Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Lucky One


Yep, I did it again.  Rescue I mean....UGGH.  It was an emotional day yesterday, as I brought Jack in one last time to the vets - my kindly Dr. Boehm (aka Dr. Hottie).   He wasn't available when I made the appointment for Jack at 4 pm., but I found him waiting for me when I came in.  He wanted to be there for Jack.  Thanks Dr. B.  It was still questionable, and still is, if I made the right decision or not, and its so hard to tell when they are not displaying the serious symptoms that lead you to treat the animal in the first place.  He was so quiet, and looking at me lovingly.  How do you say goodbye to that?  But I did, after it was reassured to me that whatever was going on was due to his lungs, or heart, and that all the money in the world might buy him more time, it wouldn't be cured.  So, I did it.  I then brought him home to bury him in my mini pet cemetery.  I must make a little cross to place on his grave, in between the rose bushes.

Well, look who we have here.  This cat, Lefty (I know, I need to come up with some better names) I've written about from at least a year ago when he appeared at Baldwin.  He is a very very nice cat, very dirty, unneutered, and now very sick.  I heard him a few days ago wheezing, and sneezing, and said I must get him seen.  So, I got him.  So, hopefully I can get him in to the clinic tomorrow, treated, neutered, and I think I may have a foster for him, through the kindness of the girl that has been accompanying me on my rounds on Sunday - the crazy girl Sheryl.  With a heart of gold I might add.  Fingers crossed.  Lefty is doing mighty fine in my bathroom - after work I will go in and try to clean him with towels, he is so very dirty, but look how very pretty he is underneath!  :)

I have not seen pregnant mama on Second since the day I should have gotten her.  I could kick myself.  Although there is another cat sneezing like mad - its so sad to know there is another sick one.  Lefty was easy to get because he is so very sweet.  He sleeps in a tote I had placed there about a month ago.  It had the tiniest opening, but that big kitty managed to crawl in and out of there.  Amazing what their bodies can do.  Speaking of, I saw the BIGGEST raccoon this morning on Sixth in the garage, and he squeezed his body through the tiniest opening when he saw me coming toward him.  BRAT.  I am sure he came back as soon as I left and gobbled most of the food that the six cats there were depending on.


OK, gotta get ready for work.  There are so many updates I want to share but never seem to have the time.  Winky may be going to her new home on Saturday, and I will be making an appointment for her spay today.  She is much better also after her trip to the vet on Monday - that was a scare.  Her limp and lethargy seem to be gone.  Thanks Tracy for taking care of Winky! 

Have a great day!
"Empty pockets never held anyone back.  Only empty heads & empty hearts can do that."


  1. I am so sorry for your are such a great kitty mom....

  2. R.I.P. Jack., I can tell you Janine, every time I have treated my pets with medicines and hydrating, only to have them show no improvement, and get weaker by the day, I hate myself for making their passing go so slowly. It has to be the only down side of loving our precious pets as we do. Each time, I dread the decision I have to make and I always will. My thoughts with you especially today and fantastic work with your new addition "Lefty" he looks a little Siamese (colouring )

  3. I'm so very sorry for your loss. I just came upon your blog yesterday and read quite a few entries going back to September. I just wanted to say I admire so much what you are doing. I had a momma cat and 3 kittens make the bushes in my back yard their home a few months ago. I was so concerned about them and I didn't want them to keep reproducing, so I contacted my friends at Pet Adoption Network where I volunteer and asked for help. My cat Howie's former foster mom lent me traps and helped me through my first trapping - it's very traumatic! I felt so sorry for the kittens, but after a few minutes they calmed down. They spent the night in the trap in my basement and the next morning they were spayed/neutered. After spending another night in the house to recover, I released them back into my back yard - like you I did this with my own money. One of the kittens was a girl - no kittens for her! I was even able to capture the momma cat and get her done as well. I am continuing to feed them, and they have adopted my yard and deck as their home. My hope was to maybe be able to domesticate them and find them homes, but they won't let me touch them - by the time they ended up in my yard, they were already about 4 months old and never had human contact - I'll keep trying though. In the meantime, I found some plans online to make winter houses for them. My dad and I spent an afternoon and made 2 of them so that they will survive the winter. At the time I felt like what I did was a huge undertaking, but it is nothing compared to what you are doing. The kitties are lucky to have you.

  4. Janine, I'm so sorry about Jack. I was off work yesterday and came in to read your sad news. He had a wonderful life with you - take some comfort in that. The previous msg above mine from a new reader is inspiring. Great job not only feeding the feral kitties but getting them fixed; that's the key - and now building shelter for them for the winter. You should be proud. Nancy C.

  5. yesss, that new comers message gave me hope too !

  6. Janine, We are so very sorry to hear about your Beloved Jack. Our Tommy succumb to similar ailments.He was diagnosed as being in Congestive Heart Failure when we had to put him to sleep. Their is no doubt in my mind that Jack is looking down at you from Kitty Heaven, and Thanks you for being there with him and for him during his time of ailment, and throughout his wonderful live with you.,Thank you once again for all your Heroic Sacrifices in saving Rochesters Cats one at a time.
    Walt&Karon Simoni Kudos to Sheryl for all the help she is giving you. You need it!

  7. Oh Janine, I was hoping and praying for a miracle for Jack! I can't imagine how difficult it was for you to make the final decision. Sparing him anymore suffering truly was an act of selfless love on your part.

    Bless you, Sheryl, for fostering Lefty! He looks very handsome under all the dirt!