Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Well, yesterday, I reached out to my trapping guru, Laura, for a little help in trying to get this very pregnant kitty on Central.  I figured I had a few strikes against me on my own.  First, it would be pouring (which it was not).  Thank you Jesus!  Second, my traps suck.  Was afraid of malfunction.  The door slamming shut when bumped even slightly.  Third, I get just plain nervous.  But She, the Great One, came through for me.  There she was with her big Tomahawk drop trap, and BAM!  SLAM!  In goes a pregnant cat.  What we THINK is a pregnant cat, she surely looks it. But I am not quite convinced, sadly enough, that this is the very large pregnant cat I've seen there for the past three mornings.  As a matter of fact, I don't think I've ever seen the one she did get, but nevertheless, one less litter to be born outdoors, and when you think about it, SEVERAL litters less to be born outdoors just from one pregnant cat.  Her litter would grow, if they survived, and get pregnant, and have babies, and so on and so on. 

I am going to try my best this spring to try trapping a lot, as much as I can, even if its once a week.  There are at least three locations where there are a lot of new cats I am seeing, and feeding!  One is Hayward, the second is Baldwin, and the third is Fourth and Pennsylvania.  A ton of cats at that last spot.  Ton.  That includes Big Red #2, and Red mommy that was spayed a few weeks ago, again, thanks to Laura.

Its crazy.  Crazy Crazy.  I was explaining to someone what I do yesterday, and I was telling her, what I do is just for a tiny tiny tiny fraction of animals, and making a tiny dent compared to the what is needed in this city alone.  But hey, I have made a difference, I believe, in this quadrant of the city.  Even though there are new ones popping up, as long as I can walk and breathe, I will continue the good fight.  Just wish I had more help.  :(

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
"It is better to look ahead and prepare
than look back and regret."

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I LOVE updates on the kitties I adopt out.  Chances are, if you send me an e-mail, with a pic, you will be featured on my next blog!  Please!  :)  Here is an update on Harold, a sweet, unneutered boy that I rescued after feeding for a few months on Central Park early last spring.  He was adopted out by a WONDERFUL family, Kim and Billy, and their ADORABLE son Brady: 

"Hey there! Were your ears burning? We were just talking about you yesterday... I was saying that we need to make another food delivery to you, and maybe we could do it in person one of these days... Brady was wondering if you still have Daisy (from the day we took Harold) and how little Paddy is doing? Harold is WONDERFUL, of course!! He has not pooped on the floor or peed in the toilet since we delivered Patches (the stray cat) to Pattie's mom and dad... he was just miserable with her here. He is back to his old happy self... maybe even happier... he and Chloe chase each other around, but its all in fun... Patches was kind of a bully!! We actually just visited her yesterday... she is fat and happy and spoiled and is doing wonderfully at her new home... so all of the cats are happier now! But back to Harold... he is just the BEST. And so handsome! And Billy loves spoiling him with lots of treats (I gag at the smell of canned food, so Billy is in charge of that). He sleeps against my leg every night (Harold, not Billy), naps on Brady's bed during the day, runs to the door when we come home, and he loves to be scratched and played with and petted and loved. He sits in the windows but never wants to go outside (which, of course, we would not allow anyway). He still does the thing where I call him to bed and he comes flying... he's so funny. Anyway... hope you are doing well... Brady and I would love to come out and drop some food off and say hello some weekend if that's possible... let me know! Take care, and a big XO right back at you!!"

Again, I love hearing this stuff.  It makes all the pain and hardship of rescuing all these babies I've rescued so worthwhile.  Thanks to EVERYONE who has ever adopted from me.

I have a spot at the clinic tomorrow for spay or neuter.  It is supposed to be miserable with rain, so I am unsure of myself - well, not unsure, just know that at the locations I want to set them at, there is no shelter above to stop the rain from going in, and not sure if the cat will want to go in with the rain pouring down over its head, but the pregnant cat is still - third day in a row, at the Central and Fifth location.  She won't come near until I get in the car to leave.  I will set the trap there tomorrow, but might also ask for some help, if possible.  I will also set a trap on Hayward, where there are quite a few cats, or Pennsylvania and Fourth, where there are a ton of new cats there also.

Larry will be going back to my nieces today, who has herself a new, renovated apartment she's moved into. Larry was very sick when I rescued him over two years ago, he was a mess.  But with time, love, patience, fostering by Nancy, living with Wally, I finally found him a good home. I am sure Larry will love his new digs.

All in all, this morning went well, quick, and now I am rushing to get ready for work.  I wish you all a wonderful day.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Candy Land!

Look who has made herself quite comfortable in the bedroom.  Its Candy!  I have been slowly introducing her to the others, by keeping her in a spare room during the day, with a wood slatted gate up, so the others can see her, and she can see them.  So far so good.  No hissing whatsoever.  Just sniffing, and walking away.  She is a very gentle girl.  I am so lucky to have been able to rescue her.  I feel blessed.  I know that sounds corny, but when you hold her, and observe her features, her tiny paws, her gentle eyes, her head butting to get more head rubbing, she is a really nice kitty.  She will make someone a great companion.

I hope some of you will consider the handcrafted animals being sold to the right of this page.  Deb Boyle is a skilled artist, and she lovingly crafts these dogs and cats and foxes.  I would buy one myself but some would say that would defeat the purpose.  I do want one!

This morning I witnessed a few heartbreaks..  The first was of a red cat on Baldwin, who has an injury to his head, and one to his tail. I noticed his tail was crooked at the end, but also noticed an open wound.  Then, shining the flashlight on his faced, I noticed a wound in between his eyes.  I can tell he is in pain.  He must be.  He gets close to me, but not close enough.  I don't know what to do about this.

Also, I have been seeing a pregnant tabby in the Central Park area, between Second, and Fifth.  She was there for the second morning on Fifth and Central, along with Tuffy, who is not looking so hot either.  It breaks my heart.   I wanted to make an appointment at the clinic for TNR for this pregnant girl, but the forecast for tomorrow is torrential rain all day, and rain the remainder of the week - 80% from Wednesday on.  Its hard enough to trap, let alone in the pouring rain.  Wish I had help here too.  I need to set a trap on Hayward also, as there are new kitties that are not eartipped, including the little black and white boy kitty.

My niece is in the process of moving, and due to the chaos that moving entails, I decided to take Larry home with me when I went over to let her borrow a carrier for the move.  Larry has been thriving and he misses his mama, but it will be a day or two and he can then go back to his forever home! 

I wish you all a great day, and please help spread the word!  I would love some help!
"Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love."

Friday, April 25, 2014

Fastest Draw in the West!

Well, shaking out a throw rug this morning I bent my pinky nail back and it broke on the nail bed.  Gross.  Blood.  I can't type right now, so making this quick.  TGIF.  It was a very easy morning for me this morning, I made it in nearly record time.  I left the house at 5, and got home at 6.  Very nice.  Very quick, very easy!  Dexter on Stout has now been on Chamberlain two mornings in a row now.  Doesn't look like much was eaten under the porch on Stout.  Chased away a raccoon there two mornings ago.  I think they sometimes get so spooked, the know not to come back.  Others, they saunter over during the daylight hours and have their feast.

The picture above is of Calvin, now named Cody, in his new home.  What a fat and happy cat that is.  If you will recall, I fed him most of the winter under a bench on Baldwin, and after rescuing his brother Fraser there, found Calvin on Hayward, with a badly infected tail tip, and rescued him soon thereafter.  He had partial tail amputation, was loved and whipped back into shape by me, and we found his forever home with a wonderful family of four - two little children included.  He is loved and spoiled rotten, and neither I, nor he, couldn't be happier!  (was that very bad grammar?  or was it good grammar?  can anyone correct me on that?) ha.

Candy went in for her testing, flea meds, shots and deworming - she is negative on all counts.  I am thrilled with this because she is a very very very sweet cat.  All that to the tune of $184.  What in the world was I thinking?  Why would I go to that vet?  County Line. They are very good when you go through Petsnipper through Habitat for Cats, but Candy had already been spayed.   I also thought Candy would be fostered by a friend who lives out that way, but I changed my mind because of Celia being adopted and I had more room in my house, but even so, what was I thinking?   I must clarify what I can and can't do at this low income clinic.  I know I can have feral cats brought in and spayed/neutered, with shots, for $50, but not sure about wellness visits.  I don't think I can.  So, I am going to be charged up the ying yang for kitties I am trying to adopt out.  And I don't charge more than a minimum of $40 when I adopt out, which is why donations are so important to me, but so rare. 

Please spread the word about my plight.  Ten dollars a day would buy the cats one days worth of food - an 18 pound bag of dry food.  Tomorrow, on Saturday, I will be spending $70+ on dry food alone to feed for the next week because I am all out.  That's what it costs.  That's for dry food - alone.  Please spread the word.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


:  the quality or state of being elated
:  pathological euphoria
Elation is what I felt yesterday after driving home from meeting Celia's new dad.  I dropped Celia off to the nicest man, who lives in the nicest, uncluttered, clean apartment.  I could NOT have asked for a better union that Celia and her new Dad.  This man just recently underwent a major surgery, in receiving a new organ.  My friend was the one that donated that organ.  The bond between the two is enormous, and will always be.  I am grateful to have my friend in my life, she is the most giving person, not to mention she has adopted at LEAST six cats from me.  She was the one that organized this man to get a cat, which I am hoping turns into his most loving companion.  The second I opened Celia's carrier door, she popped out and said, hey, this is GREAT!  I am off the street, I don't have to deliver any more kittens, I don't have to be cooped up a bedroom, getting love just an hour or two a day from these humans...  I will now be loved day and night, and have the run of the place!  I was actually singing to myself the song Happy, as I drove along the lakeshore looking at the azure blue waters of Lake Ontario.  Such a great feeling to take a desperate animal off the street, and give it the dream of a lifetime, for them. 
My friend Kristin did some digging.   She wrote me this:
Hey there!  It looks like since January you have rescued 12 cats!
- Calvin
- Teddy/ Sargent
- Larry
- Frasier
- Lenny
- Abby
- Bittens
- Celia
- Susie/ Sissy/ Larissa
- Gordie/ Boris
- Candy
- Rupert/ Sugar

Pretty awesome!
Speaking of, the other cat I rescued yesterday, Candy, has turned into the SWEETEST cats!!!  She is so loving.  She turns over for belly rubs now.  The look on her face is one of pure gratitude.  I SWEAR, these cats can love you like a human.  I swear they do.  She is SO Happy!~  Please say a prayer that her combo test turns out to be negative this morning when she goes to the vet. 
I heard from Bittens/Skye's new mom yesterday.  Her words:  "I just love love love her!!!"


Bittens/Skye (new home)
Update fromTeddy's new mom (Teddy is from Parsells, he had a 'rodent ulcer' when I rescued him, which has healed up nicely):

"Hi Janine! How are you? I hope you had a blessed Easter.
Teddy is doing very well! He has become the little snuggler, jumping up on the couch to join who ever is sitting there and pretty much plays the rest of the time. He loves chasing the balls and toys around the house. We have been having a little bit of issue with litter box but I had a fecal test run and it was negative for parasite so that was good. Going to try and change up food habit/type a bit to see if that helps. I use Perinton Vet and have had really good experiences with them giving suggestions and such... In all, he has become part of the family!
Talk to you soon"

Some pictures taken the other day:
Tuffy on Seventh

Dexter on Stout Intertwining

Dexter on Stout

Red Kitty on Parsells

Black Kitty on Seventh
Now we must get Fraser adopted!!! 
Its been a GOOD week!  I wish you all a wonderful day!

"The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Losing It

Yes, I am.   I have lost the second debit card in a month.  I don't know what it wrong with me, but its enough to really put me over the deep end.  Not only is it scatterbrained, but once you report it, it takes a good two weeks before you get another one.  If any of you are like me, my debit card is all I use, until I've used up all my paycheck!  This will be like the 10th card I've lost in --- a year and a half?  I am disgusted in myself to be so careless.  But move on, I must.

OK, so, here is the scoop.  It was pouring out this morning.  Pouring.  And even in when it let up a bit, I had to bend over/under rooftops (to place the food under the board that was covering the dishes) that were plop plop plopping rain down from the gutter above onto my back so that my coat was soaked within minutes.  I also had  a spot for a feral/homeless cat to be spayed at the clinic.  I placed the trap first at 3rd and Central, only to come back to it after doing the first two spots, to find the trap door down.  OK.  So, the trap I have SUCKS.  I have two pretty dilapidated traps that are borrowed/donated to me, that barely work. The clasps to hold the door up barely clasps.  The other trap I loaned to Sunday Sheryl as she has a pregnant cat that she feeds at her home in Gates on her front deck.  She was too nervous to trap this time, so I tried to get one from my own area.  So, I moved the trap to 4th and Pennsylvania where I know there are a few that most likely need spay/neuter.  Again, in the pouring rain, no such luck.  So I fed the first half of the spots, and moved to the next quadrant.  Placed the trap on Chamberlain, as I have seen a few new kitties there.  Went back to do some spots, came back to the trap, nothing.  I always feel bad not getting a cat, but guess what?  First, there are a lot of kitties that already have been spayed/neutered, which is GREAT!  I can tell by their ear tips.  Second, guess who I DID get!  CANDY!  Yep.  And here is her first selfie:

I have been wanting to rescue her for so long, but couldn't until I could find homes for Fraser and Celia.  Well, Celia is going to a potential new home after work today!  Now we have to concentrate on Fraser.  In the meantime, I have a vet appointment at County Line for Candy on Thursday to be tested, have her shots, and flea treated, just in case.  I pray she is negative for leukemia.  She will then spend a few days with a friend Donna to be fostered, and see how she gets along with the other kitties.  She then may also have a potential adopter, so...  fingers crossed!  Candy came out of the carrier I threw her in this morning just as sweet as can be.  She is a bit frightened, but warmed up to me very nicely.  She didn't want to leave my lap, nor my scratches on her head and bum.  She is a little lover!  And the colors on her!  She is GORGEOUS!  Oh, forgot to mention, I had her TNR'd over a year ago, so she is already spayed.  I am grateful she survived long enough on the streets for me to rescue her this morning.  :)  She is so sweet she allowed me to kiss her on the nose!  :)

As you can see, its been a busy morning, and I am running late, so I will leave it here, and just wish you all a great day!

"Miracles rarely happen overnight, they take time, & if you are patient, the pain that surrounds will one day disperse."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Truth or Dare!


I do not kill spiders or ants in my house.  EXCEPT, these really really really big hairy spiders.  I am frightened to death of them.  Actually, I take that back.  I do everything in my power to get them into a paper towel and bundle them up and throw them as far as I can out the nearest window.  Scared to death of those.  Ants, unless they are in a cluster, I can gather the one or two that make their way into the house, in a paper towel, and throw those out as well!


  1. Purchase 120 pounds of dry cat food every single week
  2. Get up every day, no matter what, at 3:45 to get myself alert enough to;
  3. Drive into the inner city every day, no matter what, at 5 am.
  4. Go behind abandoned houses, 14 to be exact, in the dark, and place food and water down for the waiting homeless cats
  5. Trap pregnant cats, trap and neuter unfixed cats, rescue kittens, rescue adoptable cats, and do 50+ per year
  6. Pay for their surgeries, meds, keep them overnight and release those that need to be back to the streets.
Dare?  Already done and did.  That's what I do every day regardless of the fear that is deep down inside me.  Way deep.  But its there.  Especially in the summer, when more people are out.  I had a better dialogue going last night in bed when I couldn't sleep of where this post would go today, but this is the best I can do after being awake, having done my thing, and rushing to get to work.  I guess my point is, I am crazy.  :)

Seven, the black prostitute that lost her little baby, was out this morning, standing on a corner, higher than a kite.  She is a lost soul.  You see so much sadness out there.

This morning on Stout, along with Dexter, the black kitty that could easily rip my arm to shreds if I wasn't paying attention, had a visitor under the porch with him.  I shined my flashlight and saw a pretty kitty, and I almost would believe its Neck Wound Kitty, with a large raw wound on its body.  Neck wound kitty has been around for years.  He has not been treated for his wounds, he disappeared last year, early, and I thought he was dead.  But this could be him, with a new wound.  Laura had tried to trap him, and he just wouldn't fall for it.   Poor baby.  I will keep my eye on this.

Celia, my little brat that doesn't get along with my other cats, the one I rescued not knowing she was pregnant with 11 babies inside her, from Central Park, may have a home.  Nancy, my angel friend who has taken in so many kitties that I've rescued over the years into her own home, suggested someone very near and dear to her heart, needing a kitty, and perhaps he would love Celia.  So, tomorrow she goes to an apartment to hopefully meet her new dad!  Fingers crossed!

Fraser, we are not quite sure about this situation.  A woman seemed quite interested but became ill, so we are not sure how this will pan out.  If someone is still interested in Fraser, please let me know!  There are so many kitties out there needing homes! 

Spread my word, and have a great day!

"Its not the size of a man, but the size of his heart
that matters."

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello Monday!

It was a different kind of weekend for me.  I woke Thursday midnight not feeling quite right, and sure enough, the flu.  Not a pleasant way to begin a vacation day.  I said a prayer that it wouldn't last long - because no matter what, the cats would be hungry, and waiting for their one meal of the day.  Sure enough, I was able to sleep a bit more, and get up - certainly not bright-eyed and bushy-tailed - but enough to go out for an hour and do my thing.  I had another reason to get up.  A few weeks back, someone who found my blog reached out wanting to go with me some morning, and so we made plans for her to do it Friday morning.  So, needless to say, it was the best first meeting ever, but she was a trooper, and I managed to be somewhat coherent with her in explaining each of my stops.  I am not certain what she thought of the whole thing, but I managed to get her back to her car in one piece.  :)

So the rest of the weekend was hard for me because I am used to being on the go, I had a million and one things planned that I wanted to do, but my body wouldn't allow it.  But there was one chore that must be done, and that is feeding the 50+ cats that I feed in the inner city, the Beechwood section of Rochester, near the public market.  That doesn't include all the raccoons and such too.

There is not much to be said except that one cat on Central I have been feeding had a nasty sore on his tail a few weeks back and I treated him with meds daily, and its just about healed!  I was happy about that.  Saved a vet trip.  When I take these cats to the vet for treatment of a wound, its so hard to bring them back to their location and leave them.  Very hard.   This cat allowed me to shove the pill into his throat, with no struggle whatsoever.  Easiest cat to pill I have ever had!

Sunday Sheryl came by yesterday, on Easter Sunday, and helped me feed the babies their holiday meal.  She has been a big help to me on Sundays, and I do enjoy her company.   I am also grooming her to do my route in May when I have to travel and will be gone for three mornings.  I asked another girl for help, but I am hoping that I don't have to use her, because as busy as both of them are, this one has a lot more kitty issues to take care of - she is wanted all over town for help with cats!

I am still trying desperately to find a home for Celia, who is still confined to a room in my house.  And Fraser, dear Fraser, is still waiting on his forever home.  Please spread the word!

That's it for now.  Have a great day!

"People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They went out and happened to things."

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Rats a Rat and Thats That!

Twenty Nine degrees out there this morning, it went up a little from yesterday.  Still ffffffreeezing!  But not for the homeless kitties I feed.  Nor for the raccoons, or even the rats!  Yes, I had to chase away a rat this morning on Short.  I know they are living creatures that need to eat also, but c'mon.  I can't start feeding rats.  I do enough without adding rats and racs to my repertoire! 

Hayward Kittens Rescued Last Summer

Not much to say today.  I have the day off tomorrow from work, thank God, and I plan to use my time wisely.  When I take a Friday off, that means I do my stuff on Friday that I would normally do on a Saturday (clean house all morning, then run around doing all my other stuff I need to do - and then there goes the day).  This day off will give me TWO mornings where I can actually crawl back into bed when I get home past six, if I am lucky.  Normally, its only Sundays that I get to do this, and then its just for an hour or so anyways.  So I love my three day weekends.  For sure.

I am waiting for Scottsville Animal Hospital to call me - I asked to be put on their list again - and I should get a spot considering I rescued and brought to them a cat - Lenny - that made international news for them - soon.  I need to move Celia, the kitty I rescued from the SAME location as Lenny.  She is still being confined to a bedroom in my house because she goes after my other cats.  Not in a vicious way, but when you have other cats that feel threatened, they tend to act out, and there is some spraying going on, and I can't have that.  So, due to the lack of interest in Celia, I must find an alternative.  Which may be Lollipop, but hoping its Scottsville Animal Hospital.  I have had great success at finding homes for SO many cats out there, but some are harder than others!

I wish you all a great day, and please spread the word about the kitties on the street still needing homes!

"Losing is a learning experience.  It teaches you humility.  It teaches you to work harder.  Its also a powerful motivator."

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Its Five O'Clock Somewhere!

Today is whine time for me.  I was speaking to a pal last night on the phone and swore I wouldn't do this because I didn't want to sound like a baby.

This morning, while enroute to my third colony - out of 14, I noticed a cop behind me, and as I pulled up to the vacant boarded up house, on the wrong side of the road facing the wrong way, I got out, and wish him good morning as he stopped beside the car.  He then said 'please be sure to stop at the stop sign' to which I replied, 'oh sorry about that, thank you!'  After I did my feedings, in the dark, at 5:15 am., at this boarded up house, I got back in the car and thought - he could have at least asked me, or seem interested in what I was doing at this boarded up house in the dark at 5:15 am. carrying a plastic jug, a plastic container, and a bag of something in my hands.   I thought to myself, I should be THANKED by these authority figures!  I am doing good in these neighborhoods, reporting crimes if I see them, just plain caring for these homeless animals!  I actually have run into a cop or two that have told me what a good job I was doing.  But that was maybe twice, out of 10 years...  I feel I deserve more recognition.  I didn't get in the spotlight when Lenny, the cat I rescued, was blasted in USA Today, Time Magazine, and a newspaper in the UK, not to mention dozens of other journals across the country.  I googled it.   I don't know, this just gets to me sometimes.

Back to reality.  I am done whining, until later today, when I can drink my whine.  I just had to vent....

I would love to be able to count how many cats I've saved this year alone.  Anyone want to do the honors and go back through this blog and count?  I believe for 2013, Kristin counted 50?  Correct me if I am wrong.  I found out the other day that a cat I rescued two weeks ago, that I believed to be pregnant, had her babies a few days ago.  Five.  I am thankful I was able to get her in time.  Those tiny creatures would have died in this weather.  Speaking of, its 25 degrees out, and there is a blanket of snow that fell since yesterday.

A friend of mine in Lima has been feeding a bunch of kitties in her garage all winter, and if you will recall, I helped her with a cat by bringing it to the clinic here in the city to be neutered, and turned out he already was, had a microchip, and had been wandering for an entire year according to the barn owner that he was dropped off at by his owners (see past blog).  She has since adopted that cat as her own, and he is a happy, fat, microchipped indoor kitty now.  One of the cats she is feeding looks pregnant, so this morning I will be meeting her midway (she successfully trapped it last night) and bringing that cat to the clinic for spaying. 

Finally, a good story, as told by my friend Kristin:

"Hi Janine!

On March 20th - a freezing, sleeting Thursday afternoon- I saw a woman trying to put a sheet around a cat sitting next to a telephone pole by the side of the road.  I asked her if she needed help and she said yes - that this cat had been sitting in the same spot for hours and she was trying to help it.  We got it into my carrier and I told her I would take the cat to the vet.  I drove home and put the cat in my bathroom to wait to go to the vet - in 2 hours.  Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably. She could not use her back legs and she appeared blind. She kept falling into the food I gave her.  She was wet, matted with sticks, burdocks and covered with mud.  I have never seen an animal in worse shape.  When we got her to the vet, her core body temperature was 10 degrees below normal - she had severe hypothermia. She was also dehydrated and he eyes were not responding to stimulus.  They decided to keep her for the weekend as rabies could not be ruled out.  I didn't know if she would live - and if she did, what was wrong with her.  But she made significant progress to everyone's surprise and the following Tuesday she went to my parents house to be fostered and nursed back to whatever health she could achieve.  Fast forward to today.  Cupcake - now Abby, as named by my mom - went back to the vet for a checkup.  No one could believe what they saw.  A beautiful, fluffy white cat playing with a wad of paper, purring and rubbing against the vet and snuggling with my mom.  Dr. Parsons said he couldn't believe it was the same cat.  She will lose the last couple of inches of her tail - for whatever reason, it died.  But as Dr. Parsons said, if that the worst thing to come out of what she went through, she is a lucky cat.  And she is - not to mention incredibly sweet and cuddly and playful.  All of her physical problems seem to have vanished under the care and love of the vet and my parents.  Abby is a true testament to the power and healing effects of love.  I do believe that animals know when they have been rescued - I cannot find another reason to explain the sweetness of animals who have been through horrible situations.  I am so thankful Abby will never have to suffer again - and that my parents gave their new, fuzzy friend a chance when she desperately needed them."

In the meantime, Fraser and Celia are still in need of permanent homes.  Please spread the word.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cat Food and Coffee

Above is little Skye a/k/a Bittens in her new Mommy's plant.  She loves plants!  After seeing this picture, I realized that she must be the kitty that squashed one of my own plants, while she was in my care.  Skye was rescued from Central Park in the early morning hours at 5:30 when it was 20 degrees out.  What a life she is living now.... 

In response to Jess's comment yesterday, yes, Mr. Whiskers was adopted by my friend Nancy, who also has taken at least six other cats I've rescued.  Mr. Whiskers is one fat and happy cat in his new home.  I just wanted to show what kinds of cats are out there, and ready for a home.

Pregnant Red Mama was returned to the streets yesterday by Laura, who kept her to heal after her spay, and the wound on her foot.  I spotted her first thing when I pulled up there on Sunday.  I am relieved she will never be pregnant again.  I just read a post from last August where I suspected she was pregnant.  This must have been her last pregnancy, and God knows how many or what happened to the kittens she had.  What a brutal winter we had for kittens being born in the outdoors.

My journey this morning started off with spilling cat food all over and in between seats, and then trying to clean up, knocked over my open container of coffee.  It was enough to get really really upset about, and I remained that way for a good five minutes, and then after that I thought, what the heck, there are worst things to be upset about.  I thought for a second - 'what a terrible morning', but then thought 'you know what, a terrible morning would be if you didn't wake, or if someone in your family died, or a friend, or you woke up blind, or your cat died overnight, not to mention all the other people in this world that this is actually happening to - so get a grip, and move on!  So, that is what I am TRYING to do.  :)

Please check out the felted animals created by my friend Deb Boyle!  All you have to do is click on the picture of one to the right, and you will see some of her designs.  Aren't they sweet!  Please consider purchasing one!

I attach a few photos taken this morning:

7th Street Kitty - not looking good...

7th Street Baby Mama, all grown up

Central Park/2nd Street Kitty, unneutered

Tuffy, on 2nd

I counted five cats at my first location on 7th this morning, four at my second on Central, 1 at the next spot on Central, and Tuffy was at my fourth spot on 2nd.  I stopped counting after that.  There are just so many at each of my spots, all waiting for their food.  Here are a few more pictures from this morning:

4th and Pennsylvania - fixed up

Short Street - kitty standing in glass waiting for b-fast

Short St. - Morgan - tuxedo cat waiting for b-fast

CANDY on Hayward!



Flowers on Stout

Dexter on Stout 

Pretty Boy on Parsells

Have a great day!

"Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby - awkwardly, and often with a great deal of mess."  Lemony Snicket

Monday, April 14, 2014

Beauty Amongst the Ruins

Mr. Whiskers from Sixth!
 Good Day!  Its the beginning of a new week.  Spring has sprung.  Or it did.  Today, 80 degrees, tomorrow, 20!  :)  Oh Joy!  I did a lot of yard work this weekend, and witnessed a lot of my little spring flowers blooming.

Sunday Sheryl came by - on Sunday of course.  We went and did my feedings in the city together, and she helped me fix up the location on Short Street, the one that some kind of rodent had filled up with dirt.  We figure it was a rat.  We took everything apart, placed boards over the ground, and tidied up.  We also tidied up the Parsells spot, where I feed in back of the house of the young gay black man that has allowed me to feed there.  If you will remember, his car was stolen over a month ago, and we helped him out last week after he called me to see if  I could give him a ride to the place where his car, that was recently found, was sitting at.  So, we helped him out with rides.  He was very grateful.  Anyways, this spot had some creature digging up dirt also, so we fixed it as best as we could.  Meanwhile, we had two red kitties waiting for us to finish up and leave so that they could eat!  Thank you Sheryl for this help!

That same afternoon, Kristin came over and we went BACK to the inner city, which I always dread going to in the daylight, its so depressing, to help me fix up a few others.  We went behind the spot on Fourth and Pennsylvania, and placed a pallet down, and tidied up there.  Its so nice I myself could live there!  I showed her some of my spots, and at the other spot on Pennsylvania, near Second, we spotted a dog in back yard barking her little head off at us, on the adjacent street.  We walked closer, and this dog was practically lifted up on the heavy chain it was tied with, so that in barking at us, it was practically choking.  There was another pit bull on the other side of the yard chained up, barking.  We immediately thought of calling 911.  Which we did.

Not even 10 minutes went by when I spotted the Animal Control Services van driving, and we went to the location to see if that was where it was going, and sure enough, it was!  Really great response from RAS!  And it turns out that it was my friend, Officer Llalka, responding!  I rolled down my window and said hey!  She came over to me and greeted me warmly.  She has helped me out in some tight spots, and I am so grateful, and Rochester should be so grateful, for this officer, and the above and beyond measures she takes to keep our animals safe.  She sees so much abuse, and yet maintains the degree of compassion that it takes to do the job.  Thank you so much Officer.  And thanks Kristin, for your help!

I chased a million racoons this morning - and I never exaggerate!  A million I say!  :)  They are so bad.  And some are fearless.  They will let you get really close before they start skedaddling up the tree.  Skedaddle.  Is that the way you spell it?  That is a fun, rarely used word these days!  I like it!

While out with Kristin, it was daylight and I could actually see!  At the Stout Street location, which is a boarded up house that I feed a black cat under the porch each day - same location that the garage was boarded up and had to have a friend come by and pry it open to help shelter the cats there from the horrible weather we had this winter, there were these beautiful type of crocuses blooming.  I couldn't believe I was actually stepping on these flowers each morning - its so dark out when I am there.  It was amazing to see this beautiful color, with such a drab backdrop behind.  There truly is beauty, everywhere.  (must take picture tomorrow!)


 Candy was waiting for me on Hayward this morning, and as I held her, I promised her I would find her a home.  Fingers crossed!  Spread the word!



My other two, Celia and Fraser, are still looking for their forever homes.  Please spread the word! 

Have a great day!

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." ~ Mark Twain

Friday, April 11, 2014


Just as I feared.  I did not see Candy this morning.  The winds were whipping yesterday, despite our 70 degrees and sun.  Many boards were missing, and plastic water bowls gone.  Candy was not at her spot.  I always fear for her.  She is a sweet little girl.  She has been there daily for quite a while now.  I have had someone step up to foster her many next week, and someone else willing to give her a try.  So, c'mon Candy!  Hang in there girl!  We almost have you!

I am keeping this brief, as I am in a hurry today, and don't really have much to say!  I do have days like that, its rare, but I do. 

I encourage y'all to check out earlier posts - like from the beginning.  Just navigate this page down below and to the right.  There are far more interesting stories back then when I first started doing this.  Now its like old hat.  Nothing fazes me.  :)

I wish you all a good weekend, and please spread the word about our little Celia and Fraser, both in need of loving and permanent homes.


"Of course I'll hurt you.  Of course you'll hurt me.  Of course we will hurt each other.   But this is the very condition of existence.  To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter.  To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence."  
The Little Prince  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Thrills


Candy was waiting for me this morning, as she does every single morning, on Hayward.  I tell her every single morning, that she is next.  She is just the sweetest kitty.  I had her spayed a year and a half or so ago.  I would guess her age is between 2-3.  She likes to be held and cuddled.  I must get her, before something happens to her.

The raccoons are out in full force.  You can smell them a mile away after they feast at one of my spots.  I pray they don't eat all the food so that the cats can't have their morning meal.  I counted my spots yesterday - 14.  I am getting ready to take a small trip in May and am hoping that a few of my friends will be able to cover my spots.  So I am trying to map it out.  Not having much luck on the internet finding street maps of the area I feed homeless cats in daily, but I am still working on it.  If anyone has a large street map, perhaps I can blow it up and make a copy of the area I go into, and then mark it for my friends who will be substituting for me for two mornings.  I am looking for the streets in the Beechwood section of Rochester.

I had a report from Laura on the red pregnant kitty she trapped for me on Tuesday.  "Penny" was doing well at Laura's house, she had a cut on her foot (I KNEW IT!  She was limping also for a while way back, and then I thought had healed), so they sutured that up, and Laura was going to keep her in her cage/carrier for another day.  She has a cage/carrier that I wish I had.  Its easier on the cats to move around inside, and easier to slip food and water in for them.  I am so grateful to Laura.  Thank you Laura!

I am still trying to find a home for Fraser, and for Celia.  They are both 'special needs' kitties, with Fraser being just very shy and timid, but oh so loving when you hold him, and Celia, who is not in love with other cats.  She chases after them and it has caused fear in my cats, so she has been confined, which is not ideal for a cat either.  I wish I had someone that could foster her, being an only cat in their house.  She would thrive.   Many people find that becoming a foster provider for homeless cats or kittens is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Foster care for cats basically requires patience, a compassionate nature, a flexible lifestyle, and some experience with and knowledge of cat behavior.  Please spread the word.

Someone also removed the large board I had that shielded the weather that comes from the West at the boarded up house on the corner of 3rd and Central.  Why someone would want that dilapidated worn out large wood board is beyond me.  But it really helped keep the wind/rain and snow out of their dishes and shelters that are on the front porch.  I must find another.

And as far as Lenny (whom I named!), the smelly kitty that is the latest media sensation (see yesterday's post), many people have told me that my name should have been mentioned in the news articles that I was the one that rescued him.  And I couldn't agree more.  My name and my cause need to be made more public.  I am the one out there getting these poor animals off the street.

Other than that, life is good.  I wish you all a great day!

"The soul is the same in all living creatures, 

although the body of each is different."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Whacky Wednesday

I have not heard back yet on the pregnant orange kitty that Laura was able to get yesterday for me.  I will call the clinic when I can today to see if I can get some details.  I would like to know if the cat was truly feral, if she is ok, and also, how many kittens she was carrying.   Regardless of my view on abortion, cats have no option.  The female gets pregnant by some horny male, and then they have the babies.  The cat population soars each time one single cat delivers a litter.  We as responsible humans must do something to help this overpopulation.  We must help to end the suffering of these homeless defenseless animals.  We must all do our part to help at least one cat in our lifetime.  At least.  If you know of someone that has a cat situation that they either don't have money to spay the cat, if that cat is pregnant, or keeps having litters, you must step up and help.  There are so many alternatives to help people out that can't afford it.  I actually had someone ask me yesterday for advice.  I would love to hear from any of you on what you would tell her:

Hi Janine,
I have a question you might be able to answer. I have a friend who is on disability and considering giving away her 4 year old cat because she can't afford to spay and pay for shots.
I said to her, would you keep her if I can help you find a place that could do it for you for cheap or free?  Do you know of any programs like that?  Apparently her cat escaped when she was in heat, stayed out for 3 days, got pregnant and had 5 kitties. She gave those kitties away (probably not spayed or neutered either). 

If you have any ideas for low cost spay I would be very grateful. I said I would find out for her. She is on disability and has limited resources.

I suggested to her that she call RCAC, but I am not sure that this Spencerport resident would qualify. 

I would love to hear from any of you on what other advice I could give to her.


I have yet to get a new picture of Bittens (now named Skye) in her new home due to technical difficulties with Jacqueline's cell phone trying to e-mail me the pic.  Skye is the baby kitten I rescued over a month ago from Central Park at 5 am. in 20 degrees, snow falling weather.  She is one lucky kitten though.  I went to visit her last night, and she is SO happy in her new home with Molly the wiener dog, Oliver and Leonard, her feline brothers.   She didn't even want to be bothered with me!


Lenny, the cat I rescued in February from Central Park, has become a media star.  Take a look!

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give to my friend for her friend, and have a great day!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It poured all afternoon and night.  I had a very bad sleep, I kept waking and could not get my mind off of all my worries.  And I have a ton of them.  I don't usually let them get to me, but for some reason, I couldn't get my thoughts to go away in the dead of night.  I also thought:  Geez, I just had my hair straightened, and its going to explode into millions of frizzy strands the second I go out in the rain.  So, the power of prayer really does work.  I asked Him to stop the rain while I did my rounds this morning, and sure enough, He did. My hair stayed dry, but there were a ton of very soggy towels to be replaced this morning.  All the cats were waiting for their breakfast.

The kitten above I rescued from Niagara Street in the city a couple of years ago.  She is one of the lucky ones.  I found a good home for her, and she is dearly loved.  She was running around in a rat infested boarded up house.  Each of these rescues I have done I am so proud of.  These cats would suffer terribly out there.

I got a note from dear Laura yesterday asking me not to feed at the spot this morning where big pregnant red kitty is on 4th and Pennsylvania.  I am so grateful to her for offering to help me.  It takes a weight off my mind knowing at least we tried.  I have my doubts, I have tried to get this girl for a long time now.  She never fell for the trap I have, and I think Laura has tried for her a year or two ago as she had quite a limp, and was injured.  She was sort of like Neck Wound Kitty, who we were never able to save.  He was also elusive to the trap.  I haven't seen him in almost a year now.  Very sad.  There are so many cats that have disappeared.  All you can do is pray they either died peacefully, or were picked up by someone, and are living the good life.  I still don't know what happened to the calico kitten on Baldwin from spring of last year who mysteriously showed up ear-tipped, and then weeks later was never to be seen again.

UPDATE:  You are never going to believe this.  Laura went to this spot this morning, set her drop trap up, and voila!  She got pregnant momma!  She is no doubt an expert at trapping.  I thank God for this woman, she has helped trap so many cats for me.  Thank you thank you thank you God for creating this wonderful beautiful woman!  As you can see, I am elated.  This cat will not have to suffer through another intensive labor under a porch, in the woods, or behind an abandoned house.  And these kittens, as sad as it is for their reality today, will not suffer a slow death.  And folks, if I had another choice, I would take it.  Please say a prayer for all of these innocent creatures.  We must do our part to make a difference!  Thank you Carol, and Liz, for offering to help with the next spayings!

Have a great day everyone.

"Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and
make them great."