Friday, August 18, 2017

Thats a LOT of Cats!

When I say I feed a lot of cats, I mean it.  You do the math after you read about my route.  I thought I would give you an idea of what I do every morning.

I leave the house around 3:45 am. each day - no matter the weather - and head to one of many many locations I feed cats at daily...

I will count how many stops I make after I finish typing this.  

I head to Melville #1 - I see about 4 or 5 cats here, pour the food on the porch above at this vacant house.  Pour water.  Shelters are boarded up in the carport below that was just boarded a few weeks back.  Bastards.  

I then get back in the Jeep and turn the corner onto Greeley.  I just rescued Greeley, so I am hoping I don't have to stop there anymore because he was basically the only one eating there each day.  Waiting for me.  But no, this morning I saw a cat around there, so I got out and poured some food and water.

Around the corner I go onto Parsells.  The dreaded Parsells Avenue.  I stop at Parsells #1 where I just rescued kitten Nugget last week.  (and Mitzy and Moxy a few months back, and a million others) I pour three plates of food and water.   There is one shelter on this vacant house porch because the jerks - whoever came by, removed all the shelters I had on there over the winter, spring and most of the summer.  Here is a beautiful long haired blue eyed Siamese cat that has become more and more lovey dovey with me over the past few years.  Now I can touch its tail that it swooshes past me over and over until I finish pouring the food, and I leave.  There are at least 5 cats here waiting for me.

Down to Parsells #2 where I had to remove about 10-15 cats many months ago because of the jerk that bought the vacant house and destroyed my shelters, and I had to so something with these cats, but I didn't get all of them, so I placed a few shelters under the bushes next door for the remaining kitties.  The house is still vacant by the way.  There are at least 4 cats here, although I saw a kitten yesterday scurry behind the house.

I then head down to Parsells #3, where DeGeorge Ceilings once had a business, and its a church or something now, always looks vacant, but there are at least 10 RED cats here.  I know a pregnant cat just recently delivered.  I've TNR'd many here these past two months.  All red.  

Head back down Melville, to Melville #4, where I feed at least 5 more cats.  Sweet grey tabby always running up to me, rubbing against my legs until I pour his gold - wet food.  Then a block down to the momma kitty - she bore Bitsy, Itsy and Marshmallow, the kittens I rescued.  She is a sweetheart, and really needs a home.  I feed her under a tree, along with a beautiful pure white cat.  This won't last long come winter.  Don't know what I will do here.  

Then a block down to Melville #2, where some of the Parsells kitties migrated to.  I set up two boxes with boards covering in the back for shelter, and have been feeding there all summer.  There are 4 cats I can see every day waiting here.

I then cross over Parsells and head toward Garson.  Here, I get out and place food on a vacant house porch and feed the cat that had huge milk ducts a month ago, and then didn't.  I then had her spayed, but there are at least 3 cats here each morning waiting for me.

Then down to the regular Garson spot, where George still waits for me on the sidewalk.  Behind the lot, there are at least 8 cats waiting.  That doesn't include the kittens I've recently discovered, all many months old, feral at this point.  I see their eyes illuminating from my flashlight.

Then to Baldwin and Grand.  Here are my regulars.  All waiting.  Beautiful shelters here.  Thanks to the church that allows me to feed here.  There are ....  7 or so cats here regularly.  That I can see, and count.  Many wait in the shadows for me to leave.

Crossing over now to Webster and Ferndale, the two regulars, Bugsy and Bigsy, a calico and a black and white homeless cat poster child.  So sad looking.  But I feed them regularly on the porch of a vacant house.  I did see Crazy Marilee the other morning.  I rolled down my window and told her to stay away from the cats.   I told her that she isn’t allowed to be around animals because of the charges she’s had against her in the past.  I said some other unpleasant things to her, as she did to me, and drove off.  I honestly have not seen her in over a year, didn’t think she was ‘still with us’ anymore to be honest.  I see red when I see her.  I think about all the trouble she has caused, to me, other people trying to trap, the poor animals she has abused… the many police encounters because of her..  I just hope I don’t see her again.

Off across Goodman Street now.  The Back Nine.  Pennsylvania Avenue, I check on my garden occasionally.  Very weedy, I need to clean it up, but the perennials I have there are beautiful.  A block away I feed the four cats that were kicked out of the garden location.  All beautiful, needy sweet cats.  4 of them.  There is now a straggler, he is red also, and there is also the grey that I’ve fed for years that was booted from his spot on the next corner at Second Street. 

I head further west and behind a building at the public market, there has been a little black cat waiting.  Get out, food and water filled, and off I go around the corner.

Niagara.  There are at least 8 cats here.  Their shelters have been removed by the new owner of the business there.  He hasn’t been around, and his property is trashy and overgrown with grass and weeds.  But these cats remain, they aren’t going anywhere, and they need to be fed.  So out I go, feed them, and head to the temporary shelter down the street that they haven’t figured out yet is there.  Other cats around have, but not these cats.  They are all so confused, I am sure.

Turning on to Bay Street, and heading down to Second, I pass the hookers and night owls hanging on the corner, and feed at the lot where the kind man who owns it allows me to feed and shelter.  Of course this was after he took apart the other shelters I had all winter there.  We spoke, and he is a kind man.  Thank you Gene.  Here is where I rescued Carter earlier this year.  Now called Manly by his mom.  There are at least 7 cats here that I can count.  Some wait for the food to be poured under the mailbox across the street.

Next I go to Third and Central, where there are another 4 that are regulars.  Plus the skunk that is usually around.

Off down Central to the shelter in back of lot.  This is where I just rescued poor sick Sylvester.  There are at least 3 regulars here, but now there are two others lurking near the street in the dark, as I’ve placed bowls under a tree by the side of the road for them.

Next to Short Street, where Baby Buttons has been missing for over a week now.  BB is very frail and timid, so this is not looking good.  I am sick over it.  Speaking of, I’ve got to get his mother Buttons into a vet.  I rescued her maybe two years ago? because she had lost so much weight and wound up having most of her teeth removed, which solved the problem.  Poor thing.  Elder.  She was never adopted.  No one wants the older ones.  L  Here we also have Sam, Millie, Mr. Whiskers #2 and Big Red #2 – and a calico that lurks in the shadows… 

Then down Seventh Street where I feed at least 4 regulars, and finally…

The garage kitties.  Momma and her friends.  There are at least 3 cats here. 

Good God, I am exhausted.  OK, let’s count.  That’s about 102.  102 cats.  That doesn’t include all the other stops I make when I see a cat as I am driving – to place food and water for them because you don’t know if they have eaten in days, or not.

Now, who can count how many times I've gotten out, and then in, my car each morning.  😏

That’s all I’ve got.  Now I’ve got to get to WORK.  Ha.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cats, Bats and Automobiles...

Yes, I do see bats out there!  Along with the others - rats, cats, LOTS of skunks, possums, and raccoons.  Those jerks.  They make such a mess of the cats food and water.  😈

Greeley tested negative and was already spayed, so she was updated with shots at the clinic yesterday, and ear-tipped.  But she did not go back to the streets.  Her guardian angel Kim took her under her wing to let her heal, feed her, give her love and get her ready for adoption.  She has bad teeth, which is what I suspect is whats kept her 5.76 pounds when she was weighed.  Such a skinny thing.  I will do my best to get her into vet for her teeth, and hope it makes the difference for her.  New pictures forthcoming.

I had to let the two boys go this morning, after they spent the night in the traps on my porch.  Both boys.  I pray for them that they live their life without pain, that someday, they find a home.  Its my wish for them all.  💔  Thank you SO much to those that called in to the clinic and made donations online yesterday.  What a difference you made to help in the humongous bill I have there.  I love you all...   Really, I do.

NUGGET! this morning in the window!

I had a few brief encounters with humans out there this am.  Nothing to really note, except at Ferndale Crescent and Webster Avenue, where I feed some sweet strays, there was an odd-looking young couple standing in the driveway of the house next door - where a bunch of young people hang and party.  Its been like that for years.  I took a picture of the front of the house with a peace sign in Christmas lights.  Young and hip.  Anyway, when I rounded the Jeep to go feed, the girl called out and said I've been wanting to tell you that I love you!  Thank you for feeding the cats!  I do the same at my house, I feed the strays.  I touched my chest and said, that means the world to hear someone say that!  Especially at 4 a.m.!  I usually get negativity and people yelling at me.  The guy next to her was also saying something like - yes, thank you for what you are doing.  We love animals.  I really was touched!  Little things like that can go a long way.  

Total opposite of how someone can change your mood.....  the Niagara Street building - where the new owner placed all the shelters to the side of the street and displaced at least 8 cats from their 'homes'.  I had placed a tote on its side in its place to keep the food - that they NEED! - from getting wet from our storms.  I found it by the side of the road this morning.  Hey D-head, why don't you clean up your property of the weeds, glass, litter, mow the foot long grass that's already there, THEN worry about a plastic tote.  You JERK!.  I placed the tote back again.  I have no clue what I will do for the wintertime for these cats, but in the meantime, I will continue to feed.

Scenes from this morning:

Calico on Central and Second

KITTEN on Central and Second

"When life leaves us blind, 
love keeps us kind."

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

TNR Tuesday

Here are the catches of the day.  I set traps at two locations, both on Parsells, and got one of the Red Family (Peanut) (there are so many red cats here) at my third Parsells location, and Mr. Black (Little Buddy) at my first location.  Both will be spayed or neutered, and let back on the streets tomorrow, sadly.

But as I passed by this lonely little one that sits each morning huddled against this building on Greeley and Parsells, waiting for his morsels of food I leave him, my heart tugged at me, and I grabbed him before I went to check my traps.  Ive been wanting to rescue him for over a month at least now, since he began to trust me.  So sad to see him waiting here each morning.  Number Three TODAY.  Three being brought to the clinic.  I hope they take him.  I only have two slots allotted me. I have a feeling though that something might be wrong with Greeley.  He weighs nothing.  Very thin.  Will have a test done on him today to check for leukemia.  :(  Greeley is also number 90.  Ninety cats I've rescued this year!  Woo hoo!  Could NOT do it without all of YOU!


So as I TRUDGE out each morning, not looking forward to doing it, not looking forward to getting up at the ungodly hour of 2 am., having to put a smile on my face and a skip in my step for my own cats, and the kittens that are dancing around my feet waiting to be fed at that time, I get through it.  And after I get through it, I feel somewhat satisfied.  Not good, but satisfied.  I fed some hungry cats.  On TNR day, I hate having to set traps for these cats.  On the day after TNR day, I hate having to release the cats. 

My health has been phenomenal, despite my aches and pains, I am still able to get up to do this every day.   I am old.  I am NOT old.  I am 39.  Still.  No comment from the peanut gallery.   I haven’t been sick in years.  I am fully aware that when the day comes that something happens to me, God forbid, there will be no one to fill my shoes.  Those cats that have been used to seeing me each day, knowing they can eat, will slowly starve.  I won’t get into those details, I can’t even begin to think about it personally.

I know I haven’t saved the world, nor will I ever do it.  Recently a friend and his wife donated to the clinic for spay and neuter, and with it wrote the following.  It was said so eloquently, and it brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t save the world, I know it.  But I can save just one cat just one day at a time. 


XXXX and I are pleased to help you in your efforts. We do it in part to encourage you and in part to get the satisfaction of knowing that every time that you have a success story we haven’t solved the problem, but we have moved one cat closer than we were yesterday.

It is well that you bear in mind (as I know you do) that you are not responsible for this problem and thinking that  you will solve it will only lead you to being discouraged and divert your energy from your own little mission to a mission that is not yours. In that respect you have to be careful that you do not load yourself down with more than you can handle. This is going to mean placing realistic limitations on the size of the project that you can handle and the number  of cats you can house or adopt. What keeps your program going is not money, but rather the boundless effort and dedication you have shown in making a difference. Each cat is a difference and you need to see it that way and not focus what might be in a perfect world. You have to focus on each cat you save and not on the ones that don’t get saved because they are beyond your resources.

I don’t have to lecture you on how it feels to walk away from cats in need. It is a heartbreaker, but if you can’t put that in some manageable perspective you will jeopardize all that you have accomplished. Without  you, none of these cats will be saved. So it is important that you stay mentally and physically strong and take satisfaction form the enormous impact that you have already had on the lives of so many cats and kittens. You must focus on your successes and not on things that you can’t solve.

This makes me think of an old prayer that is attributed to Dr. Reinhold Neiber of Union Theological Seminary. It goes something like this:   Lord, give me the strength to solve the problems that I can solve and the strength to put aside those problems that I cannot solve and the wisdom to know the difference.

Remember, Janine first because she is our most important asset, and after that “one cat at a time.”

Onward and Upward with a smile on our face and peace in our hearts. Signed, XXX

I hope people will continue to help support me either with donations of food or money, to care for these needy cats on this tiny corner of our planet.  I don’t have a penny in my pocket for myself, but will do my best to find a penny to care for the cats.

Thanks for listening.

"Make your heart the most beautiful
thing about you."

Monday, August 14, 2017


(CLICK on Pics to see up close!)

Look who I trapped this morning!  This little itty bitty thing.  Saturday morning, at 4:30 am., Sunday Sheryl caught a glimpse of this little thing under a porch next door to where I feed at my first Parsells location.  I patiently waited and tried to coax it, but it wouldn’t go for it.  Sunday, by myself, I did look around, but didn’t spot it.  This morning, I last minute threw in a kitten carrier.  Set it, and lo and behold, meet Nugget.  He is about 7 weeks old.  Scared, but not feral.  He could have been in another week or so.  Purred the second I got him out of trap.  Hungry.  I will have to bathe him, deflea and deworm him when I get home so that I can let him out with the other ‘kids’ on the porch in a few days.

Itsy, Bitsy, Ernie (aka Ernestine) and Happy (aka Stanley) were adopted out this weekend.  Itsy and Bitsy will be with me until October 1st when their new mom gets her new apartment.  I can’t tell you, I’ve really hit my lucky stars when it comes to adopters. Just the best of the best!  I am thrilled with their new homes, and parents that love them.  A nice couple came over to meet Chip on Saturday, and fell in love! 

That leaves Chippie, Daisy, Paisley, and Gracie with her SIX kittens.  Look at these precious angels!  All available for adoption soon!

Kristin totaled up my numbers for this year so far.  As of yesterday, I have rescued 88 cats and kittens since January.  I’ve TNR’d 31.  That means preventing cats having kittens 31 times by trapping them, getting them neutered, and releasing them.  WHICH I hate to put a cat back on the street, but in these cases, it had to be done.  I try to rescue who I can.  They lead miserable short pain-filled lives on the streets.  If anyone wants to dispute that fact, come on out with me and see what I see every day.  Come see what I saw Saturday morning on Seventh.  Come see the cats I wrap in towels and place aside in a bush after scraping their bodies off the road, one just the morning, the second one in two weeks.

Please keep my fundraiser in mind.  I need all the help I can get, but plus, it will be a lot of fun! Raffle items, live music, food, wine and beer, how can it get any better?  :)

Thanks and have a great day!

“Perseverance and strength of character will enable us to bear much worse things.”

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday's Thunundrums

This morning was quiet.  I weaved my way through the streets in the Beechwood area under a glowing moon.  Not many people were out, except the regulars that hang around Bay and Second Streets.  Those are the all nighters.   They sit on the steps next to the adjoining park there.  I think there is a smattering of pimps and hookers, and drug related people.  But they all know who I am after seeing me every single morning around the same time, the girl that drives in the piece of junk red jeep, with a flashlight around her neck, in the pink boots.  I see the occasional cop car go by, they don't bother me either.  One, the other morning, flashed his lights and gave a wave to say hello while I was in the back of the lot at one location.  Its nice to know they are around.

I haven't paid much attention to my city garden this year, but I do go occasionally to weed.  I planted some annuals in the spring, and have some beautiful perennials there, thanks to a few of you, but there are some very leggy weeds that have taken over.  I need to get over there. Today is mow day there.  Gotta keep it up.  Plus, I planted some tomatoes, so those need to be checked also.

An update from Charlie's dad, the rescue from Third and Central this past late winter:

Charlie and I are doing great. Charlie has an ongoing problem with his left eye as it gets fluid in it and sometimes red maybe a little blood in it. So I give him eye drops twice a day for 7 days when it flares up. It's good for 3-4 weeks and comes back and I do the drops again. Other that that he is great. He likes it here. He's on the front window stoop during the day looking out and even sleeps on it too. We play or he has his toys to chase around. 
At night when I'm on my phone he comes up and sits on my chest for his nightly massage and petting. His fur is so smooth and beautiful. He likes to lick and small bite me , but I know that's a sign of affection for me. 

He has the run of the house, Charlie loves the basement where he can explore and it's cooler too."


This is why I do what I do.  This is what makes it all worthwhile doing what I do day in and day out.  Cats like Charlie.  I am a cat rescuer.  This past summer I've had only rescued kittens.  They are a handful, and the very reason that fosters are very helpful to me especially.  I would have gone crazy - well, crazier than I already am - if I didn't have the help of some of these folks.  But after the last one is gone, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and get back to the really needy ones on the streets.

There is so much sadness, I leave so many cats where I feed them, the ones that are begging for a home.  Mr. Whiskers, Baby Buttons, Big Red #2, the momma on Melville of Marshmallow, Itsy and Bitsy, a pretty red unneutered kitty on Parsells, the litter of kittens I just discovered this morning on Garson, the litter of kittens on Parsells I just discovered this morning...  The grey tabby on Third and Central, the grey tabby on Melville.   All are desperate. We need more people to foster these kitties, for as long as its takes, until they find their forever homes. It doesn't take much.  Just patience, time and love.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Out of Order

I am out of commission today.  A lot going on in my life right now.  I wish I could put it all into words.  But I can't.

A few housekeeping things though...  So my 4th! (can you believe it?) Fundraiser - Meow and Chow - is set - see flier below.  I hope you can all make it.  Would love gift baskets for raffle, if anyone has any creative bones in their body.   Other items - wine, bottles of booze.  I am sure Kristin or a few others could elaborate on this...    Essentially things that you yourself would like to win!  Again today, I've run out of food to feed the 100 cats or so in the morning.  I could always use dry cat food, have a surplus of wet right now.

I cannot send out blast emails from work address any longer, and working on another solution with a GMAIL account to send from.  In the meantime. I hope you all are computer savvy enough to save this blog link so that it pops up and reminds you each day to read it.  It can be very boring most times, but just in case, you will have the link to check it out.

I did set Big Daddy and Gina free this morning after a long night on the porch in traps.  No more babies for Gina, and no more making babies for Big Daddy.  I have to hold off on TNR's for now my bill is so astronomical at the clinic.

Have yourself a wonderful day.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

TNR Tuesday/TACO Tuesday!

I trapped these two angels this morning.


The black and white hangs out at my second Parsells stop.  Last year, when I was still feeding on the porch next door (I am now feeding under the bushes of a house because the new owner of the STILL vacant house trashed all my shelters and told me I could not feed there anymore), this cat had a litter – I could tell, and I had planned on getting her at some point, but didn’t see her again.  She’s been spotted, and I quickly grabbed her and placed her in carrier after I had already placed my two traps at other locations.  One of those locations was where the very pregnant cats WAS, but has not been seen since I’ve tried trapping there since Saturday.   Speaking of the second Parsells location, the tenants were trying to move a couch into the upstairs apartment as I pulled up.  I got out and lent a hand.  They have been kind enough to not tell me to stop feeding the cats, and they are very nice people.  A mother, son and daughter.

At the one location where I set the other trap, where I TNR’d the very lactating female last week (she had lost the milk by then), there was a young man on the porch next door (its 4 am!) sitting looking at his phone.  I greeted him, told him I was setting a trap.  He said it was cool.  I asked him if he knew about any kittens around there because of the female recently having had kittens.  He pointed to the house next door and said probably over there.  I then asked him his name.  OMAR.  I then said would you mind calling me when you hear a slam of the trap door?  He was more than happy to help me.  I drove off, and after a while didn’t hear from him.  Drove back, the little buggers (there were at least three cats around) got in the trap, ate the tuna, and didn’t set the trap off.  I refilled with tuna, and drove off.  Came back later, and it was the same kitty mama I had done last week.  Done with that.  Set it at Garson just up the street, went to check on Parsells, BLAM.  Got the red and white kitty.  Big Daddy I call him.  He must have impregnated every female on that block.  So I had GINA in the carrier, and Big Daddy in the trap.  Raced back to Garson to shut the trap, as I only have two spots at the clinic each Tuesday.  $120 today.  And every week.  This is an expensive passion.

Speaking of passion, Taco is also going in for his neuter this morning.  Prayers for that little guy.

That’s it for now.  Have a great day!

"I savor each moment, because I do not know
exactly when a heavy gust or breeze might blow.
Should it be today, I'll shed my sorrow in a tear
while my courage battles the uncertainty I fear.

Dreadful emotions, for which I can't prepare,
will likely taunt me with sporadic despair,
but I'll be patient amid the highs and lows
for that is the process by which grieving goes.

I will accept my fate in spite of the stress and strain,
ignoring should'ves, could'ves, would'ves to rid my pain,
as will the sun's radiance on my thirsty skin
restore in due time my contented grin."

Monday, August 7, 2017

Spank the Raccoon

What a weekend its been.  Emotional roller coaster.   Wake, funeral.  All for a beautiful 21 year old girl with so much life ahead of her.  This is such a torment for her family and friends.  I never saw so many tears.  To top it off was knowing the fact that her mother's sister died from drugs and my niece's father died from drugs (Samantha was not my direct niece - she was my cousin's daughter - but called me Aunt Janine!).  There were a lot of sad memories brought up because of this.  My cousin blames himself for not seeing the signs.  What could he have done differently...  nothing!  There is nothing anyone can do for anyone else unless they are open to it and truly embrace it.  Its a tough road for all involved and sadly, unfortunately sometimes that person finds a calmer, safer haven not on this earth.

Just this morning, on Melville, a girl was standing under a streetlight, and when I got out to feed, she called over and asked if I wanted to buy steak.  Steak?  For God's sake, what was she talking about.  I went on my way after calling out, 'no, thank you' (trying to hide my irritation).  I went on doing my next two stops on Melville, and she was walking down the street toward Webster by now.  As I finished up on Melville and was going to turn the corner onto Webster Avenue, I passed her again, on the corner.  I rolled down my window and said...  did you say you were selling steak?  She said yes.  I said, its got to be spoiled right now in your purse?  She said it was at her house.  Then she said 'I need the money, I won't lie to you, I need to get high."  I asked her what drug she used..  she said crack.  I told her she can stop that, she could get help.  There are places.  I then told her she could be killed on the street doing what she is doing.  She said 'I know', 'I can't help it.'  I drove off telling her to be safe.  Very sad.

Now that its over and done, the hardest parts of this nightmare, the true test for the family is now, with all the hoopla is over with.  One day at a time I guess.

Cat wise, Happy and Taco have been adopted this weekend - together - and Ernie a/k/a Ernestine was adopted also.  They will go to their new homes soon.  Wonderful people adopting them.  We still have Itsy, Bitsy, Fudgie, Chippie, Chip, Robbie, Paisley, Daisy and the six wonderful kittens who are now four weeks old. They are yet unnamed.  Their foster mom is Sheryl, and naming these nearly identical three sets of twins will be tough, but I am going to name each one after the letters in Sheryl's name, to honor her.  She is nearly four years into giving up one day a week every weekend to drive from Chili to my house no matter the weather, to help me in the mornings on my route.  Thank you Sheryl.  I welcome suggestions for each of the letters:  S H E R Y L.

I was never able to rescue the very very pregnant red kitty on Parsells.  I am nearly positive she has had those babies somewhere.  I sure could have used help.  One person alone can't do this.  I am grateful to a woman named Cindi, and Susan too!, that offered help to foster the mother and kittens.  But its the work on the street to prevent is what is needed.  More spay/neuter appointments, and more trappers.  I just can't do it alone.

Oh, the raccoon bit.  At my Central spot, a very young raccoon came waddling over while I was pouring the food.  I chased it away not once, but then again twice, and then again three times after running after it.  I thought that did the trick until I bent down again to continue to pour the food, and the rascal was a foot from me, eating happily.  I spanked him right on the top of his nose.  Now that is not animal abuse.  I didn't take a hammer to him.  I just let him know I meant business and to SCRAM!  He did again, but I am sure he came right back and said, "ha ha you old crazy cat lady.  I'm back!"

Have a nice day.

"I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfil our destiny, but our fate is sealed."


Friday, August 4, 2017


Tough morning out there.  SO HUMID!  I did see the hugely pregnant kitty on Parsells.  She gets so close, she is so hungry.  I just wish it was Tuesday and I could set a trap.  If someone gave me the go ahead to set the trap tomorrow, and I got her, I would have to have the person willing to take her be up at that ungodly hour ready to take her.  She would be very scared, and would have to be parceled into a small area where she can't escape, and you would have to be willing to go the long haul with her, and her babies.  Otherwise, its a sad sad thing if she gives birth outside before I can set the trap Tuesday to take her to the clinic.  I just see so much heartache.

I leave today with hopes that we will begin to have some adoptions for the little ones left in my care.  We have Happy (Stanley), Taco (still not sure about adopter!), Fudgie and Chippie, Itsy and Bitsy, Daisy and Paisley, Chip and Ernie/Ernestine.




HAPPY aka Stanley






And lets not forget Gracie with her six children - names and sex yet to be determined!  :)

We must get them adopted so that I can rescue the real stars, the adults on the streets!  So many sweet cats out there waiting for me to help them.

Have a great day!

"To my Cat:

I will never move & not take you with me.
I will never put you in a shelter & leave.
I will never let you starve.
I will never let you hurt.
I will never desert you when you get old.
Nor will I leave you when you go blind.
If that time comes I will be there to hold you.
Because I love you & you are FAMILY."