Friday, September 23, 2016

Calling All Cars, Calling All Cars

My recent rescues that all need adoption!
(Click on pics to zoom in)

Syd and JOANIE! :)



For those of you reading this for the first time, for the past 20 years, I've been feeding, sheltering, spaying and neutering the Beechwood cats of Rochester.  I go to 14+ locations around this area and place food and water, trap, neuter and return, rescue, and check on the general welfare of these cats that I care for.  In 2015, I rescued 80 cats and kittens, found them good homes, and spayed and neutered nearly that number.  This year I am down to ....   30 rescues so far?  And spay and neuter, maybe 25?  I am out there in the very darkest hours - between 4 am. and 5:30 pm in the 'good' months, and sometimes its double that time in the winter, when I have to shovel a path to get to the shelter, and then shovel out the shelter.  These shelters consist of plastic totes, wooden huts, anything that a cat can crawl into to keep itself warm and safe from the harshest of elements our winters, and storms bring us.

I spend $20,000 plus a year doing what I do.  Spay/neuter alone is $60 per cat.  The food I place each day - 40lbs. of dry food - 50 cans of wet - lets say that $50 per day.  Add that up.  Its enormous.  This allows me to live pay check to pay check.  There are a few kind folks who drop off food to me, and I get an occasional donation, but its mostly out of my pocket. 

Did I mention I am now a 501c3?  You can now write me off!  :)

The cats I feed are ferals, but mostly stray and abandoned cats who, through no fault of their own, were discarded or left to fend on their own, now weary of humans.  When they learn to trust me is when I can deem them adoptable and do everything in my power to find them homes.  The sick ones I take right away, home or not, because I won't allow an animal to suffer - if I am aware of it.  Just this morning, I saw an old orange on Parsells, have been feeding it for years, but it looked pregnant in the light of the light pole above.  I have to say its full of worms.  Its mouth has drool hanging from it.  This cat is suffering, but it won't come near me or allow me near him.  Terribly sad, the things I see.  I see the once baby kittens here, and they are getting bigger, totally unadoptable at this point, and will be ready soon to get pregnant or get another cat pregnant.  Sad.

But then there are mornings like today, where a police officer stopped to see what I was doing, as I was placing food and water under the mailbox on Central, that can brighten up my solemn mood.  He first asked me where I lived.  He then pulled over and you could tell he was interested in what I was doing.  I started to explain, and we then had a pleasant five-minute conversation.  He told me he and his wife have three cats.  He stated that what I do must cost a lot of money, I told him it did.  He mentioned how many there were, how many he sees every day.  I told him I know I can’t help them all, but I have made a difference in this section of town.  I told him just spaying one cat saved 500 being born from that cat’s offspring.  It would be a mess – a mess that is still a mess, but somewhat under control.  He asked if there was a place he could make a donation.  I told him about my blog.  He left stating that he admired what I was doing.   That just made me feel good.  Thanks Officer W.  J

My wish list:  Chinese plastic take out bowls.  I am in desperate need.  I have paper, but they only last a day when you fill them with water.  The plastic ones are pliable enough for water even when it freezes.  You can easily twist and out pops the ice to fill with hot water in the cold weather for the kitties to drink before it freezes again. 

Fundraiser – plans for the fundraiser is coming along.  I am getting a few gift cards, a few bottles of wine, some candles, some art, some lotions, a few baskets, a few wine glasses, a few books, my friend is donating a paper bark tree, there are so many possibilities of what you can donate for the raffle table.  I am hoping everyone walks away with a gift.  And in the meantime, you will be entertained by a good band (fingers crossed – they are new to me), there will be great food, and have a hot toddy or two between 12-5.  Hey – its 5:00 somewhere, right!  J


Finally, my niece is going through a medical procedure today that could change the outcome of her life.  Please please please keep her in your prayers.  She has three little babies that need her.  

Have a nice day.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rose Colored Glasses

I tend to look at life through rose colored glasses.  My glass is always half full.  

There are times when I feel like my bubble is being burst by people who tell me that 'this will never happen' or 'she will never do it', or 'you are wasting your time.'  I am in a constant state of positivity in my life, until I cross paths with a human.  From the time I wake, until the time I get to work, I am one happy girl.  Thank God there is a positive person crossing my path at least a couple times a day or I'd be a goner.

I am thinking about this Mayor meeting.  I tend to put things off, like my 'thinking cap', when I know a stressful time is coming up.  I am a last minute thinker, I am not a planner.  Ask my mother.   We are complete opposites when it comes to that.  My mother is already thinking about Thanksgiving, and beyond to Christmas morning.  I am trying not to go past today's lunch right now.  I have had some negativity from others about the outcome of this meeting, not that they want negativity to occur, but ..  I suppose these people are realists.  I am far from a realist, as I've tried to describe above, and I tend to think everything will be ok.  As long as I stay in today.  Expecting bad stuff to come my way will keep me from doing the very things that might minimize or avoid just that! Expecting good things to happen will lead to taking actions that produce positive results.

I love to laugh and I laugh at everything.  There is a co-worker who comes in and says Meow to me each day, like from the movie Super Troopers, we play this cat game.  I laugh hysterically each time he does it, where someone else would be so sick of it.  But I still laugh.  I laugh at anything corny.  If I didn't laugh, I would cry.  So why not laugh!  Why not think everything's going to be OK!

I need to avoid those that suck the life out of me with complaints, and commentary about everything that is wrong with the world, and the people in it.  Research says that seeing the glass half full not only makes you happier, it makes you healthier and wealthier.  I'll take it.

Sorry, today was rant day.

No kitten on Bay Street again.  No one has stepped up to adopt a kitten or cat.  BUT THEY WILL!  :)

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Only The Strong Survive!

I had to let little Melvin back on the street this morning after being neutered, and spending the night in the trap on my porch.  What a good little boy he is too.  It took a while before he left the trap, crying the whole time.  So heartbreaking that I can't find homes for all of them. 

I was thinking about wet food this morning.  And how I go through what..... at least 50 of the 5.5 oz. cans a day for the homeless.   I don't even feed most of my cats wet food ever.  I just couldn't afford to.  I feed Spencer and Baylee wet food, and Cookie.  Those are my fosters, and Baylee is special need because of his breathing issue.  They CRAVE that food each morning when I get up.  And Spencer has to have Fancy Feast Medleys chicken pate - he won't eat anything else!  And he is so skinny I have to cater to his every need!  I have to put them in separate rooms so the other cats don't get it, and I feel SO guilty not letting my own in on this yummy stuff, but what are you going to do..... 

I have someone coming to meet Jinx on Saturday.  Fingers crossed everyone.  This will be the last of that litter.  Now on to Syd and Johnny, the two little ones I trapped this past Saturday.  I have been setting a kitten trap there every day now to get the third baby, but nothing.  I don't even know if the little one even survived.  I see mom, but no baby, not in at least a week.  Mom is not allowing me to trap her to be spayed either.  I will have to call in the big guns for this at some point.  Laura.

(Don't forget to click on pics to zoom in!)

At my last stop, I noticed something on the ground.  Yes, a rat.  A dead one.  And who said what about cats and rats?

More pictures from this morning:

Ferndale Kitties

Parsells this a.m. (just some of the 15 I counted on Sunday)
The countdown begins...  The Mayor, and then the Fundraiser.  I am looking forward to both, I think, but after that, I need a break.  I think I can speak for Kristin too.  :)

Have a great day everyone, and please, consider foster or adoption, and spread this word around to everyone you know.  We can considerably reduce the number of homeless cats out there if you do that simple thing.

"The world is not dangerous
because of those who do harm
but because of those who look at it without doing anything."

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TNR Tuesday!

For those offering to help with donations for the fundraiser, please message me at and we can figure a way to get them delivered or picked up!  :)  Thank you so much!  Remember, something you yourself would want to win!  i.e., chocolates, gift certs, nice wine, ...  the possibilities are endless!  Maximum value of $25.  

MELVIN from Melville

Today I trapped this sweet boy, Melvin, from Melville Street.  Once again, a sweet boy that will need to be returned to the street.  There are so many out there that don't deserve this.  Its just not fair.  We need more people to adopt/foster!!~

My second trap was set, once again, at the auto repair shop on Bay Street, in hopes of getting the mom and one remaining kitten, to join their sibs, Syd and Johnny, that I trapped on Saturday morning.  No sign of kitten, and Mom is just not falling for it.  Instead, I got a big FAT raccoon.  I opened up the trap, and he wouldn't move.  I tipped it upside down and he clung to the metal grate.  Finally, I banged on it and out he went, with another big FAT raccoon, and they scurried away, although not as fast as I would have liked.  If you spook them enough, they won't come back.  I then saw Mama, as I was leaving, crossing Bay running toward this spot.  I have not seen the baby though.  Its different color from the other two blacks with white.  Its more whitish, but its hard for me to know for sure because I have not really seen it that well.  I need help here.  

Below are pictures taken this morning.  There are just so many adoptables out there.  Melvin above is one of them.  He is a stray, scared, and just wants love and attention, safety and security.  We need to find that for these cats!  We need a large shelter to bring them all to where they can spend their days lazing about, grooming themselves, eating, playing, sleeping in peace and comfort in the sunlight.

I've always said that if I had a million dollars, I would buy a building and pay people to spend a few hours each day to help with the cats I rescue.  I would also pay someone a full time salary to help me on my routes.  Its hard doing this day in and day out.  I need a break, but don't think I am going to get it, unless of course, I win a million dollars!

If anyone is so inclined, please call the clinic and donate a spay or neuter today.  I have a balance due, and today will cost another $60 for Melvin.  585-288-0600..  Thank you for  your consideration. My Walmart trip for cat food yesterday cost another $150.  Saturday it was $90.  This is crazy.

Baby on Central

Big Red # 2 on Pennsylvania

Sweet little muted Tortie on Pennsylvania

VERY SWEET kitty on Seventh  I need to rescue this one quick

My wish list for today?  BRICKS or PAVERS or CONCRETE BLOCKS.  So many shelters to weight down.

Have a great day!

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day."

Monday, September 19, 2016




What a busy weekend for the cats!  First off, I delivered Jules (minus the only kitten left - JINX) to his new home in the country.  Take a look at this picture.  this is the same family that adopted Cammy a few years ago.  Cammy is fat and happy, and I pray that is the life that Jules (now named Garfield) will turn into (minus the fat!).  :)  It was so good to see Cammy.  Brought me back to so many memories of me feeding him on Central near Fifth, how long it took for him to trust me enough to put his nose to my finger, and after that day, many head scratches, and then his final rescue.  My heart swoons!


Saturday morning, I successfully trapped two of the three kittens living on the side of Syd and Johnny's auto repair shop.  Adorable.  There is one left.  I set traps this morning, but no luck.  I brought kittens to my friend Melissa's house and picked up Jinx.  Jinx, along with Baxter, went to another foster house, my friend Jennifer.  Both were frightened, but I know in time they will be less scared.  Now to get them both adopted.  Will post kitten updates when I have them.  They are still in hiding.  But safe and sound.


Sunday I visited Sue who is fostering Peaches.  Peaches coat is beautiful!  When I rescued him, it was so scabby, and bumpy.  What a difference a rescue, and time make.  So thankful for my fosters!

Sunday morning I saw something SORT of funny.  Speaking of cats and rats - at one of my locations, I heard a squeal, and as I shined my light on the noise, one of the kitties was chasing this rat!  HA!  They do not live harmoniously together as some city officials think!

Also on Saturday, as I stopped by the public market to pick up my free range eggs, and a few veggies (and I discovered some great salty bread there too!), I saw the nice man that lives on Seventh near a shelter, and he informed me of the bull mastiff that lives across from him and how he had no fur left on his body because of some terrible condition.  He asked me to contact authorities - AGAIN.  So I did, and they promised me they would check it out.  I need to call again today to report it again.  I want to make sure that he is seen.  And if you are so inclined, please call yourselves.  144 Seventh Street.  Its a very nice dog.  I had to walk him around one morning this summer to figure out which house he belonged to.  He is being severely neglected.  He was reported a while back and the owner was told to have him brought in for medical care.  I don't believe he was.  He is kept in the back yard.  This is the same dog, by the way, that killed a kitten while I was there one morning,   Same property where I reported about the bunnies in the shed.  Same property that the man died - drunk falling down his stairs.  Cat killer or not, the dog is suffering.  Please - the more people that call, the likelihood that someone will go over.  I posted the following in Facebook this morning (for those of you not on it).

CAT PEOPLE: As some of you may know, I will be meeting with The Mayor Lovely Warren next week. I have 30 minutes to speak on behalf of the cats, and how I want to see change for them in this City. I will try to make the case of needing protected shelters on City owned property cared for by colony caregivers and the need for TNR, with the city to help in funding, I will use a few pictures of cats injured, I will use statistics on how these cats multiply, and some ideas on how other cities have worked to solve the problem successfully. I am asking rescue groups or individuals to pass on one idea you would like to see by commenting. This can be our chance to make it better for the homeless animals! (PS, I DO have a few more well-spoken friends coming with me, thank GOD) 

Please don't forget, can use gift certificates and nice wines ($25 max) for my fundraiser on October 1st.  Or anything you yourself would like to win.  Please, the more items we have, the more chances that everyone who attends will win something during our raffle calls!

Thanks and have a great day!

"Compassion is the ability
to see what needs doing
right now and the
willingness to do it right

Friday, September 16, 2016



I want to thank Susan for fostering Peaches, Jennifer for fostering Baxter, and Melissa for fostering many many kittens over the past year and then some.  Fostering is so very important.  I wish I had more like them.  I have had a few more over the years, but either lost them to 'foster failure', or other various reasons, but with the population of Rochester being over 1 million, you would think there could be more than three, for me.  Here is good reading so that maybe you, your mother, grandmother, niece, nephew, son or daughter, or a friend would consider helping an animal.

Fostering animals is, simply put, saving lives. When you become a foster parent, you volunteer to keep a homeless pet in your home temporarily until they go to a forever home or can be taken into an animal shelter. Fostering is best done through a local animal shelter or rescue group. Many shelters rely on foster homes to keep pets until they have room, and some rescue groups are run entirely through foster care.

While most people choose to foster dogs or cats, there are also rescues for hamsters, rabbits, horses, and other animals. Many people come up with excuses not to foster. They think they’re too busy, or they don’t want to get attached to an animal they’ll have to give up in a month or so. I believe that with a little preparation and that by working with the right organization, most people would make great foster parents. Here are eight reasons why you should consider becoming a foster parent.

1. Fostering increases an animal’s chance of getting adopted. Foster families are usually the first to find out about the pet’s personality. You may even be the first to teach your foster pet basic house manners, making them more appealing to potential adopters.
2. Your own pets will learn more social skills. The more animals your pets come in contact with, the better they are at dealing with stress and getting used to strangers. Your pet might even find a playmate in your foster pet.
3. You get to see if you’re ready to own another pet. Maybe you want to foster a certain dog breed to see if you’re ready to adopt one, or you want to see if adding a cat into your all-dog household will upset the balance. Or maybe you want a new pet now but aren’t sure where you’ll be in the next 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. Though fostering is not a trial adoption period for that pet, it can help you try out changes to your current "fur family."
4. Fostering is temporaryCats require minimal space and are very low-maintenance, so they don’t take a lot of time to look after. If you’ve already got a dog, it’s not a big change to add one more pup to your daily walks and potty break schedule. Knowing the foster animal will only be with you for a short time makes it easier to find the time to take care of them, and it also makes it easier to give them up when it’s time.
 5. You probably already have the space for one more. A spare bedroom, office, or screen porch is the perfect place for a foster pet. Even a bathroom is enough room for a kitten or puppy, and it’s much larger than a cage in a shelter. Sometimes a spare room is the only thing standing between an animal and euthanasia in an animal control facility.
6. You can choose how to foster. Only want to foster bulldogs? Prefer to look after kittens? Can’t foster for more than a few months at a time? Most rescues can accommodate your requests, as long as you agree to it beforehand and give them plenty of notice about changes.
7. Fostering keeps animals out of shelters. As wonderful as animal shelters are, they can be stressful from the lack of quiet, training, and exercise. And there’s nothing like the love and warmth of a family! Animals in foster care tend to be less stressed, better socialized, and have a lower chance of getting sick than animals in shelters.
8. You are saving a life. You feel good, your shelter or rescue group helps more animals, and your foster pet is happy, healthy, and well-socialized. Talk about win-win-win!


I am supposed to deliver Jules to his new home on Sunday, and I am praying that his new family will want me to bring Jinx along.  Otherwise, Jinx is left alone while his three siblings have been adopted.  Prayers for Jinx!

On a final note, I really need help with trapping.  There are sets of kittens at three locations I go to.  One on Parsells - I have ignored this situation far too long since I reported finding them many months ago.  I see them almost daily as they run off the porch to hide when I arrive.  Bay Street kittens I've been setting traps for but nothing.  And now I saw a kitten at my location on Garson.  Please spread the word.  If you have a spare hour during the day, please consider helping me by staking out at one of these spots and trapping.

Have a great day!

Thursday, September 15, 2016


For the fundraiser, someone commented on how to get donations for the raffles to me.  Well, if you would like to message me at, we can figure that out!  Again, we are looking for gifts to donate with a max amount of $25.  Gifts in the form of anything you might like to win yourself.  (i.e., wine!, gift certificates!  there are a million things I would love to win! :) ) Thank you very much!  Also I added the tax exempt language at the bottom of the flier above.

I think I saw a rabid raccoon this morning.  The poor thing.  I heard some rustling next to one of my shelters where I feed around 5 or 6 each day, and suspected a skunk.  Instead, I looked over and scared the bejesus out of this raccoon.  Small.  He looked into my eyes as he fell over on his back.  At first I just thought he was frightened, which I am sure he was, but as he got up, he stumbled and fell nearly a dozen times as he tried to get away from me.  He hissed first though.  I felt so bad for him. If I had a gun, and a silencer on it, I probably would have shot the poor thing.  I also thought of calling 911 to report it, but then thought I would be exposing my shelter, and once again, the City would remove it.

There is a woman who reads this blog and we've become 'never met' friends.  She wrote me this the yesterday, and it made me feel good.  Not much does these days, so I welcomed it, and share it with you.  :)

"I was bummed to read about your knee, and so happy to see you had some helpers! It's busy work season for me, but maybe one day I can learn your route and help. I'm in Virginia this week, and one of the customers is big with helping the kitties! He said a 'neuter scooter' comes once a month and takes cares of fixing the kitties! He was showing pictures of some of the kitties he watches over. thought you'd like that story!"

Neuter Scooter.  How about that!

Butterscotch first rescued
On another great note, I was in the kitchen, fussing about getting my salad ready to take to work, and I walked out to the porch - door was open - the cats love to congregate out there in the morning and watch the birds - and guess who was out there.  BUTTERSCOTCH!  Now, I got feral kitten Butterscotch two years ago November, and haven't held in him over a year.  He has remained elusive while I am home, hiding in the basement or upstairs under the bed, rarely seen.  I could see the TERROR in his face as he tried to figure out how he was going to get through the door that I was standing at.  I slowly closed the door, and I could hear him crying and crying and running about, knocking things over.  I slowly sat down, and started to talk to him calmly, and believe it or now, he slunk down and allowed me to pet him.  My he has grown!  And SO fluffy!  I even held him on my lap.  He purred, but he was still terrified.  I think he almost was saying 'ooooooh this feels so good, the human touch....  her soft paw is making me feel soooo good...."  I was ecstatic.  I miss that little guy!  Finally, I opened the door and let him fly.  :) Back into the house.

"God didn't promise days
without pain, laughter
without sorrow, or sun
without rain, but He did
promise strength for the day,
comfort for the tears and
light for the way.  If God
brings you to it, He will bring
you through it."