Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Happy Halloween!


What cuter kitten can you get all dressed up for Halloween than the almighty Taco?

BOO! (aka Catty)
Speaking of BOO!  Catty, the black kitten that was recently adopted, was renamed Boo by his new mom.  He is doing well, still adjusting to his big feline sister.

Lulu's BLING! ⟡
I also received an update on Lulu yesterday.  What an adorable baby.  She is still a little thing, and oh so cherished by her new mom and dad.

"Shes too adorable!  Shes very very playful and sleepy.  Well tire her out playing for an hour or two and then shell lay down and take a nap for another hour or two.  We love her so much!"

Rochester Clutch and Brake - the owner SOLD this building to someone else.  They are no longer responsible for anything that happens there, so thank you, but it would behoove anyone to write them emails blasting them, they are long gone from this building.

Wood boards - I should clarify my need.  Picture this:  I place bowls on the ground against a building.  Cats gather around those dishes to eat.  It starts to rain.  The cats are getting wet.  I place a board that is tall enough, and wide enough to cover those plates, and allow the cats to remain under the board to eat.  So go to a wall, place a dinner plate of cat food on the floor against the wall, and call your cat over to the food.  Then grab a board you may have, and place it, leaning above the the cat and the plate.  Can the cat fit comfortably in front of, or on the side of the plate, while the board is covering it?  THAT'S what I need.  I have a restriction as to size however.  I can't fit a board that is TOO WIDE into the back of the Jeep.  So it has to be just right.  I would have to say 3' x 4'.   That might be ideal.

Nothing new this morning.  Mary Leigh continues to remove my plates and bowls from the vacant house porch.  Even though she lives on the other street.  I need to figure out how to stop her.

Parsells Buff Kitten (8/31/17)

Otherwise, the rain and wind have stopped for now, and it was an easier, quieter morning for me.  There is an older buff colored kitten on Parsells I am dying to rescue.  There are two on Garson, a newer spot for me, down from where I am established behind the lot.  I feed two tabbies on this vacant house porch.  One is a short haired male, and the other a long haired female.  Both are sweet, and come running to me.  I have placed two shelters there, but I need to build it up better for the onslaught of winter.

The Meow and Chow is shaping up.  I am SO excited for you all to see the raffle item baskets we have.  Its going to be fun.  Plus, I have a signature cocktail that will be served.  Yum.  :)   Just a week from this Saturday!

Have a great day!

"Nothing living should ever be treated with contempt. Whatever it is that lives, a man, a tree, or a bird, should be touched gently, because the time is short. Civilization is another word for respect for life ..."

Monday, October 30, 2017

Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head.....

It was a monsoon out there this morning.  Swirling winds, heavy rain, it was not fun.  I did wear a red rain poncho, can't remember who gave it to me - and this time I tied my bathrobe tie around it to keep from getting in my way.  It worked, but I looked like a freak!

I arrived at Niagara Street yesterday morning and discovered that the new owner of the Rochester Clutch and Brake on the corner of Central Park and Niagara Street , or one of his minions, had removed the board that I had leaning behind the building that the cat food was placed under.  This board prevented the food from getting wet when it rained this past summer so that the cats could eat that day.  This board replaced the beautiful shelter I had built there over the past two years as the previous owner had allowed me to shelter there.  This was home to at least 8 cats.  This guy comes around and trashed everything this past summer.  And this board is not the first board he has taken away.  So yesterday I tried to figure out what I could do.  It was raining, miserable, not quite as miserable as this morning with the wind, but miserable nevertheless.  I started to drive past the public market, seeing it locked up, gated, and then I saw the security guard patrolling in his little patrol vehicle.  I stopped.  I remembered he had let me come in and get some water from the spigot to refill a water container one summer when I ran out.  A nice older black man.  I found out his name is Oliver.  We greeted each other warmly, even though it was 5 am., dark and raining, and he remembered me.  I told him I was looking for boards because the other was removed.  He said ‘why do people do that, its just mean…’.  He invited me in to look for boards.  I did, and found nothing.  I NEED BOARDS.  So that is what I am dealing with at this location.  I must figure out how to shelter these poor animals.  I must.  This was once a nightmare for me because the cats lived behind the fenced gate of the apartments there.  They lived in between the crack in the wall of the two buildings.  The heat from the Laundromat on the corner was their only survival.  I built the shelters, and they soon migrated from there to across the street where it was warm and safe.  Something must be done.  This building is being used for NOTHING.  Its as empty as it was when it was being cleaned out by the previous owner two years ago. 

On top of that, I had Kings stake out the Ferndale Crescent and Webster corner.  Guess who has been dumping my food every single morning now for over a month.  Mary Leigh Frank.  Crazy Mary Leigh.  I thought we were over and done with two years ago when she was told to stay off the property by the police.  I went over there and banged on her door to scare her, but apparently it didn’t work.  That was Saturday.  Today is Monday, and she is still dumping the food.  I need help with this one too.  What do I say to not only continue feeding here at this vacant property, but to keep her away.  She sneaks over there because she lives just on the other street behind it, Webster Crescent.  She has been reported to the authorities of animal abuse and cruelty, having kittens buried in lots around her house.  I am wondering what I can do.  Suggestions?

Look at these beauties.  We finally have pictures of the kittens I rescued from Garson several weeks ago.  We have Ginny, Jose and Fudgie waiting for new homes as well.  Please consider one or two of these beauties!  Sebastian may have a new home, we will see about that Saturday!  J  


A year ago, I rescued Paddy from Parsells, and Sunshine from Parsells, within weeks or months of each other.  They were adopted out a year ago, and here is what their new mom has to say:

Paddy (Patrick) 

Sunshine (Sunny)
"Patrick is the sweetest boy, always up for cuddling!! Sunny is getting more relaxed. I can pretty much reach to pet her and not get scratched. She loves to come up on the bed and lets me pet her easily there. She'll even come up and nudge my hand for ear scratches. I can usually pick her up but she won't tolerate it for long. She has, just in the last few days, jumped up on the couch. Which is big because, she thinks that's Patrick's territory and she usually won't come near, even if Patrick's not there. So we're great! I'm leaving for Germany for 10 days on Wednesday. Got someone to stay with them. Don't want them to think I abandoned them!!"

I replied:

She’s a little feisty one there..  Tracey, if you had not taken her in, she would have been put back on the street, so I am so grateful to you.  I have a cat named Brady.  Brady came from Short Street.  He was so beat up, he wouldn’t have lasted another year out there.  He had wounds in his feet.  He was mean too.  I was afraid of him at first.  I also knew no one would adopt him because he was not the most handsomest cat around.  He would swipe at me walking by, would try to bite me, he would not back down if I swatted at him while going after the other cats.  There were a lot of ‘time outs’ for him.  Its been a year now since that behavior changed.  Slowly, but surely.  He is now one of my lap cats.  He still goes after the cats, he gets in his moods, and he still won’t back down if you go after him to swat at him, or yell NO to him, but I don’t have the fear of him biting or scratching me, and he is much more calm.  And his fur is beautiful now too.  So thanks for taking in a ‘special needs’ kitty like Brady.  She will come around.

So, thats it for today.  There is so much more, but I will have to save it for another day.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 27, 2017


I have today off from work, not writing a post, and getting ready to do a gazillion things today.  I've done my cat rounds, nothing to note, except remind me to tell you about my encounter with a neighbor on Short Street who told me what happened to the man next door to him.  Interesting!

Also, I have not seen the poor kitty on Melville that I ALMOST had, with the injured head.  Not since he got out of the carrier I managed to get him in last weekend.  :(

I will be battening down the hatches on my shelters, as best as I can (sure wish I had a truck to move some larger shelters).  But you would need to be available between 4-5 am.!  :(

I need:  wooden boards.

I don't need:  blankets, towels, paper plates, paper bowls, ceramic plates.  I THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU THAT DONATED THOSE ITEMS.  I HAVE ENOUGH FOR NOW.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who faithfully reads this blog for the short post.  Kristin and I will be getting together this weekend to go over the fundraiser together, tighten up the ship!  Its only two weekends away!  Woo hoo!  xo

Have a great day!

"You will never have this day again,
so make it count."

Thursday, October 26, 2017


My mornings are pretty busy these days with kittens in the house - hence, I have little time to write.  BUT, I do continue to go out every morning in the Beechwood section of Rochester and feed over 100 (yes, I count) cats every morning beginning at 3:45 am. til 5:30 a.m. on a good day.  I try to shelter at all of the stops I make - 19?  Unfortunately, there are some nasty people and its nearly impossible at about 4 or 5 of those 19 stops where people either trash my stuff daily, or I am in fear of my shelters being taken and trashed.  At most of these stops I make, the cats hear the Jeep coming.  They run toward the Jeep when they can see the headlights.  Some cats keep their distance, others sidle around my feet. 

I pour out dry food (they love the Kit n Kaboodle) and wet food – about 3 dinner sized plates at each stop, some have four, of the dry food, and I plop a dollop of wet food on top of that.  That is their favorite.  They wait 24 hours for this treat.  Not even my own cats at home get this gourmet goody of wet food.  I pour a bowl of water, most times having to clean it out because raccoons or some other critter has come along and dirtied it.

I go through close to 40 pounds of dry food EVERY DAY, and at least 40 cans (regular size) EVERY DAY.  At two of my locations, at some point after I leave, someone comes along and pours it all out, leaving the cats to wait another 23-24 hours to wait until their next meal.  (At the location of where I wrote the man who I believe is doing it, I noticed this morning that one of the kittens there looks pregnant).  A friend, Joel – yes, Joel the writer! – offered to do a stake out for me yesterday morning. He drove in from Rush, NY and sat for two hours trying to catch who is throwing out my stuff at one location.  That person never showed.  Joel had to leave for work.  I am so grateful to Joel for doing this.  I still need to catch the person, even if it means someone sitting there for hours.  Any volunteers?

My heart bleeds for these animals – they are out there through no fault of their own.  This was the lot they were dealt by humans.  Not was, IS.  Its up to US to help them.  Please, there are so many kittens being born, and not enough homes.  Please continue to fight for them.  We are all they have.

I belong to a neighborhood website, where people air their grievances, and share information.  I came upon this, and I copy and paste a few comments (there were close to 50) that came along with it.  Animals are a hot topic.  I chimed in myself.  What do YOU think?

Martha , North Winton Village

PLEASE do NOT lert your cats run wild in the neighborhood....I have had 2 litters of kittens born UNDER my deck....I kept ONE kitten, and a neighbor kept 2, but the rest are just running wild...with the parents...There is a solid black adult female, a Huge gray, a Huge tiger and a black and white large cat....sex of those is unknown. They run back and forth across Blossom Road to the neighborhood over there. I will NOT put up with having any more stray cats on my deck, on my yard furniture or under my deck. Measures will be taken to get rid of them.....PLEASE...BE A RESPONSILE PET OWNER AND KEEP THEM INSIDE....DO NOT LET THEM RUN WILD IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. Thank you...
Juliana , Browncroft·1d ago
What measures? Should we be reporting you to the humane society?

Susan , Browncroft·1d ago
There are many stray cats born to strays- and the cycle goes on and on. There many Rescue Groups that do TNR . Why don't you start a Rescue as opposed threatening to "Taking Measures to get Rid of them".

Anthony , North Winton Village·1d ago
I'm in total and complete agreement with you Martha. They are a nuisance. And I'll add to your plea about not letting the cats run outside... if you see any cats outside, I beg you all not to feed them. Doing so just reinforces these cats to keep screwing each other, and making more kittens. I g I see any without tags, they will be handled as I see fit. (Farms, woods, lollipop farm)

Miriam , East Avenue·1d ago
No matter how good your intentions are, if you let your pet roam loose, even if collared or microchipped, and spayed/neutered, you are part of the problem and ensuring that it continues. If you are one of those people who insists that your cat cannot adapt to indoor life, please try a little harder. Consult your vet and other experts, and maybe have a little more patience because it might take a while. Consider something like a catio where they could enjoy the outdoors while staying safe. Or let them outdoors for brief periods under your supervision (cats can be trained with leashes or harnesses,) and then take them in again. My two cats have always been indoor pets (all my cats have, over the years,) and while they might like the freedom to roam around loose, I know that I am the one with the greater amount of common sense, so I know that it is my responsibility to keep them safe from the many dangers outdoor pets face, as well as the responsibility to my neighbors to not let the cats do any damage or injure other animals or people.

Rachel Boucher, East Avenue·1d ago
Well this is a ridiculous request considering the sheer amount of stray cats around. It’s not the fault of your neighbors 😂 Stray cats are and always will be around. Why not just do the humane thing and call animal control to take them to a shelter instead of a thinly veiled threat of animal cruelty?
Joanne , North Winton Village·1d ago
Well on the positive side, they keep the rat population down....

Susan , Browncroft·1d ago
I have taken in many strays over the 31 years I have lived in my home. They were all starving as well as sick. NOT FEEDING THEM Anthony Parker will not stop them from " screwing aroound" - I am quoting you by the way. Caring for animals should not just be left up to rescues, or the few caring individuals who see the plight of these poor animals. The community needs to step up - that includes every neighbor who has made nasty ,uncaring, this is not my problem COMMENT.

Nichole , Beechwood·19h ago
All that would need to happen is spaying or neutering cats. Otherwise what exactly is the problem? And why would you make illogical assumptions? Also, if you don't want to be bothered with strays ignore them, they're sentient beings and should be respected as such and not under your all powerful human ego. Unless your going to be helpful and compassionate it's none of your business. Who do you think you are to regulate another being not causing you any harm? Pathetic nonsense

Janine Wagner, Laurelton·18h ago
Boy tempers sure do flare when it comes to cats. This is a great topic and a chance for education for many. I’ve rescued 109 cats off the streets so far this year. I’ve adopted out all but 9. I’ve TNR’d (trap neuter return) over 70. I've had every one of them fixed all out of my own pocket (and I am more than broke). They are all from the Beechwood area starting at 2nd Street/Bay Street/Pennsylvania Avenue to Parsells/Grand/Melville and Culver Roads. Each year for the past 20 years I’ve averaged 50/50. If each individual took responsibility for one cat in their life time, have it spayed/neutered, given shots, provided shelter and food (even if outdoors), we wouldn’t have the situation with overpopulation of cats in Rochester as we do now. There are low cost clinics (not enough, for sure) that you can use – take advantage of them. PLEASE do your part to make this situation better! These animals suffer out there through no fault of their own and it’s up to us as decent human beings to help them. SPAY AND NEUTER! SHELTER AND FEED! PS, Cats should be kept inside for their own protection. They adapt. Just show them love and tenderness and give them a window to look out of.

Juliana , Browncroft·18h ago
Anthony, you are completely out of line. Why not be part of the solution instead of making veiled threats against animals. This is a people problem not a cat problem. Cats should be kept inside, owners should be vetting their cats, spaying and neutering, we know that does not always work so reach out to local rescues. Janine is awesome, and I love the work she does. There are other solutions that don't include endangering the cats by dropping them off where they may not survive.
Susan , Browncroft·17h agoNew
Darcy Hart- people do take care of their cats BUT there are other people who could care less and dump animals, don't spay, neuter etc. This results in the a huge feral and non- feral cat population . Our local resources have limited accessibility for low cost spaying and neutering . A lot of the problem arises due to the excessive costs of pet health care.

Carol , West Webster/Penfield·53m agoNew
Our dog was a stray & we had her for 19 years before she died of old age. When we purchased our home 9 years ago the women who owned the house asked if we would feed the stray cat that had been coming by for the past 3 years. She said it was timid and would just eat and run but the kids had it eating out of their hands. We had a place in the garage for her. She did not want to come inside the house even if was cold and snowy. She went ½ way down the driveway to see my son get on the bus every day. She had signs of arthritis so we did Reiki on her & gave her special food. She mostly stayed in the new bed we had for her in the garage. She did not have a collar but my son brushed her really nice the day she disappeared. Legally she was not our cat but is part of our family & well loved. We recently adopted a rescue puppy that need a home. I would not turn my back on a person or a stray animal in need of help. We are all God’s creatures. I feel we should treat everyone and every animal with kindness and there would be less problems in the world.

I obviously cut and pasted what I liked, most of the other stuff was bordering on ignorant, most, not all.  Bottom line:  Its up to US to care for these animals!  Please, help me to help them!

I have a much needed vacation day from work tomorrow.  WOO HOO!  Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

L'Oreal Cosmetics


Something different folks...  In case you use L'Oreal cosmetics...  I won't anymore!  Click on link above for website.

Thanks Deb G. for sharing...

L’Oréal claims it "no longer tests ingredients on animals and no longer tolerates any exception to this rule.”
...Then why does L’Oréal sell its products in China, where animal testing is still a common requirement for most types of cosmetics?
...And why isn't L’Oréal supporting efforts that would ban cosmetics testing on animals?
While L’Oréal stalls, hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide continue to suffer horrible pain and die for the sale of cosmetics.
Sadly, animals used for cosmetics testing have chemicals dripped into their eyes or skin and poured down their throats—leaving them blinded, poisoned and killed. It is time for L’Oréal to get on the right side of history and join The Humane Society of the United States in our efforts to end cosmetics cruelty once and for all.
Urge L’Oréal to support the #becrueltyfree campaign by sending them a message today. Together, we can ban cosmetics testing on animals forever—because they're worth it.
Take action

Thank you for all you do for animals.
Wayne's signature
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


  • Pennsylvania Avenue - feeding under a tree

Tuesday is the “forgotten day” as it’s not church day… not the typical first day of the work week, it’s not a day that signifies the work week is half over (and humping), it’s not the “hey, start the party because tomorrow is Friday” day, nobody Thanks God It’s Tuesday like Friday… and Hey it’s no Saturday.

So I am down to two paper bowls.  And paper plates that are too small, and there is no lip.  I've used up all my good paper plates and bowls replacing the ones that the !#@%@#$ are throwing out each day at two locations.  Not to mention, when the wind picks up, there they go at other locations also.  I sure could use heavy ceramic plates with a lip, so that the food doesn't easily push off the side.  I can also use boards, of any size (not bigger than four feet as I can't get in the back of the Jeep).  Whoever is doing this to the cats on Melville has removed the boards I place there as well as the plates and bowls.  The board is needed for days like today, rain.  It will keep the food dry underneath when you lean the board against another surface.

My wish list:  

  • Dixie Ultra Heavy Duty paper plates and bowls
  • kitten food (wet and dry - grain free preferably)
  • boards
  • large camouflage tarps
  • KitnKaboodle or Purina Cat Chow dry food
  • LARGE Friskies cans (fish, turkey or chicken)
  • heavy ceramic lipped plates

Dead Rat on Parsells - this is what cats do! 😐

I woke this morning to ferocious winds and hailing rain.  I thought, 'oh man, this is going to be tough, I just want to go back to bed and not have to do this'.  I then thought of the rain gear I have, and how its not rainproof really, and I thought of my hair, and THEN I thought of those poor cats in the rain, and where are they huddling.  I wasn't worried about the cats that have a safe haven - maybe four spots out of 18.  They consist of beautiful wooden huts across from each other, up on pallets, board over that, and tarp over that.  Like little villages.  Better than nothing.  I am sure the cats huddle under cars, under porches, but its got to be frightening to them, the wind and howling rain, let alone thunder and lightening storms.

But as luck would have it, when I left the house at 3:45 am., the rain had stopped.  It was wet nevertheless.  I am grateful I have my rubber wellies to wear each day in spring, summer and fall.  They've kept my feet from getting wet, from the possibility of getting bitten by a tick, from all sorts of gross things.  They might be pink and bright, but they do the trick.  Come winter though, its the furry boots with rubber protection at the bottom.  I still have yet to break a leg.  

No sight of the kitty with the large flesh wound on his face.  I must have scared him enough for him to keep away.  But there are so many others.  

I must find more fosters.  There are so many kitties out there I must get off the streets.  Please consider!

PS, if anyone has time in the morning, I am looking for a person to sit and do a stake out!  I need to know who is trashing my stuff on Webster and Ferndale Crescent!  They go every morning after I place food for the hungry cats and throw the food and water out.

Have a nice day!

"Every day may not be good
but there is something good
in every day."

Monday, October 23, 2017


Look at that kitten - GINNY - is she gorgeous or what.  I have a cat named Vanessa, a muted tortie with streaks of orange and yellows, and just beautiful fall colors!  I had a visitor yesterday, her name is Lillian, and she is a sweet 88 year old woman that adopted a kitten from me years back, and we became friends.  I visit her every other week or so, and she has made cookies for the fundraiser for me for the past two years.  She is a feisty one.  I've always told her to stop over if she is in the neighborhood - we live just miles from each other.  You go to her house and she is this very young 88 year old, hair still dyed, perfectly coiffed, house in impeccable order, always the smell of something yummy cooking, and a very sharp, dry, sarcastic sense of humor.  Fun though.  She makes me laugh.  I almost DIED when I saw her drive up yesterday.  I was on the phone with Kristin and practically hung up in mid-sentence with her because I had to race to get things in order.  Her yard - there is not a blade of grass out of  place on her lawn, mine was covered in sticks and leaves - that was the first thing I am sure she noticed as she got out of the car.   I invited her in and could just see the look in her eyes, one by one surveying the cats, and the kittens, and my kitchen with stuff all over the counters, and cut out spiders on the floor from the party the night before, and litter on the floor outside the litter box...  I swear, I thought, this must look like the Munsters house to her.  I just about died.  I got her out as quickly as she came in.  She probably has this whole new persona about me, and it ain't pretty.  Oh well.  What are you going to do.  It is what it is.  I don't know why I pretend to be what I would like it to be, but it never is.  I hope you get what I mean!

As you can imagine, I had a much more relaxing Sunday, even though before I knew it, it was 3 pm. and I still had a boatload of things I wanted to get done, but never did.


Stevie and Izzy!

The two sick kittens are getting much better, they've been isolated from the other four, and all six are just darling.  Some more skittish than the others, but adorable nevertheless.

Ginny went back with her foster mom, but will come back to me as soon as the two sick kittens are better, and the rest of them will be as well, and will be better socialized as Melissa has more time to devote to them at night when she gets home from work.  Thank God for Melissa.

Gracie at new home

Gracie went to her forever home on Saturday.  It was sad and happy for me, as they all are.  Gracie was isolated in her foster home as well, because she didn't really like the other kitties she was around, but her new home she is now an only 'child' and will be spoiled rotten by her new mom and dad.  Thank you Kristin and Ethan for adopting Gracie! 

I have not seen the injured kitty since I failed to get her in the carrier last week.  So disappointed.  This morning though, as I drove by on my way home, I thought I saw him on the porch sitting there.  I stopped, got out and placed the trap with yummy tuna, and drove off.  Came back a while later, and BLAM!  A cat in the trap!  Upon closer inspection, in the dark, it was not the injured kitty, it was another.  And none to happy either.  Of course I feel horrible about this cat.  I hope it shows up soon.

In the meantime, at this exact spot on Melville, there is a female BREEDING dog that gets out of the fence in the house behind that is off Parsells.  Its bark is worse than its bite, but the dog keeps going onto the porch and eating the cat food.  She won't be scared off either.  I must call Animal Control and report that these people need to secure their fence better.  She is a pit bull and could be mistaken as a vicious dog.  OF course she shouldn't be allowed to be with these 'owners' if they are breeding her, but she is scaring me, and the cats I am sure, and eating their food!

And, in case you are wondering, I have not heard one iota from the man I sent the letter to last Thursday.  And the plates are being removed daily, although there have been one or two mornings that they were still there, but then gone the next.  And on Webster and Ferndale, someone is taking those plates daily.  I have been sort of spying when I drive off, I circle back with lights off trying to catch this person, but so far no luck.  I did see Crazy Mary Leigh this morning, and tailed her, but she walked right past.  She did not know I was tailing her either. 

Out of ...  18 locations where I have shelters?  I think there are FOUR that are 'secure'.  I deal with so much animosity and negativity.  I have to sneak around to feed these poor helpless animals.  Its a tragedy more isn't being done to protect them.

Don't forget the FUNRaiser on November 11th!  I am still hoping to get gift cards and some good gift baskets for the Chinese Raffle.   There will be great food, music and ...  we will have our very own bartenders!  :)  So bring your thirst, and empty stomach, and enjoy the afternoon!

Have a great day!

"God meets our needs
one day at a time."

Friday, October 20, 2017

Wish List

Letter was sent yesterday to the man on Melville.  Funny thing, this morning was the second morning that the paper plates and paper bowl was not removed from the back of the lot.  That is where I am feeding the other cats that won't get close to me, and the kittens I saw there.  Who knows.  Do I dare placing a precious Styrofoam shelter there over for next week, seeing as how its supposed to rain?  And a board to cover the food?  I will dare.

Tobey and Ike

Lets not forget I am also dealing with someone who is taking my plates and bowls on Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue.  Every day.  The cats wait for me hungrily to replace their plates and bowls, to eat the only meal they will have all day and night.  Sickening the mindset of people who can do this to these innocent creatures.

Speaking of, on Garson this morning, the man that lives next to the lot, not the guy that came out at 4 am. and told me to stop feeding there, but the nice man that lives on the other side of the lot, he took a board from back there, where I have shelters.  I believe it was him, as he is always doing something odd with this space.  He had a beautiful vegetable garden this past summer, all in boxes throughout the vacant lot.  So I am down a board. 

Boards are very precious to me.  I need them to cover entrances to the shelters for when it gets cold and snowy.  So, if you see boards on the side of the road, or can purchase them, any size bigger than 2' x 4', please save them for me.  I also need paper bowls.  There is a larger size, and a smaller size.  I could use both.  Must be paper, no Styrofoam.  We must think of Mother Earth!

This morning, I spotted the black and white kitty with the torn injured head, and he actually was hungry enough, and trusting enough, to get close.  I was able to pet him.  I had the carrier standing by my side, and ready.  At one point, I grabbed him by the scruff, and placed him in the carrier.  No sooner than I had done that, he got out.  I was extremely disappointed.  Unless you've ever done this, with an injured animal, you don't know the depth of disappointment you feel.  I watched him run away.  I left with my head down, and thought about it for the rest of the morning.  I am determined to get him, especially after my friend and foster Kim has offered to take him in and care for him.  I will set a trap, as he seems desperate enough to eat.  Poor baby.

Little Tobey is sick.   Snotty nose, eye gook.  URI.  Tobey is one of the six kittens I rescued the past two week from Garson.  I immediately isolated her last evening into a spare room and she cries and cries.  I am trying to get her in to see a doctor today.  Ka Ching.


Owl-eyed Ginny was spayed yesterday.  Her foster mom had suspected either FIP or pregnancy because of her belly when she was fostering her, so she took her to the vet and the culture came back for worms, but they couldn't confirm the other.  So when she was spayed yesterday, I asked that they pay particular attention to her regarding FIP or pregnancy, and it was confirmed she had neither!  So this little girl is ready for a home!  She is so sweet and darling.  Her purrs are so loud.  She's precious, just precious.

I have a family coming to meet Gracie tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!

Have a great day.
I leave you with pictures of my Rock God.  Robert Plant.  I love you Robert.  ❤💓💕💖💗💋

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Zip It!

Photo taken this a.m. on Parsells

Another poor angel, he's been wandering between Parsells and Melville.  I am trying to gain his trust.  I did not know the extent of his injuries until I took this photo.  Too hard to see in the dark, and he didn't allow me to get this close to him previously.   THIS is why these cats need our help.  To shelter them, feed them, protect them.  Which brings me to my next subject.

Central Park yesterday morning
(same location where I rescued the poor soul the last time)

So yesterday I composed a letter that I wanted to leave with the man that owns the vacant lot who I believe is throwing away my stuff, even though I don't believe where I am placing bowls now is even on his property.  In fact, I forgot to do what I was going to do this morning (although its just one of many things I forget to do each day) which was to go to Parsells Avenue, where the vacant lot ends at.  They are 'back to back' vacant lots.  I would like to see who owns the vacant lot on that side.  By the way, thanks to Joel who found out this information for me yesterday about this guy that owns the lot on Melville Street.

I shared the letter on Facebook, wanting to get a final look over from knowledgeable people to see if what I wrote was good.  I received a ton of feedback, for which I am grateful for every bit.  Its always good to have others opinions, as your own are not always right.  Feedback reminds you that when it comes to heated situations, until you can think things through, it is always wise to remain silent.

I had some folks send me different versions of what I should say, and they were good.  Here is one such letter:

Dear Mr Nesbith,

            I am writing this letter as a plea for your help with the feral cat situation near your home. I apologize if I have come across harsh in the past. I hope after you read my letter you will understand the dedication and passion I have for these homeless animals. Many years ago I noticed the City of Rochester had many homeless cats and kittens. I realized quickly the need to control this situation but the city was not willing to help. These animals have been left behind by irresponsible owners over the years.  I started my mission 20 years ago and knew something needed to be done to control the population problem but it needed to be done in a humane way. Over the years I have used my own resources to care for these cats and kittens mainly focusing on TNR-Trap/Neuter/Release.  For the past 20 years I wake up every morning at 3am and head out to feed the homeless stray cats and kittens in the city of Rochester…in the rain, cold, and snow. The RIT students have built beautiful appealing shelters for them in the winter months and many neighbors, family, and friends have donated food and monetary donations to help with their care. Together as a community we have made an impact in controlling the reproduction of these cats.

Feral cats AKA Community Cats can be a benefit to the community. With a caretaker, or a group of caretakers, these cats are humanely trapped, neutered and vaccinated for rabies, returned to their wild home territory, fed daily and monitored. One of their ears is “tipped” to identify that cat as part of a managed TNR community. They will control rodent populations in the area and defend that territory against invading cats. And as fewer kittens are born to the colony, it grows smaller and more manageable.

I understand your frustration. Just like you I wish these cats were not in the streets but in loving caring homes they so deserve. I hope for a day when no cats are left behind.  I would love more than anything to work on a goal or compromise that would benefit both of us and help keep these innocent animals safe.

I truly appreciate your time.


Now its been suggested to make this letter less accusatory toward this one man.  What if its not him, although I do believe with 98% certainty that it is.  She would like me to add:  'you are receiving this letter because...  someone has been removing my shelters near your property... hoping to make amends with the person doing this by educating them with a reason, and a need for food and shelter...  I will send the man something.  Wish me luck he sees the light.  Otherwise, I will just keep plugging away...  As Tom Petty sang, I won't back down.

In reality, I have no TNR appointments at the clinic until close to mid-November.  Its truly disheartening.  I am actually petting unneutered cats out there.  We have a shortage of vets who are willing to do low cost spay and neuter.  I know you are all thinking Lollypop, but they have a long waiting list.  So does the Rochester Community Animal Clinic.  They are about the only clinics that we have to do this.  Right now, all I am doing is keeping these cats on my route alive by feeding them.  Something must be done about this.

I need to end this here, but I have so much to say...  for now though, I will zip it.

Have a nice day.

“It is not the strongest of the species
that survives, nor the most intelligent,
but the one most responsive
to change.”

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Be sure to click on pics to view close up

It was a tough morning for me.  First the issue with the vacant lot where I am feeding kittens, and adult cats on the side of the road - the @#$@# totally got rid of the dishes I had back there (and all the wooden boards too).  I really need to catch whoever is doing this.  I don't know what I will do, but I know what I would LIKE to do.  I did swing by on my way home to make sure the food was still there, an hour after leaving it, and to get the numbers on the surrounding houses.  If anyone can let me know who owns this lot - it is between #103 and #119 Melville Street.  On top of that, the first Melville stop I make, where I've been feeding for years, and they boarded up the carport under neath the house so I was forced to feed the cats on the porch above, the porch was totally gone this morning.  Whoever owns this vacant house, and I believe its someone who lives in California, is having work done.  Luckily, the person working on it did NOT trash the shelter I had left there yesterday morning, and placed the food dishes on the side of the house, not trashing those either.

Sick kitty on Garson
When I pulled up to Garson, where I just rescued the six kittens, I walked to the back of the lot, and in the light from my flashlight I could see a cat lying there on the ground, sort of behind a board.  As I got closer I expected it to bolt, as they all do.  Nothing.  I got closer to it, and realized something was wrong.  I petted its behind, and it raised its head, with little sticks sticking to its mouth, as if it had its head lying on the ground, drooling maybe and they stuck to his mouth.  I walked back to my car, got the carrier, came back and gently grabbed the kitty by the scruff and placed in the carrier.  I noted it was not eartipped.  Off it went, to the emergency vet in Brighton, and after the doctor examined for about a minute, determined that kitty had a very weak heartbeat, and whatever happened to it, it most likely would not have made it through the day.  I gave permission to euthanize.  There are so many poor souls out there like this.  Anyone who questions my decision, think twice before you do.

I love updates.  If anyone would like to share, please do.  These are the best kinds of posts!

If you will all remember, I rescued Pierre from Parsells this past spring, and was he a handful!  He went to his foster momma Kim to be 'tamed' and then I rescued Carmel.  Both needed a home, and along came an angel, Sheryl, who lives in the country, and wanted to give these two a home.  It was a bit tricky at first, because Pierre was bold, and Carmel was frightened.  But after patience and time, they both came around, and also became friends with the resident pooch!  

Pierre and Carmel

Roesie and Toesie:

"This update is looong overdue but I just wanted to let you know how Captain Toesie and Dinosaur Water Bottle (new names) were doing! It's amazing how different their personalities are. I have a favorite for different times of day 😊.  Captain is my favorite for snuggling and Dinosaur is my favorite playmate. They both tolerate the kids, although Dinosaur is better at hiding! Hope all is well with you!"

Toesie and Rosie Then

Rosie and Toesie NOW

I sure do love happy endings!

Have a great day!

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them:  that's the essence of inhumanity."