Thursday, August 15, 2019

Cat Pregnancies.....

A big thank you to Laura, who successfully DROP trapped this beautiful, pregnant Tortie this morning for me from Fourth Street.  She just would not go into a regular Havahart trap, after unsuccessfully trying for two days each week for the past few weeks.  She will be spayed today and returned back to her little red kitten who I TNR'd just the other day.  Sadly.  It must be done.

Pregnant Kitty from Fourth Street

Thanks to Heidi, we are getting this beauty from Melville Street spayed today.  She will not be having any more kittens either.

Pregnant Kitty from Melville Street 

While it is certainly something no rescue likes to do, the truth is that every Spring, the animal shelters and rescues are overloaded with kittens. The sad reality is that many have to be euthanized in shelters because there just aren’t enough homes for them all. Signs for Free Kittens will be posted all over the place, kittens will be given to anyone willing to take them, with little value being placed on their lives. Even worse, people get desperate and will dump kittens on the side of the road, left in dumpsters, drowned in creeks or just left to starve and die alone. We see it every Spring. We know it is happening.
There is a safe, humane and proven solution to the feline overpopulation problem. TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). And while it’s not a fun concept to digest, it is VITAL that we spay/abort a pregnant cat. While no one wants to abort kittens, unfortunately, it is necessary.

Here are the Facts

  • When a pregnant cat is allowed to have her kittens, even if good homes are found for them, you can bet that there are that many bright eyed little fluff balls in the local kill shelters that will have to be killed for lack of homes.
  • Many kittens born will wind up as Free Kittens. Often these kittens are given away to irresponsible people who allow them to breed, or worse, they are taken for snake food, dog fighting bait or picked up by “bunchers” who sell them to Class B Animal Dealers for use in research. 
  • Allowing a feral or stray cat to have her kittens can complicate future trapping in the area. Mom might be nursing her dependent kittens and if taken in by someone this would leave her defenseless offspring to starve and fall prey to predators or cruel individuals.
  • Often homeless strays or feral cats don’t get the proper nutrition to have a healthy litter. In Spring of 2016, we had a cat give birth in a garage the night before she was to be taken to be spayed. The yowling during birth was horrifying and the next day we had to bury her still-born kittens.
  • A homeless female cat has to care for her kittens until she can ween them and teach them how to fend for themselves in a hazardous environment. She will do anything to care for them, even putting her own life in danger. 

The Big Picture

While no one wants to think about aborting kittens, the alternative is far worse, killing bright eyed kittens because there just aren’t any homes left for them. By humanely aborting kittens in-utero, you are helping to find homes for kittens that already exist. It is imperative that we look at the big picture.
We must fix every cat we can, even if the cat is pregnant.
And believe me, I hate it.  I go through a lot of feelings of guilt.  But, it must be done!  This is why its so vital to fix them BEFORE they are pregnant.  The males too!  We all must do our part!
Have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


It is with a heavy heart I write this post.  Yesterday, one of the kittens in my foster care, Bobbie, was brought in for neutering, and died after while under anesthesia, and before his actual surgery.  He never knew what hit him.  I received a call from the doctor mid day at work, and just lost it.  Poor little boy.  We won’t ever really know what happened, but he was very much loved while he was alive.  His foster mom Sue wrote a beautiful eulogy for Bobbie, even though she isn’t aware of it, after I had asked her where exactly he came from.  Sue took in a few kittens this summer on her own, with my blessing, into the rescue.

Here is what Momma Sue had to say about Bobbie:

Bobbie was trapped in a barn in Oakfield NY, Genesee County by a family friend who has trapped 15 of their own spayed/neutered barn cats. New cats are often drop offs or wander from other farms. She was trying to trap Daniel (sibling to Donald and Davey) but caught older Bobbie from another litter instead. He was not happy about it. The next day she caught Daniel and delivered them together to rescue. Bobbie and I got off on a rocky start. He was very hissy and spitting. I wanted him to have a bath to check for fleas... it did not happen. I settled for some Frontline and crated for 24 hours. At first Bobbie tried to hide. I would approach when he was sleepy and touch his ears or back. More hissing. (I laughed). Later, he would roam about the room as long as I did not look at him. Eye contact and he ran. Eventually he let me stroke him while eating, touch him while laying down then finally hold him and kiss him. Every little victory for me was one step closer to being adoptable. He was a handsome fella. Soft grey fur with white feet and chest and gorgeous green eyes. He got along with all the other fosters and loved to play, especially things with feathers.

Fly free sweet pea…  Fly free….. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


The name I would call this little cutie, but won't because its not a cutesy name, and everyone knows I like a cutesy name!  He looks like he would bite my head off though.  This is the kitten I've been seeing for weeks now on Short Street - first spotted on a porch of a boarded up house on corner of Central Avenue and Seventh Street.  He was just a wee little thing, who got spooked, jumped off the porch, not to be seen again until two weeks later on Short Street.  We've been trying to trap him for a week now, to no avail.  Got him this morning! 


I'm figuring he is about 5-6 weeks old.  I am praying Momma Sue - my fab foster - can get past that initial phase of him wanting to bite you - to feeling trust to be comforted by a human.  This is, after all, his first human contact.  He is frightened.  He needs to be treated for fleas, ear mites, worms, etc., even if he doesn't have anything going on. 

We also had to let the older kitten back on the street this morning.  Back he went, neutered, to the same spot where the very pregnant tortie cat is, on Fourth Street, who I believe is his mother.   As soon as he left the trap, it was baited, and set again for Mom.  Again, no luck.  I'm hoping someone with a drop trap can help out.  And fast.

Here is my next rescue, hopefully, if I can find a foster or adopter:  He is PRECIOUS.  Very docile, timid.  The others scare him, but he comes to me knowing he is safe with me.  I am dying to rescue him.

I got a very sweet picture of little Willie, who went to his new home over the past weekend.  Love these updates!

Have a great day!

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Lion King!

It seems there are a lot of reds in my life these days!  Kristin (a red head) met me over at the Dake Street property that belongs to Community Place.  We went to speak to the woman that complained about me feeding cats there.  She did not answer our door, even though we knew she was there.  I prepared a note, and left it in her mailbox.  I had asked her to call me.  Nothing.  We did, however, meet the only other person living on that street. LEX.  Lex was sitting out front and before getting back in the car, we decided to stop and talk to him.  What a pleasant man.  He was just sitting outside, and we told him what we were doing.  He told us it was a good thing what I was trying to do, in keeping the population down, and helping these cats survive on the streets by providing them shelter from the storms.  He mentioned that his neighbor complained about a lot of things. 

And then red cats!  

Look at Goldilocks and her babies!

And take a look at the cat I trapped this morning on Fourth Street, hoping to get a very pregnant mom, but I got her six month old son instead.  I feel terrible.  Mom is very very pregnant, ready to give birth.  I looked at the shelters we have set up in the driveway, with a board over the food dishes to shield from the rain, and the entrances are not big enough, nor is the space inside, for this mom to give birth in.  I must figure out a replacement for tomorrow, as we try to trap the mom again.  I am pretty certain she is not going to be trappable, and more kittens will be born on the street.

And take a look at the cat that I just rescued on Saturday morning from Parsells!  This itty bitty kitty ran up under the bush as Saturday Sheryl was pouring food down at 4:30 am.  Starving!  She came back to the window of the truck and told me about it.  I went to take a look, and immediately grabbed him.  He was not a happy rider for the remainder of the route, but once back in my bathroom, he gobbled up the food I prepared for him, and then happily sat on my lap, for as long as he could.  He spent the night in bed with me!  He's a real cuddler!

After spending a cozy night with me, "Simba" went directly to Foster Max's house, where Ollie the Dalmation, and five beautiful birdies share his space.  We did not know Simba's reaction to Ollie, but as you can see, they made fast friends!

There is a kitten on Ferndale Crescent, behind a house that I have shelters at.  There were four born, unnoticed until they were old enough to run run run!  One of these kittens is a little black tiny thing with its eyes crusted over.  While my heart sank and its depressing enough knowing this, we've been trying to trap a teeny weeny white with orange spots kitten on Short Street.  She is teeny.  I am sick over it. She won't go in the kitten trap I've been setting each morning.  She is FAST.  The crusted eye kitten hasn't been seen since Saturday, when Sheryl spotted it.

I see so much sadness.  

On a better note, five cats went to new homes this weekend.  First delivery was George and Charlotte.  Their new parents are just good, earthy people.  I clicked with them right away.  The kittens were scared at first, but I am told they are coming around.  They join a tiny little barking dog as their sister.  Poor beautiful all white Archie, the kitten, is alone now at with his foster moms – Shannon and Kathleen.  But they give him lots of love, and he has a few house buddies of his own…  a cat an four dogs!  We must get him adopted soon though!

Next delivery was to another great couple!  This is the daughter of a woman I’ve worked on and off at the hospital, and her fiancĂ©.  They welcomed tiny Willie into their new home.  Willie joins an older feline sister and last report was having a ton of fun with her.  Next delivery was the next morning – Foster Mom Sue drove her charges, Uncle Charlie, and little kitten Davey, to their new home.  Sue’s cousin and her son – sweet, and funny.  They will also be adopting baby Cairo when he is old enough!  IThis morning's update on them:  "Little guy has decided hiding is finished. I heard a rumpus so I came down for an early breakfast. I am retired. All 3 of us have eaten. I think I will see if I can get back to sleep now that I know the house is still standing. BTW, the little guy's purring is bigger than he is."

Uncle Charlie and Davey
After Sunday’s deliveries, I went to visit Fluffy’s babies.  Foster Mom Estelle is doing a fabulous job with them.  Kittens were all tagged with colored collars and are now named!


We have:  Lex, Eloise, Dozer, Tallulah and Milo.  I took pictures while friend Maree held them, but I wasn’t able to get very good ones, upon reviewing them.  But here are a few.  I must ask a friend to photograph them and add names.  They are adorable regardless!  And Fluffy, what a great mom she is!

I have not seen Goldilocks and her kittens in weeks.  I have not seen Sue’s kitties she is fostering for me, nor have I gone to say hello to Steve, whom Gaye is fostering.  It seems my weekends are now spent delivering kittens, and choosing which fosters house to visit kitties at.  I try not to complain, but I could use a break!   But when you are solely responsible for all these cats, its my duty to get them to their new homes personally – to make sure the homes are clean and safe.  So this takes up a good portion of my day, which starts at 3 am., and ends at 6.  I like to schedule deliveries, and visits, in the mornings, so that leaves me with the afternoons to do all the things I need to do.  I am STILL waiting to clean out my junk drawer.

So that’s it.  Another busy weekend.

Have a great day!

"Gratitude is riches, 
complaint is poverty."

Thursday, August 8, 2019


I see a gazillion skunks every day while out doing my rounds in the wee hours of the morning.  A gazillion.  But not once have I seen one walking around with a bottle stuck to its head.  I was on Fourth and Pennsylvania, pouring food for the beautiful sweet polydactyl black cat under the tree, and I looked over and saw this skunk wandering, and obviously could not see a thing.  I finished up with the cat, and decided to take my chance and try to help the little guy.  I walked over quietly, and it almost seemed like he was walking toward me for help!  Without thinking, and within a split second, I grabbed the bottle that was stuck very tight to its head, and pulled, tugging so much that it lifted him right off the ground, and pop!  Off came this drink container from his little head.  He was so stunned I think that he just froze.  And I backed off very carefully, quickly hightailing it out of there.  Good deed done.  Eh?

I also had a trap set for the Tortie on Fourth Street.  That was the first thing I did this morning before beginning my rounds.  This cat is just too smart.  I did the entire back half of the route, and went to collect, and nothing.  Just the little red kitten was still hanging around, hungry, but no dice for the trap.  Very upsetting knowing another cat will have its kittens outdoors. 

The cat on Melville, that was pregnant, and the morning I was going to grab her, she was gone, until two weeks later when she showed up last Saturday, very thin, and hungry.  I have no idea where she had her kittens.  You would think she had them in the safety and comfort of the shelters in the back of the lot, but no.  She is still there each morning, thin and hungry.

There is a new white cat on Garson that is pregnant. I saw her yesterday, and drove off knowing it was not the right thing to do, but I felt I didn’t have a choice at that moment. It was not a day I could get her into the clinic for spaying, and it bothered me all day.  Now, this morning, I planned on grabbing her as well as Steve, but she was not there.  I will try every day for her now.   We cannot have any more kittens on this earth!

Speaking of Steve, I rescued ANOTHER cat this morning. I rescued the cat I’ve been feeding for well over a year now.  I’ve told this cat that he was next, and I told him that over and over, after each time I rescued another cat.  He is so sweet, but there was always a more desperate cat to rescue and so he remained.  Well, finally, I had the opportunity now that Brady went to his new home and Foster Mom Gaye had an empty room.  She said, ‘go get him’, and so I did.  Say hello to Steve!  He will go to clinic today to be neutered and vaccinated, and good to go after that!

Have a great day!

"Be strong enough to let go
and wise enough to wait
for what you deserve."

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Mug Shots!

Here is the crew that we have left.

Lets get them adopted!




Goldilocks (and her seven babies)

Fluffy (and her five babies)

Max (gotta get a better pic of him!)




And............... yet to be rescued, 
but hope to be tomorrow!  


Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

TNR Tuesday

Today is a quickie.

This morning I tried to trap the pregnant cat, again, on Fourth Street.  After doing ALL of my rounds, not one of these cats at this corner would go in the trap.  I even filled it with some nice smelly mackerel!   At one point the trap door shut, so I re-set it, and when I came back, I got this little girl.  Who knows if she is pregnant but she won't be by the end of the day today.

After grabbing the trap and placing in the truck, the little Tortie, who is visibly pregnant, ran across to the food after I pulled away.  Stinker.  Plus her little orange baby.

I see so much out there, its pitiful.

On a brighter side, we have pics of three of Goldi's kittens - three more to come.  Here are:

Please spay and neuter!

Have a great day.