Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Monday

It was a decent weekend, one that started with the rescue of a little kitten I've named Winky.  She came from Garson Avenue, running with the big guys each morning for her share of food.  I am so glad I was able to grab her - she is about five months old, and embarrassingly, I don't have a better picture of her than the ones I posted on Friday.  I definitely was busy this weekend, so that's my excuse.  Someone donated some very nice totes on Saturday, and on Sunday, I was able to make two of them into nice shelters (cut out a hole in the side and place Styrofoam on the sides, and fill with straw) with the help of a friend, and placed one this morning on Hayward, where the wooden hut made by Kristin and her husband years ago has now become very wet inside and is no longer water repellant.  I also brought over another wooden hut to the Sixth Street location inside the garage, and placed a tarp over that, so things are looking good, but there is still so much  more to do.

I am considering moving the usual two left on Ferndale and Webster to Lollypop shelter.  They are nice kitties, and I am sure will be placed in their adoptable section.  I know some of you will disapprove of me taking cats to a kill shelter, but I hear they have some room, and these are nice kitties.  I cannot, in good conscience, allow these animals to suffer on this corner, where the people hate me and the cats, and won't allow me to place a shelter there.  In storms, they will never get their share of food before the wind blows it away, or the snow covers it too quickly.  And the temperatures that will be, no way.  And no one has stepped up to the plate to take them.  So, this is a decision I will be making in the next day or two.

Lucky went to her new home out in Brockport, to a nice young couple that have an adult female cat named Abbey.  I will post pictures they sent me soon after my sad departure there yesterday.  Apparently, all is well! 

Now to deal with Winky, and the Ferndale kitties, and just keep on keeping.  Its such a chore and hardship for me to get up each morning, and prepare myself mentally to do what I do, but when you see these cats - knowing this is their only meal of the day - you just have to suck it up and do it.  When its all done, at my Seventh Street location, I breath a sigh of relief, and head back home to begin another day.  Hopefully one homeless cat free, at least in my thoughts.  :) 

Have a great day!


  1. Yeaaaah....another kitty off the street. I totally support your taking those remaining kitties to Lollypop. You'd had good experiences with them and it sure beats being on those streets. Glad Lucky has her new home. Janine you do such good; we love you. Nancy C.

  2. Agree with all that Nancy posted today ! Love your work Janine oxoxo

  3. Yep - if Lollipop has openings I would definitely take them there - you have had good luck with them.

  4. I agree with taking them to Lollypop...many cats are living good lives now because you have done so in the past..... you should not be having second thoughts, especially with winter coming.

  5. Winky is a cute name! I think the Ferndale cats would have a fighting chance at Lollypop, so if you can get them, I'm all for it!