Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Camper

What a week!  Oh, wait, its only TUESDAY! 

Yesterday morning I rescued this guy. 
Lucky #2
 This guy, Lucky, was brought to the clinic for neutering, and was picked up after work and brought home to my small bathroom.  When I was able to coax the scared little boy from Ferndale and Webster (three left to be rescued there), I noticed spots of fresh blood.  I then looked inside the carrier that he was brought home in, and noticed the towels.  When I pulled them out, they were soaked in blood.  He was excessively bleeding, and I had to do something.  I immediately called the clinic and they told me to come right in.  So back I went, with this very scared, never been inside a home before cat, having to be shoved back in the carrier all the while having had a lot of blood lost, and having to face more scary people.  They brought him in the back right away, came out and said he was starting to clot, and asked if I could come back around 8 pm.  So much for early to bed.  I did, he was much better, the blood was much less, and I even got a purr out of him finally after holding him for a bit before I hit the hay.  I am so thankful to have rescued three kitties from this horrible area of the city, that hates cats and hates me and will do anything to these poor animals, including allowing them to starve to death.  Little Red is adjusting slowing at Nancy's (thanks for the update in the comments Nancy!), and Fern is coming along very nicely at the farm in Caledonia, where farmer Denny and his wife hold her and love her already.  Her sister Sally from Second Street is still a bit scared and only hangs in the second story of the barn, but at least is seen.  She will come around eventually.  I fed her for years, and she would let me hold her. This is an all new environment for these animals - from city to country cats!

I hope we can find a home for little Lucky, who I rescued from Central a few weeks ago.  He is being fostered by my neighbor, but she will not take him, and we need to find him a home very quickly.  Please spread the word about this sweet little guy:

Lucky #1

Because as soon as I am able to adopt out Lucky #1, I need to rescue this little girl from Baldwin and Parsells, who has been allowing me to hold her each morning now - she is just a tiny girl and is sister of Blake/Monet, who I rescued a couple of months ago but I haven't been able to rescue her his two siblings since.  I cannot rescue this kitten until I can find someone willing to foster her.  Please help me to help her by considering fostering.  Here is a picture I got of her this morning:

 Remember you can click on these pictures to make them larger.  Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!
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  1. Hi Janine... I sent a quick note to your Yahoo! eMail asking how we (I) could get a donation of food to you. So, I'll try here this time.

    1. PS, Dave, I can always pick up. Again - thank you, its so appreciated!

    2. I will do that TODAY! (Is it safe to just leave it on the porch?)

    3. OK...!!! (You may want to edit out your address, now, for security... something to just consider). Couple of errands and I'm on my way. BLESS you.

  2. Does the little tortie girl have a name yet?