Monday, October 7, 2013

Oh, What a Luxury!!!

I was able to get back into bed this wet and damp Sunday morning around 7 am, and slept until 9:15!!  I had the weirdest dream, I was running around in another country, in a hotel, trying to
get United Airlines phone number while  group of rude men sat close to me playing with my hair, and bothering me.  My mother was able to get the number from her hotel room phone book, and I was in the middle of calling the airlines to see if I had missed my flight to Greece (the country) that morning, and I woke.  Poof!  Another mystery unsolved.  I love great dreams.  You get to be someone else for a short time.

This morning was different because as I sat there at 5 am., sipping my coffee, I heard a small rap on the door.  Turns out the girl that went with me last Sunday, Sheryl, had written me, but I never got on the computer yesterday, and she offered to go with me again today!  What a blessing it was!  And to top that, she is a lot of fun!  And she knows how to be super quiet!  :)  So, she went with me and saw all the poor babies out there waiting for their morning, and only meal of the day.  They were all out there in full force.  I was even able to hold the little calico kitten on Baldwin by scrunching her neck - I couldn't' rescue him because I have no where for him, but I am praying someone will offer to foster her.  I will then rescue this little four month old kitten.  But that was a good start, as she has been running from me ever since we rescued her baby brother Monet!

Since my mission was published in the paper last week, I've had a handful of people donate their hard earned money to me.  While the total amount won't fill my pockets, those that did - a retired executive at the hospital where I work, and my friends that felt sorry for me - I am truly grateful.  My one friend is even trying to get my name out to Ellen DeGeneres, as she is an animal lover, and recognizes kind deeds by people.  There are others that have shown their compassion in other ways, like offering to help me one day per month, or gathering what they can for supplies.  For that, I am also extremely grateful.  These are all random acts of kindness - lest I forget, a co-worker's son held a birthday party and asked in lieu of donations, they make a small donation to me for the kitties.  I was truly touched.

An update to the above, its Monday morning, and I've just rescued another kitty from Ferndale and Webster!  He will be neutered, and I will hopefully find him a home eventually.  A good good boy, pictures coming tomorrow!  My goal is to get these poor shelterless animals out of this spot.  There are two more boys, a large white with black, and a large black with white.  Won't you please help to spread the word!

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I'm so glad you're getting more recognition Janine. You deserve every bit of it. Ellen - oh I love her!! Wouldn't that be great? Redford's doing better every day. He's coming into the big room and sniffing Mr. Whiskers and loves laying on the window bench in the small room. Still leary of Craig but that'll take some time. Take care, Nancy C.

  2. Janine ,I have a challenge to all your Blog followers. Since there hasn"t been much financial help since your Pats on the back recognition. Karon and I WILL MATCH the first $1OO.00 Dollars donated to your site. It is currently at $180.00 Dollars. You never cease to amaze me by your tireless,devoted,dedicated and heroic efforts in saving Rochesters defenseless felines. Thank you, Walt&Karon Simoni

  3. Come on Cat lovers lets take Walt up on his challenge and raise $100.00 Dollars so he can match it. Give what you can. Janine sure can use the money for all those precious babies out there. Thanks