Friday, January 20, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! SCOTT & MARY C!!!

SCOTT and MARY!  Thank you for helping me to feed a cat for Christmas!  What can I say about these two...  they helped me establish my city garden, they've built some beautiful shelters for me, they've donated a bunch of gift cards - specifically my favorite - liquor stores...  :)  and to top that all off, they adopted Pip and Emmet from me nearly what... late summer, 2015?  AND Mary's sister Liz adopted Syd and Joanie (now Piper)!  Thank you both so much.  I am forever grateful for your ongoing support.


PIP and EMMETT now!

I received the appointment for the pregnant girl on Short Street, but its not until February 2nd.  Uggh.  That's how backed up the clinic is with spots for TNR.  She will be TNR'd also.  I pray a cancellation comes up sooner than that for her. 

Kitties all normal out there this morning.

Nothing much to share, except that I ache!  :)

My Wishlist?

  • Triple AAA batteries (for headlamp!) - I go through them like CRAZY!  
  • Concrete blocks (one or two) (some crazy person took the one holding up a board on Baldwin)
  • Someone to help cut some very large boards on the side of my garage
  • Black or dark brown spray paint (plastic) to spray the white Styrofoam containers to be made into shelters
  • Wet cat food, dry cat food
Thanks very much!

I leave you with some pics from this morning:  (Remember to click on pic to see up close)

Kitty waits next to house each morning for me to pour food

My two boys...  Baylee and Spencer


Have a GREAT day!

”Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything.  Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! JAN R.!!!!

Thank you JAN R.!!!  You helped me this morning to feed many many cats through the Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign!  Thank you so much Jan, for your generosity!  I think Jan knows me through either the media, or from a friend.  Jan, if you are reading, please clarify!  And please know how much I appreciate you, and how the cats appreciate you!  :)

This morning's pic:  Niagara Street
There has been a new one or two kitties at my Short Street location.  None have their ear tipped, so I figured I needed to get them TNRd.  They are friendly also, they look like sister sister, or sister brother, or what ever.  I haven't seen the other in a while, but the one has been hanging around religiously.  This is where Mr. Whiskers and Baby Buttons live.  I have not seen either of them for a day or two, and then prior to that its been scattered.  Not sure why.  Regardless, this morning I noticed a little pop around her sides as she ran in front of me after greeting me near the street when I got out of the Jeep all the way to the back of the lot.  I firmly believe this little one is pregnant.  I also felt her middle and her little nipples were popping.   I will be making an appointment this morning for her to be spayed, hopefully Tuesday.

Why?  Because we can't have any more kittens running around.  You are upset about this?  I am upset about this!  But remember this.  This cat could go off somewhere and have her kittens under a porch, we could have a snow storm, its winter, and the baby kittens could easily freeze to death, if they are not mauled by a larger hungry animal, or mama has a hard time delivering.  Not to mention, do you know how many cats are euthanized because there are JUST TOO MANY?  Across the world?  You think we need another litter being born and have thousands across the country being put to sleep that very same day?

Very young cats and very old cats rarely enjoy the kind of physical condition that would warrant allowing them to give birth. Birthing and nursing a litter of kittens would easily take their last ounce of strength, and could kill them. This is even more evident in pregnant strays, who may have already given birth to many litters of kittens already.  A female cat can have at least three litters of kittens each year. The kindest and most compassionate action anyone could take with one of these cats is to spay/abort her.

We have an enormous cat overpopulation problem, primarily caused by cat owners' failure to spay or neuter their cats. Often the resulting pregnant female cats are thrown out on the street, where they and their surviving kittens continue to mate, and the offspring from those matings continue to mate. The horrifying reality is that a pregnant female cat and her descendants can account for the births of several hundred kittens in just a few years.  There simply isn't enough space to house them all, and something must give. It's a matter of supply and demand. In a world that loves kittens, kittens are a dime a dozen.  You want a kitten?  There will be thousands being born come spring because of irresponsible adults not having the cats spayed or neutered.  You have a problem in your neighborhood?  Please, do something about it!  Its up to us to care for these animals!

Thanks for listening, and caring!

Have a GREAT day!

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.” 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! GRANDMA BERRY!!!

Thank you JEANNE!  Sweet woman from England!  Grandmother of two of my favorite ladies, Sharyn and Jessica!   Thank you Grandma Berry, even though you are not a 'cat person', for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  Such a kind woman. 

I received an update on Peppercorn.  If you will recall, Peppercorn went to his new home and didn't like it at first.  He was like 'whats goin on?  first I'm with the lady who rescued me, and then she ships me off to another lady's house where I start to get all comfortable and all, and then they ship me off to another person's house!  hmmph!  I'll show them!  I will hide, and be miserable!'  Well, thanks Mr. Peppercorn, for coming around and showing your new family how wonderful you are! 

Peppercorn fresh off the streets!

Peppercorn NOW!

It was drizzly out this morning.  I went round and saw all the babies that show up for their breakfast.  On Parsells, there was sweet Jane - the older girl I posted a while back, that I was going to rescue for someone during one of those bitter cold mornings, but she never showed up the next day for me to rescue.  She is sweet, she allows me to pet her.  At the next Parsells location, I counted 10 cats yesterday.  They gather around my feet and make it hard for me to pour the food, they are so hungry.  Others sit outside the porch area waiting for me to leave, those ones are more scared of humans.

HERMAN on Monday (Pennsylvania Avenue)

The day I rescued Hope on Monday, I did see the little black and white boy on Pennsylvania Avenue, who I will name Herman.  I could not rescue him that morning because of Hope being in my carrier.  And no, I can't carry two carriers, I don't even have two large enough for when I rescue.  At home, I either have too big, or too small.  You need the carrier to be just right because you are a grabbing a sort of wild animal and you are placing them into a 'box', and they are scared.  And you can't have their claws grabbing hold of the sides making it hard to get them in to.  Rescuing - you have to do it very quickly!  No messing around!  So, I do need to invest in a carrier!

Thanks everyone for reading, I appreciate you so much.

Have a great day!

"Give me strength when I stand
and faith when I fall."

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! DEB G. and MARK!

Thank you Deb G. and her man Mark!  Thank you for making a difference in Rochester to help feed its homeless cats.  There are so many, and your gift to the Feed a Cat for Christmas is so appreciated.  Deb is special, not only because she is who she is!, but also because she adopted a kitty from me that had been hit by a car on Webster Avenue, taken to the clinic to heal her wounds by Lori from Habitat for Cats, but needed to release her back to the streets in this area, and I agreed to take her, and found her the perfect home with Deb.  Peanut was not good at first, very fearful, not getting along with Deb's other kitties, but she came around and is now a beloved member of the family!  Thank you DEB and Mark!  :)

Peanut THEN

Peanut NOW
Yesterday was a sad day for me - but also great relief.  Funny how that works.  Little kitty Hope was finally ready to be taken by me by going into my carrier I had waiting for her, ready to receive the only love she probably ever had, by a human that did not want to see her suffer any more.  She was euthanized in the early morning hours, as the mass on her tongue and most likely in her body somewhere was very bad.  She must not have been able to eat for a long long time.  The vets said  that the mass would have grown and Hope would have either suffocated or starved to death.  Poor angel.   I am so thankful she let me take her.  Sweet dreams little angel.

The hut I coaxed HOPE out of yesterday
Today was balmy outside.  I loved it but knew in the back of my mind it would soon be crunchy out there again, with the snow underfoot, and the wind howling, and the temperatures in the zeros.  I am sure the cats are loving it right now too.

I left work early yesterday to go home and get Baylee to take him to Southtowne Vet, Dr. Gschrey.  The Genius.  I spotted Baylee on the side of the road one day, pretty pathetic looking sitting in front of someone's house in an open area against the concrete base, on Bay Street last summer.  Of course, I stopped, got out, placed a bowl of water and some food under a bush next door.  I drove past there daily and kept leaving food.  Each time, Baylee would creep just a little bit closer, and I heard him breathing laboriously, and I decided to try to treat him with antibiotics in his food.  So for two or three weeks, Clavamox, nothing.  Then for the next two weeks, Doxycycline.  Nothing. By this time, he was allowing me to pet him, and by this time also, his breathing was bad, and he had drool coming from his mouth.

Baylee THEN
I decided to rescue him and get him to a vet.  He was already neutered, and it was determined he was about nine years old or so.  Teeth barely there also.  A shot of convenia and it was suggested he go for an MRI.  Big bucks.  No can do.  So he's been with me - a LOT better after that visit - but have had to bring him for convenia shots every other month due to what sounds like upper respiratory issues.  Oh, did I mention, he has FIV.  No biggie.

But I wanted a second opinion so I brought him to Dr. G.  He is so knowledgeable, he doesn't skip a beat when talking to you.  He checked him every which way, and finally prescribed two meds to be taken together and he was hopeful that this would clear up his breathing issues.  Azithromycin oral suspension and Cerenia tablets.  We will see!  Another kind person who knew of Baylee's breathing issues brought me over some Lung Gold for him to try a month ago.  I mentioned this to Dr. G. and he will be looking it up to see if it would be beneficial to Baylee, as he hadn't heard of it before.

Baylee TODAY!

Have a great day!.  


From the silence of your pain I heard my name 
       and on the wings of light I have come 
              to see the sadness in your eyes 
                     that cry without tears 

Can you see me, I am here 
       I will always be near you 
              to calm your shattered heart 
                     and to make you smile at the memories 

Do you feel me, perhaps a soft brush of fur 
       You ache to believe it's real 
              but you are afraid to hope 
                     You brush away a strand of hair 
                            But it was I, whispering..... 

I am only here for but a moment 
       The silver thread gently quivers 
              I will leave behind my love in a dream 
                     When you awaken, and without really knowing why 

Your heart will know at last 
           That it is all right, for now 
                     to say good-bye

Monday, January 16, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! KRISTEN K.!!!!!

Thank you Kristen K.!  Thank you for helping me to help them.  This Feed a Cat Campaign was very successful in that it brought in donations for a whole month.  Donations were made in many ways - whether it was food, money, tarps, batteries for my headlamps, gift cards, it was very appreciative.  Thankfully I am able to vet some of these sick cats I rescue, namely Bacardi, and Baylee, who will be going in to the vet this week to figure out what their issues are.  Thank you Kristen for doing your part in helping.  Not only that, but Kristen is the adoptive mom to two very special girls that I rescued from Pennsylvania and Second Street in 2015.

Iris and Pixie!
She adopted them together so they wouldn't have to separate, and are they loving life now!

Regarding my sadness on Friday in seeing this very sick cat on Niagara Street, I saw it each day since.  Saturday morning, and Sunday morning, two futile attempts were made to get this poor little thing.  The smell alone was enough to make you gag.  This morning, I opened up the shelter door, back crawled inside to see if I could see kitty in one of the huts, and and saw this little one inside the beautiful hut that Debbie's husband Jim crafted from wood and shingles, with a cat face cut out.  I immediately saw green stuff in gobs coming from its mouth, and my heart was just broken.  I had to figure out something.  I asked Kings to get the carrier, staying there so kitty wouldn't get out of the hut, and I then manueuvered the carrier just outside the entrance to the hut, placing the water bottle on the other side so there was no way kitty could get out except to go into the carrier.  We then began the laborious task of removing all the wood and stuff to get the top of the hut exposed to remove it.  Luckily, kitty began moving and went right into the carrier.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

Add caption

I have been thinking about this poor angel night and day for a week now.  Kitty is at the emergency clinic as we speak.  I will take responsibility for kitty, in comparison to most times that I have had to bring a cat here in the early morning hours, knowing I could not afford the extensive treatments the sick and injured animals would have to endure, and having had to have them euthanized - under the Good Samaritan thing.  I will ask if kitty can be saved.  I don't want it to suffer.  I am sure they will take a leukemia test first, and then figure out whats wrong.  Kitty is not feral as it had its face pushed up against the carrier door confused and scared.  I am naming kitty HOPE for now.  Please say a prayer!

UPDATE: Poor little baby ... Hope has a large mass on her tongue, and vet believes it’s a secondary mass from somewhere else. She is in very bad shape. I don’t want her to suffer any longer, and vet agrees. She also tested positive for leukemia. Hope could infect others in the colony. Say a prayer as she passes on to heaven…

Have a good day.

“Heavenly Father, you created all things for your glory and made us stewards of this creature If it is your will, restore it to health and strength. Blessed are you, Lord God, and holy is your name for ever and ever. Amen”

Friday, January 13, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! JILL R!!!!!

Thank you Jill!  Thank you for helping me to care for these cats throughout these trying times in the winter months.  Your donation helps immensely.  I met Jill several years ago through a friend, and I cherish her.  Thank you Jill!

When writing this blog, which I began back in 2008, I try to keep it light, yet real, sharing stories of what I see out on the streets while feeding the many many homeless cats roaming this city.  I have friends that don't like to read this blog because they will see a picture, or read something sad.  I am the same way. I cannot watch those nature shows where the beasts are chasing other beasts and killing them.  I can't even go into the city shelter, or Lollypop as I have a hard time seeing animals in cages.  I remember going to RAS once and sat in the parking lot and sobbed.  I watched as volunteers walked the dogs outside and it broke my heart knowing those dogs did not have homes of their own.

Yet I have to share what I see, whether its sad or not, because this is my life, and I have a need to share what others might not be aware of, whats happening under our noses that we/you might not know about. Spreading these stories, I believe, helps the animals in the long run.

This morning I witnessed something heartbreaking to me.  I pulled up to Niagara and did my normal feeding, calling the cats from across the street outside the gated apartment complex to the shelter, and I smelled something odd.  I looked, and there was this kitty, looking very sick.  Its tongue sort of hanging out of its mouth, body emaciated, tail wrapped around its back end, eyes watering, and I knew that was the smell.  The cat is very sick.  I did everything I could to reach in but it wouldn't let me get close.  I placed some very wet shredded with gravy type wet food down for it, and it slowly lapped it up.  You could tell it was having a hard time eating, as thin as it was.

I walked away from there toward the Jeep and I just wanted to burst out crying for that moment.  I held it together, got in the car, steadied myself, and drove off.  I thought - who can I call for help with this?  I know of two drop trappers, but this kitty wouldn't be coming out of the shelter for a drop trap with so many other cats milling around.  I thought, there is nothing I can do.  If someone who was unemployed and would take the time to try and get the kitty, that would be great, but there is no one out there that will step up to the plate to do this.  I am not blaming anyone.  We all have things going on.  I realized then and there, that I can't end the suffering of these cats under my watch.  I can't fix everything.  Its days like these that really get to me. 

So there you have it.  Please say a prayer for this little one.  I took a picture of it so that you can visualize what you are praying for.

Have a nice day.

"Hear our humble prayer, O God,

for our friends the animals, your creatures.
We pray especially for all that are suffering in any way:
for the overworked and underfed,
the hunted, lost, or hungry;
for all in captivity or ill-treated,
and for those that must be put to death.
For those who deal with them,
we ask a gentle heart of compassion,
gentle hands, and kindly words.
Make us all true friends to animals
and worthy followers of our merciful Savior,
Jesus Christ.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Feed a Cat for Christmas! PAT C.!!

My buddy Pat C.!!.  Queen of Peanut Brittle!  Pat, over the past year or two, has been coming around once a month dropping off wet and dry food to me to help feed kitties - her bundles last for a week or so, and I have been so thankful to have it.  But things change in people's lives where they aren't able to continue to be so generous, but our friendship will never change!  So Pat, RETIRE!  And quit worrying about all the kitties!  :)  Begin to enjoy YOUR life!  xoxooxxo

A bucket of mud.  That's what it felt like sloshing around out there this morning.  What a mess.  The ground is soft, almost sinkable.  The ground outside some of the shelters is mud.  The tarp on Central blew off partially after I had secured it yesterday with the high winds.  The winds had continued throughout the morning, died down, and then turned into a very pleasant day, mild and sunny, but then the winds kicked up again over night.  And then the rain.  Ugggh.  And then the hair.  :)

I still want to rescue a good handful of the cats on my second Parsells location.  The porch I am feeding on, the property management company is going to come around someday when I least expect it and remove EVERYTHING.  The tarps, the shelters, all if it, gone, like they have before.  Five Brothers I believe is the name of the company.  Took everything.  They did this before winter ended last year.  Leaving 15 cats homeless.  Well, shelterless.  Bastards. 

On to a good note.  From time to time, I get a note from a kitty I rescued - how many years ago... June 17, 2015 to be exact! - from Smudge's parents.  I love to hear updates on the kitties I rescue. Smudge is a permanent member of this family, and loved by all.  I am so pleased with this adoption.  Keep in mind, Smudge hid for quite a while, but soon came out of his shell, as do all the others.

Kristin, as if she has ALL the time in the world, which she doesn't, compiled a list of kitties that I rescued in 2016.  Ahhhh... memories.  I am so so grateful that I was able to do this.  WITH the help of adopters, and fosters.  Thank YOU for making that possible!

1. Murphy/Simba
2. Cuddles
3. Parsley
4. Esmerelda
5. Scooter/ Pixley
6. Arnie
7. Charlie
8. Peppercorn
9. kitten
10. kitten
11. kitten
12. mommy cat (cats 6 - 12 all from same little family)
13. Marbles
14. Kitten
15. Jace
16. Lucy
17. Cookie
18. Max
19. Chewee
20. Baylee
21. Spencer
22. Sassy
23. Jules
24. Jinxy
25. Cheetoh
26. Barack
27. Peaches
28. Kitty from Melville (went to Buffalo)
29. Kitty from Melville (went to Buffalo)
30. Baxter
31. Sid
32. Johnny
33. Dixie/Marnie
34. Sydney
35. Joanie
36. Peppercorn II
37. Squirt
38. Riley
39. Muffin
40. Baby
41. Mr. Fluffypants II
42. Misty/ Chloe/ Bacardi (all one cat)
43. Dasher
44. Seven
45. Happy/ Archie

so 45 cats total!!  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Krissy!

Have a great day!!

PS, this below is for all of us, those of us who have played some part in helping or saving an animal.

Rescue Rainbow Bridge

Unlike most days at RainBow Bridge, this day dawned cold and gray, damp as a swamp and as dismal as could be imagined. All the recent arrivals were confused and concerned. They had no idea what to think for they had never experienced a day like this before. But the animals who had spent some time waiting for their beloved people knew exactly what was happening and began to gather at the pathway leading to the Bridge to watch. They knew this was something special.

It wasn't too long before an elderly animal came into view, head hung heavy and low with tail dragging along the ground. The other animals on the pathway...the ones who had been at RainBow Bridge for a while...knew the story of this sad creature immediately. They had seen it happen far too many times.

Although it was obvious the animal's heart was leaden and he was totally overcome with emotional pain and hurt, there was no sign of injury or any illness. Unlike the pets waiting at the Bridge, this dog had not been restored to his prime. He was full of neither health nor vigor. He approached slowly and painfully, watching all the pets who were by now watching him. He knew he was out of place here. This was no resting place for him. He felt instinctively that the sooner he could cross over, the happier he would be. But alas, as he came closer to the Bridge, his way was barred by the appearance of an Angel who spoke softly to the old dog and apologized sorrowfully, telling him that he would not be able to pass. Only those animals who were with their special people could pass over the RainBow Bridge. And he had no special beloved people...not here at the Bridge nor on Earth below.

With no place else to turn, the poor elderly dog looked toward the fields before the Bridge. There, in a separate area nearby, he spotted a group of other sad-eyed animals like himself...elderly and infirm. Unlike the pets waiting for their special people, these animals weren't playing, but simply lying on the green grass, forlornly and miserably staring out at the pathway leading to the Bridge. The recent arrival knew he had no choice but to join them. And so, he took his place among them, just watching the pathway and waiting.

One of the newest arrivals at the Bridge, who was waiting for his special people, could not understand what he had just witnessed and asked one of the pets who had been there for some time to explain it to him.

"That poor dog was a rescue, sent to the pound when his owner grew tired of him. They way you see him now, with graying fur and sad, cloudy eyes, was exactly the way he was when he was put into the kennels. He never, ever made it out and passed on only with the love and comfort that the kennel workers could give him as he left his miserable and unloved existence on Earth for good. Because he had no family or special person to give his love, he has nobody to escort him across the Bridge."

The first animal thought about this for a minute and then asked, "So what will happen now?"

As he was about to receive his answer, the clouds suddenly parted and the all-invasive gloom lifted. Coming toward the Bridge could be seen a single figure...a person who, on Earth, had seemed quite ordinary...a person who, just like the elderly dog, had just left Earth forever. This figure turned toward a group of the sad animals and extended outstretched palms. The sweetest sounds they had ever heard echoed gently above them and all were bathed in a pure and golden light. Instantly, each was young and healthy again, just as they had been in the prime of life.

From within the gathering of pets waiting for their special people, a group of animals emerged and moved toward the pathway. As they came close to the passing figure, each bowed low and each received a tender pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears. Their eyes grew even brighter as the figure softly murmured each name. Then, the newly-restored pets fell into line behind the figure and quietly followed this person to the Bridge, where they all crossed together.

The recent arrival who had been watching, was amazed. "What happened?"

"That was a rescuer," came the answer. "That person spent a lifetime trying to help pets of all kinds. The ones you saw bowing in respect were those who found new homes because of such unselfish work. They will cross when their families arrive. Those you saw restored were ones who never found homes. When a rescuer arrives, they are permitted to perform one, final act of rescue. They are allowed to escort those poor pets that couldn't place on Earth across the Rainbow Bridge. You see, all animals are special to them...just as they are special to all animals."

"I think I like rescuers," said the recent arrival.

“So does God,” was the reply.