Monday, January 22, 2018

JAN 2nd!!! DEBBIE S!!! Feed A Cat For Christmas! (and beyond..............)!!

DEBBIE!  Thank you so much for your kind donation to help feed kitties through the holiday, and the cold winter months.  Every dollar donated helps me.  Without a single donation, which is the way it was a few years back, I would spend approximately $150 per week on cat food.  That's $7800 per year.   These 'fundraisers/campaigns' help, but I still spend an exorbitant amount of money on food alone, not to even mention the vetting costs for these animals.  For each cat or kitten I take in, I spend between $100-$200 on each one.  And if they are sick, then I spend much more. After this Feed a Cat for Christmas campaign, donations will be far and few between.  Thus, I am constantly broke.  I get paid, I pay my bills, and that's it.  No vacations for me, no savings - just what I have deducted in my paycheck towards retirement, which at this point will be never.  Security will have to come get me and my walker and boot me out.  I'm not saying this because I feel sorry for myself, because I don't.  I take life one day at a time, and that helps with my outlook immensely.  Today, I woke up.  I am grateful.  Today, I will go to my job where I will get paid for today.  I am grateful.  Today, I can see!  I am grateful.  Today, I can walk!  I am grateful.  Today, I was able to feed over 100 hungry cats.  For that, I am grateful.  As long as I have those few things each day, I am grateful.  

Sorry Debbie, back to you!  :)  I met Debbie through Julie L., who are both good friends.  Julie 'turned me on' to Debbie.  :)  Debbie is a kind soul, and a lucky one at that as she is spending winter in Florida!  :)  Thank you Debbie for all you do.  Especially the wonderful gift basket with gift card you donated to my fundraiser in November. Wish you could have been there!  

What a weekend!  So, a family came over and met Elsa.  They fell in love, I guess, and later let me know they wanted to adopt her, but not until March.  They are travelers, and won't be back until then.   So, Elsa will be a house guest until then.  Its hard to do this, so I won't make a habit of it, because I have cats of my own that now need to adjust to her, but I wouldn't keep her in a bedroom, so she is sort of integrating right now with the rest.  She is much happier this way.


Charlie also had a woman come over to meet him, but I've not heard back from her, which is a surprise, as I thought they hit it off.  Charlie does not like my cats, so he remains in a closed off bedroom, which I am sad about.  He is very lonely.   We must get him adopted.  Fast.

Milo - the woman I had high hopes for adopting him decided to go to Scottsville Animal Hospital to adopt.  Oh well.  He is integrated in the house as well, but again, its not fair to my older senior cats.  They are having issues, so I must get him adopted fast also.

I am getting good reports on Chewy, the emaciated calico I picked up off the street a few weeks ago.  She got a clean bill of health, but is now trying to gain some precious weight, and is also integrating with her foster family.  They are doing a great job.  They have a dog and other cats and Chewy doesn't mind a bit.  They will be getting some good pictures for me soon.  Again, I cannot rescue another until they are gone.

I had a visit with Stevie and Izzy at their new home this weekend.  They are now Mary and Tyger.  God, I didn't realize I missed them.


And get a load of Maize and Toebe!  This is them in their new home.  Do you think they are happy and content?

Unfortunately, I don't get a lot of pics of Willow and Ziggy.  

That's it for now.  It was a good morning in the fact that its mild, and the snow is melting.  Now I just have to deal with a soggy boot because of a small puncture in the heel.  :)

Have a great day!

"Dream as if you'll
live forever.
Live as if you'll
die tomorrow."

Friday, January 19, 2018

JAN 1st!!! TERRIE P.!!!!

TERRIE!!!  Thank you Terrie for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  Terrie is practically my neighbor, and also a former foster.  Terrie fostered a kitty that I was desperately needing to get off the street, and she offered to keep him.  At first, kitty was not friendly to her other kitties, but eventually he came around, and so did an adopter!  I cannot remember this kittie's name.  Hopefully Terrie can help me out on this!   This is one adopter that does not keep in touch with me.  Unfortunately.  So I never receive updates.  I am so grateful to Terrie for being there when I, and especially the kitty, needed her.  Thank you Terrie, for your friendship!  And for helping to Feed a Cat for Christmas!  J

This morning it was a balmy 24 degrees.  I actually didn’t need a hat, but still needed my toe warmers!  Thanks to those that sent donations for hand and toe warmers.  I have enough to keep the city of Rochester’s toes and hands warm this winter!  Ha!  Just kidding, but I do have enough, thank you.  I wandered out in the dark at 3:45 am. and saw lots of kitties.  All waiting for their breakfast.

Big Red


Baby Buttons (left) and Mr. Whiskers

I was happy to turn the corner onto Short Street this morning and spotted two kitties running from the back of the snowy lot to the road after spotting my truck.  It was Sam, and the missing Mr. Whiskers.  After getting out and walking back with two happy kitties trotting in front of me, I spotted Red!  Thank God, there was old Big Red.  He’d been missing for over a week.  Big Red now lets me rub his underbelly, scratch his chin, and basically will just stand there and let me give him lots of loving, until I finish up there and walk away.  I TNR'd Big Red a few years back.  It was heartbreaking to h ave to let him back on the streets.  This is where fostering comes in, the importance of it.  He is an old guy that deserves a home someday soon.  He is a transplant from 4th and Pennsylvania.  He’s been all over, and for many years now.

As I turned the corner onto Second from Bay, there was a young white girl standing there.  I looked in the mirror as I drove to Central to the ‘mailbox’ kitties, and saw headlights behind me, heading my way.  I suspected the girl was a hooker, but this confirmed it.  I stood there and watched as the car went by, and there she was in the passenger seat, with an older black guy driving.  I thought to myself, this is someone’s big sister, someone’s little sister, someone’s DAUGHTER.  Doesn’t she realize the danger of what she is doing?  Will this girl perform some sort of act, and get like what, five bucks?  How does that make her feel inside?  What impact will that have on her if she lives long enough to regret it.  Pretty sad.  I almost stopped at the corner to roll my window down and give her a lecture, one I’ve given many times before to the girls around this area over the years, but thought twice.  I wish I had, or she wouldn’t have been picked up by this guy so quickly.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got.  Wish me luck for the people coming over to meet Elsa, Charlie and Milo tomorrow.  Fingers and toes crossed!

Have a great day!

"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope." 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

DEC 31st!!! John L.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!


John thank you so much for your gift.  I don’t know John personally, and I imagine he knows of me through the newspaper article from years back, but I know he has a huge heart for animals.  Thank you so much John, you have filled many bellies with your gift.  Thank you for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas, and beyond!  J

It was a rather dull morning out there, but boy was it cold.  12 degrees and windy.

I’ve been reading about pet animals being left out in the cold.  What in God’s name is in these owners minds?  Nothing!  They must be completely stupid, uneducated, or just cruel.  One of those, for sure.  It makes me sick.  If you see something, say something.  Don’t turn a blind eye to a situation that you may be unsure of, but was enough to make you question in your own mind.  You could be saving a life. 

I remember reporting a dog on 6th Street a few years back.  It was a horrible weekend, heavy snow and freezing temps, 5:00 am. and this dog was on a short chain attached to a house with NO shelter whatsoever.  I immediately called police and asked for a follow-up.  Never did see the dog again.  I wound up BUYING two puppies from a POS woman on Central Park years ago – the dogs were on hot pavement on a 90 degree day, and no food or water in the bowls there.  It wasn’t the first time, but after the second, I told her I would report her if she didn’t give me the dogs.  Susie Q Animal Rescue offered the money to give to her, and in exchange, those two puppies, Pebbles and Bam Bam, were fostered and new homes were found for them.  Then there was the pitbull on Pennsylvania Avenue.  My heart broke every morning seeing it in the back yard, where no one could see it but me when I made my rounds to feed the cats on the vacant lot next door.  It had a plastic dog house, but with a soaked rug inside, mud on the outside, the bowl  a mile away from there, and it just looked pitiful.  I called a dog rescue place and they came by and tried to educate the people, bring the dog a new dog house, and within days, the dog was gone.  I heard that it was given to a relative in another town.  Another dog situation was on Chamberlain Street, in between Grand and Garson.  The dog had no shelter in the wire enclosure in the yard.  And it was being bred.  Thank God for my cop friend who went over and made sure the dog was OK, and the scumbags were told to do something about the enclosure.

The summer before last, here is what went down with Tebo.  Do you all remember this poor dog? The following post was written in September of 2015

One Less

One less cat on Parsells today.  But unfortunately, it wasn't a rescue, it was a death.  Sometime between the time I left a feeding spot, and when I returned on my way home an hour and half later, one of my babies was hit.  Its face smashed into the road.  What kind of monster can hit ANYTHING and leave it like that.   Someone with no conscience.

Here are bits and pieces of what I wrote on Facebook on how I spent this weekend:

So, I go to Miss B's house on Trust Street this morning, to wish her well with her party for the children in her neighborhood who don't have much, and there is a pit bull across the street emaciated, with a large tumor, or hernia, hanging from in between is back legs. I say to the man - is that your dog? 'yes' I say it needs to be looked at by a vet. He says 'don't start no trouble- I have no money for a vet - don't start no trouble.' Miss B starts to get upset, crying. I soothe her, telling her I won't start anything today, but when I left, I'm thinking I will call about the dog tomorrow. I can't ruin her party today. Then I thought, I will go back later to 'see how her party is going, but will give the man a choice: I will tell him "if I pay for the dog to be seen, will you let me do that - the other choice is to call animal control." The dog has been neglected far too long. He may love the dog, but I can't turn a blind eye. The man is very poor. Doesn't drive. Hispanic. Health issues. Daughter died last year. I feel sorry for him, but the dog has no choice, no option. 

OK, update on DOG. He (TEBO?) is an elderly pit bull (very sweet). Friendly, emaciated, dirty (nothing to lay on, I got towels out of my car and placed on the dirt under the tree). I had 'Angel' get him a bowl of water, which he gulped every drop, and I gave him cat food I had in my car. I offered him the choice to take to vet and pay, he agreed. I also asked if he would give the dog up, he said 'NO'. I love the dog. He brings it in at night. Problem: The dog has a very large prostate. That is the 'tumor' I mentioned earlier. I THINK its prostate (its HUGE). I told him we would pick up the dog at 1:15 pm. Monday for walk in clinic on Bay Street. I have a funny feeling their walk in clinic isn't until Wednesday. I hate to ask, but can anyone get him into their vet on Monday if clinic isn't open (it wasn't last Monday), and pay for this poor dog? I know a lot of you offered, maybe if we all chipped in - called in - wherever we can find a place, even Emergency Vet. What do you all think? (PS, SO MAD I didn't bring my camera with me - going there tomorrow again, and will get pics).

Sunday LATER
So this is Tebo. I went over this morning and brought him a cushy rug to lay down on, and food. I got him a fresh pot of water, and bowl of food. As you can see, from the size of the tumor on his groin area, he has a hard time sitting. I told the owner that friends were trying to get him into a vet tomorrow, and to expect a call in the morning. I then said to this man, choked up with emotions, that due to the dogs age, that lump may be cancer, and it would not be an easy fix, and could end up in euthanasia. I told him the dog was in pain, and suffering, and we wouldn't want to have him suffer any longer. The man hesitantly seemed to understand. So that's where we are at. I would appreciate it a call in the morning letting me know if someone were able to get an appt. at their vet, and we will transport him. All others that offered to donate, I hope you are still able to. I will provide a number for donations. Thank you for your compassion.

The appointment has been made for 10:20 at Fairport Animal Hospital -388-1070 - Please consider donating.


Tebo eventually passed away, with his body left by the side of the road for trash pickup, unbeknownst to me.

SAY SOMETHING!  It doesn’t take much to say something, call somebody.  Heck, I even called 911 once when I saw a raccoon up in the rafters of a garage, not realizing at the time that the raccoon was known for getting into spots, and would eventually find his way down!  I felt a little silly with that one, but hey……………….  IF I see a cat in these temperatures, in the city, that cat does not belong to anyone, and its either stray, or its neglected.  I will do my best to save it.  I hope you will too.

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

DEC 30th!!! ROSEMARIE E.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!


Rosemarie just lost her16 year old kitty to cancer a few weeks ago.  Her cat was a rescue who followed her home nine years ago and adopted Rosemarie as her new mom!  :) Rosemarie is hoping to find another lost soul that needs love and attention, and hopes to find one through me, in the springtime.  I look forward to meeting you Rosemarie, and finding you another angel to love.  Thank you for helping me to feed a cat for Christmas!

It was a very cold morning out there!  It was 17 degrees - which is warm in comparison to the way its been this past month + - but the wind was blowing.  It felt like it was in the single digits.

I saw so many kitties out there.  I pulled over twice outside of my normal stops to place a bowl of food and water down for a stray kitty I saw on the side of the road.

My route still takes me two hours, even on a 'good' day - one where I don't have to shovel.  It did snow a trace overnight.

Regarding the comments from yesterday's post, thank you Anne, for your offer.  I could use physical help.  I could use a landscaper, home builder and realtor all rolled into one at this location on Niagara.  The realtor to buy the property so I don't have to worry about the new owner coming by and removing all the shelters (home to 5+ cats), the home builder to help me arrange the shelter ideally to keep the elements out from inside it, and the landscaper, to remove debris and level the ground so that the shelters under the tarps and boards are even.

The comment about the food being poisoned.  Its always possible, but I doubt it is in these instances.  I know Lisa too well.

Thank you Joel for offering to help with dry ice in the rat holes this spring.  I sure can use help here also.

Thank you for reading this boring post.  Thank God it was so quiet out there today that I don't have anything to write about!

Lets get Charlie, Chewy and Milo adopted!  (must get updated pictures!)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

DEC 29th!!! MARY ELLEN F.!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

MARY ELLEN F.!!!  Mary Ellen has done so many nice things for me.  Thank you Mary Ellen, for always thinking of me, and helping to feed all these kitties!  Without people like you, I couldn't do this!

Every picture tells a story...  don't it?  (Rod Stewart!)

Be sure to click on the pics to see up close.

I've been feeding this more mostly grey/muted tortie FOR EVER.  This is on Pennsylvania Avenue, and she just won't go back to the shelters in the very back of this lot.  I do need to do something about this location.  There are large rat holes under the shelters.  I heard about dry ice, and would love to try this.  And would love the help.  Anybody want to research this for me?

I would need help in obtaining it, and planting it in the holes underneath, and placing a large board on top, and then replacing the shelters on top of that.  Unfortunately, I never placed the board down before placing the shelters, which is always a good idea.  Thank God there are four other cats that ARE using these shelters, despite the rats.

This is the shelter on Niagara/Central.  This is the WORST set up I've ever had to deal with.  I curse the bastard that removed my stuff last summer.  CURSE.  But this is home to at least five cats that I know of.  When its stormy, snow gets inside this, despite a very large tarp, and at least FIVE GREAT shelters underneath.  The opening is facing south, and because of the building, it creates sort of a vacuum effect, where the snow is going everywhere.  I must do something about this or I will SCREAM.  I can't fix it now with the mounds of snow and ice on top of it.

These are the kittens - now a year old - that live here at Central and Second.  I have not yet gotten them fixed.  One out of the two, I call Swirly, is extremely sweet with me, because he LOVES LOVES LOVES wet food.  He is beautiful too.  His brother is a bit feisty.  I call him Swatty.   He's gotten me with his claws before.  Blood everywhere.  just kidding.  Swirly not only has a swirly pattern, but also swirls around my feet.  I could kick him and he still wouldn't move from my feet.  I nearly trip trying to get back to the food dishes, while he greets me from the sidewalk.

If you look close enough, you can see two sets of eyes illuminating from flashlight, in the dark.  This is on Central near Fifth.  These two are feral cats.  I can see their dark, furry little bodies scurrying from the shelters set up here when I arrive, after walking to it 100 feet from the road.  I just rescued Charlie from here last week, and Chewy just a block away the same week.

This is inside the shelter at Central and Fifth.  Here you can see four little ones chowing down on the food.  This is rat city also, but not as bad as the other.   There are no houses close by to complain.

This is a pile of tires at Syd and Johnny's on Bay Street.  There are some great little nesting spots inside this mound and just before I took this picture there was a cat hiding here until I left.  He slipped away during this shot. 

This is inside the Short Street shelter.  You are looking at Sam.  I have not seen Big Red #2 or Mr. Whiskers in a very long time.  Since the cold snap hit.  And then of course, the snow storm.  Quite upsetting.

These are ice disks.  I have to empty out at least 20 bowls of ice each day and replace with hot water.  Water is their lifeblood.  Some of the kitties go straight to the water to drink before they eat.  They are thirsty.  JUST AS birds are.  I hope everyone is able to go out, buy a birdbath, and then go get a birdbath heater.  They really need this in the wintertime. 

I found a plate of this at three locations this morning.  Baldwin and Grand, Parsells #3, and Parsells #2.  Its a plate of something, along with something that looks like hot dogs, or sausage.  You can tell its meant with good intentions, but what cat is going to eat this slop.  And its disturbing that who ever is doing it knows these locations.  And I have a pretty good idea of who it is.  Crazy Lisa.  It certainly is not Crazy Mary Leigh.  She would not do this.  But Lisa would.  But I wish she would stop.

That's about it.  It was 20 degrees out there this morning.  Spring is in the air.

"In the end, we only regret the chances
we didn't take."

Monday, January 15, 2018

DEC 28!!! KIM P!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

Kim!!~!   Thank you KIM for helping me feed a cat for Christmas, and beyond!  Kim's my girl.  Kim has been my foster for a while now, and I am SO thankful for this girl.  She is sweet, kind, compassionate, and patient.  All necessary virtues to make a great foster!  Kim has Butterball still, and we must find Butterball a home.  Neither of us can believe that Butterball has not been snatched up yet.  She is sweet, cuddly, and beautiful! 

Kim also adopted Greeley, after she fostered her for a while.  Greeley was another one that would not have lasted.  She was an elder cat, emaciated, that I would feed by the side of the road on Greeley near Parsells.  Thank God for you Kim.

Greeley Today

Greeley Then
Kim introduced me to another foster recently, Amanda.  Amanda first fostered Marti, the all white cat I rescued from Melville late last year, but Amanda fell in love, and Marti is now part of her clan.  Amanda recently took in Chewy, and boy am I glad she did.  Amanda also has the virtues to make a great foster.  Here is the latest on Chewy, the emaciated calico I rescued a week or two ago, just after the first bad cold snap - she wouldn't have lasted another week. 

"I let her venture thru the house yesterday and last night and woke up to her sleeping at the end of my bed with the others, I’m gaining more and more trust with her but she’s still very cautious of me. She’s letting me scoop her up and carry her around also as of last night too 😉"

Sounds like Chewy is doing great, and will be ready for adoption very soon.  Thank you Amanda, and thank you Kim!~ 

This was a REALLY bad weekend weather wise.  I try to to EVER say anything negative about our weather.  I try to keep a positive spin on things knowing that what is suffering is the animals.  I could care less about most of us humans because we have the means to care for ourselves with heat, and winter gear.  But it was bad.  Nearly two feet of snow fell on Rochester over night Friday.  Thanks to Sheryl who helped me out Saturday morning.  What a trooper.  She drove nearly twenty miles from her home at 4 am. to get to my house, and the highways were not even plowed.  The temperatures also plummeted.  It was 1 degree Sunday morning, 6 degrees this morning.  We'll have a high of 12 today, and the forecast is for another storm developing - 1-3 inches tonight.  Although that's NOTHING compared to Saturday morning.  That was TWO mornings of shoveling snow, because after I shoveled Saturday morning, the storm was still brewing, and we received at least another four inches that I had to clean up Sunday morning. 

I did not see a lot of cats that morning, I don't know where they go.  I was praying I would find a lot in the shelters, and if they were there, they stayed in there and did not come out, which is unusual because they are still scared of humans and would normally run when they hear me coming.  I don't know where they go, and still wonder where they are.  I have not seen many. 

I received bad news yesterday on top of that.  The guy that adopted Parsley and Hermie several years ago has fallen on hard times, has to move, and cannot keep the cats.  After I asked what he was going to do, he replied:  "looking for a cat shelter where they keep them alive."  I can't say much right now - I believe this is hard for him - but we've got to do something.  Those cats have come SUCH A LONG WAY since they were rescued.   Hermie and Parsley were such great rescues, they were so sick and Parsley waited SO long to get off the street.  They finally found love and safety, and now this.  I am sick over it.

ELSA - Feisty and Sweet

MILO - Sweet

CHARLIE - Feisty

Elsa and Charlie's pre-adoption visits didn't happen due to many things, but I have every confidence that she, Milo and Charlie will be adopted in the next two weeks.  Thank God.  Its very hard to have one foster in my house, let alone two.  Thank you Melissa for continuing to foster Elsa.   The biggest hurdle for me is having to show the kitties in my own home.  I have a life, and its difficult to have to schedule things on the weekends.  We have our family stuff, and then we have to schedule adoption visits.  I wish I had a free-roaming shelter somewhere, and I could show kitties there.  I don't like Petco showings as the kitties are in cages.  Poor kitties, they don't like cages!  I don't think they show well in cages either!

One last thing.  (I could go on and on....)  This morning, I pulled up to the emergency shelter I built the next block over from the Niagara street shelter after the new owner trashed my stuff.  The shelters were pulled apart.  Can you imagine?  From the time I was there yesterday morning, someone came along and pulled off the tops of the shelters and scattered the bowls.  Of all days, when the weather was this brutal.  Then, the entrance to get to the hidden shelters near the building on the corner of
Niagara and Central, a snowplow shoved the snow into that entrance so there is no way to drive back there.  So I have to make the trek now to get back there.  Its just hard, especially when you have 19 other locations you have to get to.  My wish?  That someone plows AWAY the snow to that entrance.  My other dream?  That someone plows poor Paul's driveway on Second Street.  We went there and cleared his steps so he had a path, but that was it.   Does anyone have a snowplow and want to do a good deed?

That's it for now.

Have a great day!

"Pain is real,
but so is HOPE."

Friday, January 12, 2018

DEC 27th!!! BENITA MAMA!!! Feed a Cat for Christmas!

B-MAMA!  Thank you for helping me to feed a cat for Christmas!  I don't know how we met, I believe she read my blog and reached out.  Her husband made me a shelter or two years ago, and somehow, she and I just connected.  She's a sweetie and I am thrilled to have her on the cats' side.  The world needs more Benitas, and the world needs more of those that love animals.   Thank you for helping me to Feed a Cat for Christmas B-Mama!!

Food for Thought

·       Do you want to be first? Be last.
·       Do you want to be a big deal? Serve others.
·       Do you want to be great? Be a servant.
·       Do you want to be number one? Be a slave.

For the past month or so, since the snow began this winter, my trek each morning has lasted about 2 hours – from leaving the house at 3:45 am. to arriving home around 5:45 am.   This leaves me little time to get ready for work, and head back out the door to get there by 7:30 am.  Trudging through snow takes an extra ½ an hour – that’s 1.5 extra minute to trudge to 20 spots.   If the snow is high enough, and I need to shovel out the shelters, we are talking nearly 2.5 hours.  That’s not fun.  Mornings like that I try to leave the house by 3:30 am. This morning, after two days of 50 degree weather, the snow melted, and my trek took 1.5 hours.   But that last half hour was not fun.  It began to pour the last four stops I made.  I was soaking, and just peeled off my clothes when I got in the house.  This is a gross job.  But necessary.  They need my help, and I am there to serve. 

“Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

I believe we should all serve in some capacity to help others, whether it be humans or animals.  There are many ways to serve – whether it is going out and volunteering to help at a shelter for humans, or a shelter for animals, it could be promoting someone else’s ideas. Whenever possible, champion others.  Send an anonymous donation to someone you know who is struggling financially.  Send a care package to deployed soldiers!  Go to a shelter and offer to clean out litter boxes (Hearthside Cats in Avon could use your help 24/7 with that!) Give compliments to others.  Send flowers to someone.  Volunteer in your community.  Place others first in your day-to-day.  Go walk a dog at a local shelter.  Be a food-for-thought animal advocate.  Even though serving animals at animal-welfare fundraisers is commonplace, it presents an ethical conflict. The disconnect is astounding: A number of shelters take in chickens and pigs, then turn around and host barbecues. Chicken Parmesan is served to help not only Fluffy and Fido but also Chicken Little.  It’s the responsibility of those working in the animal-sheltering community to be the example and extend compassion to all animals, including farmed animals. Many of these organizations share a mission to protect animals and ensure that they are treated humanely.  I am guilty of the same with my fundraiser.  I have had four, and served meat at all of them.  I’m always trying to please everyone, but I should try to come up with better ideas for food so its not harming an animal.  So the last service to an animal idea I have, if you are a true meat eater, is to not eat meat for a few days out of your week.  Shun the meat industry!  Eat a vegetable!  They really don’t have feelings, even though I sometimes wonder if they do.  😕 And remember to get that last bean out of the can after you empty it!  

Lets get these beauties adopted: 





Have a great day!