Friday, October 20, 2017

Wish List

Letter was sent yesterday to the man on Melville.  Funny thing, this morning was the second morning that the paper plates and paper bowl was not removed from the back of the lot.  That is where I am feeding the other cats that won't get close to me, and the kittens I saw there.  Who knows.  Do I dare placing a precious Styrofoam shelter there over for next week, seeing as how its supposed to rain?  And a board to cover the food?  I will dare.

Tobey and Ike

Lets not forget I am also dealing with someone who is taking my plates and bowls on Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue.  Every day.  The cats wait for me hungrily to replace their plates and bowls, to eat the only meal they will have all day and night.  Sickening the mindset of people who can do this to these innocent creatures.

Speaking of, on Garson this morning, the man that lives next to the lot, not the guy that came out at 4 am. and told me to stop feeding there, but the nice man that lives on the other side of the lot, he took a board from back there, where I have shelters.  I believe it was him, as he is always doing something odd with this space.  He had a beautiful vegetable garden this past summer, all in boxes throughout the vacant lot.  So I am down a board. 

Boards are very precious to me.  I need them to cover entrances to the shelters for when it gets cold and snowy.  So, if you see boards on the side of the road, or can purchase them, any size bigger than 2' x 4', please save them for me.  I also need paper bowls.  There is a larger size, and a smaller size.  I could use both.  Must be paper, no Styrofoam.  We must think of Mother Earth!

This morning, I spotted the black and white kitty with the torn injured head, and he actually was hungry enough, and trusting enough, to get close.  I was able to pet him.  I had the carrier standing by my side, and ready.  At one point, I grabbed him by the scruff, and placed him in the carrier.  No sooner than I had done that, he got out.  I was extremely disappointed.  Unless you've ever done this, with an injured animal, you don't know the depth of disappointment you feel.  I watched him run away.  I left with my head down, and thought about it for the rest of the morning.  I am determined to get him, especially after my friend and foster Kim has offered to take him in and care for him.  I will set a trap, as he seems desperate enough to eat.  Poor baby.

Little Tobey is sick.   Snotty nose, eye gook.  URI.  Tobey is one of the six kittens I rescued the past two week from Garson.  I immediately isolated her last evening into a spare room and she cries and cries.  I am trying to get her in to see a doctor today.  Ka Ching.


Owl-eyed Ginny was spayed yesterday.  Her foster mom had suspected either FIP or pregnancy because of her belly when she was fostering her, so she took her to the vet and the culture came back for worms, but they couldn't confirm the other.  So when she was spayed yesterday, I asked that they pay particular attention to her regarding FIP or pregnancy, and it was confirmed she had neither!  So this little girl is ready for a home!  She is so sweet and darling.  Her purrs are so loud.  She's precious, just precious.

I have a family coming to meet Gracie tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Have a great day.
I leave you with pictures of my Rock God.  Robert Plant.  I love you Robert.  ❤πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’—πŸ’‹

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Zip It!

Photo taken this a.m. on Parsells

Another poor angel, he's been wandering between Parsells and Melville.  I am trying to gain his trust.  I did not know the extent of his injuries until I took this photo.  Too hard to see in the dark, and he didn't allow me to get this close to him previously.   THIS is why these cats need our help.  To shelter them, feed them, protect them.  Which brings me to my next subject.

Central Park yesterday morning
(same location where I rescued the poor soul the last time)

So yesterday I composed a letter that I wanted to leave with the man that owns the vacant lot who I believe is throwing away my stuff, even though I don't believe where I am placing bowls now is even on his property.  In fact, I forgot to do what I was going to do this morning (although its just one of many things I forget to do each day) which was to go to Parsells Avenue, where the vacant lot ends at.  They are 'back to back' vacant lots.  I would like to see who owns the vacant lot on that side.  By the way, thanks to Joel who found out this information for me yesterday about this guy that owns the lot on Melville Street.

I shared the letter on Facebook, wanting to get a final look over from knowledgeable people to see if what I wrote was good.  I received a ton of feedback, for which I am grateful for every bit.  Its always good to have others opinions, as your own are not always right.  Feedback reminds you that when it comes to heated situations, until you can think things through, it is always wise to remain silent.

I had some folks send me different versions of what I should say, and they were good.  Here is one such letter:

Dear Mr Nesbith,

            I am writing this letter as a plea for your help with the feral cat situation near your home. I apologize if I have come across harsh in the past. I hope after you read my letter you will understand the dedication and passion I have for these homeless animals. Many years ago I noticed the City of Rochester had many homeless cats and kittens. I realized quickly the need to control this situation but the city was not willing to help. These animals have been left behind by irresponsible owners over the years.  I started my mission 20 years ago and knew something needed to be done to control the population problem but it needed to be done in a humane way. Over the years I have used my own resources to care for these cats and kittens mainly focusing on TNR-Trap/Neuter/Release.  For the past 20 years I wake up every morning at 3am and head out to feed the homeless stray cats and kittens in the city of Rochester…in the rain, cold, and snow. The RIT students have built beautiful appealing shelters for them in the winter months and many neighbors, family, and friends have donated food and monetary donations to help with their care. Together as a community we have made an impact in controlling the reproduction of these cats.

Feral cats AKA Community Cats can be a benefit to the community. With a caretaker, or a group of caretakers, these cats are humanely trapped, neutered and vaccinated for rabies, returned to their wild home territory, fed daily and monitored. One of their ears is “tipped” to identify that cat as part of a managed TNR community. They will control rodent populations in the area and defend that territory against invading cats. And as fewer kittens are born to the colony, it grows smaller and more manageable.

I understand your frustration. Just like you I wish these cats were not in the streets but in loving caring homes they so deserve. I hope for a day when no cats are left behind.  I would love more than anything to work on a goal or compromise that would benefit both of us and help keep these innocent animals safe.

I truly appreciate your time.


Now its been suggested to make this letter less accusatory toward this one man.  What if its not him, although I do believe with 98% certainty that it is.  She would like me to add:  'you are receiving this letter because...  someone has been removing my shelters near your property... hoping to make amends with the person doing this by educating them with a reason, and a need for food and shelter...  I will send the man something.  Wish me luck he sees the light.  Otherwise, I will just keep plugging away...  As Tom Petty sang, I won't back down.

In reality, I have no TNR appointments at the clinic until close to mid-November.  Its truly disheartening.  I am actually petting unneutered cats out there.  We have a shortage of vets who are willing to do low cost spay and neuter.  I know you are all thinking Lollypop, but they have a long waiting list.  So does the Rochester Community Animal Clinic.  They are about the only clinics that we have to do this.  Right now, all I am doing is keeping these cats on my route alive by feeding them.  Something must be done about this.

I need to end this here, but I have so much to say...  for now though, I will zip it.

Have a nice day.

“It is not the strongest of the species
that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive
to change.”

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Be sure to click on pics to view close up

It was a tough morning for me.  First the issue with the vacant lot where I am feeding kittens, and adult cats on the side of the road - the @#$@# totally got rid of the dishes I had back there (and all the wooden boards too).  I really need to catch whoever is doing this.  I don't know what I will do, but I know what I would LIKE to do.  I did swing by on my way home to make sure the food was still there, an hour after leaving it, and to get the numbers on the surrounding houses.  If anyone can let me know who owns this lot - it is between #103 and #119 Melville Street.  On top of that, the first Melville stop I make, where I've been feeding for years, and they boarded up the carport under neath the house so I was forced to feed the cats on the porch above, the porch was totally gone this morning.  Whoever owns this vacant house, and I believe its someone who lives in California, is having work done.  Luckily, the person working on it did NOT trash the shelter I had left there yesterday morning, and placed the food dishes on the side of the house, not trashing those either.

Sick kitty on Garson
When I pulled up to Garson, where I just rescued the six kittens, I walked to the back of the lot, and in the light from my flashlight I could see a cat lying there on the ground, sort of behind a board.  As I got closer I expected it to bolt, as they all do.  Nothing.  I got closer to it, and realized something was wrong.  I petted its behind, and it raised its head, with little sticks sticking to its mouth, as if it had its head lying on the ground, drooling maybe and they stuck to his mouth.  I walked back to my car, got the carrier, came back and gently grabbed the kitty by the scruff and placed in the carrier.  I noted it was not eartipped.  Off it went, to the emergency vet in Brighton, and after the doctor examined for about a minute, determined that kitty had a very weak heartbeat, and whatever happened to it, it most likely would not have made it through the day.  I gave permission to euthanize.  There are so many poor souls out there like this.  Anyone who questions my decision, think twice before you do.

I love updates.  If anyone would like to share, please do.  These are the best kinds of posts!

If you will all remember, I rescued Pierre from Parsells this past spring, and was he a handful!  He went to his foster momma Kim to be 'tamed' and then I rescued Carmel.  Both needed a home, and along came an angel, Sheryl, who lives in the country, and wanted to give these two a home.  It was a bit tricky at first, because Pierre was bold, and Carmel was frightened.  But after patience and time, they both came around, and also became friends with the resident pooch!  

Pierre and Carmel

Roesie and Toesie:

"This update is looong overdue but I just wanted to let you know how Captain Toesie and Dinosaur Water Bottle (new names) were doing! It's amazing how different their personalities are. I have a favorite for different times of day πŸ˜Š.  Captain is my favorite for snuggling and Dinosaur is my favorite playmate. They both tolerate the kids, although Dinosaur is better at hiding! Hope all is well with you!"

Toesie and Rosie Then

Rosie and Toesie NOW

I sure do love happy endings!

Have a great day!

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them:  that's the essence of inhumanity."

Monday, October 16, 2017

Love and Light!

On Saturday morning I went to a conference sponsored by Lollypop Farm Humane Society held at the Nazareth College's Arts Center.  Made me wish I was back in school again.  Oh, to be that young again, and carefree... what would I do over again, and what wouldn't I do?

Anyway, the conference, entitled 'Animal Crimes Investigation and Prosecution:  An Inside Look' featured several prominent members of our community.

Sandra Doorley - Monroe County District Attorney
Hon. Richard Healy - 7th Judicial District,Wayne County Court (LOVE THIS MAN)
Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn - Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Dr. Cristina Cadavieco - Medical Director, Lollypop Farm
Alice Calabrese - President and CEO, Lollypop Farm
Reno DiDomenico - Director of Law Enforcement, Lollypop Farm

The conference, for the short time I was there (I had to leave early for a yoga fundraiser my co-worker put on for me with a gorgeous couple who's mantra? is Boho Beautiful, if you want to Google it.  These two beautiful people traveled all the way to Rochester  (they travel the world doing this) to put on a yoga class for over 40 people (the room barely even holds 40, it was crowded!, and donated the proceeds toward my rescue!) was very informative.  By the way, what an honor to have this famous couple here, just for me!  I wish I could have stuck around for pictures with them, but I was late to deliver little Catty to his new home!  His new name?  BOO!  Pictures were taken, I will try to find some and share tomorrow.

Impressive!  The problem?  No one was there to represent the City of Rochester.  No one from Verona Street Animal Shelter, no police chief, no mayor.  The other problem? Not one word was mentioned about cats.

They began describing the differences of cruelty, and the first speaker Judge Rick Healy began his story thanking his ex-wife for his love of animals.  They got a puppy when they were married, the marriage didn't work out, but he was left wiht the house and the puppy/dog.  It was love at first sight.  He went on to say that from that point on, he looked at animal cases differently.  He used to be the district attorney in the county before becoming a judge.  He went on to describe some of the cases he prosecuted and mentioned one in particular.  A man and woman - not sure if husband or wife - had an argument, and the woman had three children aged 5, 6 and 8 or something like that.  They had a fishtank with goldfish in it.  The goldfish were named by the children, this was their pets, the fish.  The argument ensued, and the man called the children out to the living room where the fish tank was.  He proceeded to knock the tank over, and one by one, the fish spilled out of the tank.  He lined the children up, and then proceeded to step on each fish, one by one.  That 'man' was sentenced to four years in prison for murder.  Can you imagine the horror of this?  Thank God for Rick Healy.  We need to clone him because there aren't too many other judges like him.  Animals are just possessions to some people, and to other judges they are 'just an animal.'  Why get so worked up about it.

I deal with my own type of animal cruelty each day with what I do.  On Melville Street, on a VACANT LOT, I've had four shelters removed and/or destroyed.  There are about half a dozen cats there, along with three or so kittens.  I began TNRg there in the spring time when I saw so many cats in this spot.  I recently rescued Marbles from here.  I also rescued Martie - the all white cats recently.  The man next door was kind enough to not say anything about the bowls I placed under the tree, on the VACANT lot.  His name is John.  Well, for some reason, he doesn't want me to feed these cats anymore, on this VACANT lot.  He destroyed two shelters at first, and then when I moved them away from his area, to the other side, in some weeds, he, or someone, destroyed those.  Just removed them.  And the lean-to boards that covered the food I laid down for them.

The VACANT house on Ferndale CRescent and Webster Avenue - I've been feeding behind this house for years, shelters and all.  I've fought with Crazy Marilee and had the police there because of her removing the food, and getting in the way of TNRg.  And now I am dealing with a new neighbor a few houses down.

At what point does difference to the suffering of a homeless animal cross over into cruelty and abuse?  Simply removing food from an animal because you don't like its presence in your neighborhood goes far beyond indifference.   By itself that is bad enough, but to take the action of removing that food is an act of cruelty, and to take its only shelter, another act of cruelty.  And now I wonder, is this theft of property?  Do I have as much right to this property as the person removing my shelters? 

I have SO many questions on MY rights, and the CATS' RIGHTS.  I wish SOMEONE could HELP me, not just give me the law, HELP THESE CATS if only by giving them this tiny right to shelter and food.  These are mostly STRAY cats I am feeding.  The ferals only come out after I leave.  And I can count 100 - the ones I see and am feeding.  I've rescued OVER 100 cats this year alone!  I can't get them all, but at least they deserve shelter and food!

I could go on forever about this, but must get to work.

Think about it.  What can we do?  What defense do I have for these Melville cats?  I am going to continue on this topic tomorrow.

Have a nice day.

“Auschwitz begins wherever
someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.”

Thursday, October 12, 2017


The boss at work gave the office the day off tomorrow, Friday.  WOO HOO!~  Because we worked so hard at the annual gala this past Saturday.  IT was like we didn't really have a weekend day, so that was very kind of her to do.  I am psyched.  WOO HOO!!!  πŸ’–πŸ˜†πŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜ŒπŸ‘»


Above picture is of my sister’s pit bull, Gus.  Gus is one of the most sweetest, most gentlest dogs I’ve ever met.  He will shower you with his tongue.  He would carry a baby out of a burning building.  He is just that sweet. 

This morning at 2 am., it was pouring.   Thank God, by 3:45 a.m. as I headed out the door, it was drizzling.  By 4, the rain had pretty much ended.  Its never fun to go out and feed cats in the dark, let alone do it in the pouring rain.  I would rather have (eek!) snow.  I hate the rain.

I set a trap on Garson, hoping to get Kitten #6, but what I got was the last OLDER kitten that I TNR’d there (trap, neuter, return) just a week ago.  I still can’t believe these cats are going into traps for the second time.  I thought cats were smart!??!

I have someone coming over to meet Gracie!  I am so thrilled!  Gracie has been confined (although her foster mom DID try to mix her in with her own), but Gracie – from what I believe – was upset enough about missing her six babies, and I think she was just very depressed, and didn’t want anything to do with any other cat.  Yes, I believe cats can be depressed!  She is such a good girl and I pray this turns out to be a match!

Catty, who by Saturday will be named Boo (by her new mom) is going to his new home this Saturday.  Hooray!  Catty is such a love.  She cuddled up on the couch with me this morning, laid under my chin and fell asleep.  Such a little love.  I am so glad his mouth ulcers have healed pretty much.  I cancelled his follow up for today because he has cost me over $300 now in vet bills.  I can tell he is better though because he is grooming himself and there is no foul odor any more.  And boy can he chow!  J

We then have Sebastian, Fudgie, Jose, and our beautiful girl Ginny, all waiting for their forever homes.  OH!  And don't forget the newest, five kittens!  I will be posting their separate pictures this weekend with their names to tell who is who after I get them their own individual collars!  :)  Please help me find them all good homes!!





Have a great day!

"A lion never loses sleep
over the opinions of sheep."

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Happy Hump Day!


I have decided to change Scooter's name to Tobey.  I originally thought Scooter was a girl, so named her Sabrina, and then changed to Scooter when I found out it was a male!  I am changing his name to Tobey to honor someone who's immortal soul has passed from this earth, but whose spirit lives on in her love for animals.  She was a good friend/bridge partner of a kind man that I worked with at a law firm many years ago, who recently made a generous donation in her honor.  His friend, Lydia was 94 years old, and her daughter, after hearing about my friend's donation to my rescue in her mom's honor, wrote him, and the following is an excerpt:
          “As for helping feral cats, you’ve no doubt heard of the feral cat that
came to Mom and Dad’s house, beautiful orange and white Tobey, who was
fed and coaxed and who became a beloved pet. Dad took such good care
of Tobey, even building him a heated little house in the garage to
keep him snug in winter. He followed Dad around like a puppy and spent
many happy moments on Dad’s lap enjoying being showered with
affection.   You are correct that Mom would fully support the efforts
of Janine. Janine is obviously an angel savior to the cats she cares
for and Mom would be happy to know there is support for her in Mom’s
name.  Thank you for considering that as a way to remember Mom.”

Scooter looks more like a Tobey than he does a Scooter.  So I will save Scooter for a kitten that suits the name better.  Tobey is the spirited one of the bunch.  I rescued him and his two brothers Sergio and Tito, from Garson Avenue in the early morning hours late last week.  I rescued his brother and sister just yesterday morning - Izzy and Ike.  I hope that Lydia is looking down from heaven, and approves of this kitten named Tobey.

After they had a flea bath by my friend Val yesterday, and the deworming medicine I gave them when I got home from work, I reunited them this morning on the porch.  Five little baby kittens.  ADORABLE.  It was like a week had not even passed since they last saw each other.  In fact, I put them all together in a tote bag, and not a peep was made.  I peeked out at them later, after I let them loose, and they were all playing together, running around, acting excited!  I will be getting different colored collars for them this weekend so that I can identify them, as they are nearly identical.  All are grey except for a dark colored Tiger, Ike.  I will then get pics of each so that they can be posted to my website, and AdoptaPet, for future families awaiting them!

I hope and pray each day before I head out in the wee hours of the morning that I don't find more kittens.  Unfortunately, I did see their remaining sibling on top of a garage this morning, at my shelter there, an all black little one, on Garson Avenue.  I must trap him.  I must get that little one.  That would be six kittens all together.  I MUST spay Mom!

Brownie and Tiggy - I received this update from their new mom yesterday:  "They are fat, playful, energetic, lovable- everything I could have asked for plus more!! And....turns out Rosie (aka Brownie) is the alpha. She always eats first (dry food) and Sammy waits until its her turn...never would I have thought that! "

BROWNIE a/k/a Rosie

TIGGY!  a/k/a Sammy

Have a great day!

"Kindness is free.
Sprinkle that stuff everywhere."

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

TNR Tuesday!

Today I was allowed one spot at the clinic.  After freeing the poor grey boy that was in my trap overnight on my porch, who didn't eat a thing by the way, I set a trap at that same spot.  There are so many new cats there.   This is where kittens - older - are too.  I then went to Garson and set another trap there, hoping to get the mother of all these kittens - I think so far I've rescued...   14 kittens since summer there.  I then did my rounds, went back to check on trap on Parsells, there were two kitties...  this one...

Matilda - TNR - Parsells
and another with its ear already tipped.  I carefully maneuvered the opening of the trap, keeping the uneartipped kitty occupied with my finger above it, and released the eartipped one ever so quickly shutting the door on the newbie.  

I then drove back to Garson and inside that one was another already eartipped kitty.  I thought they were too smart to go back into a trap!   Maybe too hungry not to.  Disappointed, I will continue to place a kitten trap as I know the black kitten is still there, hiding.  I don't have another appointment scheduled until mid-November, which is VERY disappointing, because of these mothers that are at three locations that I know of - Parsells #2, and Parsells #3 and Garson. 

In the meantime, the new kittens, Izzy and Ike, are adorable little flea bags.  My friend Val will go over again today and give them a bath, just like she did with the first three, their siblings, Sergio, Scooter and Tito.  All are ADORABLE.  I will then deworm and deflea again with Advantage, and then reunite them all together.  I then must figure out what to do with them to get them socialized and not hiding.  Although the first three are doing much better on the porch.

I received a message from the girl that adopted Popcorn, who is now renamed Snowey.  Popcorn was another rescue from Parsells earlier this year.

Snowey started to lose his appetite a few weeks ago and so I brought him to the Vet and they did an ultra sound and found multiple tumors in his intestines. The Vet told me there was very little hope but prescribed prednisone with some rare possibility of shrinking the tumors and possibly increasing Snowey's appetite. I am so heart broken. My beautiful loving Snowey who slept by me every night now sleeps in the hallway upstairs. He still comes downstairs to eat a little and drink water and use the litter. I moved the water upstairs. I'm just heart broken that he may not make it...

Heartbreaking news, but she last reported:  Hi Janine, when they did the ultrasound, the Vet found multiple tumors on his intestines. However, the Vet gave Snowey Predisone steroid and stating it might help temporarily shrink the tumors and increase appetite. Well, it's working. I'm praying that it is not temporary but I'll take this for now.

I am just so glad I got him off the streets, and into a loving home.  So, prayers for Popcorn.  And all the other little babies out there that are suffering from something or other.

Have a great day!

Monday, October 9, 2017

TNR Monday!

So today I was allotted THREE spots at the clinic.  Well, I got three, but two are WAY less than a pound!  I got two kittens for the price of one this a.m. on Garson, where I set a large trap (for the mother cat), and another trap for what I thought were the two remaining kittens - one black, one tiger.  Turns out there were three more after the three I rescued last week!  When handleable, they will join their bratty brothers, Scooter, Sergio and Tito.  I will explain soon about why they are so bratty.

I set a trap on Parsells #1 and then another on Parsells #2.  Then swung over to Garson where I set a baby trap, and a large trap.  Went to do some feedings, and then to check on the first trap.  I got a black kitty that I TNR'd a few weeks ago.  Let that poor thing out.  The newspaper and food inside were all disheveled, and I knew no other kitties would go in there too soon after seeing the trauma this other guy was in by being caught.  Then down to the second trap, and VOILA!  Big Daddy.  A large grey male, I am pretty certain.  Another baby maker will be neutered!


Then to Garson to check those traps.  There in the large carrier were these two rascals.   Meet Izzy (Isabella) and Ike!  Yes, I am pretty certain Izzy is a girl! 


Not to mention, the rain came down in BUCKETS.  I have a rain poncho that Sunday Sheryl was kind enough to bring to me, but its NOT WATERPROOF!  I was soaked from head, to toe.  What a miserable feeling it is - especially when you PAID a LOT OF MONEY to have your hair straightened (for the hospital Gala mostly -  I had to work registration for it Saturday night at the convention center) and its now kinky and wild (and no, that's NOT a good thing in this respect.  :))  I had on an old lady plastic bonnet to boot, but still, the hair was soaked.  I had to get in and out in the pouring rain 20 or so times!  Each time, more soaked than the next!  I am listening to it now, and its still coming down in BUCKETS.  Thank God, the few spots that my shelters are either trashed, or I've been asked to leave and not feed there,(which I won't because there are kittens there) I have placed a lean-to board so that the food won't get wet.  I HATE RAIN.  Its worse than snow in my opinion.  I LOVE it all, looking out from my own shelter, but when it comes to the animals that have no choice to be outdoors, it SUCKS!


Another 'highlight' of my weekend was on Saturday morning.  My mother, Kings and the rest of the fam got to take a nice long weekend in the Adirondacks, while I stayed on to 'man the farm.'  (is that the right terminology?)  I came back home after feeding my mothers cats, and started to look around for the three kittens - Sergio, Scooter and Tito - that I had on the porch, and I could only find ONE KITTEN.  I have a couple of gates that my friend's husband makes, and one of the gates the slats are wider than the other.  Yes.  Wide enough for the kittens to fit through.  I flipped out though, thinking they had gotten outside.  I had no clue they could fit through the slats.  So I went through hell until yesterday when one was caught, and then this morning the other.  And I mean hell.  Its a horrible feeling knowing these tiny babies are missing.  HORRIBLE.   I HATE KITTENS!  ha.  I just mean, they are a lot of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I delivered the last two of Gracie's babies this weekend also.  Sammy was delivered on Saturday to a wonderful family in Hilton, and Ellis was brought to her new home in the southwedge.  I know they will be loved and cared for, but it was very hard to let them go.  Its like handing your baby over to a stranger.  Even though hopefully none of my adopters will be strangers any more to me.  I am hoping I will get regular updates, as I do from most.

Thats it.  It wasn't much of a weekend for me, nor good, as I was filled with worry and despair.  And it was a workday Saturday, really.  I could not relax like I like to (with my Tito's and club soda).  I am looking forward to the coming weekend, for sure.  Maybe a little haunted house fun?

Have a great day!

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Friday, October 6, 2017


On warm mornings, the bugs are out.  I wear a headlamp (thanks Joel!) around my neck, and scrunch it around my chin when I am busy pouring food and water, in the dark, for all these cats in the hood, so that I can see!  I need to learn to close my mouth on warm mornings like this because there are these tiny bugs flying around and in they go, into my mouth.  GROSS!  One was stuck in my throat and I nearly gagged.  Not quite the sushi I typically eat.

I also ran into the Puerto Rican man, who seems to be around each day now, at 5 am. near Central and Second.  He seems nice, but I think he must think I am going to have money each day.  I never have it.  This morning, I was exasperated and said "every body wants something from me!"  You, the cats...  We had a laugh, I think he understood most of what I said.  I asked his name.  Junior.  I told him mine.  He repeated it.  He also took his fist and pumped it against his chest, over his heart.  Sweet.  I think he means well.  I leave him nearly daily feeling bad for him.  He's quiet, and needs something, I just don't know what.

Yesterday, I had six kittens to bring in to the clinic for spay/neuter.  Jose, I am told, needed two incisions.  I need further clarification, as I received a message on voice mail about it, but could he possibly be a male AND a female???  I need to find out!  This is rare, I am sure!  I was also charged for both!  Stay tuned.

The other kittens, Sammy, Lulu, Ellis, Harley and Chip were done also.  Harley, Chip and Lulu were picked up in the evening, and Sammy and Ellis hung out on the porch with Sergio, Scooter and Tito! 

Chippy has been sick all week, and I am waiting to call the vet to ask why he is still not good.  His ulcers on his tongue must not be going away as he is not grooming, and the saliva smells.  His appetite was good during the week, but he didn't eat his breakfast.  He is lonely having to stay in the room by himself, and I feel so bad about that.  He does not feel good, you can just tell.

I've also lost my zing I think.  I think its the stress of new kittens.  IT could also be that Ginny, the beautiful Tortie, has an enlarged belly.  I treated her for worms, and fleas, but its still enlarged.  Her foster mom is going to bring her to vet next week and have it checked out.  All I can think of, in the back of my mind, is FIP.  FIP is a deadly disease, and affects cats when they are very young, like Ginny is.  Lets pray this isn't it.  Her spay is scheduled for the following Thursday. 

We need to get all these babies adopted so that I can grab more from the streets. 





Have a great day.

"Make the best of what you have."

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Is It Over Yet?

The moon was spectacular this morning.    While most of you are sleeping, I am seeing the most beautiful skies when the moon is out.  Is it the harvest moon?  Neil Young.  Love that song.

I was able to get the older kitten I mistakenly trapped yesterday morning on Garson, when I was trying to get the remaining two baby kittens, into the clinic yesterday.  Turned out to be a girl, so she was spayed and ear tipped.  And young.  I felt very bad about that.  People asked me questions about her on Facebook.  I gave them answers.  I know that if you took the animal in for ‘fostering,’ under my name, that kitten would most likely not be adoptable because it would be fearful forever.  You can eventually socialize a cat that is about six months old, but not fully.  I know this, from experience.  The other issue is that if you are concerned about that kitten being put back on the street, here is what you should do:  Tell me you want to take it, that you will pick it up, that you will care for it until whenever.  I feel bad enough, certainly when there are outstanding questions, and I have to go to bed, and by the time I can answer, its 2 am. and you are sleeping.  And I have to return that animal to the street when I go out that morning, at 4 am., in the dark, because I don’t want people seeing me putting a cat back on the street from a trap.  Its heart wrenching to do this in the first place.  Ginger was crying while placing her in the Jeep this morning.  I touched her through the cage.  I know people mean well, but if you are that concerned, tell me straight away so that we can do something.

Again, I can only do so much.  I am only one person, but at least I am doing SOMEthing.  At least she will not be pregnant in a month, and have more kittens.

Pictures from this morning:  

Kitty I feed behind public market on Pennsylvania and Niagara

Niagara Kitties (behind Rochester Clutch and Brake)

The wooden board is all they have to cover their food now that the
bastard new owner took their shelter

Speaking of kittens, all three – Tito, Sergio, and SERENA, are boys!  I am still trying to come up with a GREAT name for SERENA.  J  Thank you to my friend Val for coming over yesterday while I was at work and bathing them (and sexing them!) (wait, did that sound right???).  They were full of fleas.  I put the tiniest of drops of advantage that I could on their neck to get rid of any remaining.  They are fearful, but adorable.  I snuggled with each of them individually this morning.  They were in awe of how big the living room was, the television with its glare, the big cats eyeing them, and George licking each one.  I am not good at socializing kitties, I just don’t have to time.  My friend Melissa, who is the guru of it, has little Ginny she is caring for, so I must figure this out.  In the meantime, they are with me, and I will give them as much attention and love as I can.

SERENA (who is a boy!)


Wishlist:  Advantage Flea Control.  I would love revolution but would need a prescription for it.  Not only would a nice supply help with the rescues, but I could treat those on the street that allow me to touch them.  What relief they would have if they could get rid of some of the bugs crawling on their skin.  Some of them scratch so bad when I see them.

Catty is getting better – the vet visit – which cost me another $100+ on Monday, concluded with him possibly having a form of calcivirus (?) and send me home with appetite stimulant and pain meds.  He had ulcers on his little tongue, and had lost a pound since the last Tuesday when he was trapped and neutered.  He has someone coming to meet him today.  Fingers crossed it’s a good match, and more importantly, that he get better. 

Sebastian is still wishing he had a permanent home, as well as Gracie.  Both her remaining kittens were dropped off this morning for their surgery tomorrow.  Sammy and Ellis.  Both will be going to their new homes this weekend.  Gracie will be heartbroken as well without any babies to care for.  I am worried about her.  Any suggestions?  She’s been hissing and going after the other adults, but she will need to get over that quickly.

The fundraiser is almost a month away.  We have a great band, great food, booze, and hopefully will get some great gifts to give away via raffle, and great gift baskets to win.  I am putting out a call to order (huh?) for gift cards and gift baskets from anyone that wants to help the cats on the streets.  Without me in the Beechwood section, they would starve, and suffer more than they do.

Lastly, I pulled up to my spot on Melville, Melville #3 where I just rescued Martie, the all white cat from - and the man next door, who moved my shelters to the middle of the lot the day before - obviously trying to tell me something - removed the shelters altogether that I had placed in a different spot away from his property, ON CITY PROPERTY.  Gone.  Two Styrofoam totes that Sunday Sheryl lovingly made.    Really?  I want to leave a note saying:  Would Jesus do this?  Seriously, does this man go to church?  How can someone steal a tiny little box that obviously is the only thing in the world that a homeless cat could use for shelter and peaceful sleep.  HOW???  I just don't understand it.  It not only saddens me for the loss of the shelters, but for the EXTRA SNEAKING I now have to do to help these cats.  I need to figure something out before the weather gets ugly.  Even before it rains.  I hate this.

Have a nice day.

"Have compassion for those
who show you unkindness...
their real enemy lies within."

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha!

Uggg.  Here we go again.

So this morning, with towels in hand, I did exactly what I did on Sunday morning when I rescued Ginny.  I plugged the hole of the tote shelter with a towel, knowing kittens were in there, and pulled the tote from under the board, tipped the tote upwards with towel covering opening, and drove home to let them out in the bathroom.  THEY meaning the three kittens I just rescued this morning from Garson Avenue.  Unfortunately, as I peeped in at them before I pulled out the tote, I saw only three.  There are five.  Not sure where the others went.  I also think I saw mom, who was under the boards also, peering at me.  I think she was upset about her babies.   I set a kitten trap hoping to get the other two while I drove back home with the three.   I had to go back after dropping the kittens off in my bathroom to replace the shelter and place food and water down for the others.  Inside the trap was an older kitten that was unneutered.  I couldn't just let it out.  It - Ginger - will be going into the clinic this morning for spay/neuter.  Just a kitten her/himself, but I must let it back out tomorrow morning.  I am sure its feral.  :(

Ginger from Garson
And then there is Mom.  I must get her spayed.  I don't have spots at the clinic again until Monday and Tuesday, and then none again until November and I only have three spots then.  I must trap there, and on Parsells where I am still feeding the other three older kittens, and the unspayed fluffy mom.  Saw another beautiful uneartipped grey fluffy male this morning.  Must be the daddy.

SERGIO! (pronounced 'sayer gee oh')


TITO!  (yes, my favorite vodka!)

This is the second batch of kittens since I rescued Brownie, Fudgie and Chip earlier this year.  Speaking of Chip.  Look at this little rascal in his new home.

The Chipster!

And here is a pic I took of Fudgie just this morning, and JOSE!.  Brownie, well, he is in his new home and I haven't seen a new picture of her lately, but she looks just like Brownie, last time I checked.



There are a lot of folks out there that just don't like me - just this morning, on Melville #3, the man next door must have moved my stuff that was leaning on the side of his garage.  It was a board that covers the dishes when it rains.  I had also placed two Styrofoam shelters near it. It was no where near his sight, behind the heavy tall wooden fence he built around his property, but he must have felt it was in his way.  John was his name. I thought he was a nice man.  I moved it just down a bit, hoping it will be there in its new spot tomorrow.  I am a determined woman.  As long as there are homeless starving cats, and as long as I can walk, I will continue to care for them.  As the late Tom Petty would say, I won't back down.

Have a good day.

"The beauty of the soul shines out when a man bears with composure one heavy mischance after another, not because he does not feel them, but because he is a man of high and heroic temper."