Thursday, October 17, 2013


Now, most 'normal', civilized, God-fearing folks don't indulge in watching blood and gore, but I made the mistake of watching an episode of The Walking Dead, and then another and then another, and now I am hooked on this silly show.  Then again, I was always a fan of scary stuff, Halloween, scary movies, beginning back to the Vincent Price movies that were made in the 60s, I even taped an old movie the other day from the 30's called Vampyr.  I was addicted to Dark Shadows back in the day, with Barnabas Collins being my secret lover.  HA!  But, I do digress.   I thought of zombies this morning as I drove away from my spot on Second Street, where a few houses down from Paul's house is a bootleggers house.  There you see many people walk up, drive up, and knock on the side window to purchase their supplies for the morning - beer, cigarettes, and I am not sure what else they sell.  They've never bothered me - even if they are walking my way and ask for a dollar, or a cigarette, I just tell them what I do, and they then know who I am and don't bother asking.  I'm known to them as the Cat Lady, and they respect that.  I've known some really nice people years ago by meeting them this way, but I don't know where they've gone now.  Jail?  Rehab?  Not sure, but I hope they are doing well.
MILLY on Short Street

This morning was calm and bright!  The moon was as big as a beach ball.  I saw all the usual suspects, and then some.  Neck Wound Kitty, Tuffy, Milly, Red, Scratchy - the black kitty on Stout Street that gets so aroused knowing he is going to eat that he swipes at me.  I see five kittens each morning, each at different locations - well three at Baldwin, one at Garson, and one on Pennsylvania and Fourth.  I pray the Pennsylvania and Fourth kitten doesn't wind up pregnant, if she is a girl, until I am able to start trapping again.  Funds have been tight due to my own cats going into the vet.  Buster with her eye condition, Jack with his cough, and a trip to my vet with Wally's cat Larry - whom I rescued when he was very sick from Pennsylvania and Fourth, vetted and bribed Wally into caring for - he is FIV, but a sweet, mostly healthy kitty.  Yes, very expensive doctor visits for me these days.  Anyway, the other thing I wanted to mention - I do not know who went to my spot on Baldwin and Grand, got the calico kitten and had her spayed and returned her.  I can't imagine it would be the neighbors.  If any one has an inkling, let me know!  Believe me, its a blessing that someone is helping me, even secretly! 

Shelter on Pennsyl. & 4th

I need all the help I can get.  But what kind of help is something I need to contemplate on a bit further.  I have people asking me 'how can I help', and I don't have an answer because I am so narrow minded going out in the morning just making sure these cats have something to eat and shelter in a storm.  I can't see a big picture, so I need to focus on what needs to be done.  I do need help.  But what.

Have a great day!

"I'll never be perfect, but I can be better."


  1. So glad you saw Neck Wound Kitty this morning. At least we know he is still out there! I was worried when you said you hadn't seen him in a while. Now, if only he would allow himself to be trapped so we could help him............. Come on, Neck Wound Kitty!

  2. Janine, Received your acknowledgement of my $100.00 Challenge Check yesterday. Thank you very much for taking time from your hectic schedule to do so. The Challenge fell $35.00 short at $245.00 but there is no doubt in my mind that you appreciate very very much any assistance that you get so you can continue to do everything you do every day for our precious and defenseless four legged friends. Thank you to all your Loyal Supporters and especially you for all the sacrifices you make to continue your HEROIC MISSION. Keep up the Excellent work. Walt&Karon Simoni

  3. Me too so glad neck wound kitty is bak on the scene, and that you got thru another morning without harm, dear Janine xoxox

  4. Wait a sec. Jack? I don't remember him and thought I knew all your animals!! lol! Glad you saw Nicky(NWK), now if only he'd cooperate and get in a trap!
    God bless you, Walt and Karon for your generous donation to Janine and the kitties!