Thursday, December 5, 2013

Straight to Hell

That's a note I wrote this morning and laid it on top of a tiny shelter I placed on Central, under a tree, for this sweet black and white kitty who is very homeless to use in storms, not that its going to really be a shelter for him, its very tiny, but it has straw, and stryofoam insulation in it.  Not sure that he can even turn around in it.  I set it there three days ago, and its remained intact until I drove up to this feeding spot where I feed an average of four cats per day, and saw it tossed into the street this morning.  That was someone randomly coming along and destroying something not tied to the ground.  Cruel cruel cruel.

On my way home from feeding over 50 cats that I feed each and every day in the hood, Bob Lonsberry was on the radio preaching about this or that - but what I took from this rant of his was that there are rich people and poor people.  Most of the rich he's met were poor to begin with.  Its the choices we make in our lives that lead us to where we are today.  Now, I didn't go to a four year college, but I did get a degree and I began the illustrious career as a secretary.  Through steady paychecks, and small fortunes thrown my way due to deaths in the family, I was able to purchase a house, and have been able to make the mortgage payment since.  Not that it has been easy, but so far, so good, by the chinny chin hair on my chin?  Isn't that a saying?  I may not have much, but I can say that I've done something in my life that I believe has done good for this world.  Even if its a small portion of this world, I've done something to make a difference.

That's all I have to say today.  I am feeling miserable with this cold, but I still must get to work and bust my tail. 

Have a good one.

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt
the person doing it."


  1. What a wise quote you have put out there for us today, thank you Janine, and I enjoyed your description of how you got to where you are today. I read a news paper article on Rochesters own "KittyVan bortel", and it made me think of you. Kitty is an out standing success in the car business and her personel life. In her story there is not one mention of her being a "tough or strong female that fights for this, or that, or them. She says she is relentless in her quest to be a success, but not at the cost of cruelty or causing sadness to others. I have met this wonderful and genuine lady and it is absolutly true by meeting her, that you reap what you sow. This lady so reminds me of you Janine, and what i see you do, with your life, for creatures and down on their luck humans alike .

  2. I too want to thank you for the quote of the day, and for the above comment. it reminds me of what I'm sure lots of us hear from people all the time, that being "you can't save them all", referring to our efforts to save one cat at a time. Don't interrupt we who are bettering the lives and saving 1 cat at a time, because we are making a difference and are hugely bettering the lives of those 1 cats at a time. Yes, it is true that we cannot save them all, but we can try by starting with those put in our path.

  3. Yes, if it crosses our path, we are going to deal with it, a noble creed to live by. :)

  4. Hi Janine - any update on Winkey/Zoey?

  5. Sometimes Bob has some very profound things to say. Other times...not so much! LOL!

    Hope your cold goes away quickly!

  6. “Through steady paychecks, and small fortunes thrown my way due to deaths in the family, I was able to purchase a house, and have been able to make the mortgage payment since.” - Your fortune will be wasted when you're not disciplined when it comes to handling your finances. I'm pretty sure you got to pay your mortgage due to thriftiness and wise spending. I know your family is proud of all your achievements. Anyway, did you post some pictures for a house tour? I wanna see your house. Thanks! :)

    Genny Stutesman @