Friday, October 11, 2013

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Every day, when I finally get to my 16th stop, where I feed an average of three cats per stop, after a full hour of driving around a one or two mile radius, I get back in the car after feeding there on Seventh and think to myself - wouldn't it be nice if someone were to say 'Janine, I will take one of your most neediest cats, sight unseen, you choose.' - I took more pictures this morning of some of them, they are all needy of course, but there are three locations where they have nothing.  Nothing but a few bowls for food that I leave, under a tree, and then they wait for the next 24 hours before I come back to feed them.  When inclement weather exists, I either try to find something nearby where I can place the food for them to gobble before someone sees me, or I pray they eat fast under the pouring rain and then take shelter somewhere under a porch.  When it snows, that will be a whole different story.  Their freezing little pads on their feet won't do much good if they freeze on that snow.  I must get these innocents at these three locations off the street.  Here are some pictures of some of them I took this morning:


I hope and pray that people see the faces of these cats, and can see the desperateness in their eyes, and want to help. 

I also want to mention that Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue called me (we work together at the hospital! :)) yesterday.   Its so much more pleasant to go to work knowing someone else is so close to me in such a large facility cares and DOES for cats like I do.  She stated that ACPR wanted to donate $100 to me.  As I always say and feel, no, please, you guys do enough.  They have taken in many pregnant cats that I've rescued over the years, and I am unbelieveably grateful for any gift I receive.  So thanks to this group for their kind offer and generosity.  In telling you this,  I want to state that I would never want a rescue group to feel that they have to match what another does, and even a single individual!  We all have our burdens and missions that we want to accomplish, and as long as we are there for each other in real times of need, that's all I care about.  In the meantime, spread the word about these street babies that need our help.

Have a great day!
"A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you."


  1. CLARIFICATION: Julie is donating the money personally, not ACPR.

  2. Just =) and say thank you for the donations, we want to help.

  3. Good for Julie and or ACPR .Lets all give $5.00 so we can reach the $100.00 MATCH CHALLENGE that was posted by WALT the other day. We may not be able to personally rescue or adopt Janines babies but lets help her feed them..

  4. Aaww they are all gorgeous, and I feel so bad for them living in that worst of the worst area for cats. They are certainly a priority and i will spread the word, if I could, I would take more, I am so it is we only admit to having 5 cats, when we actually have 7. It is quite insane that we figure 5, is more acceptable than admitting to 7 ! hah ha, who does that ? oxoxo my dear friend.

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  6. Hi Janine... How can somebody pick just one?... leaving the others there?

    I'd like to "talk" to you (via eMail) about fostering. We have two cats who, finally, after literally YEARS and YEARS are at least tolerating each other. I am certainly UNcertain how a new cat would be received. While we would love to open our home to a third, we do know we just do not want to go through what we have all over again. I need to know what our option/s is/are. (That little tuxxie above made me write this!)

    eMail me at

  7. Hi Dave, I sent you an e-mail earlier after your first comment. Hope you got it!