Sunday, December 30, 2012

'''Cheers to a New Year and Another Chance for Us to Get it Right.''

Well, its almost the end of another year.  I was thinking to myself what a good year it was for kitties in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  Even though I can't see it, I know for sure there are less on the streets because of me.  I am REALLY proud to say that.  I've stopped a lot of unwanted pregnancies too with Trap, Neuter Return.  I've also adopted out at least 50 cats this year.  I am so proud of that.  What one person can do is absolutely amazing, isn't it? 

Of course there are angels out there who have helped me help the cats with shelter building, and food donations.  Just last night, during the storm that dumped at least another six inches on us, Bob pulled up with his pretty wife and dropped off SIX plastic tote shelters!  And just yesterday Maree has made me another two!  Boy are these ever needed, along with boards.  If you could see the snow that piles up on each of my spots out there, you would see how much these totes, along with boards, are necessary for any degree of comfort for these cats.  Its terribly sad what I see, but I keep moving, and I know that I am at least filling an empty belly for them each morning. 

I took a nice long drive out to Honeoye Falls this morning, the sun shining, the sky as blue as the sea.  It was not a quiet ride though.  I had Hercules SCREAMING at the top of his lungs the entire ride.  He hates being in a car, hates it.  I drove him to his new home, which is on 10 beautiful acres.  I am so thrilled I was able to meet up with this girl, who turns out is a real sweetheart.  I felt an instant connection with her.  She has the cutest little girl Chow dog named Lacy.  Black and fluffy, just like Hercules (now named Cee lo).  I am hoping they become best friends.  I attach a picture of Cee lo cuddling on his new mom's lap.  More pictures to follow soon!  

Finally, to add cherry on top, here is a beautiful piece of poetry about welcoming the new year.

Perhaps a bit wiser,
a bit kinder, too,
a little bit braver,
a heart that's more true,

a touch of believing
I've not known before,
in joys I'm receiving
a little bit more.

A little more anxious
to reach out my hand,
despite hurt or problems
to still understand,

accepting the heartache
that life often brings,
a little more beauty
in life's simple things.

A prayer when I'm weary
as onward I trod,
a little more trusting,
believing in God,
'tis this I would wish for
within moments dear,

not a lot - just a little
this wondrous new year.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fourth Time's a Charm?

Guess who got rescued, for a fourth and final time???   Its HERCULES!!!  :) 

You will remember when Hercules was rescued from a boarded up house on Sixth about a month or two ago.  This was after I called my cop friend and she called her firemen friends, and one of them kicked a hole in the wood so thick, I thought he must be a beefy type guy (yum), and I named the cat after him!   Since then, I have been feeding him and Mr. Whiskers on the porch next to this house each morning, and Hercules climbs into my car onto my lap, and its always been so sad to leave him there.  Anyways, a week before the storm we just had, I heard crying coming out of another boarded up house on Short Street, where the next shelter is that I go to.  I walked over to this house (at 5 am.) and could hear a cat crying, but couldn't find a way to let it out, until I crouched down behind the house after spotting a hole near the ground, in the house.  I put my hand (in the very dark scary place) and started to dig dirt and gravel because I saw a paw, and hear crying right there.  As I was digging stones and dirt away to allow this hole to get bigger, the cat would paw at my hand, and I just kept digging.  Finally, I freed him by pulling a wooden plank aside, as best as I could, and he was freed through that tiny opening!  I tried to fill in the hole as best as I could and went about my business.  The next morning, Hercules was there.  Then the storm hit, and I didn't see Hercules again, until this morning when I went to the Short Street shelter to feed, and I heard the crying again!  I went back to the same spot at the house, and sure enough, there was Hercules, stuck in the basement again!  I dug, pulled the plank aside, and out he came.  This time, he was about five pounds lighter!  He was so happy to see me!!  I carried him to the car, and plopped him in the carrier!  I said, well, you are one lucky boy.  You will now get your wish, you will be in a house, forever!  :) 

I actually got a note from a girl who was on Petfinders and saw Rufus' picture and was interested in adopting him.  She was looking for a snuggler, and Rufus is not quite, he snuggles on his own terms.  He doesn't like to be held, so I racked my brain, and thought of Hercules immediately, as she has mentioned she wanted a boy cat.  SO glad he was there for me this morning.  So, Hercules is going to his hopefully forever home tomorrow!!  He is a REAL snuggler! 

Earl update:  He is coming around.  He is very independent, and I still haven't picked him up to hold him.  He is being closed doors at night, as there is still some hissing, but I trust him now to be in the GP (general public) when I am not at home.  He is a cutie patootie for sure.

Update:  My baby boy Boris, with FIV, is not doing well.  I've been lucky enough to have had him for the past six years.  He has been in fairly good health, and I have tried to protect him as best as I could from infectious dangers that he could be exposed to (i.e. getting outdoors), etc.  I have an appointment on Monday for him to see the vet.  I pray he holds out this weekend.  He was interested in some really good food I bought him this morning, so I hope he continues to eat.  Prayers for Boris!   :(  I've had some really bad luck lately with my longterm babies!!

Here are various pics of one of my shelters on Parsells from this morning.

Friday, December 28, 2012

What a Workout

Its been a tough two days for me.  By the way, I fell THREE times yesterday, not twice, like I stated.  I am certainly not looking for sympathy, believe me, the cats have it much worse than I do.  Whats a little limping for me, right?

This morning started off with a dead battery.  Thank God for AAA, who I wind up calling at least once a year - their $90 fee is totally worth it.

 It took me another two hours this morning to do the 15 or so stops I make every day.

Starting off with Seventh St., where I have to walk to the back of a vacant lot. To step into the mound that the snow plow makes, its practically up to my waist once you sink full fledged into the pile. You get past that, and you waddle and shuffle your way to the back, trying to create a path for the cats little legs to follow through when they need to get out and venture. I fill the water bowl, and the dishes of food, change the damp towel, and place the board back up for protection. I then waddle back to the car. This is like doing water aerobics, because the snow is so dense and heavy. The only good part of this is I am getting much needed exercise!

Next stop is Central, where the back shelter is buried under snow, but I’ve managed to push the board up just enough to get under it to replace the food, water and towel for them to stand on in comfort. Otherwise, snow got inside it and its not pleasant for them. I pray they use the wooden hut and plastic dog house there, that are filled with straw.

Next onto Second, where still, the eight or so kitties that normally come up to me each morning, aren’t around since the storm. Just the diehards, like Angel. I go back to their snowy enclave, behind Paul’s house, and refill their food and water. I wonder where they go. I replaced some snow filled plastic totes, as it didn’t matter which way they faced – north east west or south – on Wednesday, it was just too much wind to matter. Everything was blanketed with snow.

My next quick stop on Pennsylvania – the food was left under a truck for those poor souls. There is no where to place the bowls, nor is there shelter set up by me for them. Its just not ideal. Maybe at the abandoned house across the street on the tiny open porch. But getting them to cross over is a tough one. I will try, although then again, I am out of shelters. Straw too!

Next is Third, where Angel has been drifting over from Second to. Grady and Bully wait patiently for me, their spot is totally snow covered also. There is little I can do right now to make that spot more comfortable. Must replace all the straw, and fortress up the boards better. Its hard doing all this by myself!

Next is Central and Third, where I shake out the little towel, make sure the little stryofoam box that a pretty little white and tabby kitty sleeps in is still warm and secure, give her some food and water, and then its back to Pennsylvania, where Sparkles still seems to be stuck up in the third floor of the empty, boarded up house. I am sure she can get out if she would only go back down to the basement and hop up to the barred open window. She doesn’t look distressed, so I am hoping she is just using this house to keep warm in.

Then onto Sixth, where Mr. Whiskers was no where to be seen this morning, but he could be heard. Again, I am not sure if they are holing up in an abandoned house on Short, and can’t remember how to get out, but I heard the cries the whole time I changed towels and replaced ice for water, etc. on the Sixth St. porch. No sign of Hercules this morning either. I finally managed to get down the snow filled Short Street since yesterday I was not able. I had to dig out the snow at that spot too. There was a pretty black kitty sheltered in the wooden hut there, but everything was snow covered, including their bowls of food and water. So glad I made it there to make everything better this morning. They need me so.

I must stop here, as this is getting too lengthy, and I must get to work!

Part Two of my journey tomorrow! And hopefully with some pictures!

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Wonderland


3:00 am.  Get up to let the dog out.  Open the door.  Shock.   Two feet of snow.
3:06 am.  Back to bed, listen to cats scratching my furniture, throw water bottle at them.
3:15 am.  Start to stress over what I am going to face this morning.
4:00 am.  Get up and get moving.  Coffee, litter boxes, prepare food and water for outdoors.
4:30 am.  Warm clothes, gather strength.
4:45 am.  Start shoveling steps, walkway, path for birdbath and bird feeder. 
4:55 am.  Head out to the first stop on 7th
6:56 am.  Arrive back home to rush to get ready for work.

Number of Times to Shovel Paths to shelters:  14
Number of Times Falling:  2 (once on bottom, second on bad knee)
Number of Cars I saw stuck:  3
Number of Cars stuck in middle of street I helped to shovel out :  1 (nice young black man Josh, trying to get to work - ARC)
Number of Hugs from someone I helped to shovel out:  1 (from Josh - he asked if he could first).
Number of driveways I shoveled out - 1 (Dave, on Parsells, the nice older black man)
Number of shelters I shoveled out - 10 at least (the wind really did them in). 
Number of days that Sparkles has been stuck in abandoned house:  2 (I am praying she finds her way out the basement window).
Number of times I've rescued Hercules from Sixth Street:  2 (this time he was in another abandoned house crying - I clawed dirt and rocks from a basement area and pulled away a board, and out he came).

I couldn't even get to one shelter due to the lack of snowplowing on Short Street.  I was too afraid I would get stuck.  There were many spots that I couldn't leave water at, as I had to shovel and I must have picked up the wind blown bowls and threw them with the snow off the shovel.

I did what I could for the kitties this morning.  Many I didn't see, I couldn't even look for the kittens, as that street was totally unplowed, and looked like a street I could easily get stuck on.  It was terrible.  I wanted so badly to turn around and go back home to bed.  But I just kept moving.  I just kept pushing myself.  It was a test of my own endurance, stamina and willpower.  I pray we don't have many days like this. 

I need more shelters.  I need more boards.  I need to win the lottery.

This is Jingles (now named Gingersnap), the kitten I rescued her from Garson several weeks ago, and she was combo tested, and brought to a foster home thanks to my friend Julie who runs Another Chance Pet Rescue. News today tells me she has drawn interest frome previous dog adopters through ACPR, and are coming to meet her on Saturday at Petco. Look at my little baby! And they ALWAYS WILL BE my little baby, every cat I rescue!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Just a short, quick note - no post today because I did several over the holiday weekend, and I hope you are able to read those.

I did however get out this morning battening down the hatches in preparation for the storm we are going to get this evening and overnight.  Its going to be a biggie.  I am not looking forward to going out there.  My mornings since last week have spilled over to an hour and half, two hours rather than the normal one hour on good days. 

Remind me to tell you about the SIX cats now on Hayward, the FOUR BABY kittens on a street between Parsells and Grand, and updates on Earl (Lord... Grey), Boris, Hercules 2nd rescue, and everything in between!

Please read past posts!

Have a GRAND day! 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas!

T'was the night before Christmas, at Rainbow Bridge too.
... We Bridge kids were thinking as always of you.
We'd seen how the holidays weren't bright this year,
... Heard you whisper so often, "I wish you were here!"

We know how you wish you could just stay in bed
And sleep through the holiday lying ahead,
When all celebrate with their loved ones so near...
Unless they have loved ones on this side this year.

But we're no less alive here, on the other side.
If you could just see us, you would've laughed and not cried.
The dogs all in harness, pulling the sleigh.
The cats all in Santa hats pointing the way.

The pet birds all flying back over the rainbow,
Bound homeward in spite of Earth's darkness and snow.
All the pets that you've lost, pets for whom you've cried,
Flying home on this Christmas to be by your side.

If you feel warm fur brush you when no pet's around,
Hear a soft bark or purr, just a ghost of a sound,
We're trying to tell you we're visiting this way,
And our visits, even rainbows, can be on any day.

But for Christmas we have something special to do,
A sleigh full of happy dream visits for you.
On doggy, on kitty, on winged friend and ferret!
The love that you lavished, we mean now to share it!

We're fetching that love home, the way we once played,
With the closeness we shared and the memories we made.
Our Earth lives with you were too short for us, too,
And on this Christmas Eve we have so much to do.

So all through this night as you sleep in your beds,
Sweet visions of fur babies dance in your heads.
This one special night we can bring you Home for a while,
Your true home in Heaven, where again you will smile.

Over the rainbow you'll fly, for a short while this night,
Hours that you'll be happy, hours that will feel right,
Hours to cuddle and hug us, to run and to play,
Before the return to Earth in our magic way.

And when you awaken and face Christmas Day,
We pray you'll remember your trip on our sleigh,
But in case you forget, just remember our love.
Remember us watching you, your angels above.

Sending love wrapped in rainbows, shining and bright,
Love that will guide you through the darkest night,
Love found in each memory unwrapped through the year,
Replacing dark sorrows with Christmas cheer.

Leave the toys to St. Nick, we Bridge kids bring dreams,
Sweet visits to remind you all is not as it seems
When you look all around you with tired Earthly eyes.
If you saw as we do, there'd be joy and surprise.

There are fur angels waiting by those Christmas trees,
Always there for you and hearing your pleas.
We're never more than a thought away from your home,
You're never forgotten, you're never alone.

Nor are we alone here, with our Rainbow Bridge friends.
We know only joy here, the celebrating never ends,
And after our reunions with you Christmas Eve,
We Bridge kids will party like you'd never believe.

But we'll slip away often to be by your side.
Sitting there watching you, eyes open wide,
Praying you'll be able to catch a glimpse of us, too.
But whether or not you see us - Merry Christmas to you!

- Cindy Morgan (2007

Sunday, December 23, 2012

And So This is Christmas...

"And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over"

John Lennon

And what have we done?
Its been a very tough year for everyone but no matter how tough it has been the homeless cats have had it so much worse. But they do have shelter and they have food and water. For so much of that I am so grateful to so many of you who have been there when I have needed you most. While this year is over and much has been done so much remains to be done.
Its been a good year too. So many cats rescued, so many cats spayed or neutered. Sadly some of them went back to the streets but many of them have found homes. Some very kind people, regular readers of my blog, have stood up and taken these cats into their houses and now instead of freezing this winter they will be warm, sheltered and well cared for.
In the years since I started this journey I have managed to get over 100 cats off the streets of Rochester into kind and loving homes. At 4 am. in the morning when I get out of bed I can think of all this kindness and then it all makes sense. Something good is being done and I cannot do it without you.
So many people have found a way to help. Some with donations of food or money. Some with building shelters and some others with helping me to trap and get these cats fixed so they cannot add to the homeless cat population. Just knowing that so many of you take the time just to read about what I am doing helps too.
But now I am going to ask you to do something. Find just 2 people to send a link to this blog. I am going to ask you to just get someone else to be as aware of the suffering of animals as you are. You don't need to send money, although that does help, just stay as aware of the suffering of these animals we all love so much and help to spread the word. The streets of Rochester have become my little corner of the world where I do what I can but out there across the country and around the world there is so much that needs to be done.
Each and everyone of us can do a little something to make this world a slightly better place and if enough of us do that little something then the world becomes a much, much better place.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmas Prayer

TWO HOURS - 5 am. to 7 am.  That's how long it took me this morning.  Its really nasty out there.  High winds, freezing temperatures, snow.  It makes for a not so pleasant night/morning for these poor homeless creatures out there. After I finished up my fifth spot, I had only seen a total of four cats.  The diehards.  My shelters were a mess.  I had some extra boards, blankets, towels and tableclothes and did the best I could for them.   I spent a lot of time brushing off snow with my bare hands, and shaking out wet blankets.  I replaced straw in a tote that had blown and its opening facing west, where most of the wind was coming from.

The forecast for today is even worse, very strong winds and lots more snow.  Tomorrow will be another doosey, but I will do it no matter what.  I have to, these cats depend on me.

I want to thank everyone who has built me shelters.  These cats would be suffering a great deal more if it weren't for you.  Plastic, wood, it doesn't matter, each provide some comfort for them.


As Christmas approaches,
Dear God up above,
Please fill every heart
With compassion and love.

Fill all with the knowledge
That piglets and geese,
And turkey's are also
Entitled to peace.

Please let people see
That to harm and to kill,
Just doesn't make sense
At a time of goodwill.

This Christmas, dear God,
Please answer my prayer,
May love for all creatures
Abound everywhere.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome Winter!

NOT!  It officially arrived sometime after 6 am. this morning.   It was a mess out there with rain though, but I managed to get around and place a few boards down to try to keep the snow at bay, the snow we have arriving here in Rochester sometime today, although the rain was turning white while I was out doing some shopping this morning - I LOVE VACATION DAYS!!!  :)

I have not done a good job securing my shelters.  I wish I had more help, someone with creativity.  I need to use the tarps I have, but not sure how to secure them around these dilapitated shelters. 

Meet Earl - Lord Earl Grey.  I am still a little fuzzy with the name, but its OK for now.  He really reminds me of a girl, very petite little thing, beautiful light green eyes.  I still have not picked him up and held him, I am hesitant because he did a little swatting and growling when I have to move him around.  I placed him in a spare room with a window so he can look out.  He has probably spent his first night sleeping in silence, comfort and peace in a very very long while.  I wish these animals could tell their stories.   He had his shots, and has been neutered.  He is avaiable for adoption to the right home!  I can tell you, grey cats are my absolute favorite.  They are lovers to the end.  I have my Boris and Smokey already, and I've never seen such sweet, needy cats.  Pass the word!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


We are expecting snow beginning tomorrow.  They say it will be a nasty storm.  As I went to my spots this morning, greeting each kitty and giving them their breakfast (and lunch and dinner), I made mental notes as to what I need to bring tomorrow.  At some spots, it will be more boards to tighten up and try to keep the snow out, some will be a tarp or plastic table cloth for the same purpose.  Maybe a little more straw for the inside of the plastic tote huts.

I place towels down under shelters only to replace wet ones after it rains, or moisture gets in, which isn't a lot of the time out of the year, but my purpose for this is for a tiny bit of comfort for these cats.  I know they are not insulators by any means, but under their feet, compared to the cold wet ground, I am sure its of some miniscule comfort for them.

I also place my shelters so that the openings are facing east, as I know most storms come from the West, but many still come from the South and the North.  Blizzards, it doesn't really matter!  I just have to dig out, replace, and pray they stay warm and dry for that day, until I come around and do it all over again the next day.  I've been doing this for years so I have become familiar with wind directions, etc.  My main objective is for these cats to have a dry, and warm place to bundle in during the storms.  Right now I am not fully equipped to give them that, but I am trying.  I can still use more shelters, if any of you know or have it in you to make a few.

After Jingle's departure to her new foster home last evening, which I could not bear to make the exchange myself - I've become so bonded with her, I decided I was going to rescue the next most neediest.  I got the grey Parsells boy this morning!  He is in the 'holding area' for today (bathroom), until I can socialize with him a little more.  I am hesitant with this one as he is hissing, and I am always fearful if they are not immediately sweet right off the bat.  He is not one of my lap sitters out there.  But he seemed like he was getting a cold or something, so I thought I should get him in.  Will keep you posted, and pictures to come.

A friend of mine that I used to work with, Elyse, sent me a note yesterday that really lifted my spirits.  I hope you enjoy the story as well!

 "Janine, I have a heartwarming story for animal lovers, and you are the number one! My cousin, who is single, lives alone, and is like a sister to me, (plans to move here when she retires in 3 years or sooner if possible) has talked about someday having a dog. We have talked about sharing a family place in the ADKS and what kind of dog we would want for our family there. We have talked about this on and off for years. She recently had a break-in in her home and called me terrified that someone had been in her house. (She lives 300 miles away and I was the first person she called and she didnt really know where to go overnight because she didnt want to stay in the house.) Anyway, we have a "pack" of animlas between us and my daughters here in Rochester ....cats and dogs, and my cousin loves them all. They are family to us! So last weekend we went to visit her because she needed some company following the break-in the prior weekend. We took one of our dogs along and had a fun Friday night in her home. Saturday we went to a quaint little town to shop and lunch. As we were walking we ran into a couple with an adorbale dog wearing, none other than, a vest that said "ADOPT ME".

Clyde meeting his future Mom

We stopped to chat with the couple and my cousin bent to pet the dog and a passerby knocked her to the ground accidentally. The dog immediately nuzzled next to her and covered her with kisses. It was an instant bond and love at first sight. He was a boxer/lab mix, exactly the kind of dog she and I had talked about in our conversations. The couple gave her a card from the rescue organization (Lulu's rescue) and as we walked on we talked more and more about this beautiful 8 month old pup, Clyde. We talked about how she really wants and needs a comnpanion and how she wants to get her work life into balance (she has the ability to work from home) and wants motivation to stay on track with walking and exercising and how Clyde could be just the perfect companion. Well....she applied and was accepted and she and Clyde are today, right now, bonding! He has his forever home and she has her beloved companion! When the foster left him at her house, he jumped into my cousin's lap and snuggled close to her. Then he took a nap, comfy in his new home.

Clyde going for a ride with new Mom!

Next she took him for a ride in her VW Bug, and they went to a nice place to take a long walk. I have not seen her this excited and happy ever! This is the start of a wonderful friendship and a great success story for this awesome rescue organization.

Clyde at his new home

I thought of you because I knew you would love the story. My daughters and I have shed happy tears about it! Such a great holiday story! Clyde is home in his forever home for the hoildays!  Merry Christmas, Janine! Love ya! "

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday Happenings

Here is a picture of Scooter and Jingles.  Scooter is in the closeup.  Aren't they adorable?

I've been following the media frenzy on gun control this past week since the wake of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut on those precious babies that were murdered.  I can't help but think of how many guns are in the houses in the neighborhoods I venture out into each morning.  The poverty level in these neighborhoods is clear, yet you see BMW's,Cadillacs, and Mercedes in some of the driveways.  There have been shootings galore in these neighborhoods, mostly in the summertime, but I remind you again (Mom), I go out at one of the most safest times in a day, very early morning.  Even the crims need to sleep!  

Winter is almost upon us and I am dreading it.  It was colder out this morning than it has been, and I had to pick up a lot of wet towels due to the pouring rain we had most of the day yesterday.  I replaced them with nice dry cotton towels - I place them on the wood under the lean to's so that they don't have to stand on the cold wet ground.  This is why its important for me to collect wood - sheets of plywood, etc.  There are still so many shelters that need to be built up more to protect these cats. 

For instance, Stout.  This is where Morris aka Jack was rescued.  Two black kitties remain here.  One is fixed, the other isn't.  Here is a picture of what their shelter now looks like.  Its pretty pathetic.  I brought some boards a few weeks ago to board up the windows of this garage of a boarded up house.  Pretty bad, eh?  I can't even bring myself to touch some of that garbage that is in there.  Those are also couches you see.  But I have a clean blanket inbetween the two plastic hut shelters and a board over it.  I really need to build that up somehow.  The entrance faces west, where the storms come in from.  I need to do something here.  Any suggestions?

My little Jingles, whose name will be changed to Gingersnap (Another Chance Pet Rescue already has a Jingles - that is one of the pitfalls of giving up a cat to be fostered after rescue - you name them, but they inevitably always change their name) will be going to her new foster mommy later this evening and then off to the vet tomorrow for her surgery and shots.  I pray she has a happy life ahead of her!

The next picture is of Mr. Whiskers on Sixth, and a new companion that has been hanging around.  Still no sign of Hercules.  I wonder where he's gone to.  This shelter is pretty pathetic also.  Same deal, two plastic totes with a board over it.  I need help here also.

Finally, Mr. Kitty aka Toby, who I rescued Sunday morning.  Here is his rescue picture!  I was told he is doing great, is easily adjusting to his new brother kitty, and brother doggie.  And he slept on the bed his very first night!  Can you imagine?  Going from sleeping in a box in the cold outside, and a warm bed.  Glory be! 

Have a beautiful day!

"If you are not happy here and now, you never will be."

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


RIP my sweet little Sugar.  I went home yesterday afternoon, wrapped my little guy in a blanket, carried him to the car, and drove with him in my arms to the vets office.   He let out faint cries which broke my heart.  If I had one cat that absolutely hated going to the vets office, it would be Sugar.  Once Dr. Boehm saw him, he gave him a sedative to calm him.  Sugar was very sick, and 14.5 years old, which makes him 98+ years old in human years.  There are those out there, actual true friends of mine, who dispute not trying to take every measure to heal these guys when they are sick, but no one knows my situation financially, and if I could, I would.   I can barely afford the burial fees I am charged, which are over $130 each time, and think about it, I've had five cats PTS in the past four months.  All of my own babies to boot.  I have to do what I feel best for the animal at the time, and that is to end the suffering.  He had not eaten since Friday, and I could not force him to.  It was time, he had a wonderful life with me and his surviving brothers and sisters, and he is now with his brothers and sisters who are in eternal life above.
Sugar & Thunder (in better days)

Mr. Kitty, now named Toby, is doing wonderfully.  I couldn't have rescued a nicer cat, I have to admit.  I would have liked to keep him myself, but I've had enough to contend with these days, and there are some more desperate than others, like the Grey Boy on Parsells.  I told him this morning "you are next."  He may have to be treated for URI when I get him, that is why he is next.  He seems sick.

I have not seen Hercules in many days, I worry so about him.  It was pouring rain this morning, and difficult to get pictures so another day goes by without an updated picture.  Sorry.

My shelter on Ferndale and Webster remains intact.  I got a call from Marilee, the woman who is a little off her rocker, but has a good heart, and she told me she got permission from The Net to put the shelter in the back of a parking lot next door to the apartment building a lot or two down from the lot I have the shelter on.  It was sweet of her to advise me of this.  She cares for the cats as much as I do, even though she doesn't believe in spaying or neutering!  I had to look up what the NET stood for, and here is what it is: 

[Neighborhood Empowerment Team Enforcement of property code violations in Rochester is handled by the Neighborhood Empowerment Team, or NET. Rather than utilizing a centralized code-enforcement office, 10 sectors in Rochester are assigned a total of six NET offices by the city government. Some[who?] have complained about the lack of consistency in the resulting manner and severity of enforcement. On July 16, 2008, the city announced that two of the NET offices would be closed and another relocated, due to what it had found to be the high cost and low value of operating the decentralized network.[42]

I am not sure what this office can do for cat shelters, but I hope and pray that Marilee's news to me is for real!  Does anyone know about this office? 

I leave you with a prayer that comforts me:

My Prayer for Sugar
Treat me kindly, dear master. Accord me the courtesy due to a cat — and I for my part will love you, amuse you and cheer your heart as only a cat can do.

Give me a sunny spot to sleep in when morning dawns and I will warm your lap on cold evenings.

Respect my independence and my need to walk alone at times and I will look after myself, so that you may come and go as you please.

Speak to me in our secret kitty language, let me hear my name sung in the music of your voice, and I will meow happily in sweet harmony with you.

Stroke my fur gently and lovingly and I will soothe you with the soft purrs that can only come from a happy cat.

Indulge my curiosity and I will show you the joys of bird watching, star gazing and other kitty pleasures.

Play with me and see me rejoice! Toss a humble ball of yarn and I will delight you with my cleverness and acrobatic leaps.

But do not laugh at me or allow me to be teased for there is nothing I prize more than my dignity.

Keep my surroundings neat and clean and I will be fastidious in my habits.

Feed me and be fair and I will teach you how to tell “kitty time” by instinct and tummy tunes.

And when I am old and the time comes to say farewell, hold me gently in your arms and I will go without a whimper.

For with you I am trusting, safe and secure. A cat who walked alone but loved you with a full and happy heart.


Monday, December 17, 2012


It was a fairly busy weekend for me!  Despite me injuring the lower lumbar of my back Saturday morning, how - I have no clue, I was able to still hobble to every destination I had to, which included the 14 stops I make each morning in the hood, feeding all them cats!  :)  My sister's father-in-law's friend had offered last weekend to take one of my adult kitties off the street and into her home, so I had this in mind all last week, thinking which one she should have.  Would it be Bugsy?  Boots?  Grady?  Hercules?  Mr. Kitty?  Mr. Whiskers?  or Parsells (grey)?  Such a tough choice, as they are all deserving, and have been waiting, all of them, patiently, for me to scoop them up.  Hercules was my first choice, the black cat on Sixth that my cop friend sent her firemen friends over to rescue him from the boarded up house he'd been in weeks earlier for several days and they kicked a hole in the board so he could free himself.  He had been climbing into my car onto my lap and purring.  He wouldn't get out and each time I had to place him down and try to shut the door without him getting caught.  But, both mornings, he was missing.  I still haven't seen him since I think Thursday last week.  So I had to resort to Plan B.  I swung back around and grabbed Mr. Kitty, on Central.  I got him home and placed him in a room, where after I took him out of his carrier to check him out, he climbed up onto my chest and started to snuggle.  I have never seen a cat more immediatly grateful.  What a loving, gentle cat he is, and I am so thankful I've been able to rescue another.

However, my little Sugar boy is not doing well.  He is the brother of Cinnamon.  I rescued them both 14 years ago as baby baby kittens.  They were born to a feral mother.  They were always frightened of guests that came over, but have mellowed over the years.  Cinnamon has lost a ton of weight and her eyes are gucky, but he still eats well.  Sugar has not had anything to eat since at least Friday.  So, I will be calling the vet shortly to see what I should do.  My little Sugar.

Gingersnap a/k/a Jingles will be going to his new foster home tomorrow or Wednesday.  I will be so sad to see her go.  What joy it is to have a kitten in the house!  They are so carefree, so playful, so cuddly.  But I must make room for the others that need to be rescued from the streets.   Won't you please consider helping one of these sweet street kitties?  Have a wonderful day. 

"Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work
and to play and to look up at the stars."

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

Jingles tests were all negative!  Yay!  Yes, SHE is one healthy little 3 month old kitten!!  Yay again for me saving her from the street!  I still can't get over the fact that I didn't have a carrier, I just grabbed her by the scruff and threw her in my car!  And she didn't go crazy once she was in there, like some cats would be.  She just sat there, I think stunned.  So grateful, can you imagine her out like that, all by herself?  Yay again!  Julie, from Another Chance Pet Rescue, will be providing her a great home enviroment until her shots and surgery so that she can be brought into Petco for the adoption days process, where she will then find a really wonderful, SMOKE-FREE home.  Another Chance has just made a very controversial decision to not adopt to people who smoke in their homes, which I am all for.  I remember two instances in the past where I had kitties at Petco, thanks to Julie offering me available cages to show my rescues, Barney and another kitty I can't recall, and they were both adopted out to indoor smokers.  I wound up 'rescuing' Barney back into my home due to her owner smoking heavily in his home, and the other adopter called and said it wasn't working out and when I got the kitty in my car, she REEKED of smoke.  Its so dangerous for their little lungs.  Think of the size of our lungs, and the size of theirs.  Its one thing to hurt yourself, but to hurt another helpless animal or human is another.

Another Yay!....  shelter remains where it is!  It has not been touched, and big white kitty has been waiting for me each morning since.  I pray this stays, every single day.  Its so important to have this very well-made protective shelter there at this spot for at least three cats that I know of.  They have no where else to go really.

See, my blog isn't all THAT bad, right???  There is GOOD NEWS occasionally!

I wish you all a safe, healthy and prosperous weekend! 

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

All is Calm, All is Bright

Yes, the shelter was still there this morning.  Thank God.  I worried about it all day and all night yesterday.  First thing I thought of upon awakening this morning.  Big Whitey was there sitting on top of it this morning.  He is a really nice cat.  I left a message stating: "I own this property - do not touch this shelter or you will be arrested for trespassing and theft!" along with my cell  number.  Hey, I will do anything!  May have someone stake out the corner later today to see whats up there. 

The next thought I had as I awoke this morning was of Jingles!!!  Isn't she CUTE!

She is quite the rascal!!  You should see her play!  She runs from one side of the room to the other, jumps up on the bed and down, jumps high up into the air to get her toys...  she is very spirited.  She is a little biter too which I must break her of, but her teeth are so tiny you can barely feel it.  Such a cutie patootie!

Jingles is going in today for a combo testing for Leukemia and FIV.  If all is OK, Another Chance Pet Rescue has kindly offered to take her and put her in their adoption process.  She will be shown at Petco each Saturday after she gets her vet work done (shots, neutering, etc).  The only sad part of this for me is that I am not in control of who she gets adopted out to.  Thats always hard, especially for me because I bond with the cats I rescue from the street pretty quickly.  Its almost like they are my children and I have to give them up for adoption to a 'better home', so to speak.  I have to keep reminding myself that I do it to make room for another to be rescued, which there are FIVE of right now, all adults.  The kittens come first though, these tiny helpless creatures.  I just can't imagine how he has survived all this time.  He certainly has had to defend himself out there.  He is very leary of other cats, for sure.  I let Rufus in to play with him last night, and he is coming around.  He was hissing at first, but that'll change.  And he has learned how to use his litter box!  Good Jingles!  :)  (you'll notice how I go from he & she here..  will find out what sex Jingles is at the appointment today!) 

Julie suggested that I might want to post the following:  its for a free can of cat and dog food.  She thought it might be a nice idea to send to me!  Thanks for thinking of me Julie!  :)  I hope you can all open this link up:

Have a WONDERFUL day everyone! 

"Each forward step we take we leave some phantom of ourselves behind."

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heart Sick

As I was pulling up to the new shelter on Webster, my heart sank as I saw it stacked up on the side of the road.  Some evil person dragged it to the curb, along with the plates, water bowl, extra board and tarp and tilted it on its side most likely ready for trash pickup.   I was ill.  I got out of the car and singlehandedly dragged it back to its spot, reset it, and walked away just heartbroken.  I just don’t know what to do now.  For a second, I thought about just walking away from that spot.  I am still contemplating this, but I need help moving the shelter, which I will have this weekend, but its still only Wednesday, and that shelter could be destroyed, or removed while I am typing this.  And what about these poor cats.  I have not seen the white kitty since we placed this shelter there on Sunday.  I did see a red cat fly out of there on Monday morning, it must have been sleeping soundly.  Yesterday, there were three other cats sitting there waiting for me to place some nice wet food down.  This morning, there were no cats in sight.  Their world has once again been turned around.  No warm shelter for them, no food, no water.  I circled back around this morning three times before I went home to ready myself for work, hoping to catch the person who did it redoing it, but no such luck.  I may go on my lunch break and check it out again.  I could really use someone with a truck today to get it out of there before it is gone. 

I have some really good news for you.  I told you about my friend whose cat went missing.  Donna and Dan moved out to Ontario from Walworth in September, and have always allowed their cats to go outside, and they were always accounted for before bedtime and in the house tucked in for the night.  Paco went missing, and here is the happy ending:

“After 16 very long and saddened days, Paco is home safe and sound.  Dan got a call this morning from somebody who lives on the next street over which is at least ½ -3/4 mile away.  They found him in their yard last night and had the flyer that we put out.  They kept him in their house overnight and called this morning.  They also e-mailed us a picture of him and Dan knew it was him.  I was on my home from work at the time.  Dan went to go get him and Paco went running to him.  He has lost quite a bit of weight, but overall, he looks good and is still just as handsome.  We can now truly enjoy our holidays with the family back together!!  We are very happy!!  By the way, the people would not accept a reward.  I will make them up a nice cookie tray and bring it to them.  Thanks for all your concern and well wishes.
PS, I forgot the most important part that will make you smile.  No more outdoors for the kitties!!!  We are not going through this again.  Here is his picture his captors sent to me."

GREAT NEWS!  Many of the cats I feed on the street I am sure were lost at one point.  So this is great.

Jingles, the kitten I rescued yesterday, was VERY playful this morning after I moved her out of a tiny room into a larger room with lots of toys.  She was bathed last evening and looked like a scrawyny little thing.  Her fur is so soft and clean and luxurious!  She is one very happy little kitty!  I have a combo test appt. scheduled for her and if all goes well, a rescue group will take her.  So, say a prayer for her tomorrow!!  J

PS, I took a few pictures this morning, but don’t’ have the camera to download!  ARGH!  J

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I did it!  I got the little kitten!  I never thought I would be able to do it.  She sits across the street from where I feed the big boys on Garson, and when I go over to her, she runs under a porch.  This morning, I walked over to her and placed a bowl of food down, and over she came, and began gobbling.  As soon as I was able, I grabbed her by the neck and carried her to my car, and plopped her on the seat.  She froze.  Scared to death.  But then she just sat there in my lap and I heard a soft purring.  She was so thankful to be rescued, I am so sure about this.  I drove her straight home, and plopped her in the bathroom.  As I drove back to finish up my route, I decided to name her Jingles, as this is the name of one of Santa's elves.  This is fitting as I believe Jingles is a dwarf, or munchkin cat.  She has short legs.  Isn't she pretty???

I would have to say she is about two to three months old.  I am also guessing that she is a girl - although at this age, its very hard to tell.  Anyone interested?    I am so glad I got her off the street.  She appears to be a loner - where is her mama and papa?  Where are her siblings?  So sad when you see this, and can't do anything about it.  She is such a lucky little girl.  It would have been a tough season to survive alone out there.  Now I must find her a home!  Any takers?  :)

There are five others that I am dying to rescue - the first being my little grey boy on Parsells.  I still am having a hard time finding a name for him.  I named another grey on Third Street Grady, he is the second, the other is Hercules - he followed me back to my car this morning and actually jumped up on my lap.  Each time I placed him back on the ground, he jumped up again.  I had to push him away so I could close the door.  He is the one that was rescued from the boarded up house next door to where I feed Mr. Whiskers.   He is the third.  The fourth is Bugsy on Hayward, who also sat on my lap this morning in the warmth of my car.   And last but not least, is Mr. Kitty on Central.  These are the kitties that greet me each day, waiting for me to hold them, or give them a gentle pat on the head.  These innocent creatures just need a home, and they will give you years of love and joy.  Won't you consider?

NOTE:  I brought my camera out with me this morning, but realized the battery needed recharging.  I was able to charge it long enough when I got home to get the pictures of Jingles, but promise to take with me tomorrow to get some more shots, especially of the new shelter on Webster.

Have a great day!

"Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monkey Girl!!

I sit here reflecting on the weekend.  What a weekend it was... 

I rescued Monkey Girl this morning, after getting the green light from my friend Maree who said 'lets try it  - Big Red needs a companion'.  It was so easy.  You have to remember, these cats are either born outdoors, dumped by people who are ignorant, or lost.  Then there are the feral cats that don't come out until after I leave.  The catsthat run to me when I pull up in my car  - I know each of these them like my own children - if  I had them!  I know which I can pick up, and hold, and caress, and I tell them they will soon be rescued, and to just hold on.  The others I can just pat while they are gobbling up their food in the very cold cruel weather we have. This is the reason I am trying to get these cats, as many as I can, off the streets.  They are too sweet to be out there trying to survive on their own.  There is just too much stacked against them.

Just under a year old, Monkey was ready.  She was in the habit now of following me back to the car after I placed food down for her.  Talk about guilt.  Driving away from her the past few months I've been feeding her has been horrible.  Knowing I am leaving these babies behind, looking back at them in the rearview mirror.  

But this time I grabbed her and placed her in my carrier, and told her her ship had come in.  After delivering her to her new home early Sunday morning, I went to visit her hours later and let her out of her carrier and introduced her to Big Red.  They took on immediately.  He needed a companion, and this little girl was it. 

What joy this is.  I see these cats every single day and its heartbreaking to leave them.  Its so gratifying to take them off the street and place them.  You just don't know the wonderful feeling until you've done it, until you've rescued a cat from the street.  Actually, quite a few of you do - those that have adopted the cats from me that I've rescued.  There are no words to describe knowing you've ended the long term street suffering of these animals.

I saw the little kitten that has dwarfed legs yesterday.  I left her some food across the street from where I rescued Big Red, and still feed Talkie and his friends.  I must set a trap to rescue her as she is leary of me.  She is just a baby kitten, all white and red fluffball, and I must get her.

Another highlight of the weekend was my art teacher friend Kristin coming all the way in from Churchville at 5:30 in the morning Sunday and delivering the shelter she and her husband built from a coffee table.  What a shelter!  Its sturdy, and warm, and practical!  I promise to get some pictures, if I can ever remember my camera.  As I approached it this morning (yes, thank God no one had taken it off this city-owned lot on Webster during the day yesterday), a red cat ran out of it, obviously in a deep sleep inside its warm, straw filled sleeping chambers.  I just pray that multiple cats will use it, and that no territorial fighting happens.  Cats can be so cruel to each other. 

So all in all a good weekend!  Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Gimme Shelter Part Two

First thing, here is a picture of a shelter that my friend Kristin and her husband Darrin have built for me which we are going to place the Webster/Ferndale locale...  This spot has been a source of contention forever, but hopefully, this shelter, which looks pretty solid and fortified, will last there through the winter.  Its made out of a piece of furniture they found at the side of the road.  It has a feeding area, and a sleeping area.  Amazing what a little time and effort you can do.  Kristin and Darrin, and all the others who have taken the time to help me with sheltering these animals on the streets are ...  I don't even know a good way to describe you.  You are good people, thats all I can say.  These animals need our help, and even though you are not out there with me in the mornings feeding, trapping, etc., you are with me in spirit, and your efforts are appreciated by these cats.  Pretty cool, isn't it?

Second, I got a nudge from Laura yesterday about TNR'g another three of the seven cats we have left to spay and neuter at Lollipop, and this morning, I successfully got two, and hopefully Laura got the third.  I got Hercules from Sixth, and another pretty little boy that looks EXACTLY like my Buster, from Parsells.   If there are three today, that will be a total of 66 cats done so far this year through the Lollipop grant.  That doesn't include the many others I've done through HFC clinic prior to that, and Another Chance Pet Rescue taking in several pregnant cats I rescued since the first of the year.  Pretty good job by all, pat on the back to me.  :)

Last night, as I was contemplating this morning's TNR (trap, neuter, return) after I got home from work, I got the dreaded call.  The folks that adopted Vanessa (they then renamed her Heidi because her colors were like a hyena - although I saw the colors as being like a VanGogh painting!) two weeks ago wanted to return her.  Apparently their female Izzy was terrorizing Vanessa, and they felt bad for her.  I couldn't argue with them, its rare that you can put two females together alone and have them be the best of friends.  So, she was dropped off, and when she entered the house, its like she never left.  There was chasing and playing and loving with her brothers and sisters all night until bedtime, where it became quiet until the good times continued this morning!  We will find her a home soon, I pray! 

Yesterday morning, as I was feeding at my last location, a large black man across the street was putting out his garbage.  As I got out of the car and shouted goodmorning!, he asked why I was doing what I was doing.  I walked across the street and told him why.  After a minute, I could tell that he was very sympathetic to what I was doing, and he even told me he loved animals, and had pets of his own.  He told me I was special to do what I do, but he also warned me a few times to be careful, that this wasn't always the safest street.  I shook his hand, we introduced ourselves, his name is Carl, and he wished me a blessed holiday season.  I could have cried right then and there, but held it together!  I face SO much adversity from people, and when I get the few accolades that I do from strangers that live in these areas I go to, its just overwhelming to me emotionally. 

Last but not least, as I pulled up to my third to last spot this morning, where Big Red was rescued, and Talkie and Neck Wound kitty and another still hang, my heart sank as I spotted a baby kitten, a white and red fluffball.  I got close enough to it and noticed its legs looked dwarfed.  It wouldnt' let me close, but I placed a bowl of food and water down for it.  Just a baby.  Broke my heart.

I have a vacation day tomorrow, but will try to keep you informed about tomorrow's antics, and releasing these poor animals back out onto the streets.  Thanks for reading and thanks to all who have ever donated to me.  I wouldn't be able to continue if not for your kindness.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Short and Sweet

Prayer For Animals

God Our Heavenly Father, You created the world to serve humanity's needs and to lead them to You. By our own fault we have lost the beautiful relationship which we once had with all your creation. Help us to see that by restoring our relationship with You we will also restore it with all Your creation. Give us the grace to see all animals as gifts from You and to treat them with respect for they are Your creation. We pray for all animals who are suffering as a result of our neglect. May the order You originally established be once again restored to the whole world through the intercession of the Glorious Virgin Mary, the prayers of Saint Francis and the merits of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ Who lives and reigns with You now and forever. Amen.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Yesterday morning, as I was pulling up to my spot on Short, I ‘spotted’ (ha ha) a (cute) younger man wiping off his windows which were full of dew due (another ha ha!) to the warm but humid weather we were having.  It must have been in the 60s, which is wonderful for this time of year.  Its just a tease though, winter weather is supposed to be arriving today.

Mr. Kitty
Anyways, I got out of my car with bag of dry, container of wet, and water jug to go feed, and spoke to him saying ‘goodmorning!  I feed the cats here’ as I pointed to the little wobbly and poorly constructed shelter.  He started to smile and say ‘oh, that’s you!’, and I walked up and shook his hand, introducing myself.  His name was Rob, he began to tell me that he loves cats, has had them but could not any more due to him moving so much.  He told me he was on his way to Buffalo to take a test for school.  He mentioned that he had pictures of his old cats on Facebook and I told him he should ‘friend’ me on there.  He began to search for me on his phone, after I told him to Google me for - Janine’s never ending cat rescue blog – and it would give him all the information.  I told him what I did, that I went around and fed over 50 cats every day, and this was one of my spots.  I pointed to Sixth Street and told him about the cat that was rescued thanks to my friend the cop and the firemen.  He told me I was a saint to do what I do, that he has seen the shelter and knew someone was trying to care for the cats.  We exchanged a few more words, and off he went!  As usual, when he first spoke and said what a good thing I was doing, my eyes misted because these kind of people are SO FEW AND FAR BETWEEN in these neighborhoods.  My heart is touched each time I meet someone who tells me that I am doing GOOD.  Most people hate what I do but won’t bother me for it.  Although a few do bother me for it.  And tear down my shelters.  They will never understand that they aren’t hurting me, they are hurting these precious homeless, needy animals.  If people in these impoverished neighborhoods just went one step further in turning their hate to love, and helping me to fortify these shelters so that these animals could survive another winter in some semblance of comfort, it would be a blessing.

Today I held Mr. Kitty in my arms, and I told him he would be rescued soon. 

Mr. Kitty
 I held Grady in my arms and told him the same thing.  Here is where Grady lives - he needs rescuing very bad: 
Third Street

I also held Monkey in my arms, and told her the same thing. 

Monkey, just after her spay

I must get these cats a home, and quick.   Please spread the word!!