Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Judgment Day - Update

Well, I went to court this morning. Ms. Jackson doesn't have purple hair anymore. Besides that, when I arrived I saw Kate from The Barking Lot and three of her friends, one from the D & C named Renee, she was not a reporter, but has her connections there! My friend Mary also came, for which I was very grateful. The Judge called Ms. Jackson up and before sentencing asked her what she would like to say, she mumbled something about being sick back then, when she couldn't feed her dog for I don't know how many weeks it takes to starve a dog to death, and that she was sorry. The Prosecuter did speak on behalf of the good guys, and mentioned that when Officer Muller arrived on the scene, it was a 5, 5 being the worst scenario for an animal in trauma. This stuff just sickened me to hear. Not only that, but Officer Muller had shared with us the last time that this dog had chewed his feet off he was so hungry - which was not shared with the public. Hows that? And she was sick. The Judge then spoke and said that in all his 25 years on the bench, he has never had such a showing of compassion for an animal, and he has never received as many letters on behalf of the dog. He told Ms. Jackson that this group wanted her to received the maximum possible. He then told her he would not sentence her to the year in jail, it would be a waste of taxpayer's money. He told her he was sentencing her to 100 hours of community service - to be served at an animal shelter, and a fine, and she could never own an animal again. I was in tears, but composed myself. I get so emotional about this stuff! I am not happy by this, as who is going to monitor that she never owns an animal. And she will take the easy road and show up at the Verona Street shelter where they don't have time to monitor what she is doing as they are inundated themselves with animals. This is in comparison to Lollypop, where there are more people who would make sure she spends the time necessary to give her the dose of reality she needs. She most likely doesn't have a car, which make the Verona Street Shelter an easier place to serve out her sentence. The newspaper report just came out, I attach the link below. All in all, a small drop of justice was served. I do hope they make her work in the worst possible area - not sure what that is, but she needs to be shocked back to humanity.http://www.democratandchronicle.com/article/20100831/NEWS01/100831008/City-woman-accused-of-starving-dog-sentenced

Judgment Day

This morning is sentencing for the woman who starved her dog to death in her garage last February. I hope that the Judge received the letter I wrote him less than a month ago, and I hope he comes up with a good sentencing for her, not the typical slap on the wrist sort of thing. I also hope, but doubt, that Officer Muller will be there, the investigative officer who arrested her. I want to ask him what he knows about the little cockapoo on Central Park. Haven't seen him in over a week or two now. I want to know what was said and where the dog is, was he taken? I also went to Stripes foster mother's house this morning to see if I could coax him to me, as she said she has seen him, so I figured he is hanging around there, not knowing the neighborhood. I am so worried for him, and so upset that he got out of her apartment. He is used to very early morning feeding so I thought I might have some luck, but none to be had. I hope she does not give up looking for him. OK, carpe diem!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Times

I was speaking to my neighbor Gerri yesterday morning, Sunday, and she asked if I wrote on my blog. I told her no, I had to take a break from it on the weekends. I then said, its always so sad, and she nodded her head. You know, I know its sad. I just can't sugar coat what I write. I hate that. I wish I could. I wish there were more happy things than sad things. In fact, I am convinced even my closest friends don't read this blog anymore because they can't handle the sadness. People tend to not do things that make them feel sad, and I am sort of with them on that, but I have to do what is right, no matter how it makes me feel. This weekend I had my share. This morning I trapped another kitten from Hebard Street. I am determined to get most of these poor animals off the street before the winter sets in. In my opinion, its far more humane to do this. And as I mentioned, I can't keep doing what I am doing. I am now up to six huge bags of dry food a week, and three 24-packs of the wet 9-Lives. Its costing me a fortune. And not to mention, the areas I go into are so dangerous. So I need to whittle down these feeding areas, and I can't just let them starve to death. So I feel the shelters for either possible adoption or most likely euthanization is the way to go. And you can tell me how wrong this is, but you aren't out there helping me with my situation. I am feeding close to 40 cats a day. No one has offered help. Also, yesterday, I spoke to Foster Mom Andrea, who took in Stripes a week and a half ago. Things were working out great, until he went through her screen on her third floor bedroom window, and got out Saturday night. I am sick and heartbroken over this. I pray she takes dramatic steps in finding this poor soul. Please keep an eye out for Stripes! He is a good boy! I will find and post his picture here shortly.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blue Skies?

I am in a bad place today. There are so many things stacked against me in my quest for world peace. ha. Seriously, in my quest for all living creatures to be fed and housed. I am slowly starting to realize that its not going to happen. Not under my watch. I am contemplating stopping doing everything I have been doing. That means a lot of suffering on many sides of the spectrum here. I think I need a break, but I won't get it by taking a vacation from it. Its either all or nothing in doing this. I need a renewal of spirit, and don't know where it going to come from.

I just inserted a link that is typical of the emotions I go through each day. Its a wonderful story, but also a very rare one.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Whitey is the cat that 'lives' on Central Park near 2nd Street. Whitey is the unneutered male that saunters up to me the second I park, he watches for me each morning, usually sitting on a step, or on top of a car. He must roll onto his back at least 3 times before we get to the back of the lot where I put the food down. A sign of a very affectionate cat. Whitey is also somewhat aggressive. I think he shows his affection by biting. I don't trust him, so I've learned to keep him at a distance. My point is this: If I were to trap Whitey, and bring him to a shelter where he surely would be euthanized, is that better for him than leaving him where he is and fending for himself through his short life? Are cats made to survive in the wild? I can see how kittens might have a tougher time, but I am sure Whitey has been homeless for a long time now, and has survived this long. But is it humane to allow him to do this? Is he happy? I am just not sure what to do. After trapping those kittens yesterday, I am really questioning things. I would love some feedback!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pick Me Up

I've been really down this morning, wondering if what I do makes any difference at all... and sad because of picking up these two kittens I wrote about in my previous post, and knowing their fate - This also shows me that someone is out there paying attention to my blog! :) I needed this today:

"It is true, especially for these little ones..It is no life. They do not suffer when they are put to sleep. I have seen it so many times..they simply go to sleep, painless and peacefully. We cannot say the same for the cruel life they would face out there. You above all know how hard it is for these poor cats. I volunteer at a feral cat spay/neuter clinic and it breaks my heart to see the condition of some of these cats. God bless you for caring for them..."

Thanks Julie L.!


I struggle with so many things throughout the course of my day. Mostly with my own wierd thoughts - but today, as I mentioned yesterday, I had the opportunity to trap a cat and bring it to a clinic run by Habitat for Cats. Its a precious appointment as I have only been getting maybe one a month. I did all my spots except for two, thinking if the first one didn't work - Hebard Street - then the next one I for sure would - Second Street. Well, Hebard didn't work. I sat in my car and watched as Momma would have nothing to do with it. She is very smart. Her two kittens didn't even fall for it. I soon discovered that they don't like sardines, only tuna. I discovered this by the man walking toward me, leaving behind two other males on the corner. His name is Roy, and he rents the garage I've been feeding the cats inside of. He was definitely jonesing for drugs. He looked pretty high. I was a bit nervous. But I pulled my usual charm with people like this and he wound up hugging me. He told me he's trapped several cats himself and has brought them to a shelter. He said he is a humane person, but most of all loves kids. He did ask for money, but knew I had nothing to give him. He asked me for bottles, which I promised I would collect for him. He told me he would continue to let me feed the cats. After all that commotion, I put down the food and continued on my quest to Second Street, where there are about 8 adults, and three kittens, at least. I must have sat there for 20 minutes before two of the three kittens went into the trap and then set it off. My dilemma? Should I have let them back out, or brought them home to be taken to the shelter, to get them off the street. Even though they most likely will be euthanized, is that the right thing to do? Or should I have let them go, only to produce kittens themselves one day, and in the meantime either get hit by a car or maimed outside in that area, or freeze to death with the upcoming winter. They are on my porch right now waiting for the shelter to open. I long for the day where I don't have to depend on an organization to give me an opening where I have to have a cat have surgery performed on, clip its ear, and then let it back out into the mean streets. I long for a shelter where I don't have to have the cat euthanized. I feed just terrible about this whole situation. Those appointments are coveted by people who are trying to help by Trap Neuter and Returning, but what am I going to do? Again, let the kittens go and try again to get an adult? Or get two cats that will potentially reproduce in the future off the streets. I wish someone could make me feel better about all this.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hebard Street

This morning I had a 'friendly' confrontation with a woman on Hebard. She lives in the house next to the garage where I feed kitties. She lives across the street from the evil woman who keeps taking the bowls that I feed that baby kitten(s) (one of the two was killed last week, which I posted about) and mother whose property they were born on, under the camper in her back. The woman is also the daughter of a "Reverand" who introduced herself to me a few years back. She was kind, didn't like cats, but didn't have a problem with me. This woman also runs a day care at her mother's place. She stopped her van this morning at 5:45 am. before pulling into her driveway and told me she didn't want me feeding the cats anymore. She said there were raccoons and skunks all over the place. I vehemently told her that I would not stop feeding the cats due to their starvation, but that she needed to do something because it was HER neighborhood. I told her to call animal control. I explained to her that I have rescued many many cats already from her street, and that I am going to try to TNR the mother cat actually tomorrow morning, where I have an appt. with Habitat for Cats. The only one I get once a month. I told her they are all God's creatures, and that I would not stop until they are all gone. I told her I am just helping to curb their suffering. Of course, these are not the exact words I said, but it was a very heartfelt plea to her that she needed to take some responsibility for these cats as its her neighborhood. I told her I can't do it alone, but stressed I would not stop. And that was that! Not sure what she will do at this point, but we will see. Other than that, a quiet, DRY morning. My next plan of attack, after I try to TNR tomorrow morning, is to talk to Paul on Second Street to see if he will allow me to put a shelter behind his house. That will be a biggie. Wish me luck! PS, the picture is of RED, the kitty I tried to trap for a few weeks now. He's a smart kitty! When I first saw Red, he was skin and bones! Red is looking for a home desperately!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Running on Empty

I find my self running out of things to talk about the past few weeks. Ever since this dog thing, and now its like Day 4 of Where did the dog go? The little cockapoo reported neglected has not been seen. And I rescued Stripes from the street, and have an appt. for a trap neuter return this Wednesday (TNR), but the rain has been horrible. For both me and the cats. Its gotten me down, and I am sure the cats are suffering for it, especially the kittens. Its not fun for anyone who has to be outdoors. This has been a pretty rotten summer weatherwise. I love heat, and sun, don't get me wrong, and we had plenty of both, but too much rain and humidity as well. Its hard getting up in the morning and hearing the raindrops, and knowing you have go to out in it and feed those cats. Those cats I wouldn't have to feed if we only had a shelter to bring them to. A safe haven, where they could live their lives out. And now it doesn't get light out until 6 am. so I am out there now in the dark at 5:30 due to the cruel people who want to take down the pittance of a shelter I can provide for them with a piece of plywood to cover their food, so that it gives them time to eat before the light of day and these evil people can see it and come out to tear it down. It'll get better, I keep telling myself that! In fact, when I walked in this morning, dripping, I said to Mary Jane (cat) who was looking at me as if I were a wet fish, 'all is well'! I continue to remain optimistic!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

With the help of my accomplice, I managed to go out this morning in the dark, at 5:37am. this morning, to be sure the very wet and miserable cats and kittens had food with shelter over it. The planks I got from Home Depot last week, I think they are like 2'x4', not ideal, were brought to shelter the food for four spots that have no shelters. Three of those spots - 2nd Street, Central Park, and Hebard have kittens, so I was especially worried about those. The sound of rain on my skylight in the early hours is a very depressing sound to me now. I know these cats are suffering. I can only hope and pray that they will survive without suffering another day. I also pray for the Ballet cats and two baby kittens where I was told I had to remove their shelter last Thursday. Life can be so cruel. On the other hand, I have not seen the cockapoo in three days now. It is not chained to the tree. I can only hope the owner found some compassion for the animal and its in the house. I am also going to check on my Stripes, the cat I rescued from Central and Goodman. Angel Andrea is fostering him, and she is just the nicest girl. I will bring him his favorite wet food and a new litter box, where I hear he has used already successfully! Yay!

Friday, August 20, 2010

News at 7

Well, I am running late, and so is the news (its 7:40). Lots of happenings this morning! No luck trapping Red at my first stop, on 7th street, ran into the ladies that asked me if I have been going to Cali's area, told them no because I didn't think there were any more cats depending on that feeding area, they said there are two, I said oh boy, and promised them I would go, then onto Benny's area on Central where Whitey tried to bite my leg, he is very frisky, have to keep my eye on him. He isn't mean, he is just really flighty or something. He rubs against you and then bites you! The little cockapoo was no where in sight which means the owner hopefully took him in. Will continue to keep my eye out on that. Then onto corners Central and Goodman where lo and behold, I caught Stripes! Stripes will be tested at 5 today for leukemia, and then onto his hopefully foreever home with Angel Andrea! She is such a nice girl to keep waiting for me to rescue one of the four babies I am trying desperately to find homes for. Red, Benny and Blacky are now left. Poor Stripes is in my bedroom scared out of his mind. Its like going to another country, not knowing a soul, not knowing whats around the corner. I am sure its been a long time, if ever, that he was in a comfortable bedroom with rugs, bed, windows to look out at, food at your feet all day long, someone to pet you. Such luxury! OK, wish me luck getting him back into his cage later on! Have a GREAT DAY!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Work can be stressful, I am glad its almost Friday. And payday. Sometimes its hard to put on a happy face, look positive. In my office, you can't look any different. Thats hard to do sometimes. But I am a pretty happy go lucky person on the surface anyway. Inside, its a jumble of stuff, but its not as bad as you think. I am an eternal optimist. This morning, as I was putting food down for Stripes, Smokey and Blacky, a girl shouted out from across Central Park "hey cat lady!". I am not proud to be called that, but its nice to be noticed! And to have a friendly exchange in that part of town is a bonus! On 7th, the kids took my lean to board - I found it as I trudged back to the car knowing I would have to find another to protect the food there for the kitties on that vacant lot. But there it was, so I hauled it back there. We'll see if its still there tomorrow. I think the kids need to go back to school now... they are getting bored, and some vandalous. Speaking of lean to boards, I went to Home Depot on my lunch yesterday on East Ridge Road, and met a worker there named Margarita. Sweet thing walked me through a couple of departments there looking for boards for me. We found some inadequate ones, but they will do in a pinch. Also another nice gentleman who suggested they take my information, and when they get pallet boards in, they will call me so I can come get them. They donated the inadequate ones to me, which I found to be so kind. Will have to try some more stores like that. And an update on my Ballet kitties, they have asked me to take my shelters. That means at least two baby kittens, and the rest of the cats there have no shelter. I do not blame the people that work at the Ballet company, I blame society. These animals need shelter from the severe weather we have here in Rochester. They just took this away from them. I worry for them. Who is going to feed them? I have to let this go...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Life in the fast lane...

surely will make you lose your mind... Well, my life is not lived in the fast lane, but I do move quickly! I keep thinking about what is to come, and how early I will have to be up in the morning, to plow my way through the snow to feed these animals. I wish I could recruit someone to help me! I need a break once in a while! Someone took my board again on Central and Goodman. I would love to know if anyone out there can help me with pallet boards - something like 3x4 ft. plank/plywood boards. Why would these people take this from me. And they are trashing my bath towels, the old used ones I get as donations that are dwindling. I am as usual running out of time and need to get to work, but I hope I remember to touch on a subject tomorrow in my blog about good people who have lost a pet. Remind me! :) Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And then there was one...

This morning was as per usual, all kitties hungry, after most places have raccoons that come and devour the food and water sometime after I leave, hopefully at night, so the cats have time to fill themselves. You can tell they were there as the food bowls are full of dirt and filth, and the food bowls are tumbled over. When I got to the Hebard Street kitties, where Mama had her two babies a couple of months ago under the camper on the mean woman's property across from the garage where I feed under, I found a kitten dead in the street. The poor thing was only a few months old. You have to wonder if the mother grieves for her babies when they are killed. And who was the cold hearted person who ran the little thing over? As per usual, I wrapped it in a donated baby blanket, and took it to its final spot. The doggy in the back yard where no one sees was once again tied around the tree. I did see food it the bowl, but is this dog getting any love, or attention? Does he ever get walked? I felt his ribs and he is very thin. I just don't know about our system. I wish someone besides me would speak up for justice... Am I becoming hardened to this sadness as time goes by?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Turn a blind eye...

Isn't that the saying when you choose to ignore something that is happening? This morning was a real wet one! Lots of storms passing through the night. Bad sleeping for me! All kitties at all spots were waiting for me this morning, except for Central Park and Second kitties. No Benny, and the other couple of adults and one kitten were not there. Whitey was, the one I am a bit afraid of because he is friendly but skittish, he will bite or scratch when you least expect it, but rub his head against your legs constantly. So I just cannot turn my back on him. Of course, doggie was out during the storm. I am just sick about it. Apparently, the 'authorities' were there this past weekend, but there is no change in the conditions of this dog. There is now a plastic bin that is turned on its side (which I moved closer to the dog when I went and put water and food in its bowls last Thursday), and I am just praying the guy feeds it and gives it food. It is the sweetest little cockapoo, but just totally neglected. I wonder if its ever let off its 3 foot chain. As for turning a blind eye, there are three kittens at an artistic company where I feed, which had the attention of the director there, including a shop owner next door, but they chose to ignore the situation and there are baby kittens running all over the place now. I tried to help them, and was pretty much told I was to leave them alone. I haven't, but its pathetic what people choose to ignore, instead of taking a few extra steps out of their day to fix a situation. I just don't know...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Whats up with that?

I am writing today, Sunday, as tomorrow will be playing in a golf tournament for work and won't have time. I just want to comment on something. Why are animal control/cruelty calls so hard to make? I have a new reason on top of knowing an animal is suffering, and that animal will have to wait because of our lack of officers to respond to calls. But also its the folks working and taking the reports that are SO uncompassionate. Its like you are the criminal when you make these calls. And why would it be so hard to ask for a follow up call from the investigator who checked it out? Its not hard to ask, but to get the actual call back? I am so so so discouraged by our system. I want to make it known about my frustration, but don't know who to notify! The police and cruelty hotline are supposed to be the help you need when you need them!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yesterday, Friday, was a bag of emotions for me. The prior evening, I had trapped the calico cat because a sweet girl named Andrea was going to foster her but needed her tested for leukemia before she got her. So I left work Thursday early, went and got her (she came to me easily) and I took her to the vet. I hadn't thought it out, but knew if she tested positive, she wouldn't be going back to the street, but probably euthanized. Well, she did test positive. A newer vet at the place I've gone to for over 16 years told me she would not euthanize it because it should be retested, but they did not have a differnt lot number for the test, and told me to bring it to Lollypop where if it tested negative, it would be a highly adoptable cat due to its colors, and temperment, sweet. I was upset about this, as it was now 5ish, and it had been a long day, and I was upset about her diagnosis. I said I would prefer not to do that but she insisted she would not put the cat to sleep without a second test. She offered to keep the cat overnight at the clinic, and I would pickup and drop at Lollypop the next day - I did and it was a very very emotional experience. My niece came with me, and she held 'Cali' in her lap in the back while Cali purred and cuddled. We unfortunately got there before it opened, so I had to sit there and contemplate what I as doing. There was an older adult man with two dogs who was sobbing to himself while he talked softly to the dogs that he was turning in, there was a woman who's disabled parents owned a farm that someone had dumped some cats and kittens at, and she was also there to turn those in. And here I was. It was horrible. I cry at the drop of a hat, so you can imagine what this was like for me. It was over, and I drove home with Brenna, we were both very quiet. Thank God for Andrea because she was willing to take another of the five kitties I knew would be great companions, so we had made another appt. for a stray later that day. In the meantime, my Toonces was having her bandage off at 2 that day, so we went to that appointment, and I knew I would have to say something about my discomfort at having my own vet tell me to bring a cat to Lollypop. Good thing I got my main vet because I told him of my concerns, and he, obvously can't say his vet might have been wrong, but did understand my point of view. I don't like to make my posts too long, so to make a long story short, we were unsucessful in getting my second candidate, Red, and had to cancel the afternoon testing appointment. Gotta love Andrea, she is willing to wait for me to try this again next week. So, it was quiet last evening, a relaxing evening, after such a trying morning. More on the cockapoo story tomorrow. I should have more details to share. A picture of sweet Cali is above.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peaceful Easy Feeling...

It was peaceful out this morning. Very quiet except for me tripping my car alarm at one point at 5:50 am. on 7th Street, and stepping on a kitty's foot and having it let out a wild meow on 2nd Street at 6ish a.m. The girls - Ruth, Helen and Geneva were out doing their every single day walk. They canvass the entire neighborhood, from Goodman to Niagara Street. I would love to join them sometime, but I never have the time. Yes, the cockapoo pup was outside again, still. Not sure what I am to do about this. I am going to try to get in touch with the owner to see if he will give the dog up, and find a home for it. Thats only if the authorities have not been there yet, which I will be calling again this morning. I was treated poorly when I called the Humane Society Cruelty hotline. Its almost like YOU are the bad guy when reporting something. They have no care, time or compassion for the situation. ITs not like I want to talk their ear off, but mine is a somewhat unique situation where I feed daily next door to where I am making a report of. Thats different. I also spoke to a wonderful girl who is going to take one of the 5 cats I need to desperately get off the street, she will foster it, who volunteers at the Verona Street shelter. She said most of the staff there are rude and mean. What is it with these people? WE are the good guys! They should be more considerate of us, so that we feel we are doing the right thing, the kind thing. Not the other way around!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


no more. Well, I still am, but I am going to report the little white dog in the backyard on 330 Central Park. I do believe he is neglected, for the few moments I see him in the early morning hours each day. He never seems to be away from the tree he is tied to. Its very hard to tell if he is even able to. His water bowl is filty, there is no shelter for him. Yes, I must do it, despite my fear of going back there to feed the kitties on the lot next door after its checked out by officials. The way I see it is that God gave us dogs to be our companions, and vice versa, not as possessions. If this dude wants something tied to his tree in the backyard, get a stuffed toy dog and put a leash and chain around its neck. Dogs want nothing but love from us. How cruel and mean to not pay attention to that. I still have a slight percentage of doubt because I don't know what the guy does after I leave. But it just doesn't look right. The one and only time I met him he was on the deck of his house out back and feeding a puppy, and the white dog. That was a long time ago, and he seemed nice so I never thought anything about it. But as I said, I've been observing, to be sure, for the past couple of weeks, and am not comfortable with what I see. I will do the right thing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

All Guts No Glory

Don't ask me... i have no idea where my titles come from. I have so many wierd thought processes, I just think of this stuff! :) I was thinking to myself though this morning as I was checking on all my sites. I was thinking that it takes someone with a lot of willpower to do what I do. You have to have a fierce determination to do this on a daily basis. Yesterday, as I was driving home from work, it had started to rain, and I cursed Channel 13 for once again getting it wrong from the forecast I had watched that morning. As the evening progressed, the rain fell harder. We were deluged once again with a ton of rain. It was so hot and steamy out this morning you could cut it with a knife. That means the kitties on the street are suffering for it. Their food is completely soggy, their coats are more matted and what ever skin ailments they suffer from are ten times worse. I had to pick up a lot of drenched filthy muddy towels, and place fresh clean dry ones down. Its really hard on them. I must find them homes!!! Please, I need a sanctuary! Donations Donations Donations!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Do the right thing...

This morning was usual. Did my 7 out of 9 spots, now it takes me up to 40 minutes on a good day, from leaving the house to returning. Thank God I'm an early bird! Dilemma: This little white maltese, or whatever type of dog it is, cockapoo? Its the dog I've been closely observing for a week now. Its definitely being neglected. Its hair covers its eyes, its dirty, and its bowls are questionable. Not sure how long its been since the water was changed, no food... when did it last eat? The chain its on allows it only to move a foot, if that. Its in the back yard of a house next to the lot I feed on on Central Park, near 2nd Street. Number 330. I know what I SHOULD do, but worried about retaliation from the owner because first off, I am probably the only one who can see this dog. Second, I am the only one who would CARE about an dog, let alone any animal, in that neighborhood. But then again, he wouldn't know FOR SURE it was me, if I called the Cruelty hotline. And would they do something about it? Is neglect considered cruelty? This would make someone a sweet little pet. You can tell its older too. Any advice anyone can share with me is more than welcome... I can always be reached at janinethebean10@yahoo.com because I check it often. Thank you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Its been an interesting one. Lots of goings on, as usual, but I wouldn't trade it! I met a few really nice people this weekend. One being Kenny G, a dude I met at 6ish am. Saturday morning. He was a very nice guy, down on his luck a bit, but works at the car wash on near Portland on Bay. I gave him a few dollars, he followed me to a couple of cat places, and then tooled behind me to the public market where I got some money out of the machine. I know what you all must think, I am gullible, and stupid to put myself in danger, but I can smell danger a mile away, and I do love to help people out. He was a really nice guy, gave me two huge hugs, and told me he would always watch out for me if he sees me around in the mornings. Then I met a girl named Dee who co-founded Blue Moon Meadows, a dog rescue operation. She donated some cat food to me. What a wonderful woman, and thank God for people like her. She rescues dogs, and finds them homes. God bless her. I do have a small dilemma though. Each morning, I see a small Bichon white doggie tied to a bush by a three foot chain, and I know it is neglected. It had some dirty water in its bowl this morning, but I don't know what to do. Its also a mess, its fur over its eyes, dirty. I want to talk to the owner before I put in a call to Lollypop. Each morning I see it now, and I just don't know how to handle, as I don't want retaliation from the dude cause he knows I go next to his property to feed the cats, where Benny and Whitey are, on Central near Second. Not sure what to do! But I will think of something, I am sure.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Here comes da judge....

I find it only fitting today to share with you, my readers, the letter I wrote, with editing help from my special Auntie, to the Judge presiding over the Love Jackson case - where she starved to death the dog under her care, in her garage over the winter this past February. Her sentencing is August 27th. She is only one of many abusers, but some one needs to make a difference.

Dear Judge Schwartz,

I would like to re-introduce myself to you as I was one of the spectators involved in a recent animal cruelty case that you presided over, both in the April pre-trial process and the trial on July 27, 2010, the Love Jackson Animal Case. You made a great impression on me seeing your sincere interest toward the people involved in bringing charges. Those who took the time to unmask this kind of cruelty, and actively did something about this kind of tragedy. I was grateful for the opportunity to speak with you that July day and sincerely appreciated your advice that you would appreciate any additional information that came after that trial date. As you explained, you could not read my letter attached to the petition until after that trial procedure.

This letter further elaborates my deep concern for animals that are abused. My love of animals stems from an early age when my grandparents and parents taught me how to love, treat and respect animals. My grandfather, Bill McCann, was very much involved in Rochester's political scene in the 1960's, one position was a personal assistant to Rochester's Police Commissioner. He ran for Sheriff taking on Sheriff Skinner. Unfortunately, he did not win the election. He, personally had many pets, even taking in orphaned cats. He was my mentor.

Over these past years I have assumed the task of seeking out feral and stray cats, feeding them, giving them the necessary medical care and finding good homes as much as my position allows. My work has evolved into setting up a blog site. http://thebean10.blogspot.com/ to make this plight known to a large population.

As any large city, Rochester has a major problem with homeless and abused animals, and people with an indifference to what animal's rights should be. With this Jackson case, I saw our judicial system work and it energized me to continue with my goals to bring animal cruelty to the forefront.

With this letter, it is my sincerest request that you give the person who brutally abused God's creatures in such an inhumane and unjust manner, Ms. Jackson the fullest sentence to the extent the law allows. In addition to her jail sentence, we should set a precedence to assign parole-like work to continue after her time served, to work in an animal shelter under strict guidance where hopefully she would find remorse and compassion for the animals in her care.

I am most grateful for the time you took to read this letter and I hope you will give my requests serious consideration prior to her sentencing on August 27th. At present the law considers this degree of abuse a misdemeanor. Life, be it animal or human, deserves respect, kindness, compassion and love.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Well, I have a bit of it, just a tiny bit of it today. There is a girl who happened to find me from Craigslist, the only legitimate response I got from anyone. There are so many crackpots out there. Not sure what its all about - I know Craigslist helps some people, but it turned out to be a nearly bad experience for me, with so many wierdos writing back to me. But Andrea seems nice. She offered to foster two kitties I am trying to get off the street. Not sure which ones she will pick, but I hope its soon. They are there every single morning waiting for me, and very very hungry. Raccoons must get to the food after I leave, which means they don't eat for the rest of the day or night, until I get there the next morning. Or have water. Its really terrible. And then the rains came this morning after I put the food down, which dampens the food, and attracts the flys by the gazillions. So another day of misery for all of these kitties that are lucky enough to be on my route. I met a dude named Andre this morning who always waves to me on his way somewhere on Central and Hebard. Young guy, half my age, told me I had nice legs. He asked doesn't my husband tell me that after I went shy and coy with him. These guys always ask lines like that when they are trying to determine if you are single like that. I never say a word. Let em wonder. Let em hope. That way they won't turn against me, and will try to help me. To end this post, we need more veterinarians to help out with neutering at low cost. I could never afford at my own vet, nor any others, because they need to see the cat first, do testing, shots, etc. which is close to $200 the first visit. Now if you have feral, or semi-feral cats, or even strays but you can't keep them, what are you supposed to do with them between first and second appts? And my vet only does surgeries once a week. So that is impossible. We need more compassionate cats to help out with this overwhelming population of ferals and strays. HELP!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


No, not the Al Jareau song.. (is it Al Jareau?) - its the life I see each morning. Its interesting actually... never a dull moment. My fingers are extremely sticky as I type this. Its also very hot and humid, once again, in Rochester. We have had excessively high heat and humidity this summer. Or is that just because thisis the first year I've gone without central air in my house due to it busting? Whatever, its just plain hot and sticky out there. Anyways, as I did my morning ritual - beginning with Red on Hayward, where there is a girl and her child sitting there every Monday thru Friday on the steps at 5:30. They greet me with a hello, I believe they are waiting for a bus to somewhere for the child. She always asks me now, after I told her I am trying to find a home for Red, if I found a home yet. I always say, no, but I am trying! Red is as cute as a button, and skinny too. And loveable. He really needs a forever home! After I left there, did 7th Street, then did corners Central and Goodman, where Stripes, Blackey and Smokey reside, and where they all really need forever homes too, I went to Pennsylvania Ave., where another kitty who is a dark short haired calico female waits for me each morning, I encountered two of three women who walk all over that neighborhood every single morning. They caught up with me at that moment and I greeted them and told them I envied them for their ability to walk each day and the great excercise they are getting. They called me the cat lady. They were very nice, used to do Neighborhood Watch stuff, but apparentely not any more. Didn't really get into it as I had several more stops to make before I had to rush home to do my thing before work. Then onto Central and Second where Benny and Whitey wait for me faithfully. I counted SEVEN cats there now, two are kittens, and one is just the cutest little fluffball - black and white- you've ever seen. As I walked to my car from there on the driveway to the street, two hookers shouted out Cat Lady, you are so sweet for what you do! That was really nice. They said some other stuff that I can't quote verbatim, but they also said there were two I didn't have to worry about anymore as their friends had taken them. I stressed the importance of telling their friends about getting them neutered. I hope they do. Anyways, other than that, it was an uneventful morning. I just wish they were all like that. Winter is coming. Dreaded winter.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Diary

Its just been a crazy week so far. Began with the kitten rescue, and the food donations I received from two very wonderful people, with an offer from two others I have yet to take their offers on... The kittens are doing well. I attach the post bath pictures of them. Their names are Milo and Otis, and they were adopted by my co=worker Carol, and her sweet daughter Lily. I am so thankful for them. They are the same girls that adopted a kitten I rescued last spring that was thrown out a window somewhere near Bay Street, about the same age too. I am just so thankful for them! These are two very lucky kittens. There are kittens out there that are not so lucky. They are a bit older than these two wee ones, but somehow their fate was not as desperately determined as had been the trapped and motherless two we rescued iin the house on Niagara where Milo and Otis were born. The kittens that remain out there are vulnerable to racoons, other cats, people, cars, etc. Its very sad, because they are just as cute.

My mornings have all pretty much been the same, except for Sunday morning, when we went back to Niagara to place food and water down for another kitty that is left, no not a kitten, but an adult cat, and there was this woman that hollared to me from across the street for a light, and as she walked over, and I lit her literal stub of a ciggerette, she thanked me, asked if I had a dollar, I gave her $5, and she hugged me and almost started to cry. I told her to use it wisely. How sad. I then wanted to go home and take a hot shower, but I thought to myself, how lucky I am. Even with all my little ailments, my complaints about this and that, just walk a day in her shoes. She told me it was her birthday, and who knows if it really was, but I thought, for her to reach out to hug me, hey. Everybody needs a hug! And mine was proably the only hug she has had in a while. I was grateful, and humbled.

On another note, my hot water heater tank has bit the dust, so I have to deal with that. Its always something...

Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, baby kittens went to their new family yesterday. Taking them in was an arduous task. You must try to socialize these little ones as they have never been held, and on top of that, they were flea ridden, so baths were had by both. Dawn Dish Detergent, the best! I will post more pictures of them, the sweetest things, and give update soon. In the meantime, I would like to reach out, far and wide, for anyone with a barn, within 10-15 miles in the Rochester radius. Gina is willing to handle everything, including spaying, feeding, etc. We are desperate to find a barn where we can take these sweet cats off the street that are desperately looking for a home and need to get out of these crime ridden, poverty stricken neighborhoods that they must live in. If anyone can put their feelers out there for this, it would be so appreciated!!! Thank you!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yes, Sweet Victory. My 12 year old niece Brenna stayed overnight with me on Friday, she wants to be a veterinarian (sp?) someday, and wanted to go with me to see if we could trap the two baby kittens remaining in the vacant house on Niagara Street (picture of house in water consumption in vacant houses article in today's D & C - page 17!), where their mother was killed by a car the previous week, where Gina and I tried unsucessfully Friday morning, and where we rescued baby Mia with the broken leg weeks prior. I didn't have a lot of hope for this mission, but Brenna went along with me on my daily feedings, and we wound up setting a large trap for the kittens. We drove away for about five minutes, came back and lo and behold, one was in there. We brought the poor scared thing home, placed in bathtub, gave food and water and blanket, and then I proceeded to do what I always do. I am quite neurotic about things, so I HAD to get my grocery shopping done at 7 am. before the crowds come, I hate crowds. But I knew as soon as we returned, I would put off my early morning Saturday weekly cleaning of the house, to go get the other kitten. We did so, and it looked hopeless. The remaining kitten was bundled in a ball in the driveway of this house, looking completed devastated. No mother, no sibling. What was it to do. Brenna approached it from one way, I another, and it ran to the side into some bushes. I crawled under bushes to coax it back, and it did and there was Brenna waiting to scoop her up! YAYAYAYAYYAYAAYA! A tiny bite, and she/he was ours! YAY! They are both now bathed, they were so so dirty, and so flea ridden, but we were diligent in combing out the fleas, and bathing them (thank you Julie and Gina for your Dawn dish detergent advice). They are as cute as buttons. I am posting a picture of them for you pre-bath. Thank God for my niece, and thank God for helping us get them!