Friday, November 17, 2017

Its Over

The week is finally over.  Boy that was a long week.   I hate wishing days away, our lives are so short, there is so much I haven't done or seen, but when you're in the rat race - when you have a full time job, on top of the gazillion other things that, I'm sure we ALL have going on, you just want a break from something.  And for me, that's my Saturday and Sunday.  I get a reprieve for 8 hours of work both days.  Not that I don't have 'work' to do.  At home, its a new kind of work.  Like cleaning, and since April, having meet and greet for kittens.  My time is all used up half the weekends now running around here and there, delivering kittens or cats to their new homes, having people stop over to meet other available kittens.

I try not to complain.  I know I am doing good.  The kittens I have under my roof were found huddled in shelters at my Garson location.  God knows their fate if I hadn't gotten them, first three at once, then two at once, and finally little Stevie, the still scared little girl, but who has come a long way since.

Stevie and Izzy
I will also be adding more under my roof tomorrow when I get five newer kittens who have been being fostered by Sunday Sheryl.  They are near and dear to her heart after feeding them, and others at Zuber Farms in Chili.  A kind woman by the name of Sheri - her son found them and Sheri took them in and asked for help with them and I took them under my belt.  They are beautiful, and I have no doubt all will be adopted.  I first want to get Sergio, Izzy, Tobey, Stevie, and Butterball adopted.

Muffin (head)
I think I have a home for Muffin!  I will bring him to his new home this Wednesday, which is pretty awesome.  A former adopter has expressed her love for Muffin!  She adopted Sparky a year ago this past summer.  What a cutie he was as a wittle babee... 


And now as an adult...

Tomorrow, I will also have help with shelters.  Sunday Sheryl's son will help move a large wooden one from my garage to Central and Second, where there are so many babies - we are due for a winter storm this weekend, so I must build up this colony's protection against the weather. 

I looked around at the food this morning that was donated at my fundraiser.  I was in awe. I can't tell you how grateful I am for all the support I've received this past year.  I just want to sit with each and every one of you for an hour and chat.  Can we do that?  I want to show you face to face how grateful I am to have you in my life!

Have a wonderful day.

“The smile on my face doesn’t mean my life is perfect.  It means I appreciate what I have and what God has blessed me with.”

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday Musings....

Shelters.  I wanted to clarify something I said about shelters yesterday.  I got to thinking that people that have made me shelters in the past might think I was saying that their shelters weren't good enough.  I have had a few people who have made me - what I call - kitty condos...  they are beautiful handcrafted wooden shelters, with legs as well, that will survive the test of time, and last through all sort of extreme weather.  I have those connected with one or two others and this sort of THOSE are gold to me.  And the cats. 

The 'ideal' shelter I referred to yesterday is a good stand-alone shelter and its perfect for areas where there may be rats.  And obviously, the higher the shelter is, the less likely raccoons and opossums can climb up to get the food. 

We are due for winter weather beginning this weekend.  I am dreading this.  Dreading because there are two locations that have no protection for these cats I feed at.  One is where Mary Leigh continues to trash the food and paper plates and bowls I leave on the porch of this vacant house on Webster and Ferndale Crescent, and the other is on Melville, where the man that I wrote a note to could have cared less about any of it.  He continues to trash my stuff even though I am now placing this stuff on City property, behind his lot.   I need Mary Leigh to be caught over and over and confronted, but I have a full time job and cannot sit there and watch for her.  I feel that if she is confronted, over and over, she will get a message.  I also wish the police would continue to visit her, and ask her to stop.  But I don't think its on the top of their list, nor the bottom.  Her porch is encased in plastic sheeting and she has boxes all over it with newspaper stuffed in them where several cats 'sleep.'  She also has a heater on the porch.  Fire hazard?  Nah, her house is the last place they want to pay a visit to.  She is harmless, but if she feels threatened, she uses her phone to record, and the police camera on the street as her 'protection'.

The kitten I trapped yesterday on Melville, Mary Ann,  that I suspected to be pregnant was not, and I had to let her go this morning after she spent a miserable night on my porch.  Its a wonder she was not, nor was her sister Butterball (not sure if they are actual sisters, but both the same age, and from the same location).  Goosey, from Garson, turned out to be male, and ALREADY NEUTERED.  And yes, I still have to pay for the 'surgery' even though already done.  He was let back out last evening.  I didn't want to hold him hostage any longer than necessary.

That's all I got today folks!

Have a great day!

"Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day."

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

November 14th - Its Janine Wagner Day!  HA!  If you will all recall, Karon and Walt Simoni nominated me for this prestigious title several years ago.  Thank you Marie for reminding me this morning with your sweet note!  :)

Today is my last TNR Tuesday, for a while.  I tried to make the best of it.  I was allowed two spots, which meant setting three traps. I always do one more just in case I don't get one in the other two.  I placed one on Garson, where I've rescued several litters from this summer, but still never seemed to trap a post partum kitty since then, another on Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue, where MaryLeigh continues with her shenanigans, and one on Parsells, #2 spot to be exact.  Where the tenants asked me to move the shelters over the summer from the bushes because they were scared of the raccoons.  Since then, I've replaced two back in this spot.  I've seen no raccoons, and those cats need shelter.  I just rescued Muffin from this spot last week.

I drove madly around this area feeding here and there, and then checking on the traps.  The one on Ferndale and Webster I had to check on more frequently because of MaryLeigh coming around and perhaps stealing, but for sure shutting the trap door, which she has done in the past.  Nothing.  Zip over to Garson, nothing.  Over to Parsells, nothing.  So I continued to feed in other spots where I knew most kitties were already eartipped and I've not had a problem with kittens being there this summer.  Then back to Ferndale and Webster, nothing.  I decided I needed to move it to another location because the kitties were not falling for the bait - fresh tuna.  I went to the trap, and saw the food gone inside, but the door was still up and waiting...  Then I realized, that trap is broken.  The trip plate doesn't move when you latch the door open.  I left food down and off I went, disappointed.  I went back to Parsells, nothing.  I picked up that trap and set it on Melville, where I've been hoping to get a kitten that I suspected to be pregnant.  Huge belly.  For a six month old looking kitten.  I set it and went to Garson.  BOOM.  Gotcha Goosey.


Then finished up my feedings, and checked on Melville.  Which by the way, Melville is still a spot of contention.  This morning, my dishes were removed from under the tree on the sidewalk.  The board in the back of the lot is still leaning against a fence, which plates under neath it.  Thank God they haven't removed anything back there in over a week.  So by now, I was done, and drove home, with the intention of driving back to check on trap one more time after I did my normal thing I do when I get back home - clean out the wet food containers and get tomorrow's food ready.  I drove back and VOILA!  I got the little kitten that I suspected was pregnant.   Meet Mary Ann:


I have no clue of her condition, won't know until late this afternoon, but one thing I know, both will be going back to the streets tomorrow.  I just can't save them all.  IF anyone is so inclined to help with the cost of vetting these two kitties - my bill is astronomical right now there - the number is 585.288.0600 to make a donation.  Every dollar helps!

The Ideal Shelter.

Someone made this shelter for me years ago.  Its sat in my garage for I don't know how long.  I want to show you how wonderful it is.  The front has a little ledge (which COULD be a little wider and longer), above that is a little roof (which COULD be a little wider and longer), and it has a front and back opening.  The material is just enough to withstand wind, but delicate enough to allow an animal to get in and out.  The legs are tall enough to deter rats, and other rodents.   Inside is a cozy little insulated area with straw that has a nestled-in spot that is home for a very lucky homeless kitty.  The shelter is currently at the wonderful Syd and Johnny's auto garage on Bay Street - the only business owner around that would allow animal shelters on his property to save a cats life for.  To have more of these shelters placed around Rochester would be wonderful.  Any body out there willing to make some of these?

Have a great day every body!

"The meaning of life is
to find your gift.  The
purpose of life is to 
give it away."

Monday, November 13, 2017


Its done nothing but snow and rain for the past week.  And bitter cold last week.  Its a tough thing to go out in every day.  But those little bellies are waiting for me.  What can I do?  Just not do it?  Let them go hungry for a day?  No, as long as I can walk...  I will do.  They certainly won't go hungry for a couple of weeks (maybe) - I go through a LOT of food.  There was certainly a nice pile though on Saturday.

CLICK on the Pics to see up close!

Its over!  The Meow and Chow came and went.  And BOY!  What a turnout it was!  Success!  Success in the fact that I had so many wonderful old friends, new friends, family and acquaintances stop and partake in the event.  Thank you so much every body!  Weren't the raffle items fantastic???  Wasn't the band fantastic???  Weren't the bartenders great?  What about that guy grilling out back - fabulous!  Weren't the folks selling tickets fantastic?  And that Joel - the author......  so talented!  And what about that Kristin!  Running the show as she does so well.  Behind the scenes, the girls that came to help set up, including Mom (well she's a girl too!) and the ones that stayed behind to help.  I am SO grateful to you.

I never did let my hair down.  Literally!  :(

I hope everyone who was there after the 'show' knows that I was running on adrenaline toward the end, and then nothing.  I did not sit to eat until about 4 pm. when the raffles were being called, and even then I just shoved it into my mouth - I had not eaten since the day before, and I had been up since two that morning.  My feet were killing me on top of it!  I had one goal in mind.  To get out of there and get home and turn on lights and feed the kitties!  And the kittens sitting there in the dark.  And then the Number One goal was to go to bed.  Remember, I still had to get up at 2 am.!

I hope others that took pictures will send to me.  I did not have my official photographer, Yesenia there this year. 

I think next year - if God willing I am here and still doing this crazy stuff, I will get a throne, and just sit on it and have people come up to talk.  That way, I don't complain about my feet at the end of the day, and I get to have an actual conversation with those that I either barely spoke to or did not speak to at all.  I am sorry about that if one of those was you.


Jose went to his new home!  He is loving his two new brothers, two canine siblings, and new parents.  Thank you Darlene for adopting my little boy!   I miss him so much!

JOSE aka Fred (doing a pirouette)

Ginny went to her forever home as well!  Thank you Mary Ellen and Tim for proving her with such a warm and loving home!  Mary Ellen and Tim adopted two kitties from me a year or so ago - Sophie and Callie, and I have a feeling Mary Ellen will have her hands full with three girls!  :)

And then there is Muffin!  I rescued Muffin from Parsells Avenue last week.  Thanks to Melissa for taking him in to foster.  He was one scaredy cat at first, but is now showing his true colors.... love for humans!  Hoping to get him adopted very soon!


"Don't fear failure 

Fear being in the
exact same place
next year as you are

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Butter Ball

Today I had an opportunity to trap another cat, bring it to clinic, and get it fixed.  I set THREE traps, to be sure I got ONE kitty.  I knew there was a kitten on Melville that looked pregnant, so I set the trap there.  The next two traps I set on Ferndale and Webster, thinking that there was a pregnant black cat there.  I went about feeding at the other spots, came back to Melville, and got this little girl.  She was NOT the one I suspected pregnant.  She has been coming around, and lets me touch her.  I felt her belly several times, she did not feel pregnant, nor look like she had babies, even though she was old enough to have them.  I hemmed and hawed, should I let her out of this trap?  I KNEW it would be hard to let her back tomorrow morning onto the streets where it will be, with the windchill tomorrow morning, in the TEENS.  So here she is, and I am hoping to find a foster.

Meet ButterBall.  ButterBall needs a home.  Please help her find a home before she has to go back to the streets.

Another update:


I rescued this kitty from Parsells on July 11th of this year.  She was pregnant.  I had her spayed.  I originally was going to TNR her (Trap Neuter Return to streets) but she was too sweet.  Enter Diana.  She, a total stranger, offered to take her when she saw her picture after I posted it.  Enter Fiona, the name Diana gave her.  Fiona was not a happy camper with Diana's other kitties at first, it took a bit of time, but now.................  THEY ALL LOVE HER!  The other kitties too!  Look at the change in this cat, from the street, to a warm and loving home!

Love this stuff.  Thank you Diana!

This is my last post until Monday.  The fundraiser is this Saturday.  I am out of my mind crazy.  I hope to see y'all there!


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

You Gotta Be Kitten Me!

Click on the pictures to see up close!

I had someone come over at 6 am. this morning to meet the kittens.   Its funny.  at 6 am. I am the most wide awake, alert and happy.  I love mornings!  Kaeri fell in love with Ike!  Normally, I prefer to adopt out two kittens, for many reasons, but Ike will join four big sisters, so he will have plenty of company and I am sure they will all fall in love with each other!  Woo hoo!  Yay for Ike!

I have another family coming over on Sunday to meet the rest of the clan.  Tomorrow I bring Jose to his new home in Palmyra, and Ginny will be going to her forever home this week.  My friend Melissa will be able to get newly rescued kittens Muffin more acclimated to being indoors, and living a happy normal life that every cat deserves.

It was freezing out there this morning!  I pranced around and gave every one of the over 100 cats that I count at all 17?  18 locations? their breakfast.  And warm water to drink.  I told them all to have a safe day, and I would see them tomorrow.  I gave each one, that allow me to, a pat on the head. 

Tomorrow, I have another opportunity to trap, and I will be setting two traps to be sure I get at least one.  Never waste a spot at the clinic!  Too many kitties need to be spayed and neutered!  Wish me luck!

Another update:  MARTIE!

If you all recall, I was feeding Martie on Melville before I finally rescued him.  Martie would run from one block down another block just to get the wet food I was pouring at the two locations I feed on.  Every morning, cold wet and hungry, there he was.  I am so thankful he is off the street.  He was initially being fostered, but the foster decided to keep him and have him join her family.  I couldn't be happier.  She shared these pictures with me and I asked her if he was as white as he looked:

"White like snow. Personality is part dog and part cat combined with clown.... he is pure entertainment that’s for sure. He also very loyal, if I’m in bed he’s in bed no matter what. Still follows us where ever we go throughout the house. And he gets along perfectly with other cats and our dogs we have yet to have any disagreements which I can’t believe!!!"

Martie with his sibling!  :)

PIC Above is Martie on the Street
(a dirty boy!)

Have a great day!

Today, I will
-count my blessings
-practice kindness
-let go of what I can't control
-listen to my heart
-be productive yet calm
-just breathe

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


It was very cold this morning.  But no rain.  I'll take it.  I can button up when its cold and keep warm, but I can't stay dry when it rains.

I love to get updates on the kitties I adopt out, and love to share with you, as some of you may remember some of the rescues I've done over the years.  I am still amazed that I've been able to get 109 cats off the streets since January.  That number includes at LEAST 60 kittens.  It was a VERY BAD year for Kittens.  I never want to see another kitten again.  ha ha.  I've paid for all those, plus the TNR's,for their spays and neuters also.  Can you imagine how much money that is?  Out of my own pocket?  I thank GOD for the few of you that donate to me.  Without you this just wouldn't be.  Period.

Whoa, wait a minute, Muffin makes 110.

Saroo Newly Rescued

Saroo/Skeeter TODAY!

Saroo/Skeeter update!

"He’s doing fantastic! I’ll try to have my kids take a pic of him today. He tends to only snuggle at night while I’m in bed. Then, he’s all over me! After a while, I️ kick him off my face and he lays down at the foot of the bed. One thing I’ve noticed about him— he does not jump off the bed when there is a lot of movement from my husband or I️. Usually, my cats get mad when we move/change position and take off. Not skeeter.. he’s in it for the long haul! We don’t see him much during the day — he must be sleeping somewhere— so when we do, he’s like a celebrity. We get very excited!"

I had to return Giselle and Papa to their perspective locations this morning.  They spent a cold night on my porch.  I tried to cover them as best as I could without suffocating them.  They were miserable, and scared.  I HATE TNR.  I hate returning cats to the streets. They don't belong on them.  I did, however, turn Muffin over to my friend Melissa, who does wonders with feral/semi feral kittens. 

Muffin from Parsells

Ginny from Parsells (Muffin too!)
Muffin, I believe, is just that.  Muffin would come up to me every morning, run to my Jeep in fact, hungry.  Knowing I had food.  He would sidle around my ankles, and let me pet him, and hold him.  He hissed at me after being returned to my house after the clinic last evening.  Maybe it was losing his manhood that he was not happy about.  Who knows.  I just pray he is a good boy for Melissa, and behaves.  He joins Ginny for now, who will be going to her NEW HOME this weekend!  The folks that adopted two other babies from me will be adopting Ginny. 

On Melville, where my stuff has been being trashed for a few months now, I think one of the older kittens there is pregnant.  I have ONE spot at the clinic this Thursday, so am going to try to trap it.  I also saw another kitty this morning, unfortunately at the same location where I am having trouble with my food because of Mary Leigh trashing it each day, that looks pregnant.  A black cat.  I am going to set another trap there too, and hope that if I - by chance - get both, the clinic will allow me to bring in both.  Speaking of Mary Leigh, nothing seems to stop her.  I am hoping the police officers will say something to her if they see her out carousing. 

Did I mention the signature cocktail at this year's event?  Its called The Kitty Cocktail!  :)  I am sure this is not original, but I LOVE it.  So I am sticking to it.  It will have my favorite vodka, Titos, DIET lemon lime soda, grenadine, and maybe a cherry on top!  Woo hoo!  :) 

Please remember that you do not have to be present to win a raffle basket!  We will figure it out.  It may be cold, and crowded inside, so please don't feel obligated to stay the entire time.  :)  Would just love to see one and all. 

Thanks and have a great day!

"Worry and anxiety
cannot change my circumstance,
only positive thoughts
and actions can."