Friday, October 25, 2013

Girls Girls Girls!

I've been keeping my eye out for a boy tabby kitty for a woman who runs Blue Moon Meadows, a dog rescue group.  She has a specific wish list as to what this kitty should be, and its been hard!  I have been invading the privacy of many kitties each morning by feeling 'back there', and not feeling what I want to be feeling - a boy!  But I will keep looking.  There are SO many sweet females out there that all need adopting, but no one wants a girl?  Whats up with that?

I  have today off - yippeeeeee!  I am thrilled, but its still the same - feeding the kitties in Rochester, coming home, getting the food ready for the next morning, and heading off to Wegmans in search of my own comfort food - I think it will be a chicken noodle soup day - and then for a few hours of cleaning my house.  I always feel SO good afterwards, until about eight hours later after the cats have puked again, or torn something apart. 

This morning was cold and damp but I made the best of it for the kitties that were out there.  The white kitty that had the limp - he was born with a deformity of his front paws, missing some digits, and a nail was growing into one of his paws, which is why we think he was limping.  I can't tell you how grateful I am that Nancy stepped up to the plate and offered to foster/adopt him.  When I picked him up from the vet after work yesterday, after he had been neutered, vaccinated and flea treated - this was one costly visit - I noticed he has one green eye and one blue eye.  He is a VERY pretty kitty.  I had him on my porch until Nancy arrived to take him home last night.  He was scared, but he let me pet him.  I can't WAIT to hear how he went last night.

My sweet and kind neighbor Tracy took little Winky to foster yesterday also.  She is the cutest little girl (Winky!) (well, Tracy too!) - and will make someone a wonderful pet.  She still likes to suckle - which they say is because she was taken away from her mother too young.  She is a real cuddler (Winky, not Tracy!).  :)  Please help to spread the word~!

I hope you take away joy and happiness from this post today.  With a little help, I can still rescue these sweet angels, one cat at a time. 

Peace and Love.


  1. So glad to hear the problem with White Kitty's foot was nothing serious! And so glad he is now in a loving home! That makes four cats in the past week that you have rescued from the streets, all on your own- way to go!!!

  2. Oooh, those odd eyed kitties truly are beautiful....well, really...aren't they all?! I'm excited for the update as well. Hoping you get a positive report! I had a kitty that suckled, also from being taken away from her mama too soon. The vet said she would grow out of it. Well, she did eventually grow out of it....12 1/2 years later! My sweet sweet B.

  3. I can't believe I'm friends with a cat molester! ROFL! Somebody is going to call the cops on you, the SVU cops. ;)