Monday, September 30, 2013

Helping Homeless Cats in the Winter

I thought today I would take it easy with writing, and copy someone else's words, but words that are so important to the cats on the streets.  I wish every person could take note of this - there would be so much less suffering. I do my share at my own home with a shelter outside, and a porch chair to come out of a storm and seek refuge in a warm comfy blanket.  This is good stuff:

Street cats, alley cats, wild cats, feral cats, homeless cats … there are a lot of different names we give to these free ranging felines. Most of the time, they take care of themselves, scavenging and hunting for their meals while also depending on the kindnesses of cat lovers, but things can get a lot chancier when the weather turns frigid.

Before we go on, let’s consider why you might want to help your neighborhood’s feral cats. In any neighborhood that supports a healthy (i.e, neutered and released) feral cat population, rodent populations are kept in check, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals and poisons, and protecting the residents of these neighborhoods from the diseases and damage rodents can cause to life and property. Cats are a practical and “green” solution to this universal problem. In addition, a family and neighborhood commitment to caring for a controlled feral cat population teaches our children that we respect life and appreciate the work these cats do for us.

This is why many animal supporters encourage community participation in maintaining their local feral cat population. If you count yourself amongst these supporters, there are ways you can help your local cats to get through the winter with a minimum of hardship. If you can get your neighbors involved, so much the better.

Providing Shelter
Cats don’t need a lot of space, just a space that is large enough for them to stand and move about and stay safe from the harshest outdoor elements. When the weather is at its coldest, the cats will be relying on each other for warmth, and will create their own tight spaces within their shelter. With that in mind, you can use whatever space and materials available to you to create a small haven.
Homemade shelters can be crafted out of nearly anything: from a sturdy cardboard box (think of the heavy cardboard used for packing television sets) to an anchored plastic garbage can to a few pieces of scrap wood that have been arranged as a buffer against the wind and snow and rain. The shelter should be large enough to accommodate several cats comfortably, but not too wide or tall. In fact, the smaller the size, the better the space will be equipped to retain the cats’ body heat.
When creating the entry opening into the shelter, keep in mind that the opening should only be large enough to allow a cat to enter, so that as much of the wind and snow stay outside of the shelter as possible and the interior of the shelter remains dry. If space allows, you can create an awning or plastic “curtain” to shield the entry. Plastic sheeting or heavy garbage bags are quick and inexpensive options for this. If it is not possible to cover the opening, you can try placing the shelter close to a wall, with the entry facing the wall.

If you are able to put a little more work and material into the shelter, try adding insulation to the interior roof and walls of the structure and line the seams of the shelter with caulk so that it is as draft free as possible. Also, elevate the shelter off of the ground to prevent ground moisture from seeping into the floor of the shelter. Of course, you do not want the shelter to be entirely sealed. Some amount of ventilation is necessary, perhaps as some small holes along the bottom of the structure. Bedding material can be added, but blankets and towels are not a practical idea, since they can get wet and moldy and can even freeze, making them unusable. Straw is an excellent material, since it does not hold onto excess moisture, and helps to retain heat.

Finally, be sure to locate the shelter in a safe, concealed spot where the cats feel securely hidden from predators and can watch their surroundings.

Food and Water Access
The cats will require extra calories and fat during the cold weather months in order to maintain their energy requirements. If you can inspire your neighbors to be involved in the project, even if only through drop off donations of food to the designated “feeder of the cats,” the project will have a much better outcome. A dry kitten formula is an excellent source of extra calories and balanced nutrition. Canned cat foods are also a great source of high calorie nutrition, but because of their higher liquid content they may freeze during the coldest temperatures.

Feeding and water stations should be protected from the cold and placed as near to the sleeping shelter as possible so that the cats do not have to be exposed to harsh conditions when they need to eat or drink.

Feeding the cats at the same time each day will allow them to expect and rely on a schedule. If they do not know whether they will be eating or not, they will venture out into the cold to look for food, defeating the whole purpose for the care project. Having a dedicated “feeder,” or a small group of scheduled “feeders” who take turns, can make the process much smoother. Also important to the cats’ survival is fresh, clean water. Of course, snow is an excellent source for water, but don’t forget to check the water bowl regularly to make sure it hasn’t frozen during the night.

While the cats may not be able to thank you in ways you can understand, you will know that they have repaid your kindness with the absence of rodents, and you will know that it is all worth it.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Meet my latest rescue!  This is the little grey (with white) kitten from the Central Ave. location that is teeming with kittens and cats.  I first rescued the half dead calico that was lying on the porch in the summer amidst several adults, then little Bobby and then little Charlie!  And now Greybo!  He has been out for several days on a very busy street corner in the city, and I just couldn't allow that to happen for another day, not under my watch.  I have picked up too may adult cats, let alone this little 8-10 week old mostly grey with white on his chest and feet kitten.  Is he not the cutest little guy??
I could not rescue this little guy without knowing I would have some relief.  My neighbor Tracy stopped by on Thursday to tell me if I was able to get him, she would foster him indefinitely.  That was all I needed.  Any more kindhearted folks out there willing to take the chance to get yet another kitten or adult cat off the street and into a good home before the winter sets in?

It was a very busy weekend indeed.  No rest for the weary, for sure.  I rescued Greybo on Saturday morning, and Sunday, I brought Little Red - now named REDFORD - to his new home in Webster.  I am on pins and needles to hear how he did his first night.  Redford never got over his shyness with me, even though it got much better than when I first took this kitty from Webster and Ferndale who I had been feeding for a couple of years, through thick and thin.  He had been limping and that was when I decided to do something about it.  He took a trip to the vet the next day, and since his antibiotic injection, he has healed up quite nicely.   So thank you Nancy, and Craig, for taking in yet another of my rescues!  Redford joins another of my blog subjects who I wrote about for a long time, Mr. Whiskers from Sixth Street!

I also had the honor of meeting a girl who has recently begun reading my blog.  Sheryl does something extremely wonderful, as a part time hobby.  She tries to reunite lost cats with their 'lost' owners.  So many people out there have had their pets go missing, and Sheryl now has a new avenue to check out which is my blog, where I try to post pictures of strays I feed frequently.  I was hoping two of the kitties I feed were two lost kitties to two lost owners, but I don't think it was a match.   Sheryl did a ride along with me this morning, and she is either crazy, or is very brave, but either way, I was grateful for the company, and for her insight.  I've had the honor of just a handful of people tag along with me in the morning - its so important to me for people to really know what I do when I venture out at 5 am. into the hood, feeding over 50 cats each morning, to feed them their only meal of the day, until I arrive the next morning.  Some of us may never know the feeling of an empty belly and what that meal means to the starving street cat. 

Thank you for continuing to read my blog.  Have a blessed day!

"You'll never accomplish anything if you don't believe
you can do it."

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I got him!  I got the little grey kitten!  Hooray!  The little bugger is in the bathroom with Little Red.  He is scared, but little by little, I will get him calmed down.  I will give him a flea bath when I get home, and I am thinking my sweet neighbor Tracy will take him to foster!  Tracy?  :)

Friday, September 27, 2013


A woman contacted me the other day about her missing cat from the Garson/Merchants area - another new reader who tries to help owners find their missing cats found my blog and passed it on to this woman after seeing a kitty in one of the pictures I took and thinking that it might be her missing kitty, Felix.  She didn't think so, after studying the markings from the very poor picture I was able to get that morning, but I told her I would persevere and keep an eye out for her kitty, because I see SO many strays.  You just KNOW they were once someone's pet.  Here is a better picture of the kitty that I was so hoping would be the missing cat Felix:

Cats on Ferndale & Webster

I pray this woman finds her baby boy.  In the meantime, these three cats on Ferndale and Webster are desperate for a home before the winter, their shelters have been destroyed, and these people do not want me, or the cats, in their neighborhood. 

Laura has been unsuccessful in trying to trap Neck Wound Kitty - aka Nicky.  Nicky was waiting for me again this morning, and as I placed food and water down for him on Parsells, he let out the saddest cry.  It sounded haunting almost.  He has been in pain for quite a while now, and I just don't know what to do with this untrappable cat.

Central Park "skinny kitty"

Central Park "skinny kitty"

Meanwhile, I did pick up the cat that I thought was emaciated, Laura did bring this very friendly, newly spayed, several litters already kitten (it is very young) in to her vet and they were not alarmed at her condition, stating that she had been a nursing mother, she may have had worms, she was treated for that and for fleas, and was returned to the streets.  I would love to find her a home, if anyone has interest.  I did not, however, see the grey kitten here this morning.  I will continue to look for it each morning now.  It will surely be back. 

Some good news to leave you with!  Little Red is going to be adopted!  My good friend Nancy, who has taken at least six cats that I've rescued from the streets over the past two years, two have passed since (right Nance - Jack and Buster?), has offered to adopt him.  I can't tell you how thrilled, and lucky, and blessed I am to have Nancy step up to the plate for him.  He is very shy, and will need a little work, but I know he is going to come around and be the cuddliest little boy ever.   Thank you Nancy!  I wish we had more people like Nancy, willing to take that chance! 

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

I've seen so many little ones over the years disappear.  I can't tell you how many, but I was thinking about one in particular this morning as I got out of the car to feed Rollo, Cedric, and the usual Prince (who has not be around for two days now), and I remembered the very mean, hissy fluffy grey kitty that first started showing up on Second Street behind Paul's house, and then moved down to the Central Park location.  I was terrified of him, but I shooed him away each morning long enough to pour the food and water.  He was probably more bark than bite, but he looked evil.  I haven't seen him in over a month now.  I wonder where these poor souls end up.  I pray they are good, but you know the likelihood of that.

Angel Laura wrote me yesterday to say that she would take the emaciated kitty on Central to have her checked out at the vet, so my intention was to get her this morning.  She had recently been spayed, and returned to the streets.  As I pulled up, I didn't see her, but I did see this:

Another kitten from the house on the corner.  I believe this kitten is Charlie's brother, as they look to be the same age.  It was a little shy, but I could touch his head and body while he went to gobble the food.  This kitten has no business being out on this busy street.  If someone is willing to take the little guy, I will grab it.  Its a pretty little thing, that's for sure.  Aren't most greys boys?  I did, however, get the emaciated kitty, and she is on my porch now awaiting Laura's pickup!  She is a SWEET heart.  Very young also, but clearly a very young teenage mother at one point.

Before I drove away from another location this morning, a car passed me and the driver was staring at me, and I thought 'what are you looking at?' and then I thought, if it was me, and I saw someone out there doing what I do, I would do the same thing.  But then I thought, if there were more people doing what I do out there, it wouldn't look so crazy!

Then I thought about Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue.  She lives in the city, and feeds ferals/strays on her porch, and provides them a shelter.  She also has taken on the responsibility of having them neutered and spayed.  Even though she has no money either.  If EVERYONE did something like this in Rochester, and in every city across the world, we would have a controlled animal population.  Even if it were every OTHER person, there would be less suffering.  Think about it.  Go get a bowl of food, a bowl of water, and place it outside YOUR door.  Make a little shelter out of a plastic tote, place some straw in it, shelter the shelter.  Help keep at least one cat fed and warm this coming season. 

Here are a few more pictures of some of the babies that need homes out there:

"Don’t promise when you’re happy. Don’t reply when you’re angry. And don’t decide when you’re sad. "

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hooking Up

I passed one of the hookers that I usually see on the corner of Bay and Seventh - I hadn't seen this one, she was white.  They are usually older black females, and not the prettiest girls in town, and you have to wonder who these guys are that are feeding their habits by allowing them in their car for five or ten minutes those early mornings.  I remember one girl named Tamara, I used to occasionally bring her sandwiches, and listen to her - she was always down about what she did.  She was always drunk too.  I would tell her that there was hope out there, that she didn't have to continue doing what she did.  I gave her a ride once, after she had been out all night hooking, she needed to go to her 'home', whatever that was, to sleep.  Then there is 'Seven', who had her little baby Henry while she was still walking the streets.  I still see her out there, she gives me a big hug, I ask how Henry is doing, she babbles on like a good mother, but boy, that little boy, can you imagine his life...  They all know who I am, they never bother me, except to ask if I have a cigarette or some change if we happen to cross paths, which is rare.  They call me the cat lady and tell me God will bless me for what I do.

All is well, everyone was out in full force this morning, the kitties I mean.  All were waiting for their one meal a day.  No encounters with the raccoons, which I want you to know that I am always super careful doing what I do, and am a good raccoon spanker, I have it down pat so that they would never be able to retaliate!  I have them running for cover!  :)

Little Red is getting less shy each day.  Today, he actually got down from my lap, went to his food, gobbled a little, and came back to me and rubbed against my leg!  So sweet.  He is going to make someone a very special companion.  Please spread the word about him.  He needs to get out of the tiny bathroom I have him confined in.  PS, he tested negative for disease!  And he knows how to use the litter box, its AMAZING for an animal that has lived on the streets its whole life to know immediately what that box of litter is to be used for.  Amazing. 

Leo walks around the house as if the nightmare that he put me and a few others through last week never happened.  He still smells like dust.  Even though I did wipe him down.  Yuck.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Barn Kitties

I heard from Denny the other day and he told me all was going fairly well.  If you will recall, Fern, from Ferndale, got out of the cage I placed her in within the first five minutes, and I was devastated, thinking about how she would be lost forever in the country, not knowing where she was, and Sally from Second being in the other cage, alone, never getting to know Fern.  But Fern wound up coming back from hiding that day, and Denny and his wife have been able to hold her.  She is getting to know the country shelter she will live out her days in.  Sally was let out of her cage on Sunday, and immediately bolted upstairs to the upper half of this large garage/shed/barn.  She was heard walking around, but she knows where the food is, so I pray I hear good news about her.

Little Red is coming along fine, but I am wondering how I can get him from being so very shy, to being a little more bold.  He just seems frightened to death right now, with his tail between his legs each time I hold him.  He loves my scratches, but the second I put him down, he runs behind the toilet.  His wound is not healing as well as I thought it would.  Might have to call the vet today to see if this is normal.  Here are a few photos of him:

I would love to find Little Red a better name.  I am open to suggestions!

On my way down Parsells at 5:15 am. this morning, on my way to my first stop, I saw a kitty on the cortner, and as usual, hopped out to bring it some food and water.  As I got out I saw a black woman standing there trying to talk to the kitty, so I walked up and I said something like - 'oh you like kitties!' - something dumb, as usual...  :) - but she responded that she loved kitties, and that she wanted one - she - Cheryl a/k/a Butters - said she lives at 470 Grand and was moving in October and she was hoping to get an indoor kitty.  I told her she had her pick in this neighborhood but she said she has cats come on her porch but that they were either a neighbors, or feral.  I told her I would keep my eye open.  I actually have one in mind!  I cleaned out my garage the other day and found I have a LOT of cat carriers, so I may be bringing her a new kitty in her very own carrier! 

Below are various pictures of some of my shelters that I took this morning - have a great day!
Garson Ave - where the mean person keeps removing the bowls

Hayward Ave - still a work in progress

Kitty on Hayward

Sixth Street Garage - I feed at least six cats each morning here

Pennsylvania & Fourth Streets Shelter

Pennsylvania & Fourth Street cats (middle one is the kitten - on the right is the new mother

Pennsylvania & Second Shelter

Central Park Cats (bottom one is emaciated - all are friendly, all need homes)

Monday, September 23, 2013

I Spanked a Raccoon, and I Liked It!

It was a cold damp weekend, one that has me thinking about the existing shelters I have for the kitties I feed each morning.  The first spot, where Laura was again today trying to get the elusive Mr. Neck Wound Kitty, unsuccessful I might add, has a plastic tote shelter with a board over it with straw in it.  The boarded up house is being remodeled by an unknown, yet kind man who has not trashed my meager comforts I have placed there for the at least five kitties that nosh on the meal I leave there, along with a bowl of water.  At my next stop, where Kristin helped me refurbish the two wooden huts with a large door covering those, and a tarp covering that, its safe, but not sound.  John, who lives in the house, came out of his door Saturday morning on his way to work, which I drove him halfway to before I continued on my route.  He told me he was now going to be moving in either October or November, and that his German Shepard dog Silver was now officially his partners dog.  He again told me what a good thing I was doing as I told him about all the dead kitties I picked up from his street.

At my next stop on Stout, the board is back on the windowless window, but the door less garage faces west and will get hit with the storms full on.  The black and two red kitties I feed there have two plastic totes with a board over it to weather the storms out in.  I must fortify those.  At the next stop on Garson, the four or five kitties I feed there have their bowls taken away each day by the owner of the boarded up house.  I now believe he comes there each day just to do that.  There is no other boarded up house around for me to move and find shelter for them, so I continue to place new paper bowls down for them, for now. 


I wrote the above on Sunday morning, so much  happened since, so must stop there, and will continue onto the next locations tomorrow!
Baldwin Feeding Station

Baldwin Kitty

Baldwin Shelter (still trying to figure out how to construct this!)

As I got out on Baldwin, where I feed at least six cats each morning, two of them kittens, Cricket's siblings, I spotted a fat old raccoon.  I RACED over to where he was, to stop him from going up a tree, because I wanted him GONE, and wound up able to swat him with my hand on the behind.  He hissed at me, but took off over the fence and went running.  Usually if you can scare the bejesus out of them, they won't come back, and that was my intention.  WRONG.  I stopped back on my way home and sure enough, he came back.  The water was filthy, and the food was almost gone.  Thank God I had a drop more food and water left.

Out of the goodness of her heart, Kim, whose family adopted Harold back in the early spring, offered to donate candy to help fill a gift basket that I wanted to do for Mike, the kind man who's house Leo was stuck in the heating ducts for four days.  I drove out there Sunday morning to get the candy, reacquainted myself with Harold, and his 'sister' Cleo, and had a very nice visit with Kim and her son Brady.  Brady is learning a lot from his mom about compassion.  And he loves his buddy Harold too!  I came home and made a beautiful basket filled with goodies such as popcorn, peanuts, lots of chocolates, and snacky stuff like cheddar fishies and pretzels.  Filled to the brim!  When I went to take a picture of it, the camera's battery had died, and I am not in the electronics age quite yet, I don't even know how to take a picture with my phone, let alone send one.  I delivered that to Mike and he was very happy.  He deserved it.  I told him that Leo was out in the car and in my backseat and wanted to give it another go, and he looked at me and said 'no way', and I said 'just kidding!'.  :)

Little Red has been in my bathroom since I rescued him on Friday.  He is a REAL sweetheart.  Very frightened, but he lets me hold him on my lap, and kiss his nose!  Out of the kindness of her heart, Kristin offered to pay for the vet bill for him so off he went to have a really nasty looking wound on his leg looked at, and they sent him home after a shot of antibiotic, and pain meds every 12 hours.   He will heal for a few days in my bathroom, and then I must find him a foster home.  He just needs to know he won't be going back to the streets to fend for his life ever again!

I took a few pictures this morning before the camera died on me again.   Here they are.
Outside Short Street Shelter

Inside Short Street Shelter (I MUST change that filthy rug!)

Ferndale & Webster Kitties (Whats left...)


Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Rescue from the Streets!

Little Red
Its Little Red, and boy, he doesn't look happy.  I hope he lightens up, he doesn't know how good he could have it!  Little Red is from Webster and Ferndale - I've been feeding him for two years now - he was hanging at abandoned house that was torn down, that was next to the Devil Man's home/storefront.  I then fed him, along with a cast of others, in the empty lot where the Devil Man tore down shelter after shelter, until I had to beg the Puerto Rican couple on the corner to allow me to shelter them, only to have them kick me out too.  Little Red had been limping the last time I saw him, and I didn't see him again until this morning.  I grabbed him, and chucked him in his waiting chariot - I mean carrier.  :)   My friend Kristin, after consulting with her saint of a husband Darrin, offered to take him and get him treated.  He is not a happy camper in my bathroom right now, but from what I can observe, it almost looks like a bullet wound on the side of his front leg.  I am going to give him the day to calm down a bit, he is hiding behind the toilet and looks a bit mean - so I will tend to him when I get home from work today.

Laura is out there, like a trooper, again this morning trying to get the elusive Mr. Neck Wound Kitty.  Please Nicky, let us get you some help!

Speaking of help, I will be coming home early to get my little Cinnamon, wrap her up in a blanket, bring her to Dr. Boehm, and say my final goodbye to her.  I am so thankful to a couple of people that spoke to me yesterday about her that sometimes animals can't tell us when they are in pain, and I suspect that Cinnamon may be, just from the way she walks, and that made me feel better.  Because she is still eating, she is still walking - barely, and she still comes
up to bed every morning for that cuddle.  She looks at me with so much love.  Its going to be heartbreaking, but I must do it, for her.  I love you my little Cinnamon.

Cinnamon a/k/a Cinny - 9/19/13

Thursday, September 19, 2013

We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. ... We shall go on to the end. .... Churchill.

Leo is home.  (do I hear big sighs of relief?)  I have never felt such emotion (who am I kidding, yes I have - remember when Monet was missing?  hee hee) - from total despair, to sheer elation, all in a matter of minutes.  I left work early yesterday, after getting a call from the homeowner where Leo had been stuck in his heating ducts since Sunday, that his HVAC guy had ripped open the bottom of a duct and out flew Leo, leaving quite a few scratch marks on the poor man's arms, and he flew into hiding from that point on.  They couldn't find him, but at least he wasn't in the ducts any more.  When I went over there, I searched from top to bottom of that room, and could not locate him.  I called some friends to come help, and Kristin was on her way.  I went up to talk to Mike for a bit, and then said, I am going to go try again.  As soon as I started down the steps, there to the side, on the ledge, in the dark, was a set of gold eyes staring at me.  It was Leo.  I looked at him, he at me, and I slowly lifted my finger to him, and set it on his nose, then up to his head, and then in a half a split second grabbed him by the scruff, immobilizing him, and carried him to the awaiting carrier.  Wow.  Unbelievable.  I went from believing he was dead, to scolding him, telling him he was a bad boy, and then promising him I would never do that again.  I would never give him away to anyone again.  He is my love.  He sure was dirty, and she sure did smell of dust and God knows what else, so I sponged him clean and he did not leave my side the entire night.

I am so thankful for all the prayers that you all said.  I would like to do something kind for this man - he went through an ordeal of his own.  I will ask his son what gives him joy.  He lost his other son in his early 20s due to an aneurism, and then his wife died and recently his 20 year old cat.  He deserves some joy, and I must figure out a way to provide that for him, for all the trouble he went through. 

I will have updates for you on Sally and Fern at the barn in Caledonia, and an update on some of my recent adoptions.  My little Monet, my little Cricket, my little Bobby and Charlie!  :) 

I did see Neck Wound Kitty this morning - I did not see Little limpy Red.   In fact, by my 9th stop, I had fed 25 cats already.  And I still had another 7 stops to make!  There are oh so many homeless cats on the streets, and some of them are so friendly and would love a chance to have a warm home this winter.  I must get some more pictures to post. 

Thank you Jesus!  :)  Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leo - DAY 4

For some of you who may misunderstand why I occasionally repeat what I do on a daily basis, its because there may be someone new to reading this blog and I want them to know what I do, without having them go back to the beginning, which I wish you all could do, so see what I've done over the years even since I've been writing this blog.

As I went drove this morning, with the usual dread I feel about going out into the dark at 5 am., to stop at 15 or 16 locations, where there are an average of 3 cats waiting for me, for their one meal of the day, I actually was glad I was doing it today because it takes my mind off of the constant sadness I've felt since Sunday when Leo got into the dark recesses of the heating ducts at what I thought was going to be his new home.  This man has been very patient, but not as fast as I would have been had it been my home.  Granted, he may suffer some structural damage ripping apart those ducts, but its MY BABY LEO stuck in them, scared to death, literally, if he is not dead already.  He has not eaten since the meal I gave him Saturday morning before he was handed off to Mike's son, who thought he was doing a good deed for his dad after he had lost his cat of 21 years old.

I placed a call to John Betlem heating and they told me there was nothing they could do.  If I owned a company and heard about a cat in distress, I would at least go to the house and see if I could help.  I also placed a call yesterday to a fireman friend (I thought the fire department could help me, but no, they don't do cats) who told me I had to go through the proper channels of calling 911 who would then call animal control, who did go to the house to assess the situation - they managed to close off portions of the heat ducts, but the cat won't budge, and had crawled into an even smaller pipe.  I went there again after work and spoke softly to him, I brought him some nice smelly smoked salmon I had sent to me from family in Alaska, it was very quiet in this basement, but I didn't hear a peep from him.   They swear they saw him with a handheld mirror through the pipe, but if my boy won't come to me by himself, I believe he is dead.  I am sick over this.  Just sick.  What a horrible feeling it is to not be able to rescue an animal in severe distress.  I pray this man wakes early, and calls his friend over to dismantle the floors.  If anyone can offer their services, I would appreciate it.  Please.  Please say a prayer for Leo.

Neck wound kitty was not trapped, Laura was unsuccessful again yesterday morning.  He was there this morning waiting for me, but he is untrappable.  And little Red, on Webster and Ferndale has not been seen since I saw him limping two days ago.  Prayers for those guys too.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leo - Day Three (and a half)

I never thought my heart could be so heavy - and I never thought I could be this numb - numb enough to have picked up another dead cat in the road this morning - on Pennsylvania and Fourth - and not feel much emotion.  I laid the poor, red colored, emaciated body - which I wrapped in a soft towel - in some bushes, so that it would not be hit over and over.  What ever scumbag did this and drove off will be judged for it in the end.  I have no doubt.

Before I get to Leo, Fern, the female kitty I 'rescued' Sunday morning from Ferndale and Webster, and brought to the barn in Caledonia who then escaped from the cage I placed her in to get acclimated for a week in along with another female, Sally from Second Street, has been found.  I was sick over this the entire day of Sunday, and this kind man Denny called me and e-mailed me saying that she was safe and sound.  I don't think they will place her back in the cage, thinking that she will now stick around as she knows where the food is.  I wish I could convince him to keep her safe in the cage for now, but I can't control that situation.  I have to have faith.

LEO (left)

Faith is not with me as I deal with the Leo saga.  I feel overwhelming guilt for giving him away on Saturday.  Not knowing how frightened he would be.  I went to this kind man's home last night after work to see if I could coax Leo out of the fiberglass heating duct that he was last spotted in, but to no avail.  "Mike" called a family friend who is in the heating/cooling business, and he kindly came over and they spent the next hour or so downstairs in the basement while I waited patiently for any word outside.  It was like my child was stuck in a well, or in a mine.  I prayed over and over.  Finally, theyh came out to tell me that he had gotten into the part that they hoped he wouldn't, Mike thought he had sealed it off so that he couldn't get further into it, but he was there, alive - and seen - but he wouldn't come out.  They unscrewed the heat registers to a room which would be his only exit, and I set a trap, left there, and here it is, 12 hours later, and still no word.  He hasn't had a bite to eat since Saturday morning when I fed him just before he left.  I am just heartsick.  If anyone knows anyone in that business, and would be willing to come over and try to figure out how to get Leo out, and do it pro bono - I would be forever grateful.  In the meantime, please say a prayer for Leo.

On another sad note, Penny - the pregnant cat my mother took in earlier this summer - who delivered three babies, two that died, and Katie, survived, is gone.  My mother let her out with her collar and bell in the morning - Penny always stayed right there at the house - and never returned.  The neighbors heard an awful noise around that time out back.  Penny has been like clockwork coming home, and its now two days.  She is gone.  My mother is convinced.

Laura is out again trying to get Neck Wound Kitty - Nicky - and I did not see little Red this morning - with his injured paw.  I was ready to get him, but no sign.

And to get all the cards out on table, I am going to be making an appointment to have Cinnamon put to sleep today.  She has stopped eating the little she was, and is now vomiting up what she does.  She is nothing but skin covered bones, and she is suffering.  My little girl (who really is a boy).  I've loved her for 16 years now - her brother Sugar will be waiting for her. 

I apologize for all this sadness.  This blog is sort of a personal diary, and this is sort of cathartic for me.  I find it hard to discuss my sorrow with others, so I write it out..  Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fern and Sally

I am sure I've lost quite a few readers because my blog is mostly a lot of sad stuff about cats living on the street.  Reality.  But for those of you still reading, today is just like any other day.  My weekend tale is a sad one, for me, and its really taken a toll on me, with the tale of Leo being included in it.

Most of us that rescue and place cats think we know whats best for that cat and just do it.  If cats could talk, would they try to stop us?  Would they say, "No Mom, we like it here even though we fight with our siblings, please don't give me away."  Such is the case, maybe, of Leo.  Leo was picked up by two cousins, and was going to be a surprise for one cousin's uncle, the other's dad.  I always tell people that there will be an adjustment period, as there almost always is.  The cat will hide, but eventually come out and sniff around, and get familiar with his surroundings.  Well, Leo had not.  I made a big mistake, have made this once or twice before, in not going to the location myself and introducing the cat and human, and getting to know the home myself - to be sure its safe for the cat.  And I ALWAYS tell people to keep the cat in a small room at first.  Well, Leo got out immediately and has not been seen since early Saturday.  Nor has he eaten, or used the litter box.  He is now wedged somewhere small inside the house, and I must go there after work today to try to retrieve him.

I rescued two female cats Sunday morning to bring to Caledonia to a large barn/shed.  The man was very kind, had two cages waiting, one cage being a little less secure than the other.  Sally from Second Street and Fern from Ferndale transported easily from the carrier they were in, to the cage that was set up with food, water, blanket and litter box.  I turned my back for a second, and heard a thump.  It was little Fern jumping out of the door of the cage and landing on the floor.  And I never saw her after that.  We looked and found a hole in the side of the barn, and went out searching and calling for her.  After a time, and after I instructed the man on what to do, i.e. set food down, blanket, and call for her as often as he can - telling him her favorite is wet food and she will come running, she is very friendly and will let you hold her, and asking him to get up very early in the dark and go out with the can of cat food - after all of that, I got in my car and cried.   I think I would rather get hit by a car than to go through losing a cat like that.  Fern has no clue where she is, and poor Sally was left in the cage by herself.  My heart is sick for this situation.   I couldn't even talk on the phone to friends yesterday, I was just beside myself.  All had gone so smooth, and then so wrong, in the blink of an instant.  Thank God Kristin came with me, because later that afternoon, she went back to this location, as she doesn't live too far, and tried to look for her again.  Her next plan is to set a trap today there when she gets out of work.  I am heartsick over this.  Please say a prayer for Fern and Sally

When I got to Fern's spot on Ferndale and Webster this morning, I noticed Little Red limping across the street.  He allowed me to pick him up, by the scruff, and I carried him over to the food I placed.  He can barely walk on his good paw.  I must do something about this.  If I could only find someone to take him in temporarily, after I get him to a vet.  Please, check around for me.

I would love to hear any advice in trying to get Leo today, and also with the barn cat situation. 

In the meantime, Laura tried to trap Neck Wound Kitty again on Sunday, but with no luck.  Is he untrappable?  Ideas anybody?

Friday, September 13, 2013


TG.  We wish our lives away just waiting for Fridays to come.  For me, a weekend consists of half a day.  Saturday afternoon.  Saturday morning still begins at 4 am. when I get up to get my own brood fed, and then myself caffeinated enough to go out the door at 5:10 to feed at 16 stops for the next hour.  I then come home, prepare the food for the homeless cats for the next day, and think about what I want to cook, as I quickly browse through cut out recipes before heading to Walmart for canned cat food, and then over to Wegmans for the rest of my list.  Once I return home around 8 am., I have a little breakfast and then its off to the races!  Meaning, the next three hours I spend cleaning my house from top to bottom.  And that's just surface stuff.  I wish I had an organizer to come over to my basement, and closets, and tell me what to get rid of!  I can then (MAYBE)  relax the rest of the day, before Sunday comes when I begin my early morning all over again, and MAYBE go back to bed for an hour, if I can fall back asleep!  The rest of the day is spent fixating on having to go to work the next day, besides trying to make my yard and garden a showcase while its still summer, in my dreams.  But this Sunday, I am hoping to rescue two females from the streets and bring them to the barn in Caledonia where they will hopefully live out the rest of their lives in the country, rather than fighting for their lives on the very mean city streets.

Laura was out there at the crack BEFORE dawn today trying to trap Neck Wound Kitty (Nicky) with her drop trap.  I don't think she had any luck, as its now 6:45 am., an hour and a half since I passed her, and no call from her.  I just don't know what to do with this - even the Queen of Trapping can't get him.  He just won't fall for a trap, yet he is suffering so much.  I've watched this for years and it breaks my heart!

I will have some updates for you on the recent adoptions I've placed hopefully over the weekend.  I also received a call from a friend named Bob who has helped me in the past with shelters.  His uncle's cat passed away and he was wondering if I had any adult cats that need a good home.  I racked my brain thinking of the street cats that need a home - and then looked at Leo sitting in front of me.  Leo is quite agitated with the other cats in the house, and I think he would be perfect.  So, Bob may come over with his cousin on Saturday and hopefully fall in love with Leo!  Leo was dumped by a family that moved here for a year or so in my own neighborhood.  I fed him and held him in the coldest part of this past winter, and finally had him neutered, de-flea'd and brought him inside.  He is a sweet boy, but I think needs to be the king of his own castle.  Wish me luck, and... have a great weekend!!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday! One more day!!! :)

Charlie and Bobby

I forgot to mention other activities of the past weekend.  Monet was adopted on Saturday to my old neighbor and friend Deanna and her family, where newly named Monet - SEBASTIAN - joins his brother and sister Peanut Butter and Oreo.   Its hard giving up a cat that you've rescued and put money, faith, time and love into, but knowing he is in a good home makes it worth it.  The same with my little Cricket - he is with his new family now, and I couldn't have asked for anything better.
My little buddies, Bobby and Charlie, who were rescued from a situation on Central Park, were brought to a no-kill shelter in Victor, NY, where they are getting love and attention from their temporary family, along with many other little furry friends there.  They will get the time and attention they need, while I could not give that to them with my full-time job - and they will go to the best families, as potential adopters are screened to the max.  I can't wait to hear how my babies have fared since I let them go!  Deanna!  Norma!  Hear my plea!  :)

It was quiet in the hood this morning.  I rained overnight, so the humidity level was sky high, and the temperatures are still in the 70s at 5 am!  My friend Laura has offered to try trapping Nicky - a/k/a Neck Wound Kitty on Parsells again tomorrow morning, so I fed less there this morning.  Garson Avenue kitties continue to have their bowls taken away from them daily, so I keep replacing them, but I wonder who is actually doing it.  No one is living in this house right now, but I think it is being slowly renovated - and whether or not someone is working on it, I think someone is taking pleasure in just driving by and trashing my stuff on a daily basis.  On Ferndale and Webster, my other trouble spot, its been two days in a row that the bowls under a tree haven't been touched.  I will be rescuing a kitty I had spayed there on Sunday morning to bring to a barn situation in Caledonia, along with Precious, another female on Central.   Since the last catastrophe with my poor Angel and another kitty at the stables at Finger Lakes Racetrack this past early spring, with them escaping and never to be seen again, I am hesitant and want to be sure that this method of bringing cats to barns is foolproof.  I've been instructing the man who will care for them on how to set up the cages, etc. and when to let them out.  Prayers for these babies, and Angel and other kitty too.

I wish you all a great day!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hump Day!

Love that Geico commercial with the camel....  :)

Hi Folks!  Please keep in mind, I am having problems with this blogsite, so I am just about a day behind in my posts.  GRRRR.  If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.

Yesterday morning I set a trap for Nicky (a/k/a Neck Wound Kitty) who has been suffering for years with a huge wound on his neck - cause is still undetermined - and scratches at it to the point of howling, every few seconds of his 24 hour long days.  The poor thing has travelled from spot to spot with me, and is just untrappable.  Even the great master trapper, Laura, is unable to get him.  I don't know what to do about it anymore.  I tried again yesterday, with my crappy regular Have a Heart trap, but he wont fall for it.  I wound up with another very unhappy uneartipped kitty that I had to let go because I had no appointment scheduled anywhere, which there are no clinics on Tuesdays regardless, nor do I have money at the moment, or transportation for the clinic.

I've been feeding a kitten, along with Big Red, and the buff red cat that had her kittens I suspect on Pennsylvania and Fourth (whom I haven't seen lately), and I shined my flashlight on the kitten this morning and she (?) almost looks pregnant to me.  She is what I would call feral for a kitten.  RUNS like the devil when I come near her. 

At Webster and Ferndale, my bowls were left there overnight, surprise surprise, but I bring my supplies each day regardless, as there are at least four cats waiting to gobble the food I place there.  Crazy Marilee called me again yesterday - thank God I have her number programmed in so I can see caller ID, she rambles about feeding them Science Diet and they are getting sick with what I give them and telling me to stop feeding there.  She lives down the street, this woman needs her meds.  She is the girl that believes no cats should be spayed, it is not God's way.  First she was my friend, now she is my enemy, knowing I am getting these cats sterilized.  I can't wait to see her in person (I won't bother to call her back), telling her to stop with her silly and harassing calls, and to mind her own business.  I have enough problems without her!

Even though its in the 90s here (ugggh), I need to get my more secure shelters prepared for the cold and snow.  I have two plastic tote shelters right now, could use more, and perhaps a bit of straw.  Definitely some boards to cover the openings, and to place on top of two shelters to create a roof.  And some good thick tarp material.  That helps.  Perhaps even some bungee cords.

All in all, despite many obstacles, I continue to put one foot forward and move ahead.  Sometimes, that's all you can do. 

Have a great day!

Monday, September 9, 2013


NOTE:  This is what I wrote yesterday, Monday. 
Once again, Blogger is causing me problems!!  :(  Wanted to share pictures with you too, will have to see how it goes in the morning.)
Monday, AGAIN.
It was a chilly morning this morning in the hood.  I had thoughts about having to get my shelters, the ones that are somewhat secure, ready for whats coming.  WINTER.  COLD.  SNOW.  The UNSECURE shelters are Spot #2 Parsells, where the guy John has allowed me to feed there since last spring, a year ago, when I had to move my stuff from Grand Avenue because of the evil people there.  Another unsecure spot is on Webster and Ferndale, where the ‘kind’ Spanish couple have now booted me from their property, and someone from there is picking up the bowls I leave there each morning and trashing them.  I had a few kitties neutered there, including Little Red, a red buff pregnant female, and a small teeny tiny black female.  I found someone looking for two females for a barn situation in Caledonia, and ideally would like to get the little red buff female and the teeny tiny black female from here for this.  At least they would know each other.  If not, I need to find a semi friendly female at another location, which I have a few in mind.  This  will all take place next weekend, hopefully.  Two more off these evil streets of Rochester.  A third iffy location that my shelters are in jeopardy are always the houses that may be torn down, and the abandoned garages that may be visited by the owner of the property, who doesn’t like cats, like the guy on Garson.  Here, they are lifting my bowls daily now, again.  But Casey, and two others are waiting every single morning there for me, and I won’t give up feeding these poor animals.  People are evil.  To pick up food  that a starving animal depends on and trash it is evil.  To trash a 2X3 ft. plastic tote shelter with straw in it, to keep one cat warm and safe, to sleep in - the only comfort it has in its life, that’s evil.
My friend Jessica’s dad made me two shelters and I got them this weekend.  What kindness this family has shown me.  Their grandmother purchased food for me, as she does occasionally, and its just the sweetest gesture from this 90+ aged lady from England. 
On Friday I had two kitties awaiting for me on my porch when I returned home from work.  Laura had trapped them and brought them to the clinic, they came from Central Park – where the gazillion other kitties wait for me each morning – in the dark I was able to discern that there are just two black males that need to be neutered, I think.  Unless there are shy females hanging around that wait until I leave to come out.  This is where little Bobby and little Charlie came from.  Laura has also offered to take Neck Wound Kitty and have him treated, IF I can catch him.  He’s a tough old bird though, he is scared – but very sick.  He waits for me every single morning under a car when I pull up to the first Parsells Avenue feeding spot.  He scratches away at that neck wound he has had for years.  He howls too, he is suffering.  I must get him.
Speaking of, Monet was adopted on Saturday!  My old neighbor, and friend, Deanna, came by with her two young boys, and fell in love with him and took him away to join their other indoor kitties, Peanut Butter and Oreo.  I will share an update as soon as I have one.
Bobby and Charlie are going to Pet Pride tomorrow, thanks to Norma’s kind offer to take them.  They have a GREAT chance at a GREAT adoption through them.  I have had my successes, but these kittens will join their family there until then, where they will be loved and showered with attention.  Right now, I have them in a bedroom as they are too tiny to roam my house with the ‘big guys’.  The guilt I feel when I leave them!  J
Have a great day!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank God....

Its been a long and crazy week.  I thank those of you who continue to read my blog, and those of you who continue to make donations, however large or small they are.  Without that, I would lose a lot of hope and faith that I’ve come close to losing many times before since I started doing what I do way back, at least ten years ago feeding homeless cats at only one or two locations, which has now grown to at least 15.

This blog is really a diary of my thoughts, opinions, and experiences I have on a daily basis.  I hold back a lot – I try not to offend anyone that cares to read my blog – I know some subjects are more sensitive to others than to me, and vice versa, but again, these are my opinions, and experiences to share, and I hope the majority of you have gained something good from it.  I know I couldn’t walk into a shelter without crying – or watch a television show where lions are chasing other animals, its just too cruel for me to watch.  I am a very sensitive person – I cry at everything - and still can’t believe I continue to get up daily, trudge out there into the dark, and into neighborhoods where there are shootings all the time, where most of the people hate cats, and could care less about their fellow human beings, at the same time, feeding at the same locations, seeing as many sick and injured cats that I do, and still go on the next day.

But thankfully, I still have hope for this city.  With help from you with donations, I can continue to make spay and neuter appointments at the clinic to get these poor animals sterilized so that they can’t continue to produce babies.  I know I’ve made a huge dent in these neighborhoods where people despise me so much, and its all and only because of my love for these furry creatures.  Only because I care.  It costs me only $32 to spay or neuter one cat that will prevent them from producing at least five cats per litter.  I had someone make a donation directly to the clinic I use to cover the cost of sterilization for a few, and that was enormously helpful to me – I spend every last dime I make at my job caring for these animals. 

So, thank you to each and every one of you who has helped me in the past.  I just couldn’t do it without you. 

Have a blessed weekend!

PS, two more cats were picked up this morning for TNR thanks to Laura!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Sixth Street Garage - Six Kitties
I knew I would hear at least one negative comment about the decision I made to end the life of one of my very own precious ‘children’, Earl.  The only thing I will say about that is ‘walk in my shoes for one moment and you will see how I must make my decisions – it may not be the way you would handle one of your ‘children’, but it’s the decision I had to make at that moment.  If life were different, and there was more time, it might be a different decision.  Again, you need to walk in my shoes to know how and why I make the decisions that I do.  And that’s that.  I mourn Earl every moment, just like I mourn my dog Thunder still, and the loss of at least six of my long time babies that I’ve had to had euthanized in the past six months.  So again, lets not judge until we know all the facts.

Life on the sttreets is not fun these days. Never was, but now its even more stressful.  At one of my spots, on Webster and Ferndale, where the ‘kind’ Spanish couple allowed me to feed on their property, next to their driveway, have now given me the boot, and the neighbor on the other side, the ‘kind’ young man that works at Petsmart, he and his gang have destroyed the shelters I had placed there, and have now been trashing even the paper plates and bowl of food and water I left in their grass hidden under a bush the other day.  Nice guy – sure you are.  He and his druggie friends had better watch it.  I have never experienced a group of people living so close together that are as evil as they come, to take away food and shelter for these poor miserable animals that I have been trying to get neutered and spayed.  And along comes CRAZY Marilee, the nutcase who doesn’t believe in cats being spayed or neutered.  She tells me I am killing the cats by feeding them there.  That she is feeding and sheltering them at her house, a block down the street.  She called me and left a rambling message at one point a while back.   I need to figure something out for these poor souls, they have no where to go but to starve to death if I stop feeding there.  I am sneaking on their property now just to place paper bowls to feed these hungry babies.

The other problem is the people on Central Park, where I am feeding on paper plates also because they destroyed my shelters there, and trash the food.  This is where I’ve rescued three baby kittens already.  Bobby, Charlie and the little calico being the first.




The photo above is on Sixth Street – where I feed at least six cats daily.  This pathetic garage will soon be freezing due to the many gaps in the walls and ceiling, and windowless windows where the snow will soon whip through. 

Why would God create these precious animals, only to have them suffer like they do?  It really saddens my heart every day knowing they struggle so much to survive day to day.  And then you have these cruel people trying to make their lives even more miserable.  I just don’t know… 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Name is Earl

Another tough part of my weekend - my baby boy Earl crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Saturday.  He had symptoms of urinary blockage – I had been noticing him squatting in the litter boxes the past couple of days prior – called and made appointment with my vet but they couldn’t see him until Tuesday after the Labor Day holiday due to closing, but told me I should take him into emergency if it got worse over the weekend.  By Saturday morning he hadn’t eaten his FAVORITE wet when I got up, and I knew something was wrong.  To save myself $100 that I didn’t have just to walk into the Emergency Animal Hospital that is open 24/7, I waited for the new clinic on Bay Street to open at noon and brought him there.  They examined him, brought me in the estimate to unblock it for just over $400, with a guarantee that this is most likely not going to the last of this blockage, and told me I needed to follow up with my own vet if Earl remained good until Tuesday.  If not, I would need  to bring him to Emergency Vet before then.  I had to make a very hard decision, one that involved how good Earl’s quality of life really was.  Sure, he was a good boy with me, but he lived in constant fear of three other cats in the house, one being Scooter.  Scooter was terribly mean to him, so much so that I’ve actually felt hate toward him – well what KIND of hate you can feel toward a cat I don’t know, but there were many times I had to brake up some serious cat fights between the two.  Earl lived in F-E-A-R, constantly.  I felt bad.  I had to separate the cats in different rooms at times, and allow Earl to walk around the house in semi-fear, but when he walked freely, he also sprayed the house freely.  He had serious issues.  But I can tell you, I am so thankful that Earl did not have to live another day on Parsells Avenue, where just this  morning I picked up another dead cat from the middle of the street, hit once again by someone without a conscience.  Earl spent many cold days in the winter trying to survive, so for the past two years, he had a warm home to sleep in.   Rest in peace my little buddy.


Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.

There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together.

There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bobby and Charlie!

It was a very tough weekend.  It started on Friday when I trapped two more kitties, thanks to help from Laura - who was able to get the hard to trap pregnant kitty on Webster and Ferndale.

(On a side note, my computer - this blog - is not allowing me to do pictures correctly, nor correct my own typing, so this is a poorly written post today, my apologies - I could not even add the things I wanted to add - maybe tomorrow, but there's enough here for you for today!  :))

I named her Fern, and the boy kitty that was also trapped, Dale - get it, Fern & Dale ?  So Saturday morning I had to release the both of them, and as always, its very hard for me to do.  Dale is an especially nice boy, very friendly, and this is not a good neighborhood that I had to return them to.  When I pulled up to this location, I noticed the plastic totes that had been cut into little shelters filled with straw that I had placed there a while back, when the nice spanish couple allowed me to do this.  They were now trashed and the bowls were gone.  But five kitties were still waiting for me, and I had to release these two, so I replaced the bowls and plates, filled them generously, and released Fern and Dale.  I quietly cursed the monsters that could do this to the innocent animals.

So, just after I dropped them off, I rounded the corner to Short Street off Goodman but just before that turn, I saw something in the street, in the dark, flopping around.  Sure enough, it was a precious black kitty that just been hit.  I freaked, got out of the car, got back in, grabbed my favorite kitty embroidered towel, and placed it gently but hysterically over the poor dying animal, its eyes popped out, and started to cry.  A couple came towards it, and instinctively, I asked if they had a gun because I just wanted it out of its misery.  They said no and left, I called 911, they must have laughed and I waited in the middle of the road directing traffic around and within a minute, the cat had stopped breathing.  Heartbreaking, this was.  I scooped up this poor innocent animal and placed him gently at the side of the road.  And on I went. 

I got to my second to last spot and lo and behold, on Central, there was a six week old kitten outside 'the house' I've spoken about in the past, and I just grabbed him.  The occupants were sleeping, and I would never let a baby stay there, on this very busy inner city street.  I brought him home, named him Bobby, gave him a bath to get rid of the millions of fleas on him, and thanks to Diane from ACPR, she gave me some flea med to apply to him.  He is the little red guy. 

The very next morning, I went to the same spot, to feed the six plus kitties that half are still needing to be spayed/neutered, and there was this little guy outside, in the dark, all alone, outside 'the house' with the occupants sleeping.  This little guy is about 14 weeks old.  I named him Charlie, brought him home and washed the many fleas he was covered with, applied flea med, and look at him now.  Two gorgeous little boys needing homes!  And lets not forget Monet!  They are three of the sweetest little treasures - and I am so thankful I was able to swoop them up out of the danger they were in.  Of course my little niece Hanna just had to spend the night with the new kittens!
If anyone is able to help out with these precious babies, I sure could use it.  Either foster or adopt, you've got yourself flea free, litter trained, and cuddly little babies, any one of them.  Monet has already been neutered and given his shots.  Please, spread the word.