Friday, February 22, 2019


Up and at em 3:00 am. this morning!  Laura texted me at 3:40 to say she was headed out to feed the kitties.  I still am not sure whats happening out there, but Laura wrote me later saying that at several spots, the kitties run out to her as she pulls up to the curb to guide them to their shelter!  Laura states its icy out there this morning.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful.  And THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME in my time of need in the worst moment of my life!

Beth, who adopted Buster and Fritzi, two of the adorable kittens that Buffy had, went out to feed the kitties last weekend, and took a bunch of pictures of some of my locations I go to - where there are shelters that these cats call home, and I am sharing these with you now.

Please click on each to see a bit closer!

The winds are going to be whipping on Sunday, so I am requesting my help to batten the hatches with bricks.  If anyone out there can supply some bricks, it would be much appreciated.  I can have picked up, if necessary.  70 mph winds are very strong and can easily pick up a Styrofoam shelter that is not secured.  And the tarps are also in need of some help.

So, speaking of my neighbor, Chris’ wife Tracy – her dad Andy came to me last fall with a problem.  There were many cats at his summer place on Sodus Bay.  I offered to lend him a trap.  I offered to get him a few spots at the clinic for one or two that he could trap.  Turns out, Andy took control and went out on his own to help these poor kitties that needed help in the Sodus area.  I cannot remember if I played a part in this or not!

For a retired dad, I say 'good on ya!' (that's Australian slang, I think).  

He wrote his daughter:

"Hello Tracy

Final Count as we left Rochester:

7 cats to homes
4 cats to Wayne County Humane Society
3 cats to Lisa & Andy's Home as indoor cats (making 5 indoor cats for them)
2 cats spayed/neutered

16 Cats Total (same total as notes below)

Andy said he and Lisa would call Lolly Pop Farm when they start their program again after 1/9/19 to sign up for their Spay/Neuter Program and catch the remaining non-Spay/Neutered Feral cats. They will catch and take them in until they are all fixed, at $40 each. They think there are 5 or 6 more to go. 

Love Dad"
Now that's a Dad you can be proud of!

Have a great day!

"Keep your head up.
God gives his hardest
battles to his strongest

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Well, my day started at 3 am. when I got up to be with Kings and Jacqui in spirit. They were out there at 3:45 am, being the troopers they are, to continue the cycle I've began nearly 20 years ago to feed hungry and homeless cats.  Thank you so much. 

I get very sad not being out there, overlooking the shelters I've so carefully built, making sure they are secure, the tarps are secure, and accessible for the cats.  Do I have enough shelters for the number of cats that are at this or that location? We have a forecast of close to 70 mph winds on Sunday.  Will the tarps blow away, or are they secured by heavy rocks and bricks enough to keep them covering the totes and shelters I have underneath them.  The Styrofoam boxes I have out there – will the tops blow away.  We’ve had some pretty major windstorms, and I’ve even had some shingles blow away from my own roof due to the swindler I had install a new roof years ago.  I didn’t know he was a swindler, but he was.  But I also have an awesome neighbor, Chris, who came to my rescue and replaced the missing shingles recently.  I owe him a strawberry pie.

UPDATE:  Ellie! 

ELLIE as a Baby

I received a fantastic note from Ellie's adopter, Marcus.  Marcus says:

"Ellie is doing really well and is a great cat.  We could not imagine life without her as one of our family members.  She sleeps down in between my legs every night and wakes me up at 4:30 am. right before the alarm goes off.  Her built in clock tells her that its time to eat.  She is still really playful and knows how to keep her claws in when touching skin.  Its remarkable that she uses her paws in such a manner that she can scale my body in order to get on a shelf without her claws.  I will take pic of her when I get home, so you can see how much she has grown."


Have a great day!

“No one cares how much you know,

Until they know how much you care.”

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Definition - askew, awry, kitty-corner
Cattywampus is a variant of catawampus, another example of grand 19th century American slang. In addition to “askew” catawampus may refer to “an imaginary fierce wild animal,” or may mean “savage, destructive.”
After some very catawampus chawing of the Philadelphia Vade Mecum (a rival sporting paper), the Editor gives a programme of “The Day!”—thus: Epitome of News for Saturday.
— United States Telegraph (Washington, DC), 23 Jul. 1835
I love words.  Just thought I would throw in a word for the day!

Boy do I feel out of the loop.  I am so grateful for those of you that have helped do my spots in the mornings.  I just can’t tell you how much.  But I worry.  Boy do I worry.  I worry that the cats are confused by the time change of seeing a human, and waiting for their meal. I worry that the towels that are at some of the locations, where its usually nice and dry inside, but the towels serve as a warm comfort when they are standing there eating.  I worry about some of the locations – will they still be there in the morning?  There are evil people who maintain some of the vacant properties that will come along and remove an entire colonies’ ‘home’ a/k/a shelter.  This is where the cats ride out the storms, where they eat when its raining or snowing, where they sleep at night, feeling safe and secure.  There are a few out there that this could happen hours after you leave.  They will come along, see this stuff, and take it.  None of these have a NO TRESPASSING sign anywhere, so I am not breaking the law. I’m just trying to help these unfortunate creatures. 

I am also awake and up at 3 am., and with you in spirit.  I cannot sleep past that time.  I think about who is out there, and the cats, and the storms, and if shoveling is needed.  I think about the cats I want to rescue but can’t.  I just can’t get into the bathroom where they first go after being let out of the carrier, before going to a vet, and me comforting them and making sure they are calm when they are let out.  I just can’t maneuver my scooter – its too large, and bulky.  I want to rescue the grey on Parsells, I want to rescue Ranger on Central.  There are so many out there I am not able to get to know right now because I am not seeing them.  I need to get this ankle healed!

I did go to the doctor on Monday.  He removed the temporary cast that has been on there for nearly two weeks, and replaced it with a ‘boot’.  He said the x-rays looked really good, everything was healing.  He said ‘another six weeks.’  No pressure on my foot.  My hip on the other side is killing me. I’ve needed a hip replacement for six months now.  It’s a horrible situation, but I have to get through this.  And I will!

Now that I have had my little pity party – on to better things.  Spring is just ahead!  60 degrees on Sunday! 
 "Be nice to strangers. 
Be nice even when it doesn’t matter."

We need to get little Holly adopted, and Annie, and Jules, and Larry, and Parsley and Hermie.  They are all waiting for the perfect, patient person to end their search for permanent love and affection. They are my babies that were semi-feral, living on the streets for most of their lives, who have had issues of trust, but with the right person, they will come around.  They just need that one to one time for bonding.  Think about it!

Elsa Update:  Elsa was a cat I was feeding under a porch on Garson near Chamberlain.  We had an ice storm and I did not see Elsa that morning.  I drove back to find her after doing my Garson spot.  I took one look at her, covered in icicles, and knew this little girl, who was not afraid of the human touch, needed to be rescued, and so I did.


After:   Click on this picture, she is so beautiful!!!

Please click on her picture to see how pretty she is.   Elsa is now in a home where her parents love her like their own child.  She is spoiled, warm, and loved.  What else could she want?

Have a great day!

"Let us learn to live with kindness, 
to love everyone, 
even when they do not love us."
Pope Francis

Monday, February 18, 2019

Let It Go

Its been a tough journey, this leg/ankle thing. I’ve had to let go of most of my independence, having to depend on others.  My house is not tidy and organized the way I would like it, which drives me insane, and I can’t do a lot of things in my kitchen because of the scooter hurting my knee after a while.   But mainly it’s the cats out there that I miss.  Terribly.  When my left side started to bother me, and then realizing I would need hip surgery, I had to let go of trekking back to certain locations in the morning, relying on others driving with me, mostly Kings, to trek back and take care of those cats.  I could do the ones closer to the streets, or without steps.  The cats knew me, and waited for me.  I have not seen them in over two weeks now, and am depending on others to care for them, which is another guilt feeling I have, having others do my ‘dirty work.’  There is a grey cat I want to rescue but I can’t.  I want to be able to hold him and reassure him he is now safe and loved, from the street.

The first thing I do with rescues is put them in my bathroom and pet and hold them, reassure them.  But my scooter takes a while to maneuver into the bathroom, and kitty could escape, and there is no room for the carrier if this is the case also.  Another thing I have to let go until I am able I guess.

So in early February a year ago, a wonderful woman named Carol, offered to foster Parsley and Hermie in her shop that sells grills and accessories.   She had a great back room and there they went.

These two kitties were being returned due to their adopters hardship, and Carol offered to take them.  Its like she came down from heaven. I don’t even remember how she heard of me, or how she knew of my plight trying to find a temporary home for these two.  But she took them in and loved them.  Then came Buffy, barefoot and pregnant, rescued from Syd and Johnny’s, who a day or two after rescue delivered six bouncing baby kittens.  Tucker, Fritzi, Cashew, Buster, Poppy, and Saffy. Carol has since had many cats in and out of her shop, as I term her my “Florence Nightingale”.  She cares for them like her own.  In early February, she started a little fundraiser trying to get people to donate a bag of cat food, and she would match.  Well, I will let you hear about it from her:

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...............
On behalf of “Janine the Bean Rescue” I would like to thank each of you who donated to the “Share the Love” food drive! It’s been a fun two weeks watching the pile of bags grow and to talk with each of you who dropped off food. Some of you have never even met Janine but follow her Blog and definitely want to support her mission.
First off let me say – Who knew that Purina made so many different size bags of Kit & Kaboodle Dry Food? There is a 3lb bag, 11lb bag, 12.1lb bag, 16lb bag, 22lb bag, 24lb bag, 30lb bag &; a 35lb bag –and we have an assortment of all of them. When we started this we had no idea as to what the outcome would be. The drive started out strong and then kind of stalled a bit and then gained momentum everyday! We were about 12 days along and I thought I don’t want to jinx this by setting a goal but if we could even get to this one number wow wouldn’t that be wonderful! Well I’ll tell you we blew right past that! With all the bags of food around the store my customers are asking if I’m now going to be selling cat food…
So you all want to know how much we’ve collected????

Drum roll please – We have collected 1352 pounds of dry cat food! This should feed Janine’s community of cats for approx. 38 days!
Once some of these bags have been depleted, (we have 75 bags of food here), shopping will be done for Janine to make the match. That should make a big batch of Kitties happy for quite a while. What an amazing group of people with love to give! Thank you again to everyone that has donated! This is one of those stories that should warm everyone’s heart. So stand up, take a bow, pat yourselves on the back &; shout “We did good!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!~~~Carol (Mileage Master)


Nice job Carol.  I am truly blown away.  Really.  This is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, having to go to Walmart every week to purchase more food.  Carol should start a cat food selling business!

Here is an update on Charlotte, the kitty that I fed, along with Cyndy Lou, every morning on the median at Central Park near 4th Street.  Across from the Pentecostal church where the Deacon screamed at me one morning for feeding very starving cats on the property on the side of the church.  The Deacon that called the police on me.  I moved the bowls to the median and fed them there each day.  Rain and snow.  I would place a towel down so their little paws would not be cold while they stood there gobbling down the precious food.   Before the storm we had a month ago, I rescued them, knowing there would be no place I could put their food, too much snow.  Here is Charlotte, enjoying warmth, security, and love in her new home.  Before and After pics.  Be sure to click on pics to see up close!

Charlotte and Cyndy Lou

Charlotte in new home!

Have a great day!

"Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have."

Friday, February 15, 2019

Back in the Saddle Again

I’M BACK!!!!   With a broken ankle!  On Wednesday, the 6th of February, I was at the second location on Parsells, and wanted to check one of the shelters behind a house  that had a cat in it.  I did not know if it was injured, or had babies it was feeding.  We had an ice storm overnight, and everything was a sheet of ice when  ventured out at 3:45 am.  I was very careful walking to the back on the driveway but came to a divot in and my leg just slipped under me.  I walked back to the truck, asked Kings to finish that spot, and then drove myself to the emergency room.  I asked Kings to go right back out to where we left off and do all the spots.  He did, and three hours later was done.  It was really bad out.  He fell twice, but on his bum, thank God.

I broke my distal fibula, posterior malleolus, and have widening of ankle mortise.  What ever that means.  Had surgery on Friday.  Plates and screws.  I’ve never been incapacitated like this in my life, and hope to never be again, although the hip is next.  Down the road, in maybe three months.  The hardest part was knowing I could not personally go out and feed the cats at all 20+ locations that I do each and every day.  The shining light in all this is the friends I’ve made who have offered to help feed the cats on various days and times that are most convenient for them.  What a weight off his shoulders it is for Kings, who has been doing all of this alone for some time now, and the occasional help he had by others.    Kings still has to go to certain spots.   And has helped me immensely getting around.  And I am most grateful for everyone’s help.

Since I last wrote, we have adopted out Charlotte, Miley, Cyndy Loo, Grey and Coco!  They are in their forever homes with awesome families who will love them for life.  Just think, these creatures were gulping the food I was laying down in the median on Central Park just before we had the big storm a month or so ago.  And now they are warm and loved.  Sabrina is being adopted next weekend.

Who do we have left.  HOLLY!  LARRY!  ANNIE!  PARSLEY!  HERMIE! JULE!  Let’s get them adopted!

In the meantime, these guys kept me company, and drove me crazy.  These are my babies that never leave my side each night in bed.  My bed buddies. 








Today I go back to work. Wish me luck.  

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Food Drive

Me Bad. I should have shared this on Friday.  Many thanks to Fabulous Foster Mom Carol a/k/a Florence Nightingale for coming up with this food drive.

As some of you know, or if you don't know, I'll tell you...   I distribute 40 pounds of food each morning.  I've been doing that for well over 10 years, but lets just use 10 as an example to calculate:

365 (days) x 10 (years) = 3,650 x 40 = 1,460,000 million pounds of dry cat food distributed over the past 10 years.

$9.00 (average price per 16 lb bag) ÷ 1,460,000 = $162,222.00

Wait --- did I do that right?  Any mathematicians out there?  :)

And that is dry cat food alone.  I also feed over a case of wet food every day.  We won't even begin to calculate that!  And lets not forget the TNR's done over the years.  Lets not forget the rescues!  122 last year!  It costs money for all that!  Not to mention the freebies I've done for people.

Wow, ASTOUNDING.  I could have done so much with that money.  Instead, I kept many animals alive with that money.  To be honest though, I wish I had never seen what I saw over 20 years ago.  All those illuminated cat eyes, glowing in the dark.  Knowing they were hungry.  And look at what I am responsible for now.

I think thats it for now.  I am too blown away by that figure.   I have a headache.  I must get off to work so that I can keep feeding these homeless precious souls!

Have a great day.

"A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love."

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


It was a very uneventful day today, except that as I sat in the truck at one of my spots, a young black male was walking up on the sidewalk.  I had my window down while waiting for Kings to pour food and water behind a vacant house.  He kept his distance and asked if I could jump start his car.  He said he had the cables, and the car was right there at the corner of Goodman and Ferndale/Pennsylvania Avenue.  A very well lit spot.  I said sure!  And so we went and helped him out.  He thanked us profusely.  Good deed for the day – CHECK.

Otherwise, it was 50 degrees – a light mist coming down as I left the house.  All was good.  But oh so much mud.  It is supposed to get colder again, so the mud will turn to icy mud.  Which is better.  I am taking a chapter from an old post and reposting for today.  Its totally random.  But interesting to see what I was writing five years or so ago.  To me at least.a

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I had a news camera in my face all morning.  Yes, indeedy.  I did.  A nice - handsome I might add - guy named Scott from RNEWS (Channel 9 Time Warner) followed me all around this morning, filming, interviewing, watching, absorbing just what I do each day.  And the kitties were all out in full swing.  They were the stars!   Can't wait to see what they put together. I think they will have to splice one hour into one minute, not sure, but hopefully they will capture the plight of these animals.  Now, keep in mind, the winds were whipping, so my hair looked BAD, and Scott caught me in some unflattering positions, bending down trying to get bowls that were pushed back in their shelters for me to fill, with my big ole butt high in the air.  Oh man...  fifteen, even ten years ago I wouldn't have minded so much.  :)  So, if you catch the newscast (Friday at 6 pm.), don't look at me.  :)

I touched on a lot of good points for the interview.  Scott was not only touched by what he saw, but also blown away knowing the neighborhoods I feed in.  He said he's worked the overnight shift for 20 years and has covered many a homicides in that area.  He was blown away.  I told him that I was known by many around there as the cat lady, and that from homeless people, homeless cats, to drug dealers and prostitutes, and I had respect from most of them for what I do there.  Not to mention, 5 am. is a pretty quiet time in those areas!

On top of all that, I have two spots at the clinic this morning.  One female that I believe is pregnant, and a boy.  The female, Tuxie, is sort of feral, and she's been in my bathroom overnight.  She is actually handle able.  She will be going back to a girl who has been fostering all four cats that were 'dumped' on her a week or so ago, for her to foster and try to socialize her for adoption.  Its a long story, but it is one of the Robert's Wesleyan cats - this sis the same girl that recently adopted Autumn/Bonnie from me.  She will hold on to two of them  and the other two more feral will be gone today, someone is coming to get them, and they will go somewhere until their neuter/spay appointments next week.   The other two she is willing to work on, to socialize, and hopefully get them adopted. 

My question is - and believe me - I've read all the manuals about socializing feral cats/kittens.  My question is CAN it be done, even though they say it can't be after they get to a certain age.  I know it takes a lot of patience and a lot of time.  But what are some of the little things you can do to make a good start at it?

I took the time to grab one of them, and hold it for a long time, and gently talk to it, and pet it, and believe it or not, it began to purr, after it stopped shaking.  I know it can be done, with a lot of patience and a lot of love.  But in the meantime, when you have someone who is not willing, or make the time, what can you do?

So, thats it in a nutshell.  Its getting colder out there, and it actually snowed a bit while out this morning.  I must get these poor animals off the streets, but in the meantime, I must get their shelters secure, so that they have somewhere to go to to get some rest, some sleep, some peace, some security.  There are just so many.

There will be times in your life when you have to choose between being loved and being respected. 

Always pick being respected. 

Love without respect is always fleeting…

but respect can grow into real lasting love


  1. I'm glad you are again getting some recognition for your hard work. Now - to Janine's are we going to capitalize on this? How can we get Janine's message out and in the hands of people that can help support her? What will it take to get people to pledge $10.00 a month???? -carol
  2. Sounds like a productive morning Janine! I hope this brings some help for you!
  3. So today was the day, eh? I bet you looked awesome with your long hair flying in the wind!! You have great hair - hair most people would kill for. Anyway, I can't WAIT to see the piece. This is so exciting. I will call you later and you can tell me about it more. I hope Scott the news guy, due to his own amazement at what you do, will really help get the word out and do a great piece. YAY!!!!
  4. Congratulations on making the news can't wait to see the story on Friday !! How exciting! I hope it generates lots of awareness for all the good you do and people help adopt some cats or ferals for their barns or help you in any other way. I am sure you looked great during filming! You do an amazing service to these precious animals and I think Ferals can be retuned if someone has time and patience they just want a home and to be loved most of the time

    Toni Spencer and Webster
  5. I can't wait to see you on TV! I'm sure you did a great job.