Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Another Rescue

Besides the update on rescuing Peaches yesterday, who really needed to be rescued, I am keeping this short and sweet.  Well, maybe not sweet.

Its raining out.  It started mid-way through my route this morning.  A light rain, but nevertheless wet.  My mind drifted back to the few bowls I left here and there on the side of the road when I saw a cat on my first half.  The food would be soaked by now.  Poor things.  The tiny kittens are still on Bay Street, amongst the tires.   I need help. They need help.  Someone with a bit of time and patience.  I have a foster for them already.  The four kittens I currently have being fostered I am hoping will be shown this weekend for possible adoption.  Fingers crossed!

Peaches This Morning
Peaches had a wound under his chin, on his chest, that needed two stitches.  His skin is scabby due to fleas.  (although I don't seen any now - they treat that at the clinic).  He used the litter box but it was a mess maybe due to the toxins in his body releasing from the meds he was put on.  After I 'caught' him on Pennsylvania Avenue and placed him in the carrier yesterday, he was brought to the clinic for neutering.  He tested negative for leukemia but positive for FIV, which means nothing.  It means something if you live outside because you can pick up any germ out there and get very sick, but nothing if you are a nice kitty and live in a nice, warm, clean house.  They say FIV kitties are more susceptible to disease, etc. but I have at five of my own FIV kitties living here with me, and they are as healthy as horses, and have been.  They are old and fat and living the life.  I have a girl to foster Peaches, and I am looking forward to getting to know him better when his skin clears, his fur is fluffy and clean and beautiful, and he feels better.  He doesn't feel so good this morning, but loves the little scratches I am giving him.  Its so rewarding to see them a week or two later when they are thriving from being rescued off the streets.  I have hundreds of adopters that can attest to that.

My Jeep, the Catmobile, has some major issues.  The radiator exploded at the shop it was at.  So new radiator, thermostat, labor - $500, and we don't even know if that is the culprit of the symptoms its been showing the past summer.  I wish I had a million dollars so I could pay off my house, my debts, get a new vehicle.  All my troubles - well, those troubles, would be resolved.  There are many more but I have to take those day by day.

Sorry, I'm a dreamer.  (Isn't there a Beatles song?)

Have a good day.

"Every day may
not be good,
but there is
something good
in Every day."

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

TNR Tuesday

Gotcha!  Meet Peaches.  I had to give him a name for the paperwork when he goes into the clinic, but whoever can foster this beautiful sweet boy will have naming rights!  :)  Peaches is in rough shape, but with some antibiotics in his system, a neuter and some shots, he will hopefully be be good to go after he is combo tested.

Peaches from Pennsylvania!

The streets are no place for these abandoned stray cats.  Take for instance. 

I’ve been telling you about the baby kittens I’ve discovered next door to Syd and Johnny’s Auto Shop on Bay Street, across from Seventh.  I spotted the mother one day weeks ago wandering the parking lot there in the early hours of 4:30 a.m., drove up and placed food on the side, with water.  Next morning, bowl was empty.  Figured kitty was eating it, so started doing it daily.  A few days ago I discovered the kittens.  Probably no older than three weeks to maybe four weeks old.  Babies.  I brought a shelter with me the next morning, and taped a note to the side of it.  Lo and behold, Johnny, the owner, called me.  Turns out his wife is Facebook friends with me, and she actually is a school chum of mine from junior high, and she has the same name as me – Janine!   I am sure that clinched it because he agreed to allow me a little time to get the kittens, otherwise, he doesn’t want food placed there.  He even offered to have a look at the Catmobile Jeep today, so that was dropped off.  Fingers crossed its not too serious, and will get me through another winter.  It has only 108,000 miles!  L  Back to kittens, I am praying I get some help with this from someone who already has way too much on her plate.  I also have someone who has offered to foster the kittens, so it’s a good situation, except for mama kitty, who will likely be placed back out on the street.  Maybe I can release her across the street where I have a colony already.  Its close enough so that she might know the area if she so chooses to cross the street back to the garage.  But the owner won’t want me to continue feeding there.  That brings me to my next point.

These cats need a safe haven.   There is a vacant lot next door to his garage, city owned?  I don’t know.

I do know that I am meeting with the Mayor personally, and some of her staff, and we have a half hour to convince them of what I need, and what the rescue groups need from the city, and to prove the importance of Trap Neuter Return, and how imperative it is that this city adapt to what other larger cities are doing to help their overpopulation of cats.  We need free neuter spay, more clinics, we need safe shelters on city lots that are managed and kept clean by people like me. 

I saw a cat on the corner of Central and Second, where I have been putting food down under a mailbox for several cats, and she looked like she had just given birth.  We need more volunteers to help get these poor animals so that they don’t have to suffer childbirth (kittenbirth?) under a porch or a bush, and produce kittens who will most likely suffer a painful death before they reach maturity.

In the meantime, I need a foster for Peaches (temporary name) after he is vetted today.  Please spread the word!

Have a good day.

"I am an animal rescuer.  

My job is to assist God's creatures
I was born with the need to fulfill thier needs
I take in new family members without plan, thought, or selection
I have bought dog or cat food with my last dime
I have patted a mangy head with a bare hand
I have hugged someone vicious and afraid
I have fallen in love a thousand times
And I have cried into the fur of a lifeless body
I have animals friends and friends who have animals
I don't often use the word pet
I notice those lost at the roadside
And my heart aches
I will hand-raise a field mouse
And make friends with a vulture
I know of no creature unworthy of my time
War and abuse makes me hurt for the world
But a rescue that makes the news gives me hope for mankind
We are a quiet but determined army
And making a difference every day
There is nothing more necessary than warming an orphan
Nothing more rewarding than saving a life
No higher recognition than watching them thrive
There is no greater joy than seeing a baby play
who only days ago was too weak to eat
I am an Animal Rescuer
My work is never done
My home is never quiet
My wallet is always empty
But my hearts is always full."

Monday, August 29, 2016

Leave it to the Beave!

This morning, I think I disturbed a slumbering beaver in my spot on Garson.  I could hear a thumpety thump, and lo and behold, he went right toward me, blinded by the light.  I think he was just confused.  He was fat, and had a very flat tail.  Beaver, right?

If its not one thing, its another.  So, the Catmobile, the 2004 Jeep is on its last leg.  In fact, no leg.  I need to find another ASAP.  I looked online for a used SUV, which I will have to tap into my retirement account for, but they are all so darned expensive, and the mileage of the few I found are up there too.  To top that off, who has time during the work week to search for a car?  I am pretty much chained to my desk during the day, having to get coverage if I leave to even use the restroom (TMI, I know).  I am pretty upset about things lately.  Grill went kaput in the springtime, never did replace, and Friday, my lawnmower went kaput - to it to repair service to leave for a week - $40 down.  The tire on the Jeep had a nail in it and Dunn Tire would not honor the fact that I just bought the four tires due to someone slashing them in February.  $52 - they gave us a small break.   OK, enough complaining for today.  There are bigger things, as I have to remind myself.

My wish list:  Pallets.  AND someone with a circular saw and sawhorse (?) to come and cut down some very large pieces of wood donated by a kind man this past Saturday.  Thank you Bob.  But I can't transport them in a SUV, they are too big.  And too large for the purpose they will be used for.   And of course always food.  I tallied up what is spent buying wet and dry food each week.  $180.  CRAZY. 

Miss B's fundraiser is coming along.  Thank you to those of you that donated.  Cash, notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, snack bags, thank you.  Snack bags, and colored paper/art supplies would be useful.  She has tons of notebooks I think, but I will get a tally from her this week.  Her neighborhood back-to-school party for the impoverished kids is not until September 17th.   She sent me a sweet note earlier (speaking of, she asked for thank you cards and stamps so that she can thank those of you that donated!).  :)  "The girls (her friends helping her) are very proud of you for  all the work you done for us.  They're glad you are on our team.  I'm very proud of you also for all the help you have given to us."  sweet.  but she still can drive me crazy.  I think being homeless makes you think differently about possessions.  She has too much in her house.  I can't be in it for too long, drives me crazy.  Clutter.  Too much.

Red Injured Boy on Pennsylvania this a.m.

Due to the Jeep being out of commission, I have to rethink my TNR Tuesday.  The sweet red boy, who is injured on Pennsylvania, was there this morning.  He is not neutered, I think I may try to get him in carrier and rescue him on top of that.  Someone volunteered to foster him.  To boot, there are at least five baby baby kittens on Bay Street at an automotive shop.  I've been putting food down for long haired black mama, not knowing she had babies.  Saw them, they are maybe four weeks tops.  I put a shelter behind this auto place and left a note with my number, asking for compassion while I try to get them trapped.  I need help here.

The weekend was a bang - I was on the Kimberly and Beck show on Friday.  Love her.  She is fun.  Beck is nice too.  I know they are controversial, but they have not done anything to me personally except to welcome me into their studio and help spread the word about the problem our city is facing with the overpopulation of cats.  We need to spread the word, far and wide!  It was recorded.

Hopefully you all can play this.  I hate the way I sound and look, but its all for the cause, right?  :)

The first part was taped on Facebook, the second is just audio.

I have no idea is this is going to work.  Its telling me 'uploading video' but it just kept doing it.  Finally I had to hit cancel.  I cannot get this to work.  Any computer wizs out there?  I need help sharing this stuff!  :(

OK, it didn't work.  I don't know how I can share with everyone.  :(

One more kitty to post who needs a home desperately.  Sweet sweet sweet.

Have a great day.

"Real kindness seeks no return."

Friday, August 26, 2016


I have a vacation day today but its going to be a stressful one for me.  I have a few things I have to prepare for, one of them being a guest on a local radio show.  I need to prepare what I am going to say for this important - what I consider important - message I am trying to convey to people.  That Cats Lives Matter, and that we need to step up and help them.  More residents of the city need to, and more leaders of this city need to.   Wish me luck.  The things I will do for a cat.  Good God.

Someone pointed out that the Mayor does not know all the people I have helped out on the streets over all these years.  I would give my last dime to a person I could tell is in need.  And I have.  Look at Miss B.  Look at Wally.  Look at homeless Will.  Look at all the prostitutes and homeless men I've helped.  Read my blog since 2008.  I've given out my own pair of gloves, handed out more hats to people, I care about people and I care about animals.  I care about people and animals who are down and out.  I am not just going out there and throwing food down.   I am spaying and neutering and reducing the population as much as one person can do.  I am trying to give a little bit of love to an animal who is dying for it.  Dying for a little food, and attention - to help it through its journey from birth on the streets to its death on the streets.  We can't just look the other way, that is cruelty at its best.

Lastly, for today, I wanted you to know I have been offered a meeting with the Mayor of our city.  It will be in September, late, and I am honored, yet also nervous, because I need to have my ducks in a row, which isn't always easy for me under stressful conditions, and I need to keep myself in check.  No emotion.  Just facts.  I need to have an easy presentation to present.  Facts and figures.  I want to thank everyone who has offered advice, written letters - since the city removed my shelters - all of that is how this meeting even became possible.  So much support.  I really want this city to make a change in how its dealing with the cat population.  I know its important to anyone who has ever placed a plate or food or a bowl of water for an animal in need.  Anyone who has taken in an orphaned animal.  Please God let this be possible for all those sweet and helpless animals on the streets right now. 

Have a good day.

PS, we still have many kittens available for adoption - Jules, Jinx, Jace and Lucy! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Rain in Spain

Thank you Lord for keeping the rain from pouring down on me until I finished up my very last stop this morning.  I sometimes wonder if the rain is God's tears, for all the sadness in the world.  There is so much.  But he always promises sunshine and rainbows.  Then again, rain is good!  It feeds the earth.  I thank God for all these things we have to endure.  It keeps us strong.

No problem on Parsells this morning.  No sighting of the kittens either.  The person who commented on Lonsberry, thanks for your anger and efforts - to reiterate, he's ignorant to this problem, nor does he care.  Forget about him.  And the person who commented on the barn situation, you are spot on with my experiences.  Thank you for sharing the downside to relocating cats.  Its doesn't always work out every time.  They need homes.

I have to share this heartwarming story with you.  This couple from Texas, who found me from the D & C article (they are from NY), wrote to me to commend me for what I was doing, and after a brief exchange, she shared this story with me.  It just goes to show you what great lengths people will do for these sweet precious animals.  Here goes:

I’m Sue, Tom’s wife...we both read the article on your feeding the feral cats and getting them their shots and would just like to thank you for what you do.  Tom and I are both lifelong animal lovers. I’ve volunteered for many years at animal shelters (we live in Austin, TX...moved there 13 years ago after we retired, but return to Port Bay, NY every summer...our families are all here and we beat the heat!).  Tom and I have “raised” two feral litters...the first litter was born under our deck when we lived in Webster, NY. Prior to their birth, on Xmas night, Tom was taking a load of trash out after our Xmas party and a cat jumped out of one of the garbage bags and scared the heck out of him! So, I immediately put a plate of turkey out for it. Tom kept saying “you should stop feeding that cat because my biggest fear is that we’re going to wake up some morning to five kittens coming out from under our deck.”  I said “oh, we don’t even know if it’s a male or a female” and I kept feeding “it.”  She (as it turned out) was the wildest feral I’ve ever seen...even snow blowing off a tree limb would send her flying.  Well, my husband’s fears came May, out she came from under our deck followed by exactly FIVE calico, two tigers, one Bengal tiger, one tortishell.  The kittens looked large...around 8 weeks before we even knew they existed.  So my husband was very upset with me.

I immediately contacted a rescue group and they brought over a HUGE pet-store type cage for me to borrow.  I had to trap all the kittens and get them spayed and neutered, but I needed a large holding area until they were old enough for the surgeries.  I had called my vet and he was amazing....he told me he would spay and neuter them for $15 and $25  each.  So, I trapped them (along with mama...had her spayed...she took off and I never saw her again). The kittens were ferocious...tried to bite, would hiss, climbed to the furthest point in the cage to stay away from me.  I’d take turns wrapping them in large bath towels so I could hold them on my lap and try to socialize them...they wanted none of that...just hated me.  Finally, they were old enough to get their surgeries.  The vet told me that as long as I let them live under my deck and fed them, they would lead a good life.  So I agreed.  When I got them home, I had to cage them for a couple of days until they were entirely recuperated from the surgery.  Then it was time to release them. So I said “OK you miserable little critters...go off and have a great life!” I opened the cage door and instead of flying out, they sauntered out and sat there looking at me!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  One of them started rubbing me around my legs.  So I tried the “one finger” pet and they liked it! So, the love affair began.  I moved them from under the deck in the cold weather, had a cat door installed in my attached shed, taught them how to use it, then from there, opened that up into the garage. Had huge quilts piled two feet high on the floor and would sit in the shed with them for a visit every day during the tough winter months.   When they were five, we moved to Texas...what to do with the cats? Because they were still feral...only let my husband and me pet them...nobody else...we had to take them with us! So, what a fun trip across country in a moving van, a car, two Gordon Setter dogs and a crate of feral cats! 

To finish the story, on the FIRST DAY moving into our new house in Austin, I look outside and there is a black feral cat marching through our yard followed by FOUR black kittens.  Another feral litter! So, I repeated the process.  I kept my NY cats in crates and moved them around the property for the first week and that worked great...they settled into their new (warmer) home immediately and without incident.  AND they totally accepted the new feral litter!  The NY cats have all passed on, now, and I only have two of the TX litter left (13 yrs old) and my neighbor feeds them for me while we’re in NY during the summer.

So anyhow, that’s our background.  By the way, my husband LOVES our feral cats and realized it wasn’t such a disaster waiting to happen that he thought it would be.  We’ve rescued many cats over the years...and if the rescues were strays and sociable, we rehomed them into inside homes.  But that’s why my husband contacted you..said he would like to send you a donation toward the food you buy for the ferals you feed.  Sue.

I wrote her back and asked her if she wouldn't mind me sharing this story, here was her response:

 Later, Sue wrote:

..this is only a miniscule piece of the entire story as you can of NY kittens disappeared at 8 wks and didn’t get trapped...I never knew what happened to him...he was the Bengal tiger...we had  large woods behind our house and I figured he wandered off and something happened to him.  Six months later, out of the woods he came...all pumped up full of testosterone and glorious..I named him Drew because it looked like someone drew all over him (pictured below head rubbing his brother Itchy after we moved them to Texas). Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes...and I figured I’d never be able to trap him and get him to the vet...a big, unaltered feral like that.  So, I just started talking to him...he came around to eat of course.  It didn’t take long for him to re-join his brothers and sisters and I did get him neutered. When it was time to leave for Texas, he had disappeared we had to leave him behind and asked the people who bought our house to keep putting food out and let us know if they saw him.  They when I had to fly back to NY for something six months later....I forget what...I called my old neighbors to see if Drew was still hanging around...he was (and they didn’t want to keep feeding him).  So my other neighbor called me one day to say “he’s in my yard” I drove over to his had been months since Drew had seen me last.  I sat down in the yard and started talking to him.  He sat down...but kept his distance and started to meow.  I’d talk, he’d talk back.  This went on for a  good 20 to 30 minutes...he finally started to slowly approach me...when he got up to me, he crawled in my lap, put his paws around my neck and I hugged the heck out of him...I turned around and my neighbor was watching out his window and was giving me the thumbs up with a big smile on his face.  So, guess what?  We had to FLY Drew back to Texas...what a nightmare trip that was.  The funny thing is that Drew and Itchy were the two most affectionate as they got older. Drew got so tame that I could carry him in the vet’s office and he would let the vet technicians hold him....a 360 degree turnaround from his younger years.  He was the last to die.  He became best friends with one of the little girls from the Texas litter...always slept together in the same bed. (several candid pics below)

What a neat lady.  I am so lucky to have the exposure I've been getting to meet so many wonderful people.  

Thanks Kristin for adding up my numbers for this year so far.

Your numbers so far this year:

28 rescues.  27 TNRs - woop woop.  I am a bit down compared to last year, but thats not too shabby for one girl.

"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man.  Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures."

~The Dalai Lama

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Trouble In Paradise

Paradise.  Parsells Avenue.  Far from Paradise.  Years ago, this street had a high population of cats and a high rate of crime.  I think the crime has lessened, but so has the cat population, thanks to ME.  I have been the only one on this street doing something about the reproduction of cats for many years now.  I have rescued close to 40 cats from this street over the past six or so years.  I have TNR'd double that over the past few years. 

This morning, as I went to check on the food on my way home at this stop I make midway between Culver and Webster Ave, there was a young black man who immediately came up close from the house next door and asked if it was me feeding the cats.  I said yes, he told me he wanted me to stop, that the cats were pissing in the garden.  This is the son of the nice man Carl who I've known for years and never had a problem with me doing this.  His wife called me a year ago and asked me to stop but I told her that I couldn't, there was no where for these cats to go right now but this vacant house next door to them, and that I was doing a good thing for this neighborhood by getting these cats spayed and neutered. 

By the way, this is also where I just released Priscilla earlier in the morning.  Priscilla was in heat, and lactating.  So she may be the mother of the three kittens that I've seen there, and she was ready to go at it again.  MORE cats.  If I hadn't had her spayed yesterday, another pregnancy.

Back to the story.  So this man then began to get violent, picked up a large piece of something, a childs playmobile or something and threw it toward the house and said this is what I will do with the cats.  He then went up on the porch and began to collect all the plates of food and I followed, telling him to take his hands off.  He then told me if I touched him there would be trouble.  He then threw it all in the garbage bin.  I called 911.  Within minutes, two officers arrived.  Unfortunately, I got the wrong officer.  He was calm, let me tell him my plight in a calm  manner, but said if he were living next door to the cats, he wouldn't like it either.  He also said that if I weren't feeding the cats, they would find food on their own.  He also said that me feeding them was attracting more cats.  I felt helpless.  At that point, I wasn't even listening to him.  I was concentrating on what I would do next.  I was thinking about the three baby kittens, I was thinking about the 10 or so cats that rely on me every single morning.  I was thinking I need to get going and get to work.  I am not good at defending what I do.  In the meantime, old mother hubbard came out and was telling the other officer the same story her son was saying.  They didn't want me, or the cats there.  I left, feeling helpless.  I know I am partially to blame for all this because I have never been able to educate people in how to live with the animals.  I've had nothing but trouble here.  There has GOT to be one compassionate person here, but I don't know where or who they are.  Bottom line from the officer, I had just as much right to feed there as they have just as much right to remove my food.  He said I could get into trouble if there is any more trouble.

Thats it in a nutshell for today.  I am very disappointed, and sad.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TNR Tuesday

My City Garden

Other Side of Garden - Veggies!

Today is the day - Tuesdays all summer and fall - that I have two spots allotted to me at the local low-cost animal clinic where I can have two cats spayed or neutered, given rabies and distemper, treated for fleas and parasites, ear-tipped, and are good to go.  All for $60 per cat.  That's been a very expensive undertaking for me, but I do it to try to control the overpopulation of cats here in Rochester, in the Beechwood section near the public market to be exact.  I can't to anymore than that.  Its too much.

Priscilla on Parsells

I set the first trap on Melville this morning, where there has been a kitten spotted.  And where a kitten is, an unspayed mother is.  I drove off, set the next trap further up Parsells where there are about 10 cats hovering around waiting for me.  I went off and did many more of my usual spots, and came back to Melville, nothing, drove off to check Parsells, VOILA!  Got what I think is a young girl, who could be the mother of the three kittens I've seen this past three weeks there.  Great catch. Hello Pretty Priscilla!  No more babies for you!

Kitties on Central this morning

I then went to the back nine to finish off my spots.  Nothing in particular to note today.  Just very quiet, an average of three cats at each location, but some have 10 or more.  I saw so many cats on the side of the road on my journey.  Just pathetic.  Of course I layed down food and water for them also. 

Spencer this morning

By the way, Spencer will be going to a local vet this Thursday for another exam.  He is lethargic but eating.  My sweet sweet boy.  :(  They prescribed these horse pills for him to be given on an empty stomach.  He takes it like a champ.  :(

The photographer and journalist who followed me for the Democrat and Chronicle story - which, by the way, printed the story in yesterday's paper, mentioned to me when he was out with me at 4 am. how very quiet and peaceful it was.  And it is.  I feel safe, even though there are zombies walking around.  I did see Seven, the prostitute who I've written about before - she was pregnant and as high as a kite one morning years ago and I called police asking if it was legal for a pregnant woman to be out and drunk like that.  Since then, I met her baby Henry, who died within a year, the sweetest little boy.  She was devastated at the time, and I tried to console her as best as I could.  There are so many sad stories, but hopefully good came to some of them, the ones I don't see around anymore.

Anyway, I went back to the first trap on Melville after my rounds and nothing.  Will try try again.

PS, I finally received my tax exempt status approval from the IRS!  I don't quite know what to do with this next!  :(

PSS, listen to what this ignorant person said on the radio yesterday.  Bob Lonsberry.  What a jerk.  PSSS, love those comments ladies.  Thank you!

(you have to go to the 4th installment on this)

Have a great day.

"We don't have a heart for humans
and a heart for animals.
We have one heart or none at all."

Monday, August 22, 2016

TWO More Rescues!

SO much going on this weekend.  Lord.  Help Me. 

Baldwin Kitty

Melville Kitty

So Saturday morning, I was able to rescue another TWO kitties from the street.  One, the fluffy red kitty from Melville, and another short haired buff kitty on Baldwin.  I could NOT have done this without a girl named Jennifer.  Jennifer found me SOMEHOW - either through my blog or Facebook (God, the power of social media, eh?), and connected with me.  Since then, she connected with a no-kill shelter in Buffalo, Hart, told them of my need to get one or two kitties out of Melville where I had trouble last week with a neighbor, and they agreed to take them in.  All I had to do was get them.  And I did!  Woo hoo.  Although I had fallen in love with fluffy red kitty, I pray they are good to him and that he isn't as frightened as I know he was when I picked him up and he had to stay in that carrier for many hours until his arrival at the shelter at 10 am. that morning.  I am hoping to get some updates today.  PS, the grey kitty still there - I am not sure if it belongs to the neighbor on the other side.  Waiting to confirm.

Can't wait to get the total of rescues already this year.  I am thrilled.  Each and every time I am able to take a cat off the street from the misery they live in.

Spencer on the streets

Spencer.  If you remember, I rescued Spencer from the corner of Pennsylvania and Second Streets.  He would run to me each morning, very shy at first, but soon thereafter, he was rolling around on the ground at my feet when I arrived.  I could tell he was very young, playful, and hungry.  I wondered if he was someone’s kitty.  But around this area, it was highly unlikely.  He was there, every single morning.  One morning I went there and threw (I don’t’ mean that literally) into a carrier because it was a TNR Tuesday, and I brought him to the clinic to be neutered.  It killed me to return him but I had no one to take him.  About two weeks later I received a message on FB from a retired priest who wanted a companion for his single kitty.  The very next week, I grabbed Spencer and brought him to this man’s house, and after two nights, he said, please take him back.  Its not going to work out.  His cat did NOT like Spencer.  So Spencer came back to my house.  About a week or two later, a woman reached out and said she would like to adopt, but was leery because of her cat, so I offered to ‘lend’ him out and see how he would do with her.  The first few days were a little hissy, but soon after, he was adjusting quite well.  She was falling in love.  She noticed though that he was scratching himself, as if he had fleas, and he wasn’t gaining any weight, but loved the cooked chicken and burger she was feeding him.  She made an appt. for him and when he was examined, his mouth was very yellow.  JAUNDICE.  They ran some bloodwork and the doc called me last week to give the results.  After asking a vet friend to explain those results to me in English (the original vet is very intimidating and I was not comfortable asking questions, unfortunately), she said there could be a blockage in a biliary duct, and to also consider cirrhosis, hepatitis, or cancer.  Either way she said, it didn’t look good. 

Spencer saved

I told the potential foster I would take him back.  She reluctantly agreed.  She didn’t say this because she didn’t love him, or that she wouldn’t care for him as best as she could, but she was taking a two week trip in a few weeks and with a very sick cat, it wouldn’t be right.  And he was still my cat.  So Sunday, after a few tears between us both, I brought him back to my house.  I fed him cooked chicken and he gobbled it up.  Since, he’s been hissing a bit at my brood, but he’s doing OK.  I don’t know what next step will be.  I will say though, when I feel he is suffering, and he has stopped eating, I will make a decision then.  I will be doing a bit of research on this, and watching.  Keep him in your kitty prayers.

Have a nice day.

"I'm not an activist; 
I don't look for controversy.
I'm not a political person,
but I'm a person with compassion.
I care passionately about equal rights.
I care about human rights.
I care about animal rights."
~Ellen DeGeneres

Friday, August 19, 2016

All Quiet on the Home Front

I have four little kittens spending the weekend with me.  Wish me luck.  They are adorable.  Lucy, Jace, Jinx and Jules.  All rescued, and all available for adoption.  Please consider!

Lucy and Jace



Things were quiet out there this morning.  All the usual suspects (the cats) were there, but nothing, nobody, the woman, nor the city, touched my stuff.  She either had a change of heart, or she is plotting something.  I would like to think its a change of heart.

Don't forget I am desperately trying to find fosters for these two below to remove from this area on Melville Street:

Melville Mr. Grey

Melville Mr. Fluffy Red

Pics taken this morning below:  Don't forget, click on the pic to make it larger.



There have been so many wonderful well-written letters sent to the Mayor's office by so many people in support of what I am doing, and what others are doing like me, and the City's effort to thwart the help that these animals desperately need.  Here is just one of the letter sent yesterday, via email, to Commissioner Jones, the guy seen on the video interview of me, relating to his comments.  We are hoping to get a meeting with him ASAP.

Good Afternoon Mr. Jones,

Last week you were interviewed regarding the decision made by your office to remove cat shelters in the city due to a perceived rat infestation.  I was also interviewed for that same story, as I help and support Janine Wagner in her work to reduce the number of stray and feral cats in the city.  She and I would very much like to meet with you to discuss working together on this issue.  We both feel that the work you do is very much in line with what Janine is trying to do - make the city a better place - and we'd like to work together towards this goal.  I have contacted your secretary and she assured me that she would present you with my request to meet.  I am emailing as I want to ensure that this meeting takes place.  I strongly feel that together we can make substantial headway in tackling a problem  that has gone unaddressed for too long.  I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you in person. 


Kristin McBride

Its been an exhausting week, physically and mentally.  I am grateful I’ve received public exposure on what I do, and what others do, and the help that is needed to remedy this city of at least one of its ills.  I pray something good comes out of it in the end.  It may take a while to get there, but then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Keep fighting the good fight.

Have a great day!

"We must fight against the spirit of unconscious cruelty with which we treat the animals.  Animals suffer as much as we do.  True humanity does not allow us to impose such sufferings on them.  It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it.  Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace."

Thursday, August 18, 2016

TGIAF (Thank God Its Almost Friday)

Mr. Grey

Mr. Fluffy Red

I did my usual feedings this morning, including my first stop where that witch next door lives.  She was sleeping peacefully, as most everyone is at that time of day, but not the cats.  I fed Mr. Red Fluffy and Mr. Grey who run to me when I arrive.  I leave there knowing that witch will come out of her house after she awakens, and the first thing on her mind will be to go out of her house, go next door, under the carport, and throw the food and water out.   These two cats are not the only ones that are dependent on this food and water.  I see many, but they wait for me to leave.  There is even a baby baby kitten.  I need to trap there for the mom who had a kitten(s?) and/or the baby.  How will I do that with this witch trying to thwart my efforts?  I need a plan.

By the way, the two cats pictured above were left when their 'owner' moved out of his rented place here.  He left four cats behind to fend for themselves.

I have to say this.  I am not a confrontational person.  I will do anything to avoid it.  But, if you are hurting something or someone I love, I am like a mama bear.  My anger – practically non-existent for the most part – comes out in heaps when you are in my face trying to jeopardize my love, my passion, my cats.  I was called in to work to help out for a very early meeting this morning, so was not able to stop there and probably get into it again with this broad after checking the food and water and finding her having thrown it all out.  But she better realize she has a fight on her hands if she continues.  I won’t go away until I am satisfied the cats are taken care of.  I need to rescue Mr. Fluffy Red and Mr. Grey.  I need fosters right now, immediately.  Please spread the word.



I rescued this blue-eyed beautiful, dirty, white deaf cat from Baldwin a couple of weeks ago, had him neutered, and adopted him out.  Here is what his new mom has to say.  I have to say...  wow.  These cats can go from the streets, to a warm and loving home, and adapt so easily.  I hope you will consider adopting a street kitty from me.

"Just a little update on the man. He is venturing out of his zone these days. He is still weary of the dogs, but owning them more day by day. I have found he can hear very high pitched sound when I speak to him, but I've also started adding some signs to our routine (simple ones for "food" and "come" so far) which he is picking up quickly. He enjoys eating soft food like it's going out of style, body rubs and bossing Luna the pittie around! He is coming into his own and I am loving him ❤"

Thank you Kristi for giving Barack a home!

The article from the D & C came out and while I have high praise for 'my' reporter Todd, the City is sticking to their story and doesn't look like they will budge.  They need to learn the facts, and they need to implement what other major cities have done across the country to help the rescuers do their part in trying to curb the feline population which is exploding more and more each day that something isn't being done.  Come on.  WAKE up.  Rats or no rats, it doesn't matter. These cats need protected shelters.  Leave em alone!

Have a nice day.

"Animals, they are one of the
most beautiful gifts we have and,
you know, if there are people that
have compassion, there are very
few people that put their money
into animal rescue organizations.
And if there is someone that has
that passion, animals need all
the help they can get."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

IGNORANCE - Nothing Less


Big Red #2 spent the night on my porch.  He was trapped and brought to the clinic yesterday morning for neutering, but guess what, he was already neutered.  This old boy, who I have been feeding for many years, at least got his shots updated and flea and dewormed.  He was very happy to be let back out this morning.

Kittens needing homes!  Rescued from Central, and Seventh.




So I received a call last evening from a woman who lives next door to one of my spots who talked so fast and loud I couldn't a word in edgewise.  This is where my shelters were just trashed yesterday.  I had left a note, with my number, and she took advantage of using it.  Her tone was threatening and basically said I had better not put out food or water for the cats because they were attracting raccoons.   When I pulled up there this morning, the green tote, the only tote that was not ruined, was thrown by the curb along with the trashed ones.  I placed it back under the vacant house carport along with food and water for the two abandoned cats that run to me when I arrive.  I went on my regular rounds, and swung back before heading into work to find the shelter, and all the food, thrown again to the side of the road.  I placed things back, and saw this woman coming out of her house, and we both looked at each other and just knew.  She immediately got right in my face, I asked her if she planned on getting any closer so I could call police, and she went on and on, screaming, cussing, etc.  with phone in hand and calling police.  She could not listen to reason.  If she had shut up for one moment, we could have resolved this.  I told her - TRIED to - that property was not her business, and told her all the good I have done since feeding on this street, getting at LEAST 10-15 cats spayed and neutered, and AT LEAST 10 cats rescued.  She would listen to nothing.  Not even the fact that I was trying to get the orange and grey cats out of there.  I got a word in telling her 'do  you think i want to deal with you??  people like you with that mentality?  I told her she was ignorant, and she got me so mad, a few other choice things came out.  She just never shut up.  Finally, after waiting a few minutes, I told her I needed to leave for work, but that she had given the 911 operator all the information she could on me and if they wanted to find me they would.  I told her I would not stop feeding cats on her street until I could get the two out of there, and then be done.  She is the menace.  By the way, her young daughter stood on the porch hearing the whole thing.  I felt so sorry for her.  Another generation being taught no compassion for animals.  I took her picture, which drove her crazy.  Wondering if there is any law against me posting it here or on FB?  She threatened me with a lawyer if I did.

I cannot for the life of me understand how someone, let alone a female and a mother, could throw out food and water for helpless animals, especially in the heat we have.  Those cats have nothing again today.  I pray they ate something for a few minutes at least after I left earlier.

Thanks Liz, for sending me this great information below from Alley Cat Allies.  Its quite apropos.   We need a change in Rochester!!

"Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man."

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

TNR Tuesday

I set out with two large traps, and two kittens traps.  At my first location, where I had just recently seen a baby kitten playing on the side of the road, I got out to set the trap, and found this:

Destroyed shelters - tops broken in half

My shelters - destroyed.  I moved one plastic tote back under the vacant house carport, and left a note.  What I failed to write on the note was to ask this:  Are you proud of yourself?  What else are you going to do today to make an impact on this world.  What else will you do to leave your mark on society?  What other 'good' will you do today for the helpless, the homeless, the distraught?  Shame on you.  I will not go away.  Nor from my other spots.  I will not abandon these helpless animals.

I then set a large shelter and two kittens traps on Parsells (where I've seen three baby kittens in past two weeks), and drove off to feed at my other spots.  Came back to the first location where I set the first trap, and nothing.  Packed up the trap.  They are on to me.  I poured the food for the regulars, and drove off to find the army of raccoons at the Parsells location.  Spooked them away, leaving the traps, and went on to the 'back nine' of my spots. 

I decided to set a trap at another location (as you can tell, I am now going to have to be guarded with the City watching me, hoping to destroy more shelters) because I had seen an injured, sweet buff colored boy.  I want to rescue him.  He has an injured ear.  I set the trap, drove off, and did the rest of my spots.  Swinging back to check on the trap, I found Big Red #2!  I've been feeding Big Red for YEARS now at this location.  An old boy, and couldn't remember if I ever got him fixed.  No ear tip, as I shined the flashlight on his head to check, and I thought, well big guy, today is your lucky day.  We will fix you up and then will have to bring you back, probably much to your delight.  Sadly, did not see the injured sweet buff kitty again today.

Big Red #2
Swinging back to Parsells, nothing.  They are on to me too.  There are at least 10 cats I feed there daily. There is a momma in there somewhere, because she had these three kittens that I have yet to trap also.  I need help with this.


Leo - living and loving life in Connecticut.  His new mom has made a vet appointment for him tomorrow to get him squared away.  When they returned from Rochester, she lovingly wiped his infected eyes, and sat with him long enough for him to trust her.  He will meet his feline and canine siblings soon.

Sparky and Jules go in today for neutering.  Thank you Petsnippers. 

Spencer, the kitty that I rescued from Pennsylvania and Second Street a month ago, has been in his 'pre-adoption' home and was brought to the vet by his 'pre-mom?' - is that what you call it?  :0   He was brought in initially because he was itching a lot.  The vet determined he has jaundice?  He went through a series of blood tests, and we will wait to hear how that goes.  Jaundice?  In a cat?

I have not yet heard about the interview done by the Democrat and Chronicle.  Stay tuned.

"How much further along 
would we be if men showed
some concern for other
forms of life and renounced
all the evils they inflict on so
many living creatures from
sheer thoughtlessness."
Albert Schweitzer

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hear Ye Hear Ye!

As you may know I write a post five days a week, but I had Friday off as a vacation day so I didn't post.  I had too much to do.  It was also insane due to the publicity I received from the newscast that Channel 13WHAM did on Thursday.  What a great piece.  LOVE that Jane Flasch!  Animal Lover.  Although much was cut, a lot was unsaid to the public but what got out there was what was intended.  That this is an epidemic and that something needs to be done.

When I started this over 20 years ago, feeding, sheltering and spay/neutering cats, I didn't know another soul in Rochester that did any of that.  Since Thursday, I now know so many people out there care for animal welfare as much as I do.  What the City of Rochester did, by removing and destroying the shelters for at least 20 cats at two of my 14 locations, and by them not offering compensation or trying to work with me in finding a solution, is a travesty. 

In case you are reading for the first time, ever since I took a fun morning trip to the public market over 20 years ago, and saw the gleaming sets of eyes in the dark on Bay and First Streets, and saw a ton of kitties in a vacant lot, my fun trip turned into me going home, grabbing food, bowls and water, and going back to place a bunch of food and water down for all these cats that scampered away when they saw me coming.  THAT was IT for me.  It then turned into 14 more locations as of today.  I fed there, with the permission of Wilbert, the Jamaican dude that lived on the corner, who I became friends with.  He was always there, always kind, always watching out for me as I made my way to the back of that very dark lot.  It was the business owner behind him that forced me, years later, to remove the shelters that were leaning against his shop because of the raccoons, so he said.  I rescued as many kitties as I could before I had to leave there.

Today, this 'passion' has turned into going through 30+ pounds of dry food DAILY, with close to two cases of dry food DAILY, and four large jugs of water that I haul around in my dying jalopy, the Cat Mobile.  I get up at 2:45 am and head out at 4 am. once I've had sufficient amount of coffee to make sure I am alert!  I go in the dark in the mornings because its the safest time to go.  The Beechwood section has a few streets with higher crime than others, and as the police once told me - even the criminals sleep.  It takes me just over an hour on a good day.  In the winter, when its blizzarding, or we've had a half foot or more of snow, I bring the shovel and have to shovel out paths for the cats to get in or out of the shelters to get their food, the only food they have.  I pour hot water in the bowls and pray they drink it before it freezes over.  When it snows, it takes me over two hours sometimes to get through all my locations and get back home to get ready for my full time job.  I trap on Tuesdays because Rochester Community Animal Clinic allows me two spots weekly.  This costs me $60 per cat.  Last year, I TNR'd (trap neuter and return (to the streets) close to 50, or maybe more?  I rescued and adopted 80 (maybe more).  This year, I am also on a roll with both. 

Keep in mind, I am feeding and sheltering ABANDONED cats, STRAY cats, NEGLECTED cats.  I am also feeding ferals, but I don't see them because they hide.  They come out when I leave.  I can count at least 70 cats daily that are there waiting for me, an average of five cats per shelter.  (I am not a mathematical genius).  :)  I just had a cat neutered last week - Leo - who is close to 9 years old, and never neutered.  He is a mess too.  Three teeth in his mouth.  This is not a feral cat.  He is abandoned by humans.  And we have a responsibility to help these animals, not neglect them. 

What the city did was cruel, and it needs to be addressed.  I will not stop, someone needs to be the voice for these animals.  I hope you will join me by speaking out and trying to offer solutions to the City of Rochester, and what they can do. 

Thank you for your support.  I just cannot do this alone.  :(

PS, here is a great link to cat shelters.  Hint hint.  :)  Thank you Liz!

PS. Leo, the elder kitty put back on the streets after he was neutered last week had quite the surprise.  His new adoptive mom, Doreen, drove all the way from Connecticut to scoop him up from my bathroom on Sunday, and brought him back to his new home.  Here he is!  :)


PSS, I had a reporter follow me this morning from the Democrat & Chronicle newspaper.  He's pretty awesome!  Not sure when video and article will come out.  Today or tomorrow.  :)  or both.  Video today?  Article tomorrow?  He was cute too!  :)  (sorry, getting off subject.....)

Have a great day!

"The kindness one does for an animals may not change the world...
but it WILL change the world for that one animal."

Thursday, August 11, 2016


They did it again.  This time, they removed a small village of shelters that housed many kitties.  Most recently rescued were Sassy, the kitten, now in a new home, and Cookie, who had the infected uterus. Prior to them, at least 15 cats have been rescued from these shelters, and adopted over the past seven to 10 years these shelters have been here, hiding, where no one can see them, on city vacant land.  Someone is systematically removing all my shelters.   I don't know where to turn.  I am beyond saddened by this, for these animals.  That's three viable homes that were removed by the City of Rochester since last Wednesday.  I don't know what I will find tomorrow.

Someone must be reading this blog and taking notes as to where my shelters are.  I hope you know, you have once again confused and upset a group of cats that are NOT feral, they are HOMELESS due to no fault of their own, and I am doing my best to RESCUE all the cats like this, but I can't do it, nor SPAY AND NEUTER, without these shelters to rescue them from!

STOP DOING THIS!  Leave the cats alone!

A news photographer followed me on my route this morning and captured some very haunting images, including this now vacant spot, with the cats there waiting and wondering what was happening.

I will be interviewed this morning by Channel 13.  I pray something good comes out of this.  So far, nothing but bad has happened.

I am sickened by the actions of the City of Rochester right now.  Again, don't know who to point my finger at.

Have a nice day.