Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Hermie is out from under the bed!  Hooray!

I received confirmation from my trustworthy mechanic -  Johnny from Sid and Johnny's on Bay Street, that the frame that rusted through on one side, MIGHT be fixable, but would probably not last, and would be difficult to meld together because the axles rest on it.  And who's to say the other side would last.  I also realized that after having just spent a total of $500 plus change the past two weeks for other things that needed fixing, I could not afford the labor this would entail.  Seriously, it’s a lot of work.  

My sweet little 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with only 116k miles on it took its last trip yesterday morning.  Its amazing that it fell apart the second I finished up the last cat spot.  This cat mobile saw a lot of cats in its day.  It was purchased 12 years ago!  Its seen a lot in its day!  It’s given many cats rides to get spayed and neutered, and many people from the streets rides to where they were staying at, at that moment.  

Before it was towed, I had to grab the necessities out of it for the next morning's route.  The necessities being obviously the water jugs used to fill at least 20 bowls, bags that would be filled with nearly 40 pounds of dry food, the empty large yogurt containers that would be filled with 50+ cans of wet food, and then the paper plates and bowls for the cats I see in between spots, and the towels I place for some who stand in the cold dirt, or a cold surface inside their shelter, and the straw used to fill up shelters that have thinned out, and the boards needed on occasion to keep the snow or rain out of an opening to an exposed shelter, or the tarps used when the existing ones blow from the wind or are stolen from mean or crazy people.  I must go back to the mechanics to completely clean it out before it gets towed, to never never land.  I still don’t know what to do with it.  I have some leads, will check those out today.  It was sad pulling up to my spot next to Sid and Johnny's – Johnny allows me to feed and shelter on the side of his garage – and seeing my little red Jeep.  Just sitting there, lifeless.  Its’ just a car, right?  Not for me!  I’m the girl that can’t throw away a can if it still has a pea left at the bottom!

But off I went in my leased sporty KIA this morning.  Boy, the problem with 'just a car' to do my cat route, is a big one.  There are many reasons why I need an SUV type vehicle.  First, its hard getting in and out of my car, 38 times? each morning.  I get out 19 times, and get back in 19 times.  It’s a very low to the ground car.  My degenerative knees can't take it.  Number two, my car is a leased car.  I have another year to go before I can trade it in.  When I do, it must be in pristine condition, as it is now.  If I go another few mornings, such as this morning, and its going to be in sad shape.  I will surely run over glass, bottles, something, to puncture the tires, but also the dirt and mud.  You can get a little rough with jeep type vehicles.  The tires are thicker, and getting it dirty is not as traumatic as getting a smaller sporty vehicle that is LEASED, dirty.   And then there is the dinging noise to buckle up.  I CAN'T buckle up when I am getting in and out a thousand times a minute!  Lord, make it stop!  

So I am on the lookout for ‘new’ cat mobile.  I have a lead.  Stay tuned.

Muffin This Morning
Muffin was brought back to my house yesterday after a short stint with a new adopter.   I was told she cried upon arrival.  It must have been hard for her, and I feel for her.  Really, I do.  I hope they find another cat that is faster adaptable to dogs, and brings them joy like Muffin was supposed to.

In the meantime, I have a potential adopter for Muffin.  Yup.  A woman and her son will be visiting from Penn Yan this Saturday to meet him. Fingers crossed this scared little boy comes around for them. 

Have a good day.

"God opens millions
of flowers without
forcing the buds, it
reminds us not to
force anything for
things happen in the
right time."

Monday, February 19, 2018

Worst Morning Ever

My worst nightmare came true.  The Jeepster aka Cat Mobile is down and out, and I am afraid cannot be fixed this time.  The frame is rusted and part of it fell right to the ground.  It shifted so much it was pushing into the tire.  This happened, thank GOD, right after I finished up my rounds and was on my way home.    And here I just spent $500 on it for two separate visits to the mechanics.  I am sort of numb.  I don't know what my next move it, but something must be done.  I was thinking, OK, I have my own car, my little leased car, but that will not hold what I need it to hold.

Not only will it not hold shelters, but traps also.  I am scheduled to TNR four cats on March 19th.  I cannot fit four traps, plus all the gear I take every morning:

  1. towels
  2. plates
  3. three huge jugs of water
  4. seven two-gallon sized bags of dry food
  5. six large containers of wet food
  6. bag of a dozen wet food cans
  7. straw
  8. carrier
  9. extra shelter in case I need it
  10. tarps
  11. wooden boards
  12. pallet
  13. bricks
Yes, I bring all this with me in the morning on my rounds to feed over 100 cats spread out at 19 different locations. 

To make matters worse, crazy Lisa, who lives two houses down from where I feed and shelter cats on my first Parsells stop, has been tearing apart my shelters there.  She went on a rampage yesterday (after I leave, I have no idea when she went over there) and all the shelters were thrown about on the little porch, all the straw was removed from them, the plastic totes had the added insulation of Styrofoam removed from them, and the boards and tarp were all askew.  I think she got angry because I put her blanket she put there by the side of the road the morning before.  In her sick mind, she thinks these blankets will be of benefit to me, and I've gently placed them by the side of the road before, to somehow let her know I don't appreciate her messing around on this vacant house's porch.  So the cats that used those shelters spent a cold night under the bushes, waiting for me to arrive in the morning.

This morning, nothing was touched, but I did leave the note stating I would send the police, and call her landlord, if she continued.  Hopefully that will make her think.  

I visited Parsley and Hermie yesterday, who are both still frightened and hiding under the foster's bed in the spare bedroom she has them in.   I brought over a string to play and some cat nip, but they wanted nothing to do with it.  I will keep trying.  I wish she lived closer, I would swing by there every day to get them to trust me.  But that would be intrusive on their lives so I will hold off on that idea.  :)

Muffin is to be returned to me today.  I wish it had worked out.  In the meantime, I do have someone interested, who also has a dog, but this time, Muffin must be introduced to a dog very carefully, and very slowly.  Its not that the adopter didn't do well, but I think it just wasn't done well enough.   But still good people.  But poor Muffin.  Its the cats that suffer when returned.

Chewy is still shy - is gaining weight slowly, and still at her foster mom's in Caledonia.  Simon - aka Marti, whom her foster mom adopted after her first time at being a foster, still has not been seen.  I am sick to my stomach over him since he got out of the house 3-4 weeks ago.  Sick.

I have not seen Big Red #2 in a few days.  I know he is OK, he is a tough survivor, but I worry about him still.

I need heavy dinner plates.  I know I have received some in the past, but I seem to need more and more.  Remember, I have probably three plates at each location I go to.  If anyone is getting rid of their old plates, I can use them.  Please do not buy them for me.  

Lets get these guys adopted so that I can rescue more!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Barefoot and Pregnant

I was driving on a two lane road in to work this morning and a large yellow school bus was beside me.  Earlier, I had woken to the disturbing news on television about the school massacre in Florida that happened yesterday, Valentines Day, and Ash Wednesday.  As I was next to the bus, I looked over and up to see a young man sitting in his seat, gazing out the window.  In front and behind him were kids probably ranging from 12-13 years old, to 16-17 years old.   Some were talking, others were gazing out the window like the young man I noticed first.  I thought to myself, what must be going through their minds…  are they frightened half to death thinking that the same thing could happen to them at their school like what happened yesterday?  And all the school shootings before that?  I sometimes daydream myself at work, as I sit in the front where people come in, that anyone could come in and start shooting.  There are so many deranged people out there.  We must stop this cycle.  I know people are born with mental illness, but I also know more deranged people are they way they are because of their upbringing.   Domestic violence, child abuse, we must stop it because its creating monsters.  Massacres don’t happen just in schools, but I wouldn’t want to be a child, or a parent of a child in this day and age, or a teacher for that matter, with a worry like this looming in the back of my mind.  Just sad.  I had tears rolling down my cheeks at 2 am.  Say a prayer for these people, and all those that have witnessed something like this in their lifetime.  We can never feel too safe, its sad to say.

As far as the kitties out there, Big Red is still not trusting me enough to come near me these days.  I think he knows what I’ve been planning to do.  To rescue him.  His time is coming.  Maybe he’s psychic.  And when it does happen, I hope he accepts his fate and feels gratitude, whatever kind of gratitude a cat can feel.  I pray this wonderful woman who offered to take him hangs tight long enough for it to happen. 

I had great news from foster mom to Parsley and Hermie last evening.  She reports:  “Big progress!  Parsley was on the bed.  Game him lots of pets.  He purred and leaned in to the pets.  Hermie came out from under the bed a bit for treats.  Both are eating canned food for first time since they’ve been here.  Doing much better!”  Hurray!  J

Pregnant Cat

I received a call from an elderly man yesterday who took in a pregnant stray cat in his neighborhood.  He asked for help, needs to find another place for kitty.  The man stated he can’t even care for the eight cats he has and needs to start finding them homes.  He begged me to help him find a home for the pregnant cat.  Can anyone foster?  I pray someone steps up and helps him.  I offered to take kitty and have spayed before the kittens are born.  He didn’t like the idea.  I couldn’t change his mind about this being a better thing for all involved.  That there are just too many cats out there, and too hard to find them all homes.  Please let me know if you will consider it and I will contact him.

Have a great day everyone.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Happy Valentines Day!

I was out this morning visiting all my little furry valentines, giving them their one meal for the day, some have three meals because for some reason, some of these cats do NOT LIKE Nine Lives Cat Food!  Not even some of the raccoons that pay a visit.  

Parsley and Hermie went to vet yesterday, nothing more to report from when I did yesterday, but from what foster mom says, the visit set them back again.  Both hiding under the bed.  I must find them  a different situation where they can’t hide, and can be more socialized.  Ideally, it would be a retired person that can spend time with them.  AND not be moved again.  Foster mom and her family have busy lives.  I can’t imagine what the cats must think, the fear they must be in.  I mean, two years was a long time for them to be in one spot, and then have to be moved from there.  

That's really all I have for you today except for an update on Charlie, from his new mom:

"He is having a ball!  That whole basket of cat toys is all over the house.  Looks like an explosion.  He slept right next to me all night.  He has played on the cat tree and has been up on the stand looking out the window.  He is a hoot!  I love him so much.  Trying to get a good pic of that tail to post.  Best looking butt I’ve seen in a long time!  And he sure loves catnip!"

Thank you Joanne, and thank you to all the wonderful adopters!  

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I want you to feed me
And scoop up my poo.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Wally & Alex

Parsley and Hermie are at the vet as we speak.  They will undergo a thorough examination, and Parsley will hopefully get some relief having these very serious matted knots on his back removed.  Just getting updates now.  Parsley’s nails were really bad.  A couple of them had grown around his pads.  That poor cat.  I am sickened.  I believe this man should never own another animal again if he cannot properly care for them.  I am constantly touching, checking my cats feet, its just something you do.  Parsley is a loving cat so its not like you could never hold him.   GRRR.  Poor baby boy.

Some of Parsley's mats on his back, shaved, and a claw?
His foster mom sent me a message last night:  Good news!  Parsley was laying on bed, let me pet him and he purred!  So progress.  Slowly but surely, we will see their true personalities and find them a loving, caring home environment to live out their lives in.

Back in September of 2014, I rescued a cat from the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Second Street.  If you will recall, in the recent previous years, I was kicked off the porch of that house numerous times – shelters trashed.  I rescued a gazillion cats from here, but one in particular was Purrcy.  Purrcy was an all grey cat and sweeter than honey.  I had been feeding him for months, and this was his home.  An acquaintance reached out to me around that time to say she house cleaned for an older man who had just lost his cat and wanted to know if I had an older cat for him.  Purrcy!  I had wanted to rescue him but didn’t have any place for him, I had TNR’d him prior to that.  So, Purrcy was rescued, and brought over to this man’s house where he lived a very nice, quiet life until his dad passed just last week.  I was so sad to learn this.  Alex was 91 years old, and Wally became the love of his life after he adopted him.  Alex, in the past two months, had to move into a home after experiencing an illness that prevented him from living in his home any longer, and Wally went to live with Alex’s great nephew.  By the way, Alex renamed Purccy Wally #2.  Wally #1 was his first cat that had passed.   My friend Val and I went over at least once a month to clip Wally’s nails – Alex’s skin was paper thin due to his age, and Wally’s nails would clip him when playing.

I went to Alex’s wake this past Sunday.  Its odd, but Val and I had planned on visiting Alex on Saturday, this past Saturday, but learning of his death reading the obis last week, I knew I was too late.  I felt sad I never saw Alex again.  Alex kind of had a little crush on me, when I went there his eyes would light up – you could just tell he was enamored.  He especially liked the hugs I gave him!  HA!  At his wake, I met his nephew and his wife.  I have to say, Wally is well loved where he is.  I’ve never seen so many pictures of a cat.  He pulled his cell phone out and you would have thought he was showing pictures of his child.  They have a Labrador and he and Wally are besties now.

I’m so relieved.  So, something good came out of something sad.

Have a great day!

"If you see a stray,
provide shelter.
if you see neglect,
condemn it.
if you see abuse,
stand up and do something."

Monday, February 12, 2018


Hurdle that is.  I managed to get through one this weekend.

Hermie and Parsley.

What a very sad situation.  They were picked up in carriers at this man's house, the man who has had them for nearly two years now, and driven to a temporary foster situation.  When I carried them inside, one carrier was heavier than the other.  Much heavier.  It was Parsley.  No weight problem there.  Hermie felt as light as he always did.  Now mind you, I have not seen either cat in nearly two years.  When I dropped them off, both at different times, I believe Hermie was first in the month of March, and Parsley was next, in the month of May. they were both in good condition.  Hermie had his surgery having the hernia removed, and both were spayed, given their shots, and were good to go.  Hermie was frightened of new situations, and always will be, but Parsley was coming around, a sweetie actually.  They both knew me, so it was hard to relinquish them to a stranger.  But I received updates for a few months, and then it stopped, until recently when the guy reached asking for their papers, and then telling me he was having financial difficulties, had to move in with friend, couldn't take the cats, and was trying to find a shelter that wouldn't 'kill them.' 

I had no choice but to panic, and start looking.  Thanks to a few of you that did offer to take them on a temporary basis.   Thanks to Joy who just said 'bring em over.'  'I have a bedroom they can stay in.'  So I did.  We opened the carrier doors and they did not bolt, in fact, as of yesterday morning, Sunday, they hadn't moved from their carriers nor used the litter box nor had they eaten.  now, when I was there on Saturday to open their carrier doors and to greet them, I reached in to pet both, and when I reached in to pet Parsley, I could see very large mats on his very short fur on his back.  So tight I am positive its hurting him immensely.  And I have a feeling he's got teeth issues due to a foul odor coming from his carrier.  I did not attempt to pick them up, they were terrified as it was, and I didn't want to disturb them, I knew they would come out on their own.

I will be calling the vet first thing this a.m. to get them both in to be checked.

I would call this neglect.  I am fairly positive it wasn't intentional, but this man probably did not have the money to bring them to the vet, nor the know-how to brush Parsley when the matting first occurred.

I am glad I got them out of that situation, but now I must find them a permanent spot for them to reside where they don't have to be moved any time too soon.  They must start to feel trust and safe again.

Stay tuned for more on this situation.

It's been a very hard winter so far - and its taking a toll on me.  My body aches.  Its from the shoveling, and after shoveling the shelters out, trudging through the snow.  It has snowed nearly every day since Thursday of last week when we received at least six inches, and then another the next day.  It takes its toll, really it does.  I haven't taken a day off since June 2016 when I went away for a long weekend.


My next hurdle is this week.  Muffin is being returned by his adopter.   They state he is just not happy there.  Many many thanks to Melissa for taking him back to foster.  He is a sweetheart.  I rescued Muffin from Parsells Avenue when he was about 7 months old, and Melissa had him to socialize before adoption.  He was born on the streets so he was quite taken aback when he was rescued, going from survival mode, to adapting to being in a loving home.  He is now about a year or so old, and ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmble!!!!!  

Have a nice day.

"People may
not always tell
you how they feel
about you, but
they will always
show you.  Pay

Friday, February 9, 2018


I had an anonymous comment  in yesterday's post remarking on how I could leave Big Red where he is when I have someone willing to take him.  My response to you is that you don't walk in my shoes everyday, nor know my life and whats on my plate.  I am not saying that out of anger or meanness.  Its funny, I was going to add to yesterday's post that other rescues/people might do things differently (because I just KNEW that someone would be thinking the same thing you wrote), but I have to do what I can handle myself, personally.

What I say to you is, maybe offer to come with me some morning, and bring a carrier, I will get Red, and you can bring him home, keep him in a place where he will be comfortable until you can get him into a vet appointment, or walk in clinic for deworming, defleaing, and up to date on his shots.  And then figure out when you can, out of a two day weekend, bring him to his new place and get him settled.  Never mind all the other stuff going on for you that weekend.  I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but you are right it doesn't sound right, to you.  I think if you put yourself in my shoes, you would understand.  :)  You cannot imagine how many cats come right up to me, that I trip over when I walk back to the shelter where I feed them at.  I have enough guilt.  There is a lot more behind the scenes than you can imagine.  I just don't put it all out there.  Its too boring.  But its enough to keep me from rescuing MANY cats.

I had the pleasure of having my neighbors, Taco's dads, ride with me this morning.  They were a great help, and riding with me surely opened their eyes to whats going on in the dark in these depressed neighborhoods I feed and shelter cats in.  Where most people drive through during the daylight hours and don't see what comes out at 4 am. in the dark.  There are so many cats.  I do what I can do for the ones I can.


Thanks Noel and Brandon!  :)

Chewy needs a forever home
This weekend I take possession of Parsley and Hermie, and Charlie is going to a home for a 'try out'.  A kind woman reached out to me who misses the company of a cat after three of hers passed away, and she wants to try Charlie out.  The perfect setting it sounds like.  So off he goes on Saturday before I have to pick up Parsley and Hermie.  Another Saturday for me that's about cats, and not me, but hey, who's complaining.  (me.).   The family that had adopted Muffin are also going to be returning him this week, and thanks to Melissa for taking him back to foster.  Its so imperative that slow introductions between dogs and cats is followed.   But it CAN be done!  This family was just very concerned about him being unhappy and miserable after close to two months in their home.   So,  Muffin is back on the market.


Its a lot on my plate.  I feel so overwhelmed sometimes.  Thanks to all of you for your support and kind words, and deeds.  The drop off of food, plates, batteries, hand warmers, towels, bowls, its so appreciated.

I do still need straw. Anyone know where I can get some straw?  A bale was picked up for me, and turned out that it was wet.  I needed some so bad on Short Street this a.m.  Big Red and the others, there is nothing for them to nest in.  I just need to know of a place locally I can easily grab a bag or two.  I don't need an entire bale.  Have no room for an entire bale.

That's it.  I finally get my car back from the collision shop today.  They've had it since Monday!  GRRRRR.

Have a great day!

I love this quote - it makes me happy!:

"Be happy
not because 
is good.  But
because you
can see the
good side of

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Live and Learn Baby, Live and Learn


So I've been letting Charlie out into the general population lately.  He seem to be doing better and better daily.  His only set back is when a cat hisses at him.  And that's usually Skinny Minnie.  She's a brat.  Then he starts going crazy.  That's when he goes back into his room.  But he sure does appreciate the exercise of being let out of the room he is kept in most of the day,  He loves to explore, and wander, and sit and watch the other kitties.  He really can't see much past the gate while he is in the room.  He can hear the others, but not see them unless they walk past.  He must think 'HEY!  what are YOU doing out there!  How come I can't come out!!!'  We must get him adopted!  :)


It was not a pleasant route this morning.  The shovel got a workout.  I had to dig every shelter out except the first one, which is under a carport on Melville.  At each spot I shovel in front of the shelter, so they can get out and stretch.  I can't shovel all the paths I cross, some go all the way to the back of vacant lots, but I shuffle my feet to and from to sort of create a path.  On Pennsylvania, when I pulled up, I could see two in the back where the shelter is.  I could see them struggling to get through the snow, sort of hopping to get to me.  They love to greet me, and then follow me back to where I feed them inside the shelter.

(L to R - Big Red, Mr. Whiskers, Shorty, Sam)

I made it pleasant for them for the day, that's all I could do, feed and shovel, and give a pat to them that will let me.

3rd and Central

Because of the situation looming this weekend, where I have to pick up Parsley and Hermie, I am unable to rescue Big Red.  Its just too much for me.  Things need to be in place for me, or somewhat in place.  This situation has got the best of me, because its an uncertainty that I can't control.  A friend has offered her spare bedroom with windows for them.  I am extremely grateful that she has, but now I have to worry about what I will do with them in the long term.  I would love to get these two adopted, both seniors, together.  I don't know what their personalities will be like, and I've forgotten what they were like two years ago.  I kind of remember Hermie was very shy, while Parsley was very sweet.

Albeit my friend's room is better than a basement, which is another alternative I was offered, its not ideal.  These cats will be frightened, and I want to give them as normal of a situation as possible.  I don't believe its healthy for any cat to live its life in a small room.  So, please help me to find Hermie and Parsley a new home.

Hopefully things will settle after Saturday, and I will think of rescuing Big Red next week!  His new mom, or foster mom, is excited to get him!

The Jeep is fixed, until Monday when I need to bring it back for steering column repair (dangerous to drive right now).  I was quoted $350+  for that.  Yesterday's damage was $170+  - they "replaced broken ground wire to rear wire".  ok......  This 2004 vehicle is costing me a lot of money, but I am not ready for Plan B yet.  Ca Ching.  Ca Ching.

That's it for today.  Spring is 40 days, 15 hours away💙💚💛💜Woo hoo!  💃

Have a great day!

"The pessimist sees difficulty in
every opportunity.
The optimist sees the
opportunity in every difficulty."

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


____ outta luck today.

So I go to start the morning and going out to get Jeep - the cat mobile - warmed up.  Nothing.  Dead.  Call AAA.  Not the battery - 'could be the fuel line'.  Jeep towed.  Panic. Meanwhile, while waiting for AAA to come, I put out a post on Facebook. asking if anyone could help, and Beth to the rescue.  She was up, and lives not too far away.  She immediately came over, we transported all my gear to her car, and off we went to feed the hungry cats.  

Unfortunately, the cat I was going to rescue before the storm, Big Red, the elderly boy on Short Street, couldn't be rescued today.  Too much going on for me.  I was sad to leave him this morning.  I wished all of them well before the storm moves in today.  Another major wind and snowfall day today.  Another heartbreak for me this morning.

As far as me, I am praying that Johnny from Syd and Johnny's auto repair will inspect the Jeep, tell me he can fix it and pick it up today.  In all likelihood, it’s not going to happen.  I have no idea what the issue is, but I do know this is going to cost.  Its one of my nightmares - when the Jeep 'goes'.  What am I going to do.  For today, I will have to rent a car – I cannot ask anyone to go out at 4 am. to feed cats.  It’s a little too much.

It couldn’t have happened on a worse week.  My car was hit at work – luckily the girl that hit it reported it – and it is now at the collision shop being repaired.  For FOUR days.  Monday through hopefully tomorrow afternoon, Thursday.  What a helpless feeling I had while sitting there on the automated line with AAA.  What about the cats.  What am I going to do.  Thank God for Beth, who wasn’t sleeping well, to be awake and alert at 4 am! 

I just found out that Parsley and Hermie need to be picked up on Saturday, which is another nightmare for me.  I had a girl that offered to keep them indefinitely until we could find a good home for them, but now she has told me her landlord is giving her a hard time, and she may not be able to do it.  I still have Elsa, and Charlie, and I am trying to shuffle cats around.  And lets not forget Muffin, who is in Batavia, with a family that adopted him, but is sad to report it may not be working out for him with their dogs.  That is another situation on hold right now.


One other thing.  The girl that fostered Marti from Melville, the all white beauty I rescued a few months back, wound up wanting to keep him and renamed him Simon.  A week or so ago, she came home from vacation to find that Marti had escaped.  Someone left the door open too long.  He still has not been found.  This weighs heavy on my heart.  She lives in Caledonia.  She currently has Chewy under her wing, and I pray the same doesn’t happen for her.  Please everyone, be careful!

What is the saying… God doesn’t give us more than we can handle?  I sure hope so.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Happy National Frozen Yogurt Day!

Double, double toil and trouble; 
Fire burn and caldron bubble. 
Fillet of a fenny snake, 
In the caldron boil and bake; 
Eye of newt and toe of frog, 
Wool of bat and tongue of dog, 
Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting, 
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing, 
For a charm of powerful trouble, 
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. 

Double, double toil and trouble; 
Fire burn and caldron bubble. 
Cool it with a baboon's blood, 
Then the charm is firm and good.

Can anybody guess where this came from?  I just had a silly moment.  This has nothing to do with cats, well, not really, I guess.

Speaking of flying, the snow was flying this morning.  Tomorrow, it will be flying even more.  We are supposed to get up to 10 inches by Thursday.  As you can imagine, its not going to be good for me.  Its hard to go out at 3:45 am. when its been snowing, and the accumulation is so great that you have to shovel.  Most places that are not in the back of vacant lots, I need to shovel a small path from the sidewalk or street to not only get to it, but to provide a space for the cats to get out and walk on.  10 inches is over most of their heads, so shoveling a small space in front of their shelter is a must.  Sometimes, I need to shovel the snow OFF the shelter, as its covering the openings for the cats to get in and out of.  At least the temperature this morning is not as numbing as it was yesterday, when we had the winds.


Large heavy dinner plates, with indentation enough so that the food won’t slide off the sides when the cat eats.  There is one spot, under a carport, where there is an opening into the vacant house where God knows what kind of animals go into, but each day, another plate (paper or tin) that I’ve placed there goes missing.  I usually see them half dragged into this hole in the foundation…  I need a heavy plate so that it can’t be dragged…  My other need is brick, and boards.

So far, in the past week, I’ve had nobody messing with my shelters.  The one on Niagara, in a big open field/lot has been left untouched after I placed a note saying ‘call me’ with my number attached.  Its probably just coincidence.  I can’t be that lucky – nor can a person who can actually unhinge the roof of these shelters, knowing its displacing a cat in need - change their tune and think, oh, what she is doing is so wonderful, I won’t bother these cats anymore.  Every single morning I pull up to a shelter and wonder if it will still be there.  My dream would be to have the City provide these shelters in their many vacant lots throughout Rochester.  They offer these lots to folks that would like to plant a garden.  I did this several years ago, to not only beautify a very bleak area, but to continue to provide shelter for many stray and homeless cats that came to depend on me.  Rats?  Yes, there were several.  I did not have a solution.  I was told I had to remove those shelters by the City.  This is where Big Red #2 came from and survived at.  This is where five other cats came to migrate just up the street to where I feed now.  I tended the garden last year, but not as well, or as often.  I now feel guilt to abandon it, especially after I received the help I did from people with dirt, pavers, flowers and labor.  The people that moved into the house next door use the front of the lot to park on, the kids have their toys and playhouses all around it, and its just hard to enforce.

I am hoping for an update on Milo soon with a picture, but from what I know, his new mom is happy with him.  From rags to riches!  All these cats are so lucky!

Have a great day!

"Don't let idiots ruin your day."

Monday, February 5, 2018

Nip It In The Bud

My needs:

1.  Heavy Bricks, or pavers, but not the cylinder type
2.  A heavy wooden door

Good morning animal lovers!

Its a cold morning out there.  There is snow and there is wind.  The standing still temperature is 18 degrees.  With the wind, its in the single digits.  Again.

It was the LAST thing I wanted to do at 2 am.  To have to get up out of bed and start my day.  GRRRRRR....  But start it I must.  All the kitties come milling around me, saying good morning!  All except for poor Charlie, who as of today, has spent 24/7 in a bedroom by himself since January 18th.  Charlie loves the ladies, but goes after the boys.  Not that he would hurt them, but he is intimidating them.  Charlie was rescued from Central Park between 5th and 6th Streets on a frigid morning.  No cat has any business being out at 4am. when its 0 degrees.  So I rescued him.  And I had someone interested in him for two weeks, and then it fell through last minute.  I feel very sad for him, because obviously, who can spend all their waking moments with one cat in a bedroom.  I need to find him a home with no other animals, someone who will give him all of their love.  Please help me find a home for Charlie!


I received a note from the clinic about 2018 TNR clinic appointments.  They are changing things up there.  Instead of me bringing in two kitties per week, on a Tuesday, which is manageable for me, they are now changing it to Mondays, and offering 4-5 slots.  I THINK that is what they mean…  I need to clarify.  Unfortunately, even so, I will not be able to AFFORD to do this on a weekly basis.  It will all depend on donations.  I have a single income household.  There is nothing coming in but my paycheck.  So if I get enough donations on a weekly basis, I can do it, most likely, but with some actual physical help.  I can’t possibly feed at 20 different locations around the Beechwood section of Rochester AND check on traps.  I will need help.  I will need help by someone sitting in their car and watching the trap.  I might need help delivering kitty to the clinic.  There are many ways I need help, and I am hoping some of you might step up to do this.  This will begin sometime in March, so I need to figure this out.

We MUST continue to spay and neuter these helpless animals.  We CANNOT have an influx of kittens like we did last year.  Myself, alone, had 60 kittens pass through my organization/home.  I cannot look into the face of the adult cats each morning knowing they are the ones that got away because I couldn’t do it alone.  PLEASE consider donating your time for just one morning a week, early, and helping.


Finally, a woman reached out to me last week, offering to actually BAG the dry food into the 2-gallon ZipLock baggies I use each day.  I use SIX of these each day.  She also donated some wet food, the big cans.  I went to meet her at her business to get the food, and to thank her.  Not only did she offer this, but she offered a large room in the back of her business in Penfield so that I could rescue Big Red #2 from Short Street.  She did not want this older fella out on the streets any longer.  My heart was filled with gratitude as she showed me this large room, with a couch, large nearly floor to ceiling windows with perches, she even mentioned a radio and television, as she is not always there.  Kitty would be alone for the most part, but better off on the street.  I then mentioned, well what about Chewy, who might not be as adoptable either.  So that Big Red could have a companion.  Then the guilt is less on us humans, right?  And then I got to thinking, its not fair to Parsley and Hermie, to be rescuing another cat before I find a home for the ones I have currently available.  I still don’t know when I am getting those two.

Big Red when TNR'd
To be clear, when a cat is returned to me for one reason or the other, its one less cat that can be rescued.  Its just not fair.

That’s all I have for now.

Have a good day!

"Patience allows life time to fall in place."

Friday, February 2, 2018

Hermie, Parsley and Muffin!

Well, Elsa, the little trollop, had all her female parts when she went into the clinic yesterday, and came out without some of her parts.  No, she was never spayed.  I was quite surprised, as I had never seen her pregnant in all the time I fed her.  Isn't that odd?  She must still be having 'her friend', or
'Aunt Flo must be visiting' because the boys in the house are still hovering outside the door of the room I am keeping her in until her 'scent' is gone.

I have been bothered by a situation for the past month, and I finally must do something about it.   I've never had a cat returned to me.  Right now, I am facing THREE being returned.  If you will recall, maybe three years ago, Hermie was a black cat that hung around on Webster and Ferndale when I had shelters at the house across the street from where I am presently situated.  He was semi-feral.  I would see him but he would never, ever get close to me.  What I could see of him was a huge baseball sized ball hanging from his belly.   Mentioning this to cat expert Laura Burns, she said it must be a hernia, which is something I had never heard of with cats.  I tried and tried and tried to trap him, but never could.  Laura offered, and was successful in doing it!  She is the expert drop trapper.


Hermie with his old foster brother
Hermie went to the clinic for neuter, and for the surgery on his hernia.  All went well, but I really didn't want him going back on to the streets.  Enter Melissa, who was a foster for the now defunct rescue group Another Chance Pet Rescue, which was run by my friend Julie and a partner of hers.  Melissa offered to take Hermie and try to socialize him.  She did, after many months of having him.  Socialized him enough to come out, play, and be seen in Melissa's small condo.  I finally found someone that wanted to adopt him.  A man with a small apartment who lived alone and wanted a companion.  We brought Hermie over there, and it took a while before he would adjust to new space again, but he eventually did.

Enter Parsley.  Parsley was a male cat on Parsells, friendly, and hungry, who hung at this location every day, even running to me when he saw the Jeep pull up.  He seemed healthy and strong, so no hurry to get him rescued, there were so many others at the time.  Then a girl - Emily I think - offered to take him, so I brought the carrier one morning, and picked him up as usual, and gently lowered him in, with him fighting me the whole way.  The carrier door unlatched and off he went.  I didn't get him to trust me again for at least a month or two after that.  I could have kicked myself!


Finally though, I managed it, and into the clinic he went for neutering and shots, and then I thought, OK, what to do with him now....  The man that took Hermie offered to take him as a companion for Hermie!  Hallelujah!   So off Parsley went with Hermie, where they've lived for several years now.

Today?  This man is having 'financial difficulties' and says he has to move, and cannot take the cats.  I am very troubled by this, but it is my duty to take them.  I know he loves them, and must not have any options.  He said he's been trying to 'find a shelter where they won't kill them.'   So now, I am trying to find a situation where they can go and be happy once again, but as we all know, there is no where.  A very sweet girl that I barely know has offered her basement for the time being, and that is the best I have right now.  They will be very scared and confused.

I don't know when this will take place, I have not worked out the logistics, but it will be soon.  I don't want to lose this person's offer of her basement.  If anyone has a better solution, please let me know.

The other kitty I was referring to earlier is Muffin.  Muffin is slow to adjust in his new home, and his dad feels he is very unhappy right now.  I've asked him to hold off until I can figure out the Parsley and Hermie situation.

So, there you have it.  No more rescues until I can get these boys in a happy place.

Sorry for the downer, but maybe we can make this a good thing, if the right people step up!

Charlie goes to his new home tomorrow, thank God because he is very bored being by him self in a room for the past three weeks.

Updated picture of Chewy!  Chewy is still gaining weight on her now 3.5 pound little body...  She needs adoption!

Have a nice day!

"Always turn a negative situation
into a positive situation."