Sponsor a Spay!

Sponsor a Spay for a Day!

In a span of seven years, one female cat and her offspring will give birth to almost 3,000 kittens. In ten years, that number goes up to 49,000!*

In an attempt to combat this problem in our city, every Tuesday morning, as weather permits, Janine does her best (and is usually successful!) to trap two cats who are not yet "fixed." She takes them to Rochester Community Animal Clinic where they are spayed/neutered, given basic vaccinations (including rabies), flea-treated and ear-tipped. (Ear-tipping indicates that a cat has already been altered and makes it easy to see on first sight.)

The cost is $60 per cat. Each cat spayed or neutered is one more cat that is protected from common feline diseases. One more cat that won't be getting or spreading rabies. One more cat that won't be making babies.

You have the opportunity to join Janine in reaching the goal of making sure that no more kittens are born onto the streets of the Beechwood neighborhood--to fend for themselves, to struggle to survive, to fight for limited resources, and to parent even more kittens!

You can help by calling the clinic at 585-288-0600 and making a donation over the phone to Janine Wagner's account. Or stop into the clinic at  985 Bay Street and donate in person. The money will be used strictly for the surgeries and care of the feral/stray cats.

 * http://calculate-this.com/420000-kittens-unspayed-cat-kitten-calculator 

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  1. Hi Janine. I just put $100 on your account for spaying. Thank you for everything that you are doing for animals.
    Anne Esposito