Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Every Day

Our lives are a large collection of single days one right after the other. The sun rises, the sun sets, and it rises again. And in the end, the lives we chose to live will be determined by how we choose to spend each day.
Unfortunately, I embraced very little in my younger days. I survived each new day, but made little effort to make the most of it.  Instead, they just came and went… and many were wasted.
But over the past few years, my views have changed. I ‘ve started to view each day as an important gift. I try to embrace each one individually and discover the potential it holds. After all, some may get more days than others, but each of us have been given this one. And we ought to be making the most of it.
Every day, we go through the motions of living.  We wake, we brush our teeth, we have something to nourish our bodies, if we are lucky enough we have a job that keeps us busy on workdays, and then we go to sleep.  And we get up, each day, and do those things all over again.
Every day, for me, I do all those things, but also drive to the Beechwood neighborhood to feed a lot of cats.  And I mean a LOT of cats.  I go to 19 different stops to get out of my car, and walk to a shelter I've set up for a colony of cats that 'reside' there.  And at every single one of those 19 places, I am always expect the worst when I arrive.  Did the City remove my shelters from the vacant lots, did the City remove my shelters from the abandoned houses that are now being paid attention to?  Did someone buy this house and are now fixing it up?  I have felt dread at each of my spots every single morning since I've been doing this.
Because its taking away an innocent animal's safety and security.  Their only home.  They have enough problems with predators, fleas, mites, lice, pregnancies, fights with other cats, the weather, cars, and not enough to eat.  How can we remove their shelters?  But it happens over and over again on my route.  Not today, but the day is coming.  And I just dread my journey to help them, daily.  Fear of the unknown.  Today its raining, and if their shelters were removed, I would have to scramble and place their food in the rain, find a spot under a tree. Grab a piece of wood in the back of car and try to lean it against something to place the food under it to keep it from getting wet. 
This is what I do every single day, on top of all the other things we do as humans.  Today I go to Walmart to purchase another $100+ worth of food to last another four days - what is donated is just not enough. 
I want to open a shelter here in the city to house my stuff, to have volunteers come and help me, to have a part-time veterinarian to help with the medical needs for the cats I would bring them to here.  I want a safe spot, SOMEWHERE!  for these poor animals!  That's my dream.  I'm always dreaming. 

.No sight of Chewy/Fiona, no sight of Sammy.  I just know they will show up somewhere, the waiting is the hard part

SAMMY as a little boy

I still need to get an update and pics from foster mom Carol, who is busier than ever with her business, on Parsley, Hermie and Buffy.  I have been neglectful for going myself to see them.  And I still don't have a camera or new phone to take a picture with.  But I'm working on it.  Buffy will go in for spay when her babies are done.  Same day.  Wonder if they will recognize each other, or even see each other!  At some point, Buffy, Parsley and Hermie need to find a loving home.  Someone with a big heart who will give them time and patience and let them come around on their own terms.  You will never receive love like that when the do. 


Do you all remember the kittens from last year, particularly TEDDY?

TEDDY is on the right!

Well get a load of Teddy now!  With his canine sibling pal!  Click on link below!  :)


That's all I have today. 

Please consider adoption!

"Find time each day to feed
your soul by embracing gratitude, laughter, hope, and faith."

Monday, May 21, 2018

Lost and Found

I begin today’s post with a heavy heart.  I found out yesterday morning that a kitty that is being fostered got out a window the night before last, and has not come back.  This kitty was supposed to go to a new loving home yesterday.  I am so sad not only for me, but for the cat finding its way in an unfamiliar territory, and for the would be adopters.  I also learned yesterday that a kitten I adopted out last year to a nice couple got out unexpectedly and has not come back.  Please say your prayers for Chewy and Sammy.  Chewy is in the Caledonia area, and Sammy is in the Hilton area, both country locations.  If enough of us pray to St. Anthony, they might be found sooner rather than later (hopeful thinking).




I also am experiencing two of my Parsells locations that I’ve fed cat at  for so many years being dissolved.  On Friday, I had a note taped to the shelter at Parsells #2 to remove my stuff from the ‘front of the house’ so I moved everything to the side.  This morning there was a note to remove everything from the property.  I wrote a note back after getting back home, and will place it tomorrow on the shelter, hoping for a little mercy from the person writing the notes.  It says:  “Hello – I have been rescuing cats from this location for at least 5 years now.  Last year I removed 15 cats that went to shelters, were adopted, or went to barns in the country after your new neighbor moved in and wanted everything out from his once vacant property.  I am trying to get them all fixed so that there aren’t as many reproducing.  Right now there is a mother cat and kittens I am trying to catch.  Please allow these shelters until I can.  They need these.  Thank you.”

I am praying this person allows me to continue to feed the six or seven cats that depend on this food, and have nowhere else to go. 

On a brighter note, Cashew went to his new home, and Fritzi and Buster went to their new home together.  Tucker will go to his new home today but will be joined by Saffy and Poppy who remain unadopted as of today (and not for the lack of interest!  I have so many applications to wade through), because I didn’t want Tucker to be alone while mom goes to work as a teacher, and the children in the house are gone all morning, so they have each other to play with.  Mom will be getting out of school soon, and the latter kittens will for sure be adopted soon.

Connor will be going to his checkup some day this week thanks to Kristin who lives and works around where he is being fostered, and where the vet is located.  He is still overgrooming himself so we want to make sure all the little bugs are gone.  :0

I have neglected Parsley, Hermie and Buffy throughout this and have to catch up with their foster mom.  They REALLY need a new home.  Lets help to find them one.  Need new pictures, that is for sure.

That’s it in a nutshell.

Have a nice day.

St. Anthony, perfect imitator of Jesus, who received from God the special power of restoring lost things, grant that I may find Chewy and Sammy who are lost. At least restore to me peace and tranquility of mind, the loss of which has afflicted me even more than my material loss. Amen.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Chain Gang

The Pretenders...  anybody remember that band?  Chrissie Hynde?  Loved that era, loved the music...

It was a quiet morning out there.  Came very close to a skunk.  I didn't know he was hanging around inside a shelter, but out he ran, before I could stick my face down into it.  There are many a mornings where I have to skip a spot, because of a person hanging around, or a car with its lights on parked nearby - I don't want people to see me.  It COULD be dangerous for me, and it could potentially bring attention to my hidden spot where someone can destroy the shelter I've built.  There have been many occasions where someone is parked with its lights on, and come to find out they are slumped over the steering wheel, most likely drunk and passed out.  At least I hope that was the case with most that I've encountered, and not dead!  Some I call the police about, some I just wait.  This morning, a car pulled up next to this car with someone slumped over the steering wheel - the car was half pulled over, half in street - and must have woken the person up.  It actually happened right on the corner of my street once!  The car was running, I called the cops, but before they came, the person must have woken up (after I tapped on the window to see if he was dead) and drove to church parking lot across street and turned off car.  Cops told me later, they could have gotten him with DWI if the car was still running.  Did you know that?   I did not.

George from Garson
George has been missing from Garson Avenue.  For about two months now as a matter of fact.  I just hope someone saw him and took him home to be loved and cherished like he should have been years ago since I started feeding him.
The story from yesterday -- I found out the red kitten's name - mind you this is Harvey and Huey's sister!  Her rescuers named her Miss Macaroni N. Cheese.  I LOVE THAT!  :)  And Harvey and Huey's adoptive parents send Kristin these recent photos of them.


They've gotten SO big, and their eyes look so much better!  Sick kittens are very hard to deal with, I certainly know that for a fact.!

For those of you not on Facebook, here are some pics I posted yesterday of Fritz whom I just rescued on Monday!  Thanks Amanda for these great shots!  And for offering to foster! 


Amanda said he is so sweet that he has made himself right at home, and she is not even keeping him segregated!  He gets along with EVERYONE!  He is available for adoption!  :)

Chewy a/k/a Fiona is going to her new home this Sunday.  We are all very excited!  Amanda, myself, and her new parents Tommy and Alla, and of course, Fiona herself!  It will be some adjustment for all involved.  And one less kitty for Amanda to care for, and one more cat saved from the streets!

Dixie and Cashew

BEAR strikes a pose

The kittens are a handful.  One of the black kittens had to be brought to the vet yesterday.  She fell off of something she had climbed up on Saturday, and was sort of walking funny.  I thought maybe she had a little sprain, or just spooked herself.  I kept an eye on it until yesterday, when she was still favoring her leg, and brought her to the vet.  She has calcivirus.  Boo.  So now I am segregating her, but decided she is so young, and sweet, and cuddly, I couldn't leave her alone, so have put her siblings in with her and am treating them all.  The other kittens - the doctor suspects - are older and their immune system was stronger so didn't catch it.  Its true what they say about mothers milk.  All in all, I am taking precautions.  As if I didn't have enough on my plate.

One day at a time, right?  Have an AWESOME day!

PS, one more look at our Connor boy...  (still waiting on pics of Hermie and Parsley... tap tap tap!)


“My imperfections and failures are as
Much a blessing from God as my
Successes and my talents and I lay

Them both at His feet.”

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

An Amazing Tail

So if you all recall Harvey and Huey.  They are the kittens I rescued back when we had the big hurricanes that came in one right after another last fall.    I named them after these hurricanes ...  well, just because!  :)  They were rescued in the lot near DeGeorge Ceilings on Parsells.  These two kittens were a mess - they had serious eye issues, and thanks to Kristin, she fostered them both, gave them serious love and medical attention, and got them adopted out together into a great family.  

Fast forward.  I get this email the other day.  I nearly cried.  Turns out, Harvey and Huey had a baby sister we didn't even know about!  Read on...

Hi Janine, 

My name is Danielle and I came across your blog through a mutual fbook friend.  I saw the other day you put your email address out there to share stories and I actually have a great one for you that I think will warm your heart.

My boyfriend (Chuck) works for DeGeorge Ceilings and their warehouse is next to empty lot where you take care of some cats.  I know we all remember how that whole thing with DeGeorge played out (LOL) with you using their parking lot...thank goodness he had a change of heart!!!  Anyway a day or two after that was resolved, Chuck returned to the warehouse to see a baby that looked very bad (he actually thought she was going to die) laying in their parking lot alone.  He scooped her up, put her in a box and brought her home!  We immediately took her to the vet, got her some meds and took care of this little baby...we were told she was only about a week old but I suspect she may have been a bit older.  Long story short and many of hundreds of dollars later, she is part of our crazy house with 4 kids and 2 other cats!  I wanted to send some pics along to show you...she is the perfect blend of naughty and nice!  Chuck also helps feed those kittys down there...so you are not alone!   He keeps food and treats in his car and has assisted with putting the shelters back together or adjusting them for the weather.  I show him pictures on your fbook and read him the blog...I think he'd adopt all of Buffy's babies if he could!  LOL!  Thank you for all that you do from BOTH of us!  You are an amazing soul 😊


and here she is!  Before, and after.  (hoping to find out her name!)



I would love to get an updated picture of Harvey and Huey now!

Thanks Danielle, for reaching out and sharing this heartwarming story!

"One act of kindness change the world."
(for something or somebody)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Save the Sprouts!

Of the two kitties I trapped yesterday, baby boy red was released back to Melville Street, where he did not run when trap door was opened, and he just stayed there and ate the food that was placed for him last evening.  The other cat gof lucky.  Fritzi from Ferndale and Webster Crescent is in my bathroom.  And WHAT A LOVER is he?  What a lover.  Amanda, Chewy's foster, has offered to foster him.  I also had a mother offer that her daughter was interested and I would hear back from her.  Fingers crossed!  :)  I will have better pictures of him soon.


PS, I am still trying to find a decent camera!  UGGGH!

So a family came over yesterday to meet the last of the reds - the buff colored kittens I had four of, two have been spoken for, and two left.  I had gotten home from work and was puttering around in the back yard - weather is so nice these days - and prior I had turned on the burner to steam some Brussels sprouts.  The family arrived to meet Tucker and Buster, and we gathered on the porch where they ooohed and aaaahed over the little ones.  I went in the house for something and was BLASTED the smell of burning Brussels sprouts!  And MAN, what a smell that is!  It lasted for hours!  And I nearly burned my pan.  How many times have I done this?  I actually ruined my last stove with that, my beautiful pot melted on top of the burner.  I CANNOT have the burners on when I am dealing with kittens.  You just get carried away with them, right?  

The good part of the burned Brussels sprouts is that the family wound up wanting to adopt BOTH kittens.  HURRAY!!!  I am so thankful to them!  Here are some good reasons why its good to adopt two kittens rather than one.

1. It’s twice as much cute fluffy fun … if one kitten is adorable, then surely two is even more adorable? 

2. So they can play together. Kittens love to play. They have a wide variety of play behaviours: play with objects such as cat toys or shoe-laces, chasing, running, hiding, leaping, and even chasing their own (or  another cat’s) tail. Play behaviours peak at about four months old, and then tail off, but adult cats like to play too. There are several ideas about why play is important, such as practising hunting behaviours, developing motor skills, keeping fit, and learning about the environment and social bonds. As with other animals, play seems to be important in feline development. Having another kitten around will increase the opportunities for play, and they will continue to play together as adults. 

3. Kittens learn from each other. As young animals, kittens have a lot to learn, and they will be able to learn from watching the other kitten and copying their behaviour. 

4. Because cats are social creatures, but they need early experiences to learn about other cats. Cats that have grown up with feline company are more accepting of it when they are older. A cat that has always been an only cat is not so likely to be happy to get more feline company. If you think you would like another cat in the future, it makes sense to get two as kittens. 

5. So they can be properly socialized and learn feline communication and behaviors, such as how to greet another cat, how to show affection, or to ask another cat to play. This isn’t something we can teach them – they have to learn it from other cats. Interestingly, dogs can also learn how to greet a cat the way it likes, with a nose-to-nose greeting. 

6. So they can just be cats. Having a second kitten around gives it the opportunity to do the things that being a cat involves – observing other cats, snuggling up together, grooming each other and so on. 

7. If they will be indoor cats. Indoor cats can easily get bored; the presence of another feline gives them something to do and counts as environmental enrichment.

Of course there are some drawbacks. The costs will be double, for food, cat litter, vaccinations and vet visits, and almost double for insurance (insurers will often give a small discount for a second animal). If the kittens are male and female, you have to remember to get them spayed/neutered in time, even if they are indoor cats, because cats become sexually mature between 5 and 8 months of age. Because of this, cats are usually spayed or neutered between 4-6 months, although it can be done earlier. 

Getting two kittens together means that they can play together, learn from each other, and keep each other company. In general terms, it seems like the answer to the question, “should I get one kitten, or two?” is two.

CONNOR's Profile (don't you just love his nose?)

Someone asked for an update on Connor.  Connor is doing well.  I went for a brief visit on Sunday to see him.  He looks good.  And for a foster mom that never pilled or cared for a cat, Joanne has done wonders.  Not only grooming him, and loving him, but administering four different medicines.  I have a follow-up appointment for Connor on the 25th and then I will know more, but its all looking good for Connor!  :)  Sunny skies ahead!  :) 

"Reputation is what men & women
think about us.  Character is what
God and angels know of us."

Monday, May 14, 2018

Stress City!

Man oh Man!  What a morning!

First off, let the auction begin!  :)


Check it out on the link above!  So many cool things!  Thank you so much to those that donated.  I am beyond grateful.

So, I was given four spots at the clinic this morning to bring in four cats off the street to get spayed and neutered.  This is when I have to set four traps around the locations of where I go each morning, 19 different locations to be exact.  I place a smelly tuna inside the trap, and when they go in and step on a trip plate, the door snaps and closes them in.  The cats are quite frightened to you don’t want to leave the traps unattended too long.  They calm down immediately when you place a blanket over the trap to make it quiet and dark for them.

Now, knowing that I have to set four traps is stressful enough, let alone still feed at those locations.  So you withhold the food, and set the trap, drive off, set another, and then another, and then another.  At one location there was a raccoon so I had to skedaddle him off the porch, up a tree he went, and I had to have faith that it wouldn’t go back on the porch and go in the trap.  Waste of tuna, and time.  I knew there was a beautiful red male there that walks right up onto this porch of a vacant house, and its quite friendly, but ‘felt’ like he was unneutered.  In a perfect world/day, I would rescue this guy.

Melville Red
I had Kings sit on the front porch of a vacant house on Webster Ave. where I set a trap behind the house.  Crazy Marilee has been known to close the trap if I am not there, so I had him sit there to alert me via cell phone if she came walking by.  She didn’t, and voila, got one pretty grey/white boy.  I think it’s a boy.  And boy have I gotten THAT wrong before!  Oh, PS, I took all three black kittens to vet on Thursday where they confirmed the sex of them.  Mookie is a girl, Dixie is a girl,  and Bear if a boy.  All three are spoken for and will be adopted when they are a little bigger.

Ferndale Crescent TNR
I raced back to the Melville spot before I headed over to the ‘back nine’ (across Goodman) and sure enough, there was the sweet red boy inside the trap.  I felt so bad.  But off we went to check on the other two.  One was Parsells #2 where they JUST WONT GO IN.  BUT I know there are unneutered cats there!  I decided to leave that one til the end of my route.  It would still be semi dark.  I ran back to the other trap and they are wise there now also.  (Melville #3).  I took the trap, put the food down, and whisked the empty trap off to Central between 5th and 6th streets.  I know there are fluffy black cats that I see in the dark there and was hoping to get one of them.

Nothing.  I check on it after I finished feeding on the ‘back nine’, and raced to Parsells to check on that, nada, nothing, zippo.  And that was two hours of my time this morning.  Two cats, two hours. I always feel so bad when I have to call the clinic to tell them that I could not fill the slots they allotted me.  And Mom set her trap for the mother cat of the black kittens out in Webster, and they are on to her also.  It’s a sad feeling, knowing you could be trapping some pregnant or very viral males out there, and you fail at it. 






I have four kittens left.  Poppy, Saffy, Tucker and Buster.  All others will be adopted eventually - Parsley, Hermie, Buffy and Connor are still up for adoption.  All are still coming out of their shells so to speak (Hermie, ha ha!)  (Hermit Crab?) J

That’s all I have time for today folks.

More tomorrow.

Have a great day!

"Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen."

Friday, May 11, 2018

Click on the Picks! (to zoom in!)

Scenes from 4 a.m. this morning:

These are all the cats on my route of 19 different stops that need homes.  I do the hard work.   Rescue them, and get them to a vet.  All you need to do is give them time, security, safety, love and nourishment.  Think about it.

PS, this was a temporary camera I had, and now will continue on my quest to find a new one!  :)

Have a great day!