Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Around Town

My friend Kristin came by yesterday to go over the cat feeding route she will have while I am gone both Sunday and Monday morning.  She took a copious amount of notes about each of the EIGHT different stops she will make – splitting it up with Laura – whereby Laura will be taking the ‘back nine’, which is really SEVEN more stops. The last seven includes the new location where there were two females TNR’d on Monday.

Most of the cats there have plastic flea collars on, and may be cared for by someone there, but they are still starving each morning, and producing baby after baby. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that these two will be doing this. There is NO one else that will do this in my life right now, and that is not an accusatory statement – most people are just frightened to think about doing what I do at the time I do in the locations I do it – feeding cats in the inner city at an ungodly hour every single day. But as I told Kristin , I believe these people that know what I do – and a lot of them do – respect me for what I do. I never get hassled except by a landlord or two occasionally. And at 5 am., this is such a quiet time of the day here, you can hear pin drops, in between fire and ambulance sirens occasionally, but its very quiet! I wave my hand a lot in the morning and I get waves back most times.

On Sixth Street, someone has finally moved into the house where I ‘ve been feeding cats on – there are four or five bowls on the porch – they must have just moved in yesterday. I creeped up to the porch thinking they most likely trashed my stuff, but it was still there. I was amazed. I also wonder why they are still there, and are they allowing me to continue? What kind of people moved in to this house? There are sheets hung in the windows, and a small battered car in the driveway. I must leave a note tomorrow morning thanking them for allowing me to feed on their porch, but also must ask if they would like me to stop. If they want me to stop, I need to find a new locale for the six or so cats I see and feed here each day. There is a garage across the street – belonging to a house that is unused – the same house where a cat had her babies in a hole under the porch two months ago, none of which I’ve ever seen – I have a paper plate and plastic water dish in there, but occasionally someone comes by and trashes it. Its always something. I wish I had a solution to these situations I face on a nearly daily basis.

At Baldwin, I did not see the kittens this morning, but found some very hungry mother cats and others. I must work on getting these spayed also.

Yesterday, I dropped off some requested cat litter at Wally’s house for Larry, the cat he ‘adopted’ from me – if you remember early last year, he had a terrible ear hematoma and needed desperate help, so I rescued him from Pennsylvania and Fourth, brought him to my bathroom, got him to my vet for ear surgery, and cared for him until he was better. Actually, Nancy fostered him while he recuperated– thank you Nancy! I peeked in to say hello to Larry yesterday, and his damaged ear was bleeding, so he is going to the new clinic today to have a look at – poor animal has seen a lot and gone through a lot living with Wally. A nice man, but living on the edge of life. Wally seems more and more depressed as time goes on. He has nothing, and has nothing to look forward to in his life. He has no medical, and needs to be seen by a doctor. He is in his 60s, can’t walk great, his apartment is filthy, and he needs to do his laundry, which he would have to get a ride to. I can’t do it all, I just can’t. If I had money, I would hire someone to go in and clean his apartment thoroughly, and have his wash done. He could then start anew. And I could worry less about him and Larry.

Lots happening, but I take it one day at a time. That’s all I can do.

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. " ~Anne Frank

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wow! What a Weekend, ,..continued...

so much happening, I had to make this a continuation!

So on Saturday, at 5:36 am., I get a phone call on my cell which is in the dash of my car, while I am out feeding Sweet Little Red and unneutered Sweet Little Blackie on Webster and Ferndale.  I checked the message and it was Paul, the kind black man on Second Street that allows me to feed behind his house.  There is a nice shelter built back there too.  He has had some raccoon problems – they were getting into his rooftop – a mother and her babies. I had loaned him a trap a few times, and this time, he got a raccoon. He asked me to come get it. I didn’t realize he had already called 311 to have it removed, but they never came and he was concerned for it as it had been in the trap for over eight hours! I finished up my rounds, and went and got the poor thing, and released it in some woods down near Irondequoit Bay, first placing some food and water down. The little guy scampered up a tree, immediately, and I drove away wondering if I did the right thing. I later realized that I did, by releasing it in a more natural, safer environment. I just wondered how lonely he would be.

The next thing I knew, I had another voice mail on my cell later that morning, from my friend, an officer with RAS (Rochester Animal Services) who advised me that she had gotten a call about a raccoon being trapped, a call that came too late in her opinion, as it would have been a more urgent issue if 311 and 911 hadn’t taken it upon themselves to downgrade the urgency of an animal in a trap. She considerately gave me a little warning that what I did – transporting a wild animal – was against the law, you must have a license to do so. She found out it was me because when she went to see Paul, he told her his ‘friend’ took the raccoon, and she asked who and he told her, and she said ‘oh I know Janine.’ So, I learned a lesson, and the officer and I had a nice friendly chat about other stuff and she continued with her day of saving animals in her own way.

Here are pictures I took this morning of the injured black kitty on Seventh.  Laura offered to try to care for him.  Waiting for an appointment to open up at a clinic.  Poor baby. 

Now for some good news, Monday morning, Laura helped me with trapping (she did it all this time – thanks Laura!) and managed to get three females – one in early pregnancy, and one that may have recently, or still is, nursing.   I am not sure if she is nursing right now, I have never seen the kittens, but we will let the doctor at the new clinic make that call. So these two are amongst the first patients at the new clinic on Bay Street. Now we need to get the two kittens on Baldwin that are left - I nearly had the calico - the little thing came right up for the wet food I was plating, but I didn't grab her fast enough.  That was so disappointing.  I won't give up.

These are what is left at this location on Central - that I know of - two unneutered males, and two unspayed females - here they are - pics I took this morning:

Central Unnueutered Male

Central Unspayed Females

Central Unneutered Male

Here are some great updates:  If  you remember Cheddar - the pretty orange kitty with a wound that I rescued from corner of Central and Third a few months ago - here is what his new family has to say:

Leo is doing great. He is being a very good boy and getting along beautifully with my dog. They play together and are good company for each other. He has not had any more "accidents" since the very beginning and he really is a lover boy. I do need to get his immunization records from you as I am not sure when he will need what. Every one loves him and he loves everyone. He's a great purrer and keeps us all company. He looks very regal sitting in my front window and very smart. He watches us in the backyard from the bathroom window and then when we get close to the back door he runs down stairs to wait for us. He meows like crazy when we are outside, wants to be out doors with us but very happy when we come back in. He is a great addition to the family and we love him alot. (so does my son's girlfriend who keeps threatening to take him home with her).

And the two orange kittens I rescued a four or so weeks ago, here is what their new family has to say:

Hi Janine,

The kitties are doing so well. Today, we opened up the door finally so they have the run of the house. They keep going back upstairs, though, they are not comfortable down here yet! They are getting very cuddly. Friday night I got some really good bonding time with them... Jim was at a dinner and the kids were at sleepovers - so I hung out with the babies!!!! Penny wags her tail when she sees me in the morning and is very lovey. Pepper is usually calmer and will allow more cuddling. They are very well behaved. They are funny though... they go from "cats gone wild" to sleepy little purring things in an instant. They are mainly sleeping on Russell's bed with him all night. We shopped at the Webster plaza yesterday and bought a book about cat care at Barnes and Noble. Russell has been reading it non stop and telling us all sorts of interesting and helpful facts. We also weighed them today. Pepper is now 3.2 pounds and Penny is 2.4. He loves food! I am going to make a vet appt. soon so we can get them all set up there. We just adore them, Janine.

"Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does."

Monday, July 29, 2013


Let me start with my rant.  So, I go to the donut shop - what am I doing there you might ask?  Do I REALLY NEED A DONUT?  The answer is NO, I don't, but it was a rainy Sunday morning and I was going into work to work some overtime, and I needed a little comfort.  So -  there is a line of people, with three women behind the counter.  The couple dozen trays that normally hold donuts are practically empty, there are six people ahead of me, six people behind.  I wind up getting 'the attitude' to wait on me.  I finally get to order, and while waiting, I couldn't even see the donuts that were left, but when I was finally served, I asked for a minute, and I thought she was going to kill me.  HOW RUDE!!!  I am always kind, apologetic, said I just needed a second, and tried to make light of it, but she was STILL RUDE with her stance, no smile whatsoever, you could just TELL she wanted me to hurry and get the hell out of there!   Then she rings me up and tells me to 'have a nice day.'  RIGHT, you witch.  I treat people how I would like to be treated, why can't they do the same?  Granted, she might be 'going through something.', but aren't we all?  We have to learn more tolerance, patience with each other.  We are mere humans, and life is very hard, so lets learn to tolerate each other.  If you show kindness, you will receive it.  Thats that.  Done.  Be kind to each other.  Thank you.  OK, there, I am done.  OK.  Right.

On Saturday morning, the day after I rescued this little guy (or girl?  still not sure!) from Baldwin, I saw two baby kittens just down aways from where I feed there.  Remember the calico sibling I mentioned I couldn't get, well now there were two!  The calico and a black assorted colored one.  My heart sank.  They were playing or something, so I got out and set a bowl of food and water down, and went to the normal spot, where I am feeding a large white unneutered male, a beautiful red one, a spayed calico (thanks Laura), a white and tabby girl, spayed (thanks Laura), two nursing females, and now the two kittens - although Sunday morning the kittens were no where in sight.  Plus it was raining.

There is a black cat on Seventh Street (above, in better days) that was in rough shape, was limping, and I had snuck in some antibiotics in its food a while back, he seemed better, but I saw him Saturday morning and his eye is pretty bad, he is limping severely, and he is in really rough shape.  I am going to look into euthanasia for him at the new clinic on Bay.  He is suffering, this is not a good life for him.  I think I can grab him without trapping him.  Then there is poor Tuffy, his paw is so so sore.  He is the next - I must try to help him.  But for now, I must put an end to the suffering of this other poor baby.  Before I forget, I saw the baby kitten, Blake and Izzy's sibling - first sighting of the kitten that got away since the other two were rescued nearly a month ago.  My heart sank.  I won't give up.

Another Chance Pet Rescue offered to adopt the kitten that my mother's found stray, Penny, had.   If you recall, she had three babies, two of which died, but KATIE survived.  Afgter my mother's TLC for the past nearly 12 weeks of life, I brought her in to Petco Saturday morning, with a very heavy heart, knowing I was taking her from a very large, loving house, with her Mom, and my mother's other two cats, and placing her in a strange environment (not STRANGE, but different from what she was used to - :)).  Well, not even 24 hours later I got a message from ACPR that someone wanted to adopt Katie!  They fell in love with her, and as soon as she is spayed, she will be going to a new home!  Hurray!!!  Great news there~! 

Now we just have to get my new little one adopted, and I can continue my quest of rescuing one kitty, one day at a time.  :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

OOPS! I did it again.....

Baldwin Kitten B4 5:30 am.

That was a line from the Brittney Spear days, but applies to me each time I rescue a cat.  If you recall yesterday's post, I mentioned how when I pulled up to the Baldwin location to feed that morning, I spotted two 8-10 week old kittens sitting there, and an obviously nursing mother, of which I had never seen before.  A tabby nursing mother.  There is already a grey nursing mother there, which has been for weeks, and she runs up to me each morning.  I poured the food and water for the five adult cats, now two kittens, and drove off in sorrow.  When I arrived there this morning, I spotted the two kittens sitting in the groove of the tree there, huddled together.  When I got out, the calico one went scampering for safety, but it took a little longer for the tabby.  He eventually was out of reach for me, until I was on my way back to the car and I passed him trying to get food off the plate that an adult while male was eating from, and I snuck up and grabbed him.  I will never allow a baby kittten to remain on the street if I have the power to recue them.  I brought him home, and he felt very dirty, and scabby.  I bathed him and it was like the Sea of Blood.  I couldn't believe how many fleas I saw.  I scrubbed him as best as I could in Dawn dish detergent, but some still remain.  I will call my vet and arrange to pick up some flea stuff right after work.  This poor little animal.  I must find this kitten a place to go for now - foster or otherwise, quickly, or I will need to bring him to Lollipop.  I would rather he go to Lollipop than to remain on the street.  I cannot bear to think of babies trying to survive out there on the street.  Its a crime to allow that.

Baldwin Kitten 6:45 am.

Another Baldwin nursing mother
 Tuffy was at the Central Avenue location this morning.  He seems to be applying pressure to his paw a bit more - but I am sure its still severely injured.  A piece of glass, something is in there.

 And to end the week, here are a few pictures of some of my own brood.  I love my kitties!!  :)



I wish you all a great weekend!

"When you are going through difficulty and wonder where GOD is,remember that the teacher is always quiet during the test." ~ 

Thursday, July 25, 2013


I begin this day by sharing some sad news.  Back in late October/early November of last year, I rescued Morris, the orange and white kitty on Stout, that I had been feeding for a long time, in the dilapidated garage of a dilapidated house.  I knew he was a good kitty, he loved to get his head scratched every morning I showed up with his breakfast.  I also knew he needed to be rescued, as he was showing signs of weariness.  My friend Nancy, who had been reading about him on my blog, offered to take him in, and she did, and gave him a loving home, along with the six others in total she would wind up helping me with after I had rescued them from the streets.  She renamed him Jack, as it was around Halloween, and she liked the name better.  Jack had tested positive twice for feline leukemia, had stopped eating a few days ago, was given every treatment under the sun, and Nancy didn't want to shove any more pills down the poor baby's throat any longer.   Jack drew his last breath yesterday, when Nancy had to bring him in, and allow him to go to kitty heaven, where his rescued sibling Buster was waiting for him.  Thank you Nancy for helping me take these poor creatures off the street, and allowing them comfort and love in their final days of life.

Its Thursday, nearly the end of a work week, a FULL work week for me.  In the summertime, I do like my three day weekends, I can get so much done, and it allows me to do my Saturday stuff (shopping/cleaning, etc.) on Friday, so that I can actually have an entire day Saturday to do what I want, or what I need to do.  But thats not this week.  Next week though, yes!  I am actually going away for a few days, a sort of family reunion/surprise thing - I wouldn't normally go because of the cats I feed out in the hood every day, but my mother is threatening to disown me if I miss ANOTHER family event for the sake of the cats.  But they cats do need to eat, they’ve depended on me every single morning, 365 days a year, some of them have depended on me for many years now.  I am hoping someone will help me out for two mornings next weekend.  It’s a lot of ask, I know.  You must have 16pounds of dry food, 10 extra large cans of wet food, four jugs of water, some extra paper bowls and plates in case the wind carries some away, or someone trashes my spot, and a second or two at most spots to talk to and pet and hold over 15 of the more friendly ones.    Each morning I arrive, the bowls are empty, and the water is gone – My only other alternative is that I can leave an extra amount, and hope that it will last those two mornings, which I know it won’t because of the occasional raccoons that invade these spots when I leave.  I will figure it out.

My heart sank this morning as I pulled up to Baldwin, and spotted TWO NINE WEEK old kittens sitting on the bench with their nursing mother.  Thats TWO nursing mothers at this location, and two baby baby kittens.   I have such a task, trying to figure out what to do with all these cats.  Its just me, and its so overwhelming at times.  :(

"You must have control of the authorship of your
own destiny.  The pen that writes your life story
must be held in your own hand."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Good Stuff!


This little rascal above is the kitten that my mom has.  She took in a stray at her home in Webster, which was quite unusual, because of the location, but the kitty, Penny, turned out to be pregnant!  I think you all remember the story that she gave birth to three kitties, and two died.  This little girl survived, and is now up for adoption.  She is the CUTEST little bugger!  Look at that face!  If she doesn't find a home this week, she will be going into foster through Another Chance Pet Rescue, which Julie, the president of the group, has kindly offered.  Its too much for my mother at the moment, so we need to find this little girl a home - and shame on me, we don't even have a name for her yet.



Of the two kittens rescued on Seventh Street, Blake and Izzy, who were taken into foster by two sweet girls, Julie and her daughter Liz, Izzy has been adopted and is on her way to her new home in Massachusetts!  I will share an update on her as soon as I get one.  A co-worker yesterday has shown some interest in Blake, so I am hoping that works out.  Maria took in my pretty girl Laura over a year ago, that I rescued from the hood.  Laura was pregnant at the time, and I am grateful that after her spay, I didn't have to return her to the streets.  She got a wonderful, loving home with Maria and was renamed Gypsy.  Fingers crossed!

And finally, take a look at these cuties.  These are the second pair of kittens that were rescued that one morning, and I found them a loving home.  They have a big brother, a big sister, and two great parents to care for them now.  And they obviously have a beautiful home to live their lives out in.  I am so happy for them!  What a great ending to what could have been such a tragedy.  :)

Russell and Pepper
Russell and Pepper

Mallory and Penny
Mallory, Penny, Russell, Pepper!

"Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination."

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stuff - Wet Stuff...

Thanks for the comments I received yesterday.  I have met just the best people on earth through this cat business, seriously, just the best.

It poured again last night, I think we've had a total of two days pass this entire summer that it did not rain.  And not just rain, its poured, and poured and poured.  You would think that cats are smart enough to get out of the rain, but for some reason, I see a lot of drenched cats in the morning.  You have to wonder, aren't there enough covered places for them to take shelter in?  Why are they so wet?

 My heart is breaking - there is a cat named Tuffy, that I have been feeding for years now, on Second Street.  I named him that because he is this big beautiful orange and white tomcat.  He keeps his distance, but has been around for years now.  Tuffy has a serious wound on his paw - he's been like this for days, he cannot put pressure on it, and it is very swollen.  IF I were able to trap him, I wouldn't be able to bring him to my vet as he is semi-feral, and I am not sure my vet would be able to deal with that, not to mention the cost.  I am waiting for a low-cost clinic in this neighborhood to open, and maybe I could bring him in there, but then while he heals, where would I keep him?  There are so many variables - so many odds against helping these animals that are suffering.  I have seen cats mend before - I've been hoping this is the case with Tuffy, but he has a serious wound and I don't know what to do.

 Speaking of wounds, I think I saw Neck Wound Kitty on Parsells yesterday.  I thought for sure he was a goner after not having seen him in a long time, but I think it was him, in the semi-darkness, scratching his neck wound maniacly, like he has done for so many years now, with it never properly healing.

Finally, the black kitty on Seventh Street is limping again also.  Its just too much for me to handle sometimes.

"I have a simple philosophy:  Fill whats empty.  Empty whats full.  Scratch where it itches."

Monday, July 22, 2013


BLAKE is still waiting for a home!
 Lately I’ve been thinking about the people that read my blog, and that make donations to me. I’ve often thought about this, but I am now thinking about WHY people read about my daily escapades, and donate mostly food but occasionally money to someone they barely know. Do you really see, and understand the plight, of what I see each day when I go into the inner city, where its not so pretty?

Have you seen what I first saw when I first started this insane mission I go on each day – did you see a cat behind a restaurant, scrounging for food in the dumpster? Did you see a cat scurry across a busy city street? Did you see several sets of glowing eyes in the dark when you turned a corner coming home from an early trip to the public market, knowing it was a group of feral cats trying to find their next meal, their next drink of water? Did you hear the faint cries of or see newborn kittens in an abandoned house or boarded up garage?

Is what I do something that you would do if it didn’t involve danger, early hours, or total commitment to do it day in and day out?

IZZY still needs a home!

I still need the financial assistance to stop the madness that I see each day, I need money for spaying and neutering. I am now feeding a new group of cats that are either nursing, or are pregnant. These ‘mothers’ are all under one year old. They run to my car now each morning, knowing that they will get a meal and a drink of water. And this is a NEW spot for me, one that I just discovered after seeing an extremely pregnant cat that I haven’t seen since, in over a week and a half now, when I rescued Casey for Case Gardens on Norton.
I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of anything that someone donates to me, as I am willing to do this as long as I can, but I need help doing it. I need help in getting clinic appointments, trapping, paying for the spaying, and transportation to and from.

I would love to hear from you telling me why you read my blog or donate money to me. And don’t forget, I love each and every one of you for it!!

YOU are what keeps me going.

Thanks for listening, and reading, and have a great day. J9

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thunder --- June 16, 2002 - July 17, 2012

Thunder - Summer of 2012

My boy, my buddy, my companion, my sweet sweet doggy, went to heaven yesterday.  Thunder was diagnosed with bladder cancer over a year and half ago, was given less than six months, but managed to hang on this long.  He did not suffer one bit throughout this time, he just piddled accidently - constantly - when he was left alone, but even that cleared up.  He wagged his tail, ate two good meals a day, and loved his 'walkies!'.  He stopped eating on Saturday, and with two weigh-ins in the past month, lost 17 pounds.  He will be forever missed, and joins his sister Jewels in heaven.  I told him just before he passed not to bite anyone.  Goodbye Buddy, I will miss you so much...

Thunder Bunder

There is a group of cats that I've been feeding the past few days on Central.  I counted six this morning. One has full milk ducts, another looks visibly pregnant.  I need help here.  None of these cats are fixed. 

Sir Winston, aka Winnie, aka Buddy!
Remember this guy?  I rescued 'Buddy' from the Grand Avenue two years ago this fall.  He was just a kitten at the time, and boy did he turn out to be one lucky kitty!  I adopted him out to a very nice couple who totally adore him and spoil him, and his half-sister Magic, to no end.  They renamed him Sir Winston!  Here is his latest picture.  What a cutie!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kittens Everywhere!

Sgt. Pepper and Penny Lane! 
 These two darlings went to their new home yesterday.  Kristin had them for a few days, and prior to that, my friend Sara's mom had them for over a week, just to help me out because the kittens needed more room to grow in and I could only share my tiny bathroom with them, and wasn't home enough to give them the attention they needed.  So Kristin, with heavy heart, relinquished them to their new family.  And what a wonderful family they are.  They will love and spoil these two like no other.  I don't know this family personally, mom, dad, and their sweet children Mallory and Russell, both really well-behaved teenagers.  Sometimes, just the few times you interact with someone, and being in their very comfortable home, you can tell that these are good people.  So I lucked out, and so did Sgt. Pepper (Pepper) and Penny Lane (Penny)! 

Now onto getting the little kitten that my mother's stray cat had at the same time as Pepper and Penny.  Kristin took some photos when we made a stop there yesterday, and hopefully will be sharing them with me today so that I can get this beautiful calico kitten a home.  In the meantime, here are the latest that need homes!  Meet Izzy (black) and Blake (Tiger)!  I must find them homes!  Please spread the word!


 These two sweethearts were rescued from 7th Street about nine weeks ago by myself and Kristin.  I've never seen the third one since.  It heartbreaking knowing their brother or sister is still out there.  Momma kitten was spayed, thank God.

I took these photos of the kitties that are at this new location where I spotted a very pregnant female on Saturday.  I have not seen her since.  There are at least four or five kitties at this location on Central near Fourth Street.  There is a little tiger kitten, who has recently given birth, that runs to me each morning.  I must find her babies, and get her spayed.  Another photo shows the cats I feed on Pennsylvania and Fourth, and the final photo - I saw this pathetic looking cat on the side of the road scrounging through a turned over garbage can - I got out and placed food and water down on the porch of the nearby boarded up house.  I felt so good to do that.  He looked so hungry.  In fact, once I got back in the car, he walked up and immediately started to drink the cool water I left him in the bowl.  Its so important to place water bowls out for our homeless friends, including the birds!  We need water during these hot days of summer, and winter for that matter!   In fact, there is a house in my neighborhood, they leave a large bowl of water out for the dogs and such that are on walks in the area.  Kudos to them!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I just don't know how I do it...

Despite what I see each day, some worse than others, like this morning was pretty sad, I remain optimistic and hopeful, that someday, someway, the suffering will end for all the homeless animals in the world.  Somehow someone will find a 'cure' for this madness.

As I rounded the corner to my next stop, after my stop on Fourth and Pennsylvania, I became overwhelmed with emotion.  I had just left a feeding spot where a big red cat has been trusting me more and more.  He is a cat that last winter had a serious wound, and I didn't think would make it.  He reminds me so much of Big Red (Sandy), and another red I rescued that Nancy adopted - Jack.  Both gentle giants, I see so much potential in this kitty - but when I pulled up, he was lying upright on the ground, and beside him was a tabby kitten no more than three or four months old, sitting next to him, as if having a chat.  This is the kitten I've seen recently that runs into the garage of this boarded up, ready for demolition house that I feed behind.  A cat chat.  Thats what they were having.  The elder and the child.  It was a sweet and tender picture.  If only I had a camera.  But it saddened me at the same time, I thought, look at all the cats I've had spayed and neutered over the years in these neighborhoods, well over 100-120+ and then you see the failures...  the three pregnant kitties I could not get in time, the kitten here, where did she come from? 

Central Park Cats 7/15/13
As I headed to my last stop, I remembered the very pregnant tortie I had seen Saturday morning, and had been going back each morning to find it, so I did a loop de loop and headed back to Central, between Fourth and Fifth streets, and got out, put more food in the bowls I had left, and called for the kitties.  Out of the bushes came three kitties, one was the kitten I held the day before, whose milk ducts were full.  She is barely five months old.  She has already given birth.  I held her for a few moments, and she began to purr.  My heart became a lot heavier as I placed her back down on the ground, moved the food to under a large tree nearby, filled the water dish, and walked back to the car. 

I just don't know what to say, except I can't do it all by myself.  I feel as I walk one step forward, and then take two steps back.  I am so appreciative of people who have helped me in the past, but the majority of time its just not enough, little old me.

On a good note, the two kittens, Sgt. Pepper and Penny Lane, the two orange kittens I rescued nearly three weeks ago, will be going to their new home today.   I thank God for people like this, that welcome these orphaned animals into their home, and make them part of their own family. 

"You better live every day like it's your last because one day you're going to be right."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Casey, The Latest and Greatest!

Meet Casey.  I rescued her this morning off Garson.  A few weeks back, when I was doing my summer flower shopping for the few pots I have in the front of my house, I stopped at a garden store that is near me, and I've passed for over 10 years but never did stop to see what kind of flowers were in there, partly due to its 'not too tidy' look.  But I did stop, found a few things, actually the place has some gorgeous stuff, and noticed a kitty lounging on a chair inside when I went to pay for my flowers.  An older man was sitting behind the register, I said 'hello Mr. Case, I've been going past your place for years now, and you have a lovely little store."  I then introduced myself, remarked on his cat, and told him what I do for a living.  ha ha.  (rescue kitties).  He told me if I ever see a calico cat, he would take it.  So, lo and behold, I've been feeding 'Casey' since last year, and have wanted to get her a home, and now was my chance.  There was no struggle, she is a good girl, and I am leaving now to introduce her to her new home.  Mr. Case will keep her in a cage inside the place for a few days so that she can learn the noises, and smells.  And then pray for the best.  That she sticks around with her new companion.

These kitties were on the side of the road when I went to look for the extremely pregnant tortie I pet and fed Sunday morning.  I would have grabbed this very pregnant girl if I hadn't had Casey in the carrier already in my car.  As I fed these other cats, one being no more than 7 months old, and has already had a litter, I noticed a young black guy on the porch of a house with a very trashy looking property just down a ways and I went and began to talk to him, asking him first if he had seen the very pregnant cat.  He responded by pointing out cats that were coming out of the bushes in front of his house.  I was astounded when I saw how many there were, but none were the very pregnant girl.  I gave the man my cell number, he programmed it in his cell, and asked him to please call me if he saw the pregnant cat.  I told him what I did and he said he has seen me around.  He told me he feeds the cats, I told him I am trying my best to try to get all these cats neutered so that they don't reproduce, which they obviously are here, I offered him food and he pointed to bag he had already on the porch.  These poor wretched souls, please God watch over them. 

My little shelter on Baldwin Street has been removed and placed to the side of a fence there.  I now have to regain trust for a cat I was hoping to get spayed on Wednesday, although I STILL have not heard from the scheduler after several attempts.  I hope she responds to me soon.  I am losing faith. 

I took this picture on Sixth Street this morning of three cats out of six there - four I know have been fixed - the mother cat is not and I have not seen hide nor hair of the babies she had two months ago.   If you click on the pictures you can see them a bit better.  Yesterday I noticed a man in dreadlocks sitting on the end of a driveway here, with a large dog, and I pulled over and asked him if his dog was hungry.  Now, most people in most neighborhoods probably would not take kindly to that, as I thought about later, but he didn't seem to mind, and said no, he had rolls on his belly, and was fat and happy.  "Dutch" was a bull mastiff, and his master's name was Chester.  Turns out Chester is a very kind man - funny how we judge people on appearance without getting to know who they are really.

I am off to the golf course to work a tournament today, for work.  Tomorrow, little Penny and Pepper - the two orange kitties rescued two and half weeks ago, go to their new home.  God bless people that adopt kitties!  :)

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more.
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
you will never, ever have enough."