Wednesday, October 23, 2013


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No - opposers, yes.  I managed to get the two big cats from Ferndale and Webster in carriers this morning for their trip to Lollipop.  There are some that disagree with me doing this, but its something that I feel I need to do.  I have weighed it, and thought a lot about it, and slept on it, and its a decision that not only did a struggle with, but in the end felt I made the right decision.  I have had some major problems the past three years feeding cats in this area.  I've even dealt with police if you will recall the Devil Man from past posts.  I've moved these cats feeding spots so many times, and have just simply run out of room.  There are no abandoned houses on these two cross streets, and I've had too many people yell at me.  And you can't just relocate these cats to a different spot.  Cats are very territorial. 

The people that have opposed me in the past I have high respect for, don't get me wrong, and sometimes I've questioned my own judgment as to whether they love cats more than I do, and I know that sounds crazy, but then again, I can only say, you need to walk in my shoes 365 days a year, to know whats best for them.  There are so many other stronger and weaker characters out there, but they have safety and shelter, something the ones I take in don't have, and I will not see an animal suffer like that as I know they do on a daily basis.  I have seen too many dead cats on the road, and have picked up and buried a few frozen solid ones also.  And most of these cats were skin and bone.  So no, this was a choice I made and one that I will have to live with.

Whats to come...
My dear Laura offered to trap the injured foot white kitty on Central this morning, and Voila! she did it!  She will be bringing it to a vet to have its foot looked at, and my other dear friend Nancy has offered to adopt/foster it.  I can't thank both of you enough for that.  Its people like you making a difference in our world.  Laura is hysterical as she always has a van full of cats in cages, making their trip to a clinic here or there.  I may be doing a lot of legwork each day, but so is she in her own way, the expert trapper!

I will keep this short today as I have to tend to my charges on the porch to pamper them for their next journey AND I have to drop off the kitten that I rescued last Friday from Garson to drop off at my vet, who has kindly offered to do an ultrasound on her for free, because I fear she may be pregnant.  So, will be anxious to hear the results of that sometime this morning.  That will be another ethical dilemma I will need to face if she is.  Then the rush to work, but I wish you a good day, and please say a prayer for these guys.
"Don't make a mouse of yourself, or else you will be
eaten by cats."


  1. Janine you undoubtedly made the only humane decision available to you by bringing those 2 cats to Lollypop where they have a good chance of being adopted because of the current available space. The alternative is leaving them out there to die a slow and painful death this winter. You are a Saint and a true inspiration to all Animal lovers. Kudos to Laura the expert Trapper for rescuing injured white kitty from Hell. You both are Cat Angels. Thank you both for all you do. Walt&Karon Simoni

  2. Janine..absolutely the right decision. Bless you.


  3. Janine,
    To these "naysayers": Are THEY out there 365 mornings a year, in ALL weather, feeding these cats? Are THEY the ones spending their own money on bags of food, cans of food, paper plates & shelters? Are THEY the ones who see these poor souls suffering, see their injuries, see their on going litters of kittens doomed to the same awful situation & SEE their deaths every single day? NO! So, THEY get no say in your decisions. Period.

    1. SOME of the naysayers ARE doing the exact same thing! Every day, with their own money etc etc etc. A black cat doesn't have as good a chance at Lollypop as say a calico kitten, especially the week before Halloween. The barn you mentioned might have been a wiser choice for that cat. There, now you have a naysayer!! Glad the injured foot white kitty is saved.

    2. To those that are out there doing the same thing Janine does day in & day out, seeing what she sees, I would certainly think, out of sheer respect for her, they would NEVER question her intentions on providing the most humane situations for these animals. That black cat does not have as good of chance at shelter as a calico kitten at Halloween or ANY time of year, we all know that. However, she trusts Lollypop, has worked with them often & wouldn't bring any kitty there that she felt they would adopt out to a person of questionable character during this time of year. To me, it is just beyond upsetting that any one, any one single person, would ever question or criticize her for HER decision to do what she feels is best for the kitties in HER care.

  4. Another great and productive effort from you, Laura B and Nancy. All of you stand out in our community for the right reasons, we are your loyal followers, love you girls so very much. xxxxx

  5. I still think you made the right decision. Lollypop is diligent in screening their applicants and they now have room since adopting out all those cats on free cat day. At least they'll be warm and well-fed and safe. Brava!