Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Central Park Kitties

Instead of greeting Chris on this corner of Central Park and Fifth Street at 6 am., my 15th and close to final stop that I make each morning to feed the starving cats of Rochester, I was greeted by Brenda, who is the mother of Chris, and Sherelle, the woman who asked for help for the baby kittens (I have since rescued four of them from this area because she started to let them outside - and they are much too young to be outside on this corner - its much too dangerous).  Anyways (boy, do I go on!), after some pleasant exchange, I asked her if she would ask Sherelle if I could place tote shelters on her porch with straw, for the five or six cats that I feed under the tree in the vacant lot two lots down.   The house in between - I believe - are the ones that destroyed the two shelters I had originally placed under that tree, so I know placing another shelter there is not safe.  I told her winter was coming, and that these cats would freeze, literally to death.  She told me she was almost certain that Sherelle would allow it, but I asked her to ask specifically, and let me know.  She said she would.  She also said that those five or six cats are not fed by anyone, that I am leaving their only meal of the day, and that I should 'take them to the pound.'  I told her I wouldn't do that because they would surely be put to sleep, but I now must consider Lollypop, like I did last year, with several of the nice kitties I was feeding.  Mostly all had good outcomes by getting adopted quickly.   So, I must do something about this situation before it gets bad.

On another great note, on my first stop on Parsells, where a man has bought to the two houses next door to each other, has been fixing the houses up to rent out, and has allowed me to feed on the porch, where Neck Wound Kitty still resides, moved my stuff yesterday, and I was quite upset about it.  I still placed some paper bowls for NWK, and thought to myself I would leave a note to plead my case.  I got a call on my cell, which I was unaware of until later in the morning, from this man, stating that someone was going to rent the place, and he had city inspectors coming, that wouldn't approve of the feeding.  So he moved my shelter and bowls to his other property next door on that porch saying that they were safe there for at least the next month or two while he worked on fixing that up.  What a nice man.  I left him a sweet note this morning with my business cards thanking him and asking him to call me at any time.  That's the kindness we need from people in this area.  Just one person can make a difference!

Problem is, Neck Would Kitty was there waiting and confused about me placing the food down where he normally has gone for almost a year now.  I tried to coax him over next door, and I am sure he found his way, but not without those haunting noises he makes.  He really does sound as if he is in pain.  I am sick over this situation each time I leave there.  Another sadness is on the corner of Ferndale and Webster.  I am feeding four cats there, all STARVING each morning due to someone taking the bowls away, am not sure how long after I leave, or what part of the day they do it.  I can only pray that these cats can gobble enough to fill their bellies before some evil human comes along and trashes their only meal.  And there is still the matter of the Garson kitties, one being Casey, the sweet girl waiting for me under the tree each morning.  The house of the porch I feed on is being renovated, and whoever this is, they are trashing the bowls I leave with food and water each day.  I replace them each morning to four or five starving cats there.  There is no other vacant house that I know of to move these cats.  I must figure something out.

My only consolation when I finish up in the mornings is that I still have hope for these kitties, that someday, something good will come of this, that we can teach these mean angry people to be more compassionate towards these homeless creatures of God.  I can't do it alone.  I need the help of others.  Thank you for doing what you can to help. 

Have a great day!
"Good works are links that form a chain of love."


  1. I met a person whilst at a car dealership in Victor that is feeding a stray, and have several in their barn at home that they have found dumped over the years, . It is nothing new to be preaching to the converted, no matter what the cause, it is usually the same ones doing/giving, most of the time. This blog is an excellent way of recruting one more person, little by little, we get there.

  2. That was a great article in the D & C, I am proud to call you my friend.

  3. I challenge everyone out there to match my small donation of $10 to Janine. Every little bit helps!! We all have $10 to help her out just a little. =)