Monday, October 14, 2013

What a Weekend!

I wish I had more time to write in the morning...  after going out for an hour - from 5 am. to 6:15 am., feeding over 50 cats at 16 different locations - changing towels for their little feet to stand on after its rained so that they have a moment of comfort under a board covering their food, if they are lucky enough, and racing home to get ready for work.  And did it rain last night.  And this morning.  There goes the hair for the week.

I had the pleasure of company this morning.  A woman who read my blog was curious and wanted to see what I do, so she drove to my house at 5 am. and came with me.  I told her she was crazy, but she's actually a brave soul, and a curious one.  I think she thought I was nuts, but that's ok.  It was rewarding enough for me to show her these very hungry and wet animals out there, and be able to fill their tummies for the day.  She mentioned she would like to go again with me, and I told her I would enjoy that!  Thank you Jill!

On Saturday morning, I took a beautiful drive out to the country - just me and Lucky #2 - who I rescued from the corner of Ferndale and Webster, where I recently rescued Fern and Little Red, and where there are two others I am desperately trying to get off that corner before the snow flies - because they all hate me and the cats there, and its pathetic where they have to eat - under a tree.  Anyways, I found a home for this little guy - the family that took him renamed him LUIGI!  Hey!  Luigi!  Mange!  :)  (I am sure I did not spell that right).  They are a great family with three kids, one pre-teen, one teen, and one under the age of six.  And one huge dog.  I am praying that the introduction with the dog goes well.  Thanks Nicole!  I can't wait to get my first picture of Luigi and an update from you!

Little Lucky, the gray kitten I rescued nearly three weeks ago, is doing great at my neighbor's house.  Its first vet appointment was this Saturday, and we found out that HE is a SHE!!!  Good Lord, when will I ever learn..   haha ha....  Anyways, little Lucky is turning into a very sweet, playful little 13 week old kitten, and waiting for adoption.  I must get her adopted quick.  Her spaying is scheduled for Wednesday, so she will be good to go! 

I was explaining to Jill this morning about the population of cats in the areas I go into - she was stating that she lived around there years ago and it was out of control.  I proudly told her that since I've been doing this, I've really changed that - I've rescued at least 50 cats in the past year from here, at least!  and I've spayed and neutered over 100.  So, its something to brag about to someone who saw it at its worst.  I thank God for being able to do this, and I must continue - there are still so many more that need to be.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

"Do not follow where the path may lead.  Go instead
where there is no path and leave a trail."


  1. Hi Janine - great you're getting new viewers to your blog AND a new rider!! Good for you Jill - I've ridden myself a few times to appreciate what Janine goes thru EVERYDAY. Now if just a few new viewers (or old) could take in a kitty or two before the weather really turns bad, that would be soooo wonderful. To get them off the streets before weather AND the neighborhood gets to them would be a true blessing. PLEASE - consider saving a life; I've taken in 9 at various times and can tell you they're wonderful kitties. Nancy C.

  2. It is great to see the monetary amount going up to help support you Janine! Keep up the good work everyone and thank you!!!

  3. Hey Janine- Because I was so confident that your great Blog followers would meet my $100.00 Dollar Challenge I put the $100.00 Check in the mail to you Friday. Hopefully you got it Saturday. Keep up the Great work you do for our precious and defenseless Felines. You are going to Kitty Heaven for sure. Love Walt&Karon Simoni

  4. Janine, dont forget how long our Big red Sandy waited for a home, it broke my heart to hear you tell how he ran to you each day and you would tell him he would be old cat, and on the streets with you, for years. He is the light of our life, an adorable and sweet old fellow who settled in within hours, who knew it would be so easy, or was he just so grateful and weary ? anyway, you know we will never give him up., and there is somebody out their like me waiting for the others.

  5. Good for Jill for braving the hood so she could see how much goes into feeding the kitties! I'd love to hear her thoughts on the experience.
    Hurray for Lucky/Luigi!! Awesome!