Monday, November 30, 2015

The Monday Morning Post

Its been a long crazy five days, but oh so wonderful.  I could live like this forever, not working, but know its not possible, for today.  I can admit though, that I actually experienced boredom.  But did I catch up on the gazillion things I put off when I am not bored?  No.  I didn't open one magazine, or read one newspaper.  Did I pick up a novel to read, something I haven't done in a couple of years?  No.  Did I go to the movies and spend a few hours outside of my own head?  No.  Did I go shopping?  Did I pull dead hosta leaves from the garden, no.  Instead, I took naps, and cooked.  I visited with a few friends, and cleaned.  I drank a bit of wine.  That is the extent of my week.  But it was bliss nevertheless.

The Feed a Cat For Christmas campaign is moving along nicely.  I have received donations for the first NINE days of December.  Although besides one, no one has mentioned they would like their donation in honor or in memory of anyone.  Please be sure to let me know either in the notes when you make a credit card donation, or email me.  Thank you so much for making this happen Carrie.  I don't have the creativity to think of stuff like this, but its amazing how much its appreciated, to know that the food is covered by someone for a day.  Its truly amazing.  Thank you so much all of you for your donations. 

The hood remained the hood this past week.  There was a shooting on Second and Bay in the early morning Thanksgiving day.  I feed at the opposite end of Second - and there were no signs of police presence, I didn't even know about it until I got home from my rounds.

I spiffed up a few shelters and fed a bit more food on Thanksgiving morning.  I drove away, as I always do, sad about the cats I've had to leave behind.  I always tell them, one day, I will come back for you.  And you.  And you.  Yes, and you too.  :)  I must say, this past year, people were kinder to my shelters.  Not too many destroyed, except for the incident on Pennsylvania and Fourth, where Crazy Tim destroyed my stuff, until I had to call the police, and then went and got a garden permit, and spiffed this vacant lot up.  Its going to be beautiful come spring when the bulbs we planted bloom.  The shelters behind it are nearly invisible, but the eight or so cats remain.  I pray they use the newly built shelters there this winter.  They are going to need them. 


Patches, the kitty with the chronic stomatitis, is still very ill.  He has moments where his mouth looks ok (he isn't drooling blood and his tongue seems to be licking all the time), and he will come out to eat. I've had to give him 3 mls. per day of antibiotic and steroid.  I mix it in with his food, sometimes he will eat it, sometimes not.  The meds do not seem to be working.  His mouth makes this little chucking sound, I can't describe it in words, but you can tell he is having a hard time just licking, or swallowing.  I will call the vet again today and see what they say.  Don't forget, he is also hiding under the bed in the spare room I have.  I have to pull him out each time.  I cuddle with him, he purrs in my arms, but he is not a happy boy.  I feel terrible about it.  I know you have all made suggestions, but please, walk in my shoes.  I have a full plate, and its hard for me to do the research and different vets, money, etc.  If you can make it easier for me, feel free.  But I also can't allow Patches to suffer like he is either.  Buttons is doing better, but he is also hiding, not as much, but still hides.  He is a SWEETHEART when I hold him.  He has never known a life of caring.  Its absolutely amazing to see the transformation of a cat that has never known a home. 

The great news:  Violet seems to be eating!  I brought over this Iams shredded stuff, and she ate it without choking or vomiting!  So this little girl is just about ready for adoption!  Who wants a kitten??  She needs to be spayed, so I must make the appointment for her.

Tomorrow I have some new stuff to share about Maryleigh.  She is a sick woman.  In the meantime, off to work I go!

Have a great day!

"It seems to me that any full grown, mature adult would have a desire to be responsible, to help where he can in a world that needs so very much, that threatens us so very much." 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Cats have 30 adult teeth and 26 baby teeth. That’s far fewer than dogs (42 and 28) and less than humans (32 and 20). Those “fangs” or upper canine teeth often protrude saber-tooth tiger style and lend some cats an intimidating smile. Yes, I’m afraid. And I think those enamel-embellished kitties prefer it that way.

I give you this information just because I was researching yesterday, thinking that may be the cure for Patches, who is suffering terribly with the ulcer on his tongue.  I finally spoke to someone at the vet place he has been seen three times now, where each time he would receive an injection of antibiotic, and steroid.  They said he has chronic plasmacydic (sp?) stomatitis, and it will never go away.   His life will consist of daily medicines, and that still won't take away the pain he is in with his mouth.  He has bloody drool, very smelly due to constant infection in the gums.  They don't recommend removal of his teeth, because the disease will always be there and the tongue will be ulcerative constantly.  I did ask if a cleaning might help, and they agreed that it would help, but not cure.  So that will be done this Friday for Patches.  In the meantime, I am considering euthanasia for him down the road if this treatment still isn't working.  He still hides from me, so I have to pull him out from waaaaaaay under the bed, and then hold him until he is calm.  He isn't grooming himself because of the pain.  Poor guy.  So, say a little prayer for Patches. 

My mother had to put her cat to sleep yesterday.   Mikey.  I rescued Mikey when I had a shelter on Third Street, before the house was torn down, many years ago.  Mikey was a beautiful sweet boy who needed to get off the street.  He lost a lot of weight, and the doctor thought, due to various signs, that it was cancer.  Rest in peace sweet Mikey!

Mikey on Third before his rescue

I will be calling the Sargeant of the Goodman section this morning, as was advised by friends to do to find out why Lisa wasn't arrested yesterday - I spoke to 911 and I must call before they end their shift this morning, which is soon.  I appreciate the comments yesterday.  I still commend the officers for being as nice as they were to me!  (UPDATE, I just called, no one available, I am just letting this go, until the next time).

The cat I TNR'd (let go this morning - heartbreaking once again) from Webster and Ferndale, Frankie, turned out to be a girl.  The clinic said she was 'very sweet' so again, heartbreaking for me to have to let her back out there this morning.

I am on vacation today.  I love it.  I have so much to do to get ready for the big holiday tomorrow.  I leave you with lots and lots of pictures taken this morning.  Be sure to click on the pics to see them up close.  AGAIN, please consider FOSTER and adoption, they really need OUR help. 


PARSELLS #1 (where Prince hasn't been seen for a week now)

PARSELLS #2 (where Parsley is)



BALDWIN & GRAND - Mr. Fluffypants #2

SHORT STREET (where Buttons was just rescued)



Behind Paul's house on SECOND STREET



BIG RED # 2 in the background!


Interesting story from Belgium:

Have a great day!

"If we are not happy and joyous at this season,
for what other season shall we wait and
for what other time shall we look?"


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

TNR Tuesday and SO MUCH MORE!

There is a girl, her name is Carrie, she is sweet, funny, SMART, and caring.  She has started a fundraiser for me, its a tab on this blog, up above, and you can feed a cat for a day, for Christmas.  You get a lovely gift certificate for doing so, and you can also donate in honor or in memory of someone, or your favorite kitty or doggie (or snake or hamster, whatever).  I thank her so much for starting this for me.  I can't wait to see if it takes off.  Please consider feeding a cat for Christmas.  Remember, these are not my cats, these are ALL of our cats, they belong to us, and we need to care for them, together.  I am out there doing the dirty work, but I need help on the sidelines. Read all about it on the tab above.

The only home these cats know
Today was TNR Tuesday, where I have two slots open to me each week, and I've been doing this since early spring this year.  There is a beautiful calico girl that cries when she is there, and I am there to feed it, on Webster and Ferndale, where Crazy Maryleigh lives close by.  I drove strait there to set the first trap.  As I was pulling up, guess who I saw - and this is 4:15 am.!  Maryleigh.  So, I slowly follow her, and she turns around to see me, and then starts to walk back toward her house.  I called out to her and said I hope she is not burying cats in the vacant lot that I have seen her go back and forth from.  Her footprints were there yesterday morning, you could see them in the snow, at 4:45 am.  She is doing something back there.  Anyways, the trap was set, I went and set the next trap behind Paul's house on Second Street for another calico and then went back and voila, there is a pretty fluffy tabby feral kitty.  I named him FRANKIE from Ferndale.

I then finished up the back nine - I did not get a kitty behind Paul's house so I packed up the trap and headed back to Parsells to finish up the front nine.  I decided to set a trap at my second stop on Parsells, as there are a few kitties that sleep in the shelter I have on that porch but run when they see me.  I set the trap, and as I was headed back to the car, there was LISA!

Lisa, taken several years ago with poor kitten in her arm - the cops were called this day too, as she wasn't allowed animals in her house
Lisa is the other crazy woman in my life besides MaryLeigh, who both have been thorns in my side when it comes to cats.  Lisa is also mentally ill, and lives just a few houses down from where I feed these cats.  She came walking up to me and noted that I was feeding cats on that porch, and asked why I didn't feed cats under her tree anymore.  I said because you take the food and throw it out.  She then said something about the owner of the house being a *expletive* and how they kill cats by pulling their limbs apart, etc. (meanwhile, she must be thinking about the torture she has done to cats in the past) and how much she hated him.  The house is vacant by the way.  She THEN started to say how she didn't appreciate me feeding the cats on her block, and how she didn't appreciate how I feed cats several blocks down from there, as she pointed to my next stop where Parsley and the others hang out.  I told her that all that was none of her business and she said I don't want you here, and came at me and said I will hit you, and I put my arm up and she hit my arm, otherwise it would have been my face as she is as tall as I am.  Normally, I would have retaliated, no one hits me and gets away with it.  But I knew I had the law on my side this time.  After she threw a bottle at me, and turned around to go in her house, door slamming, I called 911 and made the report.  Within five minutes, two cop cars pulled up (meanwhile, I had gone on to my next feeding spot).  Two nice officers, McDonald and Armstrong, pulled up, I told them what happened, and I gave them a bit of history about Lisa.  Without much hesitation, they asked if I wanted to have her arrested.  I hemmed and hawed, but then realized that YES, I do want her arrested.  I don't need her harassing me and the cats and the food bowls now that she knows its me feeding the cats, plus I was trapping and I didn't want her messing with it.  They asked me to stick around and said they would go talk to her.

Meanwhile, I picked up the trap.  There was no way any cat was going into the trap with all this commotion. The officer did explain to me that if she didn't open her door, they couldn't arrest her.  I don't really understand that, but I said, OK.  I had also asked if she would be arrested under mental hygiene, or go to jail, and they said jail.  After five minutes or so, I drove up to her house and could see them talking to her in the dark.  An officer came up to me and said that she wouldn't come off her porch, so they couldn't arrest her.  I still don't understand that, but in the meantime, I said well I gotta get going, he took my information and said if anything further happens, to call them.  I still don't understand how a person can come up and intentionally hit you, with you having done nothing wrong to them,. and get away with it.  Anybody familiar with the law here?

So that was my excitement for the morning.

Patches will have to go back to the vet, his mouth is not getting any better.  He has bloody smelly saliva hanging from his mouth, the tongue slipping out a bit, and you can tell he generally just does not feel good.  I have a feeling they may have to remove his teeth.  I looked and his gums are very red.  I have spent so much money on him and Violet lately.  These are not my cats, these are Rochester's cats, and I sure could use some help.

Have a wonderful day.

"We make a living by
what we get...

but we make a life by
what we give."

Monday, November 23, 2015

Boot Scootin Boogie!

Yup, break out the snow boots, its winter out there today!  uggghghghghghghghghhghghghghghghg.

It was a huge reminder of what is to come, and how desperate I am to find more people to foster these sweet animals out there that are waiting for me to sweep them off their feet.  I looked at Buttons earlier, when I went in to cuddle him and give him his wet food, which is all he is still eating since his teeth extractions last week, and I rubbed the pads on his rough feet, looked at him, he looked at me with grateful eyes, and I told him how lucky he was, how warm and cozy it was for him now, that he would never have to suffer another night in the cold again.

I saw Parsley this morning, jump down from his wet blanket from the porch on Parsells as I pulled up, as he does every single day, and runs to greet me.  I give him a pat, and tell him I will be getting him someday soon, and say that with guilt as I look at the five or six others that are waiting there also.  I tell this to Prince on Parsells, and to his two companions there that run to greet me, all waiting for a pat and food.  Their water bowls all iced over this morning.  I fill three jugs of warm water each day, HOT when its really cold out, so that they can have quench their thirst while the water is still warm before it turns to ice.

Their very favorite is wet food.  Sometimes, I feel sad because I can't leave them very much, I just can't afford all that wet food - enough to feed over 70 cats that I encounter each morning.

Cammy (from Central) - needs a home
And then we have the ones in foster now, the ones that are waiting for their forever homes, but I know how very grateful they are.  I have Patches, Minnie and Buttons that I am fostering.  Cammy is with Karen P., Ciara has Buddy, sister Karen has Nora and Violet, Hermie is on his way out from his foster who can't keep him any longer, and Francie who has been waiting a long time for her forever home is with her foster mom Pattie.

Parsley (Parsells) needs to get off the street
Prince (Parsells) - still on the street
Please spread the word about these animals - we need more people to step up and foster the ones that aren't so lucky today.  I will take care of all medical bills.  You just provide the warm home and love.

Adopt.  Rescue.  Foster.
Transport. Sponsor.  Donate.
Volunteer.  Educate.
Don't walk away.

Friday, November 20, 2015


Buttons is going for surgery this morning for tooth removal, and I have no clue how much this is going to take a toll on me financially.  Thank you to the few who made donations on his behalf.  I am afraid its going to be a lot more, let's wait and see.  Prayers, and fingers crossed, and all that stuff.  In the meantime, Violet continues to tolerate only liquids, although she is getting a bit bigger, Patches continues to eat only wet food due to his ulcerated tongue, and then poor Hermie.  I would never put a cat back on the street after all this time.  There are no barn situations that I am comfortable with.  Or that I know of at the moment.  He has been through so much, he needs someone with patience, someone to love him unconditionally until he can gain your trust.  I pray he is given that chance.

It's not a good day, with all this looming over me.  BUT, I am thankful for what I do have, for my friends and family's health, and for the animals that are fed, and safe today. 

That's it for me.  It's been a very long week.  I look forward to a weekend of relaxing when I can, organizing whatever mess I come upon, sharing a laugh or two with a friend or family member, and scratching a dog or cat's head, and winning a lottery!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


VIOLET - still unable to eat solids, but still waiting for a home too!

HERMIE's foster needs remove Hermie from her home - please consider this special need (super shy) cat
I think the only option would be Lollipop for him.  
FRANCIE is super shy, and needs to find a permanent home desperately

So, I pulled up to the last stop this morning, at 4th and Pennsylvania, and there is a cat I call Big Red #2.  Big Red (#1) was rescued years ago from Garson Avenue.  He was a big big red boy, with injuries, and after a while, he learned to trust me and allowed me to pet him.  I finally got word from someone that they would take him.  So I scooped him up.  He is now living the life, with Monkey, a young kitty I scooped up not long after him, from Second Street.  Monkey had a curly tail, which is how she got her name.  They live in Penfield with their family - parents and many canine and feline siblings.  In the meantime, Big Red's twin - I've been feeding him for a very long time - many  years there - and he has always stayed far away when I arrive, as do the other seven or so regulars that I see when I pull up there.  But this past summer, one of the other red kitties, with some white on its chest, has started to friend me.  He sidles up to me and enjoys the long pets and scratches I give him.  Well, what do they say, monkey see, monkey do?  Big Red saw me petting this other red, and he wanted in on some of that.  And there we were this morning, a really nice cuddle, me and Big Red #2.  It really is amazing how it could take years before an animal will trust you, but they do!  They really do come around!

So take heed, any of you that are considering giving up on an animal because its too shy for you to pet.  It might not take years, it could be a matter of months, days...  most of these cats have been born on the streets, and do not trust humans.  But little by little, day after day, they do learn that you are good, that you are there to love them and be kind to them.  And they WILL eventually come around.  Big Red #2 is living proof.   Better yet, Buttons is living proof.  Buttons was born in a hole in the foundation of a boarded up house (I am assuming).  I fed him and his siblings and cats around there on Sixth Street and when they were older had them all spayed and neutered.  Buttons would get closer and closer and sweeter and sweeter enough to let me hold him.  Briefly, but he trusted me that much!  And he was born feral!

Speaking of Buttons, he went to the vet yesterday for a pre-op check.  He will have some teeth removed tomorrow.  PLEASE READ MONDAY'S POST ON HIS RESCUE.  Thank you Nancy for donating money towards his pre-op check, with a little left over for this very expensive tooth removal tomorrow (although this is the cheapest around).  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  This cat is not MY cat, its a cat that is/was in desperate need because it was starving to death not being able to eat.  Imagine, every morning, I pulled up there, did my thing, fed the six or so cats on Short Street, and drove off thinking - they are filling their little bellies for the day - what a great feeling for me.  But no, little Buttons was watching me drive off saying "it hurts to much for me to eat!' and had to wait in hopes that it might change the next morning when I drive up.  I am SO thankful I had the wherewithal to scoop him up.  I knew I had cats in foster already that are still in need of homes, I know that Cammy needs to come back to me from his foster, as she has been very kind and patient with him this long after finding out he has FIV, and she only deals with healthy kitties in her rescue group, and I know Hermie is in need of someone that can get him out of his shell, and his foster is in desperate need of someone to take him now, she cannot keep him any longer.   But I just had to get Buttons. 

If anyone has an extra few dollars they can spare, please call Caring for Cats in Greece (585-865-5220) and make a donation towards Buttons surgery tomorrow (it could be under SueAnn Meddaugh's name - she got the ball rolling for this by finding out pricing for him, and making the appointment for him).  Remember, this could be your way of helping an animal without the bother!  When I started doing this over 15 years ago, to this day I had never encountered dental problems with the cats I've rescued.  I didn't bargain for this, nor do I have finances for anything above and beyond just feeding them, and getting them spayed and neutered.  I am doing something that the city should be doing, caring for its homeless.  People and cats, they both suffer.  There are so many that need our help.  PLEASE help me to help them.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

"In the end, we only regret the chances
we didn't take."

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hump Day

SAWYER (one of my proud rescues - Thank you Lynn for giving him a chance!)

I had to release the kittens this morning.  You just can't imagine.  If you love cats, kittens or babies, you just cannot imagine having to do that.  But they are feral (although could be tamed if we had enough willing participants), and there really was no other alternative (yes, someone did offer to take one of them, but I have to assess what that person has on their plate already, and I have to assess other factors along with that, so I had to turn it down).  So out went Melville Marmalade.  The next release from yesterday's TNR would be Skye on Seventh Street.  As I began to walk to the back of the lot there to release her, in the quiet of the morning - 5 am. - I could hear this chattering type of noise.  I realized that it must be the bunnies in the shed behind the house of the man that died last week.  I thought - has the wife been caring for them???   I immediately called 911 and explained just that, and that animal service officers had been by to check out the initial complaint about the hoarding of bunnies back there in the summertime.  God forbid.  I will follow up on this today.  I had never heard that noise before - were they slowly starving to death?  Had the wife come back there at all since her husband's death?

Do y'all remember Cricket?  Another proud rescue!
Here he is now with his big brother - thank you Pattie for adopting him!

I pulled up to Niagara Street shelters and as I was pouring food I was startled by a voice - it was an older, short, soft-spoken black woman saying good morning.  I replied back, and then realized she was shaking, saying it was so cold.  She asked if she could get a ride to St. Paul, I told her I really didn't have time today. I also told her how long I had been out on the streets and how I had heard everything in the book from people, I said how did I know I could trust her.  She looked down at her self and said what am I going to do, I am a woman?  I said the jails are full of women.  She started to walk on, as I called out to her, 'I really feel bad, I am sorry'!  because I would do anything for anyone if the circumstance was right.  I crossed the street to place bowls under the fence for those cats over there that won't cross the street to the nice shelter, and I saw her heading back to me, asking which way was downtown.  I then said, 'OK, lets go, I will give you a ride as close as I can' (which turned out to be St. Paul!).  Her name was Estoria, she seemed innocent enough.  She thanked me for the ride, and off I went to finish my route.

I don't know if people realize it, but when I mention how much cat food I go through each week, its all for the homeless cats.  My OWN cats - they get one brand of food, and I don't even feed them wet food.  Isn't that funny?  They are perfectly fat and happy to munch on the Purina Indoor Cat Chow I buy them.  I go through two 16 lb. bags of dry, (Kitten Kaboodle which is $9.97 per bag), and then I go through 36 of the 5.5 oz. wet food (enough to fill 6 large yogurt sized containers).  A 32 pk. of that at Walmart is about $14.00.  Thats PER DAY.  After that, I use at least 12-15 of the smaller cans (Meow Mix cups) and two small bags of dry.  This is what I need to feed all these hungry cats, every single day, in the City of Rochester, Beechwood neighborhood - in the wedge from near Portland/Bay/Central Park/Goodman/Parsells/Culver.  18 locations!  70+ cats!  Its INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  When I had half the route I have now, it costs me $100 per week.  Now its double.  So, thank you for the kind drop offs of food, the kind donations to the clinic for spay/neuter, the kind donations to other vets for the vetting of sick animals I get, and for the donations I get on this blog through PayPal.  I don't get nearly enough, but every little bit helps, and I thank you!

Buttons goes to the doctor today for assessment of his teeth, with hopeful removal on Friday.

My wish list for today:
  • Clavamox
  • 2-gallon sized Ziploc bags
  • pureed baby food (for Buttons and Violet - its all they can eat) - chicken or turkey
  • $ for vetting these two sick angels
  • wet and dry cat food.


Have a wonderful day!

"I want, I'll try and I need are terms for failure, whereas I am, I will and I have are terms of success.  Change your mindset 
change your reality."

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

TNR Tuesday

We could see one tooth that looked like this, otherwise, Buttons was in too much pain to have us look at the rest.  :(

Thank you to those that took notice of Buttons and his needed dental care from my post yesterday.  Hopefully he will be seen tomorrow, and have his teeth extracted on Friday, at a lower cost veterinary service that charges per tooth.  I pray he only needs a few extracted.  He can then eat normally, and await adoption.  I thank anyone that is considering donating for this painful procedure.  And to those that have already donated, thank you so much.

Today was TNR day - the day I've dreaded since early March this year.  Every single Tuesday, I have had two spots at the clinic for Trap Neuter Return.  I have filled every single one except maybe once.  There were many times where I got three by mistake, but the clinic took them.  Add that up, and that is close to 70? cats that will not reproduce.  There were at LEAST 20 pregnant cats out of those, and one resulted in death, if you will recall Ruthie, on Central and Third, who's baby was so big inside her that she never would have survived giving birth.  They tried to resuscitate the baby, but they couldn't.  (See April 29th for that story).  That was one instance where they tried to help the unborn kitten, rather than end its life.

I hate TNR Tuesday because I hate to return cats to the street.  Its heartbreaking for me.  But I did it for at least half of those TNR's.  I trapped a few sweethearts and found homes for some of those.  All in all, I think, to this date, I've rescued nearly 80 cats since this past January.  WOW.  I am proud, and happy for this accomplishment.

Today, I set a trap at Melville, knowing that there was one more kitten there that had not been neutered or spayed.  I returned the last two.  Out of the five, two were rescued (thanks to SueAnn, and thanks to Susan).  Both kittens are playful and sweet, but will most likely always be somewhat fearful of others.

I left to do some spots, came back before heading to my 'back nine' and bingo!  I got the last red kitten! Hurray!  Although again, heartbreaking knowing I have to return.  Meet Marmalade.

Next, I headed to the back nine, and on Webster and Ferndale, who did I see?  It was MaryLeigh!  She had her back pack on and was headed down the street towards Goodman.  I didn't say anything as I pulled up to my spot there on the corner, where she has harassed me for years now and removed any food I've left for the kitties, most of which I've rescued from this hellhole.  She continued to walk, as I watched her from the car.  I got out to feed and as I walked over to where I had to place the food and water, I saw her go into a vacant lot down the street, where I've caught her hiding.  I thought this odd, but continued to do what I was doing and then got back in car, drove to lot, shined my flashlight and out she came from the back.  No one said a word, until I thought to myself, is she burying kittens or cats back there, at which point, I told her that very thought, and she didn't say a word.  I told her I would be checking it out if she were.  She is a sick woman and God knows what she is capable of doing.  I continued to Seventh Street, where I knew there was one more kitten left.  There were five born this past spring.  Two were recently deceased, one two weeks ago by the dog, and one I found inside the shelter last week.  We buried her little body right there near the shelter this past weekend.  I set the trap, drove off and did more spots, came back and voila!  Got the last of the remaining kittens.  So beautiful and sweet.  But feral.  Meet Skye.

Updates from the weekend.  The Puerto Rican man on Seventh Street, the one that had the dogs that killed the baby kitten last week has died.  He was drunk and fell off his steps.  When I pulled up here on Sunday, I saw candles and balloons in front of his house.  The kind man across the street, who over the summer asked me to report the bunnies in the guy's shed was standing there, and he told me what happened, and muttered 'God doesn't make mistakes.' - He is an animal lover and had to live across the street from this man who was cruel to the animals.  According to the neighbor, the deceased man's wife gave away the pit bull that was over bred for years and years, the Rottweiler may have a home, and the bunnies in the shed will go too.  He will be buried in Puerto Rico.  God rest his wicked soul.

Have a nice day.

"Behind you are the challenges you've met.  Before you lies new possibilities.  Today you choose the direction of your life."

Monday, November 16, 2015

My Story told by Buttons

My name is Buttons, let me tell you how I got my name.

My story begins in a hole in the foundation of a house on Sixth Street.  I was born there, along with four others.  I was nourished by my mother, who fed us until we could eat regular food.  That regular food was being provided by this nice lady who used to come by across the street and leave bowls of food and water behind the abandoned house there.  Eventually, someone moved in and this nice lady had to move the food across the street to a dilapidated garage with a lot of holes in it.  Then, one day, a couple more people came by and set these wire cages down on the ground and put some really good, smelly food in them.  My siblings and I went into them and got caught in them.  We were very scared.  The next thing we knew, we were let out of these cages and we ran like crazy, because we didn't understand what happened to us.  Come to find out, they removed parts of us but we felt a lot better. 

The nice lady had built little houses for us in the garage, and then this really cold weather came, but we were very cozy inside these little houses that had straw in them to keep us warm.  Then one day, this man came by and threw out stuff out.  We had no where to go.  We were cold and upset, and didn't know where our house or food went to.  Then this nice lady came by and called for us to come behind the house that we were born under, a boarded up house to this day, and we followed her to see what was going on.  There were our houses again!  And there was food and water again!  We were so happy to see this.  We ran to meet this nice lady every single morning for over a year. 

Then one day, we heard this nice lady talking to a woman that lived in the house in front of our little house, and we knew it wouldn't be good.  The next thing you know, our house was being moved across the field next door!  Again?  Oh no!  How would we get used to this!  We have spent so much time trying to feel safe and secure inside our little houses each and every time they were moved, and now we had to do it again!  So, there was the nice lady the next day, calling for us to come over to where she was, and where our houses were moved again.  And the food.  In the meantime, this nice lady would bend down and put her hand out for me, and she kept doing that for a long time and I would never go over to her hand because I was afraid.

Then one day, I got close to her hand, because I knew she was a nice lady and she brought us food every single morning.  So I finally let her touch me!  I was so scared, but I did it!  And then eventually, she picked me up and held me!  And then she named me Buttons because she said I was as cute as a button.  I thought that was the cutest name! 

Then just a few days ago, she picked me up and again and said, you are getting too skinny Buttons, and we have to get you to a doctor.  So she put me in this plastic box, and brought me to the inside of a house!  And there was warmth, and light, and food dishes galore!  She noticed the way I ate too.  She saw me afraid of the food, and saw me paw at it and run.  Then she brought me to the doctor, and the doctor noticed a lot of my blackish teeth inside my mouth, and they figured this was why I was getting so skinny, it was too painful to eat!  My teeth were rotted!  I could hear the nice lady mutter that she just couldn't afford dental surgery because she doesn't have the money, she lives on a small income of her own, she pays very big bills and its mostly because she has been feeding and taking a lot of other kitties to the doctors office every single morning for over 15 years now and she just doesn't have any money for any other expenses!  The nice doctor said that while she is not a tooth doctor, she would make me go to sleep while she tried to pull out my bad teeth, for a lower cost, but if something went wrong, I would have to have a back up plan with a real dentist!  I am scared for this procedure scheduled for November 24th at the Rochester Community Animal Clinic, but I trust this nice lady so I just have to hope that all will turn out well.

For now though, this nice lady mixes up this yummy wet food and mixes it with either water or a white substance she calls KMR, and keeps the temperature nice and mild so that it doesn't sting my teeth and make me cry.  She makes me yummy meals and I lap it up like crazy!  She holds me in her lap, and while I am still shy and hide my head sometimes in the crook of her arm, I can hear myself purr really loud.

If it weren't for this nice lady, I would have died, I would have given up on life if not for her kind eyes, her loving smile, and her gentle hands.  I know she has asked herself and has had people ask her over and over why do you do it, or how can you keep on doing it, when there is no more money, no more room, no more homes, and I know she has opened her heart just a little bigger, stretched her money, or asked for help just to make a little more room, to save one more like me.  I can only show you my gratitude by the love that shines in my eyes when you look at me.   I know this lady has lots of nice friends that she will tell them about me and how much love I can give to someone.  I hope my teeth can get fixed so I can get big and strong and live a long time!  I love that nice lady.  I know my brothers and sisters do to.  I miss them, but this nice lady tells me that someday soon, she will rescue them too.