Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sunny Side Up

Three kitties of note did not show up for their 'breakfast' this morning.  One was Neck Wound Kitty "Nicky" on Parsells, the other was the calico kitten that I want to rescue next on Baldwin, and the other was a pregnant cat I saw yesterday on Second at Paul's place.  This pregnant cat is having its at least second litter.  I first spotted it last year, pregnant, and when I went to trap it, even with Laura's help, it never showed its face again.  I believe this is the same cat again.  I've never seen the kittens it had the last time.  So sad.  I would like to try to trap it, so will put that on my urgent agenda.  At first I thought it was at my feet this morning, but realized that the cat I was taking pictures of had an ear tipped, so it couldn't have been the pregnant calico.  Although its kind of hard to tell, isn't it?  I wonder if these vets ever got it wrong, and wound up not really spaying a cat! 

I would like to comment on the comments from yesterday.  I need to defend these 'naysayers' a bit because mostof them actually do quite a bit for the cat community, and I keep in mind that we all have our own opinions, and are free to express them.  That's what I do here.  I don't question what anyone does because we are all going to do things a little differently...  They have their views, I have mine, but hopefully we can all co-exist and come together when we need each other, for the good of the cats.  That's the most important thing here.  To do what is right, as responsible, good people, for these animals who have no voice of their own.   The two babies I got from the street yesterday were upset when I got them home, but after several gentle pets inside their cage, a good meal, you would be surprised at how much they calmed down, nuzzled in the soft warm blanket that they've probably never had the luxury of doing, and were purring.  I know they will make great adoptable pets to someone as soon as they are checked over.
GARSON Grey that needs to be rescued - SWEET!

I have the chance for another barn situation thanks to Sue at SusieQ Dog Rescue out in Livonia and her great connections.  The two cats that come to mind are Prince and Cedric on Central Park.  Prince is going to be killed any day now because he runs frantically across the median on Central Park when he hears me coming.  And boy he knows my vehicle.  Cars are zooming by, and he just narrowly escapes.  These guys will do well out in Scottsville, as country cats.  Can't wait for this to happen!
Thanks again for reading my blog.  I hope you at least take a little bit of comfort knowing that I am trying to take care of these poor homeless cats in the inner city that you see out of your nice warm car if you happen to go to the public market or are driving through the Beechwood section.  These cats need all of our help, so please share this and think about fostering or adopting some of these babies out there.  
"God hears what is not spoken and understands what is not explained, for His love doesn't work in the lips or in the mind, but in the heart."


  1. I do hope you get Price caught quickly Janine, it is exactly this kind of situation that I wish we had a short term holding barn/small building for rescues that have a spot to go to, just as soon as everything is set up properly for them, it is never a certainty that you will get a cat trapped on an set day. ....... Unless you are Laura B., that is :) oxoxo

  2. I think it's wonderful that the two kitties you got yesterday can warm up to you so quickly! It makes their chances so much better at finding a forever home. It's amazing really, considering what they may have come from. Praying that Prince will get into his royal carriage!