Friday, October 4, 2013


I rescued a baby kitten last weekend from the corner of Central and Fifth Street, where I've rescued three other tiny babies there, all at different times throughout the past two months.  There are at least six more adult cats there, most have been spayed and neutered, but there are still a few more that need to be done.  Some are just teenagers themselves that have already had a litter or two.  My kind neighbor offered to foster the recent kitten, and she has named him Lucky, which is quite suitable when you think of his circumstances.  Here are a few pictures of Lucky!  He needs to be adopted, and very soon, so please spread the word.

Remember that you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.  Isn't he the cutest!  I figure him to be about 10 weeks old.

It was pouring when I had to go out this morning.  What a nightmare.  But when I pulled up at home an hour later, I said to myself, that wasn't so bad.  I DREAD going out in bad weather, and wait to the last second to do it when I sit and have my coffee and watch the news at 5:05 each morning.  But at 5:06, I force myself out the door!  I think the worst spot I had to put food down was for the three kitties on Ferndale and Webster, where NO ONE will allow me to shelter them.  So I continue to place food under a tree there, sometimes the bowls are there, sometimes not.  I had a lucky break because the rain subsided somewhat, and they were able to gobble their precious food without getting completely soaked.  But then the rain started to come down heavy again - I just pray that tree protected them enough to eat their only meal for the day.

Little Red, now named Redford, whom I picked up due to his leg injury two weeks ago is doing fairly well, after a day of being holed up in an attic crawlspace.  He is still quite scared, but Nancy and Craig are doing their best to get him to trust them, and to be the sweet loveable little kitty that used to run to me each day, winding around my legs nearly causing me to trip each time, on Ferndale and Webster.  I will work on getting a good update and pictures from them when I can.

In the meantime, I want to thank you for continuing to read my blog, in my journey to save these animals, one at a time.  I need help though - I cannot do it alone, so spread the word!  Their lives depend on it!

Have a great weekend!

"Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don't recognize them."


  1. Adorable kitty!!! Glad to see there is a little more money in the coffer for your cause, let's keep it going everyone. Just $10 each is my challenge. Meet my pledge!!! =)

  2. My dear friend, I applaud you each and every day for the success you have made of your life, and your pledge to help these cats. You use your kindness, empathy and sensitivity to make this happen, and there is no question, that ultimately its a service to the community. I am so tired of reading articles about women in particular, that have their success predominantly defined, as being "a strong woman" Your work sends the message, success can be obtained by kindness.

  3. Lucky is a real sweetheart! I'm so glad he has a good foster home! I'm sure Redford will settle in soon.