Monday, October 28, 2013

Barefoot and Pregnant

Winky on Sunday

I've had a rough weekend, cat wise.  My Jack has had a very deep cough for weeks now.  He went into the vet two weeks ago, came home with prednisone, and is now worse than he was.  His breathing is very labored, and I am worried sick over him, enough so that I barely slept last night.  Someone mentioned that cats can get pneumonia and I am wondering if that is something he might have.  Then there is Winky, who has been being fostered by my neighbor, who called me Saturday to say she was worried about Winky.  Earlier on Saturday, a co-worker of hers came by to meet Winky, and fell in love and wanted to adopt her, but I was not there and we told her we would come by her house the next day with Winky, and see if it was a true match (me checking out their house, meeting them, etc.).  I went to observe Winky Sunday morning and she was limping from her back right leg, and was very lethargic.  I brought her home telling my neighbor that I would get her to the vet, and the potential adopter will have to wait.  All day Sunday she pretty much layed around and didn't eat much.  She is a bit better today, the limp is not visible - she might have pain but is tolerating it, and she is eating a bit more.  I will be calling the vet when they open at eight and begging them to take both of my kitties in.  I am worried sick about Jack, the most.

4th & Pennsylvania - Six Cats!

A new Tortie has shown up - Central

Cedric, he might go to a barn this weekend!

At my Second Street location - a year ago I had noticed a female torty that was pregnant, and after a few attempts at trapping, even Laura tried, she disappeared.  She is back now, and pregnant.  She actually let me pet her and feel her belly this morning.  Why didn't I get her, you ask?  Because I have a situation on my hands where I have two very sick cats in my house, and is going to cost me a fortune, and I had no where to bring this girl.  The stress is too much for just one person.  If I had a sure place to bring her, I would have scooped her up.  As it is, I will not let her remain if I can get her tomorrow, after we figure out what is going on with my two cats.  The momma cat will have two choices, either be fostered by someone, or her babies will have to be aborted and she will go back to the street.  I will be making a call or two this morning to find out if someone can take her in. 

So, not a pleasant start to the week, but I am positive it will get better!  Fingers crossed, and prayers, please.  Spread the word, so many dear sweet kitties out there to be adopted!


  1. Time for all of us to chip in we havent reached that guy Walts Challenge forgot his last name . We are $35.00 Dollars SHORT but more importantly seems like Janine needs the financial help more than ever. Lets do it please.

  2. Janine, I sent you an email to your work email this Monday evening. I hope it got there; my internet was so slow that I couldn't send emails all day! grrr.