Friday, March 30, 2012

Number 7

I did it again.  I finally got the little grey and white pregnant kitty on Fernwood and Webster Avenues.  She was SO easy.   She came right up to me and the big scary carrier I placed in front of her.  No fight, no struggle!  What a good good girl.  Isn't she pretty??

This is a shot of her belly, she's big!

And here you can see her in full view. 

I am so thankful I got her.  And I am so thankful to Wendy from Another Chance Pet Rescue for taking her.  Wonderful group they are.  For sure.  If you are ever able, please make a donation to them, or help them by becoming a foster for them!    I can't believe this is the seventh cat I've removed from the street.  I love this poster, it says it all, and no, I have not done the calculations on the seven cats I've removed thus far...  :)  but I am sure its amazing.

Another thing that blew my mind this morning...  I was coming from behind Wally's neighbor's house after feeding the four kitties there (this is also where I rescued Buster and Laura), one black, one red, one black and white, and one black.  I think they are all males.  Anyways, I was walking toward my car and a person was walking toward me.  As she got up closer, I observed it was a black masculine looking woman.  I heard her ask "where are you coming from", and I told her from behind the house, I was feeding the kitties.  She said "do you know about that dog on the porch?" and I said "what dog?", and I looked, and sure enough there was a large dog sitting on the porch that I had just walked past, sitting there silently.  I said I don't know.  She then walked over to Wally's door and knocked on it (yes, it was just 5:30 am.!).  Wally came, said it belonged to the dude upstairs to the house, and said it was alright.  She came back toward me, and muttered something, and I thought she had said, or asked, for five dollars.  For a second, I thought, here we go again, someone asking me for something in this neighborhood...  so I said, did you say you want to give ME five dollars?  And under the streetlight, I could see her reach in her pocket and pull out something, and she ruffled through it and walked towards me and handed me $5.  I immediately started to cry (I know, I am a NUTcase), and she could see my eyes tear up and she took me and hugged me, and told me I was a good person, and before I could say anything, she turned around, walked up the steps, past the dog, and into the house.  OMG, I was dumbfounded.  Here was this total tough looking stranger, I thought she was going to kick the *tar* out of me, and she gave ME money.  Life is crazy, but I'll take it!  Have a wonderful weekend!!
"No heaven will not ever Heaven be;
Unless my cats are there to welcome me." ~ Anonymous

Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Beautiful Moment

Today's post will be a little different.  I want to share something inspirational that was shared with me yesterday by a woman named Sharyn, who dropped off some cat food for me at work.  Thanks to her and her Mother for doing that.  Sharyn has a Daughter named Jessica who has become what I consider a true friend of mine, and I have met them through my blog.  Jessica is the one who is helping to design my blog, to be a little more pleasing to the eye so to speak.  Thank you Jessica, Sharyn, and Sharyn's Mom! 

To briefly update this morning's route, I got soaked in the rain.  Oh well.  All my usual suspects were out, except I didn't see Big Red.  Jackie continues to jump on my lap when I open the door, and I towel dried her as best as I could, she was soaked.  Don't these cats know enough to get out of the rain?  Same with Fluffy at my last stop.  And no sign of the grey and white kitty.  So sad.  And still can't tell if the tabby is pregnant or not.  I just can't tell! 

One snap of the shutter, and there it was...  one beautiful moment captured in time for eternity.  The late summer sun reflected in the breaking wave made the water look like liquid gold splashing onto the shore.  If I had not been there with a camera, the wave would have gone unnoticed, like so many others that have come and gone, seen only by God.

Who can imagine how many waves a lake or an ocean has sent rolling onto the shoreline?  Yet each one is unique.  As seen in every wave, God makes extravagant beauty out of seemingly mundane things.  Using water and air, He makes wondrous works of art.  We enjoy His gallery in skies above and on earth and sea below.  But most of earth's beauty remains invisible to us; it is seen only by God.

God uses another gallery to display His glory - humans.  We too are made out of something ordinary - dust.  But to us He added an extraordinary ingredient - His very own breath.  Like waves of the sea and flowers of the field, our lives are brief and seen by few.  Yet each one is a beautiful "moment" created by God to say to the world, "Behold, your God!" whose Word will last forever.

Only one life, so live it well,
And keep your candle trimmed and bright;
Eternity, not time, will tell
The radius of that candle's light

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Monsoon Minute

As I was out this morning, just close to the last couple of stops, the skies opened up for a few minutes, and I was drenched.  Lovely.  Not a good hair day, for sure.I thought about the places I had gone to already, and what was covered and what wasn't.  There is one spot, behind Wally's neighbors house, that is exposed.  I hope the food didn't turn to mush.  The first stop I make on Grand, there is just one cat that comes up to me now, after having rescued FOUR pregnant cats from that street alone this past month.  And don't forget the other cats I rescued from there over the past year... there is Ivan, Midnight, Buster, Buster II (who just passed away), Oreo, Cloe, Phoebe, Buddy, Nikki and JuJu, just to name a few.  Unbelieveable how lucky I've been in finding them homes.  Anyways, that first stop there is just one cat that runs to me, he is all white, and he is unneutered.  Must get him neutered! 

I had no luck this morning in spotting the pregnant gray and white kitty.  I feel terrible I missed that opportunity when she first came up to me on Monday.  Just terrible.  There is, however, another female that I JUST CANNOT TELL if she is pregnant or not.  A pretty tabby she is, but either she is fat and looks like a loaf of bread, or is pregnant, but there is no hardening like a pregnant cat.  I can feel nipples, but not girth, like I have felt with the past pregnant kitties.  I wish I had some help in determining this.  Maybe she will be one of the two I can get to the clinic for the appointment I have through Habitat for Cats on April 11th. 

I had a nice birthday day yesterday, and I thank everyone for their well wishes.  I guess the older you get, the more appreciative you get not for the actual age, but the fact that you are still above the ground!  There is still so much more I want in my life, I just have to slow down.

"Life is principally multiple choice, but at the end there's a tough essay question."

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

Got my car fixed, its my birthday, fixed my muffler...  love that Geico jingle sung by Verne Troyer, the little guy.  Yes, I am 39 today (again).  Never ever did I think I would still be trying to help rescue cats, but here I am, still doing it, and at full speed.  If I had my way I would never be doing this crazy business.  Just before I had to force myself up out of bed, I thought what a luxury it would be to NOT have to get up and get ready to go out and get out of my car at least 13 times during a one hour span, and go and place food and water for the cats in the hood.  I feel this way every single day.  But I must, and as the article about me mentioned, it means a cat will go hungry today if I don't do it.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned a pretty gray and white cat that was very pregnant.  Someone from Another Chance Pet Rescue stepped up - again - and I am ever so grateful, and feel bad too by the same token - and offered to take her.  I could kick myself that I didn't have my carrier with me yesterday.  I went to the location three times this morning, but no sight of her anywhere.  I feel terrible.  I will be trying again for her tomorrow.  A cat that does come up to me regularly at the same spot, she is a tabby, I felt her belly just out of curiousity this morning, and wondered if she is pregnant!  I just can't stop feeling bellies!  This one I can't tell!  Its INSANE.  I will keep an eye on that...  At the next spot, for the first time, up came the most beautiful, fluffiest light gray cat I've ever seen.  Of course I had to check to see if male or female, and it was a male, and young.  And very very pretty.  Jackie still continues to jump on my lap when I open my car door on Second.  She is such a sweet cat.  It breaks my heart every morning to have to shoo her out of my car.  I must get my camera out tomorrow, and get a picture or two.   Maybe someone will adopt one of these little guys.  

As an update, Laura, my little FIV has now been allowed to roam a little through out the house.  There is a bit of hissing, but she is better off to start slowly this way, so that she is not as lonely.  I will continue to do this each morning, and monitor her.  I think the other girls are a little jealous, she is very beautiful and young. The picture below is of Barney, who I dressed up in a doll t-shirt.  Poor boy.  Have a wonderful day!

Give us Lord, a bit o' sun,
A bit o' work, and a bit o' fun,
Give us all in the struggle and sputter,
Our daily bread and a bit o' butter.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Good Lord.  What a weekend.  I had the day off, but it was extremely hectic.  I need a week off, and on an island.  No phone, no computer, ..............and no cats!

The Good:  I have actually rescued six pregnant cats in the past month.  Tabitha had her babies the very next day I got her off the street.  I cant wait to get an updated picture of them.  Yesterday, Sunday morning I rescued a little black pregnant mama - have named her Mama Mia (Mia for short - her picture is above).  She is very shy, but very sweet.  Won't bite, and will let me hold her and rub her belly.  She is due any day now.  Four Legged Friends will come get her, what a wonderful group that I am so happy to have come into contact with.  The other pregnant kitty from the same spot that I rescued last week has not come around like we would like her to.  She will be spayed tomorrow, and hopefully go to a barn that I found out about.  I am still waiting on an update on the third pregnant kitty I got late last week and brought to a foster girl named Sara.  Taffy is getting as big as ever, and Sasha is doing fine from what I hear.  The other girl Sparkles was spayed and let loose last week, and continues to run to me each morning.

The (NOT SO) Bad:  Laura:  Laura was diagnosed with FIV.  Now, there are many folks who don't understand FIV and I will try to shed a little light, along with some facts.  I have a cat named Boris who I rescued six years ago behind Lorraine's on Culver and E-Main Street.  I had been feeding him for quite a while, and this was in the dead of winter, under a truck I would scootch each morning and he would head butt me.  It was below zero temperatures.  I finally got him.  He is my blue/grey russian, therefore Boris was a good choice for a name!  He eventually was tested and diagnosed with FIV.  Boris is the SWEETEST kitty ever.  A real cuddler, and has lived with the rest of the brood all these years, and nothing. He is not sick, nor has he been, and I would never consider putting him down with that diagnosis.  Most FIV cats can live forever with that.  INDOOR ones.  Plans for Laura to be adopted or fostered have dissipitated and I will now have to try to find her a home, outside of the tiny bathroom she is confined to.  I DO plan on letting her out and see how she does with the rest of the clan because it kills me to keep her confined, she is so lonely.  But obviously I must get her adopted out quick.  I am over my limit.

FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It's a lentivirus, meaning that it progresses very slowly, gradually affecting a cat's immune system. It is passed through blood transfusions and through serious, penetrating bite wounds - mainly by stray, intact tom cats. The most well-known lentivirus in humans is HIV. But the two are not at all the same, and you can't get FIV from a cat. In fact, the only thing about FIV that you can catch is a bad case of the rumors.
1. The Feline Immuno-deficiency Virus is a slow virus that affects a cat's immune system over a period of years.
2. FIV is a cat-only disease and cannot be spread to humans or other non-felines.
3. FIV cats most often live long, healthy, and relatively normal lives with no symptoms at all.
4. FIV is not easily passed between cats. It cannot be spread casually - like in litter boxes, water and food bowls, or when snuggling and playing. It is rarely spread from a mother to her kittens.
5. The virus can be spread through blood transfusions, badly infected gums, or serious, penetrating bite wounds. (Bite wounds of this kind are extremely rare, except in free-roaming, unneutered tomcats.)
6. A neutered cat, in a home, is extremely unlikely to infect other cats, if properly introduced.
7. Many vets are not educated about FIV since the virus was only discovered 15 years ago.
8. FIV-positive cats should be kept as healthy as possible. Keep them indoors and free from stress, feed them a high-quality diet, keep and treat any secondary problems as soon as they arise.
Despite what many people think, cats with this condition can live perfectly long, happy, healthy lives.
FIV positive cats still find it harder than most to find new homes, even though in all other respects they are normal, loving cats, and deserve a chance at a happy life.

The Ugly:  A beautiful light gray and white cat came up to me on Webster and Fernwood this morning, full term pregnant.  I am not sure what to do.  I know I cannot ask any more of the rescue groups that have helped me as I have inundated them already.  They, I am sure, have gone beyond their capacity to take any more in.  I will most likely bring this one to a shelter, as I will not allow any more kittens to be born on the street.  I am sick over this.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Sunday

Another quick post.  I rescued the very pregnant black kitty this morning.  I am praying that Four Legged Friends will find a place for her.  I just thank God I was able to get her.  I was frazzled.  Every time you do it, its like jumping off a cliff - your heart races and races.  Its a total rush.  And no, I have never jumped off a cliff, but you catch my drift!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Observations

Quick post here, I want to go back to bed until I have to go pick up a loveseat and deliver it to Wally.  Yes, someone finally came through on something for Wally in regard to a sofa or futon.  Diane, from Another Chance Pet Rescue, was clearing out space in her house to make room for fostering more kitties, and didn't need this perfectly good loveseat, so she offered it to Wally.  Thank you so much Diane. 

Laura:  Sweet Laura (aka Loralei) tested postive for FIV.  In my opinion, FIV is not as bad as leukemia.  I have a cat named Boris who was diagnosed six years ago and is perfectly healthy physically, and lives amongst the rest of my brood. It is not contagious - only if there is a severe bite wound, but they all get along pretty famously, so thats not a problem.  He is more susceptible to infection, but he doesn't go out, and the household is pretty healthy, so there have been no problems.  So I need to find her a good home.  I am hoping for this one girl to take her, and if not, there's a problem.  I don't have a lot of other choices.  But she is just so sweet.  She needs more attention than I can give her right now, she is isolated from the others. 

One final note.  I saw a very young cat on Grand that is extremely pregnant.  She is a very small black cat and she is going to pop.  I was sick when I felt her belly, and then she ran from me.  Sick. 

Friday, March 23, 2012


"If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars."

A few people in my life have had some sadness come their way recently, and when I speak to them, I try to lift their spirits by pointing out all of the good things in their life, and how precious their lives are.  I personally have had a lot of misfortune come upon me recently, but I try to wake each day with a renewed spirit, and tell myself I will get through it one day at a time.  Today I have a vacation day, so I will spend it by taking care of my world first, and then others as needed.

My regulars were out in full swing this morning - the cats, but included in that are the hookers and druggies.  This is their kind of weather!  They don't bother me, they know what I do and that I don't have anything to give to them.  They sit and talk and wait for their next fix.

I will be taking little Laura in for her leukemia test this afternoon.  Please say a prayer she tests negative.  I've never known a sweeter kitty.  Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Packages, Little Packages!

Yes, I did a little inventory this morning .... boy, girl, check!  neutered, unneutered, check!  There are many males out there, now that I have removed at least five females the past two weeks.  And they are definitely unneutered.  Don't forget, I can't see in the darkness of the mornings, so I have to feel my way around!  :)  As someone said to me recently, they are the culprits!  So, as much as the girls need to be spayed, the boys need to be neutered.

It was a quiet morning for me.  It was nice not having to replace wet or frozen towels.  As I got out of the car at one spot, I could hear a wicked cat fight going on.  Of course, here is me, trying to stop it when I can't even see it, so I am catcalling in the hood at 5:45 am.  Thank God not many people are up at that time.  I look like a real crazy person sometimes.

I just got news that someone in my past life - I haven't seen her in years, but always sent a birthday card to her - passed away yesterday.  Melanoma.  So scary.  So sad.  As far as updates on the pregnant cats I've rescued recently, no one has had their babies.  Tabitha and her litter of five are doing well, and I hope to have a picture of them soon.  I am sure they adorable and have grown some hair on their tiny bodies since I saw them last!

"The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening.  It is a little stardust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wishful Wednesday

I wish all cats were spayed so that I would have less mouths to feed each day.  I may have an opportunity to do a widespread sweep through my area to TNR a bunch of cats.  If it comes to fruition, and I will tell you about it then, it will be a blessing, truly.  In the meantime, as I was out this morning, and went to each spot, I started to count the kitties that came to me.  It does seem to be dwindling as more and more have been rescued, and TNR'd.  Lets see...  3, 1, 4, 1, 3, 3, 1 (Sparkles), 4 (Jimena, Bully, Angel, Mike), 1, 3, 5 (1 is Jackie), 4.  Those numbers have seriously gone down.  How many is that???  33?  Yikes, thats still too many.  But remember, a few of those numbers, the cats are already spayed or neutered.

I have yet to get an update on the pregnant kitten I rescued yesterday, who is being fosterd by a girl named Sara, who is with Another Chance Pet Rescue.  Thanks to them for coming to MY rescue once again. 

Laura is doing wonderfully.  She has turned into a very very sweet loveable cat.  I place her in the carrier and set her out in the living area with the rest of the clan so she can get used to more busy environments, and other critters.  She cries, but its good for her.  I am hoping to get her tested very soon, and get her adopted out very quickly.  She is all alone in a room and is very lonely.  I would say she is a young female, not more or less a year old.

"Do the best you can, and be good to yourself so that you can above all be good to others."

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Did It Again...

Speeding, and rescue!  Cops...  Either you love them or you hate them.  Most days, I love them.  But not this morning.  On my way out to Newark this morning, I was driving on 104 and some jerk thought he would play games with me because he was driving, and passing no one, in the left hand lane.  Apparently, I came up behind him too quickly for his taste, and he thought he would teach me a lesson.  As I got around him, and went back into the right hand lane, he decided to start playing games and getting right on my bumper.  So, a little further ahead, and not where I normally get off, I turned and got on the back roads.  As I was driving, with the sun in my eyes, and in unknown speeding zone territory, I was driving a little too fast and a police car driving towards me caught me.   Suffice it to say, its not been a great morning!

It was, however, successful in the fact that I got a little pregnant tabby kitten off the street - another Grand Avenue baby.  Yesterday afternoon I was offered the opportunity to rescue the kitty to go to a foster home through Another Chance Pet Rescue.  Thank God for them.   She was getting pretty big!  As I looked in her face as I dropped her off at her new foster home, I could tell she is very young.  Maybe 7-8 months?  So sad when they lose their 'kittenhood'.   I can't wait to hear more details on her, and when she is actually due to give birth.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned Buddy, Rufus and Me.  Last Friday I was presented with the opportunity of someone wanting a cat under a year.  Well, Buddy fit that bill.  This couple were looking for a companion for their female two year old cat.   With much hesitation, due to the fact that I have fallen in love with Buddy, and he is best friends with Rufus, I brought him over and left him.  I felt terrible.  Usually, when I rescue, the cats pretty much immediately go to their new homes.  But with Buddy and Rufus, and Midnight and Buster, I've had for a few months now, and of course you become attached.  I hope and pray, and am told by his new Mommy, that he is doing well, and slowly adjusting.  But how does Buddy feel?  Can cats have separation anxiety?  Do they feel grief?  I have noticed Rufus is not his old self.  He used to run like a madcat around the house, and he isn't doing that anymore.  The two of them were terrors together.  I do hope that Buddy is adjusting, and that Rufus will get his old mojo back.  Only time will tell.  I will keep you posted on progress for both. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Monday Herald

Wow, what a weekend.  First off, a little late writing today, after having dropped off and picked up my car that needed a new catalytic converter.  For all you non-gear heads, thats a $700 part of a car that is really not needed, although the state requires it.  That hurt my pocketbook today, for sure.

Second, here is an updated picture of Taffy, the pregnant kitten I rescued about three weeks ago.  She is due any day now to give birth, and she is one happy little kitty!  Linda writes:  " Taffy is a cuddler but she gets spooked easy....i rubbed her belly....lower than I usually do the other morning and she bite so I think protective Momma is starting...she hasn't warmed up to start snuggling the other kitties but I think that will be more apt to happen after the kittens are born and gone. They don't mind her anymore either but if one of them wants to sniff her or something she will start to growl a little at them...(protective mother thing again i bet) she has some hiding spots around here too. One of them is IN my  My couch is so old and ripped up that the cats have torn the fabrics and will get "into" the couch and hide. She has discovered this spot so I'm gonna get some cardboard and block off the entrance cuz I don't want her having the kittens in there. I would guess she's gonna be due in a couple weeks cuz her belly has grown. I get sad watching her sometimes cuz she just wants to be a kitten and when I think of her being thrown into motherhood so quickly it makes me sad...."
Thanks Linda for keeping me posted with her! 
Next, here are pictures of Laura.  Laura was one of the two pregnant, full-term kitties I rescued last Thursday morning, and had them spayed that day.  Sparkles was returned the next morning to her spot, and I am happy to report that yesterday and today, she was running to greet me.  That is major surgery, so when you see your kitties out there again, its such a blessing to know they are OK. There is always that worry.  On the other hand, Laura was not doing too great for a couple of days.  Her wound on her belly was not healing fast, and she was very lethargic.  Laura has needed the most love from a human that I've ever seen in a cat.  She is the most precious, gentle, sweetest girl.  She just wants to be held.  I could not let her back out into the streets.  Not only is she still a kitten, she is the prettiest fluffball I've ever seen.  She needs a home, bad.  I cannot keep her.

Next is picture I took of Scooter and Cosmo, two best friends.  These are two of my own.  Cosmo is on the right.  Lets just say Cosmo is 'special' - lets just say the elevator doesn't go all the way to the top floor! :)  I love Cosmo immensely, but you could drop a bomb on the floor next to him, and he wouldn't move.  He is very very slow.  Anyways, its a cute pic.  On top of that, Cosmo is about 20 pounds.  Can you tell?

As far as this my feedings go, all the regulars were out, including the second Grand Avenue kitten that is pregnant.  I have hopes of rescuing her tomorrow.  Julie from Another Chance Pet Rescue has a girl that is willing to foster the little girl.  Wish me luck on that.  The black kitten I rescued last week, that Four Legged Friends took for fostering is apparently a little too wild, and will most likely be spayed and returned this week.  Here is her picture from when I got her that morning: 

Sad, but its the reality of whats going on out there.  We need  to put an end to the overpopulation of unneutered animals.  I hope that will be the last pregnant baby I see for a long while!  I have two spots in April for TNR'g.  I hope I can get some females!  Jackie is still in need of rescue.  She is little older female, she is the one that gets in my car and just wants to be held and snuggled.  Its a heartbreak for me to leave her every day. 

Tomorrow my post will be about Buddy, Rufus and me, and the pain of separation.  Remind me!  :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Playing God

I had the opportunity to trap, neuter, return yesterday.  Thanks to Sue from Another Chance Ranch (see her link in yesterday's post), she was able to get me two spots at her clinic in Batavia.  I decided I needed to get two cats off the street that I highly suspected were pregnant, both being the above kitties, Laura and Sparkles.  Through a friend of a friend, someone offered to help with the transportation in getting these cats to Sue, who was driving in from South Livonia and then onto Batavia.  This person picked up the cats in the morning, because I had to be at work, and drove them to Henrietta to meet Sue for her next hour drive to the clinic.  Late yesterday I was informed that these two females were indeed pregnant, both full term.  They were spayed regardless - which means their kittens were aborted.  Now, as much as that saddens me, I can't tell you how elated I am to know that I got these two in the nick of time.  They would have had their kittens on the street, where not only other critters would have eaten them, but most of the kittens born would not survive.  Sparkles had five kittens inside her.  Not sure about Laura.  If I had had a home for these cats to go to, this would be a different story.  But I did not have that choice.  The woman who transported was very upset, and told me I shouldn't be playing God, and she will never help me transport again.

One of the most controversial issues is whether or not to spay a rescued pregnant cat. While some people are repulsed at the thought of killing kittens, others believe the question begs a larger issue, that of the overpopulation problem.

Stray female cats have an uncanny knack of finding shelter immediately before giving birth, and will suddenly appear at a doorstep, seeking human help. Other female strays will find themselves cast out into the streets, punished for getting pregnant, because their owners failed to spay them and keep them indoors. Or the owner, in an attempt to salve their conscience, will surrender the pregnant female to a shelter, as a "found" stray, or summarily dump her at the door of a known rescuer.  All too often, these pregnant females are kittens themselves. It is fairly common for a cat to have its first period between four and six months of age, and to give birth as early as at six or seven months.  The survival of the mother cat, and any kittens that live is rare.

Animal rescue groups, humane societies, and TNR groups are overwhelmed in trying to stop the birth of new kittens, and "kitten season," is met with dread by these groups. Dread, because they know that this year's kitten crop will be responsible for the deaths of last year's kittens, or older cats, at shelters. There simply isn't enough space to house them all, and something must give. It's a matter of supply and demand. In a world that loves kittens, kittens are a dime a dozen.

The pros of this are:
1.Spaying a rescued pregnant cat will help contain the overpopulation problem. There are simply too few homes for the huge number of homeless cats.
2.Spaying a pregnant rescued cat will help prevent the deaths of living cats and kittens. Even though a pregnant female cat might be adopted by the finder, with good homes waiting for her kittens, each of those kittens will indirectly be responsible for the death of a shelter cat or kitten that might have been adopted into one of those homes.
3. Very young cats and very old cats rarely enjoy the kind of physical condition that would warrant allowing them to give birth. Birthing and nursing a litter of kittens would easily take their last ounce of strength, and could kill them. This truth is even more evident in the case of pregnant strays, who may have already borne dozens of litters of kittens. (A female cat is capable of having at least three litters of kittens each year.) The kindest and most compassionate action anyone could take with one of these cats is to spay/abort her. I have to believe this, as much as it bothers me.
There will never be an end to this issue until cat owners become responsible, by spaying and neutering their cats. As more kittens are born each year, more stray cats will appear, and the cat overpopulation problem cycle continues. That is why this issue is just a small part of a greater issue: Spay and Neuter.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Did It!

Yes, I trapped Sparkles this morning.  She didn't like it one bit, but she is in the trap in my back yard, ready for transport to a clinic in Batavia where my good buddy Sue, President of Another Chance Ranch (not to be confused with Another Chance Pet Rescue got two appointments for spaying.  And a wonderful girl by the name of Vicki is going to do the transporting to and from Sue.  Sue lives in South Livonia, so its a big drive for her, so Vicki will be the go between.  I also got Laura, who is an adult female from Grand Avenue that I also suspect to be pregnant.   She was easier - she allowed me to pick her up and throw her in the carrier.  Both are in my backyard now, miserable as can be, but will not be reproducing anytime soon after today.  Thank God.  I thank Vicki and Sue too!  

Thats all the good news.  Here's the bad:  There are two kittens that I am 98% positive are pregnant on Grand, out of three.  The third is a female and needs neutering anyway.  They are very early in their pregnancy, I suspect.  I need to get clinic appointments fast for these young things.  One is a very fluffy black female kitten, with the prettiest face I've ever seen.  Seriously, her eyes are beautiful.  And the other is a little baby tabby, kind of like Taffy, who I rescued two weeks ago, also pregnant.  If anyone would like to foster a pregnant kitten, I could get them easily, they are very sweet little things that gobble up the food each mornign when I arrive.  I must get them off the street, at least get them spayed, and quick!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe

“Monday's child is fair in face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go, Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's child works hard for its living, and a child that's born on a Christmas Day is fair and wise, good and gay.”  

I received the following from the girl who took in the kitten that was in early stage of pregnancy - I was overcome by her note - I can't tell you how good it feels when someone falls in love with a street cat that I have personally rescued.  She is not the first one to fall in love, there have been many others - Jenifer with Mama Girl, my mother with Gracie and Biffer, Wendy with Timmy, my sister with Digit and Buttons, Mary and Mike with Mike and Mary (yes, they named the cats after themselves! :)), there are just so many...  to know that I was able to save so many cats from a life of misery, and placed them in the loving and caring hands of so many kind people, it just WARMS - no, not warms, it MELTS my heart!

I may end up keeping Taffy for myself...she is such an angel and doing so well with the others....Uggh...thanks so much...LOL. Seriously though...she is doing great and it warms my heart to see her running and playing with the others a little everyday...If it weren't for her growing tummy you would never know she was expecting. Being a kitten herself I hope instincts take over when it gets to be that time. She loves just watching me and the other cats too...she is taking in how we interact and what goes on in an indoor lifestyle. SOCIALIZING I think is the big term...K...drop me a to ya later!!"

I did not feed at Sparkle's spot this morning.  I am praying I can get her tomorrow as one of the two I am planning on TNR'g (trapping, neutering and returning (uggh)).  The other is another adult female I suspect may be.  I will have to keep them overnight and then return them due to their surgeries that day.  I HATE having to return cats, but it must be done, as there is no where or no one to take them.  Say a prayer for me that I am successful! 

Quote of the day:  "Don't miss the donut by looking through the hole."

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday's Tales

"To succeed in life you need three things:  A wishbone, a backbone, and a funnybone."

Isn't that the truth?  I am so glad I have all three.  I am glad I am able to see the humor in life, and I am the first person to laugh at myself for doing one of the million stupid things I've done in my life, and even in conflict with others, and as I get older, I let things go now, its just not healthy to carry misery and burdens - I hung onto things when I was younger, and all that got me was wasted time...  There are lots of people missing one of those bones...  :)

Two things I discovered this morning:  Jimmy is now Jimina after reaching back there and discovering he is a she.  You have to realize I go out in the darkness of the mornings, its sometimes hard to tell who is who and what is what, and Jimmy just looked like a boy to me this whole time!  But no, he is a she, and her new name is Jimina.  The second discovery is that I believe Sparkles, the kitty on 4th and Pennsylvania, is pregnant.  She is a sweet little thing, runs to me when I pull up, rolls on the ground in front of me, but is wary of me.  Sometimes she gets close to me, and sometimes she won't.  She got close to me this morning and I put my hands around her belly for the one split second she allowed me to, and I think she is.  Not sure what I am going to do here.  I have a chance to get two cats neutered this Thursday through Sue at Another Chance Rescue, which is mainly a dog rescue, and I had already chosen two of the three very young females who actually let me pick them up on Grand Avenue that need to be done, but now I have to rethink this.  And I would most likely have to trap Sparkles, and not sure if she will fall for it.  So, its a tough call what I do.  I have already contacted Habitat for Cats for appointments but they can't give me anything until mid-April.  So, I just have to cross my fingers, and pray that these females keep their tails down!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Wild Wild Weekend

There is never, ever a dull moment in my life.  I don't have time to sit and read a book, but I make time to sit and read all the old newspapers that build up on a weekend day - I don't want to miss any news or good articles that could benefit me.  Sometimes there are good ones, like the guy going around building shelters for the dogs in the city.  What a good man that one is.  Bless him.  Wish there were folks who would do the same for cats.  Just place them around the city, with straw in them.  At least the cats would have shelter from storms.  And I like columnist Marc Hare.  He keeps it real, for sure.  Even mentioned me in an article on civility!

Anyways, onto the good stuff.  On Thursday, I was introduced to someone who wanted a cat younger than a year.  We made plans to have me come bring two of mine, Rufus and Buddy, to visit to see which one she wanted, on Saturday.  So I did.  And she wanted both of them rather than split them up.  I left with a very heavy heart, as this was the first time I had been 'fostering' a cat and had to let him go.  You get so attached to these little babies.  Buddy was my cuddler, and Rufus was semi-feral when I got him and after three months was a little love bug too, but on his own terms.  Well, by Sunday, not even 24 hours later, I got a call asking me to come get the cats.  Apparently they weren't compatible with her young daughter.  I was heartbroken having to leave them, and heartbroken to have to pick them up.  It was a chance for my house to get back to some order, with two less cats, and a thought that I could foster more.  So, Buddy and Rufus are back home, and grateful from what I can tell.  And I have learned a lesson too.  I must screen people before I give my cats to them.  Careful consideration must be given to the size, age, type and temperament of prospective pets. Ask yourself the following questions:  Do you have the patience and commitment to understand your cat's needs and ways of communication? Some cats seem aloof, but they bond with you for security and company.  Realize, unless the cat is just a baby, all cats need time for adjustment, and they will come to you when they are ready, you cannot force a cat to be held, especially one brand new to your home.  You have to feel them out, get to know them, and let them get to know you.  Trust is a big factor here.  How old are your children? If they're under 6, you must remember that kittens have sharp teeth and claws, and strike back when teased.

On Sunday morning, I also had the opportunity to Trap, Neuter and Return two cats for a once a month clinic.  Julie, from Another Chance Pet Rescue went with me in the morning.  Bless her heart.  I realized after yesterday's ordeal (for both me and the two cats), that I need someone for moral support.  I have a VERY hard time letting a cat back out into the world after I have trapped it.  But I know I did the right thing, in fact, one of the cats I trapped was a girl, and in early stages of pregnancy.  My friend Mary came over in the afternoon to not only help me go get Rufus and Buddy from these people's home, but then came with me while I released the other two.  It was just so much easier for me to do with someone helping me.  Thank you both of you for your help.

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world.  This makes it hard to plan the day."  Evelyn Brooks White

Friday, March 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Sandy is now Sasha.  She was tested and all came out negative.  She is about 10 months old, and will deliver in about three weeks.  Such a lucky little girl.  Thanks to a foster mom named Joanna who took her in and is making a home sweet home for this little one.

The picture above is from a home for sale in California.  Its a multi-million dollar home in Calabasas that I was browsing through.  I am a big dreamer.  Although as I looked at the prices of these homes, I thought to myself, what I could do with all that money.  And these people spend these enormous fortunes just to put a roof over their head.  Think of all the cats lives that could be saved with a tenth of this wealth.  Unbelieveable.  The glass is beautiful for sure, but life is so much more precious.


Well, I did it again.  I rescued another pregnant kitten.  Isn't she BEAUTIFUL.  I have named her Sandy, but only briefly, because I am relinquishing my rights to her after 4 pm. today when this kind woman comes to pick her up and take her.  But she does look like a Sandy to me.  Very very beautiful little girl.  Kittens having kittens.  Its a crime.  I first saw this girl about a month ago on Third, and have not seen her since until this morning, when I went there to feed.  First I had to chase off a very large raccoon.   Then she came up to me and started purring, and nudging me, and I felt her belly.  Very round and full.  I had no carrier in my car, but she came willingly.  I got her home and into my spare bathroom.  Got to work and sent out a desperate e-mail and thank God a few offers came in.  I am going to be TNR'g a few in the next few days thanks to a couple offers of help I recently had.  We've got to get this under control!  Its hard forme to do, but its obvously imperative it gets done, little by little, one by one.  Here are some interesting statistics:
•It is impossible to determine how many stray dogs and cats live in the United States; estimates for cats alone range up to 70 million.
•The average number of litters a fertile cat produces is one to two a year; the average number of kittens is four to six per litter.
•The average number of litters a fertile dog produces is one a year; the average number of puppies is four to six.
•Owned cats and dogs generally live longer, healthier lives than strays.
•Many strays are lost pets who were not kept properly indoors or provided with identification.
•Only 10 percent of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered, while 78 percent of pet dogs and 88 percent of pet cats are spayed or neutered.
•The cost of spaying or neutering a pet is less than the cost of raising puppies or kittens for a year.

70 million!  Holy Moly!  Please, spay and neuter your pets!!!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thats Life!

"Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you are good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian." 

So true.  I consider my self to be a good person, with a good heart, but I still get my share of something going wrong, each and every day.  My gutter came down recently (not the first time) due to rotting wood underneath it - the gutter is normally attached to the garage that's roof is barely there, growing moss on top of it.  The other three sides are all cracking and peeling.  As I was standing at my garage last night, I looked at the house, where the wood on the porch is rotting, paint peeling...  and that was all after I turned the dryer on, for the SECOND time for the same load, to run another 40 minutes, because the dryer is dying.  And that was after I got home and parked my car with the muffler with the hole in it.  Boy, could I go on and on and on. 

My one thing though that I would ask of you is that if you or someone you know has a futon or gently used bed to donate, it would be appreciated.  I've been offered twice now a futon by two different individuals and after waiting and waiting to get them, both deals fell through.  I can't tell you how disappointing this is to Wally, the man I have befriended,  Wally has nothing in life to look forward to due to his unfortunate circumstances, being an elderly black man on a very low income (SSI).  I hate thinking about having to tell him this latest news about not getting the futon.  He sleeps on a bed (he has no couch either) that the coils are coming right through.  I feel terrible for him.  I wish I could win the lottery, he would be the first on my list to help out.  This cat business is killing me.  If I didn't have the expenses from feeding the cats every day, I wouldn't be a wealthy woman, but I would be able to afford $100 to have my gutter fixed. 

Sorry -- TMI?  Maybe.  Otherwise, I had a lot to tell you about the kitties, and one story in particular, but I've forgotten.  I must get a tape recorder and tape my thoughts cause they fly right out the window if i don't write them down.  The post I wanted to write I thought of last night, and of course, 12 hours later I can't remember.  Oh well. 

This very nice lady I've recently become acquainted with read the story about Jackson.  Sure enough, I did 'feel behind there' and discovered Jackson is a girl.  So, this lady suggested she be Jackie, which I like.  Jackie it is!  I'll also bet that this very friendly stray, who is desperately wanting to go home with me, is fixed.  She has not been nor does she show signs of being pregnant.  Time will tell.  I am also hoping to get some TNR'g done soon, thanks to two offers recently.  Thanks everyone for reading today.  Make it a great one!  :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love is in the air...

I was thinking as I was driving around this morning, thinking of what I was observing.  At each spot, all 13 of them, I see an average of 4 cats.  Some are right out in the open and come running to me, most actually, but some I don't see all of the cats at a particular spot until I am just pulling away, and then they all come out of the woodwork.  I think about springtime, I heard the birdies chirping, birds that I have not heard all winter.  I think about all the cats that are going to be mating soon.  And all the new litters that will be produced.  I also think about the spaying that should be going on with all these cats, and how I can't do it alone.  I know I keep asking, and I will continue to keep asking for help with this regard.  If I could get one or two from each spot neutered, there would be less heartache in the future.  One clinic I use I can barely get one appointment a month.  I need help with transport mainly, and I am only able to trap one cat if I have the opportunity, due to time constraints, letting them back out, etc.  I am just not that professional when it comes to trapping and getting it done.  So I ask for help!

I am proud of one thing though.  I managed to pill two cats with Clavamox, ones I suspected of having upper respiratory infections.  I place it in a little ball of wet food and placed that in the dish.  They gobbled it right up without knowing a thing!  I also found out that Jackson may be a girl also!   I 'inspected' her as she got out of my car this morning for her morning cuddle.  I am terrible at naming cats!  Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The difficulties of life are meant to make us better, not bitter.

I am hoping I am better by the difficulties I face and overcome each day.  I know there are others that have become bitter over their circumstances.  I am glad I am not one of them.

today is hopefully the last day of the very cold temperatures we've been experiencing over the weekend.  It has been in the teens!  My sister-in-law in Australia wrote me to say they are going into their fall season, and temps for the day have been around 30 something celcius.  Thats 100 degrees farenheit!  I'll take that over the teens any day!  Maybe.  Then again, maybe not.  OK, regardless, I made the kitties I feed daily a bit more comfortable than they would be with no food for today.  There was no rain or snow yesterday, so towels were still dry.  The usual suspects - the ones I've named - are still there, with a thankful meow to greet me.  Big Red, Talky, Sparkle, Jimmy, Bully, Angel and Jackson.  Of course, I have not named the other 30 or so cats I see each morning.  I am just not that clever.  Its hard enough getting in and out of the car for the 13 stops I make, let alone try to name all the cats I feed. 

At the one spot where the crazy person goes to rearrange my stuff, and as I mentioned yesterday I would get the wording on the paper plate (see my post from yesterday if you don't know what I am talking about).  Here is what it says:  "If you would benefit from knowing who has vandalized the door I can check the traffic video – I need to know the date and if the vandalism occurred when you check them (here they drew a box to be checked off), before you checked them (box) or after you checked them (box). Can you approximate the exact time – I believe the community needs to know who among them is so cruel." 

There is a level of intelligence here, but this person is whacked.  I do believe there are some very intelligent crazy people, right?   Anyways, this time someone smashed to smithereens the plastic dish for water.  And of course the towel was missing and the blankets were all rearranged.  I would love to film what goes on here in my absence.  The same kitties run to me here each morning.  Two are very very sweet.  I would love to rescue them.  We just need more people to take them in!  Please pass this around - maybe we have some potential fosters out there.  You never know!  The picture here is of the door before this person broke it in half.  This should give you a better idea of how I had it set up, with straw underneath it.   The other pic is how it looks when I pull up to this location.  The kitties are waiting, and the lunatic is no where to be seen.

Monday, March 5, 2012

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere.

Isn't that the truth.  We all face obstacles in life.  How we deal with them is what defines us.  I deal with obstacles one at a time.  Head on.  I think that makes me a strong person.  Tough on the outside, but so soft on the inside - there are others that have a hard time facing their obstacles, and their lives show it.  They are the ones in poverty, in despair, just getting by each day.  People like Wally, like Miss B. I spent a little time with Wally yesterday, and for being in his situation, which he carved out for himself, he is still a nice man.  He makes me laugh.  Wally is a black man, in his early to mid-60's, although walks and looks older - he has dreams, and gets sad on occasion because of the obstacles he faces by being in the welfare system.  I can only do so much to help him, to cheer him, and that I do, because we have a really fun repore together.

Anyways, this is a picture of Tabitha, the kitty I rescued last Wednesday off the street, who delivered her five babies two days later, on Friday.  You can sort of see her kittens, but I will try to get a better picture.  I went to visit the new mother Friday after work, and held the tiny things.  They are the size of my finger, so so tiny.  But so so precious!  Speaking of Friday after work, I also met with the girl who took the second pregnant kitty I rescued that morning, from Hayward.  She is not as far along as Tabitha was, so there is time.  She has a vet appt. set up tomorrow, so fingers crossed her testing comes out clean for any disease.  By the way, she has been officially named Taffy!  Love it.  Great stories this past week!

I wanted to share with you this picture...  its a paper plate with a note left for me on the porch where the crazy person goes and does crazy things with the shelters and door I had as protection from the snow with straw under neath.  On the other side is a note that I had left after this nut case finally broke the door in half, and destroyed the only thing that was protection for the cats on this porch.  My note said something like:  "Congratulations, you finally did it.  You broke the door so that it can't be used for the cats to cover their straw which is keeping them warm and dry this winter.  Did it make you feel good?"  And then ended with "I am sure God is proud of you!"  The next day half the door was placed back covering the straw, just barely, but it showed this person had some compassion in them.  A few days later I got this note back on the other side.  I am sure it was written by the same person - who else would write this, and take a look at the nutty boxes he/she wanted me to check off: 

I hope you can read it - if not, I will bring the actual plate in tomorrow and type it out for you.  Nutcase.  There are two sweet cats at that spot that greet me each morning. Both SUPER sweet.  One has URI, which I need to bring medicine for, poor baby.  I keep forgetting to bring.  I will have to place in tuna so the kitty should be unaware of the meds in while gobbling this delicacy.  I had one of the red kitties there TNR'd months ago.  Funny, this cat was practically full feral, and now it runs to my car and meows.  Still won't let me get too near him, but more trusting of me, for sure.  Have a great day.

Friday, March 2, 2012

As One Dies, Another is Born

Buster - RIP - 03/02/2012

Tabitha, the very very pregnant cat I rescued from Grand on Wednesday -

Dreams are Free, so Free Your Dreams...

Life without dreams would be so dull.  I live in a fantasy world when I dream.  I have had the most insane dreams throughout my life, recurring ones that include lions, tiger, bears and kittens!  Always in the woods, always a log cabin.  Thank God for recurring dreams!  I also dream of a world where we have no sadness, no cruelty, no homelessness.  Its a dream that most likely will never come true, but thank God I still have the ability to dream.

If you recall, there has been a second pregnant cat out there, one not as large as the cat I rescued Wednesday - Tabitha.  A friend told me about a person inquiring within her rescue about taking in a pregnant cat.  My friend, in turn, have me her number, I called her, she said she would love to take the second pregnant kitten.  I went out this morning and rescued this second pregnant kitten!  Here is her picture.  She refused to open her eyes with each picture taken, so you can't see how big and round her eyes are!  She is a very young, very sweet little girl, and so so grateful to be INDOORS on my bathroom window ledge watching the birds at the feeder for the day, until I transport her to the meeting spot to meet her new mom!  I am so thrilled about this!  I worried so much about not being able to get this cat 'fixed' before she had her babies.  I believe with her being so young, she could have the babies at any time even though her belly is not as swollen as Tabitha's (still) is. 

On a sad and final note:  I received the following from my friend who took in the kitty I rescued that was emaciated - and he turned out to be positive for both leukemia and FIV.  She named him Buster - yes, i have a Buster too.  Here is what she sent me this morning.  Heartbreaking, but so thankful he had a such a loving caretaker for his final days :

Oh Janine - Buster died this morning.

I got his window seat up last night, set him on it and opened the window. We were looking out at the night and I thought he might get closer and sit in the ledge but nope - he sat right next to me then leaned into me. He'd probably had enough of the outdoors.

He ate good right up to the end - when I turned the light off last night, he was chowing down some canned - he was up to a can a day plus eating dry. But I guess the ravages of his diseases were too bad and there was no turning around. I was just hoping for longer time with him. He was sooooo sweet.

Goodbye, sweet Buster.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Good News!

First, please check out the new buttons to the right!  How exciting, and thanks Jessica for helping me with this!

OK, I will give you play by play.  The abandoned cat:  My cop friend called me in the afternoon to tell me she had called Brighton PD to ask them to go over to the woman who owns the Hayward house's other residence in Brighton.  They told her they had just arrested the woman the day before for growing pot in her house!  Anyways, she was out on bail, but wasn't responding to any requests to come get her cat out of Hayward.  So, cop friend gathered with the humane society and animal control to meet the fire department over at Hayward house.  Of course, was still in contact with Supervisor Tom at Animal Control, who also went over and didn't hear or see cat.  When cop friend and other authorities went yesterday, they STILL couldn't see cat nor hear it.  Finally, after I told cop friend to make the kissing noises, and really listen, they heard her, and then saw her through the window!!! So then the fire fighters wedged opn the window with a crowbar, everyone went in, and the cat ran.  Here were four uniformed big men and cop friend all chasing a cat around this empty house!  They did get her and did confirm there was no food or water.  Thank GOD I persisted on this one!!!  Poor Baby.  Last report is that the cat in in the stray holding area at Lollipop.  Would rather have her there eating and drinking for now than suffering in this house.  This woman that owns this house is evil!
This picture is of one of my spots.  Let me tell you, I am NOT a slob, but people have been placing odd things there, and I have to make the best of it.  Someone placed those boxes in the middle upside down, with good intentions obviously.  This is where someone has been putting slop down too.   But at least I have warm containers the kitties can go into in the cold, they have not been stolen yet!  And in the corner in the back, there is straw under the board, and blanket.  So, this is a pretty good shelter in my opinion.  Thats Angel in red, unnamed in black and white, and tiger is Jimmy.  Bully is on the railing watching.

Another bit of GREAT news!  My buddy Julie has taken in the very very pregnant cat, now named Tabitha, brought her for testing, she tested negative for disease, got her shots, etc., and will be giving birth to what we think will be MANY babies any day.  She is ready to POP!  I am SO thankful I went back there after my rounds on my way home.  I prayed and prayed and prayed she would be there.  Thank you LORD!  I have an idea, I would really like to print up some fliers and place them on peoples houses, with her picture on there, ask them if they knew they had a very pregant cat right in front of their eyes and shame them.  Of course I will word it well, but I also want to add some statistics of how many more cats they would have on their hands if this cat had remained there and given birth outside.  There are already five more on that corner.  And two have been rescued just recently and are in the care of my friend.  She took 'Buster' in who tested positive for leukemia and FIV, amongst many other problems, and is caring for the little guy until his end.  She has been making him as comfortable as possible, and I" and that cat will be forever grateful for her huge heart.

I have SO much more to share, but thanks to a wonderful reader from California, Chris, who sent me a donation.  I am blown away by complete strangers' generosity sometimes.  Truly truly blown away.  No one can quite understand how much of a difference it makes to me with a little help here and there.  To all of you, and you know who you are, thank you so very much. 

Picture here is of my next problem - this young female under a year that is pregnant.  Its the tiger.  I must find a clinic that can take her immediately!