Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tuesday!

I know, I am getting pretty lame with my titles lately.  I am dead tired in the morning - even though mornings are my best time!  By 3 pm., I am ready to hit the sack.  I heat up my morning coffee at work, and trudge through another two hours until freedom.

Under the tree on Webster and Ferndale

The shelters I secured this past weekend are still standing, which is a good thing.  There are two locations where I am feeding the cats under a tree.  This morning it was pouring, the cats were drenched and so was the ground I had to feed them on.  At both locations, the cats are nice, and need adopting.  There is a total of eight.  Two are at Ferndale and Webster, where I have made the decision to grab them tomorrow and bring them to Lollipop, I would normally not take this decision lightly, but this is a dangerous spot for me and for the cats, and I must move them out of there.  The people living there won't allow me to shelter them or the food.  They had to eat fast, faster than normal this morning due to the rain.  Then there are at least six on Central, where I haven't made any decisions because I don't have any really.  I was offered a barn situation through a friend who runs Susie Q Dog Rescue in Livonia.  A friend of hers is looking for a few.  I then thought of Cedric and Prince on Central near Second.  They are both good kitties and need a better 'home'.  Prince will be dead soon enough if he continues to run out to the road when he hears my vehicle coming around the corner, which he does every single morning.  I don't know how he has lasted this long. 

Just some of the six Central Park kitties

Neck wound kitty is still at Parsells, still hiding from me, but I can see him run to the covered porch as soon as I walk back to the car.  I don't think he will ever be trapped, so I pray every day for his welfare, and that he is not suffering.


The two kittens on Baldwin are still there, the calico is the one I need to rescue next, she is at that point where she could turn feral, but not quite yet.  She lets me hold her and she just needs a few days of home adjustment and she will be the sweetest little girl around.

Please spread the word about all these kitties that either need fostering or adoption.  I can't do it alone, but together we can do a little something.  Thanks for reading.
"Most people have the will to win, few have the will
to prepare to win."


  1. ferndale and Webster.....I went there with you Janine, and had this horrible scary man watching us, it is better for the kittys to be far away from him, he is clearly disturbed and could do anything to you, or the kittys. As always, dont know how you keep going my dear,........... oxoxox

  2. Any news on the white kitty with the foot issue??

  3. Oh Janine, I will say a prayer for those two kitties from Ferndale and Webster that they both find their loving, forever homes that they deserve. They are so much better off for having had you in their lives to love and care for them.

  4. I'm praying God will send those kitties right into the traps without hesitation! And that's my prayer for NWK, too!