Monday, November 19, 2018

On a Roll....

79....  Kristin counted 79

SEVENTY NINE!  Woo hoooo!  I've rescued 79 cats so far this year!  But so many more to go......


Meet Bunny.  Bunny was a TNR from a barn situation in Walworth.  We felt she was too young to go back to the barn, so she is the latest rescue.  I named her Bunny because her fur, it’s the softest fur I think I have ever felt.  It feels just like a bunny’s fur.  Bunny is very very scared still, being feral, but she has no aggression.  She just is not comfortable yet with humans, but that will change over time.  She is the cutest little fluffiest little thing.   She will make a great kitten for someone someday soon.  Will that be you?

The ‘patio’ kittens – Beanie, Brody, Wink and Cocoa – are very popular.  Wink is pending adoption, and the other three will have meet and greets hopefully this week.  They are with Momma Sue, their foster, but might be coming to my house so I can have my kitten time.  Its good to mix it up for kittens, so that they get a taste of different people, and places. 

I have two more cats on the street in my radar for rescue soon.  The grey on Short and Sixth Streets, and another black and white big boy on Garson and Baldwin.  Thanks to Janessa for offering to foster the grey, and thanks to Max for offering to foster another, after Buddy was adopted.    These cats will be highly adoptable.  Both beauties. 

I have another person interested in Connor!  She is a senior (well, I don’t really consider 70 to be senior!) and is looking for a companion for her kitty.  Connor could be just the one.  He is still playful even though he is not a kitten, but between 3-4 years of age. Boy does Connor, of all kitties, deserve a home.  I shouldn’t say that either.  So does Parsley and Hermie. 

Frankie and Lulu 

Frankie and Lulu


LULU as a Kitten

That’s all I really have today, except remember Lulu from last year?  And remember Frankie, one of the woodpile kittens?  Here they are together.  Their awesome parents thought Lulu needed a companion, and saw Frankie and it was love at first sight.

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Toot Your Own Horn!

I swear I am not trying to brag, but a friend reminded me the other day (usually its my mother), that on November 14th, it was Janine Wagner Day in the City of Rochester - I received a proclamation from the Mayor's Office, nominated by Walt and Karon Simoni?  Very sweet, and very special to me.


Little Sabrina, who I rescued yesterday, has really come around. She is a sweet little girl, and very loving!  She has used the litter box, and is eating like a champ.  She was quite scared yesterday and hid but would come out when you sat down and talked to her softly.  She is still a bit frightened of noise, but will have to get used to that, with her new foster - including dogs!  They all come around, I swear.  Some take longer than others.  Some become besties, some learn to tolerate.  (dogs and cats). Sabrina goes to the vet today for an exam, shots and testing.  I can't remember when she was TNR'd, so will have to have her shots done again.

Katie, the kitty I rescued several weeks ago from Central Park, went to her hopefully forever home yesterday.  So far so good!  Thank you to her new Mom, for adopting an older gal.  You will reap the rewards someday when you see how grateful she is when she looks at you.  They all do.  And thank you Carol for fostering her. 


Now to get Connor, Parsley and Hermie a forever home!

It was very cold out.  27 degrees.  I am still placing shelters, building up colonies.  I saw Mr. Grey, whom a friend has dubbed CJ (Captain Jack), and Tex (the woman who will foster him for Tabby Town, a rescue in Buffalo who has offered to take him under their wing).  I will rescue Tex tomorrow morning, and then hopefully CJ next week.  I then have another gal who has offered to take another, and that will be a hard pick again.  There are just so many out there.

Have a great day.  The following is oh so true.

"If we believe that tomorrow will be better, 
we can bear a hardship today."

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Part Two

It was a miserable snowy and cold morning out there.  I desperately need pre-made shelters, but am fresh out.  I wanted to place one on every corner I passed.  There are just so many homeless cats.  But I did what I could to make their miserable lives a bit better, not great, but better.   I also rescued another cat this morning!  This little girl has been hanging on the side of the road all summer.  She just won't go to the shelters in the back on Central.  After placing food down under the tree, on the snow covered grass, with the snowy wind blowing, I got back in the truck.  I watched her, and thought - hmmm, I know my friend Kim offered to foster another kitty, and we were gooing to do this on Thursday, but I just have to get her off the street, so I did it today, a day early.   "Sabrina" will stay in my bathroom until her vet appointment tomorrow for a thorough exam, and then will be picked up by Kim after she gets out of work.  Sabrina is one lucky kitty but might now know it yet.  She is scared, but loves my petting and scratching her.  She still has not eaten.  This might be her first time in a house!  She was a former TNR, and now rescued.  (LOVE)!

This little guy has to be next.  He is very vulnerable out on the streets, very sweet, and very beautiful.  Hoping someone will step up for him next.

He reminds me so much of my Smokey Bear, who just recently passed.

And speaking of civility (yesterday's post), a reader close to the area shared with me that she decided to write a letter to the Deacon of the Pentecostal church on Central Park who kept throwing out the tiny bowl of cat food that fed two kittens and four adult cats over the summer - one of whom was Katie who I recently rescued.  She said it really bothered her that a man of God could treat one of God's creatures like that.  Thank you so much for taking the time and writing this.  I am assuming she will be sending it to the Deacon sometime this week.

Dear Reverend Ray,

I have thought about writing to you for a couple of weeks now, but I thought that maybe my feelings would just pass…… a fleeting moment that would not continue to nag at me. I was wrong.

I was getting ready for work early one morning when I heard voices outside. What I heard saddened me a great deal and is sticking with me to a degree that I feel I would like to address it with you.

You were clearly angered by a woman who comes to feed stray animals. You were very unkind to her. I know that she comes around frequently very early in the mornings. This seems to be done out of the kindness of her heart and a caring of all living things…….as we are all God’s creatures. Maybe she is being charitable in a way that you disagree with but how do you judge charitability?

Job 35:11 “Who teaches us more than the beasts of the Earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the Heavens”

When any living thing is hurt, neglected, starved….. it is heartbreaking. This includes ALL God’s creatures. This woman is being a voice for those creatures that do not have a voice of their own and you are hurting her soul with your cruel words. In this day and age of anger, violence, and intolerance, I found it disgraceful that a spokesperson for God could be so unkind. Can’t you just respectfully agree to disagree? And if you have no regard for a suffering, starving animal…..cannot you at least offer a fellow human being who is trying to do a good deed a warm cup of coffee so early in the morning.

If you are truly a man of God, can you humble yourself, step back, and take stock of ALL things around you that the Lord has put on this Earth.

So many of us ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?”

Please ask yourself, is this how Jesus would act?

I thank you for listening.

Peace be with you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I forgot to mention the TNR's I did yesterday.  Both sweet cats.  Both males, and both had to be returned to the streets last night.  And yes, I felt terrible returning them.  And no, I did not see either this morning.  I HATE TNR, but its because of irresponsible people that did not have it done prior to them letting these cats out of their homes that are responsible for this plight!

OMG, I found this gem from EIGHT years ago!  Of course, a lot of my thinking has changed since then. I don't know how this all came about. I think it was the first time I was written up in the paper, and it wasn't under the arrest column!  :)  NOT that I was ever bad or anything!  :) 

(Mark Hare retired in 2012 after 28 years as a columnist, reporter, and editorial writer for the Democrat and Chronicle and Times-Union.)

Civility is Essential to Building Community
Mark Hare • November 4, 2010 

The other day, city crews filled the Broad Street 
planters with mums — deep purple, orange and 
yellow. I am sure there are critics of such "frivolous 
spending," especially so close to the onset of cold 
weather. But I welcome the color and the civilizing 
effects of flowers on our streets.

I welcome any activity that makes our community a 
little more human — including kindness to animals.

Janine Wagner of Irondequoit spends $100 a week 
on cat food — food she leaves for stray and feral 
cats at several locations in northeast Rochester. She 
knows that a lot of people think she's crazy. She 
sometimes uses have-a-heart traps to capture the 
cats. She tells me she has found homes for 15 or 20 
strays (domesticated but abandoned) and she has 
turned over feral cats to animal control. "I've come 
to realize that euthanasia may be better than the 
suffering they endure," she says.

Civility starts with simple acts of respect. People 
scoff today at folks who worry about stray animals 
when so many people are hurting.

But kindness is kindness. In my experience, people 
who care for animals care for people, too.

Speaking and acting in ways — even small ways — 
that improve the quality of our collective experience 
has a civilizing impact on each of us. I don't know 
that egotism and selfishness have reached all-time 
highs, but I do know that too many people live 
completely unfiltered lives — saying and doing 
anything that comes to mind, no matter how hurtful.

Civility requires a concern for how our words and 
actions affect others. I asked P.M. Forni, who co-
founded the Johns Hopkins University Civility 
Project in 1997, why civility has declined and what 
we can do about it.

Forni, a professor of romance languages and 
literature, recently did presentations at both Monroe 
Community College and Rochester Institute of 
Technology. He has written widely on civility and 
has authored two books on the subject, most 
recently The Civility Solution: What to do when 
people are rude.

The decline in civility, he told me, does not owe to 
any single cause, but the informality of the Internet 
has exacerbated the problem. "Sometimes 
informality is the Trojan horse that smuggles 
incivility within the walls of society," he says. Giving 
people online anonymity shields them from all 
repercussions from vile, uninformed and hurtful 
comments and "does not exactly call out our better 
angels," Forni says.

As a society, Forni says, we've instilled self-esteem 
in young people, but not a sense of self-restraint. 
And civility is not just a matter of saying the right 
thing. "What we have to reform is how we interact, 
how compassionate we are, how willing we are to 
meet the needs and desires of others."

Most people are never called on to jump in a river to 
rescue someone, but civility, manners and 
politeness are not trivial "because they are the 
everyday acts of goodness," Forni says. The kind 
word, the pat on the back, the choice to let a driver 
change lanes ahead of us — these are the acts that 
help us be more aware of our humanity. So, too, the 
planting of flowers and the feeding of animals.

These are not the best of times, but I hope we never reach a point where we cannot afford to do even simple things that "call out our better angels."

Monday, November 12, 2018

Brother Can You Hear Me

Interesting weekend.  I want to say thank you to those that go out with me in the mornings – obviously thanks to Kings, he has to – ha!  But then there are the volunteers.  Joel, for one, who is always willing, but I mostly use him for his muscle.  HA!  When I need help moving stuff.  Jackie occasionally rides, and is a great help.  A girl named Maria went with me recently, and that was awesome.  Then there is Sheryl who has gone out with me just about every Saturday for close to five years.  Melissa, my friend Paula’s daughter, has been offering to go with me on Sundays and just made her third trip with me?  Its so nice to have your company, and help. Thank you.

I delivered the kittens and Buddy the cat to their new home.  What a wonderful family, and what a wonderful set up they had waiting for them.  They have a room that must be an addition to their older home, that serves as an office for the Dad.  It has a huge picture window in the back with a bench in front of it, to ‘perch’ on.  There are lots of cubby holes for the kitties to hide in.  Paradise, if you ask me.  They were quite nervous at first, and from what I understand from today, Mara is still very scared, but as I told Mom Amy, she has gone through a lot in her short time in captivity – she went from the ‘family’ she knew there, to Melissa’s house with older cats, and then Pebbles joining, and then being uprooted to my house for a night, and now at this new house with more new people, and Buddy!  Its easier for older cats to transition, and easier still for kittens, but Mara is in a formative kitten stage, and that might be why she is still scared.  I have every confidence with over attention and love, she will come around.  They always do.  Some take longer than others.

I had an interesting Sunday morning, where Melissa rode with me.  We were on Second and Central, doing the mailbox kitties, when a man was walking toward us with white pants, a red cap, and NO SHIRT ON.  It was 31 degrees.  I was out of the truck pouring food, Melissa was tucked in in the back seat.  As he got closer he asked if I had a light.  I told him I didn’t, and he kept walking.  I yelled after to him – ‘are you all right?’  He said he was fine but he was going to kill his parents – as he pulled out an 8-inch knife from his pocket’.  He seemed a bit incoherent, and I just thought he was drunk, which he probably was.  He kept walking.  Well, if there was ever a time to call 911, this was it.  I did, and gave them all the details.  As I drove off, I thought – I wonder if they will show up.  There have been times where something crazy is happening, and they are no where in sight, and I have to leave because of timing.  Like the dog, for instance.  The little pup I found dead in a carrier this summer.  This time, I drove around and got back on Bay Street, which was the way this guy was headed.  Looking up and down, still no sign of the police, and the guy was walking down Bay Street now, heading west.  I drove past him, made a turn around farther up ahead, and started to drive back.  He was gone.  He must have gone down a side street.  I drove to First Street, where its one way, heading north, and I saw him still walking.  I turned left onto the street, going the wrong way. Hey, its 4 in the morning, and there are no cops around!  I decided to start talking to him, keep distance and safety inside the truck.  Long story short, I began to ask him questions, and offering a blanket I had in the car.  I asked him why he wanted to kill his parents (father and brother jumped him for defending his uncle), where the knife was (he threw it down, thinking I was a cop), where his parents lived (7th Street), what his name was (Ulysses ________ ) – he told me he was a welder.  I told him he would mess up his life if he did harm to his parents – he told me he pays child support, he’s on probation, he was going nowhere – he didn’t care …  I told him his child needed him.  I told him that tomorrow is a new day.  I told him, today is Sunday, go to church.  He began to cry and said he had no one to talk to.  I told him I would talk to him as long as I could.  My eyes teared up.  Meanwhile, I am still going 2 miles an hour while he walked on the side walk.  Finally, after more talk, (and no cops!), he said he was going to take a short cut to home (through a vacant lot) and I told him good bye, wished him well, and turned around.  Of course, two minutes later, the police called me asking where he was.  I told them, but God only knows if they found him.  I just pray he didn’t do anything stupid, and finds peace.  He obviously has problems, and a life that is different than us, but he is still a human being who deserves at least someone to talk to.

On a brighter note, I got a call from a girl a few weeks  back, who knew someone who had kittens and a mother under their porch. This guy was feeding the kittens on his porch, and needed help.  This girl reached out, and reluctantly, I said I would take the kittens if she could trap them.  I told her time was of the essence, and if she was going to do it, it needed to be done, and come get my kitten traps.  She did, and voila, here we have four beautiful sweet kittens that we got just before they turned feral.  This girl is going to try to trap momma.  Thanks to foster Sue, they are now bathed and warm in her house, playing for the first time in captivity, with real  toys! 

We also have an adoption pending by my neighbor for Katie!  The sweet old gal that Foster Carol is harboring!  Fingers crossed!

"Too often we
underestimate the power
of a touch, a smile, a kind
word, a listening ear,
an honest compliment,
or the smallest act of
caring, all of which 
have the potential 
to turn a life around."

Friday, November 9, 2018


Greetings!  Happy Friday!  Woo hoooooooo! 

I wonder if people that are retired still get excited for Fridays.  Huh?  :)

Even though I still have to get up at 2 am. every day and go out into whatever the weather is doing.  Its not fun.  And I see so much heartache.  I just want to scoop them all up and take them home to warmth, safety and love.  I picked up the little girl on the side of Central, the one I feed under a tree there, she won’t go to the back where the shelters are.  She wriggles usually, so I gently scruffed her by the back of the neck and she did not struggle.  I am getting her prepared for rescue and foster by Kim.  She is vulnerable, and as I mentioned in previous posts, I’ve got to get those most vulnerable to the danger of not having shelter to go in when its nasty out. 

I took this photo on Niagara Street many years ago - yikes!

My foster Max also reiterated that he would take another.  I am thinking of who that perfect cat would be that #1 I can get adopted eventually, and #2 will learn to love dogs – as Max has a dog named Ollie.  Yes, Buddy from the street learned to love Ollie, he was just so chill.  So this next one that I pick out for Max should be similarly mellow and relaxed as Buddy is.

This family adopting Buddy, and Pebbles and Mara as well, are very excited to add all three to their family.  I can’t want to hear updates after tomorrow when I drop them off!

But let’s not forget the others still waiting for homes, not only the ones on the streets, but under our roofs as well.  Foster + Adoption = LOVE!

Let’s also not forget the auction happening RIGHT NOW through Saturday, tomorrow.   Here is the link for your convenience!

And one more thing to consider – Rock it out with ROC The DAY!  Beginning November 27th!   Click on this link below to read more about it.

Other events coming up:  Finish up (or begin? – like me) your holiday shopping at Enchanted Rose Garden on December 6th from 4-8 pm.  A percentage of sales will help to support JanineTheBean Rescue!  And last but not least, to finish up the year, beginning December 1st, the Feed a Cat for Christmas will be back on – this event is where, for a $40 donation, you will have your name emblazoned in lights on this blog, with a little something about you.  You can also donate in memory or in honor of someone near and dear to you.  It does literally cost me $40 a day to feed the cats out there, so this really does help me.

Rock on everybody!  Have a great day!

“Do all the good you can,
By all the means you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.”

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Parsley, et al....

My needs:  ADVANTAGE Flea Medicine.  

All is quiet on the home front.   We had a few days of severe wind, but my shelter remained intact.  I thought for sure the wind would pick up the tarps that are covering the shelters and food underneath them would be long gone, but thanks to the rocks and bricks that are securing them, all was good. I'm also appreciate of the boards I've received that will enable me to place them over the openings to the shelters inside leaving just enough room for the cats to get in under cover of rain and snow.  The boards also help to keep the leaves that are blowing all around to keep from getting in on top of the food.

I am still contemplating who I will rescue next, although you have to keep in mind the terrible guilt I feel knowing another rescue will take away from those that are already in foster care waiting on permanent homes.  I have only half a handful of fosters willing to take adults, and one is overloaded with Parsley, Hermie, Katie and Connor (Buffy is there as well), so I must be choosy when deciding which one to remove from the street and save.  My factors of choosing have to do with safety (do they have shelter), and medical attention (do they need).  I already have Jule at my home, and he is a handful.  Very unsocial and closed up in a room and I feel terrible about it.

I also had someone reach out to me about some kittens living under a porch.  My friend Elisabeth has been taking these calls for me and offering advice.  Its very overwhelming for me to get these requests - I can handle just so much.   My free time is so very limited.  Not to mention, I am NOT a rescue for others - I rescue the cats I feed on the streets.  And that is a LOT of work in and of itself.  Regardless, I told his woman that I would take the kittens if she can get them ASAP.  I'm told they are about 6-7 weeks, and one of them looks like this:

If anyone can help this woman trap these kittens today, it would be helpful.  The longer this goes on, the more feral they become, and I just can't take them.  I have traps if someone can go there and help.

We have just a few more days of the auction - There is still some great stuff to be had!  Check out this link!

Well, we have some new photos of Parsley!  Get a load of these!

And Connor!

Love these kitties.  HERMIE was not participating in the photo shoot, and Katie won't stand still!

That's it for now folks.

Have a great day!

"After every dark night
comes the birth of a new day!"