Thursday, October 3, 2013

Giving Thanks

I want to thank Walt Simoni for writing to the local newspaper to try to get my name and mission out to the public.  While this praise is uplifting to my ever dwindling spirit, I still feel like I am alone on this journey to save the cats in Rochester, one at a time.  I have help from many of the friends I've made along the way since writing this blog, but its still just me going out each morning, in sleet, rain, hail, wind, lightning, blizzards (hopefully not all at once!) to feed these starving creatures.  I am still discouraged to see how many people dislike me, or the cats, or both, and want to destroy the only shelters that will keep them dry and warm.  I am still discouraged that each week I am spending more and more of the small earnings I make from my full time job - all because the population is growing out there, and I can't keep up with the spaying and neutering all on my own.  This should be a community effort!

But in the meantime, I will relish in the spotlight that Walt has provided me, and be thankful for being able to fill the tiny empty bellies that I fed this morning, and the animals that will live another day because of me.
Pat on the back: Janine’s heroic efforts to save Rochester cats
12 a.m. EDT October 2, 2013

(Photo: Jamie Germano)
I am honored to recognize Janine Wagner for her 15 years of tireless efforts that have saved thousands of cats from freezing or starving to death on the streets of Rochester. Janine’s motto is: “Rescuing Rochester’s stray cats, one at a time.”

Janine spends approximately $16,000 a year of her own money to feed, shelter, medicate, foster for adoption and spay/neuter these abandoned cats. Janine’s typical day of caring begins at 5 a.m., regardless of weather conditions, seven days a week.

I implore any individual, corporation or veterinarian to assist Janine through financial, food or medical service donations so she can continue to save these defenseless felines. For more information on Janine’s heroic and devoted efforts, please visit her blog,; and please get your pets spayed/neutered!


  1. Way to go Janine!! And thank you Walt for doing this. I accept Diane's challenge of yesterday to donate $10 and challenge EVERYONE who reads this blog to do the same. $10 won't hurt anyone and it would go a long way in helping Janine feed the kitties. Nancy C.

  2. Thank you Nancy!!! Janine-encourage everyone to read the comments!!!

  3. Lets hope it makes an impact on some more people, I wonder if you could get on board with some other animal fund raiser events Janine,? maybe combing an event/ fundraiser that all the individuals that help out of their own pocket, would be possible ? I know I happily give and donate food /goods to several who rescue out of their own funds and it keeps me busy just remembering to help them, when I get something that they could use :) !