Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rush Rush Rush!

My life seems out of control most times.  That's why I relish, and cherish obligation free weekends.  And even then I have my TO DO list for myself - organize organize organize!  But I never seem to get to my own stuff, because I have a lot of other things that take up my precious time.  I need to speak to friends, family, if not see them, and I need to run here and run there.  Its crazy.  I wish my life were simpler, but its not.  When I get home every single morning, around 6:15, from feeding all the sweet babies that are waiting for me in a two mile radius in the inner city neighborhood of Beechwood, all 50+ - there are some I don't even see for that half a minute stop I make to pour food and water down for these hungry guys - when I get home in the morning, I have to rush to get to work, like I am doing now.  But first I like to post on this blog so that others know what its like out there. 

I am thankful for the two girls who have offered to ride with me one day a week because I am going to put them to work, placing tarp on top of some others that have holes, re-strawing some of the tote shelters and just trying to make things comfortable for these innocent creatures.  We are due for rain the rest of the week, and cold.  My heart breaks for these cats out there.  Some are so very sweet, and would give anything for a warm home, if they had anything to give.  I know they have love to give, but they can't get that chance.  Here is an excerpt of the e-mail I received from Jill, who went on a run with me yesterday morning:

"Hi Janine, just thought I'd let you know again how great it was to go with you this morning to feed the cats! Thanks for letting me do that! What you are doing is such a beautiful thing for those por animals and I know they love you for it. It really strikes me as sad that in all the years you have been doing this, no one who actually lives in the neighborhood has offered to help with the feedings or take over one of the feeding stations. Unfortunately it seems like the people there just don't value the cats like we do and I'm not sure what the answer is to that problem. Maybe there are some people in that neighborhood who do have their own little feeding things set up, I would hope so! Of course, I see the same kind of apathy and ignorance with people in better neighborhoods, too. It's everywhere. But at least what you are doing is definitely making a difference to the cats you are helping! Just goes to show you what one person can do. There is the
saying that "You can't make a difference for all the animals, but you can make all the difference for one animal". How true!"

I want to reiterate something - I posted the other day how I would love for someone to call me and say 'Janine, I will take your most neediest cat, sight unseen, gender doesn't matter, and I will have plenty of patience to turn this street animal into a warm cuddly thankful, loving indoor cat.'  Well, my friend Nichol did just that when she said 'bring me a needy cat.'  So I brought to her Lucky #2, now named Luigi, who was living on the street for his short life just over one year.  He was a desperate skittish cat waiting each day to greet me and eat, and now he is in a safe, warm, loving environment, and doesn't know what hit him.  He now has unconditional love by Nichole and her family, and I am so grateful for this.

Won't you please consider?  At least help spread the word.  Thanks and have a great day!


  1. Nichole and her family are angels! I just cannot say how much it means to me to know they did that for little Luigi. I know too that he will give them more love in return than they can imagine. Just so, so wonderful...

  2. One more very lucky kitty ,thanks to your care and persistance Janine, will live the rest of his life for people, that his life, matters to. This is the ultimate act of glorification of nature, and creation, a life shared with humans for the beauty and pleasure of it's company and only that..

  3. I'm glad to see you're getting more help out there in the trenches. You can use all the help you can get! Bless them for donating their time to helping the helpless. I'm praying that more people's hearts are convicted to help!