Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tenacious Thursday

Tenacious:  Persistent, stubborn.  Thats me to a T.  I scheduled today and tomorrow off from work as vacation days over a month ago, thinking this was the holiday weekend.  Oh well.  So I had  a very short week at work.  Wonderful.  So today begins just like any other day, except instead of going to work, I clean my house for four hours.  When I am done, I look around and am very happy.  By the next day, the house is back to cat and dog hair on furniture, my white, down on my knees hand washed kitchen floor has specks on it, my bed is not quite put together like it was the day before, and the stove and countertops are not sparkling quite the way they were.  Oh well.  What are you going to do.  At least I got my vegetables planted last night in the garden.  I will look forward to a nice homegrown salad at the end of the summer, if not sooner.

I went to all my spots this morning, and then some.  When I see a cat roaming in the hood, I assume its hungry, and if I have any leftover food and water, always get out, place a bowl of each on the ground somewhere out of the homeowner's sight, and hope they nourish themselves for the day.  For the past couple of weeks, when I go to feed the kitties behind Wally's neighbors house, I see there are new tenants that have moved in to his apartment up above.  They replaced the evil witch that lived there.  Wally has always been a sort of private man, but always has his door open for anyone.  Did I mention Wally was jumped a couple of weeks ago?  He was quite shaken the day after it happened, when I went there to bring him some food I had made, but never wants to report it to the police.  Regardless, the people that have moved into the place upstairs are TRASH.  Would call them White Trash, but they are black, so not sure what to call them.  They have taken over Wally's porch, I see his handrail is on the ground this morning, there is trash everywhere.  There are people on the porch at 5:30 in the a.m. when I go there.  I think Wally is too timid to say anything.  I am going to have a word with him.  I wish I could move him out of there to a place where there are people who are his age, and are respectful of each other and their environment.  Poor Wally.  I feel sad for him.

I did not see "Limpy" this morning, but most of the gang was out in full force.  If you remember, last year we (myself and another girl) tried to trap five kittens on Pennsylvania, and I think we were successful after a lot of attempts, but I saw two young ones this morning at the same spot.  So sad.  Wish we had included them on our recent TNR project, but I had not seen them.  I did place some food and water down for them, but not sure how long that will last as homeowners get rid of these quick.  They can care less for an animal.  Most don't at least.

May road rise up to meet you May wind be ever at your back May sun shine warm upon your face May rain fall softly on your fields Goodbye, until we meet again.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cosmo and Others...

Cosmo, my faithful boy for over 10 years...  gone, but never ever will be forgotten.  Cosmo leaves behind his mommy, daddy, beloved dog brother Thunder, beloved cat brother Scooter, and a host of other beloved companions that he shared his life with.  He went very peacefully.  I thank those that commented on my post yesterday.  Your words meant a lot of me, as did the phone call from Julie, and the text and e-mails I received from other friends.  Thank you so much.  I am not sure if I mentioned this yesterday, but Cosmo was rescued after being found having rocks thrown at him by a group of boys in downtown Rochester.   He gradually grew to be nearly 20 pounds and he walked like a very heavy person would, we would say ba dum de dum, ba dum de dum...  here comes Cosmo!  Cosmo would be right by your side no matter what - he would right on top or in the way of your very next move, each and every time.  And a  bomb could explode next to him, and he wouldn't move.  He was a funny boy, and his presence was surely missed this morning, by me and the other 'kids'.   I told him I would see him soon.  :)

On to other news, 'Limpy'.  I set a trap with yummy smelling oily tuna at the house on Hayward in hopes of getting Limpy off the street and out of his pain.  Just after I did that, I swung back around to the stop before on Garson, I got out and proceeded to feed the kitties waiting there for me each and every day, and there was Gimpy!  Of course, this was after I had begun putting down the food.  So, I went back to Hayward and got the trap, brought it back to Garson and reset it.  Went on the rest of my rounds, and came back to no kitty in the trap.  Limpy is getting around - he cut through back yards to get over there.  He is definitely not using his back leg.  I don't know what to do.

I didn't mention the trouble I had over the weekend.  On Saturday morning, I was told to "move my @#$#" from Pennsylvania and Fourth.  Not by the preacher man, but by a man who apparently owns the vacant house I've been feeding at, rescued many cats from, had a hut built by Kristin's students, and a really nice three sided wooden board type thing on top of raised boards.  A nice shelter from storms.  The hut was taken weeks ago.  This dude was just the meanest person I've come across.  Extremely sarcastic, didn't give a hoot about cats.  Told me to pack em in my trunk and move somewhere else.  So, on Monday morning, I moved the nice wooden piece to the house next to Wallys on Grand, and continue to place paper plates and water bowl down for Sparkles, and her other companions that I rarely see.  My goal would be to move them over to Third, but not sure how to accomplish that.  It just around the corner, but not sure if my cat calling would be heard by them from there.  Also this morning, on Ferndale and Webster, my carriers were taken.  Food dishes left though.  Pretty sad.  I am having a tough time out there, trying to keep these animals as safe and comfortable and stress free as I can.  They know they have a meal by me, but not sure how much protection I can provide them now.   Its just so sad out there.

I continue to check up on the crazy person, to see if she is still living at the apartment she was in or not.  I put some food and water down because I saw a few cats back there outside, and when I stopped this morning, someone had removed them  - so I put more down!  I am not sure if she is living there or not.   I am not sure if it was her that took the carriers. Either way, she is a nutcase, and she needs to be removed off the streets for the torture she has caused for the cats that she had in her possession.  She did some terrible things.  People like that need to be locked up. 

"Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knock Knock Knockin on Heaven's Door...

Bob Dylan tune...  its a good one ...  Its also appros pos for my post today.

Thank you to those who left comments on the the Biffer, the cat my mother adopted after I rescued him a few winters ago.  Such sweet sentiments to to hear, they made me cry.  Its so hard to lose these little furry creatures.... 

Speaking of, when I got home on Friday, as I had been hoping each day the past two weeks , that Cosmo would somehow have snapped out of whatever has been ailing him, he didn't.  I could see he was just sicker and sicker, not eating or drinking, eyes sunken, bones poking through his once very fat and tubby little body.  It tore my heart, and I said there and then, well buddy, its that time.  I called my vet, 15 minutes before they closed for a holiday weekend, and they confirmed my fear, they wouldn't be open until Tuesday.  I hung up sobbing.  I thought, well, I have got to find a vet that is open tomorrow morning and do it.  So I got the numbers of a couple of places, and then it hit me.  Janine, why are you desperately trying to find a place, ANY place, to end Cosmo's life?  I thought, I will keep trying to feed him whatever he might eat, and will continue to try to get him to drink water, even if I have to do it through a dropper.  It really relaxed me from that point.  I thought, why take this cat to a 'stranger' vet, where not only do they not know HIM, but I would be crying in front of total strangers, and on both levels, I did not want that.  So, today is the day, at 4:20 p.m.  Its going to be heartbreaking, as it was just typing that sentence. 

Onto better news.  Guess what!  Little Mikey???  (not a good picture of him, I only had  this one from when I rescued him - this was just before I brought him into HFC clinic for neutering) He has a new home now!  My mother adopted him!!!  :)  She came over Saturday and said, OK, which one is going to be Gracie's sibling now?  My mom is awesome.  She let me pick just the right fit for her and Gracie from the few I have available for adoption, and Mikey was the obvious choice.  A male, and very laid back.  So Sunday morning, I brought Mikey over and after some observation, I said my goodbyes, and off I went, leaving Mikey to adjust to his new home, and sister, and Mommy.  The latest update, Mikey loves his new home, and is as happy as can be as a new Webster resident.  I am so glad.  There are so many out there I want to get off the street as soon as possible and into good homes. 

There is the very sweet girl on Garson that we had spayed, and there is the sweet little shy boy on Hayward, that to be honest, I have to rescue a cat I've seen past few days totally limping.  He cannot place any weight on his left back leg.  He must be in pain, and I must do something.  Of course, I have no money to pay for his surgery.  I wish I knew someone wealthy that could just hand me a few thousand dollars to have the leg looked at, have whatever surgery is needed, and allow the cat to heal somewhere, but its not happening, and I will have to do the most humane thing possible for the cat.  Its suffering.  Does anyone have a better suggestion?

Friday, May 25, 2012

RIP - Benny/Biffer

I rescued Benny two very harsh winters ago from Fourth and Pennsylvania, where I had been feeding him for weeks.  He was very friendly, and very cold and sick, and I knew I had to get him out of there.  He was the star of my video done by Ben Gonyo, which is attached to my profile on this blog.  Benny was sister to Gracie (cat), and 'son' of my mother, Jane (human).  Benny hadn't been feeling well for weeks now, no appetite, etc., and when he went to the vets today, he was barely breathing.  He was diagnosed with weak positive for leukemia, although I believe there was more there than that, he didn't lose weight.  His organs were shutting down, his gums purple.  He was such a good boy, he went to his final home in heaven.  Good bye my sweet boy.  XO

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Picture of Angel, who had the nasty would on his nose.  Look how he has healed!

Last night I got a call from a cop/cat foster friend of mine.  She called to ask me if I had any 'spots' on a certain street near where I do actually have spots.  I told her no, but that I did have a spot on the corner of Ferndale and Webster, not far from where she was asking me about.  She said she just arrested a woman under the mental hygiene law.  She apparently is known to be a 'little' cuckoo, and her apartment in this house was pretty bad, and she apparently had been mutilating kitties - she had brought several dead ones to Rochester Animal Services in the past.   I am not quite sure why the police were called there, but she was calm at first, and then became combative, so they arrested her and brought her to Rochester General Hospital to the pysch unit.  After I got a little more detail about the woman (she was clipping their nails down so much she was cutting off toes, she took newborn kittens away from their mother and stuffed their mouths with cottage cheese, etc.), I told my friend I would keep an eye out for her, and maybe talk to neighbors - see whats up with the cats around there.  The police apparently also took the remaining cats she had to the Rochester Animal Shelter.  Sad.  But at least out of a sick person's hands.

Ferndale Kitty

 Ferndale Kitties Watching Me from House Next Door

Big Red and Talkie

Well, here is me, after doing my first four spots, cruising down into the hood in the quiet hour of the morning, looking for the house number.  After spotting it, I noticed a woman sitting on the steps in the back of the house, eating something on a plate.  I thought 'that's her!'.  I got out and quietly approached her, and asked if she was 'Marilee,' pretending to look for Marilee.  If you remember, thats the woman I finally ran into on Ferndale and Webster who had been doing crazy things on the porch for the cats over the winter.  She said no, her name was 'Lucy' (I am protecting her name).  We began a very nice, but bizarre conversation for about ten minutes.  I told her I feed cats in the neighborhood and that immediately got her to share with me her arrest last night, and how 'they' took her cats away.  She was extremely calm, and pleasant.  She pointed to a sign on her door and said they've condemned my apartment so I have to move out'.  I asked her where she would go and she mentioned a pup tent in highland park, and then she mentioned maybe the Rochester Housing Authority.  She seemed to like that idea better.  She also was rambling on about a possum and a raccoon and how one of her kitties, a little black and white had gotten away, and she was looking for it.  She mentioned how she clips their nails.  She mentioned how the boys in the house (another apartment) got into her house and left buckets of spit, how the boys and a few girl escorts were spitting into the buckets and leaving it for her. 

I just stood there very quietly with her, engaging in pleasant conversation, thinking this woman was crazy.  She also surprised me and told me she was the one who placed the blanket, and put down pork and beans and stuff on the porch at Ferndale and Webster.  So I had TWO crazy ladies doing that at the same spot - THREE if you count me!  :)   As I was looking at her, a very plain 50ish year old (looked 60), no teeth (or they were pretty bad), thin, but she looked like someone you would see a crazy mug shot of if you've ever seen them online.  My mother always told me I should have been an actress.  I could have won an academy award for my performance this morning.  I wanted to throttle this woman, who could abuse animals, but I knew I must be her friend for now, to be sure she doesn't get her hands on any more cats.  I told her I would come back in the morning for a visit and give her my number.  I don't know what will come of it, but I do approach people very cautiously, but I also beleive I have a calming effect on crazy people, for some reason.  I get normal people all riled up, but crazy people love me!  :)  Funny how that works.

The pictures throughout are of my kitties at some of my spots I took this morning.   Have a great day!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

If I Had My Life to Live Over...

I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth would go into a holding pattern if I weren’t there for the day.

I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.

I would have talked less and listened more.

I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.

I would have eaten the popcorn in the “good” living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.

I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.

I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer day because my hair had just been teased and sprayed.

I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains.

I would have cried and laughed less while watching television, and more while watching life.

I would never have bought anything just because it was practical, wouldn’t show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, “Later. Now go get washed up for dinner.”

There would have been more “I love you’s.” More “I’m sorry’s.”

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute… look at it and really see it… live it… and never give it back.

Stop sweating the small stuff. Don’t worry about who doesn’t like you, who has more, or who’s doing what.

Instead, let’s cherish the relationships we have with those who DO love us.

Let’s think about what God HAS blessed us with.

And what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually.

Life is too short to let it pass you by.

We only have one shot at this and then it’s gone.

I hope you all have a blessed day.

Erma Bombeck

Thats it for me today.  I am totally uninspired to write my owns stuff, and will hopefully get back on track by tomorrow!  J


Wednesday, May 23, 2012



OK, I will admit it.  I am a closet Howard Stern fan.  But let me explain.  On my seven minute ride to work, I listen to him on my satellite radio.  50% of what he does and says on his show is disgusting.  Some of that bothers me.  But I get through it during those seven minutes if thats all there is.  In between, he has some pretty awesome interviews with very interesting people.  Especially rock and roll icons from time to time.  And you have to admit it, Howard Stern is a very smart man.  And funny.  And interesting.  But what I love the most about him is that he is married to a model named Beth.  She is a huge advocate for North Shore Animal League.   This leads me into a topic which I was thinking about this morning.  I do believe that each city/town has a responsibility to help its animals with TNR programs like the one I was allowed to participate in, funded by a generous group of people other than Lollipop.  Of course they (docs, workers) put in their time, but they got paid for it also.   The government should set aside an amount of money just for animals to be spayed and neutered, and we wouldn't have the situation we have in every town and city across America. 

I went out this morning and observed oh so many still unneutered babies in the section of town that I feed at.  I also noticed that there are less at each spot.  I don't know where they've gone.  Here are stats:  in the past six months, 30+ (at least 10 on my own prior to the Lollipop project) cats have been trapped, neutered and returned (well, most) - I took 13 pregnant cats off the street, some were released, some were adopted, some had babies, some were aborted, two went to a barn.  Many kitties I found homes for:  Timmy, Rufus, Laura, Whitey, Emma, Snowflake, Abby, Cutie Pie, Midnight, Buddy, Buster, Buster 2 (since passed), Gumdrop (since passed), Prince Harry, Biffer, Gracie, Dexter, Mike... - just to name a few!

I am proud of the job I've done in the hood.  I speak to people that live there whenever I get the chance about what I am doing in their (own) neighborhood, and what a good thing it is.  Many times I have trouble understanding them, and vice versa because some are from other countries and we dont' understand each other's language.  But most have seen me do what I do every day and I am sure they are happy to see less cats around. 

Back to Howard Stern, his wife Beth has done a lot for this group she is involved in, and I think about the wealth in this country, and how the Kardashians can have a show about nothing, and make millions of dollars.  If they, or someone in their position could take a tenth of what they make and help out shelters, and groups to go out and spay neuter and return, what a difference it would make in this country.  If media could promote spay neuter return more often in every form of advertising, it would make such a huge difference.  If poor communities had the means to trap cats on their own, bring them for spaying, and not have to worry about financing it, what a difference it would make.  But kudos to Beth Stern for trying to make a difference with her fame and money.  Who else is helping besides hard working, low paid peons (sp?) like myself, funding out of my own pocket?

Good news, my Scooter is doing a little better, thanks to a quarter of a pill to boost the appetite I have been given him and Cosmo every three days.  Cosmo, still very thin, weak, but moving around, and eating a little.  Its better than last week.  Thats their picture, above. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 Hayward Street - Spot #3
Hayward Kitty - Eartipped!

I have to say this.  Its getting more difficult to write my blog daily as I have to really watch what I say.  I cannot express my thoughts and opinions due to upsetting others.  At this moment in time, I only hold back because of one certain individual, whom I respect, and her group as a whole.  Although, thats what this blog is supposed to allow me to do.  Thats why people write blogs, to express themselves in whatever ways they want.  I don't often have negativity with people, and when I do, I just walk the other way.  Thats hard to do when you are part of a 'team project' and there is one bad apple in MY bunch.  This certain individual despises me for what I feel is a very dumb reason, and our 'friendship' was just dropped by her.  I tried and tried because I don't like anyone not liking me.  I hate conflict.  But I do believe some people have this instability in thier minds, and there is nothing I can do to change it/them.  So, therefore, she has not communicated with me during this TNR project.  It was critical for me this morning, as I was trapping myself, but she chose not to a) pick up the call I made to her, b) return my call, or c) text me to ask what I needed.   This was supposed to be the last week of this project, but today is the last day as far as I am concerned, as it was also not communicated to me of which areas not to feed in so the kitties would be hungry and go into the traps more easily tomorrow after not being fed for a day.  I am not here to trash anyone, its mean, and I continue to choose my words carefully.  Instead of harmony and team spirit with this project, it was nothing but frustration for me, because she was the 'ringleader'.    Its a shame, because it wasn't supposed to be abour her, or me, it was supposed to be about these poor creatures out there that don't have homes, can't defend or control their breeding, and continue to have babies.  There are around 20 still that I know need TNR and/or homes.  If I could have done this myself, I would.  This small group of people helped me do in three weeks what would normally take me a year to do.  For that I am thankful.

Update on Harry after his surgery (please see Chip In button above!):  From Karen, of Four Legged Friends:  "Total bill was $1025. He's coming back to me tonite. Such a Sweetie!"
This following picture is of a heron on its nest in Letchworth.  I was there for a few hours on Friday, and it was heavenly.  Everyone should go there and just drive through on a weekday, before the tourist season begins.  Listen to the quiet, watch and hear the birds, see the chipmunks run before you.  Amazing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Monday!

Blah blah blah, I've always said how I hate Mondays.  I think about life, and death, a lot.  Some people didn't make it 'til today.  I am SO thankful I was able to get out of my bed this morning (well....), SO thankful I was able to hear the birds, see the sun coming up, greet all the kitties I feed each and every day, and be able to come home, get ready and have a job to go to.  So, I don't complain too much anymore about Mondays.

I have a very talented neighbor who has an awesome camera, and he took the above photo of my puppy Thunder, and of a few flowers in my garden blooming now.  Thanks Nabe!  :)

After this massive undertaking of TNR sponsored by a donor to Lollipop Farms, with this week as the last week, this past weekend I took inventory both days, including this morning, of which cats I saw eartipped, and which ones weren't.  After three straight days of trapping, these cats scattered.  So after a day or two of calm, most were back to where they came from, and felt the safest, I assume.  There are still quite a few that have not been TNR'd, but there are a LOT that have been, and its really good to see.  Some of these cats are now coming closer to me, like they know and trust me, cats that used to never get near me.  I wonder if the neutering and vaccinating calms them down.  The next three days we will try to get as many more as we can and go from there.   From there, it will be me doing it by myself and paying for them by myself.  But I will continue until they are all neutered!  No more kittens!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

One Less Mouth to Feed

Vacation day today, and in very serious cleaning mode, so quick update here.

I took inventory of kitties this morning, after the chaos they have gone through the past three weeks with trap neuter and return.  Four were picked up yesterday, bringing a total of 30.  One, Jimina, my girl on 3rd, her picture is on the heading of my home page, she is the brown tabby at the end.  She turned out to be spayed already, and DECLAWED!  Lollipop offered to keep her and try to find her a home - poor girl.  I have been feeding her for over a year now, so she has managed to fend off all others that whole time.  I pray she finds a good home.   I have not gotten information on the other three, which I hope to soon.   I will also be posting who and what I saw this morning, as I took good notes!

For my own personal brood, I spoke with the vet yesterday, and he gave me the bad news.  Thunder could have anywhere between 2 and 9 months.  Depending on many factors.  It was hard to hear that.  I broke down.  He is still running jumping and playing so its very difficult to think we will be burying him one day, at my mothers of course, behind her house in the woods is the family pet cemetary.  My Cosmo is not doing well either.  He is not eating, only drinking the juice of what ever I can find for him to eat, tuna, etc.  He is starting to look like a sick skeleton.  I will observe him for a few more days.  Maybe next week if he is not doing any better.  My Scooter is looking a little better.  He finally moved off the chair after a week and is lying in the sun.  I was given a appetite booster pill and it might be working.  A quarter tablet every third day.  I tried it on Cosmo, but no luck. 

Make it a great day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Wow, what a week! 

I was travelling to Newark this morning, at the speed limit - and drove past two cats.  The first was on Centennary Road and Old Ridge.  Of course the first thing I did was come to a screeching halt (well, maybe not screeching...), got out and walked over the woods and placed a bowl of food down.  Black and white fat cat.  I then saw another on Fairville-Maple Ridge - walking along the road.  Black and white skinny cat.  I told myself 'that cat must belong to someone' as there were houses around, but good Lord.  I hate to see an outdoor cat. 

I spoke to my dog Thunder's vet yesterday.  My 10 year old boy was scanned last Friday and diagnosed as having 'transitional cells carcinoma' - cancer of the bladder, and the doc talked of an option of medicine called peroxicam to slow the tumor, but he would also have to have a preventative ulcer medicine with it, each costing $120 and $180, respectively, per month.  I wish I could afford that, but I cannot.  So I will make my boy's last days the happiest for him that I can!  I need to ask the doc if I can double his food intake.  That would make him VERY happy!  :)

I released two kitties this morning after they spent the night at 'the Inn'.  My porch.  One was a pregnant female from Central, and the other a boy from Third.  Both were miserable in their cramped quarters, but they did eat and drink I think.   I always place food and water in the carriers when they are back from their surgeries, some eat right away, some don't.

This morning was another success, five cats were trapped.  One or two may have already been done in the past, no tipped ears, but they will be brought in regardless for vaccinations.  I set a trap on Garson, while Big Red, Talkie and Lucille hovered around me, set out on my route, came back 30 minutes later and no such luck.  Those three are smart.  I have NEVER been able to get Big Red for all the times I set traps on Hayward, where we originally 'met.'  :)  I will try again next week.  There are already two neutered cats there, one as sweet as can be, the other elusive.  This brings the total to...  31 cats done so far?  Pretty good if I do say so myself!

I also want to say - in case anyone misinterprets any of my posts from the past - that I have dealt with a few groups in the past, and I am very impressed with Another Chance Pet Rescue, the group I have been the closest to.  I have seen the good work that they do.  They have rescued more cats from the Rochester Animal KILL shelter that were just about to be put to sleep than I think any other group in Rochester has done.  Their adoption events every single Saturday and Wednesday at Petco are very successful.  They probably have adopted out hundreds of kitties - I would actually be interested in their statistics.  All in all, they have helped me a ton in the past and I am grateful to them.  We, as individuals and as groups, don't all have to get along - we just have to come together to help the animals.   I value each and every opinion and comment people make on my blog, and I continue to be grateful to you for even reading it all!  :)

My own photos coming soon! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friends and Enemies

Let me begin with an update that will keep me calm:  My boy Thunder has been diagnosed with a mass on his bladder, most likely cancer.  Waiting for the doc to call me today to discuss medications that can slow the progression a bit.  His urine has had blood in it for while now, and he has his little accidents on hard surfaces (luckily!  easier to clean!) in the house during day when not there, and at night when sleeping (not him, me).  Otherwise, he is still as happy as a clam, very playful, loves his walkies, eats like a horse, and drinks like a fish (do fish actually drink?).  I find myself paying more attention to him, greeting him with a longer scratch and rub when he comes to the door, wagging his tail, when I walk through it after work.  I have always only given him one cup of dry food and half a can of wet once a day since I've had him.  I now want to give him more.  I wonder if that would be ok.  Maybe I will ask the vet that when I speak to him, along with 'how long he has left'.  I wonder if veterinarians can answer that like a medical doctor can for a human with cancer.

My boy Scooter is still lethargic and not doing anything but sleeping, but I have managed to give him water with a syringe, and I plop wet food in front of him and he has managed to eat more than half of it, daily.  Same with my Cosmo.  He lost four pounds in the past two weeks, he is skin, bones, and belly fat below.  He moves around, eats a tiny bit and drinks a tiny bit.  I am also giving him a dental antibiotic which was prescribed on Saturday when I took him to the vet, along with Sugar, because of the odor coming from Cosmos' mouth.  No sign of decay on teeth, but prescribed it anyway.  Sugar is doing better with ear drops, and was given an injection of antibiotic to treat URI.  I continue to treat Jack, Barney and Smokey with Doxy for their URI's and they seem to be getting better.  Its a sickly house, but a happy one.  Mike is doing well - I picked him back up from Brad's house on Saturday after learning he has FIV - I couldn't burden Brad with him, and Mike loves his 'family', until I can find him a new one of course!  Speaking of which, still working on my camera issue, and as soon as that is worked out, I will have some pictures for you.

Here are Taffy's kittens, a pregnant mama I rescued and Linda was kind enough to foster her, and when Taffy had her babies, the kittens were offered a spot at a no-kill shelter, Pet Pride of New York, to be adopted out into great homes, which they are going to today.  I know this was hard for Linda to do, we get so attached to these animals.  Thank you Linda! 

Last evening I released the four cats that were trapped yesterday - one girl that was already spayed, and three boys.

Now, I haven't had an enemy since 1994 - and I found another job because of that, and before that it was in high school.  I was the new girl and another girl didn't like me because the boys were paying more attention to me than her.  She wanted to beat me up, and attempted to.  I am not good at conflict with people, girls especially.  Girls that hold grudges are the most evil of all.  I cannot fight, and I cry when I have conflict with someone.  I am a baby through and through.  I am the first person to say I am sorry, and I am the first person to keep trying to win someone's friendship.  We all want to be liked, I think. Some people are just mean spirited, and there is nothing I can do to change that.  I have to accept that.  With me, there is conflict with someone who is trying to help a situation I am involved in, this person is not trying to help me, which is fine, the only reason this person is involved in my life right now it to help out the situation.  With the Lollipop TNR project, communication with me from the get go was terrible.  This morning I was told I have no say in future trappings.  I was told to do my own trapping because the location I suggested has been 'eliminated' from the roster due to the owner of this gutted house who happened to come by once in a year, and told me to get my stuff out (the shelter for five or so cats), but one that I have since continued to feed because these poor animals aren't just going to move somewhere else.  They still need to be fed, and they still need to be neutered.  These cats are my territory, my babies, I am the one who has fed them every single day for years, sheltered them through harsh weather, and rescued so so many.  I was also told I don't know how to trap.  I am biting my tongue for today, and that is all I will say, for now.  But I do cherish the few true friends I have, and the many many wonderful acquaintences I've made, especially in the animal world. 

"Life is like a coin.  You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once."

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

High Tension

This is the name of a very intense movie I once saw that literally had me on the edge of my seat.  I like scary creepy dark-side-of-life kind of movies.  I know...  I am strange...  Maybe thats why I am fearless when I go out into the neighborhoods that I do each day, in the dark, during good weather and severe storms!

The other reason I mention tension is that there was a lot less of it this week regarding TNR, for me at least, as there has been in the past.   Communication has gotten somewhat better.  Thats big for me, because as much help as I am receiving, these are still the precious babies I have to go out and feed every single day.  These are the babies that have come to trust me.

Four cats were trapped this morning.  This is great news:  One from Second, three from Central - one is believed to have just had a litter, so she will need to be released tonight back to her babies after she is spayed.   The people helping me are nearly complete strangers who don't know me nor I them but have come together for one purpose.  To end the cycle of breeding for these cats.  I can't imagine how bad it would be within six months from now if I had not rescued and adopted out numerous cats to good loving homes, rescued 13 pregnant cats, TNR'd 24 so far in two weeks, many more TNRs in the past, and all in this one tiny corner of our city.  I will still be feeding a ton of cats each day, but there won't be that many more.  We will still never be able to stop the breeding, the kittens being born out there, but we have reduced it somewhat.

Here are this morning's babies that have been 'rescued' from this breeding cycle:

Last but not least, I can't forget to thank the anonymous donor that contributed to Lollipop.  Without their gift, this magnificent work would not be possible to do so swiftly.  And hats off to Another Chance Pet Rescue for all their help.  

"Who will tell whether one happy moment of love, or the joy of breathing
or walking on a bright morning and smelling the fresh air, is not worth
all the suffering and effort which life implies."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend Observations

I posted Saturday morning, just in case anyone was interested.  Thank you Nancy for your thoughtful comment about my boy Thunder.  There is a special bond we all have with our animals, each and every one of them, and it will be a very sad day when the day comes, and it will, but not for now.   He still loves to run, jump, play, go after 'miss piggy' when I throw one of this toys across the room, he is so big that he sounds like actual thunder during a storm!  Especially when he is running around upstairs above me.

I am sure you all remember little (Prince) Harry.  I rescued Harry from Short Street when I saw the little guy hungry and limping.  He was very skinny, and had a limp and didn't grab him the first day, but thank God he was at this spot the next, and I scooped him up.  He was immediately friendly, and hungry as I brought him home and made a little nest for him in my tiny bathroom.  I had recently become friends with the head of Four Legged Friends, a wonderful rescue group, and they offered to take Harry into their foster system if I could care for him after his neutering and x-rays of his fracture.  I did, he became instant buddies with the others in the house.  He was ready to go to a new home when after another check up and x-ray, it was discovered that his hip was completed detached and will undergo surgery next Monday for femoral head removal, whatever that is.  Four Legged Friends is hoping to raise $800 for Harry's surgery, so what I am asking is that if anyone can spare $10 or $20 or whatever they can afford to my "Chip In", I will donate this to his surgery.  Please note that what you see I've raised, I've spent the in my Chip In over a month ago, and I appreciate those that donated so much, words cannot properly convey.  I can't begin anew until the goal is reached (really $80).  You can also go directly to their website to donate at  This wonderful rescue group needs it.  I have asked the head of the group to please let me know any more details she can on the surgery.  Thank you ahead of time for your thoughtful donations.  If it weren't for this group, Harry wouldn't be with us if it depended on my financial resources. 

As I mentioned in Saturday's post, about the homeless man sleeping on a porch that I feed at, I said I was going to bring a sandwich to him and leave on Sunday, Mothers Day, if he were there.  Well, I made two bologna sandwiches before I left the house, placed in a bag with a bottle of water, and sure enough, the man was there.  After trying to say hello to him, and seeing he was obviously sleeping under the blanket I had left for him days earlier, I set the bag down beside him and left.  But just before I left, I studied this man for a brief second, and noticed he had grey hair.  I felt so bad for him, wondering what his life was like, what he would do and where he would go after the morning wore on.  He was there again this morning, completely covered under the blanket, and when I said hello, he spoke back, but wouldn't remove the blanket covering his head.  I asked him if he was ok, and he replied yes.  I told him I was just feeding the kitties, he replied back OK.   I can't imagine the emotions that one must feel to be in this situation.  I will be bringing him another sandwich tomorrow, with a bottle of water.  I wish I could do more.

At each of my spots, I see now in the daylight that some are neutered and ear-tipped, and some are not.  The women from Another Chance Pet Rescue will resume trapping tomorrow morning, and I am hoping we will collaborate at some point as I see there are still more to be neutered.  Some I have never seen again since this began, and I am very sad about that.    I had to leave two locations without food this morning, and it breaks my heart to do this as I know both spots have raccoons that most likely eat the food there after I lay it down, and the cats go the rest of the day hungry.  I had to chase another raccoon at my first stop WAY up a tree, but I know he came down immediately after and ate the food of four hungry cats, that I could see.   Now they go two days without food or water.  But, I keep telling myself, all for a good cause.

"I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow,
but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss

I will get to that point in a minute.  First, my dog, around 10 now, who is mostly Golden Retriever with some collie mixed in, 100+ lbs, a good boy (except with other dogs! - the brat!) has had a lump on his chest for as long as we have had him (four years? - a rescue) that has grown larger.  Months ago he had blood in his urine.  After many tests and cultures, he was treated with meds and the blood went away but then he started to have 'accidents' in the house.  Off to the vet yesterday where an ultrasound found a mass in his bladder.  Most likely cancer, and according to the doc, it would be too much to put my puppy through, and very costly.  In a perfect world, I would try.  I love my boy so much, and as long as he is not suffering now, he is fine.  But have to do something about his 'messes'.  So, off I went to Wegmans for doggie diapers, but none to be found.  Hoping to find at a Petco or something.  This will be the only solution I have right now.  Pray I find them! 

Scooter also went into the vet due to lethargy, and was given antibiotics and fluids and seems to be a bit peppy.  My kitty Sugar has a severe URI that is not treatable with the Doxy pills I've been given her, so off she goes now this morning for a look at.  God, its killing me financially, but I love my babies and wouldn't have it any other way.

I went to feed at the house that the man kicked me from his dilapidated porch that supposedly he will be renovating.  The usual were there, Talkie, Big Red and the other kitty that I never named.  I noticed across the street a young girl with what looked to be some type of work uniform, smoking and watching me, and apparently waiting for her cab to take her to work, as it pulled up.  I called over hello and she didn't answer me.  I went closer to her to ask if she lived there, if she knew the owner across from her, and if she liked cats!  She was very quiet, never said hello, and just shook her head yes or no.  This young girl was never even taught proper etiquette to speak to people properly.  Its just so sad the ignorance in these neighborhoods.  She looked like she was 12, but had to be of age to have a job.  This was around 5:35 this morning don't forget.

One last highlight, I pulled up to the porch on Central and Third, wondering if the man was going to be there sleeping again, with my blanket.  He was.  This time he didn't wake, but I could tell he was alive due to hearing him breath, and seeing his chest move up and down under my blanket.  I thought to myself that I wish I had brought him something to eat.  I thought if he is sleeping on this porch, he has nothing to eat.  I think I will bring a couple of sandwiches tomorrow with me, just in case, in honor of Mother's Day.  A day where most females are mothers in one way or another, even without bearing children.   Happy Mothers Day to you!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday!

A quick update and a wish for a great weekend to all.  The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and its Friday.  Who could ask for more.  Unfortunately, I could.  Before I tell more, my poor boy
Thunder is going to the vet today.  He has had an issue with blood in his urine for quite a while now, he has a huge lump on his chest that has gotten bigger over the years, he is 10 years old and has been having accidents around the house for quite a while now.  He will be having an ultrasound and urine cultures taken - again - today.  On top of that, my boy Scooter the kitty has been lifeless for a week now.  I was hoping he would snap out of it too, but he hasn't.  He is going to be dropped off with Thunder before I have to go to a work retreat offsite all day today.  Thanks for helping me with that Mommy!  On top of that, I have three cats with severe upper respiratory issues - Smoky, Barney and Sugar - that just doesn't seem to be going away with the meds I've been giving twice a day.  So, its been a stressful time in my life on top of the TNR'g. 

As for that, we got seven cats yesterday.  Out of those were five boys, two girls.  One girl pregnant.  So it was a good catch!  It was so nice to go on my rounds this morning and see a few ear tipped kitties.  I am just so thankful so many babies WON'T be born.

At one of my stops, as I walked up onto the porch, I saw a body laying, covered with a sheet.  I thought, OMG, is this person even alive?  I poured the food, and called out HELLO.  HE woke, startled and I told him I was just feeding the kitties, and I don't know where this came from but I immediately said, can I get you a nice warm blanket?  and he said please, and I went and got him a nice warm blanket, went back onto the porch where he was still lying, and covered him with it while telling him to please leave it there for me or if he wanted to use it again there.  I know people think I am crazy, but I am cautious, and I am also gentle enough with these kind of people that they know not to hurt me for any reason.  I am there just for the cats.  It made my heart swell. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sept Chats

Thats Seven Cats in French.  Thats how many were trapped this morning.  Hooray.  That makes 20 so far in the past two weeks since this project began.  I thank God for the help received today.  I thank God for the help I've received throughout this, even though its a lot of work for everyone involved, including my friends and family.

Yesterday, four more kitties were brought into Lollipop, two female, one was pregnant, and two tom cats.  Three from Garson, and one from Hayward.  I let the one boy off at Hayward last and explained what I was doing to the only adult sitting outside watching me.  Its heartbreaking to do this.  This boy just did not want to leave the comfort of his carrier.  He came out of it after a little coaxing and immediately began rubbing against me.  The girl that wasn't pregnant I kept overnight.  Again, just the sweetest animal in the world.  It was excruciatingly sad putting her back out onto Garson, where my shelter I've built has been removed.  I placed down some food and water for her, and at least four other came out of the woodwork looking for the food.  I have not seen Big Red since Monday, when the shelter was removed.  Talkie still comes a runnin.  This little girl was so sweet in my bathroom, when I picked her up, she just cuddled under my chin as I rubbed her and spoke to her softly.  Its just a crime, really it is.  And seven others will have to be let go today as well.  The pregnant kitty and the tom I am waiting for a report on as my friend kept them overnight.  There are so many adoptable animals out there.  Please consider one. 

I never mentioned.  My friend offered to take Mike (from Third) into the foster system after I had him spayed, and after a week that I kept him, he took Mike to be combo tested before entering him into foster care, and he tested positive for FIV. I will now have to take Mike back, and find him a home on his own.  He is just the sweetest boy, and would never put him down for this type of disease, that is very rare to be passed on to other cats.   I need a plan to get this guy adopted!

On another note, Prince Harry, the pretty grey fluffball, with the fractured hip, has not healed.  He may need surgery.  I am waiting to hear from the woman who has him now, from Four Legged Friends rescue group.  All in all a very busy time in my life!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gimme Shelter

Love that song by the Rolling Stones...  Mick Jagger...  Yowsa...

This week has been so busy, and its only Tuesday.  SO much has happened in the past two days, I don't know where to begin. 

The good thing about yesterday is that I did manage to trap a cat on Central and Third that was brought to Lollipop for neutering.  A boy.  That makes 9 total that have been TNR'd through the grant with Lollipop.  Its very rewarding to know that I making a small dent in the area I feed in on a daily basis.   But its very small.

This morning, with the help of a friend, I was able to trap four more kitties.  One very pregnant.  So that will be a total of 13 kitties.  Wonderful.  There is a very pregnant kitty on Seventh that really needs attention and I hope that she will be included in the trapping that is done tomorrow, the final day this week that we have slots for at Lollipop. 

On Monday I received a call from the man that owns the property where I have had a shelter for over a year on his dilapidated gutted house on Garson.  Here is where Lillianna was rescued and gave birth the very same day, and where I have fed Talkie and Big Red and several others for a very long time now.  The man told me to come and get my stuff out of there before he threw it away.  Apparently he was fined by the city inspector for violating many codes, including one of the feeding animals on his property?  I don't get that one, but it is what it is.  I drove there on my lunch hour and had to cram everything, totes, boards, towels, bowls, etc. into my back seat.  Did that stop me from going there the next morning and placing bowls of food and water down under a tree?  No.  And I did it again this morning, and I wound up driving back that way on my way home, and the bowls were gone.  I stopped, and looked into the houses around, muttered a few things as if they were watching me, got new bowls and filled with water and food and place in an open lot across the street.  No one is going to stop me from feeding these poor animals.  I must find a solution.  These people could care less to allow an animal to starve.

Finally, because this is getting lengthy, as I drove back last night to release the male cat, I went past the house on Ferndale and Webster, where I have been dealing with a crazy person for a long long time now whom I have never met, he/she had been taking my carriers used for shelter, putting them back, trashing a door used as shelter, moving straw around, my blankets, etc. - I finally met HER.  I noticed a woman near the house as I was driving towards it to turn down the street.   I stopped.  I questioned her.  I noticed right away she was off her rocker.  But a nice woman way way deep down.    I don't know how to describe the conversation with her, it was very very odd, but her name is Marilee, a softspoken, demure woman in her 50s I would say, and she has been putting food down for the cats.  I did ask her not do it this week as we were trying to trap neuter return, which she vehemently was very opposed to.  She kept saying it was sodomy to the cats.  At one point, I asked her if she knew the definition of the word.  Meaning a sexual act, but she just wouldn't listen to me.  Its not like we were 'fighting', but she just didn't understand the importance of having cats spayed and neutered.  She was talking about the war, and all sorts of really crazy things, and finally, after ten minutes of this, I thanked her for being caring for the animals and told her I would see her around.  Told her how nice it was to finally meet her.  :)  I drove off thinking she was going to continue to place food there, even with me asking her not to.  By the way, the little kitten was back.  She had her babies somewhere.  She was rolling around on the ground, but my heart sunk.  The woman even confirmed that she had been pregnant.  I pray she gets trapped tomorrow also.  Prayers for all of them!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sasha's Babies!

Well, it was an uneventful weekend, until this morning.When I pulled up to my second stop, where Big Red, Talky and another kitty hang, where Lillianna was rescued, who had her babies the very next morning, from Garson, I noticed railings were put on the porch of this gutted, dilapidated house where I have a good shelter placed.  I then noticed the porch had been painted, and my stuff had been moved to the other side of the driveway, just piled up.  Its obvious, there will be work done on this house.  I noticed mulch had been placed around the front of the porch.  I was heartsick.  I rebuilt a board against the fence, placed a towel and food and water underneath, surrounded it on two sides with the plastic tote 'houses', and went to my car and got a paper plate and wrote on the back and left it on the porch, with the words "thank you for not trashing my stuff.  there are cats that depend on this food and shelter.  i have done a lot of good around this neighborhood with spaying and neutering.  i work at rochester general.  can we please talk?"  left my number and now i pray he calls me.  there are no other houses around I can set up shop at.   Please say a prayer this all works out for me.  (UPDATE:  The jerk just called me, and told me to get my stuff or he will throw it out.  That the city inspector told him no animals - Now I don't know what I will do)

With daylight now greeting me in the morning when I leave my house, by the time I get to the second half of my stops, I can see the filth of these neighborhoods.  There is so much garbage strewn around.  You have to remember, if these people dont care about their properties and own neighborhoods, they dont care about the animals.  Its such a shame.  I remember when I was young, volunteering to clean up parts of a highway.  I would do the same in these neighborhoods (If I could make the time), but these people don't care!  So why would I?  I try to clean up the spots I feed at, but it doesn't matter.  They don't care. 

At Ferndale and Webster, I saw the once pregnant kitten.  The little young fluffball must have had her kittens.  She was so elusive, I just could not get her with the time I had in the mornings, trying on my own.  I pray I was seeing things in the dark, and that now in the daylight, she was just 'fluffy', and not pregnant.  I've been wrong before.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another marathon trapping cats for Lollipop.  Its supposed to rain for the entire week.  I pray things go smoother this week.  I pray we get more kitties that need to be fixed and vaccinated.  God knows there are many more out there that do.    And finally, do you remember 'Sasha', the pretty kitty that I rescued that was pregnant and I got a ton of responses of people stepping up to take her?  Well, here are her beautiful babies.  And they will be up for adoption soon!  Can you believe it?  Makes me proud! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

If Everyone is Thinking Alike, Then Someone Isn't Thinking...

When I returned home from work last evening, after a pickup from Lollipop by my friend Kristin's Mommy Sue, I found three sweet male cats on my porch.  All were quiet, one had already been neutered, so he was vaccinated and ear-tipped.  After observing them for a couple of hours, and trying to feed them some delicious tuna, I decided they were too miserable in their very cramped quarters, one had messed it up quite bad and needed to get out of its own filth, and I returned them to where they came from on the street.  Every time it breaks my heart that these kitties can't go to a good home, and I have to release them, but I was so relieved to see them all waiting for me this morning.  And they were hungry.

We had a very big thunder and lightening storm last night, some really really big boomers, and when I woke to this, I immediately thought of them.  But thank God I have a tiny shelter for them, even though I'll bet none of them use it except to eat and take a sip of water.  Everyone else on my route was out and about.  No sign of pregnant kitty on Second.  Sad.  She needs to be rescued from having kittens outside. 

Here is a picture of Whitey, who I rescued a while ago on Grand Avenue.  He was a very dirty white boy but look how he has cleaned up.  He is now ready for a loving new home! 

I am very relieved to have a break from trapping and releasing.  Its been a very stressful week, and I just need to chill for a few days. 

The kittens featured on yesterday's post show Taffy's kittens who will be up for adoption at Pet Pride as of 5/15/12. 7731 Victor-Mendon Rd. 742-1630 - here is their website - such a great place, check it out!

My thanks again to all those that have helped me out in the past, whether it be donations of food or money, help with trapping, help with transport, or just encouraging words.  I could not do this continually without one or the other along the way.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Communication is Key

Today was the second day of the TNR clinic through Lollipop.  Three kitties were trapped from behind Wally's house on Grand.  I wound up setting traps on Second again in hopes that we could get the very pregnant girl I spotted yesterday morning.  As its so light out now, I am finally able to see these babies in the light, and this girl is quite pregnant.  After returning back there four times, there still were no cats in the trap.  I found out later that there was food left in the bowls from when I fed yesterday, which may have played a role in the kitties not falling for the tuna, but there is more to that.  My normal raccoons at that spot must have gone south for the day, because usually they eat what I place down within the hour - so there is never remaining food in the morning.  Also, you can over trap an area.  Cats are smart creatures, and I've tried at this location before, and they see a cat struggling the morning before and are very leary.  So, unfortunately, we were only able to bring three cats in today, which is a shame.  We could have gone to other areas, indeed, if only...  I say 'if only' because communication is critical to ensure the harmony of the people involved in this undertaking, and the harmony of the whole operation.  When you have lack of communication, you miss out on ideas and opportunities and suggestions for areas of improvement that could have been had.    Thats all I will say on this subject.  Except that I am once again too grateful for words to those who are involved in helping me. 

Yesterday morning, on my route, I spotted a dog running down Central Park.  A pretty brown with black, very thin.  I called for him, he stopped and watched me while I placed a bowl of food down for him, trying to gain his trust.  I did my usual, and called 911, knowing I wouldn't get any where with them, as there is lack of animal control officers, on top of it being only 6 am. and they don't start their shifts until 7 am.  I had to leave to get ready for work, so I said a little prayer that this dog would find its way back home.  Well, as I was finishing my route this morning, I spotted the dog a mile away from there, on Ferndale and Webster.  I placed food down again, and he ran off.  I dialed 911 once again and reported it.  Its so sad.  Have the owners even bothered to look for this dog?  It seems so skittish that most likely it doesn't have a home.  It was probably beaten or something and ran away.  24 hours later and that dog is still running loose and scared.  I hate people that abuse animals, and don't go out of their way to help one, and I am frustrated with the authorities in this city who can't do anything about this.

On a happier note, here is a couple of pictures of Taffy's babies.  Taffy is one of the first of the pregnant cats I rescued the past two months.  Linda has been caring for them.  Thank you Linda!  Aren't they darling!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Primping and Preening

I came to the realization that I have a lot on my plate this week.  Now I dress up for work.  Just about every day I come in with my heels, stockings, a crisp blouse and skirt, hopefully looking fresh and smelling sweet.  In the mornings, before I go out for the feedings of the cats at 5:15 am., I have my teeth brushed, and my make up done. 

For the first time I can remember, I came into work after forgetting to apply my mascara.  Thats not like me.  I am done to a tee every single day during the week.  I was pretty tired this morning, no doubt.  We trapped the first five cats of hopefully many more in the colonies I put food and shelter down at in the inner city 365 days a year.  It was a major undertaking - even with only five cats.  After Heather took them to Lollipop for spaying and neutering (we got two boys, three girls, one of the girls had already been spayed, but no ear tip, so that was done to her so that we can identify her in the future).  When the cats were ready for pick up, at the eleventh hour after scrambling to find some one to pick them up by 4 pm., my good friend Kristin and her husband stepped up to the plate and drove all the way from Churchville to pick them up, in carriers now, and all five traps that they came in with.  They dropped them off on  my porch, and last night, with the help of Julie, we released them, sadly, back into their respective spots.  I saw one this morning, actually the one who was having a 'good time' the day before she was caught.  She got close to me, I think she is adoptable and I would love to find a home for her.  Very beautiful calico.

I also saw a very pregnant cat on Second so I am praying she is one that gets trapped tomorrow morning, on our Day Two of our Lollipop marathon.  I found out 'Friends of Human Society" funded a $5000 grant, and Lollipop included me and my brood in on it.  So that is wonderful.  I pray this is for the best for me in the coming future, and for the cats of course!  I need a break.  Now, I must go and put on my mascara.