  You see, two of these three cats are both lovers.  Very very sweet kitties.   But who can take them?  Until I can find someone to adopt them, thats where they had to go.  I have enough issues with the cats I have in my house - fighting, bloodshed, spraying, stalking...  its not good.  So I cannot mix anyone into the fold just yet.  My little Cinnamon is on her last year I think.  She is skin and bone, but still a sweet sweet kitty who craves my attention.  So the remainder of the evening was spent on the porch with these three, talking to them, trying to soothe their fear, slipping food into their carriers, and finally covering them up for the night.  I had to go to bed early just to stop thinking about them.  This morning was very hard letting them go.  I named the one from Hayward "Bugsy" and I picked him up out oft he carrier and held him before I placed him on the street.  So sweet.  He didnt' struggle at all. 

Same with Monkey girl from Second, she let me hold her as I gently carried her to a safe place on the street and placed her down with the food.  

The other girl kitty from Pennsylvania, who I named Penny, scurried away very quickly after 30 seconds of having the carrier door open to her.  She didn't know me from Adam, and likewise, I had never seen her before, so there wasn't any trust lost there!  I pray she returned for the food I set down for her.

I did see Morris this morning, but before I saw him where he normally is on Stout, I thought he was this pretty boy at Parsells:

Here is another sweet boy that needs rescuing.  He looks like he's had enough of life on the streets, doesn't he?  But alas!  There was Morris waiting for me at the next stop.  Sweet boy.  I have someone that may be interested in him, fingers crossed!

I wish you all a great weekend.  Make it better for those less fortunate than us.  Do something nice for someone or something that you wouldn't normally do!  Smile at everyone you see.  It might just make someone's day!  :)