Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

Bad news:

Every year its something.   Something devastating happens to one of my shelters and leaves me nothing but worry worry worry as to what to do for the cats that this displaces.

I received a message yesterday from the neighbor next door to the first spot I have on Melville, number 1, that the spot I place the food in, along with three shelters, has been boarded up.   She wanted to prepare me for what I would see the next morning.  She is also concerned there are cats inside.  There was a hole in the foundation that the cats would nestle in.  Her granddaughter saw the boarding up while my friend was at work. Nothing shocks me any more, but I am resilient to finding solutions, even if they are temporary.  This morning I placed the food and water on the porch of the house.  It was POURING nearly the entire route today.  I also listened behind the boarding for any crying from cats.  Nothing will stop me from feeding those starving cats.  And getting them spayed and neutered.  God tests our strength each and every day.  He's definitely testing mine these days.   

Today was TNR TUESDAY.  In between the pouring rain, and setting two traps hoping to get one kitty, plus the very ill one that is slowly starving to death because he can't eat because of his mouth injury.  He keeps moving from one spot to another on Central.  I set the first on Parsells next to DeGeorge Ceilings, an old firehouse. There are now about six cats I see, since I TNR'd a cat that had been lactating a few months ago.  Her babies are big now.  There are also more adult cats.    Moving on,  I set the second trap on Second and Central where I saw the injured cat yesterday, but nothing. I did all my stops, went back to find this kitty in the first trap, and then finished up at the second trap.  It was my last stop, and still no kitty would go in that trap.  There are kittens there too.  Nothing.  Prior to picking up that trap, I fed at the original location that injured kitty has been - and he was there.  I even touched the top of his head as he tried to gobble the food in his very injured mouth, but he wasn't having any of that.  It was upsetting, he just won't go in a trap.  So I wound up with just one kitty.  And I can't get his picture because I keep living my cell phone in the Jeep, thinking he wouldn't be at that spot. 


A note from a former adopter - they adopted Syd and Joanie, the kittens from Syd and Johnny's Garage on Bay Street, and I still feed their momma every day there..  :( 

Hey Janine,
    I hope any of your potential adopters who are thinking of only getting 1 kitten, will reconsider and take 2. These two are approaching their 1st Bday soon. They are still best friends and play, sleep, and watch all the outdoor critters together all the time. They really are the dynamic duo!


I cannot imagine what would have happened if they were separated. Piper just adores her sister Sydney! (note her arm around her.) 

Thanks for the update Liz.  I always appreciate these.  Its what helps me to continue my quest to save every last one of them, one at a time!  

One last note, I left a plastic tote sideways on Niagara and placed food bowls inside so they wouldn't get wet for the 6-8 cats that are now homeless once again because of the bastard that took my shelters.  As I was getting back into the Jeep, a police car had driven past, and now had turned around and had his lights on.  I got in to the drivers seat, door open, and waited.  What was he going to do?  Was he going to tell me I couldn't feed there?  Was he going to ask me for my license which I don't carry in the mornings?  He walked up and immediately said Oh, I see you are feeding the cats - sorry!  He said 'my partner told me you were feeding cats - Have a good day!  he said with a smile.  I thanked him and told him to be safe.  :)  Love you guys.  You men and women in blue.  Love love love!

Have a great day!

"Your acts of kindness are
iridescent wings of of divine
love, which linger and
continue to uplift others
long after your sharing."

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Musings

Update on Mike.

Talk about cats being introduced to dogs...  take a look at Mike!  Now named Wolfie.  Here he is with his new canine sibling Cricket.  Pure bliss!

Mike aka Wolfie!

Some highlights/lowlights from the weekend.

Friday morning I drove Ike out to his new home in Wolcott.  THAT was a drive, especially considering I drove to Oswego the weekend before.  I then turned around to drive home, pick up Tiggy and Brownie, and drive them to Webster, to their new home.  Both homes approved, and full of love to give to the newbies.  Updates so far are so far so good.  Both homes have canine siblings that are being introduced slowly.  I will post more as I hear.  I will surely miss them all.  All were so loving, and sweet, and cuddly.  So, three down, ELEVEN to go.  (SIX kittens left in my home).  I even visited Destiny, the surrogate mom to so many kittens, and she is doing great.  I thanked her again for her service.  J

Saturday was a big wonderful family-filled party for my mother’s birthday, but the drive home ruined the rest of my day, including my sleep.  I got a call from a friend who occasionally stops to place food and water for the cats on Niagara.  This is the shelter that has been there for about a year now, behind the old Rochester Clutch and Brake.  Corner of Central Park.  The old owner was fine with me placing a somewhat attractive shelter for the 8-10 kitties that had been living between the two buildings across the street in the gated apartment complex.  As you will recall, I had many brushes with a man who had a girlfriend living there, and he felt it was his duty to keep watch so that I would not place food or water under the gate for the many cats trying to survive there.  We had many many nasty encounters, including one where I had to call the police because he threatened me.  But in the end, we sort of came to an agreement and I was then able to finally coax them over across the street.  I rescued many from this location, TNR’d many, and also caught a very sick cat Hope, who’s life I had to end because of how sick she was. 

So the call told me that all my beautiful shelters, including two beautiful ones crafted by a skilled carpenter were by the side of the road.  Everything gone.  My friend stopped to talk to the guys that were inside the building and the new owner apparently was flipping the building to be resold.  He said he had been fined by the city for the grass being high, etc., even though we had gone there and mowed it ourselves in the beginning of the summer.  I had to put my coping mechanism on after hearing this.  I was so upset I couldn’t think straight.  But I had to until the next morning.  Wasn’t a very good sleep Saturday night.  Sunday, I saw the shelters on the side of the road and moved them to a vacant lot down the street.  I had to.  I had no other choice.  I have no idea how long they will stay there at this new location, or how to coax these cats to this new shelter, that is really not built yet, just the two nice shelters are down there.  I placed paper plates and bowls for these poor animals that must be so confused. 

I have to wonder at the mentality of these type of people that can knowingly and deliberately cause distress and harm to an animal.  If I get the chance to speak to this POS, I will ask him – did it ever occur to you that you were causing harm to an animal.  Did it occur to you to allow me some time to move these shelters?  You had my number on the flier I keep inside my shelters, as the City asked me to do, you could have at least left me a note.  Instead, I had to crawl through the Al’s Maintenance dumpster on the other side of the building to get the five plastic totes you tossed aside, and never mind the wood and pallets that were so dear and precious to me.  What a bastard you are.  I hope you slept well sir.  I am sure this will not be the end.

Saturday concluded the on-line fundraiser that my friends Andrea and Lou held for me on Facebook.  I do not have the figures, but I am sure it will help out with food for a few months.  I am so honored and grateful to the people that donated their goods so others could spend their money that will go towards helping the animals I feed and shelter in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  It was a huge undertaking for Andrea and Lou, and I thank the Lord for them in m life!  They are the DOERS of the world! 

Meanwhile, each morning I’ve been placing a trap for a very sick cat that I’ve been feeding for over a year at least between 5th and 6th streets on Central Park.  Last winter, I noticed drool coming from his mouth, thought upper respiratory.  He would not go into the trap then.  Here is it end of July, his jaw hangs open, mouth is a mess, and he can barely gulp enough food in his mouth.  He is very very sick.  Someone put out a post pleading with people for help for me.  I need someone with a net.  Or a drop trap. I didn’t hear from anyone.  I know people are busy.   Saturday morning the trap was set only to find the little guy travelled two blocks and was at my Third Street location.  Sunday morning, he was not seen at either place, and I secretly wished he had passed overnight.  This morning, trap was set at usual spot, but this time, he eluded me and was at my 2nd street location.   Its heartbreaking, but all I can do is drive away and try to put it out of my mind.  I don’t know what else to do.

Pictures from the weekend:



Cat on Greeley and Parsells


My kitty Rufus a/k/a CRAZY EYES


Still available:  Chippie, Fudgie, Itsy and Bitsy, Nimbus, Robbie, Chip, Ernie, Happy & Taco?   Lets get these adorable furry creatures a home!

Have a nice day.

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Two large sheets of plywood and two big strong men to give up a morning for the cats and meet me on 7th Street.  I need to move some large wooden shelters and pallets to place the plywood underneath and rebuild the shelter.  It won't take long, I just need muscle!  Please, spread the word, bribe your son, boyfriend or husband.  I sure can use the help.  

This morning all was quiet out there.  I did see the very injured cat on Central.  And forgot the trap in the Jeep.  I did not see the nursing mother, or the other kitty I saw the next morning on Garson.  I did see a ton of cats, and I did stop more times than usual to pour some food out on the sidewalk for them, as I have run out of paper bowls, which is another thing on my wish list.  Paper bowls.  Not Styrofoam, but paper.  Recycle Recycle Recycle.  But you can’t with Styrofoam.  Terrible product really.

Last evening was a busy one when I got home from work.  Michelle stopped by to pick up MOXY!  Moxy joins Marbles as the newest member of the family.  They are thrilled, and have shared so many pictures already of their new baby.  After that, sweet Eileen, who adopted Buddy from me years ago, and happens to own the best boutique in town, Enchanted Rose Garden in Penfield, stopped by with her NYC daughter to bring a few kitten toys for the babes, and wound up taking Happy home with her.  J  Happy is teeny tiny, and when they are that little, they are a lot of work.  They fell in love with him instantly.  I will be checking in later in the day to make sure things went smoothly.  He could be crushed in a split second if stepped on!

Shortly after that, Joy stopped by with Nimbus.  The cutest little grey kitten ever!  Scared, but sweet.  I brought him out this morning to hang in the living room with the others, and he freaked out.  I think he has been sort of hanging by himself at Joy’s, so we have to get him introduced to other kitties…  in time.  I have yet to ask Joy the story behind his name!  He and Tiggy go in for the spays today.  It’s a hectic household, to say the least.

The auction is going strong, from last reports there have been about $1K in proceeds from it.  I know, it’s a lot of money.  When you think about it, its enough to last me six and a half weeks in dry food alone.  I spend an enormous amount of money in doing what I do.   Not only the dry food, but the wet food, and the kitten food (both dry and wet) I’ve purchased for the close to 20? Kittens I have under my wing this year, and the enormous vet bills, and the gas spent on driving these kit cats to their new homes, which must be done, as they are like my own children, and I wouldn’t allow my children to go anywhere without me knowing where they are going to.  And to be sure their new home is safe, and kitten proof.   $1K is also enough for me to TNR 16 cats.  That’s a lot of kitties too, but not a lot in the grand scheme of things.  I see at least 16 kitties running across the roads in the darkness each morning on the different streets I travel.  I am grateful for all the help I receive.  And I am especially grateful to those that share their possessions with me to help these animals.  Without you, I couldn’t do this.

I am off tomorrow.  I deliver Ike to his new home, and Tiggy and Brownie go to their new home.  And then I am hoping to pamper my feet with a pedicure.  God knows they need it.  Saturday is my mother’s BIG outdoor birthday party at my sisters.  Rain is in the forecast so I am hoping they are wrong!

Have a great day!

 "Everyday life is a struggle, with the biggest victory being the chance
to keep struggling."

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Its Christmas in July!

I have this fabulous couple helping me out with a fundraiser for me.  Its Christmas in July!  Its on Facebook, and here is the link.  I've had quite a few friends donate items to help the cause.  Its an auction where you bid an amount, and hope its the final price!  :)  Unless someone outbids your bid.  Fun.  And please remember,  if you donated anything and don't see it, it would be considered hard to mail, so please don't be offended. It can either be returned to you, or can be used for my Meow and Chow fundraiser in November! I SO appreciate your donated items!  Here is the link:


My life is so full, as is all of ours, but when you do what I do and need what I need, its hard to fund-raise at the same time.  That's why I appreciate people that go out of their way to help me.  When ever you feel angry or disappointed in humanity, remember good people like this - Andrea and Lou - that go out of their way to help others.  

And the REASON for fund-raising...  As you know, I feed over 100 cats every single morning of my life in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  I go through 40 pounds of dry food every single day, and also a case of wet food, which they get only a drop of because there is only so much to go around.  I have cats running to me when they hear the Jeep, or coming out of hiding when they hear me cat-calling them.  Most I am able to pet, some keep their distance, although after they get to trust me by seeing me day after day, they get a lot closer.  Because I am so close to these cats when I pour the food, I can see them and notice if they are injured, sick, or whatever.  Little Red on Baldwin and Grand I can now hear before even bending down to pour food.  He has a rattle in his chest.  Its loud.  He is also extremely hyper.  Wonder what that could be.  Also, if you remember from last winter, there is a black and white cat on Central that I had noticed drool coming from his mouth.  I tried trapping, but he would never go in.  Well, he has been coming closer and closer to the food dish I fill each day, and this morning, I could see he can barely eat, and gulps the food down – he either has an abscess or infection or some type of growth in his mouth.  It was pitiful.  All I could do was walk away, disturbed and sad.  All I can do is try to trap him.  He is semi-feral, and won’t let me touch him. 

I try not to share the sad stuff because I have actual friends that won’t read this blog because of it.  I don’t think I would actually read something that would make me sad.  I write this stuff because, in the back of my warped mind I think, maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there that can help me.   Or help with whatever situation it is that makes me sad.  But if you could only see what I see out there…. 

I did not, however, see the nursing cat on Grand yesterday.  I stopped, got out with the bag of food and water, and went over to the dishes I had left previously, cat called, and listened.  Nothing.  I then saw a beautiful fluffy tabby – looked nearly identical to Gracie, the kitty I picked up four weeks ago that WAS pregnant and she had her kittens a week later.  All six.  So this new cat kept his distance, but surely went for the food after I drove off.  I did not see the nursing mother, nor hear any kittens crying softly, but I listened!

Back at the ranch, I’ve got Ike going to his new home, and Tiggy and Brownie going to their new home, on Friday.  I am so thankful that this girl, who was initially just wanting one kitten, fell for my coaxing her into getting two!  Ha! J  Seriously, I told her I was going to send her information on WHY it is so important for two kittens, especially if there are no other pets in the house.   So I will be down three, but will have baby Nimbus joining me, as he and Tiggy are being neutered and spayed tomorrow morning.  I am also hoping that Marbles new family will be taking Moxy.   Its kitten heaven in my house each morning, and I hate having to come to work because of it. 

NIMBUS (rescued from Wambachs Farm Market)

Let me share this with you to make your day.  I get reports from Posie’s new mom, who has named him Bailey.  GOOD reports.  He is so loved....  I think this kitten is the most adorable kitten in the world.  Well, I do exaggerate too.  Sorry other kittens.

Be sure to click on the pictures to see up close!  J

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Outta Sight, Outta Mind!

HAPPY says HI!  I am available for adoption!  :)
Today was supposed to be TNR Tuesday.  Last evening, after work, I sat out in my backyard – where lately is the only place I can find some inner peace.  Its quiet, and I don’t have to look at kittens, or talk.  I go back there to check my messages from the day, and open mail, maybe have a cocktail, or two, and just chill.

As I was sitting there, I started to think about tomorrow – which is today.  I knew that Brownie, Chippie and Fudgie were going in for their spay/neuters, and I also knew I had two spots available at the clinic for TNR.  In order for me to do TNR, I have to set traps in the city, in the dark, at 4 am.  In order to ensure I get two cats, I set 3 or 4 traps.  Now after I get the traps set, I set off to go do my feedings at 14 other locations.  Now you shouldn’t leave cats that are trapped alone for very long, so in between feeding, I am usually running back to check on the traps.  This is a very time consuming thing to do, so Tuesdays take much long for me in the morning, which leaves me less time to get ready for work.  Lately, my routine includes caring for the kittens I have at my house.  So that would mean less time to care for the kittens as well.

So I began to feel overwhelmed.  On the one hand, if I trapped two cats, they would be on the porch overnight.  I’ve been keeping kittens there because I am sort of running out of rooms, and its large enough where they can play, and sleep, comfortably.  But the two – two feral cats, and the kittens, don’t mix, so I didn’t want to stress more cats out.  On the other hand, I am stressed out.  Having to bring FIVE cats in for spaying is a lot.  Its not only a lot of cats to care for after surgery, but a LOT of MONEY.  I include combo tests for the kittens as well, and now Brownie seems to be getting a small cold.  More vet bills.  So, without stressing more, I called a friend from the clinic who validated my feelings, and told me they could fill my spots.  Thank God.  On the other hand though (which hand was I on?), I felt, and still feel, total guilt over not trying to trap and neuter more cats.  There are so many out there.

Look who I fed this morning at 156 Garson.  Saw this cat sitting on the side of the road, right near where I picked up Prego/Gracie three weeks ago, who had her six kittens a week ago.  After pouring food and water for the hungry looking cat, I felt underneath – MASSIVE milk ducts.  My heart sank. 

I don’t want to experience burn out, but I feel overwhelmed trying to do this alone.  I wish I had an army to help me.  I just can’t seem to recruit an army though.  The few other rescue groups have their hands full, and outside of rescue, no one has stepped up to the plate and just done it!  – except for one girl Joan who sat for me while I set traps for Fudgie and Chippie on Garson a few weeks back.  People are busy!

I’ve never seen such an influx of kittens, and pregnant cats – EVER.  In all the years I’ve been doing this.  Sometimes, I am just so overwhelmed its hard to go on.   But on I do.  And on I go.  Please spread the word about the kittens available so that I can get back to the real rescue business, one cat at a time.  I need a break.  J

Have a great day.

“In everybody’s life there’s a point of no return. And in a very few cases, a point where you can’t go forward anymore. And when we reach that point, all we can do is quietly accept the fact. That’s how we survive.”

Monday, July 17, 2017

Boom! ZAP!


Man oh man, I have been doing this for a long time.  Going out at 4 am. in all sorts of weather.  You name it, I've been in it.  This morning was a little bit different.  Scary.  The air was electric.  Lightning everywhere.  Thunder booming in the distance.  I had the headlamp around my neck.  I was walking in open fields.  I was hovering under trees.  I was in the pouring rain, which I've done countless times, but now I was subjecting my self to electrocution!  And it happens!  I just prayed each and every step I took from the time I got out of the jeep until I got back in.  Soaking of course.  But I made it home, wet not crispy!

This weekend I went to see Gracie, the pregnant female that was too far along to spay, the one I rescued on Garson three Saturdays ago.  She has since had her babies, all six.  Three sets of twins!  Gracie is a very very sweet cat, and a great mom.  Very protective.  Here are pictures from my visit with them.  Their names will be forthcoming as they get a bit older. 

GRACIE and her babies!

I also picked up Ernie Robbie and Chip from my sisters.  They needed to be a bit more socialized, and now they are at Melissa’s for a bit so that she can do her magic.   I also brought Ike home, the only one left of the Ben, Jerry, Mike and Ike clan.  He will hopefully go to a new home soon also!




Itsy and Bitsy were brought back to me as a trade.  They are doing much better, sort of.  Itsy got into the house from the porch this morning and was just found.  I panic thinking that one of them would get out of the house.  PANIC.  But thankfully she was hiding under a bed.  They will take a while to get used to their new surroundings.  Sweethearts though, yes, they are.

Bitsy and Itsy!
Guess who got adopted this weekend?  DESTINY!  I cried when I had to say goodbye to her.  I whispered thank you to her, for being such a great mom to five kittens who weren’t even her own.   Her adoptive mom had been looking for a tortie and she said she googled Tortie, Rochester, and my name came up!  Unbelievable.  The power of the internet.  Destiny joins a sister – prayers they get along!  Can’t wait to see how her first night went.  I know she will have noticed her babies missing.  I am sure her babies missed her too.  :(  She has a great new mom Anne though, that will love her to pieces!

Guess who else is being adopted...  TIGGY and BROWNIE!  They are going together!  Woo hoo!  And I LOVE their new mom!  She came over Saturday to meet them and fell in love.  This weekend they will be delivered to their new home!  J

Moxy's eye is all better, and Moxy will hopefully join Marbles soon.

I leave you with a really cute pic, Baylee and Taco.  They look so alike, but no relation, I swear!  :)

Friday, July 14, 2017

Meow & Chow!

Get your calendars out and a big red marker and mark NOVEMBER 11 as the 4th Annual Meow & Chow fundraiser!  :)  And it will be on the East side this year.  Woo hoo!!!

This date could change, but that is where we stand today.  More details coming!

The Christmas in July Fundraiser that my friend Andrea is having for me is going well, and still going!  Please check it out if you are on Facebook! 


I am off from work today, but never from feeding the cats in the hood.  All went fairly well even though I had to go back to Short Street due to raccoons hovering nearby the first time I went there.  I had to refill the filthy water they left behind after I left the first time.  Piggies.

Taco is not feeling well.  His surrogate mom Destiny was sneezing, so I just today started to treat her for a possible URI, and I am thinking maybe Taco caught a bug from her.  So I gave her a tiny bit of amoxicillin that I have left from Moxy's treatment, and mixed up some formula and baby food and syringe fed him.  He is so tiny, so weak.  I hope he perks up.  He was a madman just a few days ago.

Moxy is doing much better.  His eyes are almost back to normal. I have no news on the Edgeland Street cats.  I need to determine their weights so I can make sure that their spay and neuter appointments correspond to their weight.  Could be a few weeks out.

Today, Itsy and Bitsy come back to me for the weekend.  I am hoping folks come visit them - they are ready for their new home!  Their foster mom is due for a fabulous weekend in wine country.  Have fun Melissa!

A special mention for my friend Kristin - she and her husband have to make a heart-wrenching decision to end the life of their precious friend and family member, Jack.  Its the worst decision to end the life of a breathing heart beating life, but its the best thing for a breathing, heart beating life when the joy is gone.  We can't turn back time, and we can't fix what's not fixable.  Some will say dogs and cats are the same, but they are not in my opinion.  Dogs are just a little bit different.  When I had to end the life of my beloved pooch Thunder, it was so hard, but I knew I was doing the right thing.  He couldn't go on any longer suffering, he was ready.  We do this all out of love.  As long as you realize the important role your dog played in your life, that’s all that matters. Cherish your memories of the good times–and the sad times.  So take a moment and wish them well on their struggle.  Jack, you will be with my Thunder, my Spencer, and all those that have passed on before you, in heaven, so see you all when I get there! 

Thursday, July 13, 2017


I love to explore places like this in the countryside...  
So lots of updates today!  And by the way ...  TGIT!  I have the day off tomorrow... from work that is.

I NEVER get the day off from feeding over 100 cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester.  For those of you who don't know, I feed homeless cats at 19 different spots that I have set up shelters for the homeless cats every day of my life.  I go through 40 pounds of dry food, and a TON of wet.  The TON of wet allows each cat maybe a tablespoon, but its pure gold to them.  I clean out their water bowls and fill with fresh.  There were at least three spots this morning with raccoon lurking, so I know those cats will go until tomorrow morning without clean water or food.  I try my best to chase these intruders away, but they are tough.  They could care less.  They just sit in the trees and wait for me to leave.

So far, I have rescued close to 70 cats this year, most from the streets, some from under the bushes (kittens) or lilac trees (kittens).  I’ve never seen more kittens this summer than I have in my entire life.  And I’ve had most of them with me.  Some of my good friends, like Melissa – the kitten whisperer, or like my sister, have taken in a few for me, but I’ve had probably close to 10-15 cats in my house all at once in the past month.  And some sick ones.  My life is not the same, it’s the summer that never was, and if any of my friends or family feel neglected, I am sorry.  I just have so much time in the day before I HAVE to be in bed to get up at 2 am.  At 2 am., I am feeding all the kittens (who are in groupings in separate rooms over night) and getting my self ready to head out at 4.  These two hours include half hour on the couch checking my messages, so if you hear a ping on your phone at 3 am., its me answering your message!  Not to mention my own clan, who have been feeling very neglected, and I can understand why.  And most of mine are elders too.  I feel so bad for them.  Then when I get home after an hour and a half of feeding the homeless, I have to care for the kittens all over again, including litter boxes, sweeping up litter, shaking rugs, getting the food and water jugs ready for the next morning, laundry…  and THEN get myself ready to head out for my job for the next 8 hours.  Every other day there is a Wal-Mart trip for over 100 lbs of Kit’n’kaboodle dry food and wet food to keep up my supply.  I don’t get enough donations to make it through the week, and unfortunately, the food expense adds up.

And thankfully, I have been healthy that I am still able to go out every single morning – even if I am nauseous.  TMI.  J

So the TNR Tuesday cats – the one little black feral kitten – turns out to be UNDER 2 lbs. so the clinic normally will not spay or neuter a cat that young due to the anesthesia effects.  But she was done, and I was facing a huge dilemma about what to do with kitten.  HOW could I return something that young, but it seemed so feral, and all my resources – my fosters – all three of them – were overloaded with other feral-like kittens to tame.  Then, I get a call from someone at the clinic who said they had someone there in training that offered to take kitty to see if they could work with her.  HURRAY!  Meanwhile, Prego kitty from Parsells…  turned out to be so sweet.  AFTER HER SPAY, I knew I would have to let her back to the streets, but a WONDERUL ANGEL – whom I had never even met before – offered to take her.  So off we went last night to her house, and it was love at first sight!  I am so grateful to these people who came into my life so quickly when I needed – or the cats – needed them most.  And thanks to all the other wonderful people who offered their help too!



Meanwhile, back to the hoarding situation, (the woman was ordered to clean up the property, wouldn't allow the police in her house, and not much else was done to help the cats there) this wonderful rescuer Beth offered to go help with getting some of the other sick kittens still on the property, and lo and behold, FIVE more kittens were rescued.  They will be brought into my rescue ‘group’ but thankfully fostered by my friend’s daughter, who helped to nab them.  My friend has THREE from the previous day.  GOOD GOD!  This has been a very costly rescue for them so far, but also for me, as I will be depending on donations to help care for these kittens.  And get them vetted.  They are all full of fleas and have a few eyes issues but nothing serious.  Personally, I am going through so much kitten food, it’s not funny.  I could really use some help with KITTEN food.

Most importantly, we need help with TNR of the adult cats on this property.  This reproducing has got to stop.  Please help!

Mike (now WOLFIE!)
Marbles is doing fabulously in his new home.  

They want to adopt Moxy, so off he will go soon as his eyes are looking much better!  Posie, now Bailey, is doing great after his neuter, and he is very loved.  MIKE, now named WOLFIE, has made himself right at home.  I delivered him Monday evening to his new wonderful family.  A nice girl is coming to meet Tiggy tomorrow.  Ike, Bear and Taco are still waiting for surgeries and have their potential adopters waiting in the wings.  Brown, Fudgie and Chippie will be spayed/neutered this Tuesday.  My sister has Robbie, Chip and Ernie this week getting them socialized.  And of course there is Itsy and Bitsy!  


They are available for adoption too!  And of course our little HAPPY! Taco-sized Happy is the CUTEST EVER! 

The Christmas in July fundraiser is going fabulously, according to the MASTER organizer Andrea!  Thank you to everyone that made item donations!  All items are FABULOUS!  Get your bids in today!

Have a GREAT day!

PS, we are looking into a new location for the MEOW and CHOW fundraiser this year.  Stay tuned!  Hoping its the end of September or early October.  Did someone say CAMPFIRE?  :)  

“Courage is not having the strength to go on. 
It is going on
when you don’t have the strength.”