Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Let the Bashing Begin

So let me share a little bit on what lengths I have to go through to be allowed to feed homeless starving animals that also need shelter from our weather in the city, from weather we had like this past winter for example. This POS, who did allow me to place shelters for many years now against the side of his rental property in the city, has written the following dialogue.  I hope you don't read into my responses other than anything but trying to be as kind as possible without puking from disgust.  I obviously tried to deflect from his vile comments, while still maintaining my dignity, I think.

>>> I asked  you  to scale  down  the  cat  shacks;  1 -   4  ft   area    ..............&   you  owe  me  a  message   for  rent......lol
>>> Hey Mike!!!  I did scale down from when you asked me last.  AND I did send you a message the next day asking if it was acceptable what I did. 
>>> You know I appreciate SO much what you are allowing me to do.  There are so many kitties at that spot that depend on those shelters from the storms, the horrible winter weather we have, and they need a place where their food will stay dry during those storms.  I don't know how much I can scale back. 
>>> And PS, if you really want me to give you a little $ each month, I would be happy to.  I will also weed around there if you would like.  TELL me what you would like me to do.  I am SO grateful to you.  :) !  :)

>> got  no  e mails;    they   don't really  use  it;   they  live  inside  &  underneath my garage..............I suggested  a   leg  rub  or  back  massage.......I ache   a  lot  from  work

>> Tell ya what.  I got a gift certificate to Massage Envy in Webster.  I have next Friday off, I can book a massage for us both? And yes, they do use those shelters, it kept them alive over the winter.  And the board lean to protects the food every single day from the weather.  Let me know if you want to get a massage with me on Friday, my treat! 

anothr  appt  to   go to;   it  becomes   more  work; wanted  something informal in the comfort of  my home..........how  much money  per month ?

> Well, lets see Mike, I spend $10,000 + to feed and sterilize nearly
> 100 cats each year in that second of the city, I make a lowly
> secretarial wage that I am just barely able to pay my bills.  You tell
> me how much you would like me to pay you each month, and I will see if
> I can come up with it.  :)

you're  the  one  that  offered;   I gave  you  a  chance  to  put  a number on it;   now  you're  turning it  back  on me  with   the propaganda;  Lets  make  it  simple.   Get  the stuff out  of  there  within a  week   or  I'll be  putting  it  on the  curb  next  wed.   PLease  no further  discussion

MY FINAL WORD: Wow Mike. I don't know when you decided that you didn't like me (or why), or care for the fact that these animals have depended on me and that shelter on that street for so long, but that’s a very mean thing to do, to them.

Do you really want to live the last half of your life knowing you were cruel to a person who is only trying to help animals and didn’t do anything to you except try to be your friend?  And to take it out on the cats? 

I will do as you ask.  I am a peaceful person.  

This is one example of what I have to go through to help animals - with people that are not all there.  Why can't the city help, and provide safe places for me in the vacant lots for me to feed in?  We are doing a service to this community!  By spaying and neutering, these cats won't multiply and will eventually die out, naturally.  Read this - it tells you HOW TNR works for the community!  http://www.alleycat.org/casefortnr

MEL from Melville Street

FANNY from Ferndale
Its TNR Tuesday, and I trapped two cats this morning.  One on Ferndale/Webster, the other on Merrill Street.  What a CRRRRAZZZZY morning it was too.  First, I placed a trap on Parsells where I have rescued many a sweet kitty, and TNR'd four now, I believe.  I placed it under the tree where I've been feeding, just outside of what I thought was LISA's 'old' house (she USED to live in the back apartment of this house, or so I thought).  I drove off to feed at my next spot, and drove back only to find Lisa standing over the trap.  I got out, said Hi Lisa!  She was standing there holding a hammer.  She asked what the trap was for, I said to trap the kitties.  She said What For?  I said to Spay and Neuter them.  She said What For?  Then she started with her gobbledygook conversation - Lisa has some mental issues, she is certifiable.  She is as sweet as can be at times, but also mostly incoherent, and she has been known to torture animals.  I don't think she thinks in her mind she is torturing them, she is just crazy.  Anyways, no sense in talking to her, or arguing with her, so I took the trap and drove off to place it at Ferndale (which is where Crazy Marilee lives around the corner from).  I went back to place food down where Lisa lives because these cats are hungry, and I was going to place them further down the street, but here comes Lisa again.  No hammer this time.  She asked me if I could take her to Wegmans to get something to drink.  I told her I was on my route, but if she allowed me to place the food down for the cats, and she doesn't touch them, I would bring her back something.

Anyways, this is all the time I have for today.  There is so much to report out there.  I will need to move the shelters on Hayward to a spot where I think I can relocate the kitties to, if they will learn to go there.  I am  hoping to get some help to move these very heavy shelters on to the back of my Jeep, if they will fit, and place them in this different spot.  Its such a hardship for these animals, because I feed at least five that are visible there.   Here we go again.

Have a nice day.

"For better or worse, our future will be determined in large part by our dreams and by the struggle to make them real."


  1. What a shame. We have to find a way to get in front of government officials in that area.

  2. Don't let Mike the perv get you down. You do good Janine!!

  3. Okay guy is a pig, wants a massage in his home? Lower than pond scum!

  4. OMG. I don't even have any comments for you this morning!

  5. Janine,

    So sorry to here you have to move. I will help you do so. Let me know when and where to meet you.

    Walt Simoni

  6. I second what Tracy said OMG. I dont know how you manage to keep your cool like you do and be nice to these insane people. You are a very strong person. Bless you for being able to keep going no matter WHAT.

  7. Hey! Let me know what night and I'll help after work. Tonight is my son's birthday but the rest of the week I'm free. stuff will fit in my car, too.

  8. Janine that Mike is a threatening creep, hope you have his car reg. ect. i would be dropping his details to an annonymous tip line if it were me, along with Frat boy. Message me if you want it done.

  9. There should be a male present with you daily, when you go to this area.

  10. Sounds like SCUMBAG Mike needs a good tune up with a 42 inch Louisville Slugger instead of a personal massage in the comforts of his home that he suggested you give him. What a perverted loser he is!. He will get his just desserts some day!!!.

    1. I SECOND THAT!!!!!!.

  11. Janine, I saw him walking out of Wegmans tonight as I was going in; he was muttering to himself quite loudly...lol. Nancy C.