Friday, October 18, 2013

OOPS! I did it again!

"Turn off that flash!"

"This isn't a very flattering picture of me!  Delete it!"

As I drove up to the Garson spot, where there are four adult cats waiting for me each morning to be fed on the porch of this boarded up house, but which is being worked on slowly, and where the owner HATES me and the cats and whenever someone is there, they trash the paper dishes I leave with food and water.  There has also been a skittish kitten coming along recently, mostly keeping her distance, but this morning she was starving, so she got close enough for me to not even think, I just grabbed her, scrunched her up and walked calmly to my car with a waiting carrier in and placed her in it.  She cried and cried and cried throughout the rest of my forty five minute journey until we got home, I brought her into the bathroom, I opened the door, and voila!  One purring, cuddly perfect female kitten, about 6 months.  She is a SWEETHEART!  She climbed right up onto my lap and began to lick my nose!  I must find her a home, and quick!  If anyone can even foster her for a little while, it would be a tremendous help.  Please pass the word!~

Of course, this doesn't mean I am not insane by sweeping up the streets lately by rescuing all these cats, and knock on wood I have found homes for them.  I see other rescue groups take in mother and six kittens almost every day, but then again they have so many foster resources.  I am just little old me.  Doing a big job.  I do have a very kind neighbor who has been fostering little Lucky, who was spayed on Wednesday, and is doing great by the way.  I am so thankful for her to offer to do that for me.  She is my first foster mama!  And hopefully she will again!  :)   Little Lucky's possible new Mom and Dad came to meet her and I am hoping fell in total love with her.  If all went well while they slept on it, this weekend she will go to her new home!

Little Luigi, who I rescued from Ferndale and Webster two weeks ago, and went to his new home in the country last weekend - is doing good too.  His new family were going to let them out of this bathroom that he was in, so that he could get to know everyone first, to explore.  I can't wait to hear how good, or how bad! he did.  :)

I thank God for how lucky I've been with taking these animals - these very desperate animals - off the streets and into homes, where they belong.  There are still so many more.  Please consider adopting one of them, or at least fostering.  These are some of them from this morning, including the white cat that I am not sure what happened to her tiny toes.  She is still limping, but running to meet me now for the food I bring.

Have a good day.


  1. Garson street ? isnt that where you rescued my Big Red/ Sandy from ? it is a dismal area, i have been down that street and it is scary enough to me, in the day time, so glad my little furball is no longer there. beautiful grey kitten Janine, will spread the word , again, gee I really need some new contacts to get the word out..

  2. Aww, look at that face! She's adorable!