Friday, November 1, 2013


That's the name of this white cat I have in the bathroom.  Sheryl named him that, and I love it.  So, I was not able to get an appointment for neutering for him at the clinic.  I get frantic when a cat is sick - I tried to pill him when I got home and he vomited up the URI med, and the worm pill.  I finally got a Clavamox into him, but prior to that, I was frantic about getting him seen at a cheap price to me, as it cost me $600 for the past three days for Jack - a little of that was for Lucky.  But I wound up calling my own vet and he will be seen this afternoon - first combo tested, and if he is negative, hopefully he just needs a URI injection, and a de-worming as he has a distended belly.  This will cost another $100+, but really, I don't much choice.  Some folks suggested that I take them to a vet out in Greece, but I have a full-time job that I cannot take this kind of time off for.  Its very difficult to do much more than I already do, and spend any more than I already have.  I know they may be cheaper in this or that, but its EASIER for me to come home to get the cat and bring him to the vet that's just a minute away, and then bring him back home and get back to work.  Aren't we always looking for an easier way to do things?  But I do cherish the suggestions I get.  I always weigh them out and in the end, wind up doing what is the easiest.  Which is STILL hard.

It was a CRAZY morning out there - with the wind whipping, and the rain splattering, it was certainly fitting for the morning after Halloween.  At my Baldwin stop, I could hear sirens wailing not far from there, and it turned out that FOUR large fire trucks when whizzing past on Grand, I figured something had to be up with four trucks!  Plus, there was a lot of car traffic out there too!  It just felt odd.  I also did not see any of the sweet kitties on Central that are ALWAYS waiting for me.  It was an odd morning.

I had no pumpkins smashed, and due to the rain, just a few kids at my door last night.  I wound up sitting there eating half the bag of candy after I turned off the front light.  Love those Heath bars.....

I have not seen the little calico kitten on Hayward in over a week now.  She was the one that someone had spayed and eartipped and I never found out who did this.  Laura told me it was not her.  So that is a complete mystery to me.  And now she is gone.  Her mom has not been seen, but her two brothers have a couple of times, one a black and white kitten, the other a tabby.  My little grey boy that I want to rescue next from Garson was no where to be seen this morning either.  Maybe due to the winds and rain, these cats hide or go elsewhere in search of shelter.  But they are certainly hungry.

I will be hopefully rescuing Cedric and Prince from Central and bringing them to a barn out in Scottsville on Sunday morning - wish me luck in retrieving them!  And little Winky will most likely be going to her new home after I get out of work today.  All is well, and I can't wait to update you on Monday!  Prayers for Rupert!  :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. The Bay Street clinic (Rochester Community Animal Clinic) is open monday, Wednesday, and friday from 3-8:30 p.m., Saturday from 12-7:30, and sunday from 12-5:30 for Walk-In wellness and non-critical urgent care. The phone number is 288-0600. It seems like that might work for you for Rupert and would save you some money on him, and they're open late and weekends.
    No vet would have put him under anesthesia to neuter him anyway with an upper respiratory infection.

  2. Rupert! I love that name. Yes, I'll be praying for him! And for Winky in her new home and the two going to the barn.
    I had to laugh just picturing you enjoying your Heath Bars on the porch. :) I prefer Whatchamacallits. Mmmmm. Resistance is futile...