Felted Animals Fundraiser

These beautifully felted sculptures were created by a local artisan to help raise money for The Bean.  Each sculpture costs a donation amount of $30, half of which will go directly to Janine to help feed, shelter, and rescue homeless cats in the Beechwood section of Rochester.

Each one of these lovingly hand crafted woolie pets take 7-12 hours to complete. Inner materials consist of a wire skeleton which is then wrapped tight with fiberfill to start the basic shape of each animal. The outer body is then covered with super soft Merino or Corridale wool which is then felted with a special needle to add details to the figure. Sizes vary due to the fact there is no pattern used, but most fit in your hand, as seen in the pictures.

After you add a woolie to your cart you may check out and pay with either a credit card or Paypal.  If you'd like to add another woolie, click Continue Shopping and you will be brought back to this page.  Click the View Cart button below to view your cart at any time.  Thank you!

Bess $30 

Foxy Lady $30  

Jackson $30  

Jasper $30 

Katness $30  

Roscoe $30

Clarisse $30

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