Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday's Woes

Boy, I am getting lame with my titles!!!  Must get my mojo back!  Anyways, it was a quiet, yet very damp morning out there.  It poured and poured and poured all day yesterday.  All I could think about was my babies out there as I sat at work for the eight hours listening to the rain hitting the skylight just above my desk.  I kept telling my co-worker "I hate the rain" and its only for the fact that its miserable for the cats.  Would rather have it lightly snow than rain.  I had to pick up soaking towels this morning.  The bully kitty was out in full swing on Third Street, going after Tuffy, with lots of growling.  He is so territorial.  Tuffy is ten times larger than Mr. Bully, but also a sweetheart, obviously, because he backs away when confronted.  Tuffy has been around for a long time now, I first noticed him on Second Street years ago.  He is a large orange and white kitty, male, very large head, but you can tell a sweetheart.  You can also tell he was once someone's kitty, but for one reason or another, is now a street cat.  I wish it were lighter in the morning, and more conducive for me to take pictures.  I have to sneak around and constantly watch my surroundings every second, so its not easy to whip out the camera, the crappy camera.  I can never get it to flash in the seconds I am able to take the picture.  There are so many sights that are worthy of showing on my blog.  I also had someone mention that the pictures I post you cannot enlarge anymore, like they used to.  Not sure what happened with the blog, but it was not my doing.  I just take the same pictures, and post, but when you click on them, they do not enlarge to see them better.  I will work on this.  In the meantime, Midnight, Rufus and Buddy are all doing well, and I am waiting to get them adopted.  They are wonderful little kitties, all under a year.  Take a look at posts back, you will see their pictures!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesdays Tales

Yesterday I mentioned Part Two would come today of the past week, with mean spirited people.  First off, where I've been feeding under a tree for the past summer, a few houses down from where Miss B. used to live, and from where Wally, her friend, lives now, I was there Wednesday after having brought something to Wally during the day on my vacation day, and out of the window yelled this huge woman screaming at me to stop feeding cats under that tree!  "my grandbabies are scared of them!".  She went on and on, after me telling her that the cats weren't going to her her grandbabies, and that she should be teaching them, compassion.  She yelled for me to move the bowls from under there or she would put poison in them.  So I moved the bowls to across the street, told her how mean she was, and waved goodbye.  In the meantime, I finally moved the bowls to a tree in front of Wally's house, I had been hoping to move these remaining five adult kitties down to where I had a 'friend' instead of the bleak corner I had been feeding at.  On Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving, Wally's neighbor, actually the woman who lives in the same house, different apartment, came out and told me she didn't want me to feed the cats under her tree because they bring varmints, mice, etc.  I looked at her and said 'that didn't last too long.'  This is the same woman that scolded me for days before she came back to me one morning and apologized and said she was a Christian woman, and that what I was doing was good.  She then went off on a rant.  Loud.  And then she decided to call 911.  Now I am not a confrontational person.  Not at all.  I am not good at confrontation.  So Wally just motioned for me to come in the house, all the while I can hear her describing me, taking down my license plate.  She was NUTS.  I told Wally to give me a call, and to give the police my number if they did come for such a stupid thing.  I left, and things calmed down after that.  Apparently Wally spoke to his landlord, and he had no problem with me leaving the board on the side of his house for the kitties as shelter.  Thats why this woman went off - I told her I would continue to feed on the side of the house.  But as long as Wally was good with it, and the landlord, I have continued to go there each morning, very quietly, and call for the kitties to come get their sustenance.  I may not be able to verbally fight with you, but I have a lot of fight in me!  I won't back down!  Not when it comes to the welfare of animals, children and the elderly!  Have a great day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Helping the Helpless

Thats what I said to the pastor of a small white church on the corner near where I've rescued many cats - Teenie, Benny (my mother renamed this one), Barney, and so many others - I said 'please don't trash my shelter for the cats, I am a kind person, and I am only trying to alleviate some of their suffering'.  He has left it alone since.  I also treated Wally this past week - he is the gentleman that lives down from where Miss B used to live, where I have been leaving a small shelter at the side of his house so that I can give some protection to the food that I used to leave under the tree near the corner, where there was no shelter from the weather, and I was desperate to find some for the five or so remaining adult cats.  This is the place where I have rescued Midnight, Cloe, Phoebe, Buddy, and two others that I have forgotten their names - shame on me! - Anyways, I wound up cooking the meal for Wally and he shared it with Miss B.  I brought over TV tables and my kitchen chairs for them to sit on for the day.  I then went about my own family celebration, but I felt good doing this for these two downtrodden people.  On Saturday, I took Wally out for a pair of reading glasses.  Remember, he is blind in one eye.  He has not been able to read without them and I bought him a newspaper.  He was thrilled with them.  He felt like a professor he said.  I then took him for a haircut.  Not only his hair, but I motioned for the barber to do his nose, ears, etc.  He was a mess.  He came out of there looking like a totally different man.  He went from looking like a hobo, to looking great.  I felt good about that, but warned him that it came with a price, and he had to start thinking about adopting one of the kitties outside his door!  So, I will continue to get him to take in Buster.  Much to the dismay of his neighbor, which is another story in itself.  That Part Two for tomorrow. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Loved that movie.  Especially when Annie Wilkes yells to Paul Sheldon "You dirty bird!  He didn't get out of the cockadoodie car!" - not in the same sentence, but those were classic lines...

It was pure misery this morning.  I would rather have it snow.  Did you see or hear the rain last night beginning around 5 pm.?  Did you awaken during the night and hear it pouring?  Did you see it outside this morning at 5 am.?  Miserable.  Pouring.  Wet.  Streets flooded.  Towels soaked.  Kitties hiding and miserable.  I have to say, I actually held out until 5:40 this morning, waiting, hoping.  And wouldn't you know it, when I got to my first spot, which I reversed my route this morning due to where I feed under the leafless tree near Miss B's old house, I had brought a board to lean against the tree to cover the food in the bowls I left so it wouldn't get soaked.  Anyways, wouldn't you know it, the rain subsided, long enough for that one hour I was out.  I do believe in God, and I do believe He watches over me.  It had been pouring just prior to me leaving the house.  I am so thankful.  Nevertheless, it was still miserable out there. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I am thankful for all the friends I have in my life, who have been there for me through thick and thin, and I am thankful for the people in my life who have made donations to me, no matter how big or small.  Even the strangers, I am thankful for you too.  I will be making a nice dinner for Wally, the half blind man who lives down the street from Miss B's old house, and hoping to make his day a little more cheerful.  I am going to have him cook stuff himself, but I bought some of hopefully his favorite things.  Turkey breast, cornbread, sweet potato casserole with marshmallows (which I am making), cranberry sauce, and gravy.  I even bought him a small pecan pie.  I hope he likes it, and can cook!  I am also slowly trying to talk him into taking a cat in!  Say a prayer, and cross your fingers!  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Ode to Jake

I have a good friend in Australia, Jen Brown, a very interesting girl in many ways, like her childhood, her career now, and her very cool personality.  I wrote about her dog's passing a few months ago, Jake, and she sent me the following note recently after getting a new dog, Brady Brown.  I will post his picture tomorrow as I don't have access to it right now,  but stay tuned, because he is one PRETTY pup!  I do, however, have Jake's picture, and his gravesite.   Our animals are our family, and whoever can give up a member of their family is...  well, its beyond my comprehension their way of thinking.  I know there are circumstances, but these animals, like a dog, when you come home, are their tails not wagging a mile a minute?  Or the kitties, when you walk in the door, are they not looking at you lovingly?  Or maybe thats hunger, but nevertheless, if you have not cried openly before, and your cat did not come up to you to figure out what you were doing, then, you don't have my cats! 

This is Jen's note to me, which I share with you to show you just how precious our pets are to us:

People are sooooo irresponsible with their pets arent they? They are PEOPLE with four legs. And they crave love and attention. When Jake Dog had to go suddenly due to cancer of the spleen it was such a shock. He had slowed down but never complained about any ailment. He ate well and loved going places with us. He just had no energy. Like all our pooches, he was a 'hand me down" and he was fabulous.
When he went we felt such a loss...again losing another faithful friend. I told Jim I needed to get another dog. He said I FORBID YOU. So that was the nail in the coffin. All settled... I got Brady Brown Dog from another lost doggy home. Jim was furious but I told him to accept Brady or piss off. He grew a beard instead. Good, more hugs for Brady Brown Dog then !

Brady is adorable, loving, friendly to all, the house looks like a bomb's hit it with all his toys. Even our kids who said "Don't get another dog ! " love him to bits, and they only see him occasionally.

Jake Dog would have approved. Our beautiful boy has been gone 14 weeks now, and we think of him every day. This time last year we drove to NSW and Queensland  Jake came with us and all our friends fell in love with him.

Stay tuned for Brady Brown's picture! 

As far as my route these past few days, it was very cold out this morning.  Frost all around.  I am trying to make my shelters as comfortable as possible but its hard this year.  I have had to relocate a few spots and my shelters are very flimsy.  I will have a friend come help me hopefully soon to see what she thinks.  She is very creative, and I am hoping she may have some better ideas.  I picked up a poor dead cat in the street yesterday morning.  I spotted him in the road, and just knew I couldn't go past him.  I placed a towel around his little black and white body and placed him to the side of the road.  I then went back and got the plastic flea collar that must have come off him on impact.  His body didn't look damaged, so I am not sure how that happened.  He is in heaven now and will not suffer in the coming months.  Poor baby. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Its been a long/short weekend, and I didn't get to download the photos of some of my 'shelters' as promised, but here is the first one I arrive at each morning.  It takes the brunt of the southern and northern winds we get due to its location.  I am having a hard time figuring out the scheme of what will shelter the babies I see here each morning, but wanted to share with you what I see.  This is the same location that some crazy person rearranges things like a blanket here and there, some type of breading that is soaked in a container - thinking its to feed the cats - and the most exposed to the elements. 

On another note, I went to Wally's house this evening to bring him some grilled chicken and baked potato with butter and sour cream.  I try to feed this man.  He is blind in one eye - didn't know why until tonight, and he is also allowing me to place a board against his rental apartment in order to feed the cats that I've been feeding at the tree all summer, where I have rescued at least six cats the past two months.  He is a soft-spoken man, 63 years of age, African American, and has nothing.  I want to help him with a chair, bookshelf, kitchen table and blinds for his little place.  I brought him the food this evening and asked him point blank about his eye.  He told me that kids came by a few years ago and threw paint balls at him and one hit his eye and he has been blind in that ever ever since.  I asked him if they caught the kids, or if he ever got compensated, both of which he replied no. 

I spoke to Miss B. also this weekend, and she is back in the hospital due to high blood pressure.  She will get out tomorrow and return to the women's shelter.  Her biggest concern is the cats she left behind.  Thank God we have people like Miss B. and Wally who care.  No matter what they have, they are willing to give what they have, even if its just their kindness and compassion. 

Sorry about the picture.  As I have said...  I hate my camera!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thank GOD its Friday

Its been a very long week.  Longer for me because tomorrow I have to work the hospital gala that my department holds every year.  Fancy schmancy.  Not only the actual duration of the gala, but all day helping to set up for 1300+ people!  So, I won't be on the computer much, but Sunday I will try to post the pictures I took of several spots this morning on my 'cat route'.  I brought along a few rickety boards to put up at a few rickety shelters.  We had our first really chilly evening and morning with high winds.  It was cold for everyone out there.  I now have to get really serious to do what I can to give these cats some comfort during what will soon be a very long cold winter.  If anyone reading here has access to or can find some decent heavier type boards, like 3x5 or 5x5, they come in handy.  They are always being stolen, and they are the only protection for the food I place down for these cats sometimes.  Please let me know.  I am at  Also, if anyone's old larger cat carriers are ready for carrier heaven, I will take those too.  I will take anything that a cat can get into for shelter.  You know I wouldn't be able to thank you enough, but I will try!  Check out this weekend for pictures of my shelters!  Have a great day!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Bullies...  we have them at schools, we have them at work, and bullies are even in the cat world!  The definition of a bully is:  a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.  Not only do I encounter some in my workplace, but I deal with two furry bullies each morning.  One is at my third spot.  He swats at all the other cats waiting for me until HE IS FED FIRST!  He even swats at my head if I am bending down and within reach.  He is mean mean mean.  Bullies are mean.  My second bully is at close to my last spot, a red and orange kitty, who chases all the others away.  They feed like hungry lions when I put the food down there.  This is the tree that I feed under that is down from where Miss B. used to live, and where Wally lives a few houses down also.  I have placed a very small board and a cat carrier down on the side of his house, but its inadequate for the winter.  I will keep feeding Wally when I can on weekends.  I've made him breads and soup recently, and I know he appreciates that. In fact, he doesn't have much.  I toured his small apartment, and he has nothing.  His television is the size of a postage stamp.   I still don't understand how someone gets to be that age and they don't even own a chair or couch.  Sad really.  But back to the bullies, they are very aggressive cats, and make it very difficult for their companions.  Bullies need to be taught lessons in life, so they don't bully again.  But how do you turn a cat bully around?  Picture above is where the red and orange bully hangs...  sorry, picture didn't turn out very well.  I hate my camera. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This morning as I was driving in between feedings, I noticed several girls, prostitutes, walking the streets.  Not that that was unusual for me to see, but I noticed they are getting younger and younger.  And the area where they are selling themselves is so poor, I don't know how they make any money.  Its a shame.  They all know me though, they've seen me every single day on the 'job'.  Most people do respect me though, I know this because the old carriers I've placed this week are still intact.  And so are most of my rickety old shelters.  A board or two was stolen from one spot, but it was in the neighbors yard next to the trash, as if they are trying to tell me something, but I just went and got the boards and brought them back to the abandoned house porch next door.  They were still there today.  At one spot last week, as I went up on the porch of another place, where I got Rufus, had Emma fixed, Rufus' mom, where Red hangs, and where I rescued two other kittens months ago (Rufus' sisters), I noticed a woman behind the curtain of the house next door.  I could only see her silhouette, and I waved to her in the dark, and she waved back.  I don't know if that is instinct for humans to do that, or if she really did have a decent and kind bone in her body, despite her very dilapidated looking house.  Her porch roof is being held up by two boards, one on each side. 

I've been blessed with decent weather too.  We had rain a few days ago, but besides that, we are lucky right now.  It won't be that way soon, so I am counting my lucky stars.  I do need to continue to build up my shelters.  The abandoned house's porches are wide open to the elements, I must figure out a way to cover the cat carriers that I hope they will use.    I took pictures this morning as soon as I figured out how to turn on the flash in the dark, will have those up hopefully tomorrow.  Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out of Order

That is what another computer is basically saying when I try to login to my blog here.  So, my apologies for yesterday's lack of something new, although I hope you all read my Saturday post!

So many things happened over the weekend, and as usual, I failed to jot down, so out of sight, out of mind.  For sure. 

The most significant thing that happened yesterday was I got into work and an older co-worker asked if I could help place her daughter's dog, who had just bitten their baby.  Now this dog, a beagle I believe, is several years old, and was rescued from a shelter by this woman and her now husband.  One other incident happened, the dog nipped at the husband a long time ago.  This baby is around 9 months?  It did bite, enough for the mom to take her to Emergency where the doctor said she might have scarring until she was around 5 and then it would disappear.  I asked her to get a picture from her daughter of the dog.  A few hours later, I asked her about it and she said the husband came and got the dog and took it right to the shelter.  Now, I have never had children, but my three biggest passions are children, the elderly, and animals.  I love them and they should be safe.  But there are safeguards you place around your children when you have animals.  I am not saying it was anyone's fault, but then again, it was someone's fault.  And what about that dog? Animals have bad days.  Animals are just like humans.  We listen to the baby screaming, we get out tails tugged occasionally, there are lots of things animals go through just like humans.  I can't tell you how disappointed I was to hear that this drastic measure was taken by these people.  It almost haunts me to think this dog had a good home (I think) and it was dragged from there, and placed in cage, with hundreds of other animals in the same boat.  What must that dog be thinking, and what must its trust level be with humans now?

I would love to hear others opinions on this subject!  In the meantime, after the rains yesterday, I have a full load of wet towels in the wash!  I must continue to get proper shelter for these animals!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Its a marvelous night for one.  Van Morrison.  Great tune.  The moon has been beautiful the past three or four nights.  The light of the moon is a help and a great comfort.  Its an extra flashlight for me without having to hold one in my hand, or in my mouth when I am multi-tasking as I am bending down pouring food and water and trying to hold up boards, or keep the cats at bay while I am doing all of that.  I recently had a donation from my vet's tech yesterday when I had to bring in my Boris for a very expensive check up due to the fact that he is 'urinating' in certain areas of my house lately, several times a day.  Well, $220 later, he has had a urine sample taken, and hopefully after testing it will show signs of infection, which hopefully can be treated.  Anyways, Kelly gave me several old carriers from her house, and I distributed them around this morning.  These will hopefully be of some comfort to these stressed out, homeless stray cats  I care for.  I need more of them though, including large flat boards to lay against structures to keep the wind and snow out.  As I looked around at all the cats I feed at each spot, I always feel a sense of satisfaction knowing I've fed their hungry bellies.  Some people though, would disagree.  They feel I am only adding to the proliferating population.  I feel guilty about that sometimes, but what I do know is that I don't have the means to get them all fixed.  Number one, its hard to get appointments for neutering at low-cost, and number two, I just don't have the time to do it.  I have a full-time and a half job, and nearly full-time job when I get home.  So whats the alternative.  Nothing for now, I need to keep feeding and caring and rescuing and doing whatever I can for these homeless strays.  Won't you consider one?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Almost Winter

That was the way it felt this morning.  We have had a really nice past two weeks here in Rochester, NY.  60's, no rain.  Plenty of sunshine.  Great moonlit nights.  But this morning, I realized thats all coming to an end.  The rain will be coming, as will the snow, and it will be harder and harder for me to get out and feed these animals.  Not only harder for me to actually get my foot out the door each morning, but also harder for the cats - their shelters are so poor right now.  I really wish I had some help by a creative person to help me build up these shelters.  And that is hard to do also because I have to hide them also.  I just wish I had help doing what I do every day, period.

I was speaking to a woman last night who is fostering Oreo for me.  Remember Oreo, one of Miss B's old house-near-the-corner cats.  Her picture is featured a few posts ago also.  She is ready for adoption, so think about it!  Pass it around!  Anyways, I was chatting with this wonderful woman, finding out how Oreo is doing in her new digs, and she mentioned something rather comical to me and I wanted to share it with you - she looked up Cat Lady in, and here is what it said:

In at least the Anglosphere, single women who own cats have long been associated with the concept of spinsterhood.[1] In more recent decades, the concept of a cat lady has been associated with "romance-challenged (often career-oriented) women who can't find a man".[1]

The term is also used to denote an animal hoarder who keeps large numbers of cats without having the ability to properly house or care for them.[2] They are generally blissfully ignorant about their situation.

I just thought this was hilarious.  It couldn't be further from the truth. There are plenty of pretty, sane and successful women in all walks of life doing what I do.  Rubbish.  Wikipedia.  Rubbish!  :)  And I keep a pretty good house too!  I will not be like the Crazy Cat Lady on the Simpsons!  I will not, I will not, I will not!  :)  I invite you to a great article - I think if you love cats, and are female, you will love this article:

I have a vacation day tomorrow, hooray!  Have a GREAT weekend!  Please contact me if you want to foster, adopt, or have any shelters you may want to donate to me.  Thank you friends!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up. ~Jesse Jackson

I LOVE that saying!  In reference to my post yesterday, I forgot to count ONE more stop I make each morning.  Its in between the corner tree, near Miss B's old house, and my last stop, on my way home on the same street, at the next corner.  Its right in the middle.  A place rented by an older black male that is half blind in one eye.  Could be cataract, could be blindness, either way, its a cloudy eye.  One time I had to pick Miss B up at her old neighbor's house, Wally.  I introduced myself to Wally, shook his hand, and invited him to dinner with us.  I wanted to do something nice for her - get her out of the women's shelter, and away from these bleak neighborhoods for a few hours, so I took her for a fish fry.  Anyways, Wally turned me down, but I told him 'maybe next time', which he appreciated I think.  He smiled.  For a few days after that, I thought I would approach him to ask him if he would allow me to place a board shelter against the side of his house for the kitties, I've been trying to find a sheltered location instead of the tree at the corner, because of the winter weather that is coming.  He agreed, and I have a small rickety set up right now.  Since then, I have been bringing him fresh baked banana bread, and two kinds of soups.  He seems so appreciative when I do.  A lot of these folks around him hate cats, and a lot also hate white people, but its nice to have a friend !  It makes it a little easier to feed the kitties when you have a 'friend' around.  I need to continue to build up the shelter there, little by little, and coax the remaining cats that are at the corner to come to Wallys!

PS, the little cat carrier was still at my first spot.  No one took it.  Hurray.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Great Day!

Its warm out.  Its not pouring out.  That makes it a great day.  I was thinking this morning, I go to how many spots???  Lets see, there's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven (and the seventh stop is on Seventh Street!  how coincidental), eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve!  Thats 12 stops I make each morning between 5:15 am. and 6:15 am. when I pull up at my house.  Thats insane.  But...  what am I to do?  This morning I brought a new little shelter - a rusty old medium sized cat carrier with a blanket stuffed inside.  I placed that at the spot that someone took the other one from yesterday.  Now, there must be a mentally unstable person that is cohabitating with the cats on this porch, this very open, public porch to this vacant house on a busy corner.  This morning, back was the blanket on the floor of the porch that someone had placed there over a week ago.  Of course my missing carrier was not back but the blanket was.  Its just spread out like a rug.  And there is a pet dish, a plastic one that holds both water and food, but both sides were empty, and flipped over.  I can't figure out who would be doing this besides a person who is mentally unstable.  I never see anyone there, and I view it from a distance like a hawk while I am slowly driving up to this location in the dark.  All I ever see are cats, who are frightened of humans, and they are sitting there until I get out of my car, so I know there is no other human there when I get there.  I felt good later though, as I passed by that first stop of mine, because I glanced up on the porch and saw the red kitten coming out of the little carrier I set there.  I sure do hope no one takes this again.  Its the kittens home.   Where else do they have to go?   Please open your heart and home for one of these kitties I rescue!  I have Oreo, Rufus, Midnight and the still unnamed kitty that need homes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Suddenly Monday

I did post yesterday, so check it out!

Where do the weekends go?  They fly by so quickly.  The older you get, the faster time goes.  Sad, but very true.  I have moments, and I call them moments because they are so brief, on the weekends where I can just sit and think, but then again my mind races to all the things I should have done last week, and put them on my to do for the following week, and things I should be doing while I am sitting there thinking, that I get up and don't take that very much needed time for just ME.  I sit and look around and think I should be doing this and I should be doing that.  Its ALWAYS something. 

Saturday morning I rescued a little boy cat, we will call him a TWEEN - I am very bad at guessing ages - he is another from Miss B's old house's corner, and I have yet to name him!  I am attaching a few pictures of him.  Very very cute.  Very very playful and affectionate.  You will be hearing more of him once I name him!

This morning I was very disappointed.  At my first stop, I had placed an old cat carrier with a blanket inside on the porch of this vacant house.  Each morning I've pulled up there are three little kittens inside it sleeping.  They hear my car, I can see them come out, stretch, and go off to watch me from a distance.  I feel inside the little hut and its warm where they've been sleeping.  This morning, I pulled up, and everything was gone, except the paper plates and water bowl.  Sad.  Really.  Why would someone want to do that?  I need shelters very much.  If anyone knows of any old cat carriers that may be in bad shape, they are in good enough shape for me.  I will take them.  If anyone has any old plastic storage bins, I will take those.  As you can see, sometimes they are taken, I am always in need of little shelters for the cats.  .

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Dark

Look at these two.  These are my friend's kitties, and she has four of the most photogenic cats in the world.  Or, at least in Bristol where they live.  Two very cute cuties!
My title is appropos with it being Daylight Savings time here in the east.  Fall Back, Spring Forward.  We set our clocks back an hour last night, but that just meant I was up an hour earlier than normal because my body is used to only so many hours of sleep.  Yuck.  And I woke with a slight headache due to a fun evening with friends having dinner, and mixing my wine.  I realized this time change will not really affect me, because the light still doesn't appear on the horizon before 7:30 am. anyway.  So I am still in the dark at 5 am. when I leave the house (now really 6 am.).  But I decided thats ok, because the darkness is my friend!  I really don't want to be seen doing what I do so lurking around in the dark is much better for me.  A little more scary, but better for me in the long run.  Plus, I bought a great small LED flashlight, so that helps me too.  It was quiet out this morning.  Something is going on with Red, as he was coming to the spot that I've been feeding him at, where Emma was, and Rufus was rescued, but he is now hiding on me again.  I believe he's very sick.  Big Red is still sick, but still waiting for me, sidling up to me, and looking at me with his big gold eyes.  I wish I had the means to help him.  I think he would be a very grateful only cat for someone, after he was cured of his ailments.  I dread thinking about the weather coming.  Not for me, but for these animals.  Its cold enough now int he morning with the frost on the cars and grass, but the temps will be near zero - which is 40 degrees lower than it is now - in a month or so (January and February are our coldest months), and its going to be very cold for these critters.  I do my best, but nothing is going to be good enough.  Actually, the little huts my friend, her husband, and her students have built me are not bad shelters, with some straw added.  But these cats don't always have the know how to use them!  I should put a sign over the entrance saying "Stay here for the night!  Come huddle and cuddle with some of your furry friends!"
I might just do that!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Mother and Child

As you all know, I have rescued two kittens recently.  One is Rufus.  Rufus is the brother of two girl kittens that I rescued after I had their mother Emma neutered, and returned to the street to be with her remaining child.  I took Rufus just a few mornings ago, because I had not seen Emma, his Mom, around in a few days.  I knew I had to get him, especially when he was starting to get very sick.  URI.  He has been good about taking his medicine each morning, and he is getting better.  I was actually able to get a picture of him this morning, just before he flipped out after hearing a noise from the shower curtain.  I brought him into the tiny bathroom thinking the best place to get a picture without background clutter.  Anyways, Emma was there this morning, and she was looking very very lonely.  I feel bad for her now, I've taken away all her children.  I wonder if cats can feel that.  Does anyone know?  I wish more people were able to take cats, I would have Emma adopted in a heartbeat.  She is a good kitty.  Even let me pick her up this morning.  I hate leaving her on this dangerous street, to go through a harsh winter.  I have not seen Red around either.  He slipped through my fingers about a year ago.  I had him in my carrier, with someone willing to adopt him, but he got out and never showed up again until months later, and very leery of me.  He now lets me pet him, but he has gotten sick over time and is not looking good.  Red is not to be confused with Big Red, who still waits for me, who still intertwines his body in between my legs, but is still very sick too.

But the good news is............  There are people out there that do care, and are rescuing animals - both dogs and cats and other critters each day, whether from the shelters, or from the streets.  Even people!  I know you all remember Miss B.  Well, my uncle happens to rent houses in the city, and he just may have a place for Miss B.  She can finally get out of the women's shelter she has been staying at for close to two months.  I love being able to help in all situations of life, whether it be animal or human.  Many times I find that when I offer an act of kindness, it brings a warm feeling of happiness to me.  Happiness is about making happy choices. So I make a choice not to lose my happiness because of someone, something or anything. I get up every morning with an expectation of finding joy and happiness at every interval of my day.  I dont make an excuse for not being happy.  So with that, I wish you all a GREAT Friday!  PS, picture of Rufus coming soon!

"For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. Today, if ye will hear his voice." Psalms 95:7

Thursday, November 3, 2011


We take it for granted, don't we?  The cats don't.  I just about ran out of food this morning feeding them.  I had to skimp on some of them.  In fact, yesterday, the Nasty Boy on Third Street, took a swipe at either me or one of the other hungry cats, and knocked a large bowl of dry food down on the porch, scattering it all over, so I had to use extra.  Although for some reason, I almost ran out today, even though I brought the usual amount.  I think the difference is I ran out of my back up food.  I usually keep a small bag in the trunk of my car as surplus.  I always dig into it, because 15 pounds does not always feed the cats each morning.  I have received donations of small bags of cat food in the past, and when I do, the donors say to me - I know its not much - but it IS.  Those are the bags that I NEED when I run out of the food I pack each morning to use.  I appreciate these small bags so much.  But I had none, so I skimped on some food for these babies.  Anyways, I just thought I would mention the importance of small things, small gestures.  They are always welcome to me.

Otherwise, it was a dull morning.  I didn't run into anyone in the hood, and all my other usual suspect kitties were there, minus Red.  Big Red moves around.  Big Red is the one I took a picture of his wounded head a few posts ago.  He is the one I am having a struggle with my conscience about taking him to the shelter.  But he has recently been greeting me by rubbing his head and body against my leg when he sees me now.  I know that is a sign of affection, and if he can show that, he is worthwhile to someone.  But again, that someone is not around, we are short on people to foster these guys, and also he will be expensive to treat, which I cannot afford.  And Mama Girl on Third Street, she gave birth earlier this summer, she has an Upper Respiratory Infection, you can hear her labored breathing while I am dishing out the food, but she won't let me get near her, so I wouldn't be able to pill her anyway.  Just sad cases.  But there is hope!  I have saved Midnight, Oreo and Rufus, and they are all waiting for homes!  Please spread the word!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Better Than Butter

I have no idea why that title, but was thinking about how our weather has been the past couple of days with the warmth and sunshine, and it couldn't get any better, and I do love butter.  Hows THAT for reasoning!

All was well this morning.  I saw a few houligans out there, I even stopped to talk to a guy that was doing work behind a house on Central that I used to feed at.  The guy was doing work for a man that had allowed me to set up shelter on his property while he was renovating his house, but then asked me to move it in late summer because his family was moving in.  The location is a highlight of my little video that shows me getting bopped in the head when the wood falls down on me - Here it is: -

Anyways, the guy was throwing boards out from behind the house, and I can really use large wooden boards for my shelters, and the guy - named Tito - remembered me.  And as I write this, I remember meeting Tito, he was riding his bicycle and we spoke briefly years ago when I used to feed Smokey No. 1 down the street.  I remember him telling me he had been in prison and was looking for work.  He really did seem like a good dude.  In fact, I wrote about this in some of my earlier blogs.  Funny, how things come back around.  Anyways, he was still nice, but walked with a sort of limp.  Not sure what has happened to him over the years, but still a nice guy.  He told me if he found some good pieces of wood, he would put them on the side of the house next door to where I moved my shelter to.  The house where I feed now belongs to the bank, and who ever comes and checks on it to mow the lawn, etc. doesn't seem to mind me being there to feed the kitties.  Nothing is ever touched, except for the grass!  So that was nice.  I do run into some good people, they aren't there to hurt me.  I obviously have a reputation around there to most of these early morning people as the cat lady, and I don't mind that. 

Another funny story - yesterday I was on the porch of an abandoned house feeding the usual - one very nasty kitty that is always swiping his paw at me while I am trying to pour the food down, a pretty and sweet redhead, a black kitty, and two multi colored young kittys.  Anyways, there was a very very large raccoon on that porch.  I went to scare it off, and it ran and jumped up on the ledge on the other side of the porch and was holding on to the ledge when I made a loud noise to scare it and tapped its claw to get it down, and went back to my pouring, when I heard a truck start up.  I looked up, and this truck was backing up onto the street.  As always, I try to let people know what I am doing so I went to the road and waved my hands but the truck just kept on slowly going.  I scratched my head and thought, that was wierd.  Why wouldn't he stop?  So then I go to leave, pass the house next door, and realize its a boarded up house!  So I put two and two together.  He was either sleeping in his truck in this abandoned house driveway, or was having a little fun and thought it would be a good spot to have it in, until I came along and was making loud noises within a few feet of him!  :)  After all, there are a few women around that area that are eager to provide fun for anyone for a small amount of money.  Either way, it was odd, and I don't think he will be back again too soon.

And off I went to finish my rounds.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It was Halloween yesterday, and all the ghouls and goblins were out in full force. In my neighborhood at least.   Oddly, it was very quiet this morning on my rounds after the mischievous night.  At one spot, there are usually eight kitties waiting for me, and this morning, there were none.  Odd.  I would have to say at least once a month I pick up a dead animal from the road and move it over to the grass.  I guess this photo is appros pos for Halloween.  I don't know what got into me to take this.  Sorry for the graphics.  

On a better note, this is a picture of one of my latest captives, Oreo.  She is a good girl, very shy, but a nice kitty.  She loves to have her belly scratched.  She was picked up for the corner where Miss B. used to live.  There is still one more kitten left there, the rest are a bit older.  The kitten left there is about 5 mos., and is unneutered, so I must rescue her ASAP, but cannot do until I can get both Oreo, and Rufus (picture to come when I can get it!) either adopted or fostered.  Both great kitties.  I hope you or someone you know might want to think about fostering Oreo.  I can then continue to save the kitties!!! 

I saw this and thought it would be a good reminder to post here:  Its so true.

The Ten Commandments

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years.
Any separation from you will be painful for me.
Remember that before you adopt or buy me.
2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.
3. Place your trust in me ... it's crucial for my well being.
4. Don't be angry at me for long, and don't lock me up as a punishment.
You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I have only you.
5. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words,
I understand your voice when it's speaking to me.
6. Be aware of how you treat me. Would you want to be treated the same way?
7. Remember before you hit me that I have teeth that could crush
the bones of your hands, but I choose not to bite you.
8. Before you scold me for being 'uncooperative', 'obstinate' or 'lazy',
ask yourself if something might be bothering me.
Perhaps I'm not feeling well or not getting the right food,
or I've been out in the sun too long, or my heart is getting old and weak.
9. Take care of me when I grow old: you too, will grow old.
10. Go with me on a difficult journey. Never say "I can't bear to watch it",
or "Let it happen in my absence". Everything is easier when you are there.