Friday, September 21, 2018


Another quiet morning out there.  I like it like that!

Yesterday I ran into the dog guy.  He was just sitting there on the stoop at Second and Central, the mailbox kitties.  I get donations of dog food from somewhere, that I like to donate to those in need, and he is one of them.  He asked if I had any dog food he could have.  We've brought him dog food to his house many times, just leave it on the steps, at 5 in the morning, and he seems very appreciative.  He's seems like a nice person also.  He told me he was having an issue with his 15 year old son and had to get out of the house.  His son didn't want to go to school.  I told him keep on him.  I told him how I hated school, but kept at it, going on to college - and how nowadays, you can't get any decent job without at least an associate degree.   He agreed, and I went on my merry way, promising him dog food when I got it.

I am still hobbling my way through the days, going to physical therapy, and getting cortisone shots in nearly every part of my body.  This is not fun folks.  In the back of my mind is the horrific thought if I had to stop feeding the cats out there, and how they would suffer.  I try to put it out of my mind.


On another note, all kittens I've rescued this year are spayed and neutered - MINUS the woodpile kittens I posted pictures of on Wednesdays blog, and the two littlest ones, Squirt and Snuggles.  Both chowed down some soft pate this morning, after a bit of coaxing, and when I placed the remainder of the container in a bowl of dry food (the baby cat chow - its very tiny food), little Squirt went right over to it and sat there eating it.  YAY!  I am so proud of Squirt!  Boy is it a messy job weaning kittens. AND getting them litter box trained.  I've had to wash more towels.  Ugh.

I received a note a week or two ago from a girl that lives on Parsells,  who apparently reads my blog, and thanking me for what I do.  She lives next door to the house where I have to hide food for the cats so that they can survive, until the owner comes and throws it out.  She actually let her cat out a year or so ago, and I had it TNR'd, unbeknownst to me that it was her cat.  We met after she saw me at some point and we talked, and then she realized it was me as to why her cat was eartipped.  She offered to help pay, but I told her no, just keep him inside.  Its too dangerous for kitties on Parsells, or any where, out side.  I must have given her my card then so she knew my email address.  She asked for my help to trap a sickly orange cat that hangs there, and has been there for AGES.  I've tried to trap him but he would never go in.  Since, I've been trying to medicate him with Clavamox pills in his good, which he seems to ingest, because I stand there while he chows the pill hidden in wet food.  We got to talking and she said how her mother and grandmother love what I do as well.  She also, after I asked her, said I could put shelters for the cats on her property.  I don't know if they actually own the house, but I might take her up on it, if I can't get the house next door's owner's permission.  Small world, and good people.  Thank you Shauntavia and your family, for your kindness to animals!

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Have a great day!  DON'T FORGET GOAT YOGA next Sunday, 9/30 10:00 a.m.!

"Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.  If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. "  ~ Stevie Wonder

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


All was quiet on the home front this morning.  Cats are fed, and boy are they hungry every day.  I am so grateful I am able to give them a meal, most their only meal of the day.  I make it a point to drive a little out of my route to feed a few cats hanging around at the corner of 7th and Central Park.  The house has been boarded up for years now, but I remember when it was occupied, it was disgusting.  Disgusting how people can live in such filth around them. 







The 'woodpile' kittens have arrived at my house for the day.  They will go for their first check up later today and to be combo tested.  Most are pretty skittish, minus a couple of them.  We've made a decision to split them up - to let the sweeter, less scared kittens stay with their foster Sue, and the other half will go to Melissa, where she will work with them to be less scared.    I received acknowledgement from a cat 'authority' that read my blog yesterday that it is imperative that feral kittens - which they basically are - 'be kept in a confined space, with multiple handling several times a day - and not be traumatized after chasing them around.'  I know that the kittens are used to their current mom, WHO THEY LOVE - heck, they've even been introduced to Rose, the dog!, but they need to be used to all beings, especially at this critical stage in their life, to be adoptable.  And we must get them adopted!  They are SO DARN CUTE!

I was also given a link on this topic, and I will try to share it with you here:

This is just Part 1 of 3 videos.  Pretty good stuff.



Six kittens went in yesterday for spay/neuter.  I have two kittens left that need adopting.  Moo Moo and Luke.  The cutest ever.  I do have someone coming to meet Luke this Saturday.  And that someone is my former VET!  :)  He is long since retired, but still in the cat loving business.  😉

Sheba Chicken, Salmon & Turkey Cat Food Trays, 2.6-oz, 24 twin-packs

And speaking of kittens, Snuggles and Squirt, I am trying to wean from the bottle.  Its a challenge, to say the least.  Actually, its a pain in the you know what!  MESSY!  For me too!  I have found that the Sheba brand pate (turkey or chicken) is good, and with a plastic spoon, in between their first cries when holding them, you scoop a tiny bit into their mouth.  They are like 'oh...  what is this???  ummmm...  tastes pretty good....  ummmm...  gobble gobble gobble...  oh that is hard, why so hard, oh maybe its the spoon.... '  At first I couldn't get Squirt to eat any.  He refused to open his mouth.  REFUSED!  Then, she let out a cry this morning, and I quickly slipped it in, and BAM!  She was a believer!~  She went crazy for the tasty concoction!  Snuggles was a believer from the beginning.  He loves it.   I still supplement the bottle though.  Thank God for formula.  Lots of baths, though.  They love to pee all over them selves.  But I do see a few things in their little litter box that weren't there before.


There are so many sweet adult cats on the street as well.  I pray I can find more fosters for the adults.  They are too precious to walk away from every day.  I will get more pictures and share.

Have a nice day.

"May my heart be brave, 
my mind fierce, 
and my spirit free."

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tuesday Meanderings...

I forgot to mention about the dead chickens I happened upon on Sunday morning (at 4 am.).

I was driving on Central Park and doing a U-turn on Sixth Street to do my colony on the other side, and as I was rounding that corner, I noticed two plastic bags on the road.  I pulled up beside them, looked down, and saw two dead chickens.  Feathers, beaks, legs and heads fully attached - minus one head that had been run over.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but I felt so bad for the chickens. I knew there were chickens, live, at the public market each week, as you can hear them squawking - and it makes me sick.  But why were they in bags, dead?  I got out, and picked up each one, their head and feet sticking out, and brought it to the grass to place them on.  I had to go back to get the head of the other, and set it down also with its body.  I had no idea what had happened to them. 

I was talking to a friend about it later in the day on Sunday and it hit me.  Were these chickens used in cockfighting?  Should I have reported it?  Ugh.  I drove past them again yesterday, Monday morning, and they were still there on the side of the median.  I was hoping I would see a police car patrolling so I could tell them.  Investigate, do something!  Justice for these poor chickens!

This morning, as I pulled up to my spot on Second Street, I noticed two girls standing there, about 100 feet away, watching.  I thought, 'oh I've seen those girls standing on the corner at Bay Street before, plying their wares to anyone willing to stop and pay for them.'  I always wondered what kind of lives these girls lived.  Where do they live, do they have family, children?  Well, just before I drove off, one of the girls came toward me, and I thought 'oh she's going to ask me for money, or a cigarette'.  She didn't.  She asked me if I had any extra cat food.  She seemed very kind, and sweet.  She said she had seen me around doing what I do, and thanked me for doing it.  I reached behind and found a small bag of food, and handed it her, and then reached into my bag and said, 'here, give your kitty an extra treat' and gave her a can of wet food.  I asked if her cat was fixed, and she said yes, and she had it declawed too.  I thought, OMG, she thinks that a good thing!~  I told her, well, its cruel to do that to a cat.  She really had no idea.  I told her it was cutting off the first knuckle, like our fingers, I showed her, and then told her that the kitty had no defense if it got outside.  She felt horrible, but I made her feel good about keeping a cat, and having it fixed no less.  And then I drove off.  Well, that answered one question.  These girls of the night - some do have compassion for animals. 

And now for a cute kitten update.  So, the Melville/Parsells August Kittens Rescue - thanks to the kind couple that live behind one of my shelters who trapped them - Joey, who is Teddy, Luke, Daisy, Bo and Chase's brother, is enjoying his new life, that is for sure.  Here he is with his adoptive older brother Frank.  His new mom keeps me posted nearly daily with his crazy antics.  Do you think they are getting along?

Have a great day!

"Its an honor and blessing to be able to open your eyes after a night's sleep.  
Give thanks every morning."

Monday, September 17, 2018

Back in the Saddle Again

Like I never left it actually.  Even with my ache and pain, the show must go on.  Special thanks to Sheryl, Jackie and Kings for going out with me on a few specific days (Sheryl every Saturday, and Kings every other) and holding the water jug and dry food bag, which weighs a lot.  Its the weight that hurts my knees and hip.  Its also the bending down low to fill the food and water.  Killer.  I think if I could pour all this at hip level, and not have to bend down, I wouldn't be hobbling by the time I get back home an hour and a half later.  Pain is tiring.  Exhausting.  When its constant.  I am hoping PT this week, and another couple of shots of cortisone will do the trick.  This groin/hip tendinitis has gotten the best of me.

Thanks to Bev for dropping off a ton of bowls to me yesterday. I have all the bowls I need now.   I go through a ton, really.  At one location they get thrown out every day - a church on Central Park, where some 'Christian' removes the bowls of food and water that the two starving older kittens eat from.   I get out here and there on my drive around, and see so many kitties NOT on my route, and I can't help but pull over and place some food and water down for them.  It could be their only meal of the day.  So, that's where all my bowls go.  At locations where my stuff is easily thrown out.  So I can't waste the good plastic bowls.

Teddy went to his new home on Sunday.  Teddy will have the cleanest teeth any cat could hope for with his mom, a dentist!  And he will learn French too!  His mom is also French Canadian, hauling form Montreal.  She is a doll, and I am thrilled she wanted Teddy as her first pet, ever.  Teddy is still a scaredy cat, but he will work it out with her. 

I went to visit the six new kittens under my care, and to get the two bottle babies - Snuggles and Squirt - that Sue has been caring for the past week.   She has her hands full - these new six kittens are still pretty frightened.  I didn't even see two of them while I was there, and the only way I was able to see four others was that Sue had to look for them under hiding spaces.  They are totally beautiful, and adorable, but I think something needs to change.  They must be confined in a smaller space - they have the run of a finished basement - a beautiful area, I might add - so they are more forced to be handled, and not able to hide.  They must learn to trust humans.  And not just Sue.  Any advice anybody?

I have Moo Moo and Luke as well at my house.  They are the cutest, and obviously, the last to be chosen.  No bites on them yet.  Odd. 

I also went to visit Connor, Parsley and Hermie at Carol's place yesterday.  No one came out for me.  I felt bad.  They all hid from me.  Huh?  But I am your rescuer people!!!  You can't hide from me!  You are supposed to run to me and jump up into my arms!  Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!

I am still hoping to get folks out for Goat Yoga on the 30th.  There was a lot of excitement from people when I first suggested it could happen, but not many people have signed up.  C'mon everyone!  It will be a great start to your Sunday.   Nature, animals, and a relaxing exercise routine lasting no longer than 30 minutes! 

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Back on Track

My needs:  Boards, paper bowls, AAA batteries.

Another quiet morning out there.  As I hobble around.  If all my feeding spots were raised, it wouldn't be half bad, but with my injury, I have to bend down to the ground, and its a KILLER.  It is so painful to bend down, and THEN GET BACK UP AGAIN!  Good lord!  More PT scheduled for next week, and a few more doctors after that.  This pain has got to go!

So I don't see the beautiful red male at Baldwin and Garson any more.  Its been a few days.  There was actually food left from yesterday under the tree when I arrived there this morning, as if no cats were around.  So many cats disappear - but I am spooked by a person who took special interest in me recently on Facebook and accused me of all sorts of things, one that I am racist, and another that I don't really feed cats where I say I am feeding them each day of my life.  This person claimed he came out at 2 am with a group of people with traps, food, etc. and tried to find me.  Could this person be going around and taking the cats off the street at these locations that I publish?  It does kind of concern me that this could be happening.  Not that I don't want these cats rescued, but what kind of situation are they going into?  This particular one was not neutered yet.

I am also missing the friendly mom cat I fed on Melville.  I had her spayed.  We could never trap the two grey kittens.

He was on my list.  He is somehow related to Mr. Bingsley who I rescued a few weeks back, and is now adopted out to a great guy and his female kitty cat.  They are still a bit standoffish, but will get here.

This brings me back to my post that I started but did not finish.  Let me see if I can remember what my point to it was going to be.

{Previous post}
So I just want to say today that I've been feeding cats in the city for a very long time now.  Ever since I went to the public market after moving into my first home, which was sort of near there, and going to the market very early in the morning on Saturdays, and seeing the eyes of cats in the dark illuminating.  And then going to get food for them.  And then building shelters for them.  And then before you know it, its now 19 locations, and over 100 cats that I feed.  I've been doing all this out of my own pocket.  I started to rescue those that were sick, or too young to be on the street.  I couldn't turn my back on those, back then.  My first post on this blog started out with discovering that there were newborns inside a mattress inside a dilapidated house that was due to be demolished the next day, the huge crane sitting in the driveway, ready to go.  I continued on for years, spending nearly $12K a year on food, and the occasional vetting.  Finally, two years ago, someone had suggested I get my 501c3 to save a little on money, and maybe some vet care.  So I did, and it was pro bono thanks to the old law firm I used to work for.  An awesome senior attorney named Ross and his associates worked diligently for me.

As time went on, I was rescuing more and more cats.  I didn't have fosters back then, and to this day, I have only about five who are serious enough that I can count on in a pinch.  Those five are full today, not able to take any more.  My own house is full.

I've had a few people questioning my judgment about posting pictures of sweet cats on the streets, and not removing them from the streets then and there.  I will get into this further on Monday, as time has run out on me and I must get to work.

When you TNR a cat, chances are they will not be waiting for you when you come back the next day.  They were totally frightened of what happened to them (trapped, and then not fed for a day, and then under the knife for spay or neuter, and then held hostage over night until returned to the streets). But chances are that over time, they will come back, and over more time, they will get closer and closer to you physically as you pour the food and water.  So much so that you can now touch them.  There are a few at a few locations where that is happening.  There are also cats that run right up to me, and follow me back to their shelters, ready for breakfast, or the only meal of their day, actually.  So when I say that there are cats out there that are adoptable, I mean some with some socialization needed (these are the semi-feral), they would be nice pets, and some are just ready (these are the true strays - once belonged by a human).  I was accused 'why don't I take them - how could I leave them' - actually, here is part of what was written:

"1) if this cat was feral and a street cat from the "hood" ,as the organization refers to the area, YOU WOULDNT BE ABLE TO GET CLOSE TO IT. even more so when it's INJURED or Sick!!! The fact that it let you touch it and inspect it goes against that. Maybe stray but not FERAL
2) Any TRUE animal rescue organization would have taken care of that issue at first chance .... especialy seeing how it is approachable. GREAT animal lover and rescuer... watch, feed, let suffer while you think of a "PLAN"
here is a plan get it to a vet what needs to be thought or planned.
3) After care for this cat??? will it be same as the others?? left in trap overnight on the organizations owners front porch then released back to the "hood" in morning. GREAT care for the animals. Trap - where's food, water, litter box? Trap - how sanitary is that? outside in trap on porch ...what only the perfect pretty kitties they post get to go inside even for a night?
4) what about follow up care ???
5) IF this cat let you touch and take it while injuried it is "workable" to foster and towards a forever home.... but then again only rescue organizations think or do this!
I am there will be more comments, messages and emails from the organization and it's "followers" insulting, name calling and diverting attention for the big picture."

This actually didn't bother me too much - the guy is a lunatic - until I asked a respected member of the animal community what she thought about it, and she said she agreed.  I was floored.  Hurt me to my core.  And that has bothered me

I am going to table this for today - gotta get to work - but I do have more to say on this.  Way more.

Have a nice day.

"Protect your enthusiasm from the
negativity of others."

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


My needs:  Boards, paper bowls, AAA batteries.

It was a quiet morning out there.  Nothing like the monsoon we had yesterday.  Wet and damp, but rain free.  I look forward to the cooler mornings, but certainly not what lies ahead.  It was a brutally hot summer here, and while I love the heat, wearing my winter sleeveless vest to hold my cell phone and extra cans caused extra discomfort.  Thanks to my friend Jackie, who recently rode with me twice in one week!, she ordered me a fanny pack to carry my phone in.  How thoughtful.  Thank you Jackie.

I have not done any TNR'g due to the pain I am in to even WALK.  But I have some spots a week from next Monday and I look forward to 'helping' more cats.  They need to be spayed and neutered,and its our responsibility to help.  I have a $500 bill waiting for me at the clinic, so that prevents me from doing more as well.

So I was able to help out a friend who had a mother and kittens running around this past weekend - Mom is still not trapped, but friend is trying.  This is not her first litter.  My foster Sue offered to take in the kittens, and here they are.  We've named all but two.  I have to think of the perfect names for them.  Although that is a joke.  Most people change the kitties names when they adopt them.  :)







And lets not forget SQUIRT and SNUGGLES!



Have a great day!

"You can do anything, but not everything."

Monday, September 10, 2018

What a Weekend

Lately my Monday posts have been titled the same - WHATAWEEKEND!

Do you all remember Dixie?  Sweet little Miss Dixie?  She was one of three I rescued and fostered when my mother called Easter time to say the feral my mother feeds in Webster had kittens and to come over right away.  Ugh.  Three adorable little babies that were bottle fed their first weeks of life.  Dixie was a cutie.  She was adopted and her family sent me this updated picture, telling me how much they love her.



Sad news from this weekend.  So I was driving to drop Mr. Bingsley at his new house, and I received a call from Kim, who was fostering Spindle/Smudgie.  She had called me the night before to say he didn't seem to be doing well, and asked if she could call ARK to make appointment to get him in right away.  She called, but they couldn't take him.  She called her own vet and got an appointment for him the next morning.  He didn't seem to be using the litter box, nor eliminating.  

As I was driving I got a call from Kim who was at the vet, and she wanted to put the vet on the phone.  The vet explained to me all the things going on with Smudgie - bottom line was that he had severe nerve damage in his back end so he never knew if he had to eliminate.  His bladder was so full, they wanted to put him on catheter to empty it - they had no guarantees that any of treatments they suggested would work.   He just walked around and didn't realize that he was eliminating, and could not urinate because he didn't know he had to.  After discussion, and confirmation that the best thing to do for him would be euthanization, we made that decision.  It was a tough one for me, and very tough for Kim.  This cat was already enduring so much...  He had so much love shown to him his last week on earth - and I thank all that cared for him from afar, and helped with his first vet visit.  Rest in peace my little one.


Mr. Bingsley is doing well so far in his new home. He has a sister who is still hissing at him, but she will get over it!  

Mr. Bingsley

Here is what's left on this corner where he and the others came from a few weeks back.  This little boy is just precious - if anyone would care to foster - hoping Mr. Bingsley's former foster steps up soon.  She was GREAT!  We think this is Mr. Bingsley's brother.  

The bottle babies are now named:  Snuggles and Squirt!  Snuggles we believe is a boy, and Squirt is the girl.  This week, they will begin their litter training, and weaning.  Its going to be a process, I know, but it doesn't hurt to start.  Everyone that has held these little ones has been peed on!  They are in their third week of life.  They say between 3-4 weeks they can begin this process.  Sue is the lucky one to have them this week, and I will get them back this weekend.



I have the rest of the kittens at my house - Gabby, Teddy, Luke, Moo Moo and Stanley.  They are ADORABLE.  Gabby will be spayed tomorrow, and going to her new home this weekend.  Teddy is also going to a new home this weekend.  I hope his dentist mom loves him!  So we have Luke and Moo Moo and Stanley - kittens - left.

Foster Mom Carol reports that Connor is coming out from hiding and loves to be petted.  He, along with Parsley and Hermie, are so thankful for Carol to give them a home until we find them permanent placement.  Buffy is also there, still lonely in her room, but loved nevertheless.  I am grateful to Carol for being there when I needed her for these emergency situations.

Have a great day!

And God asked the feline spirit Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul And, as a cat, I am
Most able To decide anything for myself.

Are you coming then? Asked God.  Soon, replied the
Whiskered angel But I must come slowly.  For my human
Friends are troubled.

For you see, they need me, quite certainly.  But don’t they understand?  Asked God
That you’ll never leave them?  That your souls are intertwined for all eternity?  
That Nothing is created or destroyed?  It just is… 
forever and ever and ever.

Eventually they will understand, Replied the glorious cat.  For I will whisper into their
Hearts That I am always with them I just am… 
forever and ever and ever.