Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Busy Weekend!

This has been a crazy three days since I last wrote my Dear Blog. My niece pointed out that she missed me writing each day, but its hard sometimes, especially when you have an extremely slow computer at home, and writing this shouldn't be done from work, so its sometimes painstaking. Anyways, here I am with lots to report! I had the day off on Friday, but it was a busy day for me. I went around to all my spots and fed my babies. Nothing significant to report, but Benny has been showing up each and every day, along with Boo, and a few other followers of his. Boo is pictured here. This is the ramshackle shelter I have built. Its very disappointing to me, I can't get it quite right. I layed some straw down a few weeks ago, but they way the lean to was, it would be hard for the cats to get in under it to eat and/or nest in it. So I had to prop it open, which exposes it to the elements, including the next big storm we have, which we will soon enough. I am in desperate need of lean-to's of a certain dimension. I have tried Home Depot, etc. but they won't provide me with what I need, for free. Anyways, on Friday I had lunch with someone whom I've never met, but she has read this blog, and she wanted to thank me, which I was overwhelmed by, because this has been a thankless duty for me for close to 15 years now. She donated some food, and her time to sit and talk to me. She runs Another Chance Ranch in Livingston County, and she is truly one of God's Angels. She takes in dogs, puppies, cats, you name it. We need more people like her in surrounding counties, as they are not as fortunate as we are here in Monroe County, if you can call it fortunate, to at least have 'humane' shelters for lost and stray animals. Other counties have barely humane conditions to keep their animals in before they are euthanized. This Angel also left me with something to think about - for every animal that is adopted, it allows rescuers to save three more animals, and its true. This leads into some wonderful news about Dewey. I got a call from the President of Another Chance Pet Rescue yesterday, they had been fostering Dewey for me, and he was adopted!!! I cried. Its just such wonderful news. I loved sweet Dewey and almost considered taking him back into my home because he went through so much in his short life already, and remained a sweet sweet boy. I just can't say enough about these two groups who have shown such kindness and compassion to help a fellow human, whom they barely even know. There are truly wonderful people out there, and this weekend was a good reminder and it has renewed my spirit to continue to try to save the world. And together, with everyone helping, we CAN do it! I have so much more to share, but will save it for another day. Lots more pictures coming too!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pros and Cons

As I drove to all my spots this morning, I started to think about the pros and cons of what I am doing. I started to think about what if this, and what if that. If I didn't do what I've been doing for too many years to count, my life would be so much safer, and simpler. I would have an extra $5200 a year from buying the food each week, I would be able to sleep past 5 am. each and every day, my car would be in better shape, my washer and dryer would last a lot longer than what they are doing now - breaking down - from washing all the wet and frozen dirty towels, I would probably be in my dream home due to the savings I would have for a down payment, in the country, with a large barn attached for the animals I would still try to save, I would be able to go on a vacation worry free, without having to ask my family and friends to come cat sit, I would be able to go on vacation without having to worry that the cats I feed would starve without my going there each morning, my credit card bill wouldn't be so high as I wouldn't have to charge for the care of new cats I rescue, and for my own brood, which wouldn't be as many as I have now because I've rescued them all, and my house would be a little easier to clean on clean day Saturdays.

Then I think about what it would be like if I did quit cold turkey today. All the animals that depend on me. How sad. Benny (pictured), Boo, Red, and Smokey too, just to name a few. As much as people who don't know better can say "oh, they will survive, they will find birds and garbage to live" - these animals I've been feeding have been used to one square meal a day. And the towels I provide them, along with the rickety shelter, are lifesaving for them. What would they do? How would they survive?

A woman I met through Dewey's rescue a couple of weeks ago wanted to 'shadow' me the other morning in hopes that she might be able to help me out occasionally. She actually came over to my house at 5:30 in the morning to come with me on my 'rounds'. I was thrilled. Well, by the time we got back, she admitted to me she didn't think she could do what I do, and declined. She said she would be too scared to go into the neighborhoods I feed in. And thats OK. I was scared to do what I do initially also, but I've gotten used to these neighborhoods, and I know whats safe and whats not. Its not for everyone. I just wish I could get a break once in a while. Until I can figure this out, I continue to dread doing what I do just until I get to my first stop, and then after that it becomes so rewarding to me. These cats love me for coming to their rescue each morning, to provide them basic life sustaining necessities - food, shelter and water.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One for the Money, Two for the Show...

three to get ready now go cat go!

sorry, I get carried away sometimes! :) This morning was a quiet morning, although somewhat disturbing in a few spots. My first spot was solely occupied by a 'not so pretty' opossum - he wouldn't budge. I think he was just enjoying being under that small lean-to on a nice blankie. I left him alone and told him I would be back later. My second stop had the sweet little calico kitty that has been hanging around since before I rescued Dewey. She is a bit shy, but will come close when very hungry. I think it all depends on how much food each kitty is able to eat before another one comes along and 'threatens' them. Then they get what ever is left over. Its the Alpha and the Omega syndrome. My third spot is always quiet, but I've only been feeding there in the winter months. Will be interesting to see who is out around that time of the morning, when it gets warmer. A man did come out of the house next door to this abandoned home, and when I see someone I am very quick to relay what I am doing there. I feel its my duty to do so. I try to be as sweet as I can be with these people, as I am in their neighborhood. My next spot, where Smokey resides, was a little busier than usual. First, Smokey was waiting for me in the driveway next door, which is crazy, because he could be on a nice dry towel near in or near his shelter, as I have sort of a palace built up for him there. But this dude named Michael, whom I've seen in the past, started to walk up to me - I hadn't noticed him until that very minute - and asked for money. I told him I recognized him from before (I posted about him a few months back) and told him I am just feeding the kitties and that was that! He was innocent enough though. He is a junkie looking to purchase his next high. The next stop I noticed a sweet black kitty, who has been hanging around, and has a collar, but is limping, so he is injured. Will have to keep my eye on that. Next spot sure enough was Benny and Boo, Benny's girlfriend, waiting for their food. I did go back to the first spot before I went to my last and Mr. Opossum was still there, so I just left it be. I placed some food and water down on the driveway to the house just in case. I am sure by the looks of Mr. P's teeth that its a nasty bite if you get one. So, I think I will leave him alone in the future! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guest Blog: Country Cats...

Guest blog. This is my girlfriend's cat story. I've never seen more photogenic cats in my life. The pictures here are of Betty (black) and Jack. Here are her words:

Here's our story......

I'm a Siamese cat lover from way back. I've had several throughout the years. Currently our household consists of an 18 year old Seal Point Max, a 3 year old Chocolate/Seal Point Sunny and a 1 year old Flame Point Jack. All existing peacefully together - indoors only. Flash back to late September last year and a solid black cat came to our back door - asking politely but frantically to come in (we live in the country and folks tend to drop off their unwanted pets on occasion). Well, we certainly couldn't just ignore this cat so with food and water dish in hand, we went out to tend to her needs. A delicate and personable young female who clung like a burdock! We kept her in our garage to make sure she was safe from the coyotes and any other dangers while we posted ad's with her picture looking for her owners. Surely this wasn't a drop-off but a family cat who snuck out??? But the days went by and we got no response. This little gal with the whiskey voiced meow wormed her way into our hearts. We contacted the TNR folks who took her - did their thing and brought her back to us (telling us what a sweetie she was) - because we didn't intend to keep her - she wasn't SIAMESE! Well........we ended up having her tested prior to allowing her into our 'group' to make sure she was disease free and VOILA - she's joined our family. A skinny but loving stray has captured our hearts! Her name is Betty and her pictures show how she's enjoying being the Queen of the pack!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oops! I Did it Again!

Yes, I did it again - my heart wouldn't allow another cat on the street to remain in the extreme frigid temps we are experiencing here in Rochester so I rescued another. He is the kitty I've been blogging about this past week that was stationing himself in Old Smokey's spot on Central and Goodman. I had originally thought this young fella fella was very sick due to the way it looked, but since I got him on Saturday, he is actually very healthy, he was just VERY DIRTY. But he has cleaned up nicely, and is stuck in a bedroom at my house until we can find him a home. He is a VERY affectionate young neutered male, and just as pretty as a boy can be! Very fluffy black and white, under a year old.

It was a tough morning out there today, but thanks to my mother, who always manages to say something during our morning phone calls to uplift my spirits, the temperatures will rise beginning today, from below zero, to more tolerable degrees. Those poor cats are suffering. I could rescue one a day if I only had somewhere to bring them. I am hoping those who read this will consider fostering one of these poor sweet animals.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Perfect Companions Never Have Fewer Than Four Feet

I made a friend the other day. It’s amazing what a person can gather from 20 minutes of conversation. Sometimes life offers these gifts, little pockets of pure connection between two people. I met him for a reason right? This conversation happened for a reason didn’t it?

This exact mentality is actually what dictated our conversation. Why do we make everything mean something? I liked the way he referred to people. He called us, "meaning-making-machines."

He spoke of a theory that we are all vaguely familiar with; the theory that everything is nothing. Well, nothing can’t mean anything, so we are all struggling to make all of this nothingness have some sort of meaning. Every moment, every thought, every date, every glance, and every rainbow all have the potential to become something more, something significant. We give the day we were born a meaning, the simple pat on the shoulder from a parent a meaning, even the butterfly that lands on our hand for a split second before continuing on its way has a meaning. Giving meaning to things leads us straight into our peaks of happiness, and our valleys of sorrow. We can’t survive without meaning, simply because it gives us a purpose.

When we don’t have a reason or a meaning, we tend to drive ourselves crazy. What my friend brought to my attention is this: if we can give meaning to something, and create a reason for the why’s, who’s, and how’s, then we have power. We have the ability to answer every question on our own, however we want. Let’s start writing our own endings to things. If we can create the reason, or the meaning, let’s make it a good one. Give it a period at the end, a conclusion. Don’t continue to spin around in circles, over questioning, just give whatever is bothering us an answer. Some of the greatest moments in life come from moments that are incomplete.

I know this post was a little off today, but sometimes, we need that. :) Have a wonderful weekend. XO

Thursday, January 20, 2011

All is Calm, All is Bright

The sun is out, yay! Thats a good thing! Unfortunately, its as cold as Alaska is right now, which isn't a good thing! Everyone was around this morning, including some newbies, and not including Mr. Opossum! I layed down some nice dry towels in hopes that some of my guys can snuggle in and get some warmer sleep with the dry weather we are due today. There is a cat that hung around Dewey that I have named Goldi. She is a calico, all sorts of pretty colors. She was out, and lets me get close to her, but is still hesitant to let me really pet her. Goldi is there each morning. Benny was there with his girlfriend too, which I think I will name Boo. Benny and Boo. Has a nice ring to it! And Smokey was there, but Smokey was outside again of the lean-to, which also shields the weather from the opening of the wooden box shelter that was built for me by the kids at Gates Chili school. I don't know why he doesn't stay in there. I place the food and water under the lean to, but he just won't go in there. I have not seen the black and white fluffball that seemed quite sick three days ago, not sure if that poor animal is in the wood hut dead, so will have to check that out this weekend when I have my partner in crime with me. We did check it out last weekend to be sure it had enough straw, and it did. Its a nice snuggly place for a homeless kitty, I wish Smokey would use it more often! Red was at his spot, but when I pulled up, he was having a showdown with a very very fluffy light red kitty that I've been seeing there lately. There is also a gray and white fluff ball hanging around there too. So three I've been seeing there regularly now. I wish Red trusted me more! I want to rescue him!! I go see Louie (aka Leroy Brown) at his new place tonight to bring him a blanket. His new Dad said Leroy doesn't like his blankets, so I will bring him mine that has a familiar scent to him. I miss my babies Louie and Dewey!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hump Day!

Lots of and lots of towels to be washed this morning. I went around and must have gathered up 20 very soaking, icy towels from yesterday's rain. Thank God for the towel donations I recently received around the holidays - you know who you are (wink) - and I thank you! Not to mention my food bills weekly, but in the wintertime, I do a LOT of laundry. I pray every day my very old washing machine holds up, including the dryer! It takes a lot of wear and tear! I must pull out a handful of leaves and sticks that are attached to the ice on the wet towels and can't be shaken off due to the state of frozenness. That was a hard sentence to write... :)

Other than that, did not see the black and white fluffball again this morning. I saw it two mornings in a row, and now two mornings in a row it has not been around. No sign of Smokey this morning either, but I did change the blanket he uses under the lean-to, which I hope he uses as the weather is supposed to get bitter cold again. As long as these towels/blankets stay dry, they are good for the kitties. Better than nothing! I pulled up to my first stop this morning and lo and behold, under the lean to was a very ugly little possum! He hissed at me and kept backing up against the wall, wouldn't move. I tried to scoot him out, but he wouldn't budge. I thought if he ever came after me, it would be a mess, but he was too scared to do anything I think. So, I let him be, and decided I would stop back there later, which I did, and Mr. Possum was not there. He left a mess for me to clean up though! Possums and raccoons are very messy eaters!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is it Almost Spring?

Sure feels like it out there! But its just a tease. I think the temp shot up 40 degrees since last yesterday. I'll take it. Supposed to plummet again this weekend. My intention was to trap a sick kitty where Smokey resides, but he wasn't there this morning. Sort of good thing because I realized I had forgotten the carrier when I got to my first spot this morning. I was very disappointed, but the black and white fluffball wasn't there anyway. Poor thing, will try again tomorrow. Benny has been showing up at his spot on Central Park. I think he has a girlfriend, and hopefully she is fixed, because she just follows him around. When he hears me calling for him in the morning, he comes running, and she is right behind. He has remained a very friendly, sweet cat, which is surprising seeing as how he has been homeless for a long time now. And Red is around the past week at my last spot, but still shys away from me. I really scared him when I tried to trap him. After I got home to refill my 'sack' of food, I was adding up what I spend each week. I use up one 16-lb bag of Dad's cat food PER DAY. I use 12 cans of 9-Lives wet cat food a day - and that is scimping. Wet food is the only 'treat' these animals have on a 24 hour basis, no love, no warmth, no nothing, so I figure wet food is what they deserve during these very very miserable months. It costs me a fortune to pay for 6 16-lb bags and nearly three cases of wet food a week. A fortune. I need a fortune to come to me!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Blahs

This morning, I went out to care for my babies, and on the corner of Central and Goodman has been a cat I've seen two mornings now coming out of the shelter I have there for Smokey. Its a (once) pretty black and white fluffball, very emaciated, with one of those plastic/rubber flea collars on it. Obviously it started out with someone with good intentions, but something went drastically wrong, as that cat has not had a home for a good while. It came out when I opened up the lean to that protects the opening of the box shelter, and just started to gorge the food I put down - of course while poor Smokey stood back at a distance watching - and this poor thing didn't care that I was pouring the food on its head, it just seemed that desperate. His thinness, along with this desperation, and the matted coat leads me to believe he has lived through most of his Nine Lives, and I must get him. I think I will be able to grab him and place him in my carrier tomorrow morning, which I will attempt to do tomorrow. I cannot allow a sick cat to suffer, especially with the single digit temperatures we had this morning. Please join me in saying a prayer for all of these suffering babies out there.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Its Friday, I have a work retreat offsite today, and must be on my way, but wanted to post that its Friday, Yay, and all is well, minus the frigid temps outdoors today (and last night). I went around and cared for all my babies this morning, dry towels, replaced their bowls of ice with warm water, filled their empty bowls of dry food, and topped them off with some warm wet food, and then sheltered the food as best I could. Smokey was making use of the lean to this morning, but I am not sure the cats are using the two new shelters I've placed at two locations. I hope so, they have warm straw inside they can snuggle into. Red was at the last stop this morning, he is a rare sighting these days, after I tried to rescue him. He actually sat out in the open as I got into my car, and just watched me. He didn't go for the food and water, he just watched me. I wish he could talk - what would he have said? "OK, I am ready now, I want to go home?" I wish I knew. On another note, thank you to all that comment on my blog. I feel joy when I see someone has posted a comment - it makes me feel as if someone is really reading my blog. Thank you thank you thank you, and have a WONDERFUL weekend! I will post if something happens that I need to share. XO! PS, Louie goes to his new home today!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Miserable Scale: BETTER!

This morning was not as bad as yesterday. It was clean up time for me though, so it took extra long. I had to shovel paths to get to my shelters, not for me, but for the poor cats to walk to - the snow is past their little bodies, so it is hard for them to get from point A to point B - so I try to make it a little easier. I look like a nutcase - but oh well! The plow guys must think I am looney toons. Smokey was there 'doing his business' outside the lean-to. Poor thing. Someone asked me about drop trapping him. I am not quite sure what that means, but the problem with Smokey is he is on a very busy corner, his shelter out in the open. He has had his shelter trashed many times. I am only able to go out and feed early in the morning, and then I have to go to work. I don't have time to sit and wait a long time for trapping. And I can't leave a cage there, as it will be stolen. I wish there was some way to trap Smokey. He is an old dude that is simply just barely surviving out there. I don't know how he gets through these winters. On a happier note, my sweet little Louie has a home! A good friend knows someone who is looking for a black kitty. And Louie fits that bill! Brought Louie home from the vet yesterday, he is a she is a he! HA! Louie is a talker, and a cuddler, and this person who gets him is very lucky!! What I do is very expensive, I have no one helping me pay for getting shots, check up, spaying these animals, except for Dewey, who is lucky to have been saved by AnotherChancePetRescue, but mostly I pay for this out of my own pocket, but its so worth it to save a cat's life and find it a home. And of course there is Mary Mary, who took care of the bills for both her babies that I rescued. I get lucky now and then.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As Good as It Gets

But its as worse as it can be. On the Miserable Scale, this morning rates a 10. For me. I can't even begin to rate how miserable it is for those poor babies out there. The meteorologists in this town just can't seem to get it right. I know its not their fault, but if its going to snow a foot, don't say its going to be 3-6 inches. Give it to us straight. If the sun is shining, they will say its raining. I have lost all faith in meteorologists for this city. Never once was there a correct forecast. I trudged through some very deep snow this morning to get to my nine shelters. Most of my shelters are merely lean-to's with towels on the ground behind them. Most are leaning on a surface either facing east or west, so the open sides are facing north or south, where this storm is coming from. I try to stretch a towel out from top to bottom on the side where the snow and wind is coming in, but it just doesn't do the trick, especially when you have high winds. Poor Old Smokey, when I pulled up, he came out of the snow filled shelter on Goodman and Central, his only shelter, only to sit there and wait for me to do the best I could with cleaning it out and filling up the food and water. He was covered in snow before I left. I hope he remains in that shelter for the day. I do the best I can, but on days like this, I can only say a prayer.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cat's Meow

Louie is doing well, my latest rescue. He is quite the talker! Very odd sounding meow. Loud. He went to his pre-op visit to the vet yesterday. All is well, although he has a slight heart murmur! He will be neutered tomorrow. I am praying someone will want to adopt Louie and very soon. He is lonely in the room I have him in. I try to create excitement for him, but there is only so much I can do. There is a window ledge for him to look out at the birdfeeder, which gets a lot of action each morning when its filled. Squirrells and birds galore! This morning I devised something that is really cool. I wish I had thought of it in past rescues. I placed a gate in the hallway in front of the entrance to both bedrooms. He can now go into the back bedroom and the front bedroom and he can view what is happening around the house. The other kitties and dog can't get in to him! Of course if they really thought about it, they could jump over the gate, but hopefully they won't figure it out! Its a great way to get a kitty introduced to the rest of the clan. Louie needs a home!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

An Animal's Eyes Have the Power to Speak a Great Language

As I trudged out at 5:40 am. this morning into the bitter cold, with shovel, dry towels, dry food and warm water in tow, I thought about the cat I rescued over a week ago, Dewey, and the cat I rescued Thursday, Louie. I thought about how very lucky they are to be in a place where there is warmth, and safety, and love. And as I set down the water and food and dry towels for the precious babies that were eyeing me from a distance, waiting for me to place that precious life sustaining small comfort they have for that moment of a day, I thought about Dewey and Louie again. Dewey is again being fostered at another home after a hopeful home fell through, but before he left me, with the look he gave me, and his head butting into mine, I knew I had done the right thing. And the same thing with Louie, I see the look in his eyes when he looks at me, and I know they are so grateful to me for getting them off the street, all the danger that lurks there, not only from other animals, but from the weather. I think about this and am proud of what I do. More importantly, I am thankful for all the wonderful people who have come into my life that have adopted most of these innocent angels that I have rescued. Some have not been so fortunate, but the ones that have been, they are still around, healthy and happy, as I do get reports from their 'mommies or daddies' from time to time. Dewey and Louie need homes desperately. I must find them that! They deserve this!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Louie Lou Eye

Well, I finally did it. I rescued Louie off the street of Rochester yesterday morning. I have driven up to his feeding spot too many times lately where he runs up to my car and starts to cry. I have lately been able to scoop him up and set him on my lap before I get out of the car, where he sits and purrs for a brief, warm minute. He must live in a bush outside of this abandoned house because that is where he runs from every single morning. He has endured snow, rain, sleet and heat. I had to go into this neighborhood in the evening, where I feed in the mornings, actually its Number Nine of my stops, and there he was. He obviously sits there day and night waiting for me in the morning, but when he came out in the evening, I knew he needed to get off the street. So I scooped him up the next morning, and he is safe and sound for now, although he does need a home, and quick. I am pretty sure he would also want a home where he doesn't have to play dress up for his mommy! :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Life is a Zoo in a Jungle

Love that phrase. Its true too! This morning was as usual a cold one. I woke to the sound of one of my darling sweet cats scratching with his razor sharp claws on a chair in my room. I could literally kill a cat when they do that. No, I couldn't REALLY kill a cat, but I could have easily have thrown a dish of water on it if I had one handy. This has been happening each morning now. Its like one of them is saying, if you dont' get up and out of bed now to feed me, I will ruin your furniture. I am still trying to figure out which cat it is, because it is dark still, and when I get up as if to go clobber him/her, it scrambles down the stairs as if I am getting up and it needs to be the first one at the bowls. And then of course there is Thunder the Wonder Dog from Down Under. I swear that dog can hear my legs swing over the side of my bed every single morning. And I try to be as quiet with my swinging as I can. Besides, how much noise does that make? None! But there he is, letting out the loudest, oddest noise you can imagine. You would think he was being tortured, and if you were walking outside at that time - 4 a.m. every morning, you would think he actually is being tortured. Such an odd boy. He is just so excited to start the morning! He needs his food and then his walkie, and he is good to go. These animals are amazing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dewey Update

I know I must sound like a broken record, but the Dewman is the sweetest kitty in the world. Well, maybe not the world, maybe not this town, maybe not in my house, but he is ONE OF THEM!!! Not a vicious bone in his body! He is very good taking his medicine, and very good about being brushed, and very very good about being kissed 'to death' on his nose!!! He is getting better every day, and is really starting to come around. He is a gentle beast. His poor little pads on his feet, they are so dry and cracked. My Boris' pads were like that when I got him in below zero temperatures five years ago. They looked like they would be very sore and I asked the vet what we could do about them, but he said time would heal them, and they are like a baby's bottom now. I sure hope that happens soon for Dewey! Dewey was also neutered yesterday, and the vet noticed that his teeth were broken, and guessed he may have been hit by a car to have suffered such injury. They also found a bone stuck in his teeth (chicken bone?), which must have been causing him a lot of pain, and removed that. Poor baby! We continue to search for his forever home. Can any of you help?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dewey Update

Well, much has happened since wrote this past Wednesday. I had the day off on Thursday, and brought Dewey to the vet. For a street kitty, he surprised me with a clean bill of health after being FIV/Feline Leukemia tested, which I did for the girl who had found a foster home for him so they can get him adopted more easily. He had a nasty neck wound which he was treated with a powerful antibiotic. Later that afternoon, I brought him to his new foster home - a young girl with a young son in an apartment on the smaller side, in the city. When I met them I instantly felt a connection, especially with the girl's mother Valerie. You could tell they were just kind, down to earth people. And when I opened Dewey's cage door, he got out as if he owned the place, and all was well. It was hard to leave, but I knew he would be in good hands. He had an appointment for that coming Monday for neutering so I also knew that the heavy urine scent he produced would also be eliminated after that. The next morning, I received a call from the girl crying, saying that Dewey had severe diarrhea and she couldn't handle it. I offered to take him back until the antibiotic symptom wore off, and actually keep him until he was neutered. Her mother brought him back, and told me the girl wouldn't take him back. I am devastated, and so is poor Dewey. He is so lonely in my house. I have to go into see him every so often, and he is just so lonely. I need to find him a home and quick, as he is in the only spare room I have that is actually a safe haven for two cats I have - one with diabetes - Trouble, and one with FIV, Boris. I have another cat Scooter who is a stalker to both and they have peace when I put them in there a few hours at a time. Dewey is the sweetest stray I've rescued that I need to give up. He headbutts my face and is totally into kisses. Please help!