Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Spots!

I wanted to give an update on all my feeding spots.

Parsells #1 - so far so good.  the man that bought the place and has been renovating it has continued to allow me to keep my shelter on the porch, with boards over it to shelter some of the snow and wind.  I don't know how long I have, but I pray he will come up with a plan to allow me to continue to feed somewhere on that property, so many depend on it.  I only see two in the dark, but I am sure there are more around there.  Neck wound kitty, and a more friendlier long haired grey are the two I mostly see. 

Parsells #2 -  this is where a white guy named John had been living, with his German Shepard Silver, but now there is a black guy named Kevin there, and I am not sure about John.  Kevin came out the other morning and I introduced myself and he did tell me that he was moving in November, and wasn't sure if the landlord would allow me to continue, or the new renters.  I have a wonderful shelter built up in the back.  I pray I am good there.  I am ready for the 'begging' if I need to when and if I am confronted.  The food is always gone, and I've seen cats run from this spot when I approach.  I feed here every other day.

Short - I continue to feed Mr. Black Cat and a red and white kitty here.  There was a white and brown tabby that had been coming around, crying as he waited for me to leave so that he could gobble his food, but I haven't seen him in a week or so.  I  have a couple of nice shelters here inside this garage, but if we get a full blown blizzard, its going to be covered.  Not the most ideal.

Garson/Chamberlain - I pick up and hold a grey kitty here each morning.  He is my next 'victim'.  Grey cats have such sweet personalities.  I know he would make someone a good companion if given the chance.  I have not seen Casey here in quite a while, since I had to move my feeding spot around the corner to a vacant house.  I've placed two large totes filled with straw, and a board on top of it.  Its somewhat sheltered from the westerly winds.  I've also been feeding Lucy here regularly now.  Funny, how they sit at the new spot and wait.  They are so smart!

Hayward - I see several kitties running from two large totes I have placed here.  Occasionally I see a beautiful calico here and she gets just so close, and then goes quickly for the food undernearth the board that leans against the house.  Last week, someone actually stole the large board I had, so now I have it replaced with a very small board.  Its not ideal, I need to find a very large board to place there.  When the snow storms come, the small board is going to be useless in protecting the food.  This morning, to my untrained eye, I think there was a stakeout happening.  Some cop cars, lights off, one cop standing idly by behind his car, watching straight ahead.  I had to make a turn - but I would bet they were after someone on that street, a crim, sleeping.  Oh such excitement!

Baldwin - I continue to feed at least five cats here that I can see - I have some very nice shelters here, I hope they hold up in the snowstorms.  We shall see.  I've not seen the calico kitten in over a month now.   If you remember, someone had her fixed, and placed her back here.  No one that I can think of that would even do this will admit it.  No one feeds or TNR's in my area, so I am bewildered as to how she was fixed and returned, or who would take her, if that's the case.  I pray it is.

Webster/Ferndale - I continue to drive past here slowly, always looking for any cats I've left behind, and to see if they are starving by sitting there waiting for me, but I haven't seen them.  But I will continue to look for them, as I still feel so sad that I had to stop feeding here.

Short - I continue to place food down here, mostly for Milly and Morgan, but I am sure there are stragglers that come here for the two totes and a wooden hut, that surely needs to be replaced.  This is where I cleaned out the hut a month or two ago and retrieved a nasty, smelly dead rat.  I believe that smell is still there because of it, or the hut is rotting.  So, I need a new wooden shelter there.

Sixth - I continue to feed at least five kitties here.  Most are still wary of me, but one is allowing me to hold him!  Actually, I think its a girl, and I would love to find a barn situation for her, but I believe she would miss her siblings.  They were all born on this street, and most have been neutered and spayed.  There is one that I noticed limping this morning.  That was a gray kitty with white spots on it.  I drove away very sad about that, but hoping it will heal quickly.

Pennsylvania and Fourth - have not seen Big Red #2 in quite a while.  Its still so dark there, I don't know who I am feeding - they are not always familiar, but I see at least three or four running when I pull up.  One to me, and the others away from me.  I have placed a large board, with holes in it, on the side of the house instead of the porch I feed them on in the summer time.  This porch is open, and sustains the westerly storms that come out way.  There is ample shelter behind this abandoned house, but not enough for these territorial cats.  So, I try to make do with what I can.

Pennsylvania & Second.  The man that lives in this house - whom I've never met, continues to allow me to feed behind his house.  I have not seen the large, sweet black cat there in quite awhile.  There is another black cat that is afraid of me, and a grey one also, that I see usually, lurking in the dark, waiting for me to leave.

Second - Paul continues to allow me to shelter and feed behind his house - but the cats left here are few and far between.  At least what I can see, in the dark, for the few minutes I am here.  Little Ruby is gone, but there is a black cat and a white with brown spots that I see just about every morning.  This street used to be littered with cats, until I came along.   Now, most have been rescued, or have moved on.

Central and Third - I feed a grey kitty here, and Tuffy was there again this morning.  Yesterday, I saw an almost all white kitty there.  I need a large board to cover the opening to the porch here to block out the storms, but there are two nice tote shelters here with a board over it. 

Central - I continue to feed a calico here, she is very shy, and won't too close here.  Rolo shows up occasionally, the black and white kitty with a stub of a tail.  Cedric and Prince are doing fairly well in their new home, a barn in Scottsville.  Cedric is being stalked by another red barn kitty there, but I am hoping they will work things out soon.  Prince is very sweet, and loves his new digs, but has had an arm injury, so his new 'mom' is keeping an eye on him.

Central - The slew of sweet kitties is down to a few - not sure if this woman on the corner is taking some in, or whats happened to a lot of them.  Now I feed - daily - a black with white kitty, Charlie Sr., and another multi colored kitty.  I placed a small shelter down there yesterday, not expecting to see it there today, but it was.  I had placed some down there in the early summer, but they were destroyed.  This is a very open spot. 

Seventh - Kristin came by Saturday morning and placed a beautiful shelter for me - its like a cab of a truck, or something.  Not sure if that is what its called, but I will try to get pics tomorrow and show you.  Pretty ingenious though!  I feed at least four or five kitties here.  I could see indentations in the straw of this cab hut this morning, so I felt pretty good about that.  You never know if they are using these shelters unless you see them actually come out of them.

That's it.  This turned out way too long.  Its back to work for me, and its going to be a very long week.  I will keep you posted on more tomorrow! 

Have a great day!


  1. exhausted, just reading through the routine you do every day. How big does the board need to be, what approx measurement :) ?

  2. Wow. I don't know how you get all that into one hour. Can't wait to see the shelter Kristin built!

  3. You are an amazing lady....very special!