Thursday, July 2, 2015

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Picture below is of Sabrina, the kitty that was hit by a car near Ferndale and Webster, most likely one of Maryleigh's cats that 'are hers'.  She is loving her life, despite down the road needing all her teeth removed due to the infection she is being treated for that is rotting her gums and teeth.  She is being fostered right now by a wonderful girl who is falling in love with her.

I called the Humane Society yesterday based on the facts told to me by M's neighbor, was told I would receive a call back by the already ongoing investigative officer, but I never did.  I will call again today! 

I am not sure if M touched the food yesterday, I just couldn't tell.  Someone was messing around there, but I wasn't sure if it was someone else or not.  Unfortunately, kitty with the tumor is still around, as Laura had a surgical appointment scheduled for the day she tried to trap but was bothered by M and her crazy antics.

The remaining two of the five kittens from Miller Street that were rescued a few weeks back went to the clinic for their wellness checks.  Sure enough, Haven is a boy, and Meadow is a girl.  Both are in the throes of possible adoption!  Fingers crossed their leukemia tests come back negative today!

Now we've got to get the other three little buggers that are a pain in my arse adopted!  Please spread the word!

The sad news to leave you with is that the place on Niagara and Central, there is a white fluffy cat that I am assuming is mom to the three baby white and one black kitten, looks pregnant.  On top of that, there are five tiny babies in the lot on 7th Street I discovered yesterday morning.  Their little faces were illuminated by my flashlight, hiding under a pile of wood.  Something must be done.   I need help!

Have a good day.

"You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you.
You have to go to them sometimes."
Winnie The Pooh

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  1. Do you think now that animal abuse is a felony, your police requests will be considered more important, especially with the crazy Marilee?

    My boys got to meet Bethany's new Shih Tzu puppy yesterday. Pumpkin was ticked off that Bethany has a new friend, Charley thought she was neat, and Sierra wished everyone would just leave, including P and C! LOL!