Tuesday, October 29, 2013


My boy Jack, taken this morning.

My boy Jack is not doing well.  I picked him up at the vet after work yesterday, along with little Winky, the kitten I rescued from Garson nearly two weeks ago.  Winky had a temperature of 103.7, higher than the norm of 102 apparently, and she also had a combo test performed, and she is negative for feline leukemia and FIV.  Her limp is also gone.  She appears to be fine, her appetite returned when I brought her home when she devoured the food placed in front of her, and she cuddled with me all night.  She is not your average playful kitten, she just likes to snuggle, and suckle, and I think that is going to be her personality!  Whoever adopts her is going to be a very lucky, loved mom or dad!

My Jack, however, had several x-rays performed and they cannot diagnose him either.  His Prednisone dosage was upped , and there is another drug which I need to get a prescription for this morning - going to be late for work.  His breathing was very labored this morning, he was breathing out of his mouth at a point, and he hasn't eaten or had anything to drink.  He is severely dehydrated - I am wondering if he was like that at the vet and they didn't give him any fluids.  I am a little concerned about the amount of money I spent for not much.  I will see how his new medication goes - he hates to take a pill, so he will have to endure more when I get the prescription filled, and when I get home I pray he seems a bit better.  I don't want to lose my Jack this early in his life.  I rescued him as a young teenage kitten on Hayward Avenue maybe five years ago.  I love him to pieces.

I had an offer from someone to take the pregnant cat on Second Street, and I am so upset for not getting her yesterday when she was there, because she was not there this morning, when I was totally ready to rescue her and her unborn babies from the street.  I could kick myself over and over but I have to get over it, I cannot beat myself up over the failures, I can only focus on the good I've done.  Here is an example, which someone (my friend Kristin) so kindly did some math and research, and figured it out.

"Hey Janine!  Guess what I did?  I went through your blog going back to last November and since then ( 1 year) you have rescued no less than 41 cats and spayed/neutered no less than 65!!!!!  That is 106 cats!!!

Here are the names of the 41 cats you rescued and found homes for (ready?)

fern, sally, monet, izzy, daisy, lucky1, lucky 2, cricket, redford, butters, bobby, Charlie, white cat with deformed foot, pepper, penny, winky, paddy, alexis, garth, harold, another pepper, mr. whiskers, earl, another daisy, Stanley, Sadie, grady, bully, sparkles, cheddar, talkie, howard, franklin, Sabrina, nugget, leo, big red, monkey girl, greybo, Hercules, jingles, morris and one dog - Banjo!!!!  There are no doubt MORE but those are the ones I found on your blog as best I could.  And that is just this PAST year!!  I cannot imagine how many over all the years.  Plus the ones you have homes lined up to rescue in the next couple days weeks.  Unbelievable what you have done!!!"

I guess I did do pretty good.  And that doesn't include the 10 or so that went to Lollipop Farm and were all adopted!  In the meantime, I will continue to try for pregnant mama.  Pray she is there tomorrow morning. 

Have a GREAT day.


  1. I'm so sorry about your Jack Janine. It's esp. tough when you're not sure what's going on. Hopefully he'll do better today. Great job Kristin - we all know it's alot of cats but to see the number is staggering!! Plus she maintains a full-time job, a home, husband - I don't know how she does it!! BTW: the white kitty with deformed toes is now Baxter and he's doing great. Nancy C.

  2. Aaww Janine, thats an ordeal for you and kitty Jack. Prednisone is rough, I have been on it my self, had a dog and cat on it, with so- so results, and the expense is horrendous. Prayers are free and there are many sent to you for this sick kitty and you also .xoxox

  3. jJanine, Our prayers and thoughts are with you and Jack at this time of sadness and uncertainty. God bless you for all the sacrifices you make for all our defenseless felines. You truly are the Cat Angel. If only there were more people like you out there. Thank You for all you do. Walt&Karon Simoni

  4. Janine, I ditto the aforementioned comments and pray for you & for Jack. I also hope you can trap pregnant kitty from Second. What can vets diagnose nowadays without doing SO MANY tests at SUCH A COST? I'm sorry, but I wonder??? We use the same vet, but I also know of other friends who question many procedures. Love you, girl, and what you do every day for these poor felines.

  5. I've been praying for Jack today and hope he's doing better tonight. Hope you can get some rest, too. <3