Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gimme Shelter

All was fairly quiet out there this morning.  I set a tote shelter - one little itty bitty one in a spot where there are at least five cats - so with these tote shelters, you are lucky to fit two cats inside, that is if they even get along, and it would be snug.  So, as much as I want to build a cat home there, it will take a few more totes and wooden boards to house these poor animals in this dilapidated garage, that unfortunately, the open/no door faces the west, so the shelters will get the brunt of the winds and storms.  I will need a tarp and some cement blocks to keep the tarp on them, once I get these materials and place them.  I will need a few more LARGE tote shelters, with large enough holes for them to get in and out of.  And a few large boards to make a little house, kind of like this:

What you see on the right is a carrier, which I have plenty of, but those won't keep the freezing cold out, so I do need totes.  But you can kind of get my drift, the board will shelter the food, especially if its in an outdoor area, and not a garage.

At each of my spots, these cats are so hungry when I arrive.  None ever have food left, what meagher amount I leave for them they gobble, and then maybe a raccoon or three come along and finish it up.  So they don't eat I am sure for the rest of the day and night, not like our lucky babies that we have inside our warm homes, where they have a plentiful supply of food set down for whenever they feel like eating.  It breaks my heart. 

I heard on the news this morning that we would have a cold snap in November, a warmer December, and in January all hell would break loose with bitter cold and major snowstorms.  I am dreading this.  Not only for myself - which I could really care less - I love all four seasons, and love a good snowstorm, but its these poor animals that will suffer out there.  I dread dragging my shovel out after, or during a snowstorm, and shoveling out a path for them to get to their food supply, if they are not already huddled in somewhere already.

So please consider taking one of these sweet cats that sidle up to me each morning, begging for a home.  They make the most affectionate cats because they are so thankful to you for saving them.

Have a great day!
"Your not a failure until you stop trying."


  1. Hello Janine... Just checking if you found the food on your porch.

    1. yes, Dave, very generous! thank you so much for that. the kitties will eat like kings for a while. :) it is SO much appreciated!

  2. It certainly is time for us to get busy for the kittys, I will do one this week, been hectic all this month myself, and it always serves to remind to me of the roller coaster you endure each and every day, with your out of pocket and time sapping task, that you do in hope of some comfort for these poor creatures. xoxox.

  3. Janine,I want to make a Challenge to all your Blog followers.I WILL MATCH the first $100.00 Dollars they donate to your site.It is currently at $180.00.I feel terrible the Pats on the back was so unproductive.Thank you so much for all your tireless,devoted and heroic efforts.You are a Saint.Walt&Karon Simoni

  4. For some of my cats I set the carriers in those big 30 gal. trash bags and stuff straw between the bag and carrier. Stays warm inside the carrier but the cats don't get straw all over them. I also put newspaper or other shreaded paper inside the carrier and no towels which if they get wet from snowy paws wick the body heat away.

  5. What a wonderful challenge, Walt! Janine, you should get this on your blog post for Thursday and we'll get it on the Bean's Facebook page, too. :)