Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Blast


BABY MAMA on 7th


Well, at least 20 states were affected by the storm that hit yesterday, mine included, but I tell ya, if we could have snow 'storms' like this one every time, I would be a happy camper.  The snow came straight down, there was no wind, so no drifts, no cleaning out shelters that were covered with boards, no real shoveling to do out there this morning.  And it took me just over an hour, which is what I normally do on a good day.  We had about four or five inches over night, but the street and sidewalk plows did their job in the wee hours, so driving wasn't too bad.  Most of the kitties were waiting for me, I was so glad I could provide them with their breakfast in this winter wonderland that they were out in.  I saw many come out of the shelters that are placed for them, and some I wonder where they sleep even though they have shelter.   I saw my little grey guy from Garson at the new spot around the corner.  He is my next rescue.   I hope it comes soon.

Right now though, I have to say goodbye to my little newly found friend Ruby.  I want to thank everyone who expressed their condolences.   It means the world to me to read comments from you.  You all have such good hearts.   I've been giving her extra special loving - today at 3:20 I will bring her in.  Its so hard to do because she is not showing signs of sickness.  I hold her, listen to her purring.  She has a nice little cozy blanketed bed on the windowsill that she sits at looking out at the crowded birdfeeder and birdbath.  She is my little angel sent from above.  This is going to be a tough one for me.  :(

I have the rest of the week off, and I am loving it.

I wish all of you a healthy and peaceful holiday.  I know for myself I am thankful for alot.  I am thankful for my friends, family, the job I have, a roof over my head, and being able to care for my own cats, and for the cats that are fortunate enough to have me feeding them out there, day after day, and rescuing as many as I can.

Happy Thanksgiving!
"The best & most beautiful things in life cannot be seen,
not touched, but are felt in the heart."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

Its something you can never get use to. I feed so many homeless cats, every morning and in the act of putting food and water down for them. leaving them with shelter there is a comfort for which I am so grateful. This feeding of the cats is expensive and it is tiring but it is such a blessing. Once a cat begins to trust me, to come to me without fear and show their affection I will try to rescue them and place them in a home; a forever home with a family that is going to love them all their life.

But then every so often a cat I rescue comes with something so dreadful it just breaks my heart.

On Sunday morning I rescued Ruby from Second because I could have sworn she was pregnant. She was instantly loving and affectionate so I wasn't able to put her back on the street after I was told she was not pregnant. A pure cuddler this one is.  Yesterday she went to the vet for a check up. Before she can mix with other cats, and the first of these will always be my own cats, they have to be checked out to make sure they are fit and healthy.  Well, that 'baby' I felt in her tummy is actually her spleen.  She  has an enlarged spleen, and to boot - feline leukemia.

So her future is not as bright as it was yesterday.  Her life that I thought stretched out before us will not be long. She cannot be allowed to mix with other cats for fear she will infect them.  I will make the appointment for Ruby to be put to sleep either today or tomorrow.  Some would call this murder.  I call it ending life compassionately.  Can you imagine if I had put her back on the street, in her condition?  Her future would be filled with pain and suffering.  I know if I had an incurable disease, I would want my life to end compassionately, not to suffer.  There aren't enough people that take in these type of sick cats, so there is no other choice.

For a couple of days she has enjoyed love and affection and I hope she has had a measure of warmth and comfort she never knew on the mean streets of Rochester.   I will always love you Ruby girl!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Oh No! I Did it Again!!! & FIRE!!!

I thought I had seen it all.  Last year when I saw a body lying in the middle of the street on Grand Avenue I remember thinking that is going to be hard to beat. Well this morning I beat that one.

Right in the middle of two of my feeding places a house was on fire, smack dab in the middle of two of my spots.  It was not a small fire either. This one was big enough to have at least five fire trucks, police blocking off the streets and at least one ambulance. So many of these old houses were once grand residences in Rochester. Now they are in a poor state and all too often they are now falling victim to the hazards of fire.

My kitties were nowhere to be seen and who could blame them. The sight of this big house fire is enough to frighten me but for the cats it must be really horrifying. When I was there it was completely out of control and the police and firemen were just getting there. With the police blocking off the streets, I had to take a few detours to get to those feeding spots.

On Baldwin Street, after driving around the block, getting out amongst a dozen rescue vehicles, I left the food and water for the hiding cats, and spotted a man standing next to the lot watching all the action. I introduced myself and told him what I was doing.  He told me he was from Africa and lived there with his family at the house right next to the lot I feed in.  I cannot begin to imagine how he felt about it all. He told me his son woke him and said 'Daddy, theres a fire!"  

I am sure most of you have seen this story on the television news this morning and you will have heard reports of it on the radio news as you drive to work. Nothing can convey just how horrible these fires really are. Now I am home and I heard there were 8 people living in that house, 3 adults and 5 children. They are now without a place to live - they've lost their home and their possessions.  If the wind had been as bad as it was this past weekend, the homes next door would be experiencing the same thing. The shelters I have for the cats are OK but I don't know when they will come back if they come back at all.

Its a reminder that we are once again in the fire season. People have to heat their houses and with that goes the risk of fire. A quick word of thanks to the men of the Rochester Police Dept. They were busy blocking off the streets around this fire and a couple of times I found myself caught in their way. They were very polite and courteous to me. They could have been angry and really got in my face but they didn't. They just quietly directed me in the best way out.

On another note:   Some people might think I am stupid, and a lot of the times, when I think this, I convince myself that I am.  There is a cat on Second that I've been feeding for a long time now, and I thought she was pregnant, but then thought, no wait a minute, is she eartipped?  Or not?  You have to be in my shoes in the dark in the morning - its not always easy to spot a cat that's been eartipped.  Well, on Friday morning as I was placing food down, which she waits for each morning because she is so hungry, I felt her belly and could have sworn I felt the silhouette of a baby inside her.  I grabbed her by the scruff, walked her to the car, opened the carrier, placed her in, and she shot like a bolt of lightning out the back, where I hadn't noticed the latch was undone.  OK, so, I scold myself for not being careful, I go back behind the house to finish up feeding, and she comes back again!  So, I grabbed her by the scruff, walked her back to the car, and placed her in the carrier.  She did it again.  This time she ran down the street. I thought to myself, she will never trust me again, and I left there feeling horrible.  I thought, surely, she will have her babies after that traumatizing experience, and I could have prevented it.  I had someone lined up to take her too, and birth her babies.  OK, so next morning.  Cats must forget quickly, at least this one did, because sure enough, she comes sidling up to me again, and this time I placed her in the carrier knowing the latch in the back was secure, and she wasn't going anywhere!  Well, I brought her to Diane, who was waiting for her at 6 am.  Diane brought her down to a room, came back and said 'Janine, this cat is not pregnant, and she is eartipped!'.  I felt like a fool.  And in the light, I could see she was, but if you see this ear, because her ear was tipped so long ago, fur has grown over the cut part.  So, there!  :)

After an application of flea treatment, I placed her back in the carrier and said 'ok, I will return her to the street.'  Well, not five seconds out of the driveway, I thought 'I am NOT returning this sweet little girl back to the cold and misery that she  has been living in,  and I brought her home!  Can't believe I did it again.  And I named her Ruby!  Here she is! 

Ruby is the sweetest little girl.  After cowering in a corner, being in a house for the first time in a very long time, who knows if ever, she has learned how to use the litter box, and now waits for me to come in and rub her tummy.  I will be bringing her to the vet to see what her bulge might be, and have her tested, and if all goes well, she will be ready for adoption!  She is a very sweet little girl.  Please help spread the news!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mucho Dinero

7th Street Sick Kitty - Missing

All was quiet this morning.  At each of my locations, the usual suspects were waiting for me - an average of three cats - most have just that, but some have five or six, and some have one.   There are spots where I've been feeding the same cats day in and day out, never missing a beat, and then there are some where I haven't seen the little one in a long while, a short while, or since yesterday.  You wonder what has happened to the ones you haven't seen in a long while.  You know they are homeless, you know this or that one was very sick the last time you saw them, you know that the most likely scenario was not a good one - so you say a little prayer for them, and hope to see them again.   Take my mother's cat, that she had let out for five minutes before a coyote attacked and killed her.  She was the mom of four beautiful kittens, three of them died shortly after birth, and the other lived, being named Katie, and went on to a good home.  Poor Penny.  She didn't deserve to die like that.  My mother was sick over it.  This is why I don't believe in letting animals outdoors, and the fact that I feed over 30 strays each day - people who have either kicked out the cat because being unneutered or unsprayed, are spraying their house, or they move and leave the animals there, and now you have a city full of homeless animals.  And I try to care for them all.  But I can't protect them. 

Pennsylvania & 4th - Winter

Someone asked me how much food I go through per day.  It still amazes me how I've been able to do this on my own, with occasional help from some very kind people who occasionally donate, and for that I am so grateful, but on average, I go through 16-18 pounds per day of dry food - that's $10 per bag, which with taxes, is close to $80 or $90 (I was never a math major), and wet food, which is like gold to them - well - a box of canned food is at least $15 for 24 cans?  I go through 25 5-oz. cans per day.  That's a lot of food.  And that's a lot of money each week I am spending out of my own pocket, in a one income household.  I am still amazed at how I've been able to keep afloat - and I wonder and worry how long I will be able to do it. 

These cats depend on me, its their one and only meal of the day before the other cats hiding in the shadows push in, or the raccoons and opossums sniff their way to the food - they are so hungry each morning - there is not one fat cat on my route. 

I am thankful for the weather, and that they haven't needed the shelters that I am trying to provide, and that they will need to survive the freezing cold temps we will for sure experience very soon. 

On a brighter note, I was able to place a tote shelter on the porch of the abandoned house just around the corner on Garson and Chamberlain, and called for the kitties that I could see waiting on the porch of the house where the owner hates me and removes my bowls each and every day.  They came running, which made me happy.  I've been distraught wondering how I was going to shelter these three cats that I feed on a regular basis, Casey, Lucy, and this grey kitty, and hopefully - if I am quiet enough and the neighbors don't see me at that time in the morning, this new spot will their new home, for a while.  Until the next cat hater comes along and tells me to stop feeding there.  Ah, the small things that make our day, eh? 

I have tomorrow off from work, thank God - my spirit needs renewing.

Have a great weekend. 

"Hate is not the first enemy of love.  Fear is.
It destroys your ability to trust."

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rupert... and Others!

Look at this cat. Is this the most beautiful cat in the world?  Well, maybe you don't feel that way, maybe you have your own kitties that you feel are the most beautiful in the world, but this baby I rescued very very sick from the streets three weeks ago, had him vetted and treated for URI, neutered, and look at him now.  He was a MESS.  What a very lucky cat he is now!  This is just one story out of hundreds that I have.

Pepper and Penny then

Here's another - remember the two baby kittens, they were born outside on Hayward - they were two out of six or seven kittens born early this spring that I rescued, and look at them now! Luckiest cats in the world - living the high life in Webster with a loving family of Mom, Dad, sister and brother who adopted them together, and love them dearly.

Pepper and Penny today (can you tell which is which?)
This morning it was very very cold out, a heavy frost on the ground.  I did my usual first, second and third stops, and after pulling away from my fourth - where I feed Casey, and a pretty grey kitty, along with Lucy and another kitty - this is where the man who owns the house comes by each day just to trash my bowls that I leave with food and water - I started to drive off and noticed an abandoned house on the other corner just across the street.  Now, do you know how thrilled I was to see that?  I can now place a few shelters somewhere around there for these cats that have NO shelter whatsoever from the weather today, and weather to come.  I just need to place them, place food there, and coax them.  Any ideas anybody?  They will be able to see me from where they currently are, and hear me, but how to get them across the street, and into the field, and to the house.  Need to figure that out.  And quick.  I was thrilled to see this though, its been a dilemma for me since last winter, when the man destroyed their only shelter last winter on his porch - where he does not reside, and its been vacant and boarded for years.  Makes me ill to know there are such mean people.

Stout Street
I have an opportunity to place one or two more cats in a barn again - I am contemplating Casey there on Garson - this woman only wants tuxedos, calicos or tortoise shelled cats.  There is another cat I am thinking about because obviously I want to get as many cats off these streets as possible.

Cedric and Prince are doing well since being let out of their cages they were in for two weeks in the Scottsville barn I brought them to.  Prince is a sweet heart, and is there each day for his new 'mama' who comes to feed them, her horses, and chickens!  There are lots of warm and cozy spots here in this 'barn', so I have no worries, but Cedric has been in hiding when she comes around, but has been seen.  I pray he warms up to his new family soon! 

I have not seen the calico kitten on Baldwin in maybe a month now.  Remember, she was the kitten who was spayed and eartipped by someone - by whom I have no clue.  (was that proper grammar?)  I pray she was scooped up by whoever this mysterious person is.  I rarely see the other two kittens that were there either. 

But this was a good morning.  I fed an awful lot of hungry bellies, and I drove home with some hope, once again.

Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to make them larger.

Have a beautiful day!

"What you see in this world is a mirror reflection of your
own thoughts, if you have ugly thoughts,
the world becomes ugly."

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tempus Fugit! Time flies.

Especially in the morning.

There are times in the early morning when a lone cat catches my eye. This morning before I got to any of my spots I saw just such a loner on the sidewalk. Never letting a chance like this pass I stopped and got out with some food for him. My practice is always to not approach a new cat directly so as to not scare them away. Food left down by itself for a couple of minutes can be gone quickly before they can get back to it.

After leaving the food I turned around to see the cat, an unneutered male, limping towards his meal. He was certainly not too frightened of me or perhaps his need for a good meal outweighed his fear. Anyway I noticed that he could not put any weight on his front left leg. These are times when I wish I could  scoop up all these homeless kitties and bring them home. But I cannot.  Time, before I go to work, flies too quickly. If I had the time and the financial means I would be caring for all of them a whole lot better. The streets of the 'hood are no place for them. Not sure why this boy was limping but there is a good chance he cut his foot on a piece of broken glass. Maybe something else but who knows for sure until I can get a closer look.

Some cats will trust easily and others never allow me to get anywhere near them. They all know the sound of the car first thing in the morning. Many of them come running straight up to me, others will sit quietly near the sidewalk while others wait in the shadows preferring to keep their distance. They are as individual as we are.

Now I am back home and before I get ready for work I have to get ready for tomorrow morning. There are bags to be filled with dry food and containers of wet food to get ready. So many cans of wet food and it takes time; time still flying and so am I. Once the containers are ready they go into the oven for safe keeping. If I leave them out my cats will feast on them and if I leave them in the fridge they are too cold for the homeless ones to eat. So the oven is the only real option.

Clean the litter boxes and now I can think about myself. Get my lunch ready and then me.

Oh what a life.

"When you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less."

Monday, November 18, 2013


No, it really wasn't a hurricane, but it could have had the winds been a bit more windier.  There must have been gusts in excess of 50mph overnight.  I lay awake thinking my tree would fall on top of me, and Leo, and Smokey, and Midnight, and Mary Jane!, at any moment, crushing us in an instant.  I thought of all my spots with shelters, and how were the kitties faring over night.  The rain pounded against the west side of my house at one point, sounding like it was going to break the window.  Boy we sure do have some storms - I think this has been the windiest year on record for Rochester.  Two things I hate the most, wind and rain.  I can even deal with the snow and cold, but the wind and rain are hard to beat.   The flimsy bowls the cats eat from scatter here and there as soon as they eat whats in it, and then that's it for their meal for the day.  My shelters are not as secure as I would like - and we all know the rain - the cats get wet, and so does my newly flattened, ironed hair! 

I met a girl named Sheryl through the blog who offered to come with me each Sunday, and what a blessing she has been.  She has made me several shelters and is very helpful beside me.  She has even taken in Rupert to foster, who by the way is thriving, and is prettier by the second.  He really needs a home!

On the other hand, I lost a girl who had been coming with me on Mondays - I got a 'Dear John' note in my e-mail stating she could no longer go with me because it was too sad for her.  I actually was devastated to get that note - thinking it was something I had done - with my never ending Catholic guilt - or is it insecurity - but on the other hand, I think I would feel the same way if I wasn't as strong as I am.   I couldn't go into a shelter and see caged animals, or even a zoo, so I am not as strong as I would like to be.  I tear up just pulling into the parking lot of an animal shelter.  But I will miss this girl.  It was nice having the company two mornings in a row.  They were and are both such great help.  And it makes my journey a little less lonely.

I am running late as usual, so need to end this.   Please share this with others so that we can rescue these sweet cats from the streets, one at a time.

Have a great day.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Families

Pretty Boy on Sixth Street

So many rescued and adopted. So many left out there.

Not so cold recently, but it was a little harder push off this morning. Sometimes the passion drops a bit and its those times when I have to pep talk myself a little more than usual.

Big RED #2 on Pennsylvania

The fact is the cats I rescue go to homes, to families and to new lives. Everyone is happier and while I am sad to lose one of my little friends and familiar faces I know they cannot stay out there. What they do for their new families is so precious. To put it simply, happy families have cats!

Mama on Pennsylvania, who recently gave birth, but I don't know where her babies are.

It was an incident free morning and there is nothing to report except that they are still waiting for me and they eat. Shelters that my friends have given to me are being used. The cats make themselves as comfortable and as warm as they can. That is one of the things about us crazy cat people. We stick together through thick and thin. Not much thick and too much thin but every so often from people who are reading this blog for the first time reach across the net and give. They give food and blankets and shelters and bowls and plates, but most importantly they give their friendship. Without it I don't know what I would have done.

A broken wine bottle. It sounds not much but there it was in the grass at one of my locations.  I had seen the yet unbroken bottle there on the grass for days, and thought I should pick it up before someone smashed it, and then thought I would do it the next day and the next day, well sure enough they smashed it.  I can't tell you how many cats I see limping, and most likely have stepped in glass.  I tried my best to clean it up and pray that the cats don't come around this spot on the grass.  Such little things mean a lot. There are so many big things that we try to deal with.  Keeping a job, wondering about our healthcare and when the next crazy sets off a bomb to kill other human beings in the name of whatever but if we lose our passion for caring for others we lose our humanity.

So keep an eye on the small things. Do what we can in our own lives. Make change for better where we can I guess.

Its the weekend and I have to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Uggg.

Have a good one.  (PS, pics I took this morning)
"The distance between your dream and reality
is called action."

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I am trying to give updates on some of the recent adoptions I've made.  My problem is I never seem to have enough time to sit down and hunt for pictures.

Luigi, aka Little Blackie from Ferndale and Webster, is doing great in the country out in Conesus - although not as great as I would like - he hides in the basement, but his new mom says he is getting much better - she has three children - two teens and a little guy, and they have a dog, so Luigi is a bit scared after spending his life on the streets, but is learning to adapt.  I have no doubt that he will be a regular at the family dinner table within the next few months.


 Molly, aka Lucky, is doing great also.  She has a big sister to hang with, and her new mom says that her 'sister' likes to 'mother' her, so she is getting spoilt rotten.  She deserves it though.  She was rescued from Central Park, where the cats there dart in and out of the heavily trafficked street.

Zoey, aka Winky, is doing well also, after having been spayed last week, healing nicely after surgery, and getting along with her big brother in the house.  They love her dearly.

Pepper and Penny, the two red kittens featured on the front page of my blog, have really grown.  Their mom sent me a picture of them but I just can't seem to get it out of a ZIP file, so can't save to add here, but I will get it figured out.  Can't wait to show you before and after pics!  I will be posting pictures on here tomorrow of them if I can figure it out.

The barn cats, Sally and Fern, out in Caledonia, seem to be doing well also.  They are still around, along with several other now, their barn owner/father? reports.  These kitties were rescued from Second Street (Sally) and Ferndale and Webster (Fern).


The other barn cats I recently placed nearly two weeks ago at a 'mansion' barn, Cedric and Prince, both from Central, will be let out this coming weekend.  This 'barn' is so nice I would like to live there!  I've instructed their new 'mom' how to do this release, so fingers crossed and prayers said!

Rupert is doing well in his temporary home with Sheryl, she's even moved her computer into his 'room' so that he would be less lonely.  He needs his forever home soon.  He is neutered, and all healed from his respiratory infection!  He is a LOVER!

Please consider adopting or fostering a sweet kitty still out on the street.  I promise you  that you will not regret it.  We all want unconditional love, they have it and want to give it! 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pass it On...

I pulled up to my 9th spot this morning on Sixth, where there were five cats waiting for me in the dilapidated garage, and my cell phone went off indicating a text.  Who's texting me at 5:35 am.?  It was a friend, and she wrote "Laying in my warm bed thanking God you are there for the strays."  After I sent a quick note back telling her I had just pulled up to five waiting kitties, I thought to myself, that note was so nice to get.  Someone was actually thinking of me.  At that time of the morning.  Someone actually acknowledged that I was out there, at that moment, in the bitter cold of 17 degrees that morning.  That made my morning.

Now I am certainly not bragging, who could brag about sadness?  But I don't know who else is doing what I am doing, although I am sure there are others, and I would love to know - are they doing it religiously like I do?   Do they struggle to do what I do, like I do?  Does it take them over an hour in good weather, hour and half or more in bad weather, like I do?  Do they feed over 50 cats, that they can see, every single day, like I do?  I would love to know.  I would love to know how they get their strength, and energy, and funding.  I would love to know if they have someone helping them, someone encouraging them in this seemingly never ending journey of trying to make a homeless cat's life just a little less miserable.

I am trying to rescue each of these sweet cats out there, one at a time.  But I need help.  I need people to take these kitties in as fosters, and keep them warm and safe as we try to market them, sell them, entice people to realize that these cats are worth it, and they would make such wonderful companions.  I've lost my one and only foster - she did the best that she could - she is thinking of her other cats, and she doesn't want to stress them.  That's OK.  But I do need more people to open up their hearts and homes to take a little one off the street this winter, and give it the love they deserve.  Think about it, and pass it on.  I could use all the help I can get in this crazy mission I am on!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Every morning when I feed the cats of the 'hood they are there waiting patiently for me. I know they are hungry because of the way they tackle the food when I put it down for them. But every now and then while I am driving I see a lone cat sitting on the sidewalk. I guess its a part of the mission which forces me to stop and put something down for them.

It happened again this morning. A dear little cat, all by him/herself, just sat there as I drove slowly past. Stopping the car and looking back I could see it moving slowly away. These loners are always very careful. As I walked towards him he moved away and sat in the middle of the road. Never a good idea but he was determined to keep a safe distance.

I have to laugh at myself as I chase cats around the streets trying to give them something to eat. It does seems a bit on the ridiculous side. Anyway I left a bowl of food and some water, got back into the car and looked back. He was still watching me from his safe distance but the food was there and he knew it was for him.

Its always a little sad to see these loners because I wonder where they shelter and live but now I am back home and I feel better as he now has food in his belly. Maybe he will join up with one of the little colonies in that area. Most likely he won't so I will be looking out for him tomorrow and in the days to come.

Yes it is cold this morning and a bit of snow on the ground. Its never good to see as it reminds me of what is still come over the next couple of months. Its time to make sure our own cats stay inside, remind our friends to do the same and be on the lookout for homeless cats in our own neighborhoods. Make sure there is a bowl of food and water out for any cat without the benefit of a home and family. Simple steps but it means so much.

"If you believe the doubts in your head, you won't achieve the dreams in your heart."

Monday, November 11, 2013

Webster & Ferndale

Webster & Ferndale empty lot
Some Autumns are just prettier than others - this happened to be one of those years * The oranges, the reds ... oh my!   Many leaves disappeared fast over the weekend, as we had ferocious winds the past two days.  The leaves from my huge tree in front now bathe the neighbor's yards - sometimes leaving me with guilt - maybe I should go over there and rake them?  No, I think not.  I have my own to deal with.

Shelter in Lot on Webster
On Saturday morning I drove past the Webster/Ferndale location, with a knot in my stomach, but nevertheless, I drove past there without feeding.  For those of you who don't know the area, its not one in which you can relocate a cat down the street to the previous or next spot, they are either too far, or one is too dangerous as its a huge intersection, and very busy one at that.  Where people have no regard for an animal crossing the road either.  And yes, I have seen cats eating there, they wait in the shadows.  So this was particularly hard for me - especially after having done so for I can't tell you how many years.  I've rescued so many from this area.  I know there were others before him, but Little Timmy was my most sweetest, he had dwarf legs, a fluffy little black cat he was.  He trusted me almost immediately as he was so hungry each morning.  He is now in the warm and loving home of Wendy, and her beagle Herbie, my neighbors down the road.   This was a bad spot because it started off with me sheltering cats on the porch of a boarded up house on the corner, then it began to be renovated, and then I had to move my spot to the lot next door, and then eventually I began to feed on the porch of the abandoned house until that was demolished, and then back to the lot where I set up some beautiful shelters, only to have them destroyed by the Devil Man who lived above the old convenience store next to that.  What an evil man he was.  I was then able to convince the Spanish couple to let me feed, only for them to stop me, once again, and take down my shelters.  I've been able to rescue six cats now from that corner recently, two went to Lollipop, two to barns, and two were adopted.

Kitty on Ferndale and Webster
 Unfortunately, I drove past there yesterday on Sunday, and there was a sweet little boy - one that I've fed over the years - waiting for me under a car.  I got out and placed some food down.  This morning, I drove past again trying not to look.  It breaks my heart.  But I must do what I must do.  God help those poor souls.  I pray they find another food source.

I went to visit Cedric and Prince, who are doing well in their cages in the barn in Scottsville.  I shook out their blankets, and gave them a lot of pets and pats, and talked to them, I actually think they remember me!  I will be releasing them this coming weekend.  Prince is a loveable kitty, Cedric is still a bit scared, but let me pet him.  I know they will well as country cats! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thank God for Weekends

Boy, its been a long week.  It always is when you have a full-time job and no day off.  We are super busy readying for the big gala we put on yearly for the hospital, and its next Saturday.  I will be tied up working that from at least 2pm. to midnight.  Its going to be a very long day.  Not for the guests, but for us employees!

This Sunday I will be going out to the barn to check on Cedric and Prince.  I've been advised that one week is certainly not enough, so I may take that into consideration when I go out there, even though I feel Prince is coming around.  I think another week will do them much better.  I've known this fact since I've done a few barn relocations, but it was usually in someone else's capable hands that took care of this, and knew what they were doing.  These girls that own the barn aren't that familiar with relocating barn kitties, and are depending on my expertise.  So, I think I have to make that tough decision for the kitties to keep them caged for another week.  :(  They are safe and warm, albeit a bit cramped, but they won't die from being caged. 

This morning on Ferndale and Webster, where I relocated and rescued several cats, last one Luigi, I was confronted by the Puerto Rican man who lives on the corner, he was standing in his doorway when I got out of my car.  Yes, I know, I was supposed to stop feeding there, and was going to until I realized that there are still cats there depending on the food - ones that I don't see.  I AM going to....  I am.  He gave me the nod - he doesn't speak much English - to go ahead, and I thanked him and poured the food and water down beside the tree next to his driveway.   I really am going to try to STOP feeding there.  One less stop for me in the morning, and I just have to pray these cats will find another food source.   That crazy Marilee said she feeds at her house around the corner, but I doubt that.  She's a fruitcake.  It is hard to eliminate a spot.  Right now I have maybe 15 locations where I feed cats.  TWO are unprotected, there is no shelter.  That being Ferndale and Webster, and Garson.  Garson has four cats waiting for me each morning.  I don't know what I will do when the real winter weather hits. 

My friend Sheryl, the girl who has been tagging along with me on Sunday mornings on my route, came and got Rupert yesterday, to bring to her home for fostering.  He is a BEAUTIFUL white, golden-eyed cat that I've had neutered and tested last week, and he is doing great.  I need to promote him to find him a great home.  Please pass the word!

That's it for today.  I thank you for tuning into my life and reading about my travels into the hood each morning.  Its cost me a lot, not only money, but also time, and for as long as I am able, I will continue to try to help these homeless animals, and do what I can for them.  I hope you will also consider donating to me, and perhaps consider fostering one of these poor babies to get them off these streets and into a safe and warm home.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Black Cats!

Sweet Girl on Pennsylvania

Well, I finally spoke to Larry, the man who has a meticulously kept lawn and home in the middle of the hood, and was quickly disappointed.  He is still a nice man!  But, he told me that he hadn't seen the mom or her kittens since he mentioned it to me, and that he wasn't sure if he could allow me to place a shelter in the back of his yard because he 'had to ask the wife, and she doesn't like cats.'  I asked him to get back to me on that.  And to be sure to call me if he sees the mother and her kittens.  I think I saw a baby last Sunday, but can't be sure.  Its so dark out there.  And especially gloomy out this morning.  But with this time change, it gets lighter earlier, so that's a good thing.  Not that it matters on my route, I still get home by 6:15 and you can just see the light to the east. 

Sweet Boy on Pennsylvania

I made sure the containers where the straw and towels are in in some of the shelters remained dry.  I made sure that there was plenty of food and water for the kitties at each of my spots.  On Central, sure enough, there were four kitties out there again.  The one I want to rescue next, and that my neighbor has kindly offered to foster, actually followed me back to my car after I poured the food for her and the three others.  I got out again, walked over to her, picked her up, nuzzled her fur, and told her I would be back for her.  I've got to get Mr. Rupert a place so that I can hold this little one until the end of the day when Tracy can take her.  Speaking of Rupert, he is doing so much better.  Not only does he sound better, but he is actually beginning to play.  I've allowed Rufus in the room with him, and I think they like each other's company.

Scared Kitty on Central

Two of my cats went to the vet - Smokey and Mary Jane - yesterday, and after another fortune, they were sent home with some purple liquid to take once a day, and some lysine treats.  Seriously, this just cost me another $300.  I wish I could get a break.  I'll be out on the streets soon if this keeps up.  I pray the meds work quickly, as I don't want the others to catch anything.  Midnight and Daisy are doing better on the Clavamox that I started them on this past Saturday.  That was another $50.  Seriously, where is the break here for the animals?   This purple liquid is another joke. I have to shove 6ml of this stuff down two of the cats throats, and this stuff is flying all over the place. My clothes, the floor, its all over their faces, and it stains!  Why did they have to make this stuff purple???  And why 6ml???  That's a lot of liquid!

Its very quiet at the Central Ave location where I 'rescued' Cedric and Prince and brought to Scottsville to a barn last Sunday.  I miss them terribly.  Its almost eerie there, as I didnt' see the regulars there again today.  I will be heading out there this Sunday morning to see them and maybe let them loose from the cages they've been in all week.  I pray they stay once they are let out.  I hope that they are getting used to the sights, sounds, smells, and the other kitty there waiting for them to come out to play.  Its always a risk when you relocate cats to barns.  I pray this one works.

That's it for me.   Thanks for reading, have a great day!
"Its okay if you try and fail but its not okay if you fail to try."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Word of the Day

Kitten on Pennsylvania

New Kitty on Pennsylvania - very sweet

Charlie's father - don't cha think???  Central Ave...

Sweet Girl on Central Ave. that neighbor Tracy is going to foster!


\ ad-si-TISH-uhs \  , adjective; 
\\ Definition:   added or derived from an external source; additional

These were significant appendages, to be sure; not altogether adscititious .
-- Ameen Rihani, The Book of Khalid , 2012
His delineations of character and action, if executed with ability, will have a raciness and freshness about them, which will attest their fidelity, the secret charm, which belongs to truth and nature, and with which even the finest genius cannot invest a system, of adscititious  and imaginary manners.
-- Catharine Maria Sedgwick, Clarence , 2011
Adscititious  comes from the Latin word adsc─źtus  which meant "derived, assumed, foreign."
 I love to learn new words.  I go to almost daily to learn a new word.  I am a 'wordsmith'.  I love big words.  I may not use them in the proper context, or pronunciate them correctly, but I still love new and big words.  Just a little fact about me.  :()

Nothing really new to share out there.  I go out and feed over 50 cats daily.  Some have good shelter, some do not.  Some wait for me and/or run to me when they see/hear my car, some hide in the shadows waiting for me to leave.  Some are super friendly, and love me and trust me, and some are scared and petrified.  Some are healthy, some are sick.  They are all hungry.

I played phone tag with Larry, the man who came out to meet me last week and mentioned the mother cat and her 'beautiful' kittens she had in his backyard.  I need to find out when is the last he saw them, and where.  I also need to ask him if he will allow me to place a nice shelter in his yard in the corner so that the mother cat and her kittens will get used to a shelter, and feeding spot, so that they can be trapped.  I pray I can reach him today.

There is not much more to report today, except that I have two very sick cats with upper respiratory of my own, will have to get them seen today.  I was treating four of my cats for this, and two seem to be doing better, but Mary Jane and Smokey sound very congested, and the Clavamox is just not doing its job with them.  Another huge expense, again.  My friend pointed out that it was just last week that I had Jack put to sleep.  I miss him so much.  These guys are part of our lives, and to lose them is like losing a close family member.  He is in my garden next to a rose bush.  Pray I don't dig him up by accident next year!  :)  kidding.  I still need to place a cross where he lies.

I leave you with some pictures I took this morning of the precious angels that are still out there (above and below).  With your help, we can rescue these babies one day at a time! 

Thanks for listening!

New Cat hanging around on Stout

Sixth Street Kitties

Big Red #2 on Pennsylvania