Friday, August 17, 2018


Greetings!  Happy Friday!  Boy, am I glad, as most of the working world is on a Friday. 

It was not so fun going out at 3:45 this morning.  The rain from Spain was calmly sprinkling the earth, and my hair.  Its been a rough end to the summer (NOT that summer is over or anything!) - we've had SO much rain, so much humidity, so much heat!  (although I never complain about the heat, never). 

To backtrack, I've had a lot of physical issues the past five years or so, my joints, arthritis, etc.  Its not been fun.  Unless you have it, chronic pain is very difficult to live with.  I get a multitude of cortisone injections regularly, and it helps, but once it wears off, and your appointment is in the distance, its very very hard to not only do the 'normal' stuff in life, but compound that with the hour and a half of getting in and out of a car each morning, and walking through fields, and bending down to pour food and water.  The doctor said that its worse when the barometric pressure rises and falls like it has been - and it sure has been. I hobbled to the doctor yesterday, and he could have put needles in my eye to make me feel better, I wouldn't have cared.  Instead, he put needle in my hip and left knee.  Next week, I get one in a shoulder, and each thumb.  I'm a walking basket case - and I'm only 30 years old!  :)

So good news:

Teddy, the fifth kitten from the Parsells bunch, is doing MUCH better.  He is still a bit fearful, but once held, will stay in your arms forever, and even purr and then fall asleep.  He was out there a good two weeks after the rest of his sibs were trapped.  Here he is this morning.


And finally, TA DAAAAAA!!!!!  Another rescue!  I rescued his handsome - from what I am told - he's a flame point - this morning after a friend - actually her dad adopted Charlie! a year or two ago - saw him in a picture I posted, and she said she would take him if I could get him!  And boy was he easy this morning, just before the rains came.  I swooped him up, and she is on her way to get him now!  He is unneutered, so am making an appointment for him now. 

(of course, this name will change soon!)

He was hard to capture in a good picture - but he does have blue eyes! 

Isn't that AWESOME!  :)

Have a FABULOUS day!

"To live is to suffer, 
to survive is to find
some meaning in the 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Please share:  This is a GoFundMe I posted on Facebook for a kind-to-animals, elderly and very poor man in 'the hood' that lives in a dilapidated house with a dilapidated garage.  Every time it rains, he has to place buckets around his house to keep the floor dry.  He does not qualify for a grant from the city because his tiny house is listed as a double, which for the life of me, I don't know how or why.  I started this fundraiser trying to help Paul, but its not going very far.  All I can do is try.  Please click on the link below. 

It rained buckets yesterday, at least three inches.  I can't imagine how it affected Paul's roof.  He tries not to call me because he knows I am doing what I can.  

It was wet out there this morning.  Yuck.  I hate the rain.  And first thing this morning, I got a message from a former adopter of Birdie and Poppy - adopted two years ago - that she needs to return one of them.   One is now attacking 'viciously' the other. The adopter has been to vet, tried meds and other ideas they have her. Adopter says this is no life for either one of them, keeping them separated in small apartment. Attacker is very affectionate with adopter but very mean to sister. Has checked with friends, no one will take her. What to do. Its either me, or Lollypop. I cannot take in any more cats!

I'm at my wits end.  This makes four cats this year that people have said they want to return.  

I just don't know what to do.

Poppy As a Kitten

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Streets to Treats!

Click on pics to view up close!

First off:  Buddy Update - he is doing well!  I miss that little brat!  He was in my house for the majority of time since he was rescued, and I nearly fell in love!  But off to a good home he went, where he has a new big brother Louie.  They didn't take to each other at first, but are slowly gaining ground with each other.  :)

Buddy and Louie - their own chairs!


Buddy Brother Louie - can you tell who is real?

All was quiet this weekend in the hood.  No major drama.  Just the @#$%@ messing with my stuff because they don’t want a cat being fed on their BOARDED UP VACANT LAND.  The only place these cats KNOW!  You come around and buy the place, and expect them to move on.  Well, it doesn’t happen that way, JERK!  (sorry, had to get that off my chest).

This weekend was a total blur.  I had Friday off, and yesterday was a day at the boss's house for a work retreat.  Cloudy, but at least she had a pool filled with water.  I LOVE water.  I love BEING in water.  During the winter, I have DREAMS of being in the water.  And baths just don't cut it.

I do, however, remember that I rescued THREE CATS THIS WEEKEND!  First was Mr. Bingsley, the TNR I did last Tuesday.  I had named him Baldy because I couldn't think of any other name, and he was going back to the streets.  A girl had reached out to me, who was referred to me by Mylene, thank you very much Mylene, and said she would take the black and white kitty on Parsells who I had photographed a few times.  A very sweet kitty.  Well, that very morning, when I went to rescue him, he was not there for the first time in a long time, and he has not been seen since.  This has happened before to me.  I feel sometimes like someone is reading this blog and they go and swoop up the cats that I want to rescue!  Weird.  I pray he is OK.  But in the meantime, I asked her if she would consider this other guy, and she said yes!  YES TO THE DRESS!  I mean the cat.   J Sorry, a little morning humor.  Since she picked him up (to foster), she has sent me nothing but good news.  He is doing beautifully.

On Saturday, I got a call from Tom and Edie, the couple that live behind the vacant lot where I have a shelter on Parsells, saying they trapped a kitten.  ‘Teddy’ is the 5th kitten of the litter on Melville/Parsells. Thanks to them, they trapped the hopefully last kitten.  This one was a mess.  I've been watching him for weeks there, and just could not trap him.  Severe upper respiratory infection, eye gunk, nose gunk, scabs on his paws, fleas, worms, just a mess.  He was brought to Emergency on Sunday morning, to the tune of $160, and sent home with Clavamox, and treated for the worms and fleas.  I could have done the worms and flea stuff, but he was so emaciated, I didn’t know how much to give him, and didn’t know if he needed more, like fluids, etc.   What are ya gonna do.

Next, I had posted a picture, maybe on Thursday, of a cat I had TNR’d a week prior, at the same spot Mr. Bingsley was at, and someone saw him and said, I will take him, get him.  So, yesterday morning, BAM!  Got him, and off he went to her house.  Toni, my dear friend, has adopted several others in the past – that’s all we need to help get some of these poor sweet cats off the street – just call or write me and say -  I WILL TAKE HIM!  GET HIM!  That’s all it takes!  I will do the dirty work!

In the middle of these three rescues, Kristin calls and says I have another kitten that I need to find foster for!  I said I would take her, and sure enough, Sue, the foster for Sky, Joey and Chase, stepped up and said she would take her.  She named her Gabby after the young girl that called Kristin to say this kitten was on her doorstep.  A beautiful calico.  I went to visit all four kittens, and have to say, they are ADORABLE!


Meanwhile, Melissa is busy working with Daisy, Luke and Bo, getting them socialized.  Its more Daisy that is a little hisser, but she did fall asleep in Melissa’s arms the other day.  So she doesn’t need all that work on socialization.  J

Stay tuned – we should have some idea on a fundraiser for JanineTheBean Rescue this year.   Thanks to my crew – Kristin, Andrea and Crystal, who are meeting on Wednesday to hammer out some plans.

Thanks for listening, and have a GREAT day!

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

TGIF (for me)

The creep on Niagara - property manager apparently for the empty building - came by yesterday to finally mow and clean up the place, and removed two shelters and some boards I had there.  Threw away the cat food and water as well.  The landlord of the house on Parsells #2, where there is NO WHERE any longer to feed those 5-6 cats there - but I continue to place plates of food and bowl of water for them - continues to remove them each day.  And finally, that 'woman' on Pennsylvania continues to remove the food and water that I place under the tree for the kitties there.  This is where hate comes from - from people like this.  These people are the ones that keep us at war with each other.  Why can't everyone be compassionate towards the unfortunate?  Offer solutions, help to make things better, instead of ignoring or making the problem worse.

There are still two babies (grey) on one end of Melville, and a baby (red) on the other end.   The red baby on the other end of Melville, and her tortie mom have figured out how to put their paw through the end of the trap and grab the food that way.  Tuesday morning I set two kitten traps there, and when I returned after feeding, the food was gone, and trap doors still open.  And yes, I tested the trip plate, it worked just fine.  I have SEVEN kittens and FOUR adults in foster.  I must figure this out.  I NEED MORE FOSTERS!  I need more money for getting these cats spayed and neutered!  I also need to get the female breeder on Ferndale and Webster spayed - she could be pregnant again.  So could the Melville kitty, mother to the grey kittens there.

I took kittens in to vet yesterday, both Daisy and Bo have mild case of calici virus.  Daisy had an ulcer in her mouth, which made her uncomfortable, which made her hiss a lot.  Hopefully with the meds they will be on the mend soon.  I also had combo testing done and they are good to go!  Another expensive day for me yesterday. 

I have tomorrow off, so I will be running around as usual, but hopefully will find time for myself to sit and breathe.  I need that too.

Lets find Connor a home.  He deserves a forever home.  His foster mom would love to see this as well.  Please share!


Have a great day!

For Stray and Homeless Animals
To all the fur-beings who are lost, 
Or homeless,
Or living as strays,
may they find a good meal to eat.
May they have shelter to keep them warm.
May they have comfort.
May they be shown kindness by strangers.
And may they return home, or find good homes.
May they rest in a place in which they can thrive.
Filled with love, with warmth, with tender caring,
with good food, with true companions
for all of their days.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Kittens Available!






Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thank You!

Thank you to those of you that have stuck by me.  I was thinking about this - how many kind people are out there in our world - if I could be a hermit sometimes, I would - I try to shut my life down after I leave my job during the week - I know I have a limited amount of time to do what I have to do when I get home before I have to be in bed and get up six hours later to do it all over again.   I tend to get lost in my own world (I try to forget about what I see out there - and cats in general - after I feed and trap in the mornings – heck, I can’t even drive there when its daylight, I don’t want to look around, see the cats, I would want to stop at all my spots and refill everything), and I know that others go out of their way for me, and I just want you to know that I appreciate it so much.  I am not crying myself a river or anything, but what I do is very hard, emotionally, physically, and financially.  I know I don't HAVE to feed cats - 40 lbs a day just in dry food... ($150) a week - but I can't stand the thought of a cat going hungry.

There is someone that is part of a TNR group in Rochester that believes I should NOT be feeding cats.  I would never speak ill of that person, because of all the good they are doing, but it makes me feel bad, as if I've wasted 20 years, and all that money feeding these cats.  “I haven't seen the evidence of cats starving - but there will be fewer cats if there's less food. I know you don't approve of the drive-by feeders who don't trap - but if you're not keeping up with growth, it's almost the same thing, isn't it?”

I do double duty - I am also trying to spay and neuter those in my 20 colonies in the Beechwood area.  Yes, I've had failures - new cats come to these colonies, have their babies, and on and on it goes.  But there are a few stable colonies that I feed at, and I am like their mother.  They KNOW me.  They DEPEND on me.  If I had more money, I could trap more.  If I had more available spots at clinics, I could trap more.  I just found out someone called Lollipop and they are booking into October.  There's NO QUESTION that you're making a huge difference in the lives of the individual cats you touch - whether you neuter them, or rescue them - but it's possible that you're also increasing the population, and making the overall problem worse by feeding unneutered cats. It makes people question whether TNR works at all.”

If I drop dead tomorrow, yes, there will be unbearable suffering amongst the cats I feed, due to starvation.  I know this.    Most are semi-feral to strays that I feed, and they are not hunters.  They will not know where to get food, and they WILL suffer.  But I won’t care after that point, will I.  I have no one to step in and do the job for me.

I had to release “Baldy” yesterday back to Baldwin after he awoke from his drug induced sleep (I made sure he was lucid enough to be let back out!).  It was heartbreaking for me, as I know he is a good boy, and allowed me to pet him inside the cage.  What was worse was seeing him this morning.  He came to me, and cried.  I placed food down, and had to leave him.  I MUST RESCUE HIM.  The other two cats, both girls - one was pregnant, the other post-partum.

I tried to rescue REESE this morning, the black and white polydactyl cat on Parsells - because there has been an offer by a kind girl in Lyons who wants to foster him - but he was no where to be found.

I also saw another kitten.  A FIFTH kitten on Parsells #3.  I thought we had gotten them all.  UGH.  He was a tiny little red and white kitten, and looked like black around his nose.  I must get him.  But how.  Speaking of, his siblings, who are split amongst Melissa and Sue – two are very sick.  I had to call to make an appointment for them at Caring for Cats, but can’t get in until tomorrow.  One has eye issue, the other has a very foul odor coming from its mouth, with discharge.  UGH.,

If anyone would care to donate, I would surely appreciate it!

PS, thank you Joel for offering to help fix the traps!

This is all I ‘got’ for today!

"Life is too ironic to
fully understand.  It
takes sadness to
know what
happiness is. Noise
to appreciate
silence & absence
to value presence."

Monday, August 6, 2018

Guns and Roses!

Crazy morning out there.  I finished up my rounds on the Back Nine after hearing gunshots.  I thought to myself, that sounded like gunshots. I was at Syd and Johnny's feeding momma there, and it sounded like it came from 7th or 6th Street, behind me.  But all was too quiet after that.  And then BLAM!  I saw all sorts of police cruisers darting in and out of those two streets.  I had just left 7th Street and before that Short Street.  I decided to check it out after I had finished up, ready to go check the last two traps, and saw police with flashlights on 7th. Being nosy, I drove past them, and decided to let them know I had heard gunshots.  The cocky young deputy (he didn't like my joke when he asked me for my birthdate - ''well I'm not going to check to see if you have any warrants outstanding" - oh, OK Officer!  Gee, thanks!  Next time I will keep driving.  But lo and behold there were about 10 cruisers on Short Street.  It looked like Jimmy, the old man that sits in his truck in the vacant lot there every day, had moved his truck after I had left there, and the cops had someone standing next to the car, a young black man.  I kept driving.

Trapping:  So I had five spots for TNR today.  I only got three.  But three less baby makers.  Here is a pic of Baldy, the pretty boy on Baldwin.  I’ll bet the girls on his street really loved this one…  J

I trapped another raccoon, who took off after I let him out.  Git!  Another was an already eartipped fella.  They love that mackerel!

Here are the other girls...  two in one trap!

I also have traps that are not working.  I am trying to get the tortie mom of the four kittens that I just took in.  But the darn trap thingy won’t stay put.  Anyone know how to fix traps?  Also, I have only one working kitten trap out of four! 

Speaking of the kittens…  So the wonderful couple on Melville, the ones that reached out to me a few weeks back – trapped the four kittens.  Boy are they good at it!  Apparently, these kittens were constantly in their back yard playing, and eating!  So on Friday, we brought over a few of the kitten traps, and they put them to good use.  Well, one of them.  The kittens were so small they didn’t trip the plate inside, so he had to sort of scare them into going in and tripping the plate that way.  We would guestimate them to be around 6-7 weeks, and pretty feral, but they are coming around!  After one night at Mama Janine’s house, and lots of heavy petting going on, there is less hissing.  The tortie might have to be seen by a vet as she has a smell coming from her tiny mouth and discolored saliva.  Other than that, their very fat little bellies will go down since I treated them all with a dewormer.  I can’t wait to get pictures from their foster moms!  Melissa and Sue, thank you!  Here are a couple.

There is so much more, but so little time.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 3, 2018


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Man o Man!  That's for sure!  Whadda week!

A big shout out to Kristin, who woke this morning at most likely 2:30 am. to be at my house at 3:45 am., all the way from Churchville.  She and Joel are the only two brave souls I know to drive from that distance to help me out occasionally in the mornings.  (Oops!  You too Sunday Sheryl!  Every Saturday!)  :) Not that others haven’t, but offers to help trap are far and few between.  I certainly do not find fault in others for that – we all have our stuff.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  And we all help in ways others cannot.

Kristin came to sit at two kittens traps that were set for two fluffy grey kittens that have been seen on Melville ever since Sheryl and I spotted them on Saturday morning.  Their mom is very thin, and very sweet.  She needs to be spayed, but I didn’t want to do it with her kittens still on the street.  Unfortunately, no luck today.  She is not even sure if saw a kitten.  It saddens me to think something might have happened to them.  It saddens me more to think that there are more cats on this street, and there is going to be no where to shelter them come winter.  The bastard property manager has sealed shut the old spot I had shelters for for these cats that have been here for years – this very spot I’ve been feeding cats that were dumped by the guy that used to live in this still vacant house when he moved out.  I looked up the owner of the property, and her name is Judy, and she lives in Rochester.  I wonder if she is a cat lover, and knows that the country bumpkin property manager treats the cats the way he has treated them.  These cats here have no where to go.  I’ve rescued MANY cats from this area.  And TNR’d most of them. Obviously, this girl here is new, and so are her babies.

Click on pics to see up close!


Same cat!

I finally had someone reach out to me with a PLAN.  I plan on rescuing the little black and white kitty on Parsells this coming Tuesday.  This sweet girl named Janessa, who lives in Lyons, saw his picture, and found it in her heart to open her home up to foster this kitty.  I told her she could name it – REESE.  We still don’t know if male or female, spayed or neutered, but I thought Reese was a perfect name for either sex.  It will be vetted that day, hopefully, and then she will pick him up.  This is what is needed when I rescue cats from the streets – a PLAN! And there are still plenty more JUST LIKE REESE!  Like this one...


I just told this one this morning that his time will come.


I received a note from the girl that volunteers at RAS about FIDO aka Kanye – the cat I trapped on Tuesday but turned out to be microchipped.  I brought him back to RAS after she told me he would be well taken care of and would go to a good foster.  She said he was going great, and sent me his ‘bio’.   Sweet.  I would have loved to keep him.  I hope he goes fast.

Mike with his canine brother

Mike, Ike and Jerry

If any of you remember Mike the kitten.  I received an update from his mom, who makes baby hats, and Mike aka Wolfie made the perfect model for one of the hats. Here he is today, gangsta style...

MIKE aka WOLFIE Today!

Remember Taco?  :)  Here is is, then and now!

Finally, Sky and Joey - both are available for adoption!

Have a great day!

"The key to happiness is letting 
each situation be what it is instead 
of what you think it should be."