Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yes, they are out in full force with the nice weather. Yes, we are finally getting some decent weather, despite the violent storm we had Sunday night, where I believe a micro burst came into the neighborhood and smashed my neighbor's glass patio table, tore off limbs off the trees next door to my house, and all over the neighborhood - I thought my house would fly off its foundation, and the tree hovering over the house would come crashing down. It was a frightening storm for not just me, but everyone I talked to. Then again, I've always loved storms, lightening and thunder, but now I think of the animals out there going through it, scared to death. Anyways, the crackheads. Its now very light out at 5 am. but I am NOT going out any earlier than that. Its crazy to begin with! They are out there sitting, watching, waiting to do their next hit. They are far enough away from me that I dont' feel as if I am in any danger, and I do believe they won't hurt me, they know I just feed the cats, and I know that in their drug addled minds, they respect that. Of course, I try not to give my mother details like this, after all, any good mother would be very upset that their child puts themselves in harms way, just as if I were a crackhead, or a cigarette smoker. My mother once told me that she bore me and I am hurting her by hurting the lungs she gave me. You can't blame her. She is an excellent mother, and I thank God for her every day. Thank you Mommy! OK, back to the cats! (I get on tangents... ). After completing my last spot this morning, as I was getting into my car, a young man stopped in his car, you could tell he was the newpaper delivery guy in this not so nice neighborhood, and he asked if I was feeding the cats. I didn't know what he would say next but I told him I was trying to! He said I give you a lot of respect for that or something like that. He told me he was an interpreter for the city, for child welfare, the deaf, etc. He commended me for what I do and it just made my morning. Its so nice to hear just one complement from folks out there. I just wish I could have more help rounding up the kitties. There are so many wonderful ones out there waiting to be rescued and find a permanent home!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Blog...

I came upon an e-mail this morning - yes, I finally got on my computer after four days! Computer free for four days! Its been bliss! Don't get me wrong, I love the computer, just in bits and pieces. I am true Googler, that part I miss, but at home, there are a million and one things to do and I love to get things done! I am a getter doner kind of girl! Back to what I originally was going to say... I found an e-mail this morning from a woman who found the article about me on the Post online website and she pasted it on her facebook page and her followers - she is a author - suggested they raise money for me. Apparently this was done over a month ago, and also unbeknownst to me, they raised a small sum of money and are donating that to my quest to feed and rescue kitties that I do every day. Yes, I am overwhelmed by these people's generosity, total strangers. And not to forget, the local strangers that I have met along the way of this blog who have also made donations toward my fight to help all the stray and homeless animals out there. I am touched beyond words, and my spirit is renewed another day. Thanks to all of you that have helped me, and you know who you are...... xoxo......

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take Time to Smell the Flowers

This is my second post today, but I just wanted to share the following - an old friend sent the following to me, along with the picture attached. Its small stuff like that that we miss each day. because we are all so busy running here and there, doing this and that, life is nuts but when we can actually focus on nature like this, its a free destresser!!

"Hi Lady!I went out this morning to water the hanging baskets on my front porch. Apparently "someone" has taken up residence in one of them! (see the picture attached) I avoided the nest and watered around it. Momma bird flew to a nearby tree but returned to her nest as soon as I went in and closed the door. I can watch her through the glass in my front door sitting on her eggs. I think it is a sparrow. What a great way to start my morning! Just wanted to share!"


I say that because its my Friday! Yay! Tomorrow will start a nice four day weekend. Boy, do I need it. NOT that I get a break from the kitties in the morning, that will never change, I hope, but I have more hours in the day to clean my house, do my gardening, and just plain relax! And I sometimes ignore the computer at home on weekends, but I do hope to post something on here at least once or twice. After all, the excitement just never ends! HA! I am including pictures of the cutest kittens I've seen (this week!). They are kittens of a cat I rescued named Dusty - aka Copper. I didn't know she was pregnant until I was told by the woman who took her. Aren't they pretty babies! And they are up for adoption! I want to thank this kind gentlemen John who left a donation of dry cat food on my porch yesterday. This man saw the little blurb about me in a Mark Hare column in the Democrat & Chronical a while back, found my number, and donated a bag of food to me last year. He is back from his winter in Florida, and still thought of me to do that for me. Thank you John! There are so many nice people out there that offer to help with donations occasionally, and I just thank God for such wonderful people in my life that take the time to do this. I cannot tell you what it means to my pocket. I really do live paycheck to paycheck, never an extra cent for me. Some people call that stupid, but when you look into the eyes of these innocent cats every morning that are just trying to survive 24/7 and they see me coming with a plate of food, its all worth it! Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bunny Tales

No, there are no sweet fairy tales here - I picked up a sweet little bunny off the street this morning. How can someone drive down a street, hear a thumpety thump (which you can hear and feel) and just keep driving? The same as last Sunday. I saw a pretty white dead cat in the road. Naturally, I turned my car around and grabbed the nearest towel in the car and picked it up and placed it gently on someone's well manicured lawn. I figured that someone who would care about their lawn in this godforsaken neighborhood would care about a dead animal and treat it with some respect. Probably not, but what can I do. It was a Sunday morning.

My route was quiet this morning. I saw all the usual suspects. They were all hungry and waiting for me. Teddy is very leery of my now, and I feel bad for that. I tried to trap him last week - not trap, but pick him up and place him in my upright carrier. He freaked, got away and won't come near me now. Poor thing doesn't know how good he could have it. There is a beautiful soft gray kitty that now lets me pet him at my first spot. He eats close to the street, not in the back of the lot where the others wait for me. Would love to get him. He is a sweetie, and very pretty. I have an affection for gray cats now! They are the BEST! If someone is looking for a sweet gray, let me know!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Waiter, there's a Fly in my Soup!

I know, sometimes my titles are pretty lame... ! :) Yesterday, when I got home, I tried to let a trapped fly out the window on my porch. Somehow he managed to wedge himself into the groove of the window. I successfully 'rescued' him from the groove with a piece of paper, but in the process, I must have broken his wing, or leg or something. They are so delicate. I felt bad, I know he didn't die right away, and I actually hope he was able to fly away and live! but those are the lengths I will go to ease the suffering of anybody, and anything! Flies are gross! But its a 'life'. I know, I sound very silly. But....

On another note, I had to dial 911 again this morning on my route because of Jumper Girl, thats the nickname I've given this hooker I see occasionally. She jumps out in front of the cars - at 5:30 in the morning when people are half asleep anyways... I call for her own safety, and for others. I don't know why I bother, but I just do it anyways. If it were an animal, most law enforcement wouldn't bother, or care. Maybe this is just my secret way of trying to get their attention. The operators always ask my name, and my number, and I also mention how I feed the strays around the neighborhood which is how I see what I see when I report something, and maybe someday someone will give me some recognition. Cause for now I get nothin! But thats ok. I keep doing what I do. Last night it poured, and the wind was whippin. Of course we have no reason to complain when you have storms like what passed over Joplin, Missouri two nights ago. Such a tragedy. So there are times I thank God for where I live, despite the winters, its pretty good country. The cats can relax for a few months out there.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second Chances (?)

I have just about seen everything, and done maybe half. I believe in second chances for people in life, as we have all made mistakes, and I certainly have, and I thank God for second chances from my family and friends, and God. Animals are in the same league as far as I am concerned, although they are complete innocents and are born into circumstances that they have no control over. Barney was adopted last week by someone that I had a hard time connecting with for four days, and this worried me sick. Personally, when I rescue a cat, I want to be sure they are living in a safe environment, and are free from harm. Such was the case with Barney. I began to worry myself sick after not hearing from the person who adopted him. I drove over to the house this morning just to 'check out the house' and make sure it was 'normal looking.' I could not understand why this person would not return my daily call to call me so that I could just know how Barney was doing. It was very early when I went over this morning, it was just after my cat rounds which began at their normal time of 5 am. Barneys new 'companion's' neighbor was out with her dog, and she made it clear she did not like her neighbor, and told me that this person had committed a crime that is a reportable crime to the neighborhood when people like this move to their area. I had to brush this fact aside, and tell myself that just because someone like this does something that bad, it doesn't mean they will hurt an animal. I HAD to tell myself this, after all, my Barney was adopted legally, and there was nothing I could do. The more I thought about this, the more I said to myself, I must get over this and trust this person will be kind, and has been kind to my little Barney. Without making this a novel, this person did call me after my fourth call to him, I did go over, and I did make sure Barney was OK. I have never felt this bad about a situation in my life, but this person did seem to have an affection for Barney, and for someone like this, an outcast to society, he really needed the companionship. I will continue to monitor the situation as best as I can, for Barney's sake. I hope this made sense, but I just want to get the point across that we all deserve a second chance. Some more than others. I pray for my Barney, if I could take him back I would in a second. Even if I had NOT known about this person's crime, I would take him back just due to the fact that this person is a chain smoker with a somewhat closed up dark house. But legally I can't. I just have to pray he is OK.

Friday, May 20, 2011


My sweet boy Blackie is gone. I brought him to the vet yesterday morning where he was tested postive for leukemia. I've been feeding Blackie for over a year now - he was just over a year old. He was very very sick when I rescued him yesterday, he had a very bad odor, the vet said could be both from his mouth, and his fur. I think he was already suffering the ravages of this disease, leukemia. He was becoming skin and bone. The spot I was feeding him at - that included Smokey #2 who I haven't seen in a month now - was a closed up restaurant on the corner of Central and Goodman - that I will now discontinue to feed at. It was a brutal location there, especially in the winter months. There was no shelter - besides the shelter I provided - from the terrible winds we get, and the mounds of snowfall. I held Blackie and said goodbye to him while the doctor gave him the shot. He was such a good boy, I will miss him terribly, and never forget him. I just wish I could understand the mindset of all the people who live there, and probably saw this cat a million times, but never took him in. I just don't know how all these people in all these neighborhoods can turn their cheek to the suffering of animals around them. In the huge universe of man and beast, bird and flower, we are all just specks of dust, with a short time to be together. Blackie had a short life, but a decent death. God Bless You Blackie.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big News!

Barney was adopted last night! A disabled veteran expressed interest in adopting a cat at Petco to my friends at http://www.anotherchancepetrescue.com/ and they thought of Barney, who has been through his own personal war. I brought him over after work to meet his new 'Dad'. It was very bittersweet, I nearly cried. I have come to love Barney (now renamed 'Sue', as in a boy named Sue - Johnny Cash). He was a good boy for me and took to sleeping with me each night, and followed me around the house constantly. He went wherever I went. I've been told before, and was reminded again as he left, that if I didn't adopt the ones I rescue out, its one less cat that will be rescued off the street. And its so true, but you become so attached to these little ones that you care for and nurse back to health. Which brings me around to this: I successfully 'trapped' Blackie this morning. Actually just had to put him the carrier, he went very peacefully. He is sick, I was able to get him a vet appt. this morning so hopefully he will test negative for leukemia, and then I will get him fixed up. I have a plan for him afterwards, and I do hope it works out. I am using a trump card for him. And if that doesn't work out, I have a back up plan. I have a niece who was uncontrollable at one point in her life (and who am I to talk?) but she has turned into a beautiful young woman and a good mother. She has been offering her home to help foster one of my babies. She is my last resort, due to the now two kitties I have rescued that have no permanent home (Blackie and Buttons), and Teddy, who I need to rescue desperately as soon as space opens up for me. So, all in all, a good past 24 hours! Here's to the next 24!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bring Me Sunshine

I just watched a video on YouTube where the music and lyrics alone gave me a little boost and a feeling of hope on this Wednesday, Day 5? of straight rain. Another wet and humid morning, but all the babies are surviving out there. Blackie is barely though. I am trying to find him a home quickly, because I need to get him vetted tomorrow morning somehow, he is having a hard time breathing, he has a severe upper respiratory infection, and after he is treated, he can't go back into that spot because he is too affectionate, and I have been feeding him for over a year now. Remember, he disappeared this past winter. This is the same spot where I've been feeding Smokey #1 for years now, and where I recently rescued Dexter. I also rescued Max and a few others from this corner, so I am proud that I've been able to help so many from this spot, but Blackie is the last of them, and I can eliminate this one spot if I can find Blackie a permanent home. He is good natured, between 1-2 years old. He can barely breath so it was hard to leave him this morning but I must get him to a vet for treatment so I will try tomorrow morning. Here we go again... I still have Barney that I am trying to adopt out, and my sister is still caring for Buttons for me until we can get him adopted. I am in over my head, and don't feel good about it, but I can't just ignore sick animals out there. Its either rescue, or be brought to a shelter where euthanizing is surely the outcome. I don't want the latter, but I won't leave a cat sick on street if I know about it. Its not a good feeling to pet an animal you know is sick and doesn't have treatment or a home, and then leave it. Anyone out there want to volunteer?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Thats the word I say when I don't know what else to say. I do want to say that this past Thursday, I had two wonderful comments expressing differing views of keeping cats as strictly indoor, and I appreciated them greatly. Something happened with Blogger the day after and it wiped out my comments. I am so sorry, and it wasn't me doing it. Its scary to know your stuff can disappear just like that. All your hard work and soul going into a project and its gone, poof, just like that! As far as this morning, it took me an hour after I left the house at 5 am to feed all these babies out there. Lots of wet towels. Its been 40 days 40 nights of rain, thats what it feels like. There were six cats waiting for me at the first spot, Blackie at the second, Poppi and another at the third, Tuffie and two others at the fourth, the black and whites and a tiger at the fifth, no one as usual at the feral spot at the sixth, at least four or five at the seventh, including Teddy who is just so precious, he just lets me stroke him, and just needs to be rescued desperately, I just need some room in my home, and get Barney and Buttons adopted, and finally Red and Copper at the eighth. Attached is Copper's picture. He is such a beautiful cat. At first I thought he was someone's cat because of his beautful fluffy coat and copper eyes, but I stroked him and felt the tangled and wet fur, as he is wet each morning now, and know he is not anyone's cat. So, if anyone knows of anyone that can help me out with a cat or two, it would be wonderful!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday - All Quiet on the Homefront

Its been raining all weekend, its damp and wet out there, and all was quiet this morning. At least compared to yesterday morning. I've been leaving the house at 5 am. each morning to do my nine spots, and as the days are longer, the more people are out there. I saw a 'couple' out arguing on the street in front of one of my spots, and as I always do, I survey the situation, and continue on with my business. As I was at my spot I thought I heard a slap, amist the yelling going on, and as I went back to my car, I stopped and politely said "everything OK over there?" and they both replied "oh yes!" - and the girl went on to say "we've been together for over two years and you know how that goes..." or something like that - sure sweetheart. It is one of the street girls and her pimp. I see them all over the place. You can't fool me. But I remain aware and vigilant in helping others that may need or want my help. Down the street, to the house that had the kitten in the attic for weeks without food or water, I stopped, got out of my car, made my kissing noises, but saw nothing of the cat, but heard a large dog in the basement of this unoccupied house. Barking, wimpering. I immediately dialed 911 and got a better response from the operator than I did the day before, who this time told me it would be reported and left my number for someone to call me as a follow-up. Of course, no one did, but this morning no dog, and no cat either. Whoever this evil person is (and I do know his name and number) brought his dog to spend the night in the basement of this disgusting house to ward off intruders that may come to try to save the cat. Bastard. A comment was left about going to the papers, and I will write a columnist who has mentioned me in the past about this injustice, and how these agencies are all at fault, along with the property owner, that a cat could be trapped that long even though it was reported over and over and over again. On a brighter note, I am going to join a good friend today, along with her good friends for a wine tasting in the Bristol Hills and I will try to forget about the sadness out there. I have to remember I am making a difference.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground...

I love this quote ... I hope to someday be a mighty oak! This morning I made my rounds with an exception. I went to a street that is rounded by a friend named Gina who does what I do on a slightly smaller scale, but nevertheless is as mightily determined as I am. And she does it during the day, God bless her.... Well, she has been seeing, and been told about from neighbors on this street, a six or so month old pure white kitten trapped in a closed up house, and its been there apparently for several weeks now. Gina called me about it two days ago to see if I could help in anyway, if I knew someone perhaps. From what I was told, the owner of the property had been contacted but refused to come over to investigate, or open the house for anyone to let this cat out. I was told the Humane Society and Rochester Animal Control had been contacted also, but if they had, how come the cat was seen still in the house last night by Gina, and animal control who showed up to meet her due to the phone call I made to another friend 'with authority'. Whats wrong with this picture? This cat has been in this house for apparently three weeks now? no food or water? and its barely alive as of last night. When I went by this morning at 5:30, I got out and was calling for it. I woke all the other cats out on this street, but no sign of this little baby. Gina was told that Humane Society would be there in this morning with the owner of the property, but as of 12:30 pm, no one was there. This is an absolute crime. If it were up to me, I would have broken into this house. No question. I believe all departments here are at fault, and this man should be brought up on animal cruelty charges. I don't believe this cat made it. I hope I am wrong. I will keep you posted. Such injustices...


I just want to share that apparently Blogger is having issues, and have lost my last two days. Bummer. I am not very happy about it, this is like my diary! :( Hopefully it will be restored very soon!

Thursday, May 12, 2011


I met a really great girl in Colorado a few weekends ago, she has a cat named Two'er. She named the cat that because it was her second cat - the first one, I guess One'er? got eaten by a coyote. She lives out in the wilderness - actually Colorado is pretty flat until you get to the foothills and then the mountains, and she in on the flat part, in a rather remote area, so they do get a lot of coyotes out there. Pretty sad when you think about it. There are a lot of people in this world who believe that cats are OK being outdoor cats. Aside from the obvious dangers of cars, toxic plants, dogs, coyotes, fleas and cruel people, there are many hidden dangers to cats allowed outdoors. There are so many benefits to keeping your cat indoors. Indoor cats are no lazier or less happy. Provide a window perch for them, put out a bird feeder for entertainment. There are so many toys available for cats now, even a stick with a string or with something fun on the end. A paper grocery bag will provide hours of entertainment for your kitty. A scratching post of some kind is a necessity. An indoor/outdoor cat can easily be made a totally indoor cat with perseverance on your part. They may resent their confinement for a short time, but they will adjust.

On another note (but slightly same topic!), this morning's route was again a hard one. I saw one very pregnant cat, and at the same location is Teddy, who is still very ill. He sits and waits for me now each morning. I looked at his ears and they are a mess. He needs to be seen by a vet, but is also highly adoptable, so must find a foster for him so we can get him adopted. I would give my last cent to spend on him, but I have no room for him. I am hoping someone out there can volunteer!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Real Me

I just got re-addicted to the Who. Love that band. Great tune too. Well, this morning, I cried. Not out of sadness, but of joy. I know I am super emotional, so don't mock me, but at my first stop, as I was going back to my car after feeding 5 cats in the back of the lot there, and as I was putting down food near the tree by the street for the grey cat that has come to expect it, I turned around and outside the house next to the lot was a girl standing there watching me. As I finished up, I walked towards her and said my normal statement "just feeding the cats" and she started to say something like "Bless you". Well, I was shocked. Not many people in 'the hood' say stuff like that to me. She was a heavily accented and very pretty Puerto Rican girl who later after introducing each other, named Jacqueline. We talked for about 5 minutes and she told me she has watched me for years doing what I do on her street and she said she admired me for doing it being an animal lover herself. She had a friend named Emily with her - of course this is all at 5:20 am. - not sure what she was doing just getting home - but it just made me cry. Its so far and few between that you are thanked for what you do every day out there on the streets. Of course, I felt like asking her why she couldn't take care of the kitties on her own street, but thats another problem in itself. What I do is just such a thankless job, but I wish I could live forever doing this, I really don't want to age more than I am because I won't be able to do what I do anymore. I wish I could clone me! The top pic is of Teddy (the Tiger), the kitty that is sick that I need to rescue, but have no room for, and the second pic is of Red, I feed Red at my last spot. Wonderful beautiful Red.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fat Tuesday

Its a Mardi Gras thing. I wanted to give some updates on my spots today. My first stop no one has trashed lately, and the second, there is Blackie, running across the road for me every morning now. Smokey # 1 sadly has not been seen in two weeks at least. At my third spot, there is Poppi, looking very UNpregnant. Seriously, did she have her babies? She was so tiny to begin with, we thought she was not too far along a week or two ago. She is svelte and adorable as always. Along with her, there was another pretty kitty sitting in the distance watching me place food and water down as I have started back to doing since I spotted Poppi a day or two ago after not having seen her in a while. Then, at the next stop, I had to chase away a very fat raccoon, chased him all the way into the back yard and up a tree! No, I didn't go up the tree, he did, but I would have if I could have scared him a long distance away. I am sure he got down within 15 minutes of my leaving. But there were three of my regulars waiting under the porch to gobble up what I did leave for them. At my next stop, there are two beautiful kitties, this is where Benny and Mittens and several others (rescued) have come from - one is white and black with distinctive markings. At my next to last stop (lets see... I now go to one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine!), either the landlord or property owner of the house has removed all of my bowls. I feed behind the house next door, but this house was condemned due to arson (there is a sign posted for information wanted) but there is no NO TRESPASSING sign, and the porch is in good shape, and easy to use, so I have been using that as a feeding spot. I have to wonder, how can a person see that there are food bowls and water set down and throw them out? Food and water is what is needed to sustain all living creatures. What is wrong with a person who would take that away from someone or something? A monster! I placed more bowls of water and plates of food - screw them! I will note here that there is a very beautiful tabby that now sits there and lets me come right up to him, waiting for food, and he is very sickly. I want to rescue him so bad, but I have NO where left now to keep him, with Buttons and Barney being cared for until they are ready for adoption. I wish someone could step forward, this little guy is suffering. I need to think of a good name for him! I also saw two pregnant cats yesterday. Thank God the weather at least has turned for the good. Anyways, thats my update for the day! (sharing another pic of elk I took in Colorado - such beauty).

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day (after)!

It was Mother's Day yesterday, and I honored my mother, more than she knows, or more than I can feel comfortable showing her when there are a ton of other family around, and I don't have enough money to buy the things I would like to buy for her, to make her life as comfortable as possible, as is the life she gave me until I was too 'smart' and didn't 'need' her. I also thought of all the children in the world who don't have mother's, either by death or some other circumstance. Its got to be a sad day for them in some way. Then again, when Father's Day rolls around, I am sad also. I miss my father. I wish I had one during all those special moments of my life when I was growing up, and especially now, that I have 'grown up." And then I thought of all the women in life who don't have children, but do have animals. I do feel like a mother. I have cared for them, taken them to the 'doctor's' nursed them back to health, soothed them when they were frightened, 'changed their poopy diapers (litter boxes) :), and fed them countless times. So I honor all the women (and girls too!) in this world who have loved animals. Happy Mother's Day (after) to you! PS, I posted yesterday, don't miss it! :) (attached are pic of kitty Sugar, and Thunder the Wunder from Down Under).

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bless You!

This is what I said to Cinnamon right after she sneezed this morning. First off, she is really a he, but I have been referring to him as a her for over 10 years now, so he really is a she now. :) Poor Cinnamon has lost her identity. But she is still one very pretty, fluffy red kitty that is spoiled rotten by me. I got Cinnamon, along with her brother Sugar when they were born in a garage to a feral mother at my friend Jim's house in Chili - where Jim had set up bedding and a heat lamp for them. I have had them since they were wee blue-eyed little babies. They still act feral when someone comes over and they run and hide, but with me, they can't get enough love. As for her sneezing, I said 'bless you' automatically, as I do when any human sneezes too, friend or stranger. I thought to myself, I wonder if anyone else blesses an animal when it sneezes, or am I the only one. I know I am strange, but can I be that strange?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Black Friday

Steely Dan tune... Good stuff..... It is Friday, and I love it. It means I have two whole days to clean my house, clean up my spare room which is housing Barney (pictured), the stray that was near death a couple of weeks ago, who has been leaving his scent around the room. I had him in a small carrier out in the living room this morning, trying to acclimate him to the other cats, and my very large dog, and Barney had an accident. Fun. I also do my grocery shopping on Saturday mornings and I need to replenish my stock, as I was gone to Colorado last weekend, and nothing got done. My poor cats at home have been eating the stray cats food (Hey, I have to do what I have to do! So don't judge me! :)) I joke about the weekend because its like, Saturday mornings, I get up at 4 as I usually do every single day, I feed my brood, and then I head out at 5 am. before the sun comes up to feed at 8-9 different locations in 'the hood' - where there are between 3-8 cats at each spot waiting for me, and I change their towels if it snows or rains, and I place fresh water and food down. I rescue as many of the friendly cats as possible, and try to trap the others to get them fixed up. My main priority has always been the friendly ones. They are obviously out there because they are lost, or were discarded. The ones I have adopted out are just in love with their new human companions, and vice versa.... I am getting off track here - after I feed the outdoor kitties, I come home, get my list together, and grocery shop, my favorite :) I love to cook and I love to eat! I then come home and clean for three hours (and start my weekend soup!). I am fanatical about keeping a clean house. It may not be the most pristine, but its certainly clean, for about a day! By then Saturday is half over, so its really not much of a weekend by the time I am done doing all I do on Saturday mornings. So, whatever your routine is, I hope its rewarding to you in some way or another! Have a GREAT WEEKEND! PS, I hope you are able to check out yesterday's post with the Eagle babies link. Its AWESOME. XO!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eagles Nest


I hope this works. Its a video cam of an eagle's nest and her babies. It is the COOLEST thing around.. If you keep checking back, you can see Mama come to feed her babies. Three of them. Watch! Enjoy!

One Small Step at a Time!

This morning at my first spot, where I rescued Fluffy/Dusty/Copper (yes, she has had three names!) recently, and where Spike and Fluffy/Dusty/Copper's relatives and others hang out, Spike let me pet him. This was significant to me, because Spike has been hanging there since there was an abandoned house on that property a year ago, and where I was able to rescue brand new newborn kittens from a mattress inside the house the day before the house was demolished. Spike has had an upper respiratory for a long time now. I know some of you would say I should have tried to trap him, but he was very elusive and I just wasn't able. But he has hung on there for this long, and he finally was trusting enough to let me pet him. Of course, I had no trap or carrier, and he would only allow me to touch him for seconds, but it was something. I haven't seen my Smokey #1 in a long time now at my second spot. I did not see Blackey there this morning either. Nor did I see little Poppi girl at the third spot, where I am trying to eliminate any activity there altogether. She was not at the fourth spot either. She is the one who is pregnant. I bring my carrier each morning in hopes of getting her. Things are quiet in the mornings. There are no blizzards I have to contend with, which was the constant this past winter. Its just rain now that is my enemy. But the sun prevails today, thank God!

I attach another picture from Colorado. Can you imagine waking up to this each morning? By the way, no sign of strays up here! Click on pic for larger view. Have a great day!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday, as I was driving to my first spot, I saw something in the road, and it was too late. I hit it. It was a rat. They do this dance in the road when they are confused, like a squirrell, and that is what he was doing. It was dark, 5:15 am., and he was trying to cross the road. I felt bad, I really did. I know many think they are nasty, and so do I, somewhat, but they are still God's creatures. Its a horrible thing to know you've taken a life. I don't know how murderers of people - and animals for that matter - can live with them selves. Those are real crimes. My crime was accidental. I wouldn't have done it if I could have helped it.

Things were as usual this morning. Soggy. It rained all night. Stopped in the morning but supposed to start up again. Then sun tomorrow. Thank God. I can't imagine what its like to live in a constant rainy zone, like Seattle. I had no luck with Poppi, who was at the location that I go to after I feed her, which is the same location I have rescued Fred, Barney, Nelson, and numerous others. In fact, I am now going to eliminate that area altogether, as there were no kittys there, and its only been Poppi there for a while.

I am attaching two pics, one of Snuggles the Colorado kitty I stayed with, and the other is of an elk in Colorado, one of many I saw while there. Snuggles was also declawed. I had a hard time with that, but what was done was done. I just pray he doesn't get out like I've been told he does occasionally, as there are plenty of foxes and coyotes around there.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Song by the Stones... love my Stones... its another wet day out there, just a few towels to change over. I have not seen Smokey #1 in a long time, but guess who's back! Blackie! He was soaking wet this morning. You wonder sometimes if these guys know enough to get out of the rain. There are plenty of spaces to hide under, I am sure. I had not seen Blackie around in a very long time. In fact, when I rescued Dexter, it had been months since I had seen Blackie (pictured here). I almost mistook Dexter for Blackie, but Dexter had too much white in him. Smokey has survived many winters and I am not sure what has happened to him, but I hope he is safe, or at least out of whatever pain he may have been in. He surprises me though and often shows up after not seeing him for a bit. I mentioned yesterday that on Second Street, there are fewer cats showing up in the morning. I was thinking it would be nice to be thanked for the efforts that have been made in trying to reduce the population there. Buttons was rescued from there, two newborn kittens were rescued from the igloo behind Paul's house that I provided, as well as a few Trap Neuter Returns done (TNR). It is so worthwhile to me to be able to reduce the population and help end the suffering of some very sick kitties. Who needs thanks? What I need to do is to figure out a way to teach these people about keeping the population down themselves! I can't keep coming in and trying to fix their neighborhoods, their problems. I think this summer, when more folks are outdoors, I need to devote some time to be seen and heard by some of these people. I am sure there are decent people that will listen to what I have to say, I can only try. They just need an education on spaying and neutering. If everyone did this, we wouldn't have problems like we have now.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm back.....................

Hello Blog! I've missed you!!! I've been in Colorado. Colorado lies astride the highest mountains of the Continental Divide. Nearly rectangular, its north and south boundaries are the 41° and 37° N. parallels, and the east and went boundaries are the 102° and 109° W. meridians. It is eighth in size among the 50 states, with an area of over 104,000 square miles. Although known for its mountains, nearly 40 percent of its area is taken up by the eastern high plains. Of particular importance to the climate are Colorado's interior continental location in the middle latitudes, the high elevation of the entire region, and the mountains and ranges extending north and south approximately through the middle of the State. With an average altitude of about 6,800 feet above sea level, Colorado is the highest contiguous State in the Union. Roughly three-quarters of the Nation's land above 10,000 feet altitude lies within its borders. The State has 59 mountains 14,000 feet or higher, and about 830 mountains between 11,000 and 14,000 feet in elevation. There you have it. A little interesting knowledge about the topography of where I've been for the past four days. Breathtaking.

But back here in our beautiful city of Rochester, the cats were awaiting. As usual, as it was raining again, I was out there just past 5 am. to check on my babies. Heather did an awesome job, I just don't know how to thank someone for getting out of bed at an ungodly hour of the morning and risk their life to feed cats that are not very cute and cuddly. She is a true warrior! At my third spot, and a spot that I want to discontinue feeding at, is Poppi. Poppi is the only kitty really that is left there after having rescued so many. Dewey, Fred, Barney, just to name a few. Well, this morning, I noticed that Poppi is pregnant. Not a good thing. I must think of a plan to get her, she is very shy. I still have Barney and Buttons on my (and my sister, and Heather's) hands to adopt out. Its tough when you have these kitties and you have no place to house them if you are able to get them. But I must focus on her. She is a pretty tortoise kitty.

Julie and Heather (from Another Chance Pet Rescue) also went out this weekend to my area to help me with spaying and neutering some of my strays. They were able to get two, which is great. I am just so grateful. As I was driving away from Second Street, where at one point there were at least 8 cats that I was feeding at one house, there are now very few left. I thought to myself that I have helped to 'clean up' these people's street, and they should be thanking me for doing that. I actually feel good about it, that you just don't see as many out there anymore. I am so thankful that I have the help I need. I've been doing this for so long on my own. Its been tough. So, thank you Julie and Heather! You have really made a difference for these kitties you've helped me save!