Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Roof is Repaired!

I started a GoFundMe page for a man who lives in the city, who for many many years allowed me to place shelters in his backyard to feed and shelter several kitty cats.  What a kind man he was to do this.  His house was falling apart.  His garage sure was, literally.  And thanks to the kindness of others, we raised just over $600 to go towards the repair of his roof.  And thanks also to Karon and Walt Simoni, they found someone who offered to do this roof for just over $1400, and the balance was covered by Paul himself.  Paul has other financial issues, but the importance of this roof being repaired became priority.  So thank  you thank you thank you to those involved in the donations, and in helping to get this underway and completed.  I have always said, if I ever win the lottery, I am at least going to build a new garage for this kind man.



So many people reach out to me for help.  Kittens, cats... just recently someone asked if I could have one of my foster moms foster some kittens that her handyman is harboring in his garage.  Older kittens.  I am not sure if feral, or semi, or what.  But my point is, its so hard to justify rescuing for others, when there are so many on the streets that I have to leave each morning, just waiting for me to rescue them.  I don't blame, and I can understand! anyone trying to find help for all creatures like this, but its just hard for me when I see them every day homeless.  And especially with winter looming over our heads.

This little babe is one of them.  She waits by the curb on Central for me every day.  I say to her, why don't you go to the shelter in the back where the others go for their food?  She just doesn't.  I must get her off the street soon!

Little Katie went to the vet yesterday for some issues her foster mom Carol thought she was having.  She was given a shot of Convenia, and hopefully that will clear things up for her.  She sure could use a permanent home.  Carol has her hands full with Connor, Buffy, Parsley and Hermie.  Anyone?

Thanks All.

Have a great day.

"I believe all animals were created by God
to keep man alive."

Monday, October 15, 2018


That was the sound of me when I hit the ground this morning.  Or was it THUMP.  :)  I tried to scare away a RAT! at one of my locations, in the dark, and I tripped over a branch.  DANG!  At least I landed in a pile of twigs.  Broke my fall, I guess. 

"Pfitz" from Parsells
TNR Monday this morning.  This poor fella was the victim.  He will be neutered and given shots, flea and dewormer.  I always add Droncit to the order to make sure any other kind of yucky worms are treated - which I am charged an extra $10 for.  So, each cat I TNR costs $90.  I have had my fair share this year, and if I do my math right, with the TNR's so far this year - Kristin can confirm - lets say I've done 40.....  40 x $90 = $3,600.00.  That's $3,600.00 that the City of Rochester owes me!  I am helping THEM to clean up the City!  These are the cats that won't reproduce! 

Until then, I can always use help if anyone cares to make a donation to the clinic at 585.288.0600 or click the donate button on my website.

(UPDATE! - I was just going though my pictures of this cat that I always take before it goes into the clinic.  Now, mind you, when I trap, it is DARK.  I use my flashlight and am pretty much just looking at the ears, for a previous ear tip, which means kitty has already been spayed or neutered.  Looking at pics, I see a collar!  Its a black one, which blends in well with his fur.  So, first of all, this cat is amongst the pack of cats on Parsells that are homeless.  Who knows how long he has been out, or if he has a home or not, or if he is neutered.  Regardless, he will go in today for ear tip, and neuter.  I can't take the chance to let him back out just because he has a collar on.  He is dirty, for sure, so lets let the vet decide.  They will charge me regardless.)

I have reached out to my expert drop trapper friend for help in getting the mother cat on Ferndale and Webster that just won't go in a trap, all summer, that I keep setting for her.  Her baby kitten, that looks just like her, is also running around there.  Poor little baby.  Pray for luck in getting them both!

I went to visit Katie, the newest tabby I rescued last Monday, who is with foster Carol, and I got to see Connor!  Bonus - Connor sat on my lap!  They are both beautiful cats and both need permanent homes.  I did not have time to go in to see Parsley and Hermie, but 'plan' on doing so next weekend. 

I had two families go to meet the kittens at foster Sue's house this weekend.  Fingers crossed! 

Little Mara, the kitten I trapped last Monday along with Katie, (who by the way is the from the same location as today's TNR) is doing so much better, per foster Melissa.  Isn't she gorgeous. 

And finally, I went to foster Kim's house to pick up Timber - and deliver him to his new home.  Timber is just the nicest cat.  It was another tough one for Kim to let go, but she did, so that we can save another.  I just love Timber's new foster dad, he is a great cat dad, and I couldn't be happier.  He has taken lots of pics and sent me lots of updates, without me even asking!  Take a look at Timber in his new home!

Have a great day!

"Anxiety happens when you think you
have to figure out everything all at once.
Breathe.  You're strong.  You got this.
Take it day by day."

Thursday, October 11, 2018


This morning, as I woke at 2 am., I remembered the forecast for the morning, and I had heard thunderstorms rolling in around 4-5 am.  I had heard this forecast on the evening news the night before.  I looked out the window and it looked fairly dry, no rain.  I became anxious, thinking, why should I lie here for an hour (2:20 - 3:20), which is what I do after I get up, to close my eyes on the couch mentally preparing my self to go out into the dark, when I could be out NOW, beating the rain.  But then I thought, even if I go out NOW, at 2:30 am., and TRY to beat the rain, I will still get home and will lose this hour of rest, so why not lay here for another hour, take my chance.  I took it, and the rain held off.  I got home, 5:15, and then the rain came.  Hallelujah!

All the little babies were waiting on me for their breakfast.  I placed a couple of huts behind a house of a wonderful family that told me I could place shelters at.  This is right next door to the @#$#@@! that owns the property I've been feeding at, who just took two of my shelters.  I will continue to hunt this guy down and ask for them back.  If he touches the shelters at the house next door, I will call the police.  There is a very sick red cat there that at least will have food to eat out of the rain (I placed a board over the two shelters to make a roof to put the food under).  This cat has been elusive to me for many years.  He will NOT go into a trap.

There is still the fertile mother, and a baby kitten on Ferndale and Webster.  I need help here.  I need a drop trap.  I need someone to do the drop trapping for me.

Chance will need to go back to the vet this weekend, as he is not doing the best that he could be doing.  We are still taking donations for him, as what was donated did not cover his vet visit on Sunday.

Timber, the red haired beauty I grabbed a few weeks ago from Baldwin and Grand, whom Kim has been fostering, will go to his new home on Saturday.  Hopefully he will be a good boy and get to know his siblings, like he has with Kim's kitties.  He is very mellow, and we hope he continues.  This kind person adopting is also looking for a fourth kitty, his limit.  I must find him a special cat to complete his family. Kim will then foster Katie, who Carol named for the kitty I rescued on Monday from Central.  Carol took her in, but is also going to try her for a 'shop' kitty for her business, so we will see.   Carol has her hands full with Connor, Parsley and Hermie, who we must get adopted soon as well.







We still have five 'Woodpile' kittens to be adopted, and now a sixth kitten, Mara, who Melissa took in two days ago after I trapped her on Parsells.  More pics coming soon.

Have a GREAT day!

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Second Chance

My Wishlist:

  • Wooden Boards
  • Heavy Duty Camoflaug Tarps
  • Bricks/Heavy Rocks 
  • Styrofoam Boxes (LARGE)
  • DARK spray paint (Plastics)

Chance, the skinny little kitty that I was ready to drop off at the Emergency Clinic, knowing its chances were slim to stay alive.  Yes, I freely admit it.   There has been many times in my life where I have taken very sick cats there, mainly ones that couldn't move, to be examined, and the outcome was usually euthanasia.  There are many factors which make up my decisions to do that, and #1 is money, and #2 is where to keep/care for the sick kitty.  My house has NO room left for another cat.  I like to keep a nice house, but with many older cats right now, and having behavior/medical issues, I cannot bring another cat into the house.  And with my hip condition right now, I am practically tripping over my own, let alone keeping another in a tiny bathroom, or a closed up bedroom, which already Jules occupies one of the two 24/7, due to his behavior/aggression.   And then you have a foster or two of mine, that would fill their homes and business up with cats if they could, but its not fair to the cats already rescued and waiting for a home.  Not to mention if I have kittens still unadopted, which I do.  And then you have the people who, after you post it on Facebook, MIGHT offer?  But thats HOURS down the road, let alone a day or two.  And in the meantime, its too late.  I do my rescues in the early morning hours when everyone is asleep.  I don't have the luxury of time.


So Chance, Chance is a lucky one.  I am not saying that my bringing Chance to the emergency vet would have been his death sentence for sure.  I listen to what the doctors have to say, and base my decision then.  Sheryl, however, wanted to take it a step further, and see if this very sickly, smelly kitty could be saved.  And she is trying.  WE are trying.   Keep fighting Chance!

I am not sure if I mentioned to you, the foster who fostered Peanut for me, the fluffy red kitten that I trapped - the foster fell in love, and adopted him!  His new name is Presley.  And Michelle LOVES him! 

He went from this:

To this:


I am waiting on an update from Carol, who took in the older kitty I trapped Monday morning.  

Melissa reports on the kitten I also trapped on Monday, who she named Mara;  "This is the kitten Janine caught and I stepped up to foster. Now this girl has a chance at a warm, loving home once socialized. Janine said she looks like Grumpy Cat, so I'm calling her Mara which means bitterness. She'll turn into a sweet girl soon 


Have a nice day!

"As custodians of the planet it is our
responsibility to deal with all species
with kindness, love, and compassion.
That these animals suffer through
human cruelty is beyond understanding.
Please help to stop this madness."

Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Just a few updates to yesterday's lengthy post. 

Chance, the emaciated starving kitty rescued Saturday morning – he is not out of the woods yet.  Sheryl reports that he is not eating very much.  He is on medicine to stimulate his hunger, but he’s having a hard time with swallowing that.  I am planning on letting her use a piller.  And she needs some probiotics which I have as well. 

Video of him eating:

The calico kitten trapped yesterday morning, thanks to Melissa who came by after kitten got out of surgery, and scooped he up.  She wrote:   “This is the kitten Janine caught and I stepped up to foster. Now this girl has a chance at a warm, loving home once socialized. Janine said she looks like Grumpy Cat, so I'm calling her Mara which means bitterness. She'll turn into a sweet girl soon.”

Mara (Grumpy Girl!)
I just could not put a kitten back on the street.  Lets get Mara adopted soon.

The older cat that I trapped on Central in front of the church, is also one lucky girl.  Carol stepped in to say NO, don’tput her back!  I will make room for her in my shop!  Well, Carol already has her hands full at her shop.  The first one being her business, the second is that she still have Parsley, Hermie, Buffy and now Connor in her shop.  Its getting a tad crowded.  But, thanks to Kim, my other wonderful foster, who will lose Timber this weekend when he gets adopted, she has offered to take the older girl kitty in replacement of Timber. 

I hate TNR, can you tell?  I have put so many people out because of it, but there are SO many wonderful cats on the streets!  Like for instance, the third cat I trapped yesterday morning, the beautiful black and white male cat.  Turns out he had an abscess on is foot and had to have stitches to close it up after it was drained.  He turned out to be a sweetheart, but I had to let him back on the streets this morning.  WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE TO TAKE THESE CATS IN – OR WE DO HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE, JUST NOT ENOUGH WILLING TO!

So please support Spay and Neuter whenever you can.  My bill is above $1,000 right now at the clinic.  I can’t do this alone.  Either contribute financially, or physically helping to set traps around the city and get these poor animals fixed.

Thanks for listening to me.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

I HATE TNR (but it must be done!)

Man, what a bad weekend, and what a bad start to the Monday.  First off, today, I had three spots for TNR (trap neuter return to the streets!) set up for me at Rochester Community Animal Clinic on Bay Street so I went out setting three traps, mainly on Parsells and Melville, where there are SO many cats, and a few injured and sick ones too.  I set the first one at Parsells #1 and off I went to Parsells #2 where this JERK that owns the property (LANDLORD) won't let me feed there, and this time, he discovered that I was hiding shelters and food under the lattice in the front of the house, and he took the shelters and boarded up the lattice.  I WANT MY SHELTERS BACK.  I am going to have to keep trying to go over there when he is around to talk to him.  Someone was trying, on my behalf, a while back, to talk to him and hope that he would allow me to feed in the back of his property, but it obviously didn't work out.  Those poor animals.  I set a trap there, and went to set the third trap at Melville, hoping to trap a very sick old red cat that splits his time between Parsells #2 and Melville Street, two properties practically back to back of each other.  He wasn't flying for it because when I went to check on Parsells #2, there was sick red, who came all the way over after I set the trap in front of him on Melville.  Inside the trap was this pretty black and white kitty.

Checking on Parsells #1, there was this BABY calico kitten, that looks pregnant.  Trust me, its a kitten.  It doesn't look like it from this picture.

I went back to Melville and picked up the trap there, as no cats were falling for it there.  There is an injured tuxie there, but won't let me get near it.

I fed at Webster and Ferndale, and lo and behold, out ran a 5-6 week old kitten from the shelter.  This mother cat, has had at least two litters now that I know of.  I need someone with a drop trap to help me.  PLEASE.  Kitten ran. A little black and white.  I had a skunk inside the shelter across from it. 

I set the third trap on Central - at a church on the corner of 4th and Central where I am feeding two young cats, and a very sweet older cat - where some 'Christian' removes the food and water every single day after I am gone.  I am glad these cats are able to at least gulp their only meal of the day while I am there, until this person shows up.  I went back to check on this trap here, and inside was the old friendly sweet kitty.  I have no idea if its fixed, but I knew it at least needed its ear tipped, and deworming, which I am asking for all three.  God knows what these poor animals have crawling around inside them from eating the filth and garbage to stay alive on the streets.

Moo Moo was adopted on Saturday, so that was a good thing.  A very sweet kind lady from Corning came to get her. It was not a smooth transition for Moo Moo and this lady's kitties, but its working itself out, as I get updates.  Her name was changed to Bede, and I will get the story on her name soon!.

On Saturday morning, while doing my rounds with my faithful (every) Saturday Sheryl (its been four years now!) we were pouring food on 3rd and Central, and we we heard a pathetic meowing under our feet.  I turned on my flashlight, and it was a very emaciated kitty.  It looked near death.  I immediately went and got my carrier, and placed it in there.  I would normally have brought kitty to emergency and left it there as a Good Samaritan - for a variety of reasons - which I will get into in another post, so please do not judge.  But Sheryl looked at him and thought, lets just see whats wrong.  So she took the cat to her house until we could get kitty into a less expensive emergency vet - where Sheryl could feed and monitor until then, and we did on Sunday.  Kitty had worms, negative for disease, and was very starving.  Kitty received fluids, and Sheryl named him Chance, and she will keep him for as long as we have to.  Thanks Sheryl, once again. 

On Sunday morning I discovered my basement was flooded.  Water everywhere.  What a disaster.  So much for a nice relaxing morning.  I was frantic, and at this moment, it is still not fixed.  I called the Town and they are sending someone over, for free!  Thank God.

Not all was hopeless though.  I received a surprise on Saturday.  A delivery of the largest fruit basket from Edible Arrangements, with lots of chocolate covered stuff.  YUM.  And all the card read was "you are appreciated."  How very very kind of whoever did that.  Thank you so much - I wish you would reveal yourself though.  I hate surprises!  :) 

I also received an update in Frankie, the first of the Woodpile kittens to be adopted, and here he is with big sister LuLu, who was adopted a year ago from me.  What do you think?  Has the bonding process begun?  :)

That's it in a nutshell.  If anyone can take in this kitten, or this old girl, and provide them a home, I won't have to release back to this mean street tomorrow.  If anyone is so inclined to help towards the spay and neuters for today, the clinic number is 585.288.0600.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 5, 2018


Well, its another Friday.  I am thrilled.  I have two days I can get some STUFF done.  Do a little visiting, go meet up with Connor, see if he will come out from hiding, see if Parsley or Hermie come out from hiding. 


Look at Jessie - is he adorable or what?

I occasionally get to talk to the people on the streets in the mornings... not that I try to, but some come right up and ask questions, others look at you like 'what are you doing?'  The latter I try to educate that I am feeding cats - because I must look crazy.  Yesterday, it happened, so I drove up to the guy that just stood there watching, and I told him, and he then said how his mother has an injured cat in her basement.  He said he fed it some chicken.  He told me his mom lives on Garson, and I gave him my number, and he said he would call me when she got up and he could get the cat into the carrier they had for me to come pick up.  GREAT.   It was, after all, 5 am.  I did not hear from him yesterday, so I dropped off a bag of food on the porch of the house, with a note to call me, and my number.  I have not yet heard from them.  The man, Curt, was ...  shall we say...  a little inebriated when we talked, but I know he was genuine.  He said he was more a dog person, but cared that the cat was injured.  He had no car, nor did his mother. He said he lived on Bay across from clinic.  Nothing yet.  Will keep you posted.

Today I got the guy that is selling stuff to make a buck. This time it was grapes.  A whole box of grapes.  He 'swears' they were not stolen. He said he would give me the whole box for $5.  I told him, and all the others, I do not have any money, just cat food!  This guy didn't believe me, and I looked him in the eye and said, I am not a liar.  If I had the money, I would give it to you.  Which I would.

Lets try to get some of these kitties adopted.  Squirt and Snuggles are coming over to spend the weekend with me this afternoon.  They are NEARLY potty trained, and NEARLY weaned, but not quite there yet.  But totally adorable, so you forgive! 

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I'm feeling so uninspired this morning...  this post is pretty lame today.  I would love to hear from others!

Another morning dodging the rain.  Luckily it has rained either prior to going out at 3:45 am., or just after finishing up at 5:15 a.m.  I can't stand the rain.  Its just ................  wet!  Who likes to be wet?   Not me.

Someone reached out to me a few weeks ago, and offered to take an adult cat off the street and in to foster.   WOW.   What an awesome thing to do.  I've had not even a handful of people offer to do that.   This man is travelling to the Arctic Circle for his PhD, and will then be back in two weeks.  I am planning on getting this sweetheart, with a million toes.   I've been feeding this sweetheart for a long time now, had him TNR'd this summer, and every day he greets me with a look in his eye, and patiently waits for me to pour his favorite food, anything from a can.  Its not only him at this Central Park location...  there is a black and white kitty running to me, and a very pretty brown tabby - a dainty little thing, that waits patiently for me under a tree by the road each day.  My heart aches for them all.  I would love to find homes for all three here at this location.

I  have had the pleasure of FOUR kittens at my house this week.  Someone was supposed to come meet Ellie on Saturday, but she never showed. I had picked up the Spencer, Ellie and Jessie at Melissa's house that day and never brought them back.  The fourth one is MOO MOO!  She is just the sweetest kitten I've ever seen.  Really.  She plays a little bit, and sleeps a lot, and cuddles a LOT LOT!  Never had a kitten be such a snuggler.  I have someone coming to meet her this weekend, all the way from Corning!  And someone is coming to meet Ellie tomorrow after work as well.  These three are still a bit skitzy, but they are nothing but tiny furballs.  I had Jessie purring last night.  I was amazed.  Out of the six, these three are the most fearful.  I will return them soon to have Melissa do her magic in socializing them a bit more.

I had someone interested in Timber this week, but she just emailed me informing me she adopted another cat.  Oh well, I guess that wasn't meant to be. 

Please help spread the word about these babies!  Big and little ones! 

In the meantime, take a look at this sweet and short video of 12 cats with odds stacked against them, and where they are now.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=143&v=0_HbAx4izOw

Have a great day!

“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.”

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Raining Cats and Dogs!

Man o Man, its wet out there!  I HATE RAIN!!!  I filled up bowls underneath a few trees this morning, for cats not on my normal route – the ones in the dark corners hiding in the dark that I see when I shine my headlights on them as I am driving…  Those bowls are now soaked and so is the food.  I feel bad.  I just want to set shelters all over the city so that these cats have somewhere warm and dry they can at least CRAWL into.  Instead, you have to worry about people coming along and destroying those little shelters.  I was thinking…  what kind of person is it that would intentionally see kittens – older kittens albeit – and remove their food bowls.  Do they say to themselves …  I could care less about that kitten, let it starve. No one is going to set food down on my property for it to eat.  Let it starve!  What kind of person does this.  How was this person raised.  Obviously with a parent without normal compassion for suffering of humans or animals. 

On Saturday morning, I was driving down Bay Street to feed at Syd and Johnny’s Auto, one of my normal spots, I saw a girl standing on the corner – didn’t think twice about it, there are so many prostitutes in this area – but then I spotted a cat standing next to her.  I parked, opened the door, and started to call for it.  Sheryl was with me, so she went to the side of the place to do the usual feeding, while I watched the girl cross the street, kitten in tow.  I thought I heard her say ‘food’, and I called out that I had some.  She started to walk my way, kitten in tow.  She said the cat was hers, and that she was staying with her mom and her mom didn’t like cats and she was sneaking it into her room.  As I was giving her some of my cat food, and lecturing her about how kitten needed to be neutered (about 6 months old it was), I recall her being very sweet.  We had met the year prior, I don’t really remember, but she remembered talking to me.   She then mentioned about the cat going to the bathroom and how it had accidents on the floor in her room, and I told her what she needed to do – get a box or something, and get some litter!  I told her I would bring her a bag of litter and leave it on the side of the building for the next morning, if she could find a box or something.  She must have because the litter was gone on Sunday.  I gave her my card and told her to call me when she is ready – she told me she couldn’t keep the kitten, but wasn’t ready to surrender it, when I told her I could find a good home for it.  Sweet kitty, but a huge belly, indicating it was full of worms.   And yes, it was a male.

She said she had argued with her mother, telling her she had to give up her childhood fears of cats – which proved my point that there are a lot of African American women that have a fear of cats, and its generational because the children hear their mothers and aunties and sisters and cousins express their dislike for them.  And on and on it goes.. This girl, Angie, obviously didn’t listen to her mother, and realized how sweet cats really are.  Sad, really. 

I have not been to see my rescued kitties PARSLEY, HERMIE or CONNOR, and feel very bad.  Either I've had stuff going on in the short window of time I have during the two day weekends, or foster mom Carol has been busy.   All three need a permanent home desperately.  I shouldn’t say desperate – they are not in danger – but they lack the amount of human interaction the way they would have it in a home.  Please consider opening your hearts and homes to these sweet boys.   Please consider so that I can rescue more that are still on the street - they are out in this weather and would love to have a warm loving home.  And of course, don't forget my latest – TIMBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Sweet boy.  We weren’t sure if he got along with other cats – what do you think?  J

TIMBER - Top Left

We also have several kittens!  Sweet Frankie – one of the woodpile kittens - went to his new home this past Saturday.  The others, Olive, Woody, Spencer, Jessie and Ellie – and don’t forget MOO MOO!!!  

Have a great day!

"Animals, they are one of the most beautiful
gifts we have and, you know, if there are 
people that have compassion, there are 
very few people that put their money into
animal rescue organizations.  And if there is 
someone that has that passion, animals
need all the help they can get."

Monday, October 1, 2018

Its All About Goats!

Goat Yoga!

Yesterday turned out GREAT!  The day started off with some rain (of course my days start at 2 am.) – it stopped long enough to go out with a friend Melissa, who did the squatting and feeding at each of my locations – thank you Melissa!  And I was able to go back to sleep for an hour, and get up to dreary gray skies.  I was praying it wouldn’t rain – as our yoga event was outside, with no cover from the rain.  Of course, the closer it got to 10 am, start time, the rain came.  But it was light, and it was over in a flash.  By the time we finished up an hour later, blue skies were abundant!

Many many thanks to our Yoga instructor Michael Anne who provided not only with a therapeutic yoga session, but many laughs as well.  She had us mooing and meowing.  Hey, a new name for my fundraiser next year?  Michael Anne is the owner of WAE Yoga – WAE being the first name of her children!  She offers some pretty unique sessions at unique locations – the beach, vineyards, etc.  Check her out!    https://www.waeyoga.com/

Many thanks also to Janice who runs NeverSayNever Stables in Webster, NY.  She donated the space and goats!  Man they have a gold mine there - plus the cutest farm animals!  Great place to host a party!  http://www.neversayneverstables.com/

Most of all, thanks to all who came, and endured a little rain and a little dirt.  All comes out in the wash.  There were a lot of smiles throughout the session, and that's what matters!


Have a GREAT day!

"Great things never come from comfort zones."